The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Beware whenever you hear the word “activist.” Activist judges, activist clergymen, activist journalists, and activist politicians all share one thing in common: They have consciously decided to abandon the truth in favor of enforcing their political will and their particular agenda upon others. That self-centered conscious choice is the root of all of the world’s extreme “isms” and tyrannical regimes. It is antithetical to true justice, to human liberty, and to ground truth. Looking back on history, such activism has been the progenitor of all totalitarian governments and genocides. The urge toward collectivism is the ultimate willful disobedience to God’s Law. It is the abandonment of genuine altruism in favor of a feline fanaticism. I say feline, because in essence, it follows the same cruel urge as a cat that plays with a cornered mouse until it is dead. It is a sickness of the mind. “Social justice” is not true justice. It is activism that quests for power and control over others. Consequently, it requires disarming others. A collectivist activist with a police force under his command can be a truly fearsome dictator. The recognized right to keep and bear arms — in our nation enshrined in the Second Amendment — keeps the Activist from becoming the Tyrant.”  – James Wesley, Rawles


  1. Atlanta Bureaucrat Indicted for Illegal Machine Gun Possession
    by S.H. Blannelberry
    on September 17, 2020

    Beard allegedly ordered two custom-built machine guns to be delivered to Atlanta City Hall and paid with them using taxpayer funds to the tune of $2,641.90. On a U.S. Department of the Treasury tax exemption form, the CFO claimed they were for the exclusive use of the Atlanta Police Department.

    However, investigators claim that Beard kept them for personal use.

  2. I witnessed so many ways that politically appointed government officials steal that they develop a false sense of security. Oh, heck, it isn’t a false sense …….. they ARE secure until they do something over the top stupid. Buying machine guns reaches this level of stupidity.

    A more common ruse is to schedule a training course in L.A. when you want to vacation in Hawaii. The state would pay your way to California then you schedule your vacation from there. When you return from vacation just tear up your “leave slip”. You will be paid huge sums for the unused leave upon retirement. So there, you milk the government for travel expense and free time off. All expenses paid.

    As a bonus, you don’t even have to attend the training course. Just enjoy life in a luxury hotel and night life until your Hawaii flight is available. After all, it’s just “government” money.

  3. “the Second Amendment — keeps the Activist from becoming the Tyrant.”

    The only way this works is that the people have the stones to use their arms. So far no wanna-be tyrant in America has yet swung from the nearest tree or street-light.

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