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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at a legal challenge to 80% receivers.

Another 1876-Style Presidential Election?

Some food for thought: Americans worry about 2020 being another 2000, but the real worry is another 1876.

California Sues Feds on 80% Receivers

In the L.A. Times: California sues U.S. regulator in bid to deter ‘ghost guns’.  (A hat tip to Dave C. for the link.) Here is a quote:

“At issue are so-called “80% receivers and frames” that Becerra said can be sold by unlicensed dealers and made into untraceable firearms at home.

ATF policy holds that the kits have not yet been reached the stage where they can be considered firearms subject to the usual federal firearms statutes and regulations that include a ban on sales to minors or those who have criminal convictions, a history of domestic violence, serious mental illness or drug addiction.”

Trump 2020: A Man Versus A Movement

I consider listening to this speech by Tom Klingenstein important: Trump 2020 A Man vs. A Movement

Preserving Your Apple Harvest

Reader M.H.. sent this: Five ways to preserve your apple harvest. That is a blog written by some good folks in Alaska.

Brazil Militias Control More Than Half of Rio

An AFP article, by way of Yahoo: Brazil militias control more than half of Rio: study

Bark Beetle Outbreaks Benefit Wild Bees

This one at came to us by way of Reader C.B: Bark beetle outbreaks benefit wild bee populations, habitat. The article begins:

“When southern Rocky Mountain forests are viewed from a distance these days, it may not look like much is left. Large swaths of dead, standing Engelmann spruce trees tell the tale of a severe regional spruce beetle epidemic in its waning stages. But among those dead trees, researchers have found good news. Zoom-in to the ground cover of these forests and there is life, even more abundant because of this disturbance.

New research led by Colorado State University and published online in Scientific Reports suggests that spruce beetle outbreaks may help create habitat for pollinator communities in wilderness settings. The research team found significant increases in floral abundance and wild bee diversity in outbreak-affected forests, compared to similar, undisturbed forest. Lead author Seth Davis said it may seem counterintuitive that landscape-level damage by one type of insect could still benefit another.”

How to Build an INCH Bag

Ray S. sugested this link: How To Build An INCH Bag (“I’m Never Coming Home” Bag)

Four Times as Many People Killed With Knives Than Rifles

Reader D.S.V. spotted this news: FBI Data: Four Times as Many People Killed With Knives Than With Rifles in 2019. A snippet:

“The federal agency’s Uniform Crime Report, released in late September, summarizes documented homicides and the means of their execution.

1,476 killings were accomplished with the use of “knives and cutting objects.” 364 took place with the use of a rifle, the majority of these deaths taking place during mass shooting events.”

The Dawn of Destruction: The World’s First Aerial Dogfight

Tim J. sent us this from GunsAmerica: The Dawn of Destruction: The World’s First Aerial Dogfight.

Anticipating Post-Election Riots: Escape From New York

H.L. sent this news: ‘The City Will Be On Fire’: New Yorkers Reportedly Prepare To Flee Homes To Avoid Election-Related Unrest.

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  1. NYers flee homes…
    You know the issue with pure survival is you might not have anything worth anything to come back to. At some point people have to make a stand and stand for something.
    It’s a sticking point that I differ from many others in. I get that you want to live but for what? Your going to come back to a changed nation, a burned down place, a place you’ve no desire to see your children and grandchildren live in?
    Over and over I’m seeing “someone needs to do something” but everyone thinks that someone is somebody else. If all your gonna do is hide out in your bunker, on your retreat and flee the place then what do you really expect?

    1. Matt in Oklahoma… Thinking a lot about your post. It’s unfortunate, but I believe people too often wait too long to make positive change(s) in their lives. There are any number of reasons for this. Unfortunately, and no matter the cause, there will be tragic consequences for those who aren’t able to wrap their minds around a forward thinking vision, and then to act upon a proactive preparatory plan.

      1. Matt, and Telesilla, absolutely accurate on the state of our society. It reminds me of stories in history where tribes would throw virgins into the volcano to Appease the angry volcano Gods.–Rare was the leader that said “Hey—why don’t we just move farther away from the volcano?”

    2. If a person makes a stand it would likely be with a firearm in which case the law will come down on that person like a ton of bricks. The perpetrators will get a free ride of course. Cops could ruin their lives every bit as much as violent rioters. I think of the couple in Missouri who have probably had to sell the farm by now because of legal bills and they could still wind up serving time in jail. Most likely the rioters who broke down the gate in to their housing addition have never had law enforcement come against them at all.

  2. There is a death worse than from guns and knives. Yet it seem always to be the last considered ~
    James 1:14 -15 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. (KJV)
    If you were to look at the story of Cain and Able – God is clearly telling Cain his problem is not with his brother Able but, with the fact Cain had taken his focus from pleasing God.

    Genesis 4:7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. (KJV)

    Doing “well” towards God allows us the the strength & wisdom to “rule” over the father of lies…
    It’s actually sin which gets us all. Everything else is a manifestation of it.

