Editors’ Prepping Progress

To be prepared for a crisis, every Prepper must establish goals and make long-term and short-term plans. In this column, the SurvivalBlog editors review their week’s prep activities and planned prep activities for the coming week. These range from healthcare and gear purchases to gardening, ranch improvements, bug out bag fine-tuning, and food storage. This is something akin to our Retreat Owner Profiles, but written incrementally and in detail, throughout the year. Note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We always welcome you to share your own successes and wisdom in the Comments. Let’s keep busy and be ready!

Jim Reports:

I have Elk Creek Company on hiatus again, for the month of December.  Thanks for your patience. I’m traveling out of state to assist an elderly relative and to gather inventory. I’ve just cataloged 15 recently-acquired guns, and have plans to add at least four more, while I’m here. I’ll resume taking orders on January 1st, 2021. Please mark your calendar.  I expect to get a big rush of orders around Inauguration Day.

In addition to my regular exercise and chores here, I brought along one of my chainsaws. I’ve already used that to lop off one stump at ground level. More yard work is planned.

Now, over to Lily…

Avalanche Lily Reports:

Dear Readers,

What to say, this week? This week, we’re just quietly living our lives.  The weather has been beautifully sunny, with highs in the thirties and low forties, lows in the high twenties with very little snow on the ground.  (A Small Rant follows:) Tropical Tidbits has made a liar out of me.  Their long-term forecasts have proven terrible for snow accumulation.  They predicted snow accumulation for our area at today’s date to be up to four feet, two weeks ago. Nope, not happening, didn’t happen, and it probably won’t happen anytime soon.  I’ll never believe their long-range reports again… Only their two-day to three-day reports can be trusted. Humph!

While Jim is away, our days are pretty much the same, although, I now must run errands more often.  Jim usually takes care of most of our errands, such as Post Office and garbage runs, and some of the grocery shopping. I have been running to a few grocery stores in order to mostly buy produce, so that we don’t have to use up our frozen and stored, until we have to.

Additionally, I am still stocking up with staple food items until we can no longer go because of the Covid Vaccine mandate and it’s bio-certificate Mark of the Beast which will tell us that without it we will no longer be able to buy or sell, trade, travel without it and it’s proof of vaccination. (See what Mike Cernovich said in Arutz Shevah (7)  this past week.)   One of these days, soon, unless you take that vaccine, you will no longer be able to go into grocery stores and buy food.  If you truly believe God’s Word is true and literal (Revelation 13, 14, and 19), then you know that you cannot take this vaccine,  and it’s Bio-Certificate, at all.  Are you prepared to live outside of the primary economic system? Are you mentally and spiritually prepared for the persecution and perhaps death that will come because of your refusal to bow down to the Beast system?

At the beginning of the week, I pressure canned six quarts of Turkey soup. I cleaned out the woodstove, and sprinkled the ashes in a random garden, I do that about once a week.  I’m doing the usual chores of feeding the animals, washing and refilling the water tanks and refilling the woodbox every two days, posting comments, house cleaning, laundry, and cooking from scratch, news watching…

I still have a lot of bean pods and other fronds of various plants drying for seeds that I am periodically shelling and storing.  This week, I harvested the seeds from a broccoli plant that went to seed this year.  I suspect that, because the broccoli plant didn’t over-winter, that it will be non-viable, but we shall experiment and see next spring.

This week the girls and I again listened to the YouTube audio of the King James Version, while following along in our own Bibles, through the entire book of Isaiah.  What an awesome book!  During the nearly four hours of listening over a four day period, we had frequent pauses to discuss verses and to compare with other scriptures in the New Testament. There are so many prophesies of the coming of Jesus, the End Times and of God’s coming wrath and destruction of non-repentant sinful people and the earth (Chapter 24), and His mercies on those who are repenting and believe on Him and His redemptive Messiah Yeshua, and of the New Jerusalem and New Heaven and New Earth that will come after he has poured out His Wrath.  Awesome.

In the evenings, the girls and I have been gathering in the living room together, stoking up the fire in the woodstove, turning off the lights and most appliances (the washer and dryer and computers), and using a little solar charged lamp to read by. We’ve been reading the original rendering of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Kipling is an excellent writer with vivid imagery. He well-observed people and wild animal behavior.

Last week and this week, to escape some of the doom and gloom, the girls and I watched the cartoon series of “Heidi”. It is 39 episodes long.

Notably, some of the story is not true to the real storyline. For example: Heidi prays to a little star and reads a book different from a Bible, her aunt Dete lives with her and has a romance with Sebastian… and more stuff…  It is a very cute story of Heidi making peace and fixing problems and beautiful mountain scenery for a cartoon.  I also spent time watching scenery videos of Switzerland.  What a beautiful mountainous country! I think we will read the real Heidi, written by Johanna Spyri together, after finishing the Jungle Book.

Additionally, the girls and I are making every effort to be outside in the sun and walking at least forty-five minutes a day, sometimes twice a day.

May you all have a very blessed and safe week.

– Avalanche Lily, Rawles

o o o

As always, please share your own successes and hard-earned wisdom in the Comments.


  1. Lily, I think you speak the truth about the vaccine and the mark of the beast. Although I wish it wasn’t so. I have made up my mind that I would rather die of starvation or freeze to death than take it

    1. Big Mike: If you are interested in living and will not take the vaccine there is something that
      will help.

      Watch Dr Chris Martensons YouTube presentation on Thursday December 3rd.
      He explains in detail the astoundingly high success rate of treating those with
      Covid-19 disease using Ivermectin. He considers this drug to be the silver bullet
      in fight to stem deaths in this pandemic.

      It’s a 25 minute investment in your health. Try it. There’s nothing to lose.

      1. Thank you kindly, I knew about Ivermectin. Fenbendaloze also has promise killing cancer. I’m not in the least worried about Covid. Very low fatality rate and I’m very healthy. I was around a whole family that was sick and later diagnosed with Covid. I never missed a beat. But then against I take lots of vitamins and minerals, have a good diet and work out like a madman. My main problem is going to be trying to survive in the middle of nowhere when I refuse to participate in the program

    2. Im still trying to understand the vaccine is the mark if the beast. The Bible says that the mark is on the hand or forehead, not a shot in the arm. Please someone expound on this subject if you have knowledge and wisdom!

      1. It may be possible that a microchip could be inserted by a supposed vaccine shot, and a “certificate of vaccination” if required to shop, buy, or travel is mandated and this the baseline start of a real “mark of the beast” … the mark is of the beast (anti christ) and possibly not something specifically mandated yet in this political pandemic (read bovine fecal content diagnosis) … but wait, just add additional postage and handling and there will be more … if not the mark of the beast, it is setting the stage.

      2. While I do not intend to take a vaccine and I firmly believe Bill Gates is up to no good, like you I don’t really understand how the shot itself could be the mark of the beast. I believe you have to willingly and knowingly accept the mark. It has to be a choice based on free will and not a disguised shot. Someone stated previously that Eve was deceived into eating the apple but that isn’t exactly correct. She had been told not to eat from that tree. Satan did convince her that God wasn’t being honest with her but she still knew full well she was choosing to go against his commands. Having said all that, there is no way I would ever accept any mark, shot, etc if the government stated I had to have it to do commerce. Unfortunately, being prior military, I know those folks don’t have much say once they’re ordered to get vaccinated.

  2. In regards to taking the needle not only no but heck no. I work for a major grocery chain that will force it on us or no job. But as the excuse to accept abortion it also applies here. My Body My Choice. I will fight back. May God Have Mercy On Us All.

  3. I live near Tulsa, OK, and I’ve been thrown out of 2 stores in the city limits lately because I have a medical exemption and can’t wear a mask. The city has a mask requirement but a medical exemption for those of us who have problems wearing masks because of medical conditions but the businesses don’t care. So, it looks to me like the “can’t buy” part of the prophecy is now kicking in!
    Isn’t there a law about discriminating against people with medical conditions and limitations?

    1. use a cellphone video to record the denial of entrance after clearly stating you have a medical exemption from mask wearing, get the employees name, find an attorney and file a civil rights lawsuit against both the store and the individual employee, most likely the store attorney will not show up at the hearing, you will win a dollar judgement by default, then get the county sheriff to go with you to lock the store’s doors for a day. you have to be aggressive and hit them in the pocketbook to get their attention, as the old saying goes, in order to talk to the mule, first you have to get his attention. The only risk you run is getting a judge who may refuse to hear the case.

      ps–when everyone who wants one has been given the vaccine, you can always find a sympathetic person to buy food for you, many folks will gladly do this to make money.

      1. “ps–when everyone who wants one has been given the vaccine, you can always find a sympathetic person to buy food for you, many folks will gladly do this to make money.”

        Maybe you can find someone to buy for you, but not if the economy goes completely cashless and not if those who refuse to be a part of the system are demonized, namely all of those who refuse the vaccinations. We will be considered to be causing the spread of the virus. When actually, those vaccinated may be spreading the virus or other viruses… Already people are being told in CA, to “rat” out on their neighbors if they are not complying with the Mask mandate and the Social distancing. Kind of reminds us of Nazi Germany, when folks were not complying with Hitler’s edicts and were hiding Jewish people.

        1. AL Absolutely! I’m with you 100%. In Washington there is the Governor’s hot line to snitch on your neighbors and the secret police “investigators to write up reports on those not in compliance. That’s followed by Sideshow Bob Fergenson the AG enforcer brown shirt to fine us in to compliance.

