Preparedness Notes for Monday — September 14, 2020

Today is the birthday of James Wilson, a lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1742 – 1798).

This is also the birthday of actor Clayton Moore (1914–1999). His name is almost synonymous with Lone Ranger.

We are pleased to present another product review by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio, as today’s feature article.


  1. Question
    Been wearing glasses since 1990 and because I am able to still work – wearing glasses which wrap around my ears is preferable.
    Duly noted most of the “founders” work was academic.
    But there still remains the MYSTERY of how those glasses stayed on their head…
    Or just a thought

  2. A couple-three months ago, Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown edicted/proclaimed Oregon forests are closed to campers and hikers… and anybody able to stop terrorists arsoning our national treasures.


    1. I just watched the first episode of “The Lone Ranger” on youtube.

      25 minutes well spent for the backstory, what Kemosabe means, and how they met.

      Clayton Moore. A fine man.

      Carry on in grace

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