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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, some advice on storing clarified butter.

Are Your Smart Phone Apps Tracking You?

Peter sent this from The Wall Street Journal: Homeland Security Watchdog to Probe Department’s Use of Phone Location Data

Patrice Lewis on the ‘Great Reset’

Our friend and fellow blogger Patrice Lewis recently penned this great essay: Here’s my game plan for the ‘Great (Dystopian) Reset’

Some Advice on Clarifying Butter

Reader T.R,. wrote to mention:

“Butter is a commodity that many of us consider essential. It has a long shelf life but as I have recently discovered how easy it is to clarify butter, you can make it last even much longer. The first several times I made clarified butter, also called ghee, I made it in the Instant Pot, a digital programmable multi-function pressure cooker; which is a very good appliance, but not the best for clarifying butter. Why do you want to do this? 1St, it improves the flavor, 2nd, it improves the shelf life. Let’s get started; what do you need? One pound of butter, salted or unsalted, a thermometer, and a saucepan and duh, a stove.

Set a very low heat for the saucepan with the butter in it until it melts. Turn up the heat until it just sneaks above 212F. It will appear to boil and eventually stop. The bottom of the pan will turn brown, stir it up for the sake of the pan. Let it boil until it comes to rest, which means the water has been removed. About that time, usually about 20 minutes turn off the heat and pour the liquid through a sieve to strain out the crumbly milk solids. One pound of butter will fill one pint jar. You can leave it on the shelf and use as is or put it in the refrigerator, but if you keep it in the refrigerator it will need to be set one the shelf overnight before it will be usable as it will be as hard as cheese.

Once you’ve done that several times you might want to experiment. Try heating up enough olive oil to saute garlic before you add the butter. As the butter melts add spices, such as oregano, thyme, caraway seeds and maybe cayenne. Suit yourself. You can also add more olive oil after it has been strained to make it softer. You can keep this on the shelf for a long time, but if green mold develops it means you did not cook out all the water, but all you have to do is to reheat it and keep it in the refrigerator.”

Solar Flare Warning & Northern Lights

Over at Suspicious Observers:  Sun Fires at Earth, 1-2 Punch Coming, Superfamine — S.O.  News Dec. 8.2020.


Northern Lights set to thrill US skywatchers (Thanks to C.B. for the link.)

Iran Says Scientist Was Killed Using Satellite-Controlled Gun

This article caught my eye: Iran Says Scientist Was Killed Using Satellite-Controlled Gun. JWR’s Comments: The article mentions “artificial intelligence”, but I think it was more likely full remote control. this device was downright surgical in its precision, in minimizing collateral damage. A drone strike with Hellfire missiles equally effective, but much more messy. It was clever how they had this weapon system self-destruct, to obfuscate its origin and exact design.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Scars of 2020

First up, reader Tim J. suggested this essay by Victor Davis Hanson: The Scars of 2020.

Iron Edison Introduces a New Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Iron Edison has introduce its 5th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, called the RE-Volt. The RE-Volt Lithium Battery is lightweight. It can be mounted on a wall, and can be used as a direct replacement for lead-acid batteries. It has a 10-year warranty and is rated at a remarkable 6,000 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge.

Alcohol-Free Hand San is Equally Effective Against COVID

Reader C.B. spotted this: Alcohol-free hand sanitizer just as effective against COVID as alcohol-based versions.

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    1. An important news item to post, Bear!

      People like this do not force me into quiet. I will not live in fear, and am fully capable of defending myself and my family. I have become ever more vocal.