          If an immunization card is issued doesn’t it remind one of asking for “papers”?

          History repeating itself, unless……

          1. Yes! Scary! And in Vermont, school children were to be quizzed in school about their Thanksgiving weekend activities, whether they had traveled, met with people outside their households, etc etc., with the students being then sent home to learn remotely if they gave the “wrong” answers…and the article didn’t say it but I suspect the “authorities” would follow up with the parents as well. *shudder*

            Reminds me of the chilling short story by James Clavell called The Children’s Story. (Which I first heard of here, and highly recommend.)

        2. I believe we will all be faced with the decision at some point. If you are following Ice Age Farmer, it will be sooner than later. I have been giving this much thought as I am sure everyone is. In my family, I have kids who are adults with their own families and they will also face additional pressure to insure that their young kids are vaccinated. It may be the case that one or more of our family members do get the vaccine to avoid additional societal threats. It would be worth having conversations with family now and coming up with a plan. It doesn’t matter what the plan is (will one person buy for all or no one will have access) but knowing what you will do is very important.

          1. Look if the vaccine is the mark of the Beast with it’s Bio certificate, that one person in your family who takes the Mark will turn against you and will be destined for The hell fires and God’s Wrath. That is not any compromise that I would choose to make for any family member who believes in Jesus Christ. God’s word is true!

          2. Lily,

            I am in no way advocating to take the vaccine. I do not believe in vaccines and have not had even a flu shot let alone shingles and the myriad of things that are pushed by mainstream pharma. What I am suggesting is that some of our young people will be faced with undue pressure to take the vaccine. Unfortunately I live in a very blue state and it is not beyond the governor to set DHS against young families who do not vaccinate their children. Also for young pregnant mothers, there will be pressure to vaccinate even though the trials did not include this population.

            None of us know exactly how all of this will play out but having multiple conversations now with family will make facing any situation coming at at least a bit more planful if that is possible.

          3. Look at this…

            Women are being rendered infertile through the vaccine Trials:

            Paraphrased comment from Gates, “If we do a good job with vaccines, birth control, family planning and abortions, we can reduce the World population by 10-15 %”


            Gates and his father are Eugenicists. DO NOT TAKE THAT VACCINE! DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE VACCINATED!


      2. The poor store owners are just trying to deal with the stupid government rules – or they could be shut down, fined etc. They are having a tough enough time trying to stay open and obey the changing rules, they don’t need any more troubles. Please be kind.

    2. I would suggest you get a face shield and use that. I’m using that everywhere and get no pushback. You can breathe, and people can see your face, understand you, etc. If you get any flak about a mask, ask the party to define “mask”. Last I checked, it’s a face covering. There are no specs for masks for general use, and most people are wearing them incorrectly, hands on them frequently to adjust them, etc.

      I use these – https://www.instashieldusa.com. Made in USA, fits with any ball cap, and in my mind provides better protection for whatever limited exposure we might have. I don’t have any affiliation – just like to support a domestically made product.

      I shudder to think of how many people are exposing themselves to bacterial infections with extended wear of a disposable or cloth mask. Nothing like a warm moist environment to grow stuff right where it’s most likely to do the most damage.

    3. The law is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Businesses have to make reasonable accommodations for your disabilities. If they don’t, you can sue them.

  4. Hello everyone! Didn’t do too much this week in way of food preps; just PC’d some collard greens left over from dinner. But we did some other good deeds this week.

    Like Ms. Lily, I also keep stocking up on items which I don’t grow in the garden, raise on the farm, or need for medical purposes. I also continue to obtain heirloom seeds and building and security supplies.

    We rescued a large young adult dog (85 pds and chest of 32”) off of death row at the pound and he is blossoming at the farm. The pound care-taker told us he had been confined in a small space and was a bit shy with people. We put him with our livestock guard dogs, who accepted him immediately, and he now has the run of 3 fenced-in acres. He is friendly and sooooo happy. The pound gave me a $75 neutering certificate at the local vet, but on closer examination I couldn’t find any male danglies, so I think he may have already been neutered. Vet won’t let me bring him in for a quick check (to be sure) without an appointment, so he has an appointment in 10 days.

    Got the outdoor Christmas tree lit up and the front porch lights up, which can be seen at night from the county road. We’re not going for yard-of-the-month here, just enough to let others know we celebrate Christmas and it makes us happy.

    The new washing machine was delivered and installed. It is a “dumb” washer as I don’t have any smart devices or Alexa and I don’t want machines listening to my conversations. I like this machine as it is made in USA and the bottom of the tub turns counter-clock wise and the tub side turns clock-wise, very unusual. It cleans much better than the old “wave” technology. It also has a deep-water cycle for those really dirty farm clothes. Put the old machine, which still works, out by the road fence for $50, and have someone coming today to buy it. Told him it has balance issues and what the problem was and he said he could live with it.

    Received an order of Black Friday and Cyber Monday hunting supplies; cleaning and lube stuff and a few extra items since they were on special.

    Got all the Christmas presents in-house except for one of my elderly neighbors. He is a disabled vet, has health issues, is going blind, has no hobbies and is generally a grumpy old man; but he still needs someone to appreciate him. Last year I got him a trial subscription to Audio Books, but I’m at a loss of what to get him this year. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Loaded up one of the secure job-site boxes with emergency, last ditch food, water, security and clothing supplies; camouflaged and slightly buried it in the forest.

    May your week be safe and productive. God Bless America!

    1. Sweet story on your new fur buddy, Animal House. One of my cats I adopted from a shelter, and it’s so great to give them a home. I had to chuckle at your “dumb” washer comment – fully agree, and I believe that the “dumb” appliances/gadgets will end up keeping us smart!
      Would your neighbor appreciate a gift of some home-canned items, warm slippers or new flannel shirts? Good of you to think of him. I’m sure he appreciates it.

    2. I am looking for a washing machine like this, could you tell me what brand you purchased? Also, an idea for a gift for your neighbor could be a gift certificate to the local grocery store or purchase a bunch of his favorite coffee or other groceries. I know every time I go to the grocery stores it seems like the prices have jumped once again and I would appreciate a gift like that.

      1. M.C. and wnycountrygirl; thank you for your suggestions for my grumpy old man neighbor; that opens up a world of ideas.

        The new washing machine is a Maytag Bravos series; made in USA with a 10 year motor warranty. I bought it at Lowes on sale ($100 off) and got an additional 5% discount.

        1. Our Maytag washer that we bought when we married (32 years ago) is still kicking, thank God. I will make a note of your new model for when it kicks the laundry basket.

    3. AH, your kindness to a disabled veteran brings me into deep gratitude. As a fellow veteran, I humbly suggest you offer a gift of service. Perhaps a card for each month to be redeemed for doing the dishes, washing the car, whatever. You and he probably have great imagination to come up with possible tasks.

      Carry on in grace

    4. Animal House, I have gotten grocery store or restaurant certificates in the past although this may be difficult with both covid and the lock down status. Audio books are a wonderful idea but so to is time you might spend checking in on him. You might offer your time to attend to items he can no longer do on his own. If he won’t accept your help, drop off some items once a month such as a box of Christmas cookies, or satsumas in January.

    5. I love your rescue story. The Humane Society is a dangerous place for me. I’d take them all home if I could. And I agree with the previous suggestions – great candy and his favorite food would be good. Unless you want to go out on a limb and get him a companion, a dog. 🙂

  5. I agree that The System will try to force The Vaccine on us, and I will not accept it. But I do not agree that we will immediately and necessarily be frozen out of our economy. Notice I said, “our”.

    For instance, many grocery stores even with national-brand names are locally owned. Does the owner of your store really want to forego your business? Maybe he IS a terrified sheep, maybe not. Does Kamala (if that little piece of doom falls into place) own your local hospital, that she can refuse you care unless you are vaxxed? Probably not. Your hospital may be owned by a private company, or even by your own County. And whoever owns it, health-care “professionals” have a legal as well as moral obligation to provide treatment to those who need it.
    So, exactly WHO is keeping you the unvaxxed freedom-lover out of the grocery store or hospital? If it guys from some “law-enforcement” agency? If so, will their keeping you out be the enforcement of any actual “law”, or will it actually be unlawful interference in private business, or even reckless endangerment if you are seeking medical care?
    If it is the Blue-Helmets barring the door, or blocking the road, that would look like a foreign invasion to me.
    And what does our Constitution say about how our Law is to be enforced, and how invasions are to be repelled? BY MILITIA; that is, We, the people.
    If we act without delay in our own communities to get our militia groups recognized by our County governments (since Congress and the States have refused their Constitutional duty in this regard), WE, the People can prevent the tyranny we see coming, and secure our freedom and rule-of-law as the Founders intended, everyone will clearly recognize that that is what we are doing, that we are not vigilantes or free-lance thugs, and we can actually bring the ones who are trying to destroy our country to justice. This is not the place for details, but what I am urging is not moonshine nor muddled half-law, this is a real, practical, ready-to-roll plan absolutely drawn from our founding documents. Look up http://www.tacticalcivics.com or contact me for details.
    God is in control, He wins in the end, but do you not think that He might have a job for you in achieving that victory?

