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Precious Metals:

We’ll start out today’s column with this analysis from Jim Wyckoff: Price gains for gold, silver as bulls making good comeback

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Barrick and Buffett; Gold and Goldman

Economy & Finance:

Charles flagged this piece at Zero Hedge: “It’s Really Bad” – Almost One-Third Of Small Businesses In NY, NJ Have Closed

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In Fortune magazine: Nearly 100,000 establishments that temporarily shut down due to the pandemic are now out of business

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Reader H.L. suggested this detailed article at Global Inflation Watch. JWR’s Comment: The included table is an eye-opener!

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Economists urge Congress to send out second round of $1,200 stimulus checks

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At Zero Hedge: Citi Warns “100% Probability Of Loss” In Most “Euphoric” Market Since Dot Com Bubble


The Eternal Aggie sent us this: WTI crude oil analysis for December 2020: is the market setting up to break out or retreat?

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OilPrice News: Will OPEC+ Increase Oil Production In January?

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Unprecedented but not Unpredictable: Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Commodity-Dependent Countries


At Wolf Street: Vast Euro-Derivatives Market, Centered in London, Is Set to Fragment as End of Brexit Transition & Uncertainties Loom

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European derivatives, post-Brexit: ESMA sets out its final view on the derivatives trading obligation (DTO)

Forex & Cryptos:

Dollar plumbs two-year lows; Aussie and Kiwi stabilise

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A record number of Dollar shorts: Dollar Bears Vindicated by Landmark Week as Spiral Accelerates.

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Data sharing confusion four weeks before Brexit completes

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Surely you’ve noticed that Bitcoin has been bouncing around $19,000 USD. Especially in light of the recent USD weakness, Bitcoin could easily surpass $20K before the end of the year. But because of the coming onslaught of transnational regulation, taxation, and currency controls, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with more than 5% of my net worth invested in any private cryptos. And once sovereign cryptocurrencies are introduced, my level of trust will drop to nil.  Anything that a government touches is tainted or destroyed. That is the nature of the beast.

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Bruce Wilds: World Currency Included In The “Endgame” Reset. Here is a quote:

“The markets cannot hide from true price discovery forever. The stock market with its boom and bust cycles has proven to be a false indicator of what is really unfolding. Manipulation by the central banks has rendered this indicator of economic health useless. The problem we face is the horrible options in fiat money, massive debt, and the growth of international businesses have all come together in an explosive way. The banking elites are positioning themselves to avoid blame for this disaster while the rest of us are being sold on the most elaborate recovery con-game ever conceived and perpetuated by those with the most to gain.”

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CNBC: Square and PayPal may be the new whales in the crypto market as clients flock to buy bitcoin

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Reuters: Facebook-backed digital coin Libra renamed Diem in quest for approval

Tangibles Investing:

COVID Bay Area Exodus: Rents Continue To Tumble Across Bay Area, South Bay Sees 20% Drop

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These resort towns have become a permanent destination for homebuyers fleeing big cities

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Events of 2020 have led to ammo and gun shortage


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  1. The ammo article completely ignores civil war fears which also fed into it. The number of local hunters increased as well because it’s one of the few activities the government hasn’t poked their noses into and it’s acceptable behavior under covid.
    Now after the boom a lot of stores are starting to feel the pain. You can’t sell a car without gas and ya can’t sell a gun without ammo.
    I’m starting to get the “hey buddy” calls n texts how bout y’all?

  2. I havent confirmed but heard from friend in GA that went to show near him. 223 wolf (steel cased) ammo was $ 2000.00 for case of 1k rds or 2.00 ea round guess when it hits 5.00 ea might sell a case or two. Glad I bought some of it when it was $ 89.00 per 1 k – be better return for my money than cd’s even though I had to wait cpl yrs. Locally it’s going for $ 1650. 00 on shelf if one can find it. I bought some at that price to resale if things got wild but my stuff is all brass cased. I warned some locals to buy ammo yr ago and they just laughed at me now they want me to sell to them at last yr prices and I get to laugh now so I suggested to get to local store and wait in line for your 1 or 2 boxes and pay the higher price. I also have a safe place to store ammo and it’s cached as well.
    A close friend of mine his wife works for local govt had a female employee ask her if she could buy 2 bullets since she and her husband recently purchased two hand guns for protection. They wanted 1 bullet for each gun they had and stated “You put it in and point it and it does it’s thing” and you dont have to worry about anything else. She didnt even know what cal they bought so my friend though about selling them to plain bullets no complete cartridges (thought about 2 lead balls) but didnt. She said sorry we’re not in business to sell ammo best to go to a store that sells ammo. She almost busted out laughing but remained silent.