  1. A comment about: ” Alcohol-free hand sanitizer just as effective against COVID as alcohol-based versions.”

    Apparently the Nattering Nabobs in Chicago have decided drinking alcohol in an airport bar prevents the spread of COVID-19 (China Flu) too. From the Internet:

    “Now that the media is looking for tips and clues, how about this one? Groot and Fatass have shut down restaurants and bars, but opened up the airport bars full-throttle.
    …. I traveled in to Midway a couple of days ago, the bars that line the aisle down Concourse B were PACKED with maskless drinkers eating and drinking. I counted 70 people, all indoors, all dining, all drinking (did I mention indoors?) and not a one with a mask on.
    … This is so much Groot’s “For thee! Not for me!” approach. The City needs their cut, so they open up full bars and restaurants in arguably the busiest place in Chicago right now. There is a new restaurant/bar that opened up in the old Potbelly’s space, it was full of drinkers too, but at least it wasn’t in the middle of all the people and gates.
    … Anyone here read dystopic fiction? What’s the common denominator if the bad guys want to spread a virulent disease around the world to wipe out humanity? an airport maybe? Terry Gilliam’s classic was the first thing we thought of. We didn’t realize Groot thought it was an Instruction Manual.”

    [posted by SCC at 12:09 AM on Dec 10, 2020.] (SCC stands for Second City Cop, and the comment was posted on a blogging site.)

    (dystopia defined: “an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.”)
    I (GGHD) live in the Far West. = ‘Where various Nattering Nabobs without ~MASKS are seen visiting the beauty-operator or chatting with cronies in high-toned restaurants.’
    [Obviously, drinking alcohol and earing can’t be done with the mask over the mouth. … But, the Nattering Nabobs also socialize with their cronies and Jabber and Chatter like Nattering Nabobs.]
    … In my State, the Drive-Thru windows are open at the Burger Joints for the subservient ‘little’ people.

    While waiting for the final result for the 2020 election, I’m contemplating ‘heading for the hills’ in the Redoubt Region.

  2. “Are Your Smart Phone Apps Tracking You?”
    Yes, and Your vehicle is too and your tv and fridge track timings and all those watches, alexas and other toys do as well.
    I mean is it really even a question anymore?

    1. Matt,

      An aspect that I find interesting about these tracking devices is that, in part, the process appeals to a very primitive part of human behavior. Interaction with social media is very similar to addiction, and it makes people feel like they matter and a part of a larger group.

      Yet, it also makes people feel depressed, they say things that they would otherwise not say, and much of this tracking becomes acceptable because people trade privacy and security for the way technology and social media makes them feel. As I mentioned the other day, there is no need to force tracking devices, people will selfishly choose to accept them based upon emotions. Social media is an outlet for people to feel like they matter, as if its almost like a billboard, all the while, the devices and platforms people use track everything.

  3. LOVE the article by Patrice. I too am making my preparations to weather the impending storm, albeit in a much different locale. Thank you for the insight and God Speed.

  4. JWR,

    “A drone strike with Hellfire missiles equally effective, but much more messy,”

    Well said, and I could not agree more. Nuclear war I think is a thing of the past. Too messy as it relates to modern technology.

    1. I could not disagree more. I am 77, went through the atom bomb drills in grade school. Lived through the cold war and the constant threat of nuclear war. But today I believe that Nuclear war is inevitable and China will precipitate it, most likely over Taiwan but possibly over the South China Seas bases. They will likely target a carrier fleet for destruction and it would then be impossible to prevent this from going nuclear. I would advise to get ready for nuclear war.

      1. Anon,

        Of course you disagree, you have had life long experiences under the Cold War that says otherwise. I understand your point.

        Yet, given the current level of technology, 50,000 small-sized drones that can fly in packs (drone swarms), each deploying facial recognition for assigned targets and moving as specialized units could wipe out an entire city in a very short time. In doing so, it leaves the infrastructure intact and the environment in a non-nuclear wasteland.

        Just this week, I have seen several reports of Russia using a single use drone made by Kalashnikov in Syria, as well as police departments in America using drones with AI.

        Not to mention, its much cheaper to use these drones than it is to build, maintain, have around the clock infrastructure for nuclear security.

