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To be prepared for a crisis, every Prepper must establish goals and make long-term and short-term plans. In this column, the SurvivalBlog editors review their week’s prep activities and planned prep activities for the coming week. These range from healthcare and gear purchases to gardening, ranch improvements, bug out bag fine-tuning, and food storage. This is something akin to our Retreat Owner Profiles, but written incrementally and in detail, throughout the year. Note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We always welcome you to share your own successes and wisdom in the Comments. Let’s keep busy and be ready!

Jim Reports:

I’ve had a very quiet week. I’m presently out of state, helping an elderly relative, and gathering inventory for Elk Creek Company. I won’t be taking any new orders until December 26th, and those won’t begin to be mailed until January 3rd. I’ve been averaging 12 miles a day, getting exercise on my bicycle.  On Friday, I logged a 20-mile ride.

I’m presently trying to get as much blog writing and editing done, as possible. I’m hoping to get the special 15th Blogiversary (2005-2020) Archive USB stick produced and orderable a little earlier, this year.  Look for the ad for that USB stick by the third week of January, 2021.

By the way, if you want to buy one. then be sure to order it before the second week of February. The previous editions have sold out very quickly.

Now, over to Lily…

Avalanche Lily Reports:

Dear Readers,

This was a very different week for me.  The only prepping thing that I did was to cut up and freeze about fifteen avocados.

It is a difficult time of the year for me.  I do take Vitamin D and I do have a lot of lights and I do eat extremely healthily. We run full-spectrum light in our great room. To deal with the difficulties, the girls and I spent time finishing reading “The Jungle Book”. I also looked through and sorted out two bags of pictures that I’ve collected for over forty years.  In doing so, I remembered some friends that I haven’t been in contact with for at least five years, so spent time making some phone calls with old friends, current friends, and relatives.  It was wonderful to reconnect with folks, again.  It was a week based on friendship-building.  We also spent time in town visiting with some friends from our Bible study group.  I went to a doctor’s appointment to get some reassurance because I was feeling fear of felt and observed symptoms –which had caused anxiety which caused more symptoms to overwhelm me. It worked. The next day, I was very nearly back to normal.  I never take any meds, except an antibiotic, if needed. I am usually a very independent person and usually do very well alone with just the family.  But not this time of the year, and it doesn’t help when Jim is away.

We did some walking.  Played with the kittens. Did the usual chores.

This past week I didn’t continue with the Bible listening and reading but spent much time in reading other Christian materials. I was not on the Internet as much this week, as the usual. I was just plain sick of hearing about the absolute evil tyranny that is being leveled against us.

I would like to have a good, safe, and novel adventure to chirk me up! It’s been a long time since the last ones. (The otters, and butchering our deer.)   😉  Lord?

One final word.  Anything can happen now, at any moment.  God is a God of suddenlies. His word, the bible, promises sudden disaster, sudden destruction in the Last Days, which would mean sudden power outages.  Are you ready, right now, if we lost power, for good, tomorrow? Are you where you need to be?  It’s time to finalize your preps: spiritually, physically, mentally.  If you have some last things to do, to prepare, I would do them, if possible, this weekend.  Just saying….  We never know what will happen next.  If you’re quite prepared,  you may want to add a bit more to your stash until one no longer can.  Pray! The Good Lord will guide you.

May you all have a very blessed and safe week.

– Avalanche Lily, Rawles

o o o

As always, please share your own successes and hard-earned wisdom in the Comments.


  1. I’m not quite certain what to make of the constant rejections by judges/courts at all levels across the nation to properly adjudicate the election manipulations. With the growing mountain of evidence showing improprieties and illegalities in all the “swing” states in question, why is this being kept at bay?

    When almost half the States are collectively petitioning at the institutional level(!) for redress of such grievance, it does not bode well when cert is denied. This is the nightmarish stuff of civil unrest on a massive scale.

    I can only hope at this point that Trump is, indeed, playing the much-ballyhooed “4D chess”, and has been anticipating these apparent setbacks.

    1. They accept all the acoutrements of high office, but when the time comes to have the greatest courage, where are our Supreme Court Justices?

      Since the SCOTUS is the court of original jurisdiction in cases where one state sues another state, the denial of this case (not on merits, but for other reasons which I think were an “excuse”) lets stand the theft of a federal election by domestic and foreign actors and interests. It disenfranchises the votes of many tens of millions of people (more than 70 million and perhaps 90 million), and places in the hands of a group of thieves the power to steal the office of the President of the United States. The evidence, which flows forth day after day, is overwhelming and it is damning.

      We are not finished yet, and the fight may be just beginning. Political parties must come fairly to the arena of ideas and compete for the votes of Americans legally eligible to vote. Win, lose, or draw — a fair, open, honest and legal process must be protected. Voter fraud, and election fraud more broadly, must never be tolerated.

      There are more court cases coming, but if those fail because the corruption runs so deeply, we may see the declaration of an insurrection. May God give the President the courage and conviction to take this action if he must in order to save the Republic.

      1. I’m hoping Trump’s 9/12/18 EO and the report from the Director of National Intelligence, which should be completed by next Friday, will change the direction of the election. I feel all I can do is pray and prep.

        1. Yes, Mountain Jules. Watching for news of DNI Ratcliffe’s report next Friday… In the meantime, also watching for a decision on the release of the forensic IT review of the Dominion machines from Antrim County, Michigan. The hearing on that starts tomorrow at 8:30 AM Eastern. Hoping for a favorable decision. Also watching for word on Lin Woods filing with SCOTUS, and Sidney Powell’s multiple filings at various levels of the court’s structure up to and including the SCOTUS. This should be a week filled with news. Praying it’s GOOD news for the Republic.

        2. Hello Mountain Jules!
          Agreed!!! The forensic audit in Michigan was extremely important work, and I am grateful that the judge who lifted the “gag order” took that action. We have more news coming from Arizona (and believe auditors are already accessing the information they’ll need to complete a review there). Although the actions in Georgia are rather anemic, we have some positive movement there too with regard to a signature audit in Cobb county (should have been Fulton and Dekalb, but let’s see where this takes us). Additionally, it appears that Loeffler and Perdue may suddenly have “received the memo” and are putting their support (finally) behind President Trump. Meanwhile, there is a relatively new suit in New Mexico, and there is other litigation pending as well.

          Hope you were able to tune-in to Bannon’s War Room, and the live stream of the Senate hearings following. GREAT WORK. Call those Senators… Johnson, Hawley, Paul and others. THANK THEM and let them know they have national support. Courage and conviction are contageous. They must know we are behind them — every one of us.

          We will not give in. We will not give up. We will not give an inch. Stay the course. FIGHT ON.

          1. Telesilla of Argos, I love your response. I’m getting news from so many sources. It’s addictive! I’m trying to remind myself to pause and pray as well. Still watching and not giving up, staying the course as you said. We must not give in as I fear this is our last chance to save this country.

  2. Hello Everyone! If I don’t make a list of what my major accomplishments are, sometimes I get so busy I forget what I’ve done. Then I scold myself because I didn’t do much. HA! How’s that for senior moment?

    I have spent much time in prayer and scripture study this week; the chaos of politics is discouraging to say the least. The USA seems to be a 3rd world country where no one can be trusted and many are on the payroll of China. I read where there are Chinese troops are in western Canada and there have been rumors of Chinese troops in Mexico. There are news leaks of several USA naval battle groups off both the west and east coast and many hundreds of military flights, above normal amounts, every night.

    I read an article by Patrice Lewis where she quoted Daisy Luther: “… the worse things get, the smaller your focus should be.” Patrice said, “We can’t control what happens in America, nor can we control the outcome of the election. But we can control how we react. It means being a few steps ahead of others. It means filtering out the things we can’t change and focusing on the things we can. We can’t save the world, so we’ll shrink our focus.”

    This week I have focused on doing just that … preparing to survive what I cannot control, which seems to be a lot right now.

    Seeds arrived from Baker Creeh; I’m trying chijimisai a new variety of kale and strawberry spinach for the first time. I’ve become quite a seed horder and expanded my organization into larger storage totes.

    Every week I think it will be my last trip to the city; but I went to the city to pickup some canning jars, an order from a warehouse store, then went to a few other grocers and did some other errands. I still have bags and boxes of items in the kitchen and dining room to organize. Aldi had brussel sprouts on sale so this weekend I will put those up along with some fresh kale from a road-side vendor.

    We bred more pet-size and meat rabbits. The meat rabbits are giant flemish and new zealand mix and they are pretty big. Every time the big box stores put limits on items or politics take a turn for the worse, I have a jump in demands for meat rabbits. The smaller bunnies are popular as companion pets, mostly for kids but I also have requests from single elders. They are clean, trained to litter box, and very friendly.

    We have gradually built up the tractor implements over the years. This week, I received an order of new forks and hay spear for the tractor. Next on the list is an auger for fence posts. Just trying to ease the pain of getting older.

    Made soup and biscuits for my elderly neighbors. Had some apples left over so made apple fritters; they were yummy, so my son took some over to friend who is a single dad and his kids scarfed them down in minutes.

    May your week be healthy and safe.

    1. How do you get your rabbits to breed? Our does aren’t interested despite black oil sunflower seeds, vinegar water, being caged next to the buck. Experienced does and virgin does refuse either buck. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

      1. KB, I am certainly not an expert, as I’ve only been doing this for 6 years. A few questions first: – How old are your bucks? – Are they first time breeders? – Where are you breeding the rabbits, his, hers or neutral cages? – How long do you leave your buck and doe together?

        In my experience, all these things make a difference. I refresh the rabbit blood line every year by bringing in new bunnies from different breeders. I try to use a neutral cage for breeding but if I can’t then the doe goes to the buck’s cage. After I make sure they won’t hurt each other, I leave them to do their romancing for 36 to 48 hours. This gives the doe time to adjust, relax and turn her body on.

        After so many kindles, a doe sometimes just stops breeding and will not get pregnant. These girls are sold as pets as I do get attached to the breeders.

        1. Thanks Animal House. Both are proven bucks under 2 years. Doe is always put in the buck’s cage for about 30 minutes or more for 2 or 3 witnessed matings. Sometimes we leave the reluctant doe in the buck’s cage and put him in her cage for the night so that she becomes more use to his scent. None of our does, of all different ages, are interested in breeding the last few months. So discouraging. We are now trying to extend “daylight” hours with a light timer in hopes that it might help the does be more interested in breeding.

    2. “If I don’t make a list of what my major accomplishments are, sometimes I get so busy I forget what I’ve done. Then I scold myself because I didn’t do much. HA! How’s that for senior moment?”

      Oh brother, is this ever me!!! I’m not a senior yet so I can’t even blame that. Heard someone once joke that mamas give half of their brain to each kid, so, using that explanation I have only a very few percentage points of my original gray matter left. That must be it. 😉

    3. Animal House; As of the latest reports there are no Chinese troops on Canadian soil. The news report was about the disappointment that our illustrious leader felt over the exercises being canceled. Not that we won’t see them try again in the future.

      I carry a list of “Words to live by” on my phone. Some are humorous, like “incoming fire has the right of way,” but some pertain to what you have mentioned. The one that comes to mind is; “You can’t save the world, but if you’re lucky you can save yourself and your family. Plan ahead.”

        1. Animal House; hadn’t seen those stories. Living in Alberta, on the other side of the Rockies, I can’t say 100% that they may not be true. Much like California, B.C. has elected more and more socialist governments, and may in fact be working hand-in-hand with both the Chinese, and the Federal government to keep this under the radar.

          We know that our would-be-dictator in Ottawa has sold off large swaths of our resources to China, and did in fact, sign a deal with them allowing them to “protect” their interests in this country. Pretty much a slap in the face to Alberta, as he knows that he’ll het the most push-back from the western provinces, and that Chinese troops in Alberta could lead to a shooting war.

          Like I say, you can’t necessarily discount those stories. There’s lots of pretty sparsely populated country out there, and you could probably hide an army in some of those areas if you really wanted to.

          1. Not in Alberta yet – we hope. Although I have been to an oil site in Ft. Mac owned by PetroChina. They even had the Chinese flag flying outside the office, front and center.

            And yes Jim, it does sound familiar. Let’s hope for the same outcome!

          2. About three months ago, there was youtube videos posted show a troop formation being filmed by a passing car, people in the car were commenting in english about, “It’s true they’re really here.”