  3. I’ve had a few calls “hey old friend or remember me I need to find some ammo you still have contacts for ammo. Yes I do I reply go to local stores and see what they have in stock. ” They reply that the stores are out I inform them that the show I usually go to has been cancelled 2 times this year. Guess we should have listened to you earlier. I bought ammo instead of beer.

  4. Matt,

    I’m also hearing the “hey buddy” calls you refer to… In the spring a storm tore loose some metal roof flashing, and water came down the chimney. Last week a painter friend came over to help me re-caulk, touch up the drywall, kiltz the stains & re-paint two ceilings.

    I thanked him with 500 rounds of reloads…

  5. ☆Don’t think this won’t affect all the prices of Beans in China & Bullets in ‘Merika! Not to mention your very CORE…or what’s left of it! BIG things are coming NEXT!! Buckle up, Jack.

    [Pearls: 1) Best News Source now = NewsMax!, 2) “2=1; 1=0”, 3) “Freedom bends a knee but to God!” (Flynn’s quote), 4) Finally. Slow down! For Pete’s sake, get off the Rat Race Train of MORE & Apathetic/Arrogant Ignorance (the real A.I.). “Ob-serve Truth” all around you. Then, watch what becomes visible to you…between the lines, all around!]

  6. With the value of currency – rather the devaluation of currency – coming like a freight train, 22lr will be a dollar per round before you could run to your cellar…
    Venture to consider being a “new prepper” is not a desirable undertaking today.

    Many willing to become slaves rather than self reliant will not bode well for freedom.
    The many willing to conform to “masking” and distancing are evidence of the faithlessness and fearfulness of a government dependent – not God dependent society.
    Hope the darkness is ready for an Eminent and Bright Light of Truth coming. Anyway, history is replete with examples of a few standing with God over coming (the seemingly) insurmountable and overwhelming evil perpetuated by this world. Fear Not.

    1. Cord7, you touched on the one thing I’m seeing more than anything else – FEAR! One of the ladies that I work with told me her 15 years old nephew is stressed right out because he is convinced that if he gets Covid that he’ll die. At 15! Our governments and media have done a good job of propaganda with this one. She tried to explain that even if he did get it that he might not even notice it, that the chances of him dying from it are practically zero, but his parents (both liberals) have got him convinced.

      Fear, fear, and more fear. Fear of dying is something that I really don’t understand. Last time I checked everybody has to do it, sooner or later. I’m not in a rush, but I refuse to quit living my life because I’m scared of dying. And maybe it’s unchristian of me, but I tend to judge people that are deathly afraid of dying. I tend to think that they suffer from a lack of faith. If you truly believe in your God, and that you will be rewarded in the afterlife, what is to fear. Maybe that’s right, and maybe it’s wrong – I guess I’ll find out when I get called home.

      1. Philippians 1:21
        For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
        I would love to see the rapture even today, but the Lord has plans for each of us and for the world. It is our job to remain steadfast in Him and seeking to do His will.

    2. I don’t understand how masking is living in fear or conforming. Why does it have to be a side is chosen over the masks? If one feels better about wearing a mask then why not? If one doesn’t want a mask then why cant they not wear one without offense to others? Everything is politicized these days honestly, it’s getting ridiculous! I thought conservatives were for liberty and freedom for all, not just what they think is acceptable.