    1. John- i have noticed a lot of christians believe in a non-biblical event they call a “pre-tribulation” rapture. So don’t expect them to respond to any idea that they may actually have to prepare and respond in some way to what is coming, because they are not going to be here with the rest of us. Darby and Scofield did them no favors.

      1. I have a family member who thinks this, strongly. I can’t help but wonder… why then is he so stressed out by current events and the machinations of humans, if he thinks he’s getting off this rock real soon? *shrug*

      2. My mom (once a Bible teacher) is one of those who believes in “pre-trib”. I don’t. I can’t find it in scripture. All I can find is, it’s gonna be hell on earth for a period of time until Christ returns. When He returns, EVERY KNEE WILL BOW. Period. It’s not something that will be “missed” or be obscure, as far as I can tell.

        When I was a little girl, I would gaze at the blue skies, watch the fluffy clouds move, and wonder if it was going to be the day that Christ would return in a blaze of glory. I wished that He would not return that day because I had so many things to discover. I recall asking Him to hold off awhile. Now that I’m older with adult children and grandchildren, I pray they don’t suffer. I pray they stand firm. I pray they aren’t convinced to obey the government and led like sheep to the slaughter. I pray that the Lord comes quickly – Maranatha!

    2. Local grocery store owner will be told by the “Health Dept” , to show that his employees are vaccinated..OR then be forced to shut down.
      Gov of New Mexico, just did this to a natipnal grocery store chain…shut 4 stores, plus Walmartd, when 4, yes just 4 Pos cases in 14 day period.
      Shuttered for 3 days, stores lost millions( just before Thanksgiving) were “allowed to reopen” with Mandatory employee “testing for all employees, every 2 weeks”.
      .Gov agencies will enforce…OSHA, health safety. EPA, environmental hazard. Etc

  6. This week seems to have past in a blink of an eye. I was able to work on a project I have wanted to do since we moved to our new home and property. We have a nice size greenhouse and I needed to put our chickens in it for awhile until I could prepare the coop for them. The previous owners had built a coop with welded wire on all four sides. Great for a summer home but we were expecting 17 degrees and low twenties with strong winds. Some of my birds have large combs and waddles that might possible get frostbite.
    I thought about how to cheaply modify it for winter. Also the previous owner had used recycled metal roofing which meant lots of nail holes from the prior application. My husband thought we were going to have to replace the roof? After looking at the cost I thought about how I might repair the holes so my chickens wouldn’t get wet.
    I was able to use a caulk/sealant and small pieces of plastic and house wrap to provide a medium for the caulk to stay stuck to the underside of the roof panel. My husband thought the best way to seal the holes would be from the top side. However, He had plenty to do on his plate and I am very adverse to heights and ladder work. I did need to use the ladder to reach the inside of the coop roof but at least I didn’t have to be on the roof. While moving the ladder and setting it up in a new location, I walked away to get more supplies and a very very strong gust of wind tore through the coop and blew the ladder over. I needed to think about how to inexpensively block the wind.
    After plugging the holes, I waited for the expected rain to come before moving the birds. The rain came and the fix worked! No more wet roost bars or large puddles on the floor.
    I then used house wrap, the store brand not the name brand Tyvek, to wrap around the posts and outside of the welded wire to create walls. My husband then helped add new (with materials we had available) bars with a different configuration that would make it easy for me to clean while at the same time add lots of space for my 34 chickens.
    After the birds were moved and use to their new home, I was able to work on the greenhouse! I used 16x8x8 concrete blocks to fashion a L- shaped raised bed along the back and right side. I now have 52 square feet of growing space inside the greenhouse with additional room for containers on the floor or hung on the rafters. I need to get some planting mix to fill up the bed and then I’ll be planting some hardy vegetables and be able to start my own transplants!
    Sorry for the long post
    So thankful to all of you and especially AL for writing about your week and all you accomplish. It is such an inspiration.

    1. re:
      sealant in a caulking ‘gun’

      I use Vulcum 116 exclusively.

      This glue/sealant works on everything!
      Our local employee-owned home-improvement center — Jerry’s (my highest recommendation) — has it on a prominent display in the paint department.
      It comes in white and gray, although I prefer the ‘buff’ tan.

      2003, I built my version of an ExpeditionVehicle.
      My windows are stand-still house dual-pane 3×1 side-sliders.
      I glued/sealed them to my residential box.
      After nearly two decades, the Vulcum 116 remains soft and pliable.
      Zero-zero-zero leaks after trundling through swamps and deserts, floundering across rivers and beaches, and somehow surviving that series of inter-connected pot-holes the Californians call ‘roads’.

      How confident am I with Vulcum 116?
      I honestly truly believe my Vulcum 116 installations will outlive ex-bureaucrat Joseph Robinette Biden…

      1. LargeMarge
        It looks like that stuff will really do the job. I will consider it the next time I need to seal something. I do have a concern with using the caulk gun – I usually end up with more caulk on me. The thing oozes so much even after I release the pressure. I might have ended up glued to the roof. I used the small squeeze tubes so I wouldn’t end up with sealant in my hair. Yep I thought about (what would happen) standing in the sealant/caulk aisle at Home depot so I went with the squeeze tube not the big tube.

        1. CD NorthGA… but the caulk gun that auto shuts off when you are not squeezing trigger… bought mine at Sherwin Williams store… don’t know about Big Box outlets

        2. When using a caulking gun be sure to draw the plunger back by hand, this will relieve the pressure and help with the leakage. If caulking intermitted uses, this should be done immediately between uses. Hope this helps.

    2. Wow, CD and Large Marge, you get a lot done.

      And, Lily, I so appreciate that you manage this site in the face of all you have to do.

      I’m doing the usual chores of feeding the animals, washing and refilling the water tanks and refilling the woodbox every two days, *posting comments*, house cleaning, laundry, and cooking from scratch, news watching…

      I am inspired to get some chores done.

      Carry on

  7. This week I finished dehydrating the celery I had gotten on sale and made a little horseradish from my own roots. I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper, but I found a great extended Black Friday sale on nuts from a local farm supply store. Since the online store was running a shipping deal, I was able to order and have them shipped for about what it would cost me to drive there and back. I eat a lot of walnuts, and the price was beyond right. I also ordered some other food items to stock up on from a company that carries a lot of the gluten-free and other products I’ve switched to for health reasons.

    I was able to get a supply of some really good, dry seasoned firewood to add to my stash, and will be picking some more up today. Speaking of that, I stacked the load from the previous week in good spots to help speed the drying process. It was a large load and I was pretty worn out when I got done, but grateful I was able to do it. Today an electrician is coming to look over the situation and give me some options for accessing backup power.

    I continued daily Bible readings and participated in my weekly Bible study group. I really appreciate the fellowship.
    Hope everyone had a good week.

  8. It’s been a major geezer freezer a few mornings this week when I got up to build the fire, 48°F, so winter must be just about here. One morning as I was opening the curtains to the back deck door, I saw some white blobs at the edge of the woods. I went down to check them out and they were frost flowers. I only get to see those about two or three times a year and they’re always fun to see. (Link at bottom of this post.) They’re super delicate and disappear quickly as soon as the sun hits them.

    I got a bunch more firewood from town where there’s a clearing project going on. My saw’s been acting up the last two times I used it and this week I couldn’t get it to work before I left for town. I had to admit it was time to take it apart and clean everything out. After adjusting the idle screw and washing everything with carb cleaner, it was running like a charm. When I got all the firewood home, there were some longer pieces up to six inches in diameter so I finally got to do a real test on that 14″ electric chainsaw I got at the auction for $7 last month. Oh baby, I’m in love. There was no sawdust coming out the back end, it was wood chips. There’s almost no paint worn off the bar so I knew the saw was almost new and I’m willing to bet it still has the original chain in it. Anyway, it worked like a charm. It’s only a matter of time before I saw the extension cord in two so I’m thinking there’s definite advantages to the rechargeable models. I’m sure I’ll end up getting both. I got all the firewood split and stacked. I still have at least another cord in the small patch of woods off where I cut two trees down last spring as part of a pasture-extension project so I’ll be getting to that over the next few weeks.

    I’ve been working on a very enlightening project of calculating my annual post-TEOTWAWKI food needs based in my actual current recipes and what I can realistically produce large quantities of in my garden. That completely changed my garden layout for next spring so that’ll take some time this winter to get that all rearranged.

    I mentioned last week some Western Auto prices from a 1940 newspaper I saved from a house tear-down project. The item I found this week was extremely interesting and I swear I’m not making this up! From a weekly farm newspaper, November 18, 1936: “Great Plains Climate is Not Changing Expert Says.” Some things never change I guess. Also on the front page, “President [FDR] Sees Threat to the Traditional Ideal of Owner-Operated Farms.” He’d faint dead away if he could see us now. And the final item in the there-is-no-new-thing-under-the-sun department, and again this is 1936, “U.S. Losing Its Youth, Expert Sees Danger in Sharply Declining Birth Rate. Nation of Old People in a Disrupted Economic System is Predicted if Trend of Fewer Children Continues.” WW II and the baby boom which followed saved us last time, but I’m having a hard time picturing another boom, other than those really big ones that come with fire and destruction.

    Everyone stay warm have a great week!

    Frost flowers: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffsb&q=frost+flowers&iax=images&ia=images

    1. Regarding babies. In our circle I am seeing a baby boom. Maybe it is not indicative of society as a whole but my children’s generation seems to have figured out how to reproduce.

