Guest Post: The Tripwire, by D. van Oort & J.F.A. Davidson

Editor’s Introductory Note: The following essay on censorship was posted nearly 20 years ago, in The Resister. I miss that site. This article is re-posted with permission.  – JWR

“How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive?”– Alexander Solzhenitzyn, The Gulag Archipelago

What would be the tripwire resulting in open rebellion? Examining the Bill of Rights, and considering existing laws only, and not failed attempts, you will find that every clause has been violated to one degree or another.

Documenting those violations would fill volumes, and it is important to remember that only government can violate the exercise of unalienable individual rights and claim immunity from retribution. We omit martial law or public suspension of the Constitution as a tripwire. The overnight installation of dictatorship obviously would qualify as “the tripwire,” but is not likely to occur. What has occurred, what is occurring, is the implementation of every aspect of such dictatorship without an overt declaration. The Constitution is being killed by attrition. The Communist Manifesto is being installed by accretion. Any suggestion that martial law is the tripwire leads us to the question: what aspect of martial law justifies the first shot?

For much the same reason, we will leave out mass executions of the Waco variety. For one thing, they are composite abuses of numerous individual rights. Yet, among those abuses, the real tripwire may exist. For another, those events are shrouded in a fog of obfuscation and outright lies. Any rebellion must be based on extremely hard and known facts. Similarly, no rebellion will succeed if its fundamental reasons for occurring are not explicitly identified. Those reasons cannot be explicitly identified if, in place of their identification, we simply point to a composite such as Waco and say, “See, that’s why; figure it out.” Any suggestion that more Wacos, in and of themselves, would be the tripwire, simply leads us back again to the question: what aspect of them justifies rebellion?

For the same reasons, we leave out a detailed account of Ayn Rand’s identification of the four essential characteristics of tyranny. She identified them quite correctly, but together they are just another composite from which we must choose precipitating causes. These characteristics are: one-party rule, executions without trial for political offenses, expropriation or nationalization of private property, and “above all,” censorship.

With regard to the first characteristic of tyranny, what is the real difference between the Fabian socialist Republican Party and the overtly [Bolshevik] socialist Democratic Party? Nothing but time. Regarding the second we have the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team and the ATF’s enforcement branch. In action they simply avoid the embarrassment of a trial. Regarding the third, we have asset forfeiture “laws,” the IRS, the EPA, the FCC, the FDA, the Federal Reserve, the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, and a myriad of other executive branch agencies, departments, and commissions whose sole function is to regulate business and the economy. Regulating business for the common good (fascism) is no different in principle than outright nationalization (communism).

However, the fourth characteristic of tyranny, censorship, is the obvious primary tripwire. When ideology and the reporting of facts and how-to instructions are forbidden, there is nothing remaining but to fight. Freedom of speech and persuasion — the freedom to attempt to rationally convince willing listeners — is so fundamental an individual right that without it no other rights, not even the existence of rights, can be enforced, claimed, debated, or even queried.

Does this censorship include the regulation of the “public” airwaves by the FCC, as in the censorship which prohibits tobacco companies from advertising — in their own defense — on the same medium which is commanded by government decree to carry “public service” propaganda against them? Does it include federal compulsion of broadcasters to air politically-correct twaddle for “The Children”? Does it include the Orwellian “Communications Decency Act”? Does it include any irrationalist “sexual harassment” or tribalist “hate speech” laws which prohibit certain spoken words among co-workers? The answer: unequivocally yes.

Although the above do not pertain to ideological or political speech, yet they are censorship and are designed to intimidate people into the acceptance of de facto censorship. We say that any abrogation of free speech, and any form of censorship, which cannot be rectified by the soap box, the ballot box, or the jury box, must be rectified by the cartridge box — or lost forever.

Americans have been stumbling over tripwires justifying overt resistance for well over 130 years. On one hand, we submit that gun confiscation is a secondary tripwire only. It is second to censorship because if speech is illegal we cannot even discuss the repeal of gun control, or any other population controls. If only guns are illegal, we may still convince people to repeal those laws. On the other hand, gun confiscation may be a sufficient tripwire because the primary one, censorship, can be fully implemented only after the citizenry has been disarmed.

Resistance, in the context of this article, means those legitimate acts by individuals which compel government to restrict its activities and authority to those powers delegated to the Congress by the people in the Constitution.

The distinction to be drawn here is that the objective of patriotic resistance is to restore original Constitutional government, not change the form of government. To this end we believe:

The enforcement of any laws — local, state, or federal — that through the action or inaction of the courts makes nugatory the individual means of resisting tyranny, justifies resistance.

The operative terms of the above statement are the parameters that must be defined and understood if resistance to tyranny and despotism is to be honorable, and for the cause of individual liberty, rather than anarchy resulting from a new gang of tyrants. Rebellion can never be justified so long as objective means of redress are available, which are themselves not subverted or rendered impotent by further or parallel subjective legislation.

The goal of patriots throughout the country must be the restoration of objective constitutional law and order. The failure to enforce a subjective law (i.e. the Communications Decency Act) does not justify that law existing, but it also does not justify resistance. This is because non-enforcement leaves avenues of redress, including the forbidden activity itself, still available. Should a lower court uphold or ignore a case that challenges subjective law, peaceable means of redress are still open by higher or lateral courts in another jurisdiction.

