Preparedness Notes for Friday — September 11, 2020

It has been 19 years since the Sept. 11, 2001 Al Qaeda terror attacks on the United States. Looking back on the days before that fateful day, make me wistfully long for the freedom that we enjoyed.

Today is also the anniversary of the Benghazi Embassy attacks, in 2012. (Those events were recounted in the recent Hollywood film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.) Please remember the sacrifice of J. Christopher Stevenson, Sean Smith, and CIA (former Navy SEAL) agents Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Between them, Woods and Doherty reportedly dropped at least 60 of the attackers, before their position was overwhelmed. Please also remember the spineless worms in Washington, D.C. who decided to not back up the embassy staff when they were in dire need of help. Eventually, they will pay for that. Time wounds all heels.

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Round 90 ends on September 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. Half the folks in the preparedness community have taught their kids 9-11 wasn’t real. Kinda hard for them to remember it as a historical event. Many of those that do don’t blame terrorism because of what they’ve been taught.
    The “spineless worms” will slide and worse yet the history will be altered as we lose ground to those that continually delete history. History doesn’t last more than 20-30yrs anymore. Just ask a teen the significance of Beruit and the US Military from recent history and see what they say. It’s not taught by schools or parents.

    1. Hello Matt,

      What do you mean not real? That it didn’t happen at all, or just not believing the narrative that we were told of who did it and how it was done?

      We, personally, drove past the ruins of the wing of the Pentagon about three months after it happened to bring someone to Dulles Airport. “Something” happened to cause the destruction, for sure.

      Personally, I think it was an inside job to further the control agenda of the populous for the NWO.

          1. Matt, sorry, but I do not have a clue what you are talking about. Are you talking in riddles or ….? If you are not clearly speaking your point, why post? Kick it out, what the heck are you saying?

      1. I mean both are being taught that it didn’t happen the way presented and that it didn’t happen at all. That it was us not terrorism. That it was a red flag. It said that it was a DEW or other weapon.
        I mean even what you said. That’s a perfect example. You think it was us and not muslim terrorism.
        There is a hundred versions. There’s enough versions that the young don’t even care anymore.
        How in the world do you expect them to learn any history with every single thing picked apart and sent in different directions?
        They are adults now in many cases. Coming into the workforce and jury pools. You want prosecutions for Benghazi when this generation doesn’t think we were supposed to be there to start with and we got killed just trying to push our agendas and all government is bad. Good luck with that. It’ll never happen. In fact I think the percentage of The People that want it is very low and shrinking daily as we age and the young grow.

        1. “Man cannot govern themselves without having their hearts submitted to Jesus Christ, the WORD OF GOD/ the check from His Holy Spirit” (Paraphrased). Therefore, the absolute truth will not be told of any event.

          Anyone in control of the narrative will change the history to suit their purposes.

          Therefore we teach our kids that events probably happened, it’s story was told, and we try to understand the philosophies and motives behind the events.

          Most events are caused by Godless men and righteous men are trying to wrest the evil and control away from them. Satan has been deceiving God’s creation since the beginning. His motive is rule over God’s creation and he loves to steal, kill, and destroy. He uses men who are not submitted to Jesus to do his will. He is the Father of Lies. Therefore children in the Godless Public School System and those listening to the Godless Mainstream Media will hear one Narrative, while homeschooled children will have parents searching out matters looking for truth and the root of the matter and telling another narrative. It is all according to one’s world view. Is it a secular world view or a Biblical World view? Satan wants to stamp out the Biblical World view. Satan wishes to control all of God’s creation and have it worship him. It is the Great Cosmic Battle. Who will we choose to believe and worship?

        2. Matt in Oklahoma…
          From your post: “There is a hundred versions. There’s enough versions that the young don’t even care anymore.”

          You are making an especially important point in this statement. Discerning the facts is difficult for most, and in some ways impossible. Confusion is sown — and we can see the results of this.

