Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — September 30, 2020

On this day in 1938, the Treaty of Munich was signed by Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier, and Chamberlain. This treaty forced Czechoslovakia to cede territory to Germany. The bumbling Neville Chamberlain returned to England from the treaty signing ceremony, promising “Peace in our time.” But that didn’t last long…

For anyone who reads Polish, a new Polish-language edition of my book How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It (JAK PRZEŻYĆ KONIEC ŚWIATA) is being released today (September 30, 2020). This media company is brilliantly named Kompania Mediowa. They are located in Warsaw. The founding of the company was inspired by the famed compendium book, The Whole Earth Catalog. So I can see how my book caught their attention. The company also does a lot of movie and television production. The translators for the book were Rafal Wierzbicki (“Vyezbeetsky”) and Tom Jurewicz (“Yoorevitch”.)  My thanks to them!  I’m humbled to see my books translated into so many languages. As I recall, this is now 12th on the list of languages, for translation of my books. Needless to say, I don’t read or speak Polish. But at least I was taught Reverse Polish Notation, in one of my mathematics classes!  🙂

Today we present a guest article by a fellow blogger. His blog is The Pickled Prepper. I recommend bookmarking it!

Keep in mind that Round 91 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest begins tomorrow. So get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


    1. As someone once noted, Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice Doggy” while looking for a rock to throw.

      PS Thodan

      1) I had a question for you the other day re mechanical watches but didn’t remember to post until too late.
      2) While I favor G-Shocks for their accuracy and precision, their lithium batteries only have a shelf life of roughly 15 years. Same goes for the rechargeable batteries used in the solar-charged quartz watches.

      3) The chronometer mechanical watches are not anywhere as stable/precise as marine chronometers but during WWII the Hamilton Watch Company here in Pennsylvania upgraded a railroad pocket watch to chronometer watch standards and it was used in bombers and small ships for navigation. Kept in a steel box to protect from magnetism, had special alloy springs to provide temperature stability and was mounted on springs to avoid shocks.

      4) Do you know of any chronometer pocket watches that are reasonably cheap? I’ve looked at the ETA 6497-2/6498-2 movements but (a) ETA appears to be tightly restricting sales to just its inhouse SWATCH makers and (b) while the ETA calibres reportedly can be regulated to watch chronometer standards, it is not clear that they are so tuned before shipment or if that has to be done at extra cost. (Reason I ask is that I have also considered buying tools, loupes,oil etc to maintain the watch myself but regulation is a more skilled task)

      1. I know what watches i like and that´s it and i know even less of pocket watches

        I gone the last years through 2 solar radio G- Shocks both did live maybe 3 years each then the batterie died

  1. URGENT APB: Be on the lookout for Joe Biden’s dilated pupils. Last seen on the outskirts of Ohio. Do not try to apprehend or detain. May be armed with copious amounts of Adderall. If confronted, immediately shout “C’mon man” 47 times and contact local law enforcement. Known to associate with dangerous gang member “Cornpop”. Proceed with caution.

      1. Best one I’ve seen so far today:

        “There wasn’t much substance on policy. Nor was there much actual debate but it did display the true nature of those two men. One is a rough winner, the other a tired loser.”

    1. D.D. Hilarious…

      Spotted those pupils. From what we could see on the TV screen, they really did appear to be seriously dilated.

      …and watch this video clip. Right after Joe’s hand reaches up behind his jacket, what appears to be a wire pops out.

      There were also times when Joe’s facial expression seemed to suggest that he was attending to something other than the debate, and times when he was answering questions not asked (or where he wandered strangely off topic), and many times when he smiled or laughed inappropriately. He failed to answer questions directly, used name-calling (and then lectured everyone else about not doing so), and seemed to pull some of his facts from thin air.

      Meanwhile… America lost a real opportunity to hear a discussion about important issues of the day which do not include “leaked” tax returns, the reports about which may or may not have any basis whatsoever in reality. How about a much more relevant question like the candidates’ proposal for tax policy changes coming that will benefit all of America.

      Riots and the radical leftist mobs, immigration policy, real national emergency preparedness so that a crisis like the one we faced with the onset of COVID doesn’t catch us with empty cupboards again, responsible fiscal policy, preservation of free speech and issues surrounding censorship, decoupling from China…

      Get the picture?