    4. Animal House,
      I am in total agreement with you about list making. It not only helps to keep us focused on priorities for the day (or week), but also reminds us of our progress. Personally it helps me see the proverbial glass of water as half full, rather than half empty, so I can remain positive.

      The Lord really impressed upon my heart last night to stop being so reactionary, specifically to the news from Texas suit with the Supreme Court. He is and will remain in control. So I am trying to step back from being such a news junkie for a spell, spending time analyzing my inventory lists for items I might need during a time of supply chain interruption, as well as more time in prayer.

      On an up note, my skeptical husband seemed to wake up this week to current events and started reading conservative news and watching videos. And…began reading scriptures and commentaries on end times prophesy. This is literally to an answer to my prayers for the past 40 years! God is truly faithful. It is never too late to begin preparing our hearts, minds, and families for the future.

      1. Yes, the Lord is with us, thru all tribulations we must face.

        Happy your DH is seeing reality. He needs to watch NEWSMAX and AMERICA’S VOICE TV. Available on Dish and internet. You and I need to see less.

        But on that note saw that Fox News ratings have dropped below CNN & MSNBC; HA HA HA, declare Biden the winner, will they? Haven’t watched fox since election nite. Patriots hit them in the wallet. Not even tucker can pull them out of this failure.

        1. That’s just exactly right, Animal House!

          From your post: “Patriots hit them in the wallet. Not even tucker can pull them out of this failure.”

          In fact, Tucker is one I simply refuse to listen to any more. He gets not one more minute of my time.

          For anyone searching for an alternative, NewsMax has a couple great commentators: Greg Kelly and Grant Stinchfield.

    5. Animal House, I love reading about all that you do, and who you bless. You are an inspiration! May our Father increase your strength, peace and wisdom as you serve as His hands and feet, Krissy

    6. Krissy, you speak so well: ” May our Father increase your strength, peace and wisdom as you serve as His hands and feet, Krissy”

      We are, indeed, called to do the work of God in this world, with the guidance of Holy Spirit.

      Carry on in grace

  3. Today’s news of the rejection by the Supreme Court is a gut punch. And Lily’s cryptic warning reminds me to be diligent on the preparedness front.

    I spent this past week completing preparations for Christmas with my children and their spouses. I am having major surgery next week, so I finished the cleaning and much of the cooking ahead of time. I was, however, able to dehydrate the final 9 green and red peppers from my fall garden.

    Lily, I have found Fannie Flagg’s books in Whistle Stop and Jan Karon’s books based in the mountains of NC to be funny and clean entertainment. Fannie just came out with a new book based in Whistle Stop, you might enjoy (bought at discount at Sam’s club).

    Prayer for all and our Country.

    1. Patriot NP, You will be prayed for through your major surgery and recovery. I’m sure everyone is happy to support you in this way, asking for blessings of success and healing.
      I loved Fannie Flagg’s, “Fried Green Tomatoes.” Surely the, “Whistle Stop Cafe,” made more people than myself want to open such a place. I second Jan Karon’s books as well. I think I read those in the nineties(?) and lost a lot of sleep because they were that good.

      Blessings galore on your surgery and recovery, Krissy

    2. Patriot NP, I am a NP as well. Are you in located in the general vicinity of whistle stop? I’m in the general vicinity and have visited whistle stop since long before fried green tomatoes. If so, good to know there are like minds around and in the same field.

  4. OK – I’m over the shock – well, sort of !

    Woke up this morning at 0245 ET and for some ” unexplained – ahem ! ” reason had Psalm 23 repeating in my head …. particularly ‘ Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; … ‘ Never happened before, just had to dwell on that for several minutes and repeat.

    Short story made long …. when my wife and I got up ( which we usually do quite early ) we turned on a taping by Jim Bakker made a few days ago and he began by having a verse on the screen – you guessed it ! – Psalm 23 : 4 specifically !. Friends would call that a coincidence, but I think not.

    Another short story made long …. read AL report and it was so poignant to see your use of the word ” suddenly ” at several points, for that was also addressed strongly in the video we had just completed.

    What to do about it all …. prepare spirit, soul and body. a) Just completed moving my 27 ton log splitter into my covered woodshed and will continue splitting my supply during inclement weather to ” prepare “. b) purchased a large freezer to have a larger supply of frozen veggies etc. I will strongly pursue this early spring – ” prepare ” c.) complete covering my grow tunnels and make them ready for an early start this year…. need to cover w/ plastic which I had been holding off on since I figured ” why degrade the plastic prematurely since I will not be getting the grow tunnels planted until spring … well, that has been now moved up a few months – late winter / early spring for cold weather bearable produce – prepare d.) still shopping ( looking ) to purchase wide mouth quart sized mason jars – another prep for if it becomes necessary to do urgent canning of frozen stash

    Preparing the Spirit as well – reread NT — it has become so evident to me that Herod stopped at absolutely nothing to keep his control ( remember his willingness to slaughter all the male children 2yr. old and les to keep hi control ! ) why would we think the Socialist /Marxist enterprise would NOT fraud the electoral process as blatantly as they did

    Preparing the Soul also – maintaining my relationship with H.S and Jesus in times of stress. There will be those times, and we must be vigilant to realize Christ died not only for our salvation but for our healing / freedom from emotional turmoil / prosperity. Giving it all to Him in realizing what He has already done for me.

    Brevity is not my forte at time !

    Blessings to all and be diligent in ” searching the Scriptures ” – thirteen lies truth.

    1. Ron, Loved the encouraging stories and comments. Also, would love to know where you found a large freezer for sale. I would love to buy some for my kids. Thanks, Krissy

      1. Krissy – we have a Lowes store nearby – went online and searched for ” chest freezers ” placed the order a week ago, was told it would be around Feb. 8th for pickup and….. received an email two days ago that it was in the store ! Took maybe 8 days – astounded me as well !!

          1. Hello Krissy!
            Actually responding to your inquiry about bodies of water, but didn’t have a reply button at that message (and wanted to be sure you would see this message.

            You ask an excellent and thoughtful question about bodies of water as those might relate to what happens on earth as part of a solar excursion event.

            First priority… Distance from larger bodies of water such as oceans, seas, gulf areas. How far inland? Another excellent question, and it really depends on the volume of water, the lay of the land between your location and that body of water, and your elevation. There is some complex calculus going on — no question about that!

            Next up… Water ways along lower elevations unless you’re just so far inland that there is no way ocean water could reach you even if the entire ocean emptied across the country. If a solar excursion occurs (and it does seem to be a real risk even if we cannot know the timing of such an event), you’ll want to think about how the water is likely to flow, and “fill in” the lower elevations (even if temporarily).

            To put this into perspective… There are a couple competing theories about the direction of movement of the bodies of water. In one of these, we believe we are in relatively safe territory. In the other, we may be on the margin for our location. With this in mind, we have a primary plan (shelter in place) and a secondary plan (an evacuation route to an even higher elevation). Ben has — at some times in the past — referred to sheltering in caves which is understandable on the surface, but we are not advocates for this generally speaking. There may be some places which work in this regard, but again, generally speaking, we are not in favor of this strategy for many reasons.

            No one knows for sure, but quite a few people are working hard to sort this out in so far as it’s possible to do so.

            There is a lot about which to converse on this subject! Really looking forward to Ben’s book, and will be chatting a lot more about this in the future with everyone interested at the SB.

      2. Krissy – We just added a second freezer two weeks ago. A small chest freezer from Home Depot. Just happened to check the website and there were four in stock at the local store.

  5. Corruption and ignorance know no boundaries. If you thought 2020 was hard, wait til 2021 arrives.
    Re: your opening statement regarding the SCOTUS not hearing the Texas argument(s)… And here all this time the lying main stream media, the SJW, Snowflakes, DemCom’s, academia activist (aka as professors) and the rest of the leftist criminals just cried and blabbed on about how Trumps nominees / appointees to the SCOTUS would all find in favor of him, every time, and yet, not once have they found any decision(s) to support the President. He’s fought this battle by himself. (tweets and stupid gaff’s aside)

    My CHRISTmas wish list to my family was, besides a boot scraper/brush combo for the back porch was a case of SPAM and prayer for world peace (but there’s too much of the first sentence for the latter.)

    God Bless and Merry CHRISTmas to ALL of you

  6. I am reading articles in the last few days about the number of pneumonia cases being reported as coronavirus and it resonates with what I read about the 1917 Spanish flu…..that claimed over 100 million. The AMA has even stated that up to 30 million deaths were the result of wearing mandated masks that caused pneumonia………sad that we never seem to learn from history or from our own common sense, don’t believe the hype, just because you have a positive test for the virus does not mean you are going to come down with it. To quote one of Obama’s henchmen…”never let a good crisis go to waste”. I am saddened by current events and the stealing of our election….but I am comforted by the lord’s predictions ….and so I will prepare and leave this situation in his hands. May we be given the understanding to realize the evil that is taking over in this world will meet its own end. John in Nevada

  7. My son helped me hang up the two kayaks we got the kids for Christmas, with all the water near us they do have a “survival” purpose. Since I got done with the inventory of all the ammo, I started on inventory of medical equipment/supplies. As I was doing the medical inventory I realized how much space was being used up so I broke out the FoodSaver and started to seal up gauze rollers and pads. It has saved me a lot of space. I sealed up about 1500 gauze pads alone. I have been working on de-priming/sizing of both 9mm and 223 brass and opening the 9mms. I found my missing primers when I did my ammo inventory!!! I’ve been looking on gunbroker and looking at the ridiculous, or more like insane, prices primers are going for. I see where the “broke” comes into play. Lucky for me I just need brass which doesn’t seem like it’s gone to hideously extreme prices. So I’ve bid on a few lots of 223 brass (with the wife’s blessing). I have about 2k large pistol primers left so I think I might tackle some 45 ACPs however I mostly have lead round nose projectiles but hey, I have them!!!

    I did manage to pick up 100 Hornady XTP 250 gr bullets for reloading, pre-lubed patches for the ball & cap revolver as well as a box of 44 cal lead balls. Found a nice aluminum cylinder for waterproof storage of small items for a nice price. Picked up 2 boxes of 100 each Hornady 90 gr 9mm XTP rounds for reloading, will use those for practice. Found a Beretta magazine for my FS92 compact. Was Really happy when I found not ONE but 3 replacement decapping units for my 223 dies that seem to break when I touch them (pulled out my trusty Dillion Press Die). I left 2 units for someone else who has my same luck. Oh and I ordered 4 replacement pins for my Dillion 223 die, just in case. I should get those next week. Ollies Outlet had several different size hole saws (lenox and Kobalt brands) so I purchased one of each size they had as well as some drill bits with the square end for cordless drills. Wanted to do a food run but ran out of time. I have to go back into the city next for a meeting so I’m hoping to stop by Gordon’s Food Supply on the way back home.

    1. I recommend checking out FWArms Universal decapper. Folks say it can cleanly punch through a sideways case without bending the pin. I haven’t used it but I do have their auto-centering stage foot and it hands down saves a ton of time and is more consistent than the RCBS one I used.

    2. I’d never thought of using my Foodsaver to shrink down and keep bandages sterile, but what a brilliant idea! Right now, our backup medicine cupboard resembles that old Star Trek episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles” no matter how many times I try to rearrange the shelves.

      1. Anna,

        To me putting medical supplies in foodsaver bags is two fold – I save space and it helps protect the items from moisture. I try to make several different packages- one is a small amount of an item, such as 2×2 gauze pads, then I do packages with several hundred and then the third is a mix package- with several different times like gauze pads 2×2’s, 4×4’s, gauze rollers, a roll of tape, etc. make sure you mark the contents so you know what’s in them. You won’t believe the space you save.

  8. So 9 UNELECTED Judges whos job it is to settle lawsuits between states says no. Are you Kidding me, it literally is one of your original purpose’s. So by doing this you nullified Texas electoral votes just like when an illegal votes it nullifies a citizens vote. The court has to much power, they have gone way outside the lines of their original charter.

  9. Lily, with JWR away, you are experiencing the fuller meaning of 2 is 1.

    And here in Butte it is 11 degrees F before dawn. Another fact supporting 2 is 1.

    I’m learning how cosmic rays and solar influencing are affecting human health and mental well being on Suspicious Observers. Not just the climate change. Fascinating book they put out.

    Hard to grasp all the facts but literally thousands of research efforts prove it, and show up those bad scientists who mislead our governments, wasting trillions on CO2 and dark matter failed research…..

    Their next book is on Catastrophism. Our preps may not be strong enough.