However, should the U.S. Supreme Court uphold subjective laws, or refuse to hear the cases challenging them, then the legislative, executive, and judicial branches have all failed to guarantee individual liberty, from the widest principles to the smallest details. A single refusal by the highest court in the land to overturn a whim-based subjective law, or to refuse to hear the case, is sufficient to justify resistance to that law because there is simply nowhere left to turn for further attempts at redress. At such time nobody is morally bound by that law. Tyranny gets one chance per branch.

America is either a constitutional republic or it is not. If we can restore our republic it will ultimately occur through reason, and reason will then lead our representatives to make unconstitutional those laws which, by any objective standard of justice, should have never been considered in the first place. However, we cannot assert our claim to restore our liberty if we but accede to a single socialist construct. Freedom and serfdom cannot coexist. We cannot have it both ways.

Life, and the means to preserve it, cannot coexist with disarmament. Liberty, and its rational exercise, cannot coexist with subjective constraints. Property, and its acquisition, use, and disposal cannot coexist with expropriation. The federal government’s first task is to obey the Constitution. It has refused. Our first task as free men is to force the government to obey it again. The Constitution of the United States of America is a constraint on the federal government, not on the individual.

Likewise, the constitutions of the various states are constraints on the state governments, not on the individual. The Constitution contains many provisions allowing the violation of our natural rights as free men by immoral and unethical men in government. The true heroes of the ratification debates were the Anti-federalists, who secured Federalist guarantees that the Bill of Rights would amend the Constitution.

To their undying credit, the Federalists lived up to their promise. Nevertheless, only after constitutional limitations on government have been restored in their original form can we consider amending the Constitution to redress its very few remaining defects (for example, the absence of a separation of state and the economy clause).

Laws that make nugatory the means of resisting tyranny and despotism determine the tripwire. The creeping legislative erosion of the 2nd Amendment is not the only tripwire that justifies resistance. We submit that any gun control is a secondary tripwire. Not only because it can be effortlessly evaded, but also because it strengthens our cause. It is second only to censorship. If speech is illegal we can discuss neither repeal of gun control, or the repeal of any other unconstitutional “law.” Censorship is not a tripwire, it is THE tripwire. Thus, by default, censorship morally justifies rebellion.

Under censorship, no other rights, including the right to be free from censorship, can be advocated, discussed, or queried. It is incorrect to say that after censorship comes utter subjugation. Censorship is utter subjugation. There is no greater usurpation of liberty while remaining alive. After censorship come the death camps, and they are not a prerequisite of censorship, they are merely a symptom of it. Censorship qua censorship is sufficient in itself to justify open rebellion against any government that legislates, enforces, or upholds it.

However, that is not the half of it. Censorship is alone in being the only violation of individual rights that does not require actual enforcement or challenges in court, before rebellion is justified. When the government forbids you to speak or write, or use your own or a supporter’s property to address willing listeners or readers, that government has openly and forcibly declared that the art of peaceful persuasion is dead and will not be tolerated. Upon that very instant, all peaceful avenues of redress have been closed and the only possible method of regaining that liberty is force. Whenever we give up that force, we are not only ruined, we deserve to be ruined.

Censorship is already being “legally” imposed through accretion by compromisers, appeasers, and pragmatists within government at all levels. Note the demands by “progressive” organizations and self-appointed “civil rights” groups to ban so-called “hate” speech (they mean thought and debate), or “extreme” language (they mean principled dissent), or “paramilitary” books (they mean the knowledge of how to resist). When our government imposes censorship, it will be because our ability to use force to resist censorship no longer exists. Buying copies of The Resister is not yet prohibited; buying machine guns already is. Unwarranted search for unlicensed books has not yet occurred; unwarranted search for unlicensed weapons has already begun. As your unalienable right of peaceable discussion and dissent is being daily abridged, your right to peaceably assemble and associate in advocacy of your own self-defense, according to your own free will, has already been outlawed (courtesy of ADL’s “model” anti-militia legislation).

Unconstitutional federal agencies now arm themselves with weapons that you may not own, and train in tactics that you are prohibited from mastering. Before a government is sure you won’t resist, it will make sure you can’t resist.

The most irrational, contradictory, short-range, whimsical notion possible to men who claim the unalienable right to resist tyrannical government is the notion that they must first let their ability to resist be stripped from them before they have the right to use it. This is the argument of so-called conservatives who pish-tosh the notion of legislative “slippery-slopes,” and sycophantic adherents of a supreme Court that has no constitutionally delegated authority to interpret the Constitution in the first place. We reject the notion of mindless compliance with subjective “laws.” Subjective laws must be resisted on metaphysical and epistemological principles, moral and ethical grounds, and on constitutional and historical precedence.

No rational man desires ends without means. No rational man can be faced with his own imminent subjugation and truly believe that, once things are as bad as they can get, “sometime” “someone” will do “something” “somehow” to counteract that trend. Any man who counsels another to appeal to those mystical equivalents of “divine intervention” for “deliverance” from tyranny is our enemy by all principles conceivable within the scope of rational human intelligence.