          We must remember who the author of confusion is — and it is not God.

          I also believe people seek to try to make sense of their experiences, and there are very real challenges when those experiences are overwhelmingly traumatic and surreal. In their efforts to put together the picture of the experiences, some pieces are “force fit” into the puzzle. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations follow. They’re often unintentional and rather innocent really, but are in error nevertheless. When these propagate through media unchecked, and gain momentum and credibility, the results are problematic to be sure — and the truth is all too often lost in the chaos of it all.

          Another aspect of all of this that complicates discovery of the facts and the truth is that people tend to think in linear ways — rather than in spherical, multi-dimensional ways. Multiple facts and truths can simultaneously exist. For example — it can be simultaneously true that the actions of criminal terrorist thugs and negligent U.S. authorities (who may also have been guilty of crimes) contributed simultaneously to the tragedy of 9-11.

          1. There are a 100 versions for a reason. We all know what happened, it was even televised. The purpose of the 100 alternative versions of what happened is to make you forget that Muslims did this and will do it again and next time they may use nukes. The world elite want to flood Christian first world nations with Muslim immigrants and uneducated so that the powerful nations will be destroyed. If we were to all come together and resist this effort we could stop it. BUT there are `100 alternative excuses of what happened just to prevent us from coming together. The first world is committing suicide right before our eyes. Will it be France or Great Britain that goes first or maybe Greece or Germany. Maybe the U.S.

          2. TofA, your grasp of reality is, indeed, strong. I know I so deeply want to be in control, have ANSWERS and TRUTH.

            As a conversation this morning reminded me, our control is very limited. We create suffering when we deny that and struggle to be “in charge”.

            I think somewhere in his letter to the Corinthians, Paul, counsels us to basically “Let go and Let God”.

            Sigh. I actually sighed as I read what I just wrote.

            Carry on in grace

        3. Matt in Oklahoma,

          Instead of “…red flag…”, did you intend to write ‘false flag’?

          As I understand the term, a ‘false flag’ is an artificial disaster created to increase the power of one individual or group at the expense of all others.

          One example is the televisionprogramming known as ’60 Minutes’ placing explosives on pick-up trucks to artificially exaggerate the results of a collision.

          Another false flag is the televisionprogramming known as ’60 Minutes’ using heavy weights to artificially exaggerate the alleged instability of Japanese station-wagons.

          Another false flag is the televisionprogramming known as ’60 Minutes’ using artificially weakened tires stressed beyond their design to artificially exaggerate the alleged failures of one brand of tires.

          But the worst false flag of all false flags is an anonymous commentor on TheWorldWideWeb — as an egregious act of self-import — pointing out the supposed improper use of ‘red flag’…

        4. To clarify,

          I didn’t say it was “us” that did it.

          There are powers that be in our government or above/outside our government that controls our government, that could have done it. The Elites who promote the Hegelian Dialectic cause and allow chaos and lawlessness and immorality, so that they can implement new laws to stop the chaos and in the process to remove the freedoms of the populace and move them in the direction that they desire.

    2. Matt in Oklahoma!
      If you haven’t yet read it, you may really enjoy and appreciate Peter Lance’s book titled Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI. It’s very well documented, and tells a comprehensive, well-woven historical story of events — incorporating everything from the roles of radical Islamic terrorist thugs to the misadventures, egregious errors, and even the crimes of U.S. federal authorities. It was so well written that I recommend it at every opportunity. My husband and I have read it more than once — it’s just that worthwhile an investment of reading time, and there is so much to take in.

  2. I just listened in shock as my Eldest’s virtual class session (a private Christian school) went over the days of the week, calendar, etc, and I was wondering if they would address Patriot Day at all, when the instructor said, “This is a very special day…” She mentioned something about planes and towers in New York, and remembering the families of the firefighters,

    “who died in the 9-11 accident.”

