1. This meme speaks the truth. Remember the news video where Kamala is looking intensely at Joe, and no sooner does he start to say something he shouldn’t, and her head shakes “no” as if to warn him off the subject? The Democrats are already jumping on board the China-ties investigation, and I believe they intend to destroy Joe Biden in favor of a Kamala Harris presidency. …but if news reports are to be believed, Kamala may be linked up with the same international naughtiness. She could also face serious legal entanglements.

    …but I digress. Our first and most effort is to be sure that the legal votes are counted, and that President Trump has the 2nd term to which he was rightly elected!

    Here you go… A couple of videos that will be very much appreciated!

    Mark Dice and The Ballad of Sidney Powell.


    1. Great photo of Kamala, I had no idea her eyelashes were so beautiful!

      All this time I thought her name was pronounced Ka-MA-lah. Now I realize it’s CAM-el-ah Thanks for the enlightenment! It’s just amazing what we learn on SB every day.

      1. StF, I do enjoy your sense of humor. I truly do. OPSEC requires I keep my contact with you to this mode. SIgh.

        Perhaps someday, I will shake your hand as I look into your eyes.

        Be well, brother.

        Carry on

    2. If they go after hiden Biden and get rid of him and Camelah is implicated and they have to get rid of her, guess who that leaves? Preposterous Pelosi. God help us all. Trump 2020!

  2. “Beware of Kamala da Hoe’s Nose, Under da Tent” could be a ‘Tongue Twister’ party game, for the folks that drink alcohol.


    The US Declaration of Independence:
    …….. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the ~~~>consent of the governed,”

    Americans will not take a load of cr*p. … The countries in Communist Dominated Europe had relatively peaceful changes to their governments, because ~most of the people refused to ~~~>consent to the Communist Governments.

    I’ve mentioned Steve Pieczenik’s videos on InfoWars. He claims Trump will become the President lawful elected in 2020. [The videos are around]
    Most American’s know Trump Won the legal votes. Biden’s votes were just tabulation fraud and ballot box stuffing.

    Only lunatics believe the nonsense from the FakeNews.
    …….. Kamala da Ho has ~NOT resigned her position as US Senator from California, just YET.
    …….. Senile Joe is still mostly hidden from public appearances.
    …….. The Democrats are playing a ‘bluffing’ game with Americans about the results of the 2020 election. Most Americans are aware of the fraud by now. More information is being released everyday.
    Communist China and the Wealthy Business people ~invested in China are running a scam on America. = Bribery and Blackmail have bought political friends in the USA. [+The very wealthy have invested a lot of money in Communist China to help exploit the economic slave-laborers.]

    A Biblical precept: “For the love of money is the root of all of evil” is being demonstrated in the US political process. The crooks in both political parties are willing to sell their souls and sell out Americans for bribery dollars, or because of Blackmail.
    Only God knows the future with certainty. Check your long term preps against the recommendations here at SurvivalBlog. [There’s good information here.]
    ,,,…. +Make sure the short temp preps are available too. Extra toilet paper, soap, tooth paste and such items will ~always be used. We might be affected by short term shortages.

    May God continue to Bless America! … We know a lot of traitors and communists are here in America; they are working to destroy our country.

  3. I just read this bit of lovely news on the Rural Revolution blog (Patrice Lewis): https://www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/dave-ramseys-company-pays-off-10-million-in-debt-for-8000-people-to-show-the-love-of-jesus.html

    The company founded by Christian financial expert Dave Ramsey paid off $10 million worth of debt owed by 8,000 individuals this Christmas season in order to “show the love of Christ” to those in financial trouble.

    Carry on

    1. I have great respect for mr ramsay. I used his program to pay off $46k in 24 months. I expect to push thru the next step and be mortgage free in the next 12 months.
      Its an amazing company he has i still listen to his pod casts.

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