The time to organize resistance is not after censorship, but before it. The time to prepare resistance is when our ability to resist is being threatened. The time to begin resistance is when that threat has been upheld or ignored by the courts. The unalienable rights that safeguard our ability to resist are limited to those which, if not violated, allow us to plan and use all materials necessary for resistance. We submit that only the following meet that criteria:

  • freedom of speech and of the press, and the right to peaceably assemble–so that we may advocate ideas, report and discuss news, and instruct others how to carry out resistance activities 1st Amendment
  • the right to keep and bear arms — so that we may have appropriate force in our hands should we need it, and be trained to use such force as necessary (2nd Amendment);
  • the right to be let alone — so that we may be free of government intrusion in our lives, liberty, and property (3rd Amendment)
  • the right to be secure in our persons, dwellings, papers, and property from unwarranted, unaffirmed searches and seizures — so that our records, ideological materials, and weapons will remain in our hands (4th Amendment).

For the purpose of this discussion, we believe that no other rights are relevant because if every individual right other than those four were violated — although it would be an unspeakably evil act on the part of the government, justifying immediate and unforgiving resistance — their abridgement would not effect our ability to resist. If any of the first four amendments are infringed by legislation, enforced by executive power, and their abrogation is upheld or ignored by the courts, unremitting, forcible resistance, and aid and comfort to its citizen-soldiers, is a moral imperative for every single person who believes that life, liberty, and property are unalienable and self-existing, and not grants of government privilege.

“The United States should get rid of its militias.” — Josef Stalin, 1933

“The foundation of a free government begins to be undermined when freedom of speech on political subjects is restrained; it is destroyed when freedom of speech is wholly denied.” — William Rawle, LL.D. Philadelphia, 1825


  1. re:
    The Resister newsletter

    The mention of The Resister brought up memories of long-winded convoluted rants about just about anything rantable.


    Early in our Saturday-at-the-range day at the 100-yarder, I asked some of my chums about their recollections concerning the Special Forces Underground newsletter.

    Unanimously, each remembers an article about a military questionnaire.
    One questionnaire question asked about shooting Americans if we refuse to turn in banned equipment.
    According to the article:
    * The juveniles — aka ‘new recruits’ — admitted they would probably follow orders, murdering Americans right and left, all over the place, rivers of blood and piles of corpses.
    * The adults — NCOs and experienced warriors — admitted the ossifers would not finish giving that order.

    Then we moved to the 800-yard range.

    1. I guess I was an unusual recruit. At 18, in boot camp, I resolved never to kill a civilian. And, to turn on whoever gave the order.

      I appreciate you telling us this story, Large Marge.

      Carry on

  2. wow if this was 20 years ago, then this was quite a piece. We should have had stronger protests form ourselves regarding censorship in any form and the so-called Patriot Act, along with so many other unconstitutional Acts. Galatians 3, we’ve had freedom and now looks like we’ve squandered it like silly and unaware children. Where do we go from here?

    1. The few people (like myself) waving red flags about loss of freedom over fifty years ago were scoffed at and shunned like we were crazy. Maybe I came off too strongly but I was taught patriotism and appreciation of freedom at home and in school.

      As happened in other countries that turned communist, citizens became well fed, lazy and hooked on distractions that are streamed through that device called the “television”.

      My folks always said that TV would lead to the destruction of America and it seems they were correct.

      We are reaping a giant harvest of inattention to reality.

      1. Amen. Fifty years ago I was attending an Honor American Rally on the Mall with my wife which was in response to the very left-wing anti-war protestors whose real goal was to support a communist revolution. I scanned about one half dozen articles at the top of a search and was amazed how biased and one-sided they were but not surprised. The “protests” were not anti-war, they were anti the USA and its Constitution. Bill Ayers and his wife were in the height of their failed communist revolution and the “protests” were anything but peaceful. When my wife and I arrived at the reserved seating section we had to walk between lines of police keeping the criminals called protestors at bay. These “protestors” had piles of rock, bottles and clubs already for the action to come. The media played the events as caused by the police but when the speeches started the rocks started flying. When the police moved the mob back the criminal “protestors” tossed tear gas into the crowds of families with total disregard for the children. The most galling part was the lying media blaming the police and calling the criminal thugs “protestors without even the qualifying use of “mostly peaceful”. Today we seem the same communist tactics of BLM and Antifa insurrection push for except then they were in the minority revolution. Today thanks to the indoctrination of the public schools and colleges, they are representative of a major portion of the public that knows little and understands less of what is going on thanks to the fake media and Big Tech. The insurrection is well funded and supported by typical Democrat and RINOs, an advantage the Ayers lacked. The Republic is in danger.

        1. Bob,

          Very interesting experience you had. My introduction to the communists was the early 1970’s when a co-worker invited me to a “birthday party” for an old fellow in his neighborhood.

          Turned out to be a group of well wishers that were meeting about the virtues of communism. The birthday boy was a short, heavy, bespeckled elderly man that flatly stated that it wold take fifty years to implement ‘all we talked about’.

          The fifty years is here and now we know how fast fifty years elapses.

          And, by the way, Happy Birthday.

  3. What would the author have said about the ‘cancel culture’? Censorship is censorship whether or not the government is directly involved.
    It’s been a long road — beginning perhaps in the 60s with the Great Society, the sexual revolution and the Women’s Movement all promising ‘freedom’ of action without consequences and undermining traditional morality and the nuclear family.

    As John Adams observed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Destroying the one has inevitably led us to the collapse of the other. Or, as Jefferson said,

    “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

  4. Watch your enemy like a hawk. Not the TV~
    He is the one not armed yet protected by the armed.
    The very same men divide us against each other for the benefit of subjugation “for our common good”.
    The fear of losing one comforts is a sure sign of having already lost your freedom.