    2. re:
      battery chain-saw

      We carry a Craftsman 20v in each truck.

      About half our drive-time is on gravel roads and dirt tracks.
      Falls, leaning branches, and other woody obstructions are expected.
      The Craftsman 20v work for us.

      And they are nearly silent compared to a two-stroke internal-combustion version.
      We mule-pack the back-country, so quiet is appreciated.
      Instant start without a warm-up time until Wide-Open-Throttle, no smoke.
      Good to go.
      Do not do like the picture on the box.
      It shows some chick (‘millennial’!) [shakes head wondering how I survived this long] hanging her saw on a sparkling-white peg-board next to her nifty-neato collection of compatible Craftsman 20v tools.
      Nay, nay!
      As you quickly discover, the chain lube reservoir constantly piddles oil out the piddle hole, so you would end-up with a goopy streak down your wall.

      Well, I suppose you could hang your saw on a white peg-board ‘like a millennial’, just don’t come whining to me about the mess you made…

      1. Large Marge (and anyone else who’d like to chime in) – do you use any type of solar battery [charger] to recharge your chainsaw? I have several battery operated lawn & garden and household tools a family member gave me, and like them really well, but am looking for other options for charging in event of a no-power scenario.

        1. M.C.,

          Each of our vehicles has an identical inverter to change 12vdc to 120vac.

          These plug into a dedicated 12vdc three-hole outlet.
          I run 8-gauge from the splitter near the main batteries to the outlet on the dash.

          Between the main batteries and the splitter, I use a 30-amp circuit-breaker.


          I try really hard to find the simplest solution, then I go sit in the porch rocker to recover my strength.
          Occasionally, there is ‘beauty-rest’ involved in my recovering…

    3. StF, you are a great word user. Yesterday, it was superfugalist. Today, it is Geezer Freezer (caps intended). I’ll be using both for the rest of my days. Where do I send the royalties?

      Carry on

      1. Hey Marine, you can send all royalties to the SB fund to make sure it stays up and running at least as long as we do.

        There’s even the Geezer Freezer song I sing as I’m hopping about in the morning getting the fire going. Sung to the tune of Linda Ronstadt’s “It’s Fool’s Game” but I’ll spare you the misery! 🙂

    4. St. Funogas, I looked at the “frost flowers” from the link you posted. Had never seen or heard of them before, and was curious so I looked up some information on them. So it has something to do with the sap in the stems expanding, and water being pulled into the cracks that form, and then freezing? Is that your understanding? Quite a beautiful phenomenon.

  9. I did a search for “How is the covid vaccine made”. Several are indeed made from aborted fetal tissue that was “harvested” in the 1970’s. A few are synthesized from proteins with no science related to abortions. The warp speed availability was partly because they did not use the traditional way of production using eggs. It can be chemically reproduced which speeds production.

    Talked to an appliance repair friend this week. Due to logistics issues, the manufacturers that make parts are only making fast moving parts. If you have a failure that is not common, you may not have a working appliance. Lack of conveniences could easily lead to rioting and looting . Inventories of freezer on top refrigerators are getting low as well.

    Keep prepping.

  10. As always we are doing some canning. We roasted another turkey. This one was 23 lbs, and we got a solid 7 quarts of packed meat jars and four quarts of somewhat concentrated bone broth. My oldest son is home with us for a while and is learning how to can. He likes the beef stew as it can be made with all natural ingredients. He is now collecting the same 11 ingredients we use in our stew so he can do his own batch runs of pints and quarts. Good for him.

    I’m now buying roasting chickens so we can add those to our stored food supplies. We don’t roast any chicken or turkey until done – we stop at the 50-60% mark and then the cooking process is completed in the jar. To us it tastes better than raw pack.

    We don’t eat soy or high fructose corn syrup if we can help it, and gluten is also banned. My boys get sick from it. Imagine our surprise when we looked on the ingredients list of a Wesson vegetable oil label and saw that it is now 100% soy oil. We will no longer be storing that brand and the oil is being used for more industrial purposes.

    Our goal today is boots. I’m driving up four if us to a city that has a few decent stores. Each of us should have 1 pair of hot weather hiking boots, one pair for colder/wet weather and a good work boot. I also need to start replacing worn out shoes for work. One of my life lessons is when you find a supremely comfortable shoe or boot, buy a second pair of that model as it is rare to find it again a year or two down the road.

    Of course ammo is still a rare find but we have a well stocked shop 1.25 hours away. I’ll be stopping there tomorrow. A few boxes a trip adds up. My sons have figured things out and are now stocking up as well. Daughter #1 wants a pistol for her birthday so we’ll need to buy some more ammo for her range days. I’m looking at the newer Taurus G3 for her.

    Not much more to report. We continue to hear reports of cases ,cases and more cases but cases does not equal sick. In our small southern town masks are “required” but only about 50% of our people wear them.

    1. Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Could you share your recipes for canning Beef stew, chicken and turkey? I enjoy canning and need some new good recipes for ready to eat products. Thank you.

      1. We pack ingredients in layers starting with filling the jar with raw beef cubes 1/3 full and then compacting it down to 1/4 jar. Then adding in non-iodized salt (1 tsp per quart jar), pepper (1/4-1/2 tsp per quart jar), fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, white potato cubes, sweet potato cubes, carrots, diced red onions, celery, minced garlic, mushroom slices, and top off with a bay leaf. Fill dead areas with beef broth and de-bubble.

        So that is 14 ingredients if I am counting correctly.

        The herbs combine to give a slight warming sensation which is great on a cold day (it’s on to go a little heavy on the thyme and rosemary). We use meat with fat in it which infuses the rest of the ingredients as it liquifies during processing.

        It takes a while to figure out how to get everything into the jar so we just mash the layers down every so often.

        We process quarts at 90 minutes 10 lbs pressure, and pints are 75 minutes. That may vary so check recommendations for raw beef processing times for your altitude, etc.

        You can substitute chicken or turkey for the beef and I’m sure it would be fine but I prefer to roast poultry a little first. For some reason raw packing poultry in these recipes produces dry meat although it is fully cooked in the end. Raw Beef always seems to come out fine.

    2. Chris; “Wesson vegetable oil label and saw that it is now 100% soy oil”; you may not have to worry about that much longer, China is buying up the world crop of soybeans. They have depleted most of the South American crop so much that Brazil is in a buying war with China for American GMO soybeans. source: Iceage Farmer

    3. Chris in Arkansas,

      other uses for poisonous cooking oils

      One of our local-owned family-operated GroceryOutlet stores had a shopping-cart of out-of-date Wesson© cooking oil for a buck a jug.
      We acquired the whole shooting-match on a trade during one of our deliveries.

      On our Dodge Cummins, a half-gallon goes in the fuel-tank before visiting the filling-station.
      Same with our ancient tractor with the ancient Cummins re-power.
      And cooking oil is recommended by the user manual for our Craftsman 20v chain-saws.

      As for soy and toe-foo, we avoid the stuff like the plague [a real plague, not this fake ‘2020 epidemic’ plague with its 99.7% survival rate…].

    4. I noticed that PSA has the Taurus G3c on sale and in stock, at $329.00. It’s listed under thier Daily Deals. They don’t seem to have the G3 in stock at the moment.

    5. Thanks for the tip on the vegetable oil – just checked my bottle (Carlini brand from Aldi) and yep, 100% soy. Phooey. Think I’ll use up the rest of this bottle in ways we won’t ingest a ton of (lubricating fruit-roll sheets for the dehydrator, etc) and then look for something else. Luckily I am mostly storing olive oil and coconut oil.


    Several Preparedness Authors are speaking at a little place in western Washington state from 930 until 4pm. I’ll be making the 90 minute trip there this morning. and will hang around.

    If anyone like Krissy or others can make it over there, I would enjoy meeting up.

    The location is called the Crosby Women’s Club, on a short side road, in the region between Seabeck and Bremerton.


    The farcebuk link will give you the address.

    I’ll be the fellow who looks relaxed because I am prepared.

    God Bless

      1. Yes I was there the whole time…..Never checked this SB page bc I don’t take my spying smart phones into meetings like that. I was in Veteran ball cap, sitting on right side of audience, front row.

        Sure were good sessions on our pending survival issues in the state and fed elections.

        Sorry we didn’t get connected. You can contact the event coordinator to get my phone number. Lets txt.

    1. Wheatley, I am just reading this now, late Sunday night. Sorry I missed out. I would have enjoyed going and meeting up. I, too, like to leave my phone home.

      My week has been the, “tyranny of the urgent,” because my dad experienced a first time medical event that nearly took him to heaven. Skyrocketing blood pressure, profuse sweating and dizziness. After multiple mri’s, ekg’s and xray’s, we found out three of his four neck arteries are blocked 75%. Thus, his heart was working so hard to provide blood to his brain, but was innaffective due to the blockage. The low level of oxygen made him dizzy.
      I’m so proud of him for going to urgent care!

      (If my dad agrees to go see a doctor, you know it’s serious.)

      We are waiting to hear back from two neurosurgeons for appts. I’ve been staying at my folks out of caution. I want to be here with my mom if my dad has a stroke or heart attack. She would need me, not to mention my dad.
      Btw, his blood pressure has lowered, and he is on blood thinners.

      I keep asking the Lord to let my dad live until He comes again for all the saints. I would appreciate facing the coming evil with the loving support and wisdom of my dad.