        1. I do not disagree with your point that drones and hellfire missiles have changed the face of warfare. What I disagree with is your statement that Nuclear war is a thing of the past. In fact it is the technology that will precipitate the next nuclear war. China has a large number of carrier killer missiles and they didn’t build these to use on their 4th of July. They intend to force their control over the South China Sea and Taiwan. When they do it will be in the form of a dozen or so U.S. warships being sunk in minutes by these missiles. There is no middle ground response to such an attack. Every carrier group has a couple of nuclear armed submarines that follow it. They are not there for show. Imagine what an American president would do following the intentional and unwarranted destruction of a dozen of our warships in international waters. I said an American president not Biden. Arguably Biden would want to smooth it over but obviously that would only make everything worse and more likely to escalate. The only possible response to such a devastating attack would be a dozen well targeted nukes against China’s Island bases and whatever warship fleet they deployed. AND if their attack was initially aimed at Taiwan they would use the Chinese equivalent of a Blitzkrieg which would mean that they had in effect declared war AND they would be forced to eliminate all American ships and forces in the immediate area. That combined effort would in itself demand war.

          There is no way out. Arguably the only thing we could do that would prevent the scenario I described is to stop entering the South China Sea and to cede Taiwan to China and refuse to defend it. Clearly this approach would only buy us a few years of peace before China felt the need to first strike the U.S. mainland.

          Ask yourself why China is partnering with Canada to wargame fighting on the American continent?

          1. Great reply. I still think a core aspect of power is to maintain power. Nuclear offers no power in terms of defeating a state and consuming its resources.

            I need to learn more about China’s involvement with Canada. I certainly appreciate your thoughtful reply.

          2. Anon, I really wish to question your thinking here. You suppose that China would be so foolish as to take out a dozen American warships? Myself, I have considerably more confidence in the power and deterrent effect of America’s immense military, don’t think China is as foolish as you seem to imply. Do you really believe that America should be intimidated by the Chinese? I think not. Seems you’re running scared, why do you suggest we sacrifice Taiwan? America remains the most powerful nation on earth, China will mess with us at their immense peril.

          3. Ask India, and the rest of China’s neighbors if China is “foolish”. The problem with a carrier group for any enemy is that you cannot defeat it by any other means than destroying all of it. So to your question would China take out a dozen American warships the simple answer is of course because taking out one or two doesn’t work. They either would have to stand down or go full berserk. They aren’t building up their naval forces and their anti-ship missiles just for show. To ignore this is to repeat the mistake the world made in the late 30’s. You have confidence in America’s power and deterrence effect but do you have confidence in America’s leaders both civilian and military. History is full of stupid mistakes committed by leaders. Carrier groups are huge targets and modern anti-ship missiles with huge standoff capability cannot be defended against. China could take out every ship in a carrier group without any risk to their own military. The only defense to this tactic is to not be there and not being there removes our effectiveness. Should America be intimidated by the Chinese? I can only hope our leaders are smart enough to recognize China’s strength and intent. They intend to beat us, it’s just a question of when. Running scared? Yes, I am scared that our leaders are stupid and everyday they prove that to me and anyone else paying attention. Sacrifice Taiwan? No! Recognize that Taiwan is a target and it will be the cause, probably, of China’s entrance into WW III. America most powerful nation on earth? By what measure? Our navy is the largest which is why it would be the first target. Our Air Force is the largest so it too would be a target. But our land army and armament is probably third largest and not even close to what China has. So what makes us so powerful??? Our ability to put 4000 nuclear weapons on target within an hour. AND that is exactly my point! That if China chooses to attack us in the South China Sea THEN our only effective response would have to be full nuclear.

          4. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Anon. Unfortunately I wholeheartedly agree that our “leaders” may not be up to the task of confronting an aggressive China. My only hope is that immense power tends to put bullies in their place, if only our leaders are not timid and fearful. But, as you imply, do we really have any courageous leaders? Maybe not, and then yes, if we are backed into a corner, then it’s likely to be the nuclear option.

