The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Under Biden, expect the economic crash to speed up dramatically. Biden will initiate Level 4 lockdowns nationwide within weeks of becoming president and this will cause the destruction of the small business sector, which is already barely hanging on for dear life. The globalists will have to bring down the economy faster under Biden so that they can claim the crash is a residual effect of the Trump Administration. If they wait too long, the blame will fall on Biden and by extension the globalists.

Level 4 lockdowns would also help prevent conservatives from relocating to more friendly states and regions. And, they would help prevent conservatives from congregating in large groups and organizing resistance to leftist policies.

Censorship of conservative voices and platforms will have to accelerate under Biden as well, because the more conservatives are able to share information in real time, the more galvanized they will become and the more confident they will be in refusing to submit to pandemic restrictions (among other things). I believe that web service providers will start directly censoring conservative websites that use their servers. Sites like mine will be removed from the web entirely, or filtered out completely by search algorithms.

Finally, under Biden there will be an immediate call for draconian gun control measures and perhaps even gun confiscation. This will be done by executive order, and it is likely that Red Flag laws will be used. A leftist or globalist agenda cannot progress while conservatives are armed. It is impossible. No one will go along with pandemic restrictions in conservative leaning states. No one will agree to carbon controls. No one will adopt new and insane hate speech laws designed by social justice lunatics.

A Biden presidency would galvanize and unify conservative groups more than anything in recent history. Eventually, conservatives will revolt (including many in the military and law enforcement) and there will be nothing leftists or globalists can do about it. Disarmament would have to happen quickly.” – Brandon Smith, in his Alt-Market blog.


  1. Patriots are reliant on email, and smart phones, and should break out their radios now and learn to use them. Otherwise you’ll easily be tracked. Communications is our weakest skill set, and one of the most important. Hunting season is the best time to sweep the bands listening for activity. Establish a few frequencies to be use in a low powered net, a primary and an alternative, and use directional antennas for longer ranges if possible. MURS is still a good place to meet up, or use as a primary. Personally, I would avoid using the Ham bands. The Hams bands will be heavily monitored.

  2. I’m pretty sure you are correct about the websites, like yours, going away. NO ONE supports free speech anymore. They only support speech they agree with therefore the only speech allowed will be by those in power. You censor things you don’t agree with because you have that power as it’s your site.
    Unfortunately you might have found yourself on the wrong side of the political power if not in a few weeks then in 4 years most likely.
    Free thinking is dangerous to those wishing to control rather than lead especially when they lack the ability to convince through reasonable conversation.

    1. I have experienced the same, and mostly agree. There are many Patriots that talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. They tend to be authoritarian types, but some simply to not truly understand the ideas they give lip service to. I had friends in Europe who were enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters, and who knew the U.S. Constitution better than most Americans. Yet at the end of the relationship, they admitted that they were staunch socialists. It took me a year to find out that they were not truly like minded. I believe that there are many Patriots whom do not truly, or fully understand the ideas of freedom, or the reasons for the liberties as protected in the Constitution. I will politely expose those ‘patriot’ sites that censor well presented argument on Gab. Perhaps they will correct themselves?

      I like Gab because it is unfiltered, uncensored, a true free speech zone. I’ve been censored multiple times in the past. I was shocked when this occurred. At one time I promoted their work, and some times still do. And although they continue to do good work, they continue to secretly censor well presented, and polite speech that is actually supportive. This censorship occurs not only to myself, but to many others as well. If the comment does not some how fit their strict and narrow scope, then it is deleted, or the poster is banned forever. They do a disservice to the country they would preserve, and gave them the opportunity to speak out in the first place. And they demoralize and anger patriots! And most important, they stifle the cross fertilization of ideas that is vital to the animating contest that promotes the ideas or freedom, and strengthens the country in general.

      Because we are no longer a Christian nation, because there are so much ignorance, and so many hypocrites, there is no way we should allow a Constitutional Convention, and risk changes by those who do not fully understand the ideas of freedom, and how and why the Constitution, as it stands, is the best way to protect our liberties.