  5. Have to admit 20 years ago that article would be pretty kooky. But here we are in 2020 and censorship is in full swing.

    Now the ruling elite aren’t even hiding it. They’re publishing articles on using this bogus pandemic as a way to have “the great reset”.

    Flooding 1st world countries with 3rd world savages, removing personal liberties, indoctrination of children in public schools, etc.

    I pray my fellow Americans wake up to this tyranny and fight back. It appears our European cousins already in the process of.

    1. “I pray my fellow Americans wake up to this tyranny and fight back. It appears our European cousins already in the process of.”
      Are they? If so, they are already much farther down the road than we. They look upon Americans as we would a street gang, imposing our ideas on the world through force of arms while at home those same forces must be used against the citizens for the good of the world. Thank the UN, thank those nitwits like Woodrow Wilson who didn’t have the intestinal fortitude stand against those who proposed the Fed and the League of Nations, and many other police state groups that make up laws for their own benefit.
      We shall see what will be but I am no longer optimistic that even if we retain Trump as President for another term the forces allied against us can be peaceably restrained for much longer. And I doubt that there are enough people in the non-geriatric generations who understand that they have been conditioned in myriad ways to welcome their chains.
      Oh, for the days when tar and feathers were plentiful and put to good use. Maybe I should start a GoFundMe page to finance their purchase on Amazon.

  6. I always come back to the quote attributed to Alexander Fraser Tytler.

    A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

    I often come back to this, and the generation of self-entitlement that we see, and wonder when we will cross the line. Or have we crossed the line? “The Resister” talks about the time and conditions in which resistance IS necessary to maintain the democratic republic. But what about a situation where the majority of people actually, willingly vote for the tyranny.

    By definition a democratic republic is ruled by a representative elected by the majority of the people. When the line is crossed, and the majority vote for subjugation, is it actually right for the minority to rise up, and through whatever means, replace the government. Is this not a situation then of minority rule, and in direct opposition to what we believe in as a democratic republic?

    This gets really confusing for me, because I am not in favor of losing my rights, of being dictated to by a government. But, if I am the minority, and I rebel against this, am I not attempting to impose my will, and my version of “right” on others, no different than the dictatorial government imposing it’s will upon me.

        1. I’ve said it before: Rights are not granted. They are forcefully demanded. In full, here is what I wrote:

          Whenever someone must buy a license or pay a fee to exercise a right, then it is something less than a right. It is in fact a mere privilege, subject to the whim of petty bureaucrats. Fundamental rights are not abstract tokens that are given or sold by other men. They are in fact primary liberties bestowed upon us by God, our maker. Rights are not substantially secured by asking, “Mother may I?” of any government agency. Rights are more properly demanded or boldly seized and then conspicuously exercised regularly. This secures the liberties that have legitimately belonged to us since birth. If need be, lost rights can and must be restored through proscriptive use. If you live in a land where your rights have been marginalized into privileges, then it is either time to change your government, or to change your address. Much like a muscle that atrophies with disuse, any right that goes unexercised for many years devolves into a privilege, and eventually can even be redefined as a crime.

          1. You have clearly stated what was in my mind. We are not to be subjugated by laws and courts misusing the Constitution. We can not allow mini tyrants to use what was designed to protect us, against us.

    1. The U.S. was not established as a democratic republic. If i understand history correctly the founders wanted nothing to do with “democracy.” The United States was created as a republic. There were no political “parties.” Most people do not understand what is meant by a “republic,” or a republican form of government, thanks to our educational system. Most do not understand the terms “unalienable” or “inalienable.” We are mostly “useful idiots.”

      1. The secret Constitutional Convention was to set up a system to give the Rich –who had largely sat out the war — back control of the country and ensure the country would be “ruled by the men who owned it”.

        Meanwhile the rabble would be distracted by a bunch of misleading Princetonian claptrap from the Classics. Based on James Madison’s reasonable assumption that the uneducated rabble would be unprepared to argue political philosophy.

        All a scam of course.

    2. Hey Lone Canadian, lots of good points.

      “This gets really confusing for me, because I am not in favor of losing my rights, of being dictated to by a government. But, if I am the minority, and I rebel against this, am I not attempting to impose my will, and my version of “right” on others, no different than the dictatorial government imposing it’s will upon me.”

      IMO there is only one true definition of freedom, all the common definitions fall way short of the truth, as hoped by the PTB. If we lived in a state of freedom, all our rights would be true rights and not those privileges granted to us by the government. “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch.” In a state of liberty, even a minority of one is still in the right and is not imposing their will on anyone, just asking for their right of private property (our bodies being our most important piece of private property) to be respected. That’s the only right that exists in a society which truly respects liberty, and by exercising it, they are not imposing their will on anyone. All other rights are just an expression of our right to private property which is the only right which truly exist. All other “rights” are mere privileges the government grants us in order to confuse the issue of what rights really are and thereby keeping all the sheep under control. No society has ever tried living under the concept of true liberty and I’m sure it will never happen before our species goes extinct. The masses want the illusion of safety, not freedom, and the PTB want to control the masses. One of the things that facilitates that desire is the fact that most people are easily led to believe all the bogus concepts of what freedom really means. Americans (and Canadians) have never been free, just more free than a lot of other people elsewhere. But there’s an enormous difference between “more free” and “freedom.”