    I just about dropped my coffee cup. My husband looked at me open-mouthed, then said, “You need to say something.”

    I understand that she may have been trying to just super-sanitize things given the cognitive levels of the children involved (most equivalent of preschoolers)……and I understand it is not my place to jump on the zoom call and correct, because what the other children are told is up to their own parents. But I will speak to her in private (and the head of school if need be, who is much older than this instructor, who might have herself still been in school 19 years ago), and I will teach all my children more. They already know more. In past years have talked about “bad guys” and how some people dislike liberty.

    1. Shocking, really… The 9-11 “accident”.

      Reminds me of “Some people did some things…” SB readers will understand the reference there for sure.

      You are wise to address this with the teacher, and should probably also address this with the administrators.

      Failure to teach this history not only dishonors those who lost their lives on 9-11 (and those who lost their lives later as a result of the attack of 9-11), it also makes us more vulnerable to attacks in the present — or those that might be coming in the future.

      1. “…it also makes us more vulnerable to attacks in the present — or those that might be coming in the future.”

        Absolutely, both in a national security sense and in the larger spiritual one. One of evil’s big ploys is to convince people that it doesn’t really exist: “nothing to see here folks, move along…” There is no fundamental battle, all exists on a continuum, all choices are okay, etc. If you say otherwise nowadays, then you’re just judgmental (and non-woke).

        The good news is that the instructor was very open to my concerns. She confirmed that she absolutely was trying to keep things G-rated for the preschool level, and even mentioned that if some students had been doing another session at the time and not present, then she would have covered the terrorism etc in more detail for my son and another student. I reminded her that “accident” implies “ooooops,” and she readily stated that that was a poor choice of words from talking too fast and being a little unprepared. She agreed that “event” or even “day” would have been a better word choice than “accident.” I asked whether she discussed “good choices and bad choices” with her students, the topic of human volition age-appropriately, and she said she would be soon. It is very difficult to tell how students are feeling or understanding, when they are young and nonverbal to start with, and then you’re working via video link! I have nothing but respect for the staff’s hard work. (As for the students, my son at least didn’t even remember her saying anything at all about firefighters. He was fixated on the cool sound effects they made because it is “fishy Friday” in their calendar song.)

        The instructor volunteered the info (confirming my guess) that she had been in early elementary school when 9/11 took place, and shared her memories of hiding in the closet with her class and then being picked up early by her parents. At the end she thanked me for speaking with her, because she is a fairly new teacher and appreciates feedback. I thanked her for being so open to it. I think I will drop a note to administration, but frame it as complimenting her for being so open to my feedback. That will both let them know that she’s really doing a good job, AND they can read between the lines and see that if there is a certain message they wish to have conveyed about a specific topic, it would benefit everyone if they helped the younger teachers prepare in advance….

        All in all, a good practice round I think. I reminded my husband: this is why we homeschool! Who knows what they could be getting in a public classroom, without us ever knowing about it or there to clarify….

        1. Bear! What a great result… You and your husband both must be feeling really good about the success in this communication with the teacher, and you have a great solution (wonderfully constructive) for communicating with the administrative team. I say GOOD FOR YOU!

  3. Many say WWII was not as big or bad as history says; but my dad had two purple hearts, one from Pearl Harbor attack and another from Germany.

    Many say the Jews weren’t “mistreated” during WWII, yet I went to school with a girl who was tortured by prison guards when she was 2-3-4 y/o, with scars from burns and cuts all over here body.

    Kids today say Vietnam soldiers were murderers, but my brother came back messed up and dying from agent orange.

    People don’t know about all the attacks on American businesses, embassy’s and military bases around the world which led up to 9-11 attacks throughout the states. Who did what for what reason is still being sorted out, but the attacks were real and the total screw up by the various state and federal governments was criminal.