            Adversaries prey on the weak, I sincerely hope we are not perceived as such.

      2. Anon ~ On late night radio, I heard a Protestant Radio-Evangelist say, ‘The hand of God is holding back the use of nuclear weapons in a big war. Without God, people would be dropping nuclear weapons everywhere by now.’

        There are a lot of people in charge of things, that tell us, ‘There are too many people in the world.’ … There are also various people telling everyone, the different possible methods the Globalists might use, to get rid of most of the people, without poisoning the Earth with nuclear bombs and radiation.

        +A Water Filtration System would be a good thing to have for clean water Right NOW. … SurvivalBlog advertisers sell good ones. + I don’t plan to be the first one standing in line to get a COVID-19 vaccination. I’ll wait [Maybe, up in the ‘Hills of the Redoubt’ region, if the Globalists get too squirrely].
        …… Just maybe, you’ll see me on the evening news running away from Government Healthcare Workers (with banjo music playing in the background).

      3. Hey Anon, I respectfully disagree sort of. I think any nuclear war will be accidental based on bad info and/or hasty decisions due to the speed of hypersonic weapons. Nobody wins with a nuclear war and it wouldn’t be just a few strikes, it would be all out. A hypersonic EMP attack would make much more sense if China wanted to take over the US. A nuclear war would only create a nuclear winter that nobody could survive like the “asteroid winter” that wiped out the dinosaurs.

        With hypersonic weapons, you can do a lot of precision damage without having to go nuclear. The precision definitely exists to pinpoint a target and hit whichever part of an aircraft carrier they want. My understanding of the physics is that when you have great speeds involved, you can sink an aircraft carrier with a bowling ball or keg of beer. Killer satellites use plastic pellets and when satellites are moving in opposite orbits coming at one another, they are moving at 16,000 feet per second. It’s that speed which makes grains of sand and plastic pellets so deadly. 16,000 feet per second is 10,909 mph if I figured it right, and that’s mach 14. Hypersonic weapons are approaching that and if the news story about China this week was correct, that they have a missile that will circle the globe in 2 hours, that’s mach 16. So why use nukes when you can use a bowling ball? Again, nobody wins with nukes and I can’t imagine that we’ll only fire 5 and they’ll only fire 5. IMO one nuke would lead to all-out nuclear war leaving us all dead from a nuclear winter which will last decade.

        1. Please don’t take offense. Rev. 9:13 is contradictory to what most speak of when it comes to nuclear war. I understand that the communists whether they are Russian, Chinese, or homegrown which has been on display for all to see, do not think as you or I. Add in the Indians and Pakistanis, we are looking at chaotic thinking in the extreme. It doesn’t matter how satan goes about twisted the world into a knot, we know from the Bible that he does a pretty good job of screwing with people’s minds.
          Now, it could be as you say, and most likely will be, the fog of war that leads us into a nuclear exchange. The fact that 1/3 of mankind is killed is most likely a Nukefest. The other options are a whole range of games such as EMP, biological, food deprivation, lack of potable water, tactical strikes on infrastructure prolonging recovery, the assassination of key leaders, and the list goes on.
          Read a book by Victor Suvorov. Spetnaz.
          This was 1980’s thinking. It has evolved since then, they were much more timid then. The last chapter lays out a scenario of war. Thought-provoking to say the least. I believe the Russians are the most intelligent of our enemies, or should I say the most like us. They will prevail on that land mass.
          The Russians and Chinese have a joint communications base in Cuba that recently reopened.
          The Chinese have purchased a 77000 Watt radio station on our southern border. Remember, both of these militaries radios work on the 76-108mhz frequencies. The same as what’s in your car. Implications? Use your imaginations.
          China places 400,000 students in our wonderful Universities every year.
          That’s 400,000 possible spies or saboteurs.
          These are just some of the obstacles we face.
          The only thought I have at this point is a quote from “Chesty” Puller.
          “They’re on the left of us, they’re on the right of us, they’re in the front of us, they’re in the back of us, they can’t get away this time”.
          With that being said, China has beefs with much more unstable nations than us. If nuclear exchanges happen, with the numbers that the Bible speaks of, the majority will be with those other nations, because we don’t have that kind of numbers.
          Life is temporary, live it with the utmost gusto. Don’t let fear get in the way of anything. This is bigger than any school exam and our instructor is watching. Bring him joy.
          Peace be with you all.