      May the Lord’s will be done…

      If you remember, please invite me to future meetings.

      On a different note, I followed your advice about going to cash-n-carry for a 25# bag of salt a month or so ago. None! Empty shelf space and tag of where it had been for $4.18.

      Blessings to you and your family, Krissy

  12. Ha, I ordered a basic top freezer refrigerator in MAY! And it’s still not gonna be here till January. So frustrating.. I actually got super excited that it was going to get here yesterday (Friday) as I didn’t get the dreaded auto call telling me “my delivery has been postponed “, but alas, the call came a couple hours later. I would get one from somewhere else but I already paid this one off.

    Whatever, I’m too busy trying to deal with mom in the hospital rehab and making sure dad gets fed and watered (red wine) every day to worry about a new fridge.

    Super stressed out, but hopefully my 8 week surgery follow up will bring some good news that my new to me 5 neck disks are happily settling in and becoming part of me. I’m still having tremendous pain but different than before surgery so we will see what’s up with that.

    Super thankful that the weather here has been in the mid 40’s daily, mid 20’s at night and not a flake of snow to speak of (I’m gonna pay for that statement for sure now).

    Hope you all have a Rockin great day!

    1. RKRGRL68,

      I send you prayers in continuing to help your parents.

      And for your continued healing. Such good news: Super stressed out, but hopefully my 8 week surgery follow up will bring some good news that my new to me 5 neck disks are happily settling in and becoming part of me.

      Carry on in grace

    2. May God relieve your pain, lift your stress, and grant you endurance as you care for your parents!! Cast all your cares on Him ’cause He cares for you!

      (And yep, you are TOTALLY going to get snow now. Lol.)

    3. RKRGRL68,
      Pain. We will not forget that you are in pain! You are prayed for just like we would want prayer for ourselves if we were in pain. May the Lord’s loving mercy be upon you and your folks, Krissy

  13. I am not a fan of mandatory vaccines, and am not planning to take this one, mandatory or not. I am not aware of and have not read any articles describing any bio-certificates which are part of the vaccine. Consequently, I could not say whether there is or is not such a marker planned.

    In the past, I worked for a pharma company which made vaccines. Never to my knowledge were there any ingredients in the vaccine other than what was needed for the vaccine to work. I know that adding a “secret” ingredient or tracking marker would require a very large number of people to keep a very big secret. Not an easy task. Far simpler to issue a vaccination certificate to show as your proof.

    However, even if there were some kind of tracking mechanism in the Covid vaccines and even if the purpose would be to deny certain services to those who have not taken the vaccine, I do not believe this would be the Mark of the Beast. My readings lead me to believe that when the Mark is being required by the anti-Christ, it will be clear that the one taking the Mark is clearly expressing a choice for the Anti-Christ and against the true Christ. In other words, I don’t think people can be “tricked” into accepting the Mark thinking it has no religious significance. I believe it will require a clear choice against Jesus Christ and for the anti-Christ.

    I would not want to drive any undecided persons away from God with seemingly wild conspiracy theories, further confirming their beliefs that Christianity only makes sense to the uneducated and superstitious in this world. However, if more information comes out confirming what was said above about secret markers and the Mark, I would be very willing to change my opinion.

    Again, I am strongly opposed to mandatory vaccines, and hope the free market would allow, at least in this instance, for the non-vaccinated to continue to do business at supportive establishments. But I wouldn’t be surprised if a vaccination certificate becomes a requirement for travel by air, train, bus, ship, etc. A further erosion of our basic liberty, a further move towards a totalitarian world government, and a sure progression towards the end times prophesy that Revelation warns about.

    1. Bill,

      I have no stake in the argument between vaccines or the mark of the beast. As far as trackers in the vaccine go, however, to add to your point.

      The government does not need to place such a thing in a vaccine. People voluntarily carry their phones, use credit or debit cards, use email, have smart TVs, Alexa’s, have ring doorbells, not to mention the millions upon millions of cameras throughout the country. There is no shortage of technological advancements that track everyone’s movement, behavior profiles, and interests.

      All this stuff already exists without a vaccine.

        1. I am pretty comfortable with my knowledge on this merger. Who are you referring to when you say “they”?

          Also, please note that I am not attempting to argue, but I am rather interested to learn more. Having just read Revelations chapter 13:15, I had the question of if a person has the power to give life to the image of the beast, does that suggest that we can be selective to giving life or meaning to any image we choose and the context in which we choose it?

          Thanks Lily (and my apologies for spelling your name with 2 “L’s” in the past).

      1. A few years ago, I went back to college to get a degree so I could find a deal job for health reasons. I got a degree in geospatial technology. Essentially combining data collection with map making. I came to the realization that there is no way to hide in this modern civilization. Even a cabin in the woods with no utilities etc you still have satellite and aerial/drone photography – think Google earth. Knowing this I am discrete and practice op-sec to the best of my ability.

        1. There is no place to hide, but in Jesus Christ! We often pray Psalm 91 over our family and property and our neighbors. We pray that the Lord will cover us with His wings. If it’s His will, He WILL Hide us and preserve us from the enemy. We put our trust in Him alone!

    2. Agree with your thinking that taking the Mark will not be a trick, but rather a clear and conscious decision to either worship the Antichrist, or not. Accepting the vaccine is not worship. It isn’t about the money. I will take the vaccine to keep my vow to God to care for His sheep. I will continue to worship God as I always have. If my body suffers as a result, so be it. There are many people in rural Appalachia who need and depend on my care, so if I have to take the vaccine to continue to serve God and His sheep, so be it.

      Muddykid, your points are well taken. Why impose such sophisticated technology as an imbedded chip, when cell phones and other instruments are already doing that. I do not doubt the “coin shortage” was a tactic to enforce use of electronic and trackable data.

      1. The “Beast System” is the Internet of Things. It can, in the future, control everything that you will do. Very soon, a person will only be able to access The Internet with a chip/electronic tattoo in their body. You will have to prove your identity each time you wish to log in. The vaccine and it’s Bio-certificate are part of it. The vaccine is also possibly a part of the depopulation measure that is planned by the Elites. Look at the Georgia Guidestones. They want a world population of only 500 million. Look at the Deagle Report for the USA. They predict the US’s population to be down drastically by 2025.

        The enemy will use great deception to get “All” to comply. It is currently staring us all in the face.

        Will you sell your soul for access to food? Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup. They are using fear to control us.

        They are promising a vaccine to “save” our lives when really it may be used to take our lives.

        The World is far more evil than we’ve been lead to believe! We are living in the AGE of GREAT DECEPTION.


        1. Lily, I guess my question is always, “Given that I’m not 82 years old with comorbidities, how can the vaccine “save” my life, if the virus won’t kill me in the first place?”

          I’ve asked this question of a few people that think the vaccine is the only thing that will bring our society back to normal. I have yet to receive a satisfactory reply.

        2. I’m always bothered when Christians use the Bible to spread Uncertainty, Fear and Doubt. We only have to look at ourselves to understand why our witness to unbelievers is compromised.

          I’m old enough to remember when UPC codes at the grocery stores were going to be the “Mark of the Beast” (And Christians tried really hard to show who 666 was buried in every UPC code) Before that, it was credit cards. Lately, it has been digital microdots, RF ID tags, and now vaccines.

          How about we don’t get our Eschatology from the latest movie. Scripture has specific uses (2 Timothy 3:16), instruction in righteousness, reproof, correction and doctrine among them. Nowhere in there do you find “Generate fear among God’s people”. If you are using scripture to generate fear, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your position.

          Deagle has a specific anti-USA bias. You can see it in their projection data, but in 2014, they had it specifically listed on their website. For example, if you look at the current web site, you’ll see that they predict an economic disaster in the near future for the US where our population plumes from over 300 million to under 100 million by 2025. But if you look at archive.org for the historic data, you’ll see that in 2014, not only do they specifically state their bias (anti-USA and pro-communism) They also predicted the same thing. They claim that by 2020, America would have less than 65 million people with a per capita GDP of less than $17,000. Spend some time on Archive.org. you will see they consistently present the anti-USA attitude.

          Zerohedge is also highly suspect. While I do read their articles, I note that they run with every conspiracy theory possible because it generates traffic. EVERYTHING they say should be taken with a large grain of salt. And Bill Gates giving a Ted talk years ago on Eugenics does not equate to proof of current mass sterilization using vaccines.

          As Christians, let’s NOT let our fears rule us. It hinders our witness to the lost and it exposes our own unbelief in the sovereignty of God.

      2. @PatriotNP- I appreciate your post. You make many great points. But I will not take the vaccine if it is made from aborted baby parts.

    3. I agree with you Bill. I do not believe that this is the actual mark of the beast but is a move in that direction. Part of it is to acclimate people to the requirements and further wear down our freedoms one stroke at a time.
      I do already see headlines stating some airlines are already requiring a certificate, the UK seems to be clamoring for it, and I think it will quickly become a requirement for most employment and commerce here especially in the cities. Just as the lockdowns really boil down to economic
      warfare, the vaccine certificate will be another front opened up against us in an effort to make us comply. When the next Administration takes over I think they will go whole hog for a digital currency adding one more proverbial nail. Ok, rant over.

