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CNN: Please Don’t Call Them “Huge, Uncontrolled Wildfires”

Instead, Call Them California’s Small “Mostly Peaceful” Campfires


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  1. Or you could call them the result of decades of leftist land management, combined with a dry summer. 🙂 We here in eastern Australia had a similar experience last summer. My farm was heavily impacted by bush fire, we lost 80% of our pasture and the years supply of hay. Very nearly lost out home, sheds and stock and very nearly got myself and daughter fried. The district lost thousands of acres (300,000 hectares) of farmland, native bush and pine plantation, along with many houses, sheds and livestock. The fire started by lightning in a pine plantation, but because of negligent management of the plantation we couldnt get in there to fight the fire. It blew out of the plantation a rolled south for about 130km. Our countries’ have both had bushfires in summer since year 1. The difference in the last 30-40 years is NOT climate change, its ideologically based land management. Its destroying country and destroying livelihoods as all forms of leftism tends to do.

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