  5. It would be lovely if all the nations of the world could live in peace and harmony. …but this is clearly not the world in which we actually live, and we do face great and grave dangers.

    Keep your eyes on China.

    Infiltration here in the United States is no doubt deep.

    Our universities are easy targets, although clearly not the only targets.

    The highest levels of “leadership” (term used loosely) in our government.

    We cannot forget the Swalwell story.

    …and what in the world is going on with our neighbors to the north?

    We are in a war. …and as Mike Adams says, if you’re not yet aware of this, then catch up QUICK.

    Make yourselves very well informed. Inform others. Speak up. Make your voices heard. Do not underestimate the power of the American voice. Do not back down. Do not give in. Learn to say NO.

    1. What do you mean, what’s going on with the neighbors to the north?

      We presently have an elected leader that has said on numerous occasions how much he admires China, and their government because, “they can get things accomplished!” He has sold off a great deal of our natural resources to China for bargain basement prices, including oil & gas, and gold mines, giving them a great amount of leverage over the government.

      He has sold off our gold reserves.

      He has tried twice, and may be lining up for a third try after the new year, to get the “Emergency (War) Measures Act” passed, which would allow him to suspend elections, legal rights, and basically become a dictator in all but name.

      He has stated publicly that we need to destroy the economy of the country, especially Alberta, so that we can “Build, Back, Better” and build a country and economy that is based on fairness, and acceptance, and equality of outcome for all. Basically a socialist utopia.

      Welcome to Canada Comrade.

      1. Hello Lone Canadian!
        My hope is that we — all of us across North America — will clean up our continent. It won’t be easy, and the work will be hard, but it is worth all our efforts. My question wasn’t exactly rhetorical since I was hoping for a response from one of our Canadian friends and neighbors, and in came your most excellent post. We must speak up, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here (and what people are doing across many forums). Our voices will inform others and fuel the engine of change (and correction) we so desperately need.

        1. Telisilla; unfortunately I’m starting to think our time has passed. We are trying to speak out, but we are continuously shouted down by the left, or censored by the media. I continue to see the urbanization of our country, and with it the rise of socialist/communist attitudes. Our voices are not only not heard, but actively ignored. Many have tried to sound the warning in our country, just like in yours, but their voices are silenced by the left.

          The attitudes that made our countries great have been cast aside, as “old fashioned” in favor of the new truth as pushed by the left. The new truth is that the government can make everything alright if we would just give up all our rights, and let them control everything. That welfare and government handouts are the norm, rather than the exception. That pride in your job and your work is outdated. That working hard and being successful is morally wrong and that the only way that you have accomplished it is by stealing from those that are less fortunate.

          It would seem that in our country, just like in yours, that we may have reached the tipping point. Where the “you owe me’s” outnumber the people willing to work for a living.

          I have no doubt that at some point, with the help of our good Lord, that we will clean it up. But the longer I watch, and the more divided that we become, I fear that it will be at the point of a gun, and not with conversation and compromise.

          1. On the other side of the darkness is a GREAT LIGHT.

            God does not always take us around the storm.

            Sometimes he grabs us by the shirt collars and pulls us right straight through those storms to the other side.

            Our time has not passed. Conditions are grave, but the fight has really only just begun, and there is a great awakening underway. Don’t give up now. God will never have any of us give up or give in. When you feel this way, there is another dark force at work. Take heart. Pray in earnest. Fight on.