  7. My Pastor got two guns for his wife, but could not find ANY ammunition, he cried for help, I gave him all he needed. Covid19 has destroyed our supply chain logistics and the laws of Supply and Demand are working well. Food, not toilet paper, will be next. Those of us who have prepared and have received all of the verbal abuse for being Preppers, have no faith, crazies, or whatever the label attached to us will now be called into action to help others. Remember the parable of the ten virgins, five were prepared, five were not and we know their fate. I am an old man in my late seventies, I have seen a lot in my lifetime but I have NEVER seen the things happening now. Division is everywhere, civility is not to be found and FEAR is rampant. We as a nation, and a people, are fighting a battle on multiple fronts, a spiritual battle, a political battle called Republican/Democrat which turns out to be a moral battle of right from wrong, it is called SIN, and an International battle with our external enemies, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others who are waiting for our weak moment to rush in and destroy us. I received a text yesterday from a partner in the Middle East who stated they believe we will self destruct and become a third world nation. In my state, in my county, Patriots are now rising up, meeting, planning to deter any enemy, domestic or foreign. Folks, saddle up, the ride looks like its going to get rough and this country is going to need all the help we can get to come out on the other side, victorious. In God we trust.

    1. Matthew 25 is a passage that spoke to me as well. Five Virgins came prepared and five did not. We know the passage speaks of Christ as the bridegroom and the VIrgins coming to be His brides, but like so many passages in the Bible it has layers.

      I took it to also suggest that even when given the opportunity, there are those that will not prepare and also wondered the significance of the ratio of half were and half were not. Christ refused the unprepared Virgins entrance saying He did not know them. It offers a suggestion on what one can do when the unprepared half comes to the door. It’s harsh and maybe selfish, but with limited resources we can’t save everyone. It still weighs heavily on my mind.

    1. Oh William! Thanks SO MUCH!
      I watched the video, took notes but there was so much info >> this transcript helps immensely.
      I think Mr. Adams’ thoughtful response is a must read for anyone who’s gotten a bit frustrated with all the ‘insiders’ and, sorry to say, in some cases, blowhards. This is real, considered info – the bottom line being that DJT is attempting to deal with this election mess in the legal/courts/Constitution realm, rather than with a military response. I applaud him greatly for that.
      Again, thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I always remember the line from the movie Gremlins II, with the one sitting behind the desk on the phone; “Right now, we are advising all of our clients to put everything they’ve got into canned goods and shotguns.”

    That movie came out in the 80’s, but that line has always stuck with me. Personally I’ve modified it a little to “canned goods and ammunition” but it’s close enough for government work.

  9. I am currently in Arizona located well outside of Phoenix due to a family illness. The snowbirds are arriving at a slower pace than usual this year and they are looking for ammunition. They should worry more about food. The local gun shop is lamenting the shortage but because of his long term status and large annual sales volume they are receiving some small shipments.

    Monday they had a case of PMC X-Tac green tip for $19.95/20 rounds. It quickly disappeared. Gun sales are brisk despite the ammo shortage. I guess people think ammo will start showing up soon but the shop owner doesn’t think so. (Maybe Soros is buying it all wholesale). As a side benefit, there are not many shooters out in the desert areas that I explore.

    Things seem calm right now in Arizona. Lots of California, Washington and New York license plates floating around. Not as many Idaho plates as in the past!

    I see I am missing some bad weather excitement in my home state. Mudslides throughout SEAlaska (and tragically Haines). This happens every couple decades. And those areas have NEVER been logged off. My neighbors must be doing well without me. Nobody has called asking for supplies and equipment.

  10. I see that most of today’s comments are related to problems and shortages caused by the
    COVID-19 disease and the election.

    Try a 20 minute investment in your health. Dr.Chris Martensons YouTube presentation from
    yesterday has information that may save your life and the lives of many others.

    The data indicates that Ivermectin( a common anti parasite drug) has an astoundingly high
    success rate in treating the disease in all age groups.

    Since Ivermectin is a prescription drug availability will be something that you will have work
    with your doctor.

    Dr. Martenson considers Ivermectin to be the “Silver Bullet” in the fight against COVID-19.
    Pretty strong words but he knows what he is talking about.