    God Bless and stay unfrozen!

    1. Hi Wheatley,

      This week, I’ve been listening to Ben at Suspicious Observers, once again. I am wondering how much the KP Index and the Cosmic rays affect people and me, in particular, on a daily basis? There are definitely days that affect me more negatively than others.

      Were the Cosmic rays their highest on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week? Can they cause abnormal heart rhythms and high anxiety?

      Seriously, only God can protect us from the man-made and nature-made disasters that are coming upon the earth. In Revelation, it says that the sun will burn so hot that it will scorch men with fire, during the time of God’s Wrath which occurs after the Rapture of the true Believers in Him.

      Revelation 16:8
      And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.



      1. Dear Lily,
        I’ve had the same sorts of issues when my usually optimistic and energetic attitude reverses for no apparent reason. Having watched Suspicious Observers for a couple of years, I noted Ben’s warnings when coronal hole streams send the KP index into the basement. He notes that mental and physical health (including heart attacks and strokes) are closely associated with it. I started noticing when my attitude went south and then would check the SO news and sure enough it was a low KP index. (It also seems to affect the arthritis in my hands.)

        I never thought I would have ANY interest in astrophysics, and I’ll admit that the science is often over my head, but Ben’s information is so solid and reliable. I have pre-ordered his new book which is for the more general reader. “The Next End of the World” is not exactly a reassuring title but I firmly believe that the better informed that I can be, the better prepared for what is coming. Complete grid down is on the horizon with our weakened magnetic field and just a minor CME. Luckily we lived the “pioneer” lifestyle for many years so even though I’m not “off grid” I’m not grid dependent except for the freezer so I’m running the dehydrator overtime.

        Thanks for all your posts. Have a blessed week.

        1. Redoubt Widow… We have preordered Ben’s book, and look forward to reading it. Even as we all struggle through current events, we have our eyes also on the future. There is more than one storm headed in our direction. This makes it especially important to revisit every aspect of our preparedness.

          In terms of location… Study the predictions related to the flow of water, your distance from large bodies of water, and your altitude. The take home is that the farther you are from large bodies of water, the better. The higher your altitude, the better — at least to a certain degree. I say this because when the cold comes, it is likely to come quickly — think Woolly Mammoths with food undigested in their stomachs, and frozen in their mouths. You’ll need first to survive the water, and then to be in a place where you can still grow food.

          Review also your cold survival supplies and strategies. This is an important area of study. We have been working on everything from the purchase of additional sleeping bags rated for extreme cold to wool blankets and more.

          1. Telesilla of Argos, When you mention being farther away from large bodies of water, are you referring to oceans, seas and/or lakes the size of the Great Lakes? Do you consider small lakes to be included in that category?

            Is there a specific Suspicious Observer talk I can listen to that you remember that I can learn about this?
            Thanks, Krissy

      2. Avalanche Lily, your forthrightness about your struggle touches my heart. Whatever the cause or cure, I offer my prayers for your healing.

        May Holy Spirit lead you out of darkness into light.

        Carry on in grace.

      3. Lily, I am still trying to grasp the relationships his current book describes, but the book cites the research articles and we’d need to look them up and read them.

        I can’t recall how many lag days are between flare, ejecta, and cosmic rays, but the answer is YES the events started happening last week with the new solar cycle. Part of what you are going thru is triggered by forces external to you.

        Our Maker always loves us, so when depression or sad thoughts come, I say to Him, “Lord I am only human, and as bad as I am, I will always love you, and I am grateful for whatever degree of perfection you made me with”. And with that, i calm myself to reside in His grace.

        I am getting great comfort by the album on YouTube by We The Kingdom. The album one is about 30 minutes long and they give their testimony for each song.

        Perhaps you can check it out. Sorry I am unable to post links while I’m travelling. Their live performance of Dancing on the Waves, a separate video with the crowd singing along, has great meaning to me.

        May our blessed Savior comfort you with His embrace.

    2. Wheatley Fisher!
      The new Suspicious 0bservers book by Ben Davidson on catastrophism will be one to read. We’ve been tracking the risks associated with solar excursion for some time now, and it’s a very real threat that will call us all to new levels of preparedness.

      1. I’m thinking hardened shelter. I’ve started talks with my adult children about hardened places similar to fallout shelters.

        We had a long discussion tonight with our Redoubt crew, including team building and widening local networks. They are continuing to do that, and working on developing their basement into additional living quarters to take in extended family when the time comes, and increasing storage capability.

        Have you considered a storage/bunker addition for the coming earthquakes? I take Jesus’s words in Matthew 24 very literally, and word for word in detail.

        God Bless

        1. Wheatley Fisher!
          So wise to be in meaningful conversation with your adult kids and the local crew. We are doing the same.

          In addition to considering the question of water incursion (a risk from which we believe we are safe with about an 85% to 90% level of confidence), we are considering closely some kind of survival bunker that would allow us to survive a super heating event.

          One thought is an in-ground (or mostly in-ground) shelter which would offer protection from cosmic rays and from fire. We are looking at material like kiln-bricking that would act as a protective insulator. Having worked with kilns, I can say that good kiln-bricking can easily “contain” temperatures of more than 2300 degrees. With this in mind, they should be protective in so far as exposed areas of a structure would be concerned.

          We haven’t decided if we’ll start with a “tube” kind of design, or if we’ll ultimately build something more “rectangular”. There are advantages and disadvantages to either approach. We’re still sorting this out, and look forward to hearing about what others are considering — and something of their decision making strategies.

          Another set of decisions we’ll have to make will be related to whether the shelter will be needed for short-term or long-term survival.

          Still another set of thoughts we have relates to the use of the interior space, and whether or not it could be used (in conjuction with a dehumidifier) for long term food storage. We believe — when the cataclysm hits — that we’ll need probably 7 years in some supplies. Gathering that level of supplies, and the volume of storage required is daunting.

          No question about it. We have a lot of work ahead of us!

          1. Telesilla:

            Deep thoughts. I doubt an enclosed bunker would be survivable psychologically. How about a test before we invest?

            Borrow a shipping container and lock yourself inside with your planned bunkermate(s) for a mere 48 hours. Sure makes me pause to reflect on that!

            I saw a you tube 5 year update on a stainless steel roof backyard bunker which was about 20 by 24 I think. He’d poured a foot or two of concrete over it then another 2 or three feet of dirt. Accessed by a vertical stainless steel ladder hidden in a shed for disguise. He uses it as a rec room.

            After 5 years all was still impeccable. No rust.

            The heat from a micronova will likely burn up oxygen, I’m thinking, but in my mind that will be either at the beginning of the millennial kingdom, if the 30 to 50 year time-line Ben says is when the solar burn comes, or else at the end of the millennial kingdom. If the latter, I’m not gonna worry. If the former, my kids and grandkids (with four under age 6!)will need to implement with the team. The Bible talks about humans persevering to the end, so some will survive in any case.

            I’m thinking an elevated-mound bunker with concrete and thick earth. In the Army, we trained to call artillery shells onto the top of our huge bunker-a “bunker shoot”. They work.

            I have crawled in old mines with collapsed roofs and a few caves. Not where I would want to be when Biblical Event earthquakes come. I think anything that could be flooded be heavy rains is unwise.

            I think making a regular living space or ginormous root cellar into a very large earth-sheltered bunker makes the most sense. An above-grade one can have a gravity-fed septic field. Planning, resourcing, and making a large, multiple room living space of one now is the timely thing to do. An earth-sheltered home with overhead protection.

            We have 5 prior service military family members now, with three military wives. Not all agree but the focus on survival is present. I just disagree that a bunker for 3 or 4 people will have a survivable outcome when all emerge to struggle to establish life again.

            We need to think bigger. Planning for 7 years of food is challenging and planning for reestablishing sustainable lifestyle afterwards even more so. Successfully preparing for life without electricity is feasible. But we need to live in the present until that day and keep freezers, radios, TV, internet, HVAC, etc. So those should be built into our luxury bunkers as well as food vaults and cisterns, fuel storage, air circulation, plant sprouting food growth room,, battery bank, led lights, and a bazillion other things.

            Deep pockets required. Fun to think about.


            God Bless

        2. Hello Again, Wheatley Fisher!
          Responding to your thoughts about survival post micronova, and agree 100%. The solar burn will come to the sun-facing part of the earth. There is really no way to know, although Ben has forwarded some thoughts about this. We have our own as well, and no matter where it hits, it will be a catastrophe. If it hits over the ocean, we wonder if the ice age that follows will be more severe. If it hits over land, nothing in the impact zone is likely to survive.

          With this in mind, our goal is to develop 1) the ability to survive the initial impact, and 2) the ability to survive the duration.

          The flash will be a very fast moving event. It will be instantaneous.

          The blast which will carry the shell of expelled material will take about 18 hours to reach the earth.

          This will result in a catastrophic firestorm on the impact side (or face) of the planet.

          Pray you do not see the flash at sunset. For those who do will receive the brunt of the ejecta 18 hours later. At that point, some degree of evacuation or extreme sheltering is the only hope for earthly survival.

          This will be the first phase of survival. The longer run will have other implications. There is no question… We’re talking about extreme measures.

          One of the ideas on the table here is something very much like what you’ve described. We’re considering a shelter that is both partially in-ground, and partially above-ground with cover that includes layers protective for everything from highly energetic cosmic rays to a super heating event. We are working on the engineering questions in real time. Among the layers we are considering limited to use on those parts of the shelter that are above ground or closest to the surface… Lead blanketing or lead aggregate in a concrete covering, kiln-bricking material, and earth mounding.

          In addition, we are looking at oxygen concentators, CO2 scrubbers, filtration and earth-based (geothermal) cooling systems, etc.

          Rebuilding after the fact will be complicated by the individual circumstances tied conditions on the ground. Some of the circumstances will vary with location, and others will be more “universal” (worldwide).

          One of our concerns is that a significant amount of long-term storage food will be required because the planet is likely to suffer a “nuclear winter”. We may not “see” the sun for 2-3 years. We will need to survive for that period of time, and then for enough time following to recover the ability to grow our own food at sustainable levels. Our thinking is that 7 years’ supplies will be needed. We realize this seems overwhelming, and it is. It is not impossible, but it is very difficult. Having said that, it may be necessary. With this in our thinking, we’re moving beyond our own resistance to the “this is overwhelming” thought processes, and into questions about how to accomplish the goal.

          We encourage everyone to think LOW TECH, primitive living. The simpler, the better — in as many ways as are possible. Life after a micronova will be different in every way. It will not resemble life as we know it today in most ways. This is not necessarily a “bad thing”. It will simply be different, and present us with many challenges.

          Another consideration is cost to accomplish the sheltering goals. We are looking to develop a plan that is within the reach of typical budget limits. We are not advocates of the high-tech expensive bunker systems marketed to Doomsday buyers who have more money than sense. We believe in low-cost solutions that are much more financially accessible.

          On the matter of caves… We agree completely. We’re not sure why Ben advocates for these, but are concerned that they could easily entomb the occupants or otherwise poison them with the release of toxic gases.

          For those who are considering location… Presently, our own thoughts are these 1) distance from large bodies of water with some elevation; 2) consider geographic features like mountains that can disrupt high winds and slow or stop water incursion (no flood zones, folks); 3) geologically stable areas; 4) sufficiently far south that you’re not likely to be frozen solid in the ice age that will follow.

          Another question is how much notice we’ll have, and with which phase of the overarching event. Will we know that conditions on the surface of the sun are changing and get any warning signals? We hope so and have some emerging theories about this — good for another conversation coming.

          You raise an important subject which is survival psychology. This should be a high priority among all survivalists — study and understand survival psychology. Prepare your minds, hearts, and souls. Exercise these aspects of your person just as you exercise your physical bodies — another great topic for a conversation coming.

          Thank you, Wheatley Fisher! Great opportunity to converse about lots of important topics, and looking forward to the ongoing discussion.

          1. Telesilla of Argos, It makes me feel good to read that you think like me. It is never enjoyable being the odd man out. While my daughter loves me no matter what, she thinks I have gone off the deep end. My own Christian mother thinks I am very foolish. Isn’t it wonderful that we individually live our lives unto the Lord.