  3. It’s disturbing to me how many places that I’ve seen and heard people saying, “When Trump refuses to concede” or “When Trump refuses to leave the White House.” I guess it’s a given that Biden will win… I am praying continuously for our nation. Thank God we are a Constitutional Republic.

    1. Understood and agreed, John! I think much of this is projection. It was the Democrats who did not concede after 2016. Those who refuse to accept results are the Democrats, and not the Republicans. It’s a curious thing that they continue to suggest otherwise. What kind of psy-op is this? It’s an interesting question.

    2. That was my takeaway as well. An interesting article ruined by insinuation and accusation. Then, I saw it was from the Washington Post and it all made sense. F’s sake, the MSM leeches can’t even write a historical opinion article w/o some sort of smear on Trump.

  4. 2 things…
    First: 80% lowers, as an ExPat Californian (5 generations), this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
    When discussing the upcoming elections, all you have to do is point to (the once great state of) California and say ‘this is all the proof I need NOT to vote for Harris/Biden’ (yes, that is in the correct order). The traffic, whether in gas or (future) electric vehicles, is still a waste of hundreds, if not thousands of hours a year of life wasted. The throwing of billion$ more at the homeless debacle will not solve that problem, the very liberal/socialist school system, the over regulated and PC business climate is not sustainable, thus raising the cost of living to unacceptable levels (just look at the income differential between Silicon(e) Valley and lower income people next door in San Jose and Fremont), and the rabid anti-2A sentiment and regulations is unconstitutional to say the least.
    I miss the state of my families immigration and birth(s) and my growing up very much, but I’m glad and I thank God every day that I no longer live there and that we were able to get ‘outside the wire’ when we did (18 years ago)

    Second: as far as Escaping from NYC…
    Our youngest daughter, who works for a well known retailer in their NYC CorpHQ’s, was told to plan on working from home back in March. To the relief of her parents (us!), she has been here ever since and just 3 weeks ago, her and I drove there with an empty trailer and moved her back home permanently/temporarily, at least for many long months until all the 2020 disruption(s) are over (election, Covid, economic/retail fluctuations, etc).
    I spent 5 days with her in her Brooklyn apartment and I have to say, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose (the areas I grew up in) have nothing on NYC. Not only are we glad she’s out of there, and I will admit, there is lots of cool stuff to do in that area, both fun and historical, but I’m glad I was only there a short time. I will also admit, the food and eateries are both plentiful and excellent (but not cheap!)
    The ‘escape’ article can really mean just about ANY large city whether it’s LA, SF, Portlandia, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, etc,etc, but most of you know that already.
    Good luck to all of you, remember,” Beans, Bullets (if you can find any) and Band-Aids” If you haven’t stocked up already, you have about 12 days+-
    …and God Bless America…PLEASE!

    1. Rucksack Rob!
      Really thankful for the news of your daughter’s escape from NYC. As parents, we worry so for the safety of our kids. Our love for them is great. This is good news!

      1. You love people, TofA. This article just showed up on my desktop.

        Powerful insights.

        Top sentence: “The world encourages us to love things and use people. But that’s backwards. Put this on your fridge and try to live by it: Love people; use things.”

        “Words are easy, like the wind, faithful friends are hard to find.” – William Shakespeare, in The Passionate Pilgrim

        Carry on in grace

  5. This kind of behavior is despicable… It may also be illegal. With certainty, it is dangerous to all. …and frankly, it has no place in civil society.

    Heads-up, folks.

    Revolver News reports:
    Meet NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny — The Woman In Charge of Doxxing and Destroying Trump Supporters

    Gateway Pundit reports:
    Mysterious “Donald Trump Watch” Website Reveals Addresses of Local Trump Donors for Antifa and BLM Terrorist Targeting

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone.

  6. This election may mirror 1876 in many ways, but again an author is only looking at the superficial, statistics. And, as was commented on above, I find it humorous that it’s always Trump that refuses to concede, and leave the white house. So we’re basically being told that even if he wins in a landslide, that it’s probably fake, and that he should concede and leave the white house peacefully, until the left gets the vote count they want, so that they win.

    As for mirroring 1876…..I’m not sure this is realistic. The country had just gone through a civil war, and people realized that their actions had consequences. Common sense was still prevalent. Neither side was bought and paid for, or pushing socialist agendas. This was a time before the deep state, a political class, an entrenched bureaucracy, or the idea that government could be everything to everybody.

    1. re:
      the phrase ‘civil war’ to describe two of the nations in north America 1861-65

      In the nation surrounding New York city, bankers went through a ‘civil war’, because most nearby residents had zero-zero-zero interest in warring against their neighboring nations.
      That nation had open rebellion in the streets.
      * The New York city bankers ordered their government puppets to ignore TheConstitution.
      * The New York city bankers ordered their government puppets to preventatively imprison dissenters.
      * The New York city bankers ordered their government puppets to destroy [ censor ] newspaper publishers… the facebook and twitter of that time.