    3. “This gets really confusing for me, because I am not in favor of losing my rights, of being dictated to by a government. But, if I am the minority, and I rebel against this, am I not attempting to impose my will, and my version of “right” on others, no different than the dictatorial government imposing it’s will upon me.”

      The answer to your question is spelled out specifically in the US Declaration of Independence.
      “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with one another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

      We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute nw Government, laying the foundation on such principles and organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

      Government is instituted to protect our God given rights. All people are free to act as they choose, as long as they don’t infringe on others rights. When we fight for liberty, all citizens benefit from said liberty, whether all can understand and appreciate it, or not. The opposite benefits some at the expense of others.


      1. These Elites hate God and Jesus and want to eradicate Him and all who believe in Him. This is the Great Reset, the New World Order. It’s ultimate goal is that all men will worship Satan and his Beast System which is the Internet of all things! Humans will be injected with particles to merge their physical bodies with the Internet of Things.

        They have already done away with our Constitution. And we were all asleep! The Great Deception of the Last days is in place and most do not even see it!

  7. Tripwire! This is it. The 2020 election promises riots far worse than we have see yet regardless of the outcome of the election. And if the election is not a clear victory either way it will likely be even worse. How are your preps? Imagine a SHTF situation where you have a few days notice ahead of the disaster. How are your preps? It’s time to go to the store.

  8. Unless you have an immigration moratorium, everything you wrote is pointless. We are being erased and replaced. The elites are importing a new voting class of people who welcome big government and central authority and an end to gun laws and who support censorship and who have no connection to the culture and history of the native-born people. Creating a tribal nation will require a strong central power to keep the peace among different identity groups who give away their personal freedoms or never knew of them to begin with. But no one asks for an immigration moratorium as even though they may have a house full of weapons they are terrified of being called a racist or white supremacist. We will not die from a bang but a whimper.

    1. US billionaires drove Asia’s population up from 1 billion to 4 billion with the Rockefeller Foundation’s Green Revolution.

      Nelson Rockefeller boasted of how he was “Proud to be a Globalist”. A number of years ago, I was at a wealthy prep school where a teacher –enjoying the security provided by the deaths of thousands of US soldiers — boasted he considered himself a “Citizen of the World”.

      Bill Gates — gifted with $Billions by suspension of US anti-trust law — is spending his money to support an Africa with a birth rate of 8 children per woman.

      Meanwhile, most American families struggle to raise one child –every morning millions of mommies have to dump crying toddlers into childcare because Daddy can’t earn enough to support them. US population growth since the 1960s has almost entirely been from immigration.

        1. Gouverneur Morris at the US Constitutional Convention, August 8 1787– arguing that a person should have been a US citizen for at least 14 years before being eligible to serve in the US Senate.

          ” As to those philosophical gentlemen, those Citizens of the World as they call themselves, He owned he did not wish to see any of them in our public Councils. He would not trust them.

          The men who can shake off their attachments to their own Country can never love any other. These attachments are the wholesome prejudices which uphold all Governments, Admit a Frenchman into your Senate, and he will study to increase the commerce of France: an Englishman, [FN26] he will feel an equal biass in favor of that of England.

          It has been said that The Legislatures will not chuse foreigners, at least improper ones. There was no knowing what Legislatures would do. Some appointments made by them, proved that every thing ought to be apprehended from the cabals practised on such occasions. He mentioned the case of a foreigner who left this State in disgrace, and worked himself into an appointment from another to Congress.”

          ( The citizenship requirement was ultimately set at nine years. Seven years for the House of Representatives. )

          1. replace world with US and then think about it.

            He meant like those american revolutionaries and immigrants, like those foreigners who shed their blood for france in the foreign legion.
            French through shedding their blood, not born with it.

            Definitly not those foreiners who served in the US military like von Steuben

        2. Morris also drew a line on how far hospitality to foreigners should extend:

          ” The lesson we are taught is that we should be governed as much by our reason, and as little by our feelings as possible. What is the language of Reason on this subject? That we should not be polite at the expence of prudence. There was a moderation in all things.

          It is said that some tribes of Indians, carried their hospitality so far as to offer to strangers their wives & daughters. Was this a proper model for us? He would admit them to his house, he would invite them to his table, would provide for them confortable lodgings; but would not carry the complaisance so far as, to bed them with his wife. He would let them worship at the same altar, but did not choose to make Priests of them. ”

          Last time I checked the small remnants of the American Indian tribes are not celebrating Thanksgiving. Or the immigration policy of their forefathers.

        3. I am an AMERICAN. What is an American ? An American can be born anywhere in the world. An American is born here, or comes here and embraces the following tenets- 1) rugged individualism. Not just a member of a collective, an individual person sovereign and given rights not by a government, but by God. 2) self reliant. Not dependent on society or government for his family’s shelter, food, water, and security.
          Americans are also generous, God-fearing, moral, decent people.
          Anyone who does not want to assimilate, whether they be born here, or if they came here from somewhere else, should leave here, either voluntarily or forcibly. America is the best country ever founded on this Earth. It may sound cruel or old-fashioned, but LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.
          Your opinion may vary.

    1. I laughed at the Democrats’ push to destroy Confederacy history by pulling down the statues. For some reason, the News Media doesn’t point out that those Confederate leaders were Democrats — or nor do they point out all the black men working in prison industries for 25 cents an hour today. 150 years of Democrat progress.

