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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the conflagration in Malden, Washington.. (See the Idaho section.)


Archery hunters attacked by grizzly bear in Idaho. JWR’s Comment: In bear country, I recommend carrying both pepper spray and lead spray!

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Over at Redoubt News: Todd Engel Update – Feds File to Dismiss with Prejudice! Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Recently, Engel’s appellate attorney, Warren Markowitz, successfully argued this case in front of the 9th circuit court of appeals. The judges ruled to vacate the conviction of Todd Engel and sent the case back to Nevada for either release or a new trial.

Now, the prosecution team has filed to have the charges against Engel dismissed with prejudice, meaning that Engel would be released with no chance of being retried on these charges. Judge Navarro is expected to sign the motion within the next couple of days.”

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Here’s what we know about Idaho’s 407 coronavirus deaths (Sept. 10). JWR’s Comment: For comparison, consider Alameda County, California, with a population about the same size as Idaho. (1.7 million people.) To date, that county has had 303 deaths, despite draconian lockdown measures, including banning church gatherings, and the closure of most stores. Why is it, that with all their strict rules that they haven’t been able to flatten the curve, while Idaho has?  It is all about population density.  Avoid crowds, folks!


Montana coal mine plans to furlough 73 workers until January

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Building contractors endorse Gianforte for his opposition to marijuana measure. A pericope:

“The Montana Contractors Association on Wednesday endorsed Republican Greg Gianforte for governor, citing his opposition to a 2020 ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana in Montana.

“The recreational marijuana initiative is a very, very troubling initiative,” said Bob Warren, president of the contractors’ group. “The MCA board voted to fight this with all our strength and resources.

“We chose to support the Gianforte campaign because of his similar opposition.”

The MCA often endorses Republican candidates, but hasn’t usually linked endorsements to such a high-profile, controversial issue.”

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Bozeman mayor resigns, deputy mayor sworn in

Eastern Oregon

Hero pulls toddler from canal, says ‘that is just what you have to do’

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A time to reap: Melvilles bring in ‘intercropped’ harvest

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Common violations hunters should avoid

Eastern Washington

80% of the buildings in this little town burned: Small town of Malden left in ruins

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Eastern Washington slammed by fires, dust storms and power outages


Coronavirus: UW announces extension of campus pause

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UW Allowing Students To Withdraw, Receive Full Refund Due To Paused Return. The article begins:

“After extending its pause to efforts to resume in-person classes, the University of Wyoming is allowing students to withdraw and receive a full refund for this semester’s courses.

The university announced this decision in a news release Thursday. Students can either withdraw and receive a refund or put their enrollment off until the spring semester.

‘We understand the complexity of the situation created by COVID-19 and, with the extension of the pause, we are allowing students extra time to request a full refund if they choose to defer enrollment or withdraw through Sept. 15,’ Interim Provost Anne Alexander said in the release. ‘Of course, we don’t want any students to withdraw unless absolutely necessary but, in the event it is best for that student, we want to be as helpful as possible.'”

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Evers Park gazebo closed after damage during hurricane-force winds

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  1. The lady who saved the child is a hero and it should be what we all do but sadly most just pull out their phones and record so they can upload and be popular.
    She is awesome and the kind of people you want around you.

    1. Matt in Oklahoma! What a stark contrast between the heroic actions of this woman and the cowardly actions of so many others… Our world needs REAL heroes and heroines, and people need to know what makes for these. Your post resonated with me as I read it, and I have the feeling this will also be true for many other members of the SB community.

  2. In the bear country article: When we work LTL (Less Than Lethal) is always covered by a Lethal Force Option.
    In this case the Bear Spray user should be covered by a firearm user. If it’s only “one or the other” then the firearm might be the better option if you have the survival mindset.
    It is possible to hold a firearm and spray though I question if that is the best practice and/or if you have practiced that.

  3. Our little valley in the middle of Idaho has been covered in smoke for days with ash raining down on everything. The closest fire is 20 miles away and the winds are changing. I always had a Go Bag and made sure everyone in my family had one, but… LOL when I moved to the area I’m in now, I felt so safe that I didn’t put together a Go Bag. So, I will do that today.

    Not taking my own advice is pretty lame!!

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