    1. Ron ,,,,,and all ,,,,,i had the viruss in March ,used Ivermectin ,,,and lived ,, I’m 75 ,with 40% lung function ,had a bad time of it , had a second bout in late October still not on top of things but getting better ,and still alive , again used Ivermectin ,could see results in 24 hrs
      I used Ivermectin when out on mission/ WHO sponsored clinic in Africa ,a side effect we noticed was was we didn’t get colds or flu when working with it ,,,
      We used cattle pore on,on children and adults pills are fine but in that part of world most would not swallow them ,,,
      Use 1/2 the dose rate on the box per body wt will need to be redone every 45 days for protection,once a week when infected ,three times,,
      ,Livestock Dose is over one hundred times that on humans
      I fear the virus is something we are going to have to learn to live with based on my experience
      I see no way that a vaccine is going to stop or eliminate the virus ,

      Some have used horse worming paste ,i have no comment or experience with that ,

      Some forms of Ivermectin are approved for human use in the USA

      It didn’t have to be this way ,,,

      Who is John Galt? and what can you learn from him ,?

      Tea and chocolate

  11. I see huge stretches of empty gun/ammo shelves. Stores and pawn shops. Many of the people buying don’t know which end goes boom (I talked to the sales clerks) and I am not seeing an influx at the gun ranges…so we have a large number of gun ignorant people with no training sitting on their new guns and ammo. What could possibly go wrong.

  12. Saw several 840 round boxes of steel case 7.62×39 the other day for $450. Too high a price and I think I have an adequate amount but I was surprised to see any.

    I have to say, it seems as if the AK fad has waned a little. I just don’t see a lot of 7.62×39 laying around where I scrounge for brass. It is almost all 5.56 and 9mm with a little .45 and 40sw laying around. Maybe it is regional and AKs are more popular other places.

  13. re:
    words, titles, propaganda

    On the old BisonPrepper — prior to him going ‘gray’ in June 2020 — the comments section was incredibly informative.
    During the first months of ‘this phase of this Economic Lock-Down’, we — me and my invisible friends on TheWorldWideWeb — competed in coming up with cutesy names for ‘this phase of this Economic Lock-Down’.
    But those early weeks only offered a limited perspective.
    December 2020 shows the effects of a year of propaganda…

    * I refuse to use the words ‘CoViD-19’ or ‘plandemic’ or ‘scamdemic’.
    Those describe the symptoms, and like fixing a water-damaged floor without fixing the leaking plumbing or roof, naming the symptoms does nothing to stop the problem.

    Instead, I refer to current conditions based on their results.
    * ‘this phase of this Economic Lock-Down’.

    And for crying out loud, I never guessed such a high percentage of folk are hypochondriacs!
    “Cooties! Are! Everyplace! And they kill by the millions!”
    [simultaneously wrings hands/clutches pearls/runs in circles/snitches on non-believers]

    Good grief.
    [vastly amused]

  14. James Rawles reco several months ago to consider platinum looks good. Spread in August relative to gold was -$1030 , has since narrowed to -$770.

    I may be wrong but I suspect Gold’s rise is short term and based on news of virus cases increasing whereas platinum is an industrial metal and its rise –like stocks — is based on expectation of an improving economy circa April 2021 as vaccines are deployed.

    Stocks severely depressed by Covid virus show signs of recovery.
    In past month, American Airlines has risen from $11 to $16.40 – a gain of 49% but still well below the $28 in February.

    In past month, Carnival Cruise lines has risen from $13.28 to 23.38, a gain of 76% but still well below the $42 in February.

  15. All so very interesting. We do help extended family source what they need in the weapon/ammo category but it’s all very hush hush. Which causes me to believe, guns and ammo are being carried across state lines constantly by God fearing, honest, people who no longer care about “the rules”. I applaud them for that. Our 2nd Amendment rights “shall not be infringed”, so in my opinion, feel free to ignore whatever your state decides to prohibit. They, the hypocritical Powers That Be, probably didn’t factor in what BLM/Antifa did to the American psyche – yes, it scared some folks, but the rest of us became even more determined to do what is necessary to protect our families. If you can loot and destroy, maim or kill, with zero repercussions, then the laws are no longer working for everyone – making them null and void.