  9. Just for clarity, I will note several things:

    1) Any resistance against entrenched, massive Wealth is futile unless it has the support of at least 70 percent of the People,

    2) Guns are irrelevant and of little value — the Founding Fathers engaged in political organizing for 15 years before mounting open resistance. And they won by economic sabotage and with the aid of France — not by beating the British government’s Army.

    The British aristocracy declared George III insane and removed him when the Dutch bankers cut off George III’s credit and everyone realized how British was bleeding money in massive amounts on a distant insurgency.

    3) I warned you guys almost year ago that discarding your fellow Americans and surrendering the US cities to the deceit of Democrat billionaires would lead to defeat. I have seen no one do anything to support President Trump — he has been left alone to twist in the wind in vicious attack after vicious attack. He tried to help you even though he could have been enjoying martinis and his $Billions on a yacht somewhere. What did you do in return?

    What did you do to resist a massive 4 year campaign of vicious Deceit by the Democrat Billionaires’ News Media?
    A News Media that has worked relentlessly to attack Trump while refusing to discuss all that Joe Biden did — and failed to do — in 47 years in the Senate and White House.

    4) The billionaires owners of the Democrat Party and their political puppets like Biden have stabbed Democratic voters, blacks and women voters in the back time after time.

    But if you look on with indifference and fail to point that out to those Americans then why should you expect them to support you in return? If their only source of info is MSNBC then why do you expect them to resist the billionaires’ brainwashing?

    Do you really think news reporters with big education debt and worthless liberal arts degrees can do anything other than write the lies they are told to write? Do you think news anchors become multi-millionaires by telling the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth?

    If you remain silent as the Democrat billionaires deflect the anger of miserable people onto innocent scapegoats like the police then why should you expect the billionaires’ Dishonesty to fail?

    5) If you couldn’t even write a letter and send 20 copies to the cities then why should anyone expect you to make a much greater sacrifice? Why should they expect you to stand with them in battle instead of cutting and running.

    6) You talk of rights and freedom – but you have already surrendered those rights and freedom. You have no rights. You can be fired from your job – or have your business destroyed – at any time if you annoy the wrong people.

    And let’s face facts – most US industries are dominated by two major corporations and the Big Banks/Fed periodically destroy small businesses that find a few crumbs.

    Obama approved a law that lets those huge corporations steal hundreds of billions from American pension funds – how much have some of you lost?

    You can be bankrupted by baseless lawsuits. If you post comments to the major news media to take part in the national discourse, your comments can be secretly blocked and you can be secretly banned from further commenting.

    You can be charged with a crime by a dishonest Democrat prosecutor and be bankrupted fighting the charge even if you are innocent.

    If you support an organization like the NRA to defend your rights, that organization can be destroyed by crooked lawyers. If you gain enough political power to be worthy of notice, your reputation can be destroyed by Southern Poverty Law Center lies and howling mobs.

    7) And it doesn’t matter how you vote — any one who actually tries to help the American people gets destroyed in the primaries out of sight of most voters.

    Trump managed to survive by dint of his own money and due to the massive failure of the George W Bush administration . But look at what happened to him even with the power of the White House — and note how the Bush Republican Faction joined with the Democrats to attack him.

    1. @ Don Williams

      Agree with you. It’s sad but many of us haven’t publicly supported Trump as the repercussions are scary where we live to do so. My state will doubtless be the first called for Biden on Nov 3! Seems like everyone is lining up to disavow him, including our own RINO governor who has publicly stated he isn’t voting for Trump! And yes, I voted once again for this RINO gov. as the alternative is even worse!

      For me personally, watching the US Jewish community line up to support Biden is beyond sad. Having spent the past 4 years hating on Trump and accusing him of being an anti-Semite, they continue to support the antisemitic Democrats! Trump, who has done more for Israel than any other US president, should have earned their support and respect by now but this is not the case. Only the Orthodox Jews in the US support Trump. And sadly this is because liberal US Jews don’t care about Israel(or Torah) and only support the platform of the Democratic Party! If I were Trump, I’m sure I’d be rather ticked off that nothing he does for Israel ever seems to register with US Jews, most of whom continue to love the anti-Semite Obama! This isn’t the case in Israel where more Jews support Trump than Biden. There’s even a lovely playground named for him!

      So this is my rant! But I think we reap what we sow. Sadly, many of us will be collectively punished even if we personally tried to do the right thing. I have already voted, once again, for Trump.

  10. Alas! I fear 50 years of our education system cannot be erased by Trump winning the 2020 presidential election.

    All empires fail. We are in failure mode. I live in a purple state in a Democratic county. I’m convinced:
    1. Trump will win.
    2. We will fail financially.
    3. We are way past socialism and heading into Communism.

    After Trump 2024 is what concerns me, who is out there. Though I feel he is a poor choice, he’s the best of many poor choices.

    I have to make a decision as we prepare for the confiscation of firearms. I’d like to think I will do the right thing.

    A Black Swan event will overtake all of this. Thus I am a semi-prepper. Can’t move and we will not leave our children and grandchildren.

    We pray to the Lord for all of you, God Bless and take care!