    Now we have the current mess and again the various state and federal governments have shown their lack of leadership and how deep our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are buried in our government. But the virus, whether natural or man-made is real, whether it did or did not make you sick or killed someone in your family; a lot of people around the world died and those who perpetrated this crime should be publicly hung by the neck until dead.

    Next, will be the voter fraud issue. Then, who knows what will be after that.

    1. Animal House…
      Important examples connecting us all to the truth of the experiences of all these people — real and undeniable. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

    1. I don’t know, this one posted. If it shows up and is acceptable, it’s posted. I haven’t had any issues yet with your posts. I haven’t seen any others from you in the past hour. Try again.

        1. Jim said to try to send the post without the link, but put a description in of where to find it. Just a thought.

          The automated comments system does things to posts and we never see them.

  4. One of the big problems I have with the whole terrorist narrative for 9-/11 is why haven’t they followed up in the past 19 years? Why has there not been a single credible terrorist attack since then on American soil? Why aren’t terrorists attacking us every year on 9/11 as a reminder that they cannot be stopped?

    Judging by how many illegal aliens there are in this country, it’s a no-brainer that anyone who wants to get here can get here, including terrorists who want to show us who’s boss every 9/11.

    If I can sit in my easy chair with a cup of coffee and think up five low-tech, very little planning, super-cheap, impossible-to-catch-anyone-until-after-the-fact terror plots, I’m sure all the combined brains of the terrorist community can think up way more than a hick from the sticks like me. Yes, some of them are dumb sheep doing the dirty work but others are engineers, mathematicians, and munitions experts. Terrorism isn’t about killing people, it’s about creating terror. If there are deaths along the way, those are just bonus points. Case in point, 3,000 people died on 9/11 but tens of millions of people were terrorized and were deeply affected psychologically.

    Since it’s so easy, why haven’t there been more terror attacks since 9/11?

          1. RCB5472TN, same here. I gotta do something to keep the gray matter functional and I always love a good challenge. I agree it can be very enlightening and make you look at things in a whole different light.

    1. St Funogas, There have been many attempts to kill Americans not only inside the USA, but all over the world, in “honor” of the suicide terrorist attack on 9-11. You would be both surprised and horrified by who sponsors these attempts. Most people don’t hear about them because they are or were stopped by the various American anti-terrorist SWAT/FBI/SEALS/DELTA force warriors and details are/were classified. Maybe the government thinks the population is to fragile to know of the attempts or that snowflakes need to be protected and kept on their proper glide path. Attempts continue to take place, they just have taken a different form now.

      1. Hey Animal House, see my comments below in response to T of A.

        I don’t believe these stories as they pertain to events inside the U.S. Something as easy as a terrorist flying a Cessna into the new tower that replaced the Twin Towers, or any of a dozen other high-profile targets in Chicago, LA, San Francisco, etc, would do a great job of creating terror in the U.S. They already know that TPTB in this country couldn’t take care of an airliner that was headed straight for Washington DC for a full hour and they let it hit the Pentagon. The PTB would most likely be just as inept on a second attempt.

        I once got a full tank of butane for a backpacking stove through TSA in one of our largest cities. I hadn’t done it intentionally and didn’t realize it until sitting around the campfire that night. It was in my carry-on so a terrorist could do the same, take it to the bathroom, release all the propane and light a match. It would be a heck of an explosion. In the process of getting 600 knives through TSA, they only caught two of my knives over a 9-year period. And there was no punishment. One on of the knives that got caught, I went back out to the main lobby, pushed it down in to the soil of a large potted plant and retrieved it on my next trip there, and got it through TSA on the second attempt. Read the statistics on how often TSA agents fail to catch dangerous banned items when tested by TSA officials. So my own personal experiences tell me that if I can do it, they can do it. But they aren’t. So I remain unconvinced. There are way too many low-profile, low-tech, cheap options they could do without rousing any suspicions until after the event had been successfully pulled off. Again, not all of these guys are dummies.

        Best regards.