            With the poles changing so fast, I do question moving South. It won’t be warm there anymore either. May the Lord give us wisdom. Krissy

  10. I spent part of the week with my calculator trying to figure out how much heat it would take to keep my well house from freezing when I go off grid and would a kerosene lantern do it? How much propane would it take? How much heat would an uninsulated tank of hot water put off? Come to find out with a 25°F difference between outside and what I wanted my well house to be at, two kerosene lanterns would do it if they had the wider ¾” wicks. And for those three people in the entire American Redoubt who give a hoot, I also discovered that only 29% of the BTU’s in a propane stove burner actually end up as heat in a quart of water. The other 71% heat the pan and go up around the sides as wasted heat. That’s a good number to know when figuring propane usage and forecasts.

    I received a very nice package from Elk Creek Firearms this week, including a free surprise inside and a free book. It was like Cracker Jacks on steroids with the worry of dental decay. Perhaps I could make a suggestion to the Elk Creek packing department? The bubble wrap was very problematic. When opening a firearm and all of a sudden there’s a very loud POP as one of the bubble wrap cells explodes between a thumb and the side of the box, well, it’s a pretty intense three seconds while your brain is trying to sort out what just happened. If Elk Creek could replace the bubble wrap with packing peanuts it would be beneficial. If not, perhaps the free gift could be a new pair of Fruit of the Looms? Just sayin’. Everything else inside the box was totally awesome.

    The dang washing machine fell off its pedestal and headed for the county line but didn’t make it far. He tripped over some plumbing before he reached the door, broke the main water line right at the pressure pump in the process, making it impossible to get any traction on the wet floor so he was just laying there at an odd angle when I arrived, making a ton of racket while still trying to complete that spin cycle. So much for the “unbalanced load” sensor. I about came unbalanced myself looking for that buckshot load to show that machine who was boss. Don’t try to wash a pair of overalls, two pairs of jeans and some Carrharts at the same time. I had to get out my DeWalt reciprocating saw and cut the stand in two just so I could move it out of the way far enough so I could tip the machine upright. After I got the plumbing all repaired, I set the washer on a spin cycle to test it out and see if I could get enough water out of the jeans to hang them on the line without breaking it. The drum was spinning very unevenly and I was sure something had bent when it fell, aside from just the frame to the left of the door. There was an unnerving clanking sound but it was probably just the metal hooks on the end of the overalls hitting the drum. After I got those on the line, I ran the empty machine through another spin cycle to find out how evenly it would spin. There was a terrible rattling noise that sounded like two pounds of nails had been dumped into the drum. It sounded like the machine had more loose screws than I do and seemed like this was the end. Until I opened the door and found 53¢ in change. Whew. Then the miracle of the year happened: I had everything on hand to fix the plumbing. Anyone who’s done more than 10 minutes worth of plumbing in their life knows that if you need 13 different parts for a job, you’re going to have all but one of them, even though you have 82 different fittings in your plumbing boxes, so you gotta hitch up the ponies and head into town. All I could think the whole time I was fixing the plumbing was that in a TEOTWAWKI situation, I’d be up the creek. PVC cement has a very short shelf life and once you open it, the shelf life goes down to weeks at most. And I’m pretty sure DIY wheat paste won’t work on PVC.

    Someone gave me six huge bunches of collards this week. Being raised in New England, I didn’t have a clue what to do with them so I tossed them in the compost pile. Ha! Just messing with you. I wanted to hear what a collective gasp would sound like on SB. I pictured Animal House, cat on her lap, raise her hand to her mouth with just a slight glisten in her eye. I didn’t have time to make AH’s recent collard recipe so I thought I’d just boil them all, put them in the freezer and be done with it. While waiting for the water to boil, I sauteed some onions and garlic, added some chopped up collards, and right at the end added a little blackberry vinegar. Mmmmmmm. The were so yummyiferous I decided to blanch them all instead so I could make more fried collards in the future and AH’s recipe, then added one more item for my Baker Creek seed order next week. Somehow I made it this far in life never having eaten collards. You’d think I’ve led a sheltered life or something. What else am I missing?

    While snuggled warm under the blankets this morning before getting up and making a fire and brewing up some coffee, I had a terrible, guilty thought: What if all this covid mess, the messed up election, and the year 2020 being the worst of our lives is because I didn’t forward that email to 25 other people?

    Everyone have a great week!

    1. LOL! Bubble wrap! 😉 For the record we hate the peanuts, at least I do. They constantly explode out of boxes around our house and the kittens make more of a mess of them and they break up into little unhealthy pieces and require the use of the vacuum more often than I would like to use it! Ha!

      Besides without the Bubble wrap the gun could get banged up and scratched or worse.

      We’ll invest in Fruit of the Looms and add a package to the secret JASBORR goodies sent along with the guns, in the future for those unexpected petrifying pops. 😉



    2. St Funogas, Thank you, I needed a good laugh with all the depressing news yesterday! Having just replaced my washing machine because of balance issues, I understand.

      Yes, I did gasp when you said you composted the collards! BUT, I knew you would never waste anything so started laughing again.

      Have a wonderful day!

    3. Thanks for the laughs! My wife and her visiting [relative?] even laughed at your bubble wrap episode. Maybe AN can start a weekly comment section for posting funny mishaps etc. Thanks again.

    4. You might be on to something there St Funogas- I’m going to contact that UN lawyer and send him the $2,000 he needs so I can get my Deceased rich uncle’s estate. I can use the funds for prepping!!

    5. Saint, As a jack-of-all trades, you have many valuable talents. I confess, your humor is by far my favorite. Thank you for the wonderful laughs today. Blessings, Krissy

    6. S. F. ,
      You may look at the Kirkman Lantern Co. # 2 kerosene lantern. I have some and have been happy with them. They have a 27 hour tank burn time and put out 1400 BTU. Good luck on heating your well house.

      1. Hey Bluesman, thanks for the heads up. I checked their website and that looks like just the ticket. The hurricane lamp all-metal style is definitely safer than glass and with the 1,400 BTU’s two of them would handle any scenario I’m likely to have. The 27 hour burn time is also a huge plus.

    7. “…the dang washing machine fell off its pedestal and headed for the county line….”

      Thanks for the laugh in a very trying week. When we were kids, our washing machine was outside in the shed and we would have to SIT on the machine every time it hit the spin cycle so it wouldn’t rattle off the pallets my father had stuck it on to keep the machine off the ground so it wouldn’t do exactly that.

    8. Sigh…only a Yankee would cook collards without adding some bacon fat, a ham hock, or some sort of pork for seasoning. Bless your New England heart. On the other hand, I suppose it could be worse. I rescued my Lady from the frozen wastelands of the North 30 years ago, and she still won’t eat collards…or grits, or okra. We’ll, nobody’s perfect.

      1. Oh your sweetheart is missing some treats, FM. My northern tastebuds greatly enjoy collards and grits with lotsa butter or pork fat. Okra has to be prepared properly for me to glom(no typo) down on it.

        Carry on

      2. Maybe you aren’t serving them right. I grew up in the north so I need blackstrap molasses on my grits, not that wimpy unsulphered stuff, and genuine butter from a cow. Okra should always be deep fried to be right. Yes I am very opinionated about those. Give me hot fritters with honey running all over everywhere, corn in the pone pan, genuine red eye gravy on my hot biscuits, and sweet potato pie.

        1. Molasses on grits? What in the name of Paula Dean is up with that? Butter, yes. The sweetener thing is definitely a Yankee habit, I’ve seen it in the Army. But grits are supposed to be savory, not sweet.

          As to okra, I generally dust it with corn meal and pan fry it in bacon grease in my Grandma’s cast iron skillet. That skillet’s seen a lot of okra prepared in it over the decades.

    9. Thanks for sharing your adventures, St. Funogas. I’m sure most of us can relate to the renegade appliances but not describe it nearly so entertainingly! And that is indeed a miracle re: the plumbing project.

      My toddler would like a word with you regarding the bubble wrap, however. Startling effects aside, she is certain that bubble wrap is the BEST THING EVER. She would take it to bed with her if I let her. One day the box we keep the Berkey in (on top of the kitchen cabinets) came open, and she saw the wrap protruding way up there and INSISTED she had to have it. (Sorry, kiddo, not that one.) We’ve had to put the tree ornament wrappings straight back into protective custody, because very soon there wouldn’t be any padding left to put the ornaments back into. Best of all, in her impressionable, exploding with language learning, making sense of the world brain, she has somehow conflated “pop, goes the weasel” with “popping bubbles” and therefore…whenever she gets a piece, she excitedly exclaims “WEASEL POP! WEASEL POP!” over and over as she either squishes the heck out of it with tiny fingers or else lays it on the tile and jumps on it. Then it is soon a demand for “‘nother piece! ‘nother piece!” 🙂

  11. A judicial panel that can pretend that the 4th amendment authorizes unlimited abortion (to which it has no connection) and unlimited surveillance {which it explicitly forbids} at the same time is worse than worthless anyway.
    Justice Kavanaugh’s claim to ill fame isn’t the stupid accusation of some drunken teenage grope, it’s that he was a chief architect of the horrible Patriot Act.

  12. @JWR, after finding out what the scotus has decided and watching the election process though the years, all I can say is grab your rear end with both hands and hang on, it’s going to be a “blank” [Lily Edit] of a ride. I voted for Trump the first time around only because he was an outsider and I didn’t like what Hillary stood for or the way she did it and the same went for Biden. Now when the GOP is working to find out the situation and way, the Dems are crying foul ( meaning – the dems can poop all over somebody, but the non-dems can’t poop back at them, that would be unfair. Or as Hillary was ” do as I say, not as I do ” ). Two supporters of Bernie Sanders, early in the campaign was talking about reeducation camps and constructive work camps ( read concentration camps ) for everyone who didn’t agree with them. One supporter was from Georgia and the other was from Sioux City, Iowa ( this guy has a rap sheet as long as your arm ) . Hmm, enough of my soap box. I worry about my kids, grand kids and the two or three great ( so far )
    grand kids . Take care, stay well

  13. Lily, I am so sorry you have had a tough week. I’m so familiar with that kind. The days will soon be lengthening again, but waiting in the darkness (of all kinds) is hard. Sometimes it is especially difficult for people of faith because of the stigma that says, even unconsciously, that if we only had more faith, or if we only had more joy of the Lord, then we wouldn’t be feeling this way. But having neurotransmitter deficiencies or imbalances is no more of a sin than having insulin deficiency (diabetes) or being lactose intolerant. We can love Jesus and have faith, and still experience anxiety or seasonal or clinical depression. He loves us and carries us and we must cast our cares on Him. Let’s all rest in His love, come what may, ’cause this world is not our home!

    1. Yes, on the faith part, I failed miserably, even though, I know better. Fear is a terrible thing when it jumps on you. Sometimes I fight valiantly and succeed. This week it got me. At least I know, I can crawl back up on the “horse” of our Lord Jesus.

      1. I understand exactly what you are experiencing! What has been helping me is something I just heard right before getting ill (thank you Jesus) as chemo causes paranoia and anxiety in some people. I’m thankful that it doesn’t do much more than bring some anxious thoughts for me, but I take care to keep my anxiety to a minimum and to “be careful little eyes what you see.” A song I learned so many decades ago.

        FEAR = false evidence appearing real
        HOPE = hang on possibilities exist

      2. Miss Lily, don’t beat yourself up too much for that failure. We all fall short and the enemy likes to use guilt as much as he does dear. As our Lord told Paul, His grace is sufficient for us.

  14. Well, I’m still unpacking. I did start a new job this week doing apartment maintenance; it’s very rewarding. While unpacking I found some more seeds to add to the collection. Spent the morning making bagels. Since my move and job change i’ve been eating healthier and the homemade bagels are a reminder that there’s so much preservatives and chemicals in a lot of the store bought goods. Also making headway on starting a side business doing home repairs. Planning at least one more Costco stock up trip before the holidays get much crazier.

  15. Wise words, Avalanche Lily.

    From your post: “We never know what will happen next. If you’re quite prepared, you may want to add a bit more to your stash until one no longer can.”

    I would add… Be cautious about decisions made in haste or the panic that can come with a serious gut-punch like the news we all endured yesterday from the Supreme Court. Move with a purpose, but not in haste or panic. Gather yourselves. Calm your inner selves. Move forward wisely. Continue to prepare in earnest.

    1. Also buy “American Flag” postage stamps and place them upside down on letters. Are there any bets on how long it will be before the post office stops printing American flag stamps?

    2. GWinTN… so true… back during the Obama administration when I would send mail I would place the flag stamps upside down as well…the distress signal is definitely in order

    3. Yep. I have taught my children that upside-down flag is ONLY a mayday signal, in times of dire distress. That’s right about now I think.

