1. They seek power over others, to coerce and harm people. Marxism expressed in heartless bureaucrats and other trendies “feelin the Bern.”

    Their lust for power corrupts them- they think they are better than us, the hard-working USA citizens.

    There is a point at which patriotic Americans won’t tolerate any more Federal malfeasance.

    Yet many law enforcement agencies are full of patriots- they serve out of this passion. They tend to get hammered by hypocrites in the system (like Gen. Flynn got attacked, from the D.C. district of corruption/criminals).

    The Marxists in D.C. are like parasites. They function with a vampiric tendency…. to destroy those who differ with them. They hate dissent. They hate solutions. They celebrate problems- they magnify problems over solutions. Marxism is a hate group, full of bitterness. They preach “love and tolerance“ while waging war. They actually hate certain groups. Its like 3rd world tribalism ~ Marxism is human savagery, at the lowest levels. They foment “historic injustices” to cause division and strife. They divide and rule. Marxism, Communism + Fabian socialism.

    Marxism is tribalism, the lowest level of savagery. It governs by fear. Its propped up COVID19 conspiracies thru the MSM.

    Every Marxist is too busy celebrating problems from 60 years ago to 1620. Its just who they are.

    Thus, a world governed by Marxists descends into chaos, perpetual war, rivalry and lawlessness. Tribunals, Gulags, Killing Fields, Havanas and Venezuelas. War crimes and genocide. Survival of the strongest- reducing human lives thru brutal savagery, camps and human experimentation.

    They hate Trump and his supporters. They’ve tallied ya’all , lets not forget. They are Leninists like the WHO director (Tigray Revolutionary front).

    They are so busy creating more problems in our world…. they have no time for solutions. That’s how tyranny takes hold. Their job security is based on causing racial and ethnic problems from 1 year to 500 years ago. They don’t count the multi ethnic USA families. The news is fake because it celebrates fear. It also shouts the problems.

    Well… they did get away with stealing a US election where the incumbent won by a larger margin than 2016. Yes =this is 2020. Its done in broad daylight. Theft of elections- while GOP winning large seats in Senate and Congress. (somehow they voted for GOP but then ticked “Biden”… makes no sense).

    A typical Marxist gas lighter is dumber than a box of rocks. They think hitting someone over the head with a brick is reasonable. AOC was a bartender. They are committed to violence and they profess violence continually.

    Deep staters. They actually harm the society by manipulation emotions and fear. Arab Spring. They’ve been behind the unjust wars of aggression, quagmires that ensnared many good US patriots.

  2. Obama told Biden not to run for president because he knew he was compromised by China, and because he was not far left enough. Around the same time that Biden announced his run for president, the deep state dropped off a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop at the Delaware repair shop. There is no way Hunter would leave a computer with such damning information on it that could lead to his and his family’s imprisonment. The deep state did this as backup to get rid of Biden as a candidate because his agenda did not fit their liberal policies. The media, etc. did not support Biden initially and he polled very poorly. When it became clear that the democratic candidates for 2020 were very weak, and Sanders would be the likely nominee (which they knew he could not beat Trump), the support for Biden in the media grew, and state politicians such as Clyburn in SC helped him gain delegates. Other candidates such as Warren were persuaded to stay in the race to get Sanders out and Biden in. With COVID 19, they now had a plan to control the election by universal mail in ballots and changing election laws. They hid Biden in his basement through the entire campaign knowing his dementia would hurt him in the polls, and the media covered for him. They pushed Biden to select Kamala Harris as VP, even though she accused him of being a rapist just months earlier. In October, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was released, and the media squashed it to help Biden. The Democrats used mail in ballots, Dominion machines, and unconstitutional changes in election laws to steal the election. With the evidence of election fraud, it seemed logical it would end up in the Supreme Court, but compromised John Roberts prevented the case from being heard. With it seeming more likely that Biden would be able to pull of the election win, his communications team releases a statement that Hunter Biden is under FBI investigation, and Joe Biden is proud of his son (odd statement even for Biden). Suddenly every media outlet is covering a story the squashed just a few weeks before the election. This was the plan all along – to get Biden elected, then use the FBI story to nail him for previous corruption, then force him to resign under scandal. Then they have the candidate they wanted, far left Kamala Harris who can carry out the agenda of Wall Street and Big tech, though they knew she could never be elected on her own because of her universal lack of appeal among voters. The Deep State planned this perfectly, you could not script a movie like this.

  3. Bedford: i agree with you except for Hunter not being whatever enough to leave his computer. These people think they are bulletproof and our “justice” system proves it.

    1. That was good – thanks for posting. I think in some respects we are absolutely already there. Huxley’s “soma” drug… Heinlein’s “happiness” drug… Real-life what? Pot? CBD? Farce-book and other social medias? Netflix and online gaming? Lots of options here.

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