Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — November 17, 2020

On this day in 1777, the Articles of Confederation were submitted to the states for ratification. They differed from the Constitution in that they emphasized the primacy of the states. This brings to mind the dangers of convening a Constitutional Convention, because the last time this happened the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and totally replaced by the Constitution.


  1. Defending the Republic is the Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic (“LDFFTAR”) and was established to defend and to protect the integrity of elections in the United States.

    Mission: To protect and defend the lawful votes of American citizens, ensure election integrity, educate the world on what it means to be a constitutional Republic, and pursue legal action to preserve the vision of our Founders and to maintain this great Republic.

    There is a Fraud link on the site if you witnessed voter/election fraud and want to report it – please report it. The LDFFTAR site has been receiving heavy amounts of traffic and at times is unavailable. Keep trying.

  2. History teaches us, what happens if the central goverment´s isn´t superior to it´s local part´s

    Look at the colonies during the american revolution and shortly thereafter, or HREGN, Poland etc

  3. JWR is correct in his assessment of the “constitutional convention” purported to be a cure all. IT IS NOT! For further information of the dangers of a Constitutional convention here is one of the most reliable websites I have found.In the present state of our political division this is the most scary thing I can think of.
    Everything you always wanted to know about the our Constitution can be found here:

    Specifically regarding an “Article V Convention”:

    I have never found her to be wrong on any count, and the comments are generally found to be from sources more well informed than the average citizen.
    As happened in 1777, were an “Article V Convention” to happen, once the states elect their representative, ALL bets are off, they will and are free to do as they choose. We’re and Article V Convention to take place, it would be in short order that we have a completely new Constitution. I believe there are at least 3, possibly 5 already written, I have read excerpts from 3 of them and they are well worth investigating. Scary to say the least! As I read it, our 1st Amendment would remain fairly intact if you consider having approval of a goobermint bureaucrat approving your words, “Freedom of Speech”, approving of religious choices etc. As far as the 2nd goes, fagedahboudit, everything having anything to do with citizens having arms will be tightly controlled. In short we will have devolved into the realms of a tyrannically controlled slave state. Just barely above the globalization these clowns insist we adhere to. FREEDOM as we know it will cease to exist….

    It took thousands of years to realize it but the “Freedom Genie”, thanks to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, was finally released to all humanity. And boys and girls, as far as I’m concerned, Once that Freedom Genie is released, It ain’t going back in the bottle….Period. Have any doubts, – Why is this the only country where there is a waiting list to get in to become US Citizens ? ? ? From every other country in the world!

    1. History is full of examples of nations destroyed because their citizens became lazy, complacent and thought their rights were eternal.

      See “Moral Collapse and State Failure” at

      Skip first to the Discussion at the end for an explanation of why a nation like ours is far more vulnerable to collapse than are more totalitarian regimes. Then, if interested, go to the sections for each of the four case studies to see the details of how decline occurred.

  4. 1) Aedanus Burke, member of the First Congress and the guy who challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel so he could blow his head off, thought that the Constitutional Convention was a secret plot by America’s Rich to underdo the American Revolution and regain power over the People.

    2) It is true that the result of the Convention — the Constitution — went FAR beyond the proclaimed purpose of the Convention (to manage interstate trade issues.) It is also true that the Convention was conducted in secret and that a number of delegates left once they realized what was going on.

    3) It is also true that ratification of the Constitution was rammed through the legislatures by a massive surprise push by the Rich — aided by their control of the News Media (sound familar?) and — at least here in Philly , by violent mobs allied with the urban rich (ring a bell?).

    4) But there is no way to undo America’s sickness — the increasing concentration of wealth and power, the associated fear of the People , and the resulting need to Divide and Conquer by News Media deceit in order to create a veiled dictatorship — without a New Constitution. But one created in the open and driven by a unified People determined to exterminate the enemy within. Certainly it would be dangerous to have a Convention without the necessary political organizing being done first.

    5) You cannot have a Democracy when:

    a) Actual government is done by orders from unelected judges with lifetime appointments

    b) 9 Prostitutes on the Supreme Court can enslave 330 million Americans with legalistic , made up garbage. The Supreme Court is not defined in the Constitution — it is defined by Congress. I think it needs to be defined as the Supreme Court in each State. And if you don’t like the Supreme Court and Legislature of a particular State, then move.

    c) At the time of the First Congress, a Representative spoke for about 4000 constituents and was answerable to them. Today, a Representative speaks for 300,000 voters –which means he only answers to the few hundred rich men who will give him the $Millions that he in turn must hand to the News Media to lie on his behalf. We need to strip the US Congress of about 90 percent of its power and move that power back to the People or to the State legislatures.

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