      1. PabloMontana… You raise an important question, and make an important point. The Chinese economist and professor who spoke talked a lot about those who are in place and already inside our country. We must be truly discerning. There are American patriots of Chinese origin and descent. There are very likely (and I would say most assuredly) also sleeper agents just as there are other adversaries who have planted sleepers in our country.

        So whatever happened to the strange shipments of secretly shipped illegal armaments caught by customs? I haven’t seen any more reporting on these kinds of events although one would imagine it was not a one-off (and instead was just the one they caught). Seems that that was very roughly in proximity to the timing of the mystery seeds. Hopefully customs is watching very, very closely.

      2. Pablo,

        That was an excellent observation. I have driven by many small “restaurants” that are located in strip malls with very few cars parked nearby. They have operated that way for years. They are fronts for laundering drug money.

        Many years ago I stopped inside an Italian restaurant/deli and discovered very little product and very little food availability. And the place didn’t look well cared for either. The “owners” seemed a little bit unsavory. That’s when the light bulb came on.

    1. LOL! Somebody had WAY much fun with their video editing software.

      Have you seen the one set to Silent Running? Supposedly that was taken down off of Farce-book but may still be on Brighteon (I think that was where I saw it).

      1. Bear!
        Yes… You are so right. The Silent Running video is another MUST SEE. Hope it’s still up at Brighteon, and that patriots will continue to post and repost and preserve and protect speech.

  6. HI

    There is a doctor named Pierre Kory who recently testified to congress about Ivermectin being used to treat COVID 19. He stated he represented about 2000 doctors. He was stating that in randomized drug trials that Ivermectin was a great drug to be used to treat COVID 19. He was concerned that the FDA was not approving the drug as of yet for treating COVID 19. If the drug would be used then much illness and death could be prevented according to his testimony. I am mentioning the doctor by name so people can check out his information for themselves.

  7. The great battle in Georgia continues… Georgia is a state with many, many true patriots. Keep speaking, Georgia patriots. Muster every ounce of courage and strength. The corruption revealed in Georgia does not mean it exists in Georgia. The state of Georgia is simply one of those leading the way in the GREAT REVEAL, and can be a state leading the clean-up of this terrible mess.

    News says Raffensperger will not testify before a hearing about election irregularities and fraud, but he does want to investigate Coffee county where problems with the Dominion machines were revealed.

    The evidence just keeps flowing.

    Giuliani is testifying. He has a lot to say.

  8. Great ghee tutorial! Ive been trying to make something everyday for food storage. I got 2 1/2 pints of ghee from 3lbs of butter and enough skimmed butter solids for popcorn!

    1. Heck Duane, we don’t need anybody to free us, we just need to be turned loose. We are still at a point where we are sitting on our hands, but many have learned over the years, that we will only be pushed to a certain point. We are a friendly and accepting society, but once you push past that, history has shown time and again, that there are very few things more fierce than pissed off Canadians.

      But we’ll be more than happy to share the Molson’s.

      1. Glad to hear that the Canadians are still independent and tiring of the B.S.

        I’ve long said that B.C. and Alberta should become part of the American Redoubt.

  9. re:
    California bureaucrat Eric Stalwell dating chinese spy

    Prior to his chinese spy scandal, Stalwell threatened firearms owners with nuclear weapons.

    Did Stalwell specify those bombs would be American bombs?

  10. EVERY democrat in elected office is a potential and even a likely communist Chinese asset. Look at Fiend-stein. Swallwell. If not an ACTIVE spy for China, at least a passive, info-passing, disloyal traitor like the Bidens and Obama.

  11. I DID NOT say that some republicans were not in bed with the Chi-coms. Some are. But ALL democrats in elected or appointed office are Chinese communist assets or sympathizers, in my opinion.

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