      The 5yo was asking lots of questions the other day about the election, and I tried to keep it at her level but not sugar-coat either. I told her that the newspaper and TV stations are reporting that one person won, but we know that there was a lot of cheating and we hope the people who did it will be caught and put in prison. (I didn’t want to say “hanged” to a 5yo.)

      She said, what if they aren’t? I replied……well, you know about the Revolution, where the American colonists had to fight for their freedom……it won’t be the British this time, but some people think that there may be a war. She said she hoped not! I told her we all hope not.

      She continued that she hoped not because she would miss Daddy if he had to go away to war. That stopped me in my tracks. She doesn’t know the big picture (do any of us?) but she knows that freedom is worth fighting for, and that Daddy is still a soldier.

    4. Hey GWinTN, seriously, that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. We need to start a movement, getting as many Americans as possible hanging their flags upside down. I’ve been so disgusted for so long I’ve never owned an American flag but now I’m going to go buy one, maybe two or three.

  16. This two-minute video clip of Carlos Piccata, a veteran and business owner, was encouraging–encouraging that someone SAID IT. I think many of us here agree with at least some parts of what he has to say. (I recognize that differences of opinion remain about masks, and each person should decide that personally for themselves!)


    “I went to war for this country. I’ve seen the ugliest, dirtiest part of humanity. I’ve been in combat, and I never want to go back again. But I’m telling you what: I WILL to save this country.”

  17. Joe Biden isn’t President just yet. … Trump and his voters will NOT quit. … +There are other cases headed to the Supreme Court. A lot of information is being released by the 74,000,000 Trump voters and the Trump Team. Crooked China Joe is being tried in the Court of Public Opinion.

    As personal opinion, people shouldn’t place too much faith in our Supreme Court. The Court permits babies to be killed in the womb. The Court permits biological men to compete in Sport Events for Women. The Court even permits biological men to wear a dress, and prowl around public bathrooms designated for women.
    …….. Some of us remember the days, when such men were placed in Jail for a long time.

    As they say, The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet! [Please, No Dr. Rachael Levine jokes about Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health.] … Trump and all the Trumpsters are still struggling to keep our Country. We’re living in dire times.
    …….. Dr. Steve Pieczenik is still maintaining, Trump is still exposing the ‘Swamp Creatures’ in both political parties; the political villains doing the bidding for people wanting to destroy the USA. Dr. Pieczenik is maintaining President Trump will be the winner of the 2020 election.
    The Elk Creek Company sells ‘investment’ firearms. They would be a hedge against inflation. Our monetary system has a money inflation effect built into the system. [A lot of people, much smarter than me say the same thing about our ‘paper’ dollars, and inflation.]

    No one can accurately predict the future but God. … However, some of us are old enough to have seen the effects of Dementia in old people. … Senile Joe is on a fast track to start wandering around in public, wearing nothing but his birthday suit.
    ……. Unless of course, Senile Joe is placed in a rest home, or locked away in the basement. [Hmmmm, a possible explanation for the ‘basement Joe’ campaign.]

    1. Great thoughts, GGHD.

      From your post: “Joe Biden isn’t President just yet. … Trump and his voters will NOT quit. … +There are other cases headed to the Supreme Court. A lot of information is being released by the 74,000,000 Trump voters and the Trump Team. Crooked China Joe is being tried in the Court of Public Opinion.”

      I would add that members of the Biden family may be facing the criminal courts soon.

  18. Just heard that Texas has called for a Constitutional Convention! Please explain to a backwards country boy what that could mean. Are we talking taking power from the feds and giving it back to the states? Are we talking succession? Are we talking about a reformation of the Union, with states allying with like minded states to form smaller countries within a country?

    Sounds like it’s about to get interesting.

    1. Hello Lone Canadian!
      There are multiple movements…

      Some in Texas are calling for out and out secession of Texas as a stand-alone nation unto itself.

      Some are calling for a division of the country which is essentially a partition.

      Some are calling for a Convention of States which is one of the provisions of the Constitution, and can be used to amend the Constitution itself. I believe they’re using “Constitutional Convention” interchangeably with “Convention of States”. This is an intriguing possibility. Many states have confirmed interest in recent years, although we have yet to see such a “Convention” come to fruition. We may be closer than ever to succeeding in this endeavor. I have been an advocate for this for many years.

      1. For a while I too thought that a convention of states would be a positive thing for conservatives. Then about 4-5 years ago, I came across an online article by a liberal, that describe liberal preparations & plans for a convention of states. Since then, I’m not sure whether a convention of states would be good, or just reopening of something like Pandora’s box.

        This reminds me of something Rush Limbaugh said many years ago, remembering when he had his radio show in central Cal. There was a public meeting in which it was discussed reopening or considering a rewriting of the Cal state constitution. Rush went w/ the thought that it could be a good opportunity for conservatives, but after he saw & heard all the liberals who showed up, it was eye-opening, & he was later glad that it was decided not to reopen the Cal state constitution. I believe that was back in the late 1980s.

  19. In addition to the most excellent conversation among us here at the SB, there is another great link to share. This one comes from NC Renegade (many minds like our own). The post begins with a Star Wars reference… “I felt a great disturbance in the Force.”


  20. Avalanche Lily, here’s a quick read for you & your kids.

    Several weeks ago God prompted & led me to reread the book of Esther in the Bible again. My wife & I have read it several times during our nation’s “crisis”.

    It is an amazing book and I find potential similarities with today’s events fascinating. Make your own conclusions!

    I’ve told my 3 grown children to read it regularly.

    I suggest our readers do the same.

    God is always in control even up to the last seconds ……. be encouraged!

    Continue in prayer, repentance, & obedience (2 Chronicles 7:14) for this = Great Power, then leave your prayers on the battle field, leaving the results up to our Great God.

  21. We are in pivotal times with lots of uncertainties. But I was talking with my son the other day and said that having the confidence that you are capable and can get through anything with God can reduce fear. I remind myself that humanity has been through great trials but we still remain. Also I have read many biographies of people surviving hard circumstances, often with God’s help. I consider myself a survivor. But I don’t believe putting my head in the sand. Being aware of what’s happening around you helps you make wiser decisions. It’s been discussed a lot here how to prepare. I believe we shouldn’t forget to live in the Now. We don’t know when our time is up. So reach out to others, encourage and help when possible. “Sufficient onto the day is the trouble thereof”. Don’t be fearful of what “might” happen. If you’re a child of God, He will see you through. God has been with me through lots of very difficult times and I’m sure He’ll be with me until my time is up.

  22. Madam Avalanche,

    I grew-up on a farm, my four grandparents lived next door.
    I remember hearing “Get chirking!” and “Where is your chirk!”… and my favorite “Let’s take your chirk out and play with it!”

    Chirk on!


    After I volunteered at the Mission in Eugene Oregon, their permanent staff keeps in contact with our farm.
    Through the Mission, we occasionally offer a ‘half-way house’ for those recently released from criminal incarceration.
    During each interview with a potential charge, we establish a couple ‘do not cross’ lines:
    * no stealing,
    * be and stay clean and sober.

    Summer 2020, we sold one of our old pickup trucks to one of our charges.
    With a small down-payment, the individual contracted to complete the purchase obligation by 1 September 2020.
    At that time, all parties saw this as a win-win.

    Immediately, the individual failed to fulfill our clean and sober requirement.
    Mandatory to our contract with the Mission, we evicted the individual.
    While we escorted the individual off the farm, the individual was caught with things stolen from us and our other charges.

    Then the individual was caught in a massive web of lies.
    Looking back, everybody agrees every word from the individual was and is a drug-addled/mentally-ill fabrication.

    Five months go by.
    Yesterday, our old pickup truck was discovered abandoned and blocking traffic on a city street.
    To avoid the government agents impounding it, we pushed it back to the farm.
    Although the engine started and ran, the brakes are inoperative… the brake pedal goes flat to the floor.

    (As an aside, I have a spiritual connection to mechanical devices.
    I invest my care — and my affection — in them, and they always respond positively to my gentle touch.
    To see one of my precious mechanical companions treated like it is disposable… well, that can be frustrating.)

    Last evening at 6:15pm, the individual left threatening messages on the farm message-machine, and demanded we return our truck we found abandoned.
    Easily ignored.
    Last evening at 11:45pm(!) after everybody was tucked-in for the night, LawEnforcementOfficials left a telephone message saying the goofball filed a stolen vehicle report.

    This morning, I contacted my sister in the mountains east of Sacramento so she could laugh with me about the situation, but she wanted to pray instead.
    I suggested she save her prayers for something important.
    Hearing about the threats, she suggested I should pack and leave.
    Nay, nay.

    I work the farm because most of the time, it’s me and the dogs and goats and mules.
    I just want to be left alone.
    If that line is crossed, I tend toward direct action to settle differences.

    Is this a parable about marxists?
    You decide.

    1. LargeMarge,

      I read the word “Chirk” somewhere in the past, really liked it, and incorporated it into my vocabulary. 😉

      I pray that your former “charge” will quickly be occupied with some other pursuit. May the Lord watch over you continually.



    2. LargeMarge, I value your opinions, stories and wisdom that you share here on Sblog. With that said, forgive my forwardness in mentioning the following: Wouldn’t sharing threats with the police and filing a restraining order now, save you attorney money in the future, after said druggie idiot comes on your property and gets hurt, or worse?
      I don’t want you to suffer anymore than you already have.

      My dad has gone through similar experiences. It is unbelievable how ungrateful some people are, and will betray generosity with evil.

      Praying for both you and your animals’ safety, Krissy

  23. About controlling the Senate, something JWR addressed in his opening remarks, given the disastrous and cowardly decision by the Supreme Court yesterday, it is of monumental importance that conservatives keep control of the Senatorial seats in Georgia. With a Republican majority in the Senate, we can head off the radical left as long as Republicans hold the line. If Democrats have a majority in the Senate, the Leftist radicals will have their way:

    –Attacks on “assault rifles” and numerous other 2nd Amendment issues.
    –D.C. statehood (with two new Democratic senators).
    –Puerto Rico statehood (with two new Democratic senators).
    –Black reparations (which some say will involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to each person).
    –Historic and radical transgender rights legislation that will permeate every level of society.
    –Massive new and uninterrupted immigration from south of the border, transforming this nation in the most profound ways.
    –Massive forgiveness of student debt, shifting the burden of paying for those loans to those who worked their way through college, or who never went to college at all.
    –Massive interference in policing across the country resulting in extraordinary increases in crime, nationally, not just in Democratic-controlled cities.
    –An end of fracking, thereby ending the employment of hundreds of thousands of Americans in favor of cost ineffective and unreliable “green energy” (ask Californians).

    I have probably missed a dozen other threats to the fabric of this country. Perhaps other readers can add to this list.

    In any event, anyone who says that Georgia Republicans should just walk away from the January 5 election is likely a Fifth Columnist, a Judas Goat leading Republicans to the slaughter. Obviously, there are problems with a corrupt election process in Georgia, but to simply walk away and leave the Senate seats for the taking by Democrats is pure, unadulterated madness.

    1. For four years, leftist radicals blocked, obstructed, and downright tantrumed and rioted to prevent Donald Trump from enacting the agenda we sent him there to fix. I think perhaps it’s time to return the favor? It’s time to become ungovernable.

  24. A truly inspirational story of survival is that of Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. …and the word that comes to mind when I think of his story is: PERSEVERANCE. We must persevere.

  25. Avalanche Lily,
    Thank you for sharing your struggles this week. I too have been feeling much the same but felt renewed life and energy reading your post knowing you too have “off” days. You provide so much goodness and wisdom and strength to your readers, thank you.

    1. @Amanda- I second your sentiments about this blog and the entire Rawles family and team.
      @Kerry- we shall see what the Supreme court does with its several cases. The Texas suit was not the only one. Pray hard and don’t give up.

  26. I’ve been traveling to see children and grandchildren for “Thankmas”-avoiding the major holiday traffic. I’ve been trying to encourage them as they’ve confessed their fears and stress about the direction our Country is headed.

    I was stunned to hear about the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the Texas suit. I’m at a loss. Too many thoughts to process.

  27. I’d like to express my gratitude to JWR for this blog & to Lily for her weekly sharing, & to wish them a blessed & Merry Christmas! I’ve learned so much from this blog over the years.
    I also want to wish a wonderful, Spirit-led Christmas to all the blog readers & contributors here! Wishing peace, joy, & grace to everyone!