      We have a lot on our plates as a nation, folks. Chris Wallace blew an important and rare opportunity. President Trump does all he can via interviews and press conferences and peaceful protest rallies to get the word out, but the mainstream media silences him in every way they can. Last night the candidates and the moderator were before the American people, and Chris Wallace blew it.

      Furthermore… As a matter of security, all parties should be checked for wires and other devices. ALL OF THEM. No one should be allowed anywhere near the President without being checked for wires. I would have handled this as a matter of the President’s personal security. No check re: the wire, no entry onto the stage. Plain and simple.

      1. TofA,

        You are far too kind. I thought Biden looked like an animated corpse. It is plain to see the toll it takes on the body and mind when surrounded for decades by evil, lies, and treachery. I feel sorry for him knowing that, if elected, he will be discarded like a plastic grocery bag by his handlers. I pray for his soul and for our country. Trump told us last night what to expect.

      2. I myself think President Trump’s staff did a very poor job of research and briefing him.

        There are many negatives about Biden that have gone unreported.

        Ex: It is ridiculous for Biden to claim to have a better virus plan when he and Obama used up 89 million N95 masks from the National Stockpile during the 2009 swine flu and then failed to replace them in the subsequent 8 years. While refusing to support American makers and letting N95 manufacturing be outsourced to China.

        Ex: Shutting down the economy as Biden vaguely proposed greatly increases misery and kills people by an increased suicide rate. There were 40,000 more US suicides during the high unemployment years of the Obama/Biden administration than would have been expected from the preceding decade’s stats.

        Ex: This Chinese virus hit us so hard because of our dependency on foreign imports — the result of Bill Clinton’s globalization and push for trade with China.

        1. Don Williams… Honestly I think he was taken by surprise, although this should never have happened. Perhaps he anticipated better from Chris Wallace? Hard to imagine, but maybe. He may also have been surprised by the level of cover Wallace provided for Biden. My impression was that DJT was prepared to talk about the issues substantively, but he was not prepared for what actually came his way courtesy of the moderator. He should have been prepared for the mud slinging from the outset. DJT is a brawler, and he’s very very tough… Even so, he’s also a human being. Sometimes I wonder if DJT experiences incredulity. Many days the level of corruption must seem surreal. Even those of us who understand the very real nature of evil can be surprised by the depth of its darkness.

          All this having been said, Donald Trump has my unwavering support, and he will have my vote.

  2. Hitler shouldn’t have been a mystery before WW2.

    Hitler wrote about his plans in his book; spoke about his plans in his speeches. … Hitler ~openly plotted killing the Jews, and invading Russia through Eastern Europe. He said the German Race needed the ‘living space’ found in Western Russia.
    He also said the Western Democracies were just a charade. = Any Government is better off with a >Strong Man like Hitler running things.

    [As a note: Hitler was a vegetarian later in life. He thought meat eating was destroying the nation. If Hitler was alive today, he’d join an animal rights group.]

    That’s all History. Many people back then ignored what all villains were ~saying.

    Where are we today, here in the USA. =
    Now days, many people in the USA attack the free enterprise system. They claim Americans are too rich. ‘Americans didn’t earn that wealth.’ … There’s a need to use the government to make people poorer, and forcibly share the wealth with people ‘more’ deserving. = A widely accepted idea by many people.

    Many Americans want to take away privately owned guns. They’re currently trying to steal an election. …….. Defunding the police and eliminating ‘Law and Order’ is now a political goal by many people.
    A large number of people also believe there are too many other people in the World. Things would be ‘better’ ~ if a lot of other people were killed off, eliminated or somehow just disappeared.

    A lot of crazy people seem to be congregating together. They all have plans to use the government to force people to obey their commands.
    [If they have anything in common, it’s basically diabolical.]


    What to do. Obviously vote.

    +Make sure you have the needed preps. People know History doesn’t really repeat itself. But evil events seem to be in Harmony. Many people around the world accept and want a dictatorial government.

    +Make sure you live in the safest place possible. A bug-out is an option. But, just moving in advance to a safer place would be wiser. SurvivalBlog has good advice up in the links at the top of the page.
    May God Continue to Bless America.

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