      In the nation of The Confederate States Of America, peaceful farmers were invaded by military forces directed by the bankers in New York city.

      The term ‘civil war’ does not apply to foreigners invading a sovereign nation.
      The term ‘civil war’ does not apply to the wholesale slaughter and rape and destruction of a peaceful culture.

      Fast-forward to late-2020.
      Can we expect a peaceful resolution of our differences with New York city bankers and their puppets in TheMainStreamMedia?
      Examining all the evidence, a rational person might question continuing a relationship with New York city bankers.

  7. Off topic, but interesting accident??? Internet users are pointing out the anomaly that the year 2020 divided by the number of the beast (666) equals the Biden/Harris campaign’s text number 30330

  8. Yeah, so I drove 37 mi one way to get your book at Costco…guess what? Someone took the advice above and bought all the copies this morning after opening. Sure appreciate your giving out that advice nugget…

  9. My wife and I voted early today and the line was about 150 yds long at 0730 hrs. I’ve never seen that before at this location. There was also a scan (?) of your ID, and you placed your signature on same screen. All new.
    Three sheriff’s deputies were on the scene, and everything went smoothly.
    It seemed from the conversations we could make out that some were voting for the first time. I hope that’s a good sign.
    News just out today that perhaps Schumer, Di-Fi, Romney and others involved in Hunter’s deal somehow. I hope so, but we cannot trust Barr to actually prosecute someone…can we?
    Make sure to vote and keep your powder dry.
    It’s Free America or communism as the only two choices we have. If someone doesn’t understand that then he/she is part of the problem.
    Semper Fi

    1. I’ve said since this AG was appointed that nothing would come of this. This is the same guy that protected the FBI & Lon Horiuchi in the cases of Ruby Ridge & Waco. I’ll be shocked if we see anything but a “sternly worded” report with “recommendations of much needed reforms” (a.k.a. doing nothing).

      As always, hoping you…
      Seymour Liberty

      1. If Barr helped give a pass to the LE perpetrators of Waco and Ruby Ridge and if “what goes around comes around” and if “whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap” then Barr has some serious bad days heading his way.

      2. Thanks for sharing this most important info. My wife and sat watching Barr on TV a zillion times, and often discussed why we thought he was familiar to us. I just told her and she nearly fell over. We had followed the Ruby Ridge and Waco stories closely, and still do when possible. Both tragedies should keep us all awake at night.
        Knew there “had to be reason to his reasoning.”
        He’s handling all these more recent problems in the same slow motion manner.
        I know I won’t sleep tonight.

  10. Regarding: Trump 2020; A Man Versus A Movement

    This was a highly interesting essay, right up until it turned into a 17 minute campaign ad. The thing of it is, this “movement” has already evolved far beyond what President Trump can solve alone, even if given 10 more terms in office. And this is not a matter of Trump Versus The Movement. It is and has been “The Movement Versus The American People and our Republic.

    The majority of us on the right side of things are already aware of the highly patent actors and actions that are pushing America headlong into Marxism. (BTW; I resent the fact spell correct insists I capitalize the M in Marxism… but I digress) We have been acutely aware, or “woke” if you prefer, to this fact for years. Many of us have been prepping for it… for years. So lets talk about the real elephant in the room here.

    President Trump could lose the re-election. Then again, he could win, but then what happens in 2024 or 2028 or 2032? At some point the “radical left” will gain control. We have been hearing of military leaders and “deep state” bad actors who are prepared, and willing. to illegally remove Trump from office. There are reports that the “Black Bloc Anti-fascists” are preparing violent actions in D.C., and various other U.S. cities, before, during and after November 3rd. and, those reports state the anti-fascists have been procuring large orders of body armor and individual first aid kits. They are receiving medic training, firearms training as well as combat style training from former AND current military personnel. They are also receiving training in countering counter-insurgency operations.

    We have every reason to believe that, should Biden win the election, his time in the oval office will be very short lived due to obvious health conditions. Further, we have every right to believe that Harris will take America into full blown Venezuela mode immediately upon taking office. As Mr. Klingenstein stated in the video (approx. 16:07 in) “… we are in a fight for our lives.” Yeah well, the opening salvos have already been fired and the enemy has boots on our soil. We, as in we the most to lose in a marxist kind of life style, are already way behind the preventing it from happening curve. We are dealing with pure evil here.

    The most well known quote of Edmund Burke; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good (people) to do nothing.” Well, it’s time for a whole lot of good people to decide if we are are going to face the enemy toe to toe, become involved in a protracted counter insurgency or suffer under marxist rule.

  11. Look up 30 and 330 in Strong’s Concordance. Beast has a host body now. Baphomet Sidgel is dems symbol too….. See thejohnathonkleck channel to learn the truth

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