    1. @Chris- I second your sentiments towards this blog and the entire Rawles family and team. May this Christmas time remind us all of the greatest Christmas present ever given- when God gave us all His Son so that we may have forgiveness and peace of mind, and someday be with Him in Heaven.

    2. Chris and Nathan,

      You speak for me. Whatever may come as time goes on, I have enormous gratitude for the contribution James and Lily have made to my life and our world. After today’s candid revelations by Lily of her tribulations and struggles, my admiration has grown.

      Carry on in grace

  28. Being a career firefighter/emt, our department administration asked each member if they were going to participate in getting the Covid vaccine. You were given the choice of yes or no. No, was my choice. Currently it is not mandated. It wouldn’t surprise me that career/volunteer first responders or a plethora of other vocations might face a decision of a mandatory job requirement of getting the Covid vaccine. The saying I heard the other day that might come true in the future..”No Jab/No Job” I could be totally wrong but I tend to lean that it will be sooner than later if Biden is sworn in. Either way, my family and I are already discussing that scenario. I am thankful for the Lord providing the home, land and things that we steward for him while on this earth. However, I am more than willing to put a for sale sign in the yard if making the choice of getting vaccinated means I keep my job or not. This also applies to my wife who is a school teacher. Being a FF/EMT for 20 years might make it slightly difficult to go back into this job as a career due to age :o) Only time will tell. May He be glorified either way.

    1. Mongo,

      I was thinking about what would happen if/when my employer required a vaccination- well if Roe V Wade says a woman’s body is hers then why wouldn’t it go for any other gov mandates like forced vaccine – also I would argue that it is a change in my terms of employment since I was not required to have any vaccination for employment.

      1. 3AD,

        I agree, it would be a change in employment terms. Also, historically their have been allowable religious exemptions. Having said that, with all that has been allowed to go on regarding lockdowns, etc. I see it possible that it becomes mandated. Of course, folks would file lawsuits and such. I think it prudent to prepare to be out of work during such a lawsuit. So, IF a victory is achieved, then back pay and the like might happen. However, if not, then you, myself and many others are already thinking ahead about how we steer our futures.

        1. For me, the movie, “Gone With the Wind,” made a huge impact on my memory/thinking. How am I going to pay the taxes on Tara?

          I purchased some precious metals with the intent of using them to pay taxes. Only the Lord knows if that will work out, but I feel at peace knowing I tried to prepare.

          Blessings to you and your family.

  29. Now here’s a curious thing… These Dominion machines seem to be able to do just about everything. It appears that they can even generate ballots. I’m not sure this is the source of the pristine unfolded ballots with the perfectly completed bubbles, but suppose it could be. All of this must receive an immediate and transparent investigation.


    Unfortunately, I think there are too many corrupt officials who will stand in the way of an immediate and transparent investigation. We may be, and probably are, at a point when the declaration of an Insurrection will be necessary to save the Republic. Please pray for President Trump’s strength, wisdom, and courage of conviction. This President has a critically important and unique place in our country’s history unfolding.

    1. …reeeeeaaallly? Amazing! I wonder, can they generate money orders? Completed medical histories? (Filled-in math homework and sentence diagrams — my children wonder?) Perhaps they do dishes too? I have got to get me one of those! 😛

      Yes, still praying. Our hope and help comes in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

  30. The Supreme court should realize that it will be determining whether we will have a future of LAW- or of slavery. If they choose the wrong path, they will not only be choosing another Presidential administration, they will be nullifying every single one of our country’s documents produced since the Declaration of Independence. Every law. Every bit of the Constitution. Every “right” in the Bill of Rights. And every legal institution we have, including courts of law, law enforcement agencies, Congress, States, state legislatures, governorships, and every other vestige of so-called government. There will be nothing left of our organized form of society. If we want to have a set of laws and an orderly society, we will have to start completely over from nothing. Because all we will have left, if we are no longer able to even choose our own leaders and representatives, is slavery. That is why the Supreme court decision is so important. If America is enslaved, the rest of the world will follow.
    We need to pray and pray HARD. If we do not prevail in court, we will be fighting a hot war on January 20th 2021. God help us.

  31. Ever since I heard the Supreme Court’s decision, it felt as though I’ve been sucker-punched, especially given the fact Justice Alito dismissed the Pennsylvania suit earlier this week for — what we assumed — was acknowledge that Texas had the stronger and “cleaner” case. By removing the right to fair and transparent elections, the globalists have removed the very last thing which held this country together. Now, we all know what we need to do 🙁

    I must confess that I didn’t get a lot of preparedness done this week. Been focused on Christmas shopping and getting gifts put together and off to elderly relatives early so the items have time to sit in “quarantine” in their garages before they open them. With three kids active in school, sports, and volunteer activities, I can’t absolutely say nobody is infected, so I’m being extra-careful with my elderly relatives’ health.

    @Avalanche Lilly – I, too, suffer from Winter Solstice Malaise. After getting my Vitamin D blood levels tested, I discovered that I needed to be taking WAY more than the RDA (I take 5000 iu per day), along with some vitamin K, kelp-based iodide, and magnesium with zinc. Once I started on that regime, it felt like somebody had turned on a motor and I had tons of energy. You may suffer from low thyroid levels, which is common as women age. God bless and good health!

    1. Just a couple of comments about your supplement list: Kale is the #1 vegetable source for vitamin K. Other members of the cabbage family have it as well, but kale is at the top for that vitamin. A good source for zinc is from pumpkin seeds. I grew a bunch of hulless (sometimes called naked-seeded) pumpkins last summer. The variety was called ‘Naked Bear’ from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Like yourself, I try to always have kelp on hand for its many health benefits, particularly the iodine it contains.

      1. I love kale, cabbage, collard, brussels sprouts, etc., but they are goiteragens (bad if you have thyroid issues) so I have to cook them nearly to death before I can eat them.

        I forgot to pimp the pumpkin seeds … they’re loaded with tryptophan (good to help you sleep) and zinc!

  32. This past week has been a big one for us. We finally moved out of our old house and into our new prepper property.

    My feet are sore and my back is tired. Every room has boxes in it that have to be unpacked, but it is a relief to finally be here.

    I became a prepper before Y2K. It’s been a long journey, but we are where I think we need to be for whatever comes next.

    1. Congratulations on your new retreat! Moving is never fun, but discarding what you no longer need, and then reorganizing what was important enough to carry with you, is usually a cathartic experience.

    2. Congratulations!!!

      When we move into a new-to-us home, we make it a point to walk through every room invoking the name of Jesus to drivevout any evil and invite in His Spirit. You could try it.

      1. I thought I was the only one who did that. I can usually feel the evil spirits and if the feelings are really strong, I rebuke the demons in Jesus’ name and tell them to leave and never come back.

        1. Lily and I don’t hesitate to do likewise. We’ve often been heard invoking commands in the name of Jesus when our large livestock starts moving in an unexpected way, or with unexpected speed. (They can do a lot of damage in a hurry, with no malicious intent of their own!)

    3. Pete- congrats on the move. Good luck in your prolonged scavenger hunt- looking for things that are packed up. Since we made the move we remain busy adding capabilities to the property so prepping is never done. When we moved out of the city it was like a great sigh of relief. When Covid and rights hit this year it was a Blessing. Again congrats and enjoy!

    4. Hey Pete, that’s excellent news, congratulations. There’s nothing like that feeling of finally making long-held dreams come true and it gets better when it’s all paid off.


    Thank you, JWR, for your introductory remarks concerning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to decline the Texas lawsuit.  Like you and many others, I share your extreme disappointment and frustration with this decision.  I believe the evidence of voter fraud and unconstitutional actions by some election officials is absolutely overwhelming.  However, we need to keep fighting the good fight despite seeming setbacks.

    Today, I was watching the latest video by Dr. Steve Turley (PhD) and he explained that “it’s not over.”


    I always enjoy watching Dr. Turley’s daily video updates because they are so encouraging, yet factual.  There are still a number of legal lawsuits being filed or processed by the Trump legal team (Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, et al) as well as other attorneys such as Sydney Powell and Lin Wood.  We must continue to pray that these litigation efforts will expose the fraud and bring about a legal remedy.

    As I was watching this video, I believe the Holy Spirit brought to my attention the Parable of the Unjust Judge (Luke 18: 1-8).  It’s interesting to note that this judge feared neither God nor man, and he certainly didn’t care about the poor widow who came to him for help.  However, because of her persistence, the judge became weary and gave in to her plea for help.  Two things stood out to me:

    1)  Some of the judges in our legal system may be corrupt and may not really care about election fraud or violations of our constitutional rights.  We must continue to make our voices heard until righteous judgements are rendered.

    2)  When all legal remedies and appeals seem to be exhausted, we can still appeal directly to our Heavenly Father — the Supreme Judge of the Universe.  Ultimately (and if we pray fervently), our Sovereign Lord will issue the final verdict in this 2020 election.

    I’ve been encouraged by the prayer leaders such as Dutch Sheets (and his brother Tim Sheets) who have recently travelled around the country leading prayer meetings for this election outcome.  I’ve also been encouraged by their daily on-line prayer briefings.  Numerous other religious leaders have shared prophetic dreams and visions that have convinced them that it is God’s will that President Trump be re-elected.

    Let’s keep believing that God will do a miracle in this 2020 election.  If our Lord could raise Lazarus from the dead, he can surely restore righteous government to our nation if we (His people) will call out to him for mercy!

    Blessings to each of you as we continue to fight the good fight of faith.  “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galations 6:9)

        Be encouraged… and keep praying !!!   🙂
        Cliff  (in Oregon)

    1. CDM… Outstanding Scripture, and timed ever so perfectly.

      From your post: “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galations 6:9

  34. Like Pete the Pickled Prepper and so many more, I started before Y2K. However, 8 years ago, for some unknown reason, I stopped buying, rotating stock or doing anything related to prepping. I ended up donating a lot of food. Sigh. Now, with the possibility of very troubled times, I am rushing to buy, buy, buy.

    This week my two kids and I helped with projects to get our new store opened. Hopefully, we’ll be finished with construction in about a week. I placed several orders for products, entered a lot of things in the computer, sent emails, etc.

    I didn’t get much done on the house front. I guess if things get bad we’ll be stuck staying where we are, in town. Our land is perfect for us – water, garden, private – but getting it sorted before things fall apart may not be possible. At least our town only has a population of about 1500. We’re only 5.4 miles from our land but it’s quite a drop in elevation and down a curvy road, so it wouldn’t be a friendly walk.

    Getting back into being prepared, this week I made a real effort. We bought lots of rice, canned goods, dehydrated soups and potatoes, pasta, dried beans and peanut butter. Checked my two Berkeys. We are using one and have a back-up. I’ll order spare parts for them this week.

    This next week I plan on going to rummage through our storage units where we put our belongs while we build. I know I have lingering preps in there – wheat, 50 lbs of salt and other items. We’ll buy more food, get some vitamins, medicines and get a couple of camp stoves too. Need to research those as well as seeing about being able to use propane from the large tank. We’ll also be planning a celebration for son’s birthday this week. How did my youngest get to be 21??

    Thanks for all the humorous, inspiring and informative posts. I pray we get through the election with the right person in office. My last hope is the 2018 EO.

    1. If you’ll be relying on propane, make sure you have all the proper attachments to convert your big propane refillable tank to run your small Coleman gas stove, to run your Buddy heater if you have one, and an adapter to refill those small green portable propane tanks. It will save you a fortune and give you more options.

      Also, if there’s any chance you might get stuck cooking for a large family, you might want to invest in one of those propane distribution (splitter) poles that you can screw a propane lantern onto the top, and run up to two stoves or other appliances off of the same tank. We cook for a large family, so it’s great to have two stoves running and a light when you’re cooking off-grid. You’ll have to buy the hoses and adapters separately, so make sure you give them a test drive before stashing them away to make sure you have adapters that work because sometimes you won’t get the correct one (found that out the hard way).


      1. Ditto, and I just recently learned while working on some propane projects myself that not all pressure regulators are created equal. Be sure to look in in the owner’s manual or on the appliance itself to see whether you need a 5, 10, 20 psi regulator or a low-pressure regular 11 W.C. which is less than 1 psi for things like wall heaters.

        Good luck on your projects.

      2. I figured I’d get a propane camp stove since I have access to a large tank. Thanks for the tips. There’s just the three of us – me and my two young adult children – but you never know what may happen so the splitter pole is a great idea. Thanks for the link as well.