  11. The Left controls the media, the education system and the legal system. The traditional media including the “social media” has now openly, shamelessly demonstrated that they are capable and willing to censor information on behalf of one political party, in essence, acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. The coordination of all these groups with the Deep State is highly disturbing. The slow steady disarmament of the population is a prerequisite for final ultimate control.
    It appears that perhaps half of the population is fine with this arrangement just as long as the welfare checks, the government pensions, socialized medicine and government grants keep coming.
    I have long believed that the only way to preserve individual rights and the Constitutional system would be to somehow divide the country by a peaceful legal separation before we reach the final stage of disarmament. Unfortunately history shows that people more often tend to react when it’s too late. A more likely scenario is a civil war, as the Left can not abide rejection.
    I would also point out the current ammo shortage. In the future the government is far more likely to cut off the supply of ammo than it is to attempt widespread gun confiscation. It’s simply easier to do. Even Walmart, a private company, has voluntarily pulled all of their guns and ammo off the shelf, in anticipation of political violence after the election. Take this as rehearsal for things to come.

    1. Btw
      I finally got around to cancelling my Facebook and twitter accounts (never used twitter anyway, and haven’t posted anything to Facebook in years)…

      Don’t subsidize your own enslavement. I’d really love to see all conservatives cancel their accounts with these fools. The message would be unmistakable.

      The owners of these “services” are millionaire marxists, and wannabe petty tyrants.
      The absurdity of their position that they will decide FOR you what you are allowed to read is beyond the pale. If a piece of information is false or offensive, I can decide not to view it. I do it all the time, thank you.
      Imagine if the post office read your mail and decided to trash things it didn’t want you to see?

  12. Thank you for posting this article. I think the majority Americans are awake to the tyranny we’ve been experiencing. Nothing reflects that like record gun and ammo sales. “They” will never be able to confiscate the sheer number of guns in this country.

    I’ve thought often about what will be my personal “tripwire”, realizing that we’ve been boiling slowly over time and have internally normalized the abusive behavior of our government. This discussion reminds me of the novel “Unintended Consequences” which I downloaded for free and read through (warning: sex/violence). Basically it chronicles the changes in the gun laws in this country and the reaction of gun owners (hint: ATF agents began to mysteriously die until they mostly backed off, but the country fell into civil war anyway).

    It would be interesting to hear other’s mental tripwires. I think mine is, an attempted invasion of my property by *anyone* *uninvited*, including the government. And due to the ammo shortage, no warning shots. I would treat the invaders all the same regardless of whether or not they wore a badge. And that’s saying something coming from a law enforcement family. I realize what I’m saying sounds dramatic and I wonder if I could even do it. But, I have this idea that I’d rather die trying than be led away like a sheep to slaughter. I think we should all have this attitude and determination. The government would be forced to back off.

    Antifa/BLM/Marxists/Communists/Socialists/Progressives/Whatever should be shown no quarter, if they intend to burn down America. We should take their threats seriously, and never ever forget that the Democrats have sadly condoned this behavior. I say that as someone whose family was historically half Republican, half Democrat, with a good sprinkling of Independents. The Democrats (Progressives) lost their way. I am not saying the Republicans have it all together. But, to watch the Speaker of the House this week state that their pick *will be* inaugurated in January, was to watch a despot in action. The woman is drunk with her own power and needs to be put in her place.

    In my humble opinion, WE VOTE FOR FREEDOM TUESDAY, and we prepare to defend ourselves and our families come what may. I pray for Divine intervention in any case while I hold the picture of Jesus whipping the money changers out of the temple in my mind’s eye. I believe righteous indignation and anger are God given emotions that translate into sometimes violent reactions.

    Sorry, too long.

  13. Lone Canadian….WE ARE NOT a Democratic Republic, WE ARE a Constitutional Republic (or at least that is what the Founding Fathers envisioned). There is a BIG difference!. Democracy is just MOB rule in a pretty term. I would like to think I would have been an Anti-Federalist and had said, “Chain the beast or you will loose everything we have sacrificed for!!”

    1. eam, my apologies. Yes, a Constitutional Republic. But still ruled/governed by a democratic process. Thereby, subject to the same logic used by Alexander Fraser. It may not be a simple majority rules, but eventually the numbers will always swing in favor of the “what’s in it for me” crowd.

  14. Far too many points to comment on with this sadly true, frustrating article, so I’ll spare everyone the rant.

    I did like the opening quote by Solzhenitzyn and I don’t recall ever hearing it before:

    “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive?”– Alexander Solzhenitzyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    This quote reminds me of the reason why I quit reading books and watching movies about the Holocaust. I got to the point where I wasn’t sure of I was more angry at the Germans for “just carrying out orders” or the Jews for not resisting more and making those same Germans afraid to make an arrest for fear of not returning home alive as Solzhenitzyn pointed out. But even Solzhenitzyn and associates didn’t make the Russians feel that way, hence the regret he mentioned in his quote. And I doubt many Americans will make the correct decision either and will be sitting in concentration and reeducation camps when the time comes, and it will, with the same regrets Solzhenitzyn felt. What a miserable world we live in.

  15. One thing all military units do is to probe the enemies defenses to see how they respond; the russians overfly our borders all the time right now just to record the actions. I’m certain we do the same to them.