    4. Dear vax rebels,

      Some interested parties are not suggesting you don’t poke around the web-site for the nice folks working tirelessly at Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, and you might not discover a down-loadable certificate you probably shouldn’t snag for your vax records.

      Alternatively, ex-SF and CIA-contractor BigCountryExPatOriginal probably doesn’t offer another version of same.
      (Snow-flakes, cover your ears — BigCountryExPatOriginal can be potty-mouthed and horridly irreverent to sacred institutions.
      And Big makes a belt-fed M60 machine-gun look tiny in his hams.)

      After you don’t get a few dozen copies of certs, I understand some rebels — not me, never — are not scribbling some facsimile of a Very Official Signature with some illegible date on the lines for each of your precious inoculation(s).
      And I would never — not me, never — hand them out to my buds… who don’t exist in the first place.
      For entertainment purposes only.
      None of your certificate(s), neither bureaucrat-issued nor home-made, may or may not invalidate your participation in ThePandemic hypochondriac hysterical-ness.

      Be sure to stay! tuned! to TheMainStreamMedia for minute-by-minute ‘up-dates’ on fresh! new! invisible! threats! to your personal health!

      And definitely absolutely disregard anybody repeating that “99.7% survival” myth…. if it isn’t proclaimed by TheMainStreamMedia, it can’t be true.

    5. Excellent thoughts, Bill. I am in agreement.

      From your post: “My readings lead me to believe that when the Mark is being required by the anti-Christ, it will be clear that the one taking the Mark is clearly expressing a choice for the Anti-Christ and against the true Christ.”

      I keep an open mind as to outcome and conclusions, and continue to discern.

    6. Who is the “Great Deceiver” and “Father of Lies”?
      The vaccine will keep you safe and avoid death, keep you going in the “Material World” which so many are taking on Fear, that they will die and lose it all.

  14. Concerning wood stove ashes, we put them in a rubber pan ( used to feed the horses grain in it) and put it in our chicken coop in the winter for the chickens to dust in. Often I add some Diatomaceous earth to the ashes. Our chickens really enjoy dusting in it and it helps prevent mites. Over time they will spread the ashes out onto the floor. But then they eventually end up in our compost pile when we clean the coop and eventually in our garden as compost. I have saved broccoli seeds from the first year broccoli plants and the did grow the next season. So hopefully it will work for you too.

    1. Sis, I never thought to add ashes to my chicken coop. I will start doing this immediately. This is why I love to read this column. I learn so much from all of you.

    2. Sis: we do the same with ash, grass clippings, leaves, anything organic that is safe, to the chicken coop then to the compost pile. Chickens are pretty dumb but useful hardworking birds.

  15. I really want to learn more about the mark of the beast and how it relates to this Covid vaccine. Please, tell me where, in the Bible, I can study this. I don’t want to ignore something of this magnitude. Thank you.

    1. It is in the book of Revelation chapters 13, 14 and 19. The book of Revelation is found in the Bible and is it’s very last book.

      Words to research:

      Luciferase and Quantum Dot Bio-Certificate

      Sites to look up:

      The Bill Gates Foundation

      The Moderna Company located in MA (notice the “M” and the “RNA” in the word)

      1. I have noticed that in chapter 13 it says specifically that the mark will be on the right hand or on the forehead. Vaccines are usually administered (if injections) into the shoulder or thigh. So this makes me think that the vaccine itself might not be the actual mark (although certainly there remain grave concerns about testing, safety, efficacy, ethical sources for ingredients, personal freedoms, behavioral conditioning for future, and on and on!).

        I was trying to think of some things specifically to do with foreheads and right hands, and I thought about how many people carry around their phones (and the Internet) all day, but some people are left handed… And foreheads…I dunno, virtual- or augmented-reality goggles or headsets? Caps or helmets with slogans? I’m puzzled about the foreheads, especially since it says hands OR foreheads.

        What are your thoughts about verse 16 in chapter 13?


        1. I personally believe the Mark of the Beast will be a microchip. The only thing that confuses me is the Bible says on the hand or forehead not in. Still, it all makes sense to me seeing how convenient microchips are and how they carry information.

          1. I believe the mark in the forehead represents agreement with the theology or beliefs of the Beast and the mark in the hand represents assent out of fear. I agree with Bill (I think!) who said the mark has to do with worship. The text specifically mentions those who worship the Beast and his image (or the one who is like the Beast).

      1. Wow, that’s a lot… I surely would love to be able to stick my fingers in my ears and hum loudly and make wisecracks about tinfoil hats…BUT.
        (I guess that desire is similar to my husband saying last week that sometimes he wished he could just be a mushroom with regards to all of the political stuff! LOL, most folks are I think! But I had to remind him what happens to mushrooms…they get yanked off their comfy logs, stuffed into containers with the rest of the mushrooms and put on the truck to be eaten on our pizzas. No thanks! Never get on the truck!)

        I am really grateful that our preacher’s message this morning was about how even when we are totally lost in the wilderness (physically or metaphorically, individually or collectively), God will NEVER EVER leave us and NEVER EVER forsake us!

        Peace be with you and everyone.

  16. Grit’s and Honey,

    Thank You for your comment, which I removed for you, and your support. I am still working on “it”.

    Many, many Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Nazareth, the Son of The Living God.


  17. Preparing for another glaucoma surgery. Second time in same eye this year. Greatly appreciate any prayers on my behalf. Busy cooking, getting in groceries, placing needed items high enough. No bend, lift, push, pull, etc for about a month. Ugh.
    Blessings to all as we approach the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thanks especially to the Rawles family and also to those who write here. Stay safe and well.

    1. KB, You are prayed for. I am susceptible to getting glaucoma also, because my Norwegian grandma had it, which ups my statistics.
      Praying for your vision, Krissy

  18. Its been a fairly productive week. We finally got someone to come out and clean our wood stove flues. Morning temps are dipping down into the 20’s and a nice fire goes a long way to warming my bones so I can be productive each day.

    We are still putting our garden to bed. We finished pulling dead plants and adding compost and leaves to top dress it for the winter. I finally planted a bunch of garlic but after listening to Ice Age Farmer this morning, I’ll be putting in twice as much as I have done so far.

    I dehydrated several trays of mushrooms, leeks, celery and peppers. We like to add dried celery to many of our dishes so I plan to do several more trays this next week.

    We added more panels to the top of our chicken coop. Up to this point, they had a covered house and 1/3 of their fenced in yard had a roof to protect from rain. We added metal panels to make sure their yard stays dry. It was a project we have been meaning to do for the past year and in the end it only took six months and 30 minutes of work :-).

    I organized and cataloged my seed inventory. Now that I have an accurate inventory, I am placing my orders for spring plants and seeds in the hope that they will be shipping come spring.

    Finally, we took advantage of Black Friday to get jeans and work boots. We took care of the grand kids Christmas presents and everyday needs.

    Be well,

    1. “It was a project we have been meaning to do for the past year and in the end it only took six months and 30 minutes of work :-).”

      Hahahaha, I so relate!!! Ten times more energy and brain space procrastinating than actually Doing Said Task: yep, very familiar…

  19. The week sped by! I finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets to my satisfaction. Woohoo! It was an emotional week due to my 3 yr old grandson getting behind a fence and racing up behind a “baby horse”. Yes, he got kicked hard and ended up in the hospital. The good news is, he didn’t get kicked in the head, his internal injuries were not life threatening, and he is recovering at home. My elderly mother was also in the hospital recently with heart issues. She is also home and doing very well. My emotions were all over the place. And when that happens, the house gets *very* clean. My puppies are now 50lbs and 30lbs!! They eat like trojans. They are doing so well and not nearly as much “trouble” now at 5mos and 4mos old. We are in a good routine. The scars all over my hands and forearms are healing from their little piranha teeth and they’ve learned NOT to bite Mama and mostly stay out of trouble. Although they figured out how to get the bathroom door open and ran through the house with a roll of toilet paper unrolling everywhere. LOL.

    No preserving or buying (other than dog food and some Mags) this week. Visit to the vet for final shots and they’re good for a year. I almost bought some property, but changed my mind. Decided to sit tight and wait out the insane housing inflation occurring.

    I love reading y’all’s experiences!

    1. Something you may want to consider with your mother is the potassium : sodium balance. If sodium gets too high it can cause problems. Any competent doctor of internal medicine should be able to advise you on any blood work that could be done to determine if this is the case with your mother. In the medical field they typically call it a “blood panel” – that’s the term they use. Many canned foods that have salt added have “inverted” ratios between the potassium and sodium. When I use the term “inverted” that simply means that sodium is higher than the potassium, which it should not be. Check the labels on canned items and you will probably find a number of them where this is the case. Limiting the food items with this “inversion” would probably be a good place to start. Animals body chemistry in regard to potassium and sodium is very similar to humans. Soil chemistry also has a very similar correlation as well – which I work with a lot. (By mentioning doctor of internal medicine I am not in any way shape or form endorsing vaccines as I am opposed to them. I’m a former lab worker, which I’ve mentioned before. The key word here is “former” as in “never going back to that again – ever!”)

    2. Sending hugs – so relieved your grandson and your mother are going to be okay. God is good! That sounds like a tough week for sure. (Sometimes doesn’t it feel harder when stuff happens to our people than to us?? My week felt like that too.) Hang in there and enjoy those pups.