  35. It is late in the day so I doubt that this will be read or noticed but here goes anyway.
    We have spent most of this week finding a supply of Ivermectin to save our lives if we are
    infected with the Covid disease. We were successful.

    From the comments that I read on this and most other prepper/survival sites we are aware of the the horrific societal and political nightmare that we are living through. There is a lot of
    blustering about we going to do this or we are going to do that.

    There is no doubt that a fight is coming. It is inevitable. We must be alive to fight and that is
    where Ivermectin comes.
    If you won’t do any of the requirements to mitigate catching or spreading this disease that is your business.Please consider the finding and using the cure.It is available.

    The NIH and the CDC will not help you. It is every man for himself.

    1. I invested in some Ivermectin paste for horses just in case. The CDC studied dose was a single 200 iu dose for an adult human (normal weight) upon hospitalization on day 1, with a repeat dose on day 7 if symptoms persisted. Doctors reported a very good improvement rate, but of course our politicized CDC later backpedaled when their big-pharma overlords screeched.

      This “very high dose” they speak of is actually the rate they give animals (including horses) per pound of body weight on a regular basis, including pregnant or gestating animals. So for all their screeching, I doth believe they protest too much?

      For a 250 pound man, that would be 1/5th of a tube (and obviously you’d have to do some math if you weigh less than that. You can buy a 6-pack of Ivermectin horse wormer paste for only $30 on Amazon with enough to treat 25-30 people, whereas a prescription bottle of Ivermectin to treat a single person will set you back $57.

      I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT giving medical advice. I am NOT suggesting anybody do this. I am NOT stating that my math is “the” dosage or even remotely correct. This is all theory, presented for entertainment purposes only…… (blah blah blah disclaimers … let’s not talk about the fish antibiotics and goat wormer and dog skin remedies that I regularly use off-label to treat my family for various ailments).

      CDC report before Big Pharma made them roll it back (scroll down to “Retrospective Analysis”: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/antiviral-therapy/ivermectin/

      6-pack of Ivermectin horse dewormer: https://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Paste-Dewormer-Flavor-6-Pack/dp/B01M1GPOA8/

    2. Hello Vicky,

      You didn’t mention any of the building blocks for improvement of immune system to resist COVID 19:

      We follow Dr Seheult. He’s a pulmonologist MD and teaching Professor of Medicine. See YouTube Coronavirus Update #59.

      I’ve been taking all he listed, plus Melatonin. One study just came out on Melatonin that says people on it are 30% more likely to not develop symptoms, but we are taking everything Dr Seheult recommended.

      In other training videos he lists all the proven studies explaining how each thing was researched and then been validated.

      I’m looking for ivermectin this week.

      God Bless

  36. Take note of the timeline related to the notification of Attorney DePerno with regard to a hearing scheduled and related to his request that the gag order be lifted. This is the case involving the voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan.



    At about 2:13 PM – Attorney DePerno sees an article published by the far-left Detroit Free Press.

    2:50 PM – Attorney DePerno receives an email from Antrim County attorney Haider Kazim.

    3:02 PM – Attorney DePerno receives notification by the Court.

    So. The question becomes this… How did the Detroit Free Press get wind that the Court would be hearing the case on Monday morning before what has been reported as the time stamp on the email to the attorney who filed the request? …and before that attorney received notification from the Court?

    Perhaps this should be examined by the Judge who will hear the case. This would be in addition to, of course, the national security issues associated with the claims made.

    …and what if the judge decides not to lift the order? When national security is involved, what is the chain of decision making command, and who can override such an adverse decision?

        1. Animal House: Rx. only. Our family doctor( internal medicine specialist ) is all in for using
          Ivermectin. She also advocates Vitamin C,Vitamin B Complex,Vitamin D,Zinc,and Quecertin.

          1. Thx u vicki. I have every in house, bit ivermectin is animal version. Dont think my doc will spring for script. Maybe canada is still open for mail in scripts.

  37. Due, in 6 days, is the report from the DNI in compliance with E.O. 13848. I just read E.O. 13848, I suggest you all do the same. It also encompasses 2 of Obama’s E.O.’s with modifications. If taken to it’s logical conclusion, not only is Hunter Biden and James Biden in a heap of trouble, so is Jim Crow Joe. Don’t forget Kamala Harris, she has issues with China as well. Being a beneficiary of Chinese interference in the 2020 election, and a beneficiary of Chinese government funding of the Harris/Biden campaign. Oh and don’t forget the Chinese infiltration of the entire Democrat party elected class with paid and unpaid “interns” supplied by the Chi-Coms.

    E.O. 13848 is all about both foreign AND domestic election interference.

    If this E.O. is enforced, Democrat heads may literally roll. There would be several Republicans on the chopping block as well. Don’t forget, the Chi-Coms are at the heart of the Dominion Voting Systems scandal, having provided $400,000,000 in operating loans laundered through a Swiss bank. More to follow.

    So when you hear from Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sydney Powell, and Lin Wood that this is not over, I think you can believe it. We’ll find out in about 6 days.

    1. Excellent thoughts, Charles K. …and I share these too. I’m watching very, very closely as I believe the President is giving “the system” every opportunity to work as the Constitution requires before the next level of intervention. We’ll know soon. Pray for President Trump’s courage, wisdom, and conviction. Pray for his protection.

      1. I do pray for Trump and his family. The Dems mistake was waging war against a warrior, a whole family of warriors. They are too used to Republicans just bending over and saying “thank you, do that again”. Trump don’t roll that way. He’s had 4 years to learn the depth of the depravity of the Swamp. It took him that long to uncover all the enemies of liberty that inhabit that fetid place called DC. Donald J. Trump is not a perfect man, no one is. He is, however, far and away superior to almost any alternative.

        Have a blessed evening.

      1. I did and I read it in it’s entirety. There are subsections on domestic interference in the elections as well. However, the foreign interference sections and their US collaborators takes in a whole bunch of Demo’s. OOPS! We will see if this is actually invoked.

        1. I figured that you HAD read it, but added the link because other people have probably heard this bandied around on social media, but weren’t sure if it was really a “thing.” I like to put links to original sources whenever I can because it can really make a difference when people aren’t sure who to trust anymore (like we ALL feel right now after getting gobsmacked by in-your-face voter fraud).

  38. For me this week was about baking a birthday cake for a family member, beginning to make Christmas gifts (most of the ones I give are food), doing what I could to help the family in our neighborhood with groceries, and of course all of the day to day tasks with littles. Eldest’s orthotics have been repaired, as have the vacuum cleaners.

    The only real “prepping” related work I did was to continue the search for property. I have found several promising listings, but it is so difficult to even get a call or email back from a realtor. They all must be swamped. (And yes I regularly check Survival Realty – vast majority of listings there are either astronomically out of the budget, or completely vacant land.) The new edition of Retreats&Relocation is excellent! I would really prefer to have converted some of my retirement into acreage by the time the year ends, but time is running out. I don’t want to buy something sight unseen, but I am not sure how to make the logistics work to travel to view something. I wonder if all of the realtor dead ends are a sign from the Spirit that I should not pursue this avenue now. After all, we have older family members in this area that will need our help in the coming years, and would be extremely reluctant to move.

    Speaking of reluctant family members, would anyone be willing to share advice regarding how to work with an intellectually red-pilled, yet physically and practically totally inert, spouse? Mine spends hours each day listening to talk shows and podcasts and “absorbing” the news and analysis, and laments the issues facing the country to me and the family members who will listen…and DOES nothing. I wonder if he’s in denial? He’ll place an ammo order online if I ask him to (yet the new rifle remains unsighted), and he hasn’t objected to any of my purchases of books or seeds or cultures, and looks over my shoulder when I’m searching for “investment” property…but rarely completes any of the items he says he will. He even mentions to acquaintances “yeah, we’ve become sort of ‘preppers’ this year” (and that slapping sound you hear in the background is my hand hitting my forehead over the opsec!)…… But I don’t feel like our family is anywhere near long-term food secure, or self-reliant/sustainable, or in a defensible location, and I can’t change that alone while raising and educating this many small humans. Nor do I think it is Biblically my place to unilaterally make major decisions for the family! I’m not trying to spouse-bash here [and please delete this whole paragraph if it’s inappropriate], but I really feel stuck. Does anyone have any practical ideas beyond the best one of all, which is of course “shut up and pray!”?

    1. Hello Bear:

      Your DH needs some peers. He is simply in the mode we all are, living on the internet fantasy. It’s similar to the dreamy romantic thing.

      The same principle about the importance of having good people around you is in Isaiah 65, about us being created to be in human society, when the Lord says, “All flesh shall gather” for worship and fellowship, applies to having a peer or two to influence behavioral change.

      Keep your eyes out for another couple who might have a male who could connect with yours to trigger change.

      I was a country boy moved into town, when I met a guy at CERT training and the shift back to active self sufficient life style started happening. I was not doing all that I should, and now the Anti-Christ government is issuing edicts to isolate us further beyond what our protective measures should be.

      Is there any shooting or sports club you can physically take him to? Yes, we are talking about a life intervention.

      This isn’t just about him being the leader of your growing clan though, this is about him eventually being the connection to others for your clan, above and beyond what your small clan needs.

      Another topic: as I write this, my daughter explained that her 5YO is playing a minecraft game on TV, which she approves of. He turned to me and pulled up his screen and demonstrates the Inventory he is learning to build up. It’s the first time a 5 YO showed me how to build an inventory. He’s yelling with excitement as he acquires cows, sheep, and other things. Good prepper orientation.

      God Bless your perseverance. It took me 40 years to fully appreciate one or two things my wife started out with, such as sprouting and Make a Mix. You’ll be a good influence for your kids as they go out on their own.

      1. Thank you so much, Wheatley Fisher. I think you are absolutely right about living in community – and we are so very isolated. First from years of surviving special-needs parenting, the psychiatric edition, and now covid. With our former daughter thriving in her new family, and having had some time to heal and not literally fear the bump in the night [her explosions] or the knock on the door [CPS again], this was to have been our year to purposely engage the world again. We need to get back to our church (not just virtual and drive-through) and there is one couple in particular I’m thinking of that have been longtime friends.

        And also you’re correct about the Internet fantasy – sometimes I feel as though my husband is just watching life as though it is a reality show. He pretty much always is connected to computer or tablet or smartphone (sometimes more than one at once!), often with headphones that I don’t immediately notice, thereby hindering spoken communication. Sadly he reminds me of the wife in Fahrenheit 451 (and I have told him that). I’ll try to think of someplace to physically take him, even if for starters it’s just a walk on the beach for fresh air and sunlight. The logistics of packing this crew up to go anywhere can be formidable, but I have to make it worth it.

    2. Bear, “Mine spends hours each day listening to talk shows and podcasts and “absorbing” the news and analysis, and laments the issues facing the country to me and the family members who will listen…and DOES nothing. I wonder if he’s in denial? ”

      Sounds to me like he’s in “analysis paralysis”. People try to absorb so much information so they can “be informed”, but what happens is it overwhelms them so they can’t make a decision to act upon.

      Exactly what is it you want your DH to do? Make a list by priority and give it to him and post another copy on the bathroom mirror where he, and you, can see it every day. If you need to put a “honey do by: da mo yr”. When a task is complete, line thru it and draw a heart on it. I had to do this for my late sweetheart so he knew what was important to me.

      1. Thank you Animal House, I think analysis paralysis may be part of the issue here. So much immersion in the news and commentary…and then when that gets overwhelming, he steps away not to real life but into his games and stories to escape. Once a few months ago we had one day of no electronics, and I felt very peaceful and like he was starting to see us and connect with us, but sadly it has not been repeated, and our standing agreement of “no phones after 5:45” has long fallen by the wayside despite many reminders.

        I like your bathroom mirror idea! Especially since he has written Scripture verses there once or twice (though I think they’ve faded into the scenery and don’t get noticed) and since some of the things I would like him to do are simple basics, like brushing his teeth and taking a shower and especially regularly taking his insulin without having to be repeatedly reminded. These are effects of depression I believe…which he acknowledges, but seems unwilling to fight beyond his cursory quarterly chats with the VA psych “yeah yeah everything’s fine,” pop the pill which is no longer working (IMO), rarely get physical activity or time outside, continue to put diet sodas and junk food for himself on the grocery order despite my Herculean efforts to feed this family good nutrition…I’m going to stop now because the symptoms and causes can often meld into all one overlapping cycle and I don’t want to cross the line into complaining if I haven’t already.