    Someone mentioned Kamala Harris becoming President. That can only happen if the fraudulent election is allowed to stand. And if THAT happens, ALL bets are off – the Republic is no more. In which case, the civil war that we’ve suspected has started, HAS. Oh how TPTB will try to keep things looking “normal” on the surface, but the current underneath will be impossible to control. If each and every American just said NO to our abusive government, every single day, in every way possible, the nonsense will stop. There are more of us than them.

    Wow, I’m sounding bossy today, so I’ll go back to chores and hush up.
    Godspeed y’all.

  16. SaraSue you are right on.

    If Biden doesn’t concede (I’m expecting him to do so on the 9th), then Trump needs to pull a Lincoln and invoke the Insurrection Act to ensure a secure, accurate vote for the contested swing states.

    Note how Trump is cleaning out the DoD as we speak, putting in Miller as SecDef etc.

    Rumor has it some very brave patriots died to secure evidence of extranational interference in our elections in Frankfurt, Germany.

    This ain’t over by a longshot but keep stackin’!

  17. Why do Californians stay in Kalifornia? And as for the Jersey Shore; Cape Cod, Mass.; Lake Tahoe, Nev.; and Bend, Ore., that’s out of the frying pan into the fire. These places are police states already.

    1. Many reasons unfortunately. Its easy to say get outta dodge but when your a fourth generation family farm taking care of your aging parents working a job relying on time of service in the state pension packing up and leaving becomes a long term strategy. Only my 2 cents worth.

  18. Have we ever been told where for sure the millions or billions of rounds of ammo purchased by barry have gone?
    We could sure use that right now. Hate to have it taken into possession by Sniffing Joe and Kommie.
    I vote for the insurrection act.

    Semper Fi

    1. It would be nice to know where all those rounds and PDW’s were safely stashed away, in some isolated government warehouse somewhere. You know, to check up on them and make sure it was “secure”.

  19. What I have never understood are the selections by President Trump. His first AG Jeff Sessions was a joke and lead to years of the Russian hoax.

    His second AG is Barr who could not find a criminal in the FBI if it was on film-(it is see Georgia)
    The military generals President Trump has selected have stabbed him in the back.

    Also, the evidence of the Dominion voting machines have been known for years. Why didn’t the President do something about it in 2017- or 2018 and not be blind-sided in 2020.

    Rush had great points today, the left wage asymmetrical warfare on this nation with its allies in press, Big Tech and foreign nations ie China.
    And what I see is the GOP aiding the left.

    Than my question, how is President Trump going to win? He has been outflanked, picked traitors for his critical positions like attorney generals and no has one option- martial law.
    If he doesn’t do it, we will know he has giving up.

    1. @Skip

      Mike Adams has been talking about this for the last week and this pretty well sums up the plan:

      Also, patriot business owners need to engage in civil disobedience and stand up to unconstitutional lockdown orders like Mac’s in Staten Island and Spiffy’s in Chehalis, WA and amplify it on social media.

      As many of us should come back to DC next Saturday (the 12th) as another show of strength, too. And pray, of course.

      The option of Kamala Harris as president and China taking over the country is unacceptable and if it gets to that, time to fall back to the Redoubt and bunker up because it’s revolution time.

      Hold the line, patriots.

    2. Don’t be so negative on Trump. After 4 years of an ongoing coup d’etat, he is still the President of the United States. The new folks he has already put in power in the bureaucracy are Trump loyalists. So far, Trump is still winning, Biggly!

      As for the wimpy Rethuglicans, that is on us. We keep sending the same old establishment types back to DC. I, fortunately, am absolved from blame. I keep trying to send decent Conservatives to DC, to no avail. Now, after all this corruption has been made public about Michigan, I know why we can’t send good Senators to DC. John James should have won in 2018 against Debbie Stabenow. It’s not the good citizens of Detroit and Wayne County that are corrupt, it’s the Democrat party machine. Same problems in Oakland County. So the vote was rigged in 2018 and in 2020 against the Black Guy (John James). Democrats have always been the party of racism and bigotry and segregation, 155 years later and they stiil haven’t gotten the message.

    3. Trump came into the Presidency as an honest businessman; we’d know by now if it was different. [He’s a political newbie battling a deep, murky entrenched Swamp in Washington DC.]