  20. Here’s an MIT article from late 2019 regarding the “quantum dot” injection….here’s your possible prototype to the “mark”….and note, this IS in the hand…..it appears from this article that it could also be easily applied to the forehead. Rev. 13 (KJV) is clear that it will be IN the hand or forehead.
    The article also notes that data can be accessed with this application i.e. a health data record to show what ‘vaccines’ one has had….and this info is readable by a cell phone app, can be transmitted through the ‘cloud’ to the powers that be. Check it out.
    I trusted Christ as my Savior when I was nine years old and have not one regret about that decision. Best decision of my life. I do believe in a pre-tribulation catching away of the body of Christ and I have taken steps to prepare for the political, economic, and social unrest that looks like will exist and worsen before the Great Tribulation. Blessing to you all regardless if you are pre-trib, mid, or post-trib.

    1. Where is the MIT Article? If you can’t post it please give me the title. I was about to go look for that information to post it for the naysayers.

      Thank You CJ,


    2. Thank you for sharing this article. It was an interesting read.

      (The scientist in me: Wow, that’s pretty innovative. Creative use of technology. Potential to help lots of humans.
      The libertarian in me: Nope. Nope nope nope NOPE NOOOOOOO. Potential to be misused by enough humans to make a big problem.)

      One quote that stuck out was this:

      “Storage, access, and control of medical records is an important topic with many possible approaches,” says Mark Prausnitz, chair of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Georgia Tech, who was not involved in the research. “This study presents a novel approach where the medical record is stored and controlled by the patient within the patient’s skin in a minimally invasive and elegant way.”

      How on earth is this controlled by the patient? If you weren’t given the opportunity to TRULY freely consent or decline, and/or were misled into accepting by even a trusted doctor (for example, how many millions of patients were told “No, of course birth control pills don’t cause early-term abortions/miscarriages”)…? And just have to take the word of the injecting ‘authority’ that the information contained thereon is ONLY vaccination information? And then once you have it, you’re essentially BRANDED; not like you can choose to leave it at home for the day, and we can all think of the many ways one might be coerced into letting it be scanned, or even scanned without knowledge (some of those creepy automated temperature-checkers use the wrist; how hard would it be to add an IR camera in there at a slight angle?)… Show your papers indeed! I am not trying to be flippant or make light of the suffering of millions when I say that this is still numbers tattooed on one’s arm, just smaller.

  21. I am a long time reader and have benefited from SB since almost the very beginning. I feel blessed to have found the site so long ago. But I’m also wondering why I’ve wasted so much time … having had the knowledge, yet not prepping as I should have. My computer is filled with lists and spreadsheets, I drink Berkey water every day, I have experience with chickens, gardening and guns but I’m not even remotely close to being prepared. That is a sin. Now is the time (hopefully better late than never) to make myself communicate with like-minded individuals and to be accountable for this part of my life. I’m a single woman with two young adult children that are still at home. Thankfully, after homeschooling, they are both believers and conservatives.

    We’ve recently acquired 5.3 acres with lots of water on the property. We finished a rough gravel drive which required the removal of many trees and the installation of a large culvert. I spent a great deal of time this past week researching how I can quickly build 3 small cottages. Being in a mountainous area that is also very affluent, stick built cottages take a lot of time and are very, very expensive. Since none of us need a lot of room, I am now considering using 20’ containers. As long as I use spray foam insulation, they should work fine. We could get 3 or 4 each … if I can just decide a design. More research on that this coming week. The sooner we can get on the land, the sooner we can get in a garden, build outbuildings, etc.

    Since my main business has been closed since March via the Governor’s Executive Order, we are focused on opening another business in our little town – a retail shop. This area is an economic bubble with no lack of spenders. I hope to benefit from that as long as the world allows. We finished a lot of retail build-out and ordering of products.

    This week we hope to finish built-out and start cleaning and stocking the shop. I really need to be open before Christmas. I also hope to finish Christmas shopping and buy a battery powered chainsaw. Any suggestions? Someone recommended Ryobi. Lastly, we will be purchasing a lot of food and will dust off the vacuum sealer to begin preps again after years of neglecting the need. Wish me luck, lol. It’s a little overwhelming!

    Thanks to all involved in SB and to all those who share their experiences and weekly accomplishments. Reading them has inspired me.

    1. Mountain Jules, would love to hear about your in-town business and how you outfit your 20′ containers.

      I have a 16′ Dewalt battery chain saw and we love it. It is very powerful.

      1. Thanks Animal House, I’ll check out the Dewalt brand too.

        I’m opening an International General Store. We’ll carry everything from candy to perfume to leather goods to books to food. Most items are geared towards the local demographic which means high-end and expensive. However, I’m planning to get in prep items where I can. I imagine a lot of the wealthy in these mountains are preparing. We’ve certainly had a massive influx of new residents this year, people escaping the cities. There will be small area with books geared towards hiking, camping and survival since I’m in the mountains. I’m also hoping to offer Berkeys. There’s an entire room I won’t be using until spring so that will also give me an area to expand the offerings. Maybe that room could be solely dedicated to being prepared!

        The containers … I can only use 20’ because 40’ won’t make it to the land. That’s a shame because 40’ are cheaper per sq ft. Lots of moisture here so spray foam insulation is a must to prevent condensation. Once the insulation and walls are in, each one is only about 133 sq ft so I think 4 per person would allow for 3 decent size “cottages.” Maybe each house could have one open side container (more expensive) with a glass wall facing the river. If I leave the steel doors on, the whole side could be closed covering the glass. And containers only take about a week to be delivered. Although having 12 delivered might take more time …

        1. Mountain Jules,

          We had cans on the beach in Beirut.

          They needed replacing a couple times a year from rust.
          We hired locals to bury them in a massive mound of sand-bags, so I imagine moisture could be an issue.

          To get a full year out of your cans, you might consider only partially burying yours in sand-bags…


          We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon… in the swamp known as the Willamette Valley.
          We set two forty-foot cans on gravel for drainage and under-can ventilation.

          The building department inspectors high in the government dictate a gravel base for cans “…so they don’t fall over and hurt somebody!…”
          [I am not making this up]


          To see the trees changing colors, usually the first week in October, we drive east from Eugene on Highway 126 along the scenic Mackenzie River, then south to Oakridge, then west on Highway 58 back to Eugene.

          This year, simultaneous with the rioters in Portland, hundreds of forests were arsoned.

          Along 126, we saw the results of fires meeting cans on small homesteads:
          * The four corner-posts generally survive, but the walls/roof simply go away.

          1. Hi, Large Marge. Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t bury the cans but will weld them to a permanent foundation. And my hope is to get “one trip” cans that are in great condition. That, some marine grade paint, an angled roof and regular maintenance should make them last. Luckily someone else in my county has already blazed the trail ahead of me so the county inspectors are familiar with the process.

            Very interesting about the fires … I will definitely do some research regarding that. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for your service Batteau. I love the nickname “cans.” I think we can make them work with the right layout and finishes. The ability to build quickly is very appealing to me. Sadly, I’m not sure time is on our side.

        1. I think you’ll do just fine. You’re the type to get things done. It shows in your writing.
          By the way, we had one stack of the 20’s three high. Called that stack “the apartments.”
          Most of these “cans” were not actually the containers you mention, but very similar. Some were converted containers.
          Again, good luck. Merry Christmas.
          Semper Fi

          1. Batteau, thanks for the vote of confidence. Considering all the latest news, I’m more motivated than ever. I’m thinking I want one level but my daughter wants her “cottage” to be two stories. We’ll see.

            Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

            Mountain Jules

    2. Mountain Jules,

      We have several Craftsman 20v chain-saws.
      I am pretty sure our saws are 14″, they could be 12″.
      We chose these because of the kick-back shield and instant brake.

      The batteries fit multiple Craftsman tools.
      For wood-work and vehicle body-work prior to paint, we use a Craftsman DA orbital sander.
      We have string-trimers (aka ‘weed-whackers’).
      Circular saws, trim-saws, cut-off wheel saws, grinders, jig-saws, and that heavier in-n-out straight-blade saw which name escapes me just now.

      Our battery collection is mostly the standard 2Ah with some 4Ah.
      Bigger batteries change the balance and lessen my sense of control (or my illusion of control…).

      1. Large Marge,

        Thanks for letting me know about the Craftsman 20v chainsaw. I’ll look at those and the other tools that use the same battery. So much to do and so little time! 🙂

        Mountain Jules

  22. As to the Mark. Everyone seems to lose context and what it says in the Word. Simply put, the Mark is a mechanism to control you. If it is the vaccine, a chip, or something else, it doesn’t matter. If you do not take it, you cannot work, go to the store and purchase food, or basically participate in society. So, if the mechanism fits the criteria, bam!, it’s the Mark. Also, as a side note, saying to a none believer that they are submitting to the AntiChrist if they take a vaccine sounds crazy to them. They are none believers. If they don’t believe in their Savior Jesus Christ, I would venture to guess they don’t believe in the AntiChrist.
    Commenters should at least be honest if they believe or not. Then Believers and Nonbelievers can have context as to the opinion being expressed.
    As of this moment I cannot return to work because the Kung Flu. My whole family has had it and it amounts to nothing significant as far as how bad we felt. My employer will not allow me to return to work until I test negative. I haven’t had a temperature in almost 3 weeks, yet I still test positive. So, this brings up a couple issues. First, the amount of people testing positive that we keep hearing about in the news. I have to continue taking tests until I get a negative result. The numbers do not reflect reality. Second, I am effectively removed from my job, which means I don’t make money, which means I don’t buy food, which means I am removed from society. The mechanism can be as simple as fear. Isn’t fear one of Satans ways of controlling people?
    Now, I will say I have a wonderful employer, they are continuing to pay me while I am off, but it is getting under my skin. I want to earn my money. I guess, whether anyone likes what I have to say or not, it has motivated me to make my first comment on anything, ever.
    I am so very thankful to all of the SB writers and commenters over the years. Been an avid reader since the beginning.
    May God have mercy on all of us in the coming days. We are going to have to make some unpleasant choices that will test even the strongest amongst us.
    Peace be with you all.