          1. Yes, support groups can be very helpful sometimes!

            I had written a longer response, then deleted it because of opsec and also I don’t want to impose upon this site further with a bunch of whiny personal trauma details. My husband tried one support group and said he didn’t fit in and stopped going. He tried another, and goes once in a blue moon (usually after he explodes and I threaten that he can either get help or go stay with his parents), and after one session declares he’s all better now and goes back to avoidance. There is a spouse support group, but he has demonstrated an inability to keep the children safe while I am gone for a few hours, and the only other person who could watch them is so scared of covid that if I go “outside the wire” then she’ll be isolating from us. Catch-22.
            I do see a private counselor, who is somewhat helpful, but any of her suggestions for him must still be ACTED UPON by my husband because individuals are ultimately responsible for their own behaviors. Recognizing the problem and working toward healing cannot be done FOR another person; we can only suggest and support. And pray.

            Thank you so much for your caring and your suggestions. 🙂

        1. Bear, I think and pray for you often. I have written and deleted comments but this time I will share a short one. The best thing is your husband is not opposed to your survivalist views.

          Imo, from what you shared, he is walking wounded. If brushing his teeth is too overwhelming, posting a,”To Do List,” may not work.

          You are a high energy woman, and even with that you are drained. The tasks before you will be done by the Lord miraculously giving you the strength. He will provide. He will give you manna for each day.

          In metaphorical terms of a war movie, you are assigned to move to higher ground. Everyone goes. No one is left behind. The walking wounded are not tasked with more than they can handle. The Lord will give you the strength to get everyone to safety. You are Esther. The Holy Spirit is with you, and you have been made for this time. Cry out to the Lord on your face for His help. He loves to hear His children pray.

          When your husband is more healthy in the future, he will return the favor and take care of you. You have to do for him what he is unable to do for himself or his family…

          I think about you so much. It may be possible for me to fly to Florida and help you. If not, I will at the very least be able to send you some money to help with moving costs. (If I had my own land, I would have already invited you.)

          I watched a Ted Talk once, where this gal gave story after story of how dreams came true. She said dreams do not come true in isolation. You have to tell others your dream, and then accept help. The great thing is, people love to help. Let them. smile.

          I think the world of you. Forgive me if I overstepped my bounds.
          Praying blessings galore on you and your loved ones, Krissy

    3. I’m kind of in the same situation. I explain and explain and explain, but for some reason, it’s just not clicking between the ears. Luckily your husband has achieved Step 1, which is acknowledging there is a need to prep, and working on Step 2, which is awareness. Now you have to prod him to Step 3, which is taking action. Maybe for Christmas you could buy him a book (in paperback form) that lays out step-by-step how to come up with a family action plan and then achieve it? Yeah, I realize that YOU have already taken many of these steps, but now HE has to do this. Ask him to “find holes” in what YOU already have prepped and solicit his feedback about what HE would like to do to help round things out. If he stops seeing this as “my wife already took care of this” and instead seeing it as “my wife wants my feedback and assistance,” maybe you’ll get him to Step 3?

      Perhaps JWR could recommend a good step-by-step for normies resource?

      1. Thank you Anna. I like the book idea because he likes to read, and actually the first time I ever read classics like Alas, Babylon and Farnham’s Freehold were because he loaned them to me way back! I have repeatedly asked him to read Retreats and Relocation while he browses Zillow (it’s up on the computer in pdf form), and have handed him “How to Survive TEOTWAWKI” and several others…he says he will read them, but just doesn’t. I guess he just isn’t interested, or it isn’t escapist enough for him so he prefers to read other things.

        I will try the “find holes” thing…it isn’t that he’s opposed to my efforts, just doesn’t seem to want to exert the efforts to join in. He did wander into the room and help hold up the bags of bulk foods to pour into the buckets when I filled those. And last night at the dinner table he suggested we really needed to build a “dehydrator room!” I was confused and inquired whether he meant a room-sized dehydrator unit, or a separator room with a dehumidifier to place the dehydrators. He meant the latter. I was further confused, because if we were going to add another whole room, why not a safe room? Why a whole dedicated room for two small countertop appliances that he has shown zero interest in helping me use (except one time he chopped some carrots, and another time he started slicing an apple in the mandolin but quit when he sliced his finger because he refused to use the guards)…? He can be very creative and dream big but it is a challenge to make things correspond with reality and get actually executed!

        I really like your phrasing especially “what HE would like to do to help round things out”…that’s important so that he can feel a sense of ownership and agency, and so any discussions don’t end with just more things piled on MY list! “Action energizes,” as Once A Marine said…we gotta keep some momentum going here because seeing even small tangible results is important.

        1. A dehydrator room? Okay… Tell him you want a freeze-dryer for Christmas ($$ka-ching$$) or high-grade regular dehydrator and then plan to spend some quality time chopping carrots and onions with your husband. For whatever reason, it sparked his interest, so view it as that first hit of cocaine, that first injection of heroin, that “gateway drug” to get him to the next step of prepping. Give him “agency” to dehydrate whatever he sees fit and fill up your basement with vacuum-sealed Mason jars or Foodsaver bags. You know that YOU will use it, even if he later loses interest. 🙂

          Sometimes, you’ve just got to start where people are at…. We learned that courtesy of our local CERT team organizer, who was a master of getting civilians trained and involved.

          1. LOL, I like the gateway drug analogy; the author of the dehydrator cookbook I have has said that it expands faster than you think it will, and once you catch the bug you’ll be dehydrating anything not nailed down!
            We do have a freeze dryer on layaway but haven’t made any payments on it in awhile; he’s deemed other things more of a priority. He also was looking to purchase a third dehydrator from Lowe’s until I asked him where we would put it (no idea) and whether he would help me run it (nope not really). I explained that with the two we already have, the limiting factor is not dehydrators, but rather counter space to run them and my TIME to load and clean them. It’s like he is interested, but only vicariously.

            Starting where people are at is a good idea. After all if you feel like you are “behind” then it can hinder you from even getting started. We have tried to encourage other interests and starts and tries of his in the past, and they mostly fizzle. (E.g. one time he started going for walks every night after the kids were down, went consistently a couple weeks, we all encouraged the heck out of it, and his parents got him a new pedometer and a visibility belt and a new hat and a new workout Tshirt for Christmas and…..he literally never went again.) Recently he has purchased a small hand craft kit and some yarn, and I am hopeful that he will actually open the box and begin to use it and find a creative outlet and a mon-screen hobby. Maybe, using your gateway drug idea, it could expand someday into weaving and raising animals that give wool…

    4. You are not alone. Lots of complaining over here, but no apparent willingness to make the hard decisions. OPSEC prevents me saying more. Suffice to say I am praying for guidance and discernment.

  39. Not a lot of prepping done this week, as my Lady and I have both come down with Wuhan, probably brought back from a work conference last week. Symptoms have been consistent with a bad cold, but we did need some rest. Even though I’m teleworking, I took a comp day Friday for health reasons (if I didn’t take a day off, she was gonna kill me).

    In addition, we found that our son probably has celiac disease, so that will adjust some of our preps, but it’s something we can work around. The biggest problem is the emotional distress he’s experiencing adjusting his eating habits.

    We were able to reconfigure our chicken yard to allow them into the vineyard and some other areas over the winter to help clear, aerate, and fertilize new ground. We’ll expand that into the garden when I harvest the peas and carrots later this month, so they can help prepare that for spring planting. We plan to expand that this year as well. My Lady is already looking at the seed catalog.

    Stay safe, and for those observing the season, Happy Hanukkah.

    1. Bummer about the celiac 🙁 Be sure, as you adjust your grains away from wheat to other grains such as oats, that you get a kind that isn’t sprayed with Roundup (glyphosate). Canadian farmers use it as a desiccant to dry out the stalks before they harvest it, and then export it to the USA, which is where most of our oats come from. Ethical food producers will periodically test a batch and reject any with too high of a level, but others just use it. In the small amounts most people eat, a bit of Roundup won’t kill you, but when you’ve got celiac disease, you might end up eating a whole lot of glyphosate-containing oats. Glyphosate literally ROTS the lining of your gut.

      Here’s an article about the problem: https://livelovefruit.com/new-bill-glyphosate-free-oats/

      NOTE: Congress has YET to do anything about this because of lobbying by Big Ag.

  40. Hello Bear:

    Your DH needs some peers. He is simply in the mode we all are, living on the internet fantasy. It’s similar to the dreamy romantic thing.

    The same principle about the importance of having good people around you is in Isaiah 65, about us being created to be in human society, when the Lord says, “All flesh shall gather” for worship and fellowship, applies to having a peer or two to influence behavioral change.

    Keep your eyes out for another couple who might have a male who could connect with yours to trigger change.

    I was a country boy moved into town, when I met a guy at CERT training and the shift back to active self sufficient life style started happening. I was not doing all that I should, and now the Anti-Christ government is issuing edicts to isolate us further beyond what our protective measures should be.

    Is there any shooting or sports club you can physically take him to? Yes, we are talking about a life intervention.

    This isn’t just about him being the leader of your growing clan though, this is about him eventually being the connection to others for your clan, above and beyond what your small clan needs.

    Another topic: as I write this, my daughter explained that her 5YO is playing a minecraft game on TV, which she approves of. He turned to me and pulled up his screen and demonstrates the Inventory he is learning to build up. It’s the first time a 5 YO showed me how to build an inventory. He’s yelling with excitement as he acquires cows, sheep, and other things. Good prepper orientation.

    God Bless your perseverance. It took me 40 years to fully appreciate one or two things my wife started out with, such as sprouting and Make a Mix. You’ll be a good influence for your kids as they go out on their own.

  41. We had our first freeze of the winter last week. We live far enough south that it rarely gets more than a few degrees below freezing, and then only for a few hours. We’ve debated whether it’s worth our time to build a greenhouse for our garden, but our jerry-rigged plastic sheeting stapled to wood stakes usually does the trick. Tomatoes are still producing (we’ve harvested about 100 and counting), and we’ve got a few peppers and lemons on the way.

    The Mrs reengaged on our years-long “where should we settle down?” debate. (We’re 30-somethings living in the burbs with a decent garden, but we want to move more rural/have more land.) We have a few locations in the Midwest and South we’re considering. The Mrs has historically been a fan of the South, and I’ve been a fan of the Midwest. We seem to have swapped opinions in our latest discussion! The local news is full of stories about Silicon Valley companies and celebrities moving to our neck of the woods. She’s concerned that our preferred locations will be too crowded and expensive by the time we’re ready to buy and move. Apparently those concerns are outweighing the year-round growing season and (currently) favorable politics in our part of the South.

    Also we’ve been teaching our toddler about Advent, and she is a huge fan of helping to light the candles on our wreath! I hope you all keep the light burning in your own hearts as we anticipate the arrival of our Savior.

  42. Not much done this week! Think the isolation and winter sun are getting to me. That and the stress of having no money coming in to replenish the savings which is down to $1000. Investments did well and increased by $55,000, but want to wait until the dividends come in before withdrawing any funds. One venue is advertising for a show coming in, but I think it’ll get canceled. It may be late 2021 or early 22 before the theatrical industry gets back on it’s feet.

    Been popping antacids like candy the last week and a half, so back on omprazole for a month. Haven’t had problems for the last 4 years. Why is it when Democrats get elected I get problems? Obama got me so bad I thought I had a heart attack! Will also have to increase the hot pepper in the diet, as that kills H pylori. Been working with dirt a lot this year, and it always seems to come after I’ve been working in the dirt. Usually eat a lot of hot foods during and after, and never have problems. This year I didn’t!

    Wanted to go sight in the new AR’s I built up, but didn’t get good weather for the range. Found a gun dealer that still had ammo, and bought enough ammo for 2 mags of 7.62×39 (dealer limit). Sat in the basement and packaged more cleaning patches with the vacuum sealer, and also packed the brushes and spare tools (sans vacuum). For the tools, I sealed them with a paper towel soaked in CLP for corrosion control.

    Took the Car in for scheduled maintenance, brakes are mid-life, but everything else was good. The dealer sent me a special offer on the maintenance, and a gift card that covered all but $10. Will have to replace the brakes, as I’ve noticed the change in braking ability. But that will have to wait till next year.

    The shop fridge got unplugged again, so now I have 10 thawed but cold pizzas to eat this week. Well I need more hot pepper in the diet!

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