    All the hoohah going on today is not new; Ruby Ridge , Waco .. those were probing actions by the deep state to see how far they can go before “We the People” finally stand up just as we did at Concord Green and kill the bastards. Its as simple as that folks.
    We are already in a war, innocents are dying and have been for along time just read “Send in the Waco Killers”

    Now, what will you do? De Oppresso Liber

  16. I get the impression from reading some of these blogs that many believe it is hopeless for our country, that there isn’t enough of patriots to take back our country. I’m not arguing that point. It may be that patriots would not be physically capable or even willing to put it all on the line like our forefathers did. It may be that they don’t have the guts to cross that line. After all that would mean they would be engaged in an armed rebellion against our government and especially true if Biden won the election.
    What would be required of such a group to rid this country of evil politicians who are bent on America’s destruction and not only politicians but socialist, communist and any other enemy of our nation? What would be required of them? Would it be anything less than death to America’s enemies? If death is the remedy who would be willing to step up and say “lets go boys, lock and load because we have a job to do!”
    I personally don’t see that ever happening in this day and age. So I have to wonder if there would be some other “catastrophe” that could befall America’s fore mentioned enemies that would make them “go away” and in so doing save the country. What if they were gone but at the same time patriots stayed and specifically patriot preppers stayed? What if prepared patriot preppers (PPP) were the majority and they run things?
    You may be saying by now that that is a lot of wishful thinking but actually I can see several natural events that could take place that would put PPPs in the drivers seat so to speak. It would put them in a position to lead this country back to God and back to the Constitution and back to morality. It would require NO violence.
    Let me list a few “what if’s.” What if there was a complete and total natural disaster? Or an asteroid impact? Or a Coronal Mass Ejection taking out everything electrical? Or maybe some other natural disaster that I can’t imagine?
    I believe that the enemies of America although very rich and powerful are very weak and unprepared. They have relied on others for their needs and for their security and in a national catastrophe they would be like a fish out of water. They wouldn’t know what to do, how to survive. They would be preyed on by those who have been under their thumb. They would be preyed on by those they had hired to protect them. The tables would have turned and now they would go from giving orders and being the top guy to hiding from the peasants that they have ruled over. Mr. and Misses Mussolini come to mind.
    It MAY be that God will put things in order some day and PPPs only need to prepare for themselves, their families, friends and neighbors and let God handle the wicked who are bent on America’s destruction. It would be easy to fantasize about storming the wicked strongholds with thousands of armed patriots and ending their sorry lives but I don’t believe they would have the GO AHEAD from God to do so. I believe that patriots should continue to prepare and pray and put their trust in God knowing that He is perfectly capable of bringing the wicked under His thumb. Will God use some natural disaster to accomplish that? Your guess is good as mine but I can’t help feeling that we win in the end.

    1. @ Mray

      Interesting conjecture. I know that at least here where I live(and I suspect in many other places as well), the leftists tend not to be armed, not to have lots of good survival skills and are mostly citified. They have the money and control MSM, education etc but are totally dependent on using that money to hire other people to do all the heavy lifting for them. Sure they might have a little veggie garden, but mostly it’s for salads and such; they’re not growing to can and root cellar for the year! If they had to go out and hunt, butcher etc, I don’t think they’d do too well. And if US money became worthless, how would they hire people to do all the work they can’t/won’t do themselves. You just may be onto something! Keep prepping you’all !

  17. I think what it boils down to is we need to be as organised and determined as the evil enemy. They are determined to turn this great nation into a communistic hellhole and we have to be equally determined to prevent them.

  18. How will the progressives disarm us? When they are in full political force, they will tie our health care to our gun possession. You think you can make it without your pills? Maybe you can. When your child needs emergency care? Wife needs emergency care? What then? What did Satan tell God about Job? “A man will give all he has for his own life.” I believe an organization of prepper doctors and nurses is needed NOW! One location per county in the Redoubt.

  19. @Yancey- They will NOT disarm us. When and if they start confiscation, I suggest that leftists will start disappearing, and not by their own choice. Don’t confine yourself to thinking inside the box- think about different tactics. What is our strength ? Millions and millions of individuals willing and able to attack a million small targets. We don’t have a deathstar, or big weapons, we have one hundred million fighters with squirrel guns and deer rifles. Use your imagination and remember, Almighty God created a perfect world, and He and Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control- and we will WIN.

  20. Nathan Hail, I do appreciate your stance. I just don’t remember reading in God’s Word that followers of Christ are justified to kill another human over gun confiscation. Please help me understand. Thanks

    1. I believe that we have the right from God to defend ourselves and our families. Look at what has happened every time that governments have taken away all of the guns (or weapons). The Roman Empire. The Soviet Union. The third Reich. Communist China and North Korea. Mass murder follows. Remember that the bully never picks on a bigger kid or someone who is stronger than him. Strength encourages peace and discourages violence. God never told us to be violent. He told us Thou shalt not murder. But God has told the Hebrews on numerous occasions to destroy and even kill His enemies. If we want to continue to be blessed with God’s riches, we must keep our form of government and we must never give up our freedom.

    2. The justification is when the argument turns Violent…… and it will.
      I have seen a book definition of War described as: ‘one group of people imposing their will upon another group’.
      This is exactly how the argument will escalate into open confrontation, no different then a mugging. Stand your ground.
      Semper paratus

  21. I suggest you read the letter that was just send from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. He also mentions the “Great Reset” which almost everyone with power ie. Soros, Gates, Prince Charles to name a few and most of the banks and corporations have signed on to. I am surprised that there is not an article on here about it

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