    1. I have heard of this false positive issue before with Navy personnel who reportedly had to test negative three times in a row. They would test twice negative and then positive and get reset. This was a nasal test.

      I heard that some Navy Corpsmen, who can be pretty sharp sometimes, have told their patients to do a commercial sinus rinse prior to reporting for testing. The false positives may be due to residual, dead genetic material and the rinse may reduce this in the nasal cavities. You might give it a try.

    2. Look a how many italian´s died from this nothing significant, i know of someone who lost 50% of his lung capacity and that´s not counting the people who don´t get the medical treatment they need/ed because the bed´s and personnel were occupied by so called Kung Flu Patients.

  23. The mark of the beast requires a beast. He isnt here yet. The devil only has 7 years once his time starts hes not going to waste a second. We will know when the antichist is here. However this entire covid stupidity is importaint, its brainwashing the masses to except what we are told, which willl make it easier when the beast comes on the scene. Pray and watch. Dont stress God is in control.

    1. You’re correct on that Bob JR! To get the mark, you will have to worship the image of the beast.

      The antichrist can ONLY appear after the Rapture occurs.

      2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 NASB
      “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains (Holy Spirit) will do so until he is taken out of the way. And then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming;”

      Remember, the Holy Spirit dwells within the hearts of true Christians. And the Lord’s promise to us is that He will never leave or forsake us. If the Holy Spirit is called up, WE HAVE TO GO WITH HIM, or the Lord’s promise is broken!

      The First Seal is the rise of the antichrist. The Second Seal brings the battle of Isaiah, and at the end brings the 7 year peace deal. This also brings the two witnesses to begin saving the 144,000 in Israel. This is the beginning of the Elect who come out of the Tribulation. This battle also sets the stage for those who flee to the wilderness, as Israel will be in full control of the promised land, from Nile to the Euphrates. When the peace deal is signed, the Third Seal is broken, and the Great Tribulation begins with famine.

      In Matthew 24, the Lord is speaking to two different groups. First He’s speaking to the Jew, and tells of His Glorious Appearing at the end of the tribulation. Then He begins speaking to the Christian, to tell us that He’s coming as a thief, and we will not know the time. We know the time of the Glorious Appearing at 7 years after the peace deal, but we do not know the time of the Rapture.

      In the Rapture, the True Church leaves this earth. There will be no true believers left. That is why the Two Witnesses must appear! They bring the last chance at salvation! The Word comes to the 144,000 Jews first, and they then spread it to the Gentiles. Christ brought the Word to the Jews, and then it spread to the Gentiles, and so shall it be again! The Lord’s not done with the Jewish people yet!

      As Christians, we need to prepare for the disasters in our lives, but we need to keep in mind that we are also preparing for the needs of the Elect during the tribulation. Our disaster is nothing compared to being left behind! They will be hunted down and beheaded for not taking the mark and worshiping the beast. This is why during the Fifth Seal the Lord tells the martyrs under the altar to “rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been, should be completed also.”

      1. One thing people should keep in mind when interpreting scripture is that these post-apocalyptic visions occurred 2,000 years ago to people who lived in THEIR time, not OUR time. Thus, while they were definitely SHOWN a prophecy of the future and given UNDERSTANDING of what that vision meant in an over-arching way, people need to keep in mind that the prophet would be LIMITED in how he could explain that vision to other people who lived in his timeline.

        As an example, try explaining to a member of a remote neolithic tribe living in the Amazon rain forest how the mRNA vaccine will work to inoculate some of them against covid-19, but cause side-effects and even death to other people? Using language they will understand? Do these rainforest tribes even have words to describe mRNA, DNA, crown proteins, and the body’s immune system? Or will you need to explain it in terms of symbols and “magic?”

        Or even go back in time to the Revolutionary War and try to explain to George Washington, stuck at Valley Forge awaiting messages on British troop movements from his spies, how a modern army can utilize a satellite uplink to broadcast satellite or drone footage to a portable laptop right no the battlefield.

        So when interpreting the bible, which has been translated many times in the last 2,000 years by people who were NOT gifted the prophet’s original vision, but were trying to understand what the prophet was trying to explain using the scientific knowledge and language limitations of their timeline, I think it’s more important to keep in mind the SYMBOLS (an evil cabal will somehow force people to obey them in order to work or operate in society) than the actual WORDS. Pray on the disconnect, and ask the Lord to help you clarify what is what.

        I think we can all agree that it will be very BAD if the globalist elite one world government were to have a way to microchip and track every single person on the planet?

        1. You make a very good point. I was thinking before I read your post that the phrase, “worship the image of the beast”, would be a way to describe an internet meeting such as Zoom where you sign in with your mark to worship the “beast”. Not signing in and participating would impact you negatively such as a poor “social score” like they have in China. There is much to think about in how a person in the distant past would describe the technology, society, governments, etc. of our current time.

  24. A general note re the political side of the Chinese flu. I have no idea when this craziness will end, but there is something we can start doing now. We can vote against the people supporting this phony ‘pandemic’.
    Start local. I don’t care if you have to vote against good old Uncle Ned, who has ten AR15’s in his gun case and ‘From my Cold Dead Hand’ stickers on all his cars. He has failed in his duties as a servant of the people and their freedoms and should not be in public office. He might have your back in a fight, but he shouldn’t have your vote.
    Find out who supports the Chinese flu panic and vote them out. Vote for those who follow a reasonable reaction, as described here:


  25. Honey Hubby and I read the Bible aloud to each other for morning and evening worship.
    We are both always making notes of “I don’t remember ever seeing that before” – although as a couple we’ve gone through the Bible every year for many years and we also each have our own personal studies and Bible research projects.
    It depends on what we’ve been studying or discussing lately or what was in a recent sermon to start a different thought and so on.
    There is a blessing to filling the mind with the Word.
    Sometimes we read front to back, sometimes chronologically and now and then a mix of OT, NT and Psalms/Proverbs.
    There are different benefits to reading or listening so now and then we trade. Some sessions are longer and some are shorter but we read what we’re comfortable reading at that time (when everything was upside down one very late evening last week we just reread Psalm 100). But we seem to get pretty close to finishing at the end of the year most of the time.

  26. A little late, but for the Black Friday sales, I thought I should bite the bullet and buy a big ticket item. I decided I should get those thermal binoculars while they were available. Oh. My. Word. They were over $18,000; adfing tax made it over $20,000!
    I had no idea. Okay, so, obviously those are only for gazillionaires. I quickly moved on to other items on my, “to buy,” list. Everything that seemed expensive before, suddenly seemed affordable.

    I ordered a Diamant grain mill at 20% off. It will take five months to arrive. After purchasing grains for several years, now I will actually have a grain mill to use them. Should the Lord tarry, it will be a tool passed down to generations. Several electric bread machines as gifts, for those who will be spending much time in their gardens. Current size and larger shoe sizes and clothes for all the grandkids.
    Carhartts pants, coats and bibs for everyone I thought would wear them, even toddlers.
    More staples such as 25#’s rice, beans; more vitamins, canned tuna, chicken, chili, tp, and 50+ lbs already filleted wild caught salmon. My mom is even letting me add extra to her pantry. PTL. Ordered several books for my dad and brother that were SBlog recommendations.
    My biggest delight was searching online for old, used, “Nest Family Production,” bible cartoons for my grandchildren. My kids loved these in the 90’s. They are completely bible based, with scriptures listed. The music and artistic work are fabulous. To name a few, titles such as, Esther, Daniel, Ruth, Paul, The Ministry of Jesus, et cetera are wonderful.

    Blessings to each of you Sblog readers.

    1. We bought a Diamont many years ago. You can attach it to a motor or a treadle sewing table. (See the groove in the wheel) Get a good cord/band (whatever it’s called) and away you go. And you can always grind by hand but it is exercise
      The boys used to grind the wheat by hand. They were “tough” guys (they were boys, so of course)
      Have to admit Honey Hubby prefers electrical grain grinding.
      And the kind of wheat you get makes a huge difference in the quality of the bread.
      I had one friend who said she was leaving hers out in her kitchen because it was so pretty.
      Reminds me I should probably get a spare set of grinding plates for ours. Thanks

      1. Gale, Your comments are much appreciated. I actually have a treadle sewing machine that I could use with the grinder, if I can get the proper parts. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Do you have a favorite wheat that your family loved? I would say 90% of what I have purchased is hard white wheat.

        Blessings to you this week, Krissy

  27. Do folks actually believe that Trump is in cahoots with some international cabal to eliminate the white Christian Americans by way of a Chinese virus and a diabolical vaccine? I guess that explains why he’s been under relentless attack by the communists and socialists for the past 5 years.

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