  3. I’m thinking that Brandon Smith may have nailed it pretty close to center. The blatant and over the top outright lies and fraud in the election, the draconian and tyrannical action of governors, the submission of the general populace to authoritarian rule without so much as a peep from so called elected representatives.
    If Biden and jar jar kneepads take office they will without any doubt and in short order push the button touching off “1776 part II”. I believe we are already in that scenario but are refusing to recognize it, as it has not smacked us in the face quite yet. Consider the approval of the blm and antifa mob performing their wanton destruction and violence against citizens and the citizens letting them get away with it without so much as a stern word. And don’t get me started on the silicon valley mob.
    Consider this winter as “1776 part II” Valley Forge. Now where’s that scoundrel Washington?
    We are seriously close to another Lexington & the shot heard round the world.. If in doubt “rule 308″….

    1. NS… agreed … at 66 years of age what I am witnessing is totally beyond anything I would ever have thought in my lifetime… yet The Holy Word of God describes the unfolding events and conditions of mankind

  4. Start contacting your state reps to pass second amendment sanctuary, and stand your ground legislation now. If the blue states can have sanctuary states and cities for immigration and other causes, so can we. Get er done. The time to act is NOW.

  5. Proposed Biden Gun Tax Could Top $34 Billion. Report: 20 million ARs, 150 million ammunition magazines would be taxed under Biden proposal. [Washington Free Beacon November 18, 2020]

    “American gun owners could face tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to keep the guns they already own under Democrat Joe Biden’s gun ban and tax plan.

    At least 20 million rifles and 150 million ammunition magazines would be caught up in the sales ban and registration scheme Biden touted on the campaign trail, according to a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report. The new taxes would cost Americans more than $34 billion, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

    NSSF told the Washington Free Beacon the sheer number of affected guns and magazines could pose a significant problem for Biden’s gun-control plans.

    “I think if [Biden and his team] were smart, they would look at those numbers and get an idea of where America stands on gun ownership and gun rights,” NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said.

    Biden wants to ban new sales of AR-15 rifles and similar firearms as well as any ammunition magazine holding more than 10 rounds—sizes that come standard on most modern rifles and handguns. He would pay some owners to surrender the affected guns they legally own and force everyone else to register the guns under the National Firearms Act. The proposal would require owners to pay a $200 tax stamp for each item.

    The report said the kinds of rifles Biden wants to ban made up nearly half of all rifles produced in 2018.”

  6. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want to Destroy the Second Amendment [NRA/ILA November 2, 2020]

    “A simple examination of the gun policy page on the Biden campaign’s website reveals that there isn’t a single gun control policy that he doesn’t support.

    He supports banning and confiscating millions of lawfully possessed firearms.

    He wants to destroy the American firearms industry by allowing frivolous litigation.

    He wants to make it impossible for many gun owners to buy firearm parts.

    “He wants to create a punitive tax on gun owners.

    And, with only two days left in this election, Biden reiterated his intent to attack law-abiding gun owners if elected.

    While many Americans might expect that our courts would intervene to stop such draconian and unconstitutional policies, Biden has a plan for that too. In numerous appearances, Biden and Harris have both refused to reject the idea of packing the United States Supreme Court to ensure that their unconstitutional polices are not struck down.”

  7. Brandon’s (minimum) weekly articles are a must read – I’ve shared them with whomever is willing to put in the effort to look through his writings and research with an open mind. His insights and predictions are usually spot on and when he misses he owns up to it – a trait sorely lacking in today’s world.

    Unfortunately most folks (especially up here in Canada) equate the idea of authorities with “all knowing” and think that everything is happening as it should and our “leaders” have our best interests at heart. It’s both sad and frustrating as we have reached the point where the lines are being drawn and I can easily identify who is on the same side as I, or who would make the leap. Tragically, that doesn’t include most of my family and friends….their blind worship and allegiance to the current power/control structure is maddening frankly.

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