      This person says, we’re ~>seeing a Trump sting operation at the moment. ~~Steve Pieczenik Doubles Down: Trump’s Sting Operation Against Deep State Election Fraud Going Well~~ Dec 1, 2020. on The Alex Jones Show. [About 30 minutes long. The video is available on the Internet.]

      I (GGHD), obviously, can’t verify the veracity of the information. as to whether or not Trump will keep control. …… But, sufficient and ~actual proof of election fraud is being presented more and more everyday.
      >>>>If Joe Biden becomes President, he’ll be faced with an ungovernable country.

      A bit of prepping can help everyone. Obviously, short term food will be of help, including things like toilet paper. … Preps needed only if Joe Biden is sworn in; there would be a massive epidemic of diarrhea in a President Biden America.

      +Trump has turned on the light bulb for a huge number of Americans during the last 4 years. People don’t laugh any longer about our crooked politicians.

      The information here in the comment section and in some of the trustworthy news, indicates the US Military has become actively involved in this election, and in the struggle against China, and China’s paid-for crooked politicians here in the USA.
      [God Bless America, and God Bless our still trustworthy Military personnel.]

      A lot of information about the workings of our government is being released by President Trump.
      The article appeared on TheConservativeTreehouse [Posted on December 4, 2020 by Sundance]
      DNI John Ratcliffe States He Has Produced Thousands of Declassified Documents For Special Counsel John Durham to Use

      “In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe explains the scale of declassified evidence he has produced to special counsel John Durham.

      Whether Durham or AG Bill Barr does anything with the evidence is an unknown; however, according to Ratliffe there is enough detail in the evidence provided to show gross abuses of power by the FBI, DOJ and intelligence community under the Obama administration. This aspect becomes important as you realize almost all of Joe Biden’s executive staff is from the identical pool of former Obama officials.”
      “Josey Wales: Well, Mr. Carpetbagger. We got somethin’ in this territory called the Missouri boat ride.”
      America could be on a Missouri Boat Ride in a few weeks. I hope not; I hope Dr. Pieczenik is right.

    4. Skip,

      From government experience I can tell you that people that are elected from the private sector (usually Republican businessmen) do not know the workings of government or who’s who within the structure.

      The newly elected official is immediately surrounded by political wannabes like a hive of bees. All these people want a job of authority, prestige and will tell the elected official anything to get what they want.

      It takes time and learning to sort out the good people from the bad. And it is very hard to find the good because most of the wannabes are very bad.

      Take a hard look at some of the people recommended to Trump. Most did not work out. They ARE the swamp. They talk a good game. In reality, they want the “system” to continue. Why not? Dining with heads of state and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood. Parties, money, lavish expense accounts, world travel, feeling of power, etc..

      I’m sure President Trump learned a lot in four years; he needed the next four to really kick butt. Too bad a President’s term is four years; it should have been one six year term.

  20. One report re $Millions in Chinese money that has flowed into US News Media:

    In my opinion, it can be useful to consider whether US politics has been Trump and the American People vs China and China-owned American traitors — with all the News Media attacks on Trump merely deceitful hypocrisy to hide the real agenda.

    I also wonder why there is not one institution in this country that holds the News Media to account in the same way the News Media presumes to judge and attack everyone else. Why has the magical hidden hand of the free market not created one honest newspaper? If it has, where is it?

    1. Not just China, see Operation Mockingbird. CIA influence on news media in the US and globally. Still an active operation. CIA literally writing stories for publication, think about all those anonymous sources quoted in media stories. We have been getting propagandized for decades. These people will lie just for the sake of lying. When caught in their lies, their only response is to call us “conspiracy theorists”, also a CIA term invented to debunk the quite rational questions about the JFK assassination and all the things that set off peoples bs-o-meters.

  21. I hate to state what no one else is saying, but most of us know. If the election is stolen and Biden/Harris are sworn in, the rule of law and the very Constitution of the United States are finished. What does that mean ? That means that we must identify the people who have done this to us. Like the people in the news media, traitorous politicians, deep staters, RINOs, commies and everyone else who participated in the destruction of our beloved country and the expulsion of Almighty God from our schools and the public square. Every single one of them.

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