      2. Animal House…
        From your post: “Maybe the government thinks the population is to fragile to know of the attempts or that snowflakes need to be protected and kept on their proper glide path.”

        This is an interesting and excellent point. In fact, Rudy Giuliani was interviewed briefly by Sean Hannity this evening, and talked about the risk of 3 weeks of flooding to NYC in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks — and how he did not relay that to the people because the risk was being monitored and he was in a leadership role (and not wanting to inflict unnecessary worry or panic). I can understand the position he took.

        Unfortunately… There is also a consequence for too much protection of the public, and I believe we’re seeing the results of that in the present.

  5. I am about to make a comment which might be off topic. The comment will probably cause readers think the worst of me. It is as follows:

    Lying is an acceptable trait in many cultures throughout the world. The USA has encouraged many cultures to migrate here. As new cultures assimilate, western culture conversely absorbs new ideas and customs.

    Before you think the worst, I was told this by a Middle Eastern man who I hold in the highest of esteem.

    1. People tend to share information about their life experiences — that which is good and wonderful and inspiring, and that which is darker too. They will often make observations about their own cultures which are taboo when coming from anyone on the outside of those cultures… We tend to exist as community beings, and all of this “cultural information” goes into the “cultural melting pot” and becomes part of “human culture”. Having known and held in high regard and friendship people from every corner of the world, I understand what you have shared — and appreciate your willingness to share the insights of the fellow who provided it to you. An important take away for all of us is understanding the ways in which our choices as individuals and family households and communities impacts the greater human culture. With this in mind, we should endeavor to be and convey the best of ourselves.

    2. TominAlaska, Very true statement. I’ve lived all over the world in many foreign countries and all is fair in love and war against anyone who is not family. Now, if someone lies or cheats against a family member; it can mean death. But for anyone else, it is business as usual. And yes, when people immigrate, they bring their culture with them and it is passed down from generation to generation.

    3. @TominAlaska, I think the academic term is high trust/low trust societies. Sweden, Denmark, Japan? High trust. Afghanistan, Cameroon, Libya? Low trust. We shouldn’t necessarily stop immigration, but we should absolutely be picky about which cultures we invite in.

  6. @TominAlaska
    “Lying is an acceptable trait in many cultures throughout the world. The USA has encouraged many cultures to migrate here. As new cultures assimilate, western culture conversely absorbs new ideas and customs.”

    Not sure why, but I hadn’t actually considered that. Now I cannot unconsider it. That statement paints a mighty bleak picture for our future.

  7. Lying in order to deceive infidels is not only acceptable, but encouraged in the Koran. It seems like most of the mainstream society wants to glaze over that information, just like the fact the the Koran demands the killing of those who won’t convert to Islam.
    Some “Religion of Peace”

    1. Killing or enslavement, yes it does.

      All of the Muslims I have gotten to know personally, through work or school or mutual hobbies, have been peaceful people so far as I know. With some we discussed religion, and with others, we didn’t. (There was even one student who came to our Sunday school class in college, with his Christian friend, for a discussion of the Koran and how it is similar and dissimilar to the Old Testament. That was very interesting and I appreciated him taking the time.) I understand that not every human is representative of the groups to which they belong, and I try to strike the right balance between judging individuals by the content of their characters, and being aware of how their beliefs and worldviews may lead to friction or worse when the chips are down. It’s not easy, but then in general humans usually aren’t… Far too many are violent and hate-filled, whatever their ideologies.

  8. For those who wonder why we have not seen another terror attack on the level of 9-11… Some of these have been stopped by observant citizens who made and followed up on reports to the appropriate authorities. We hear about them from time to time in the news, but many are never shared with the public.

    My husband and I were involved in an example of the thwarting of an act of terrorism that was never made public. I will not share much because I do not know the status of any current pursuit of the individuals involved. I will only say that this occurred in the Southwestern United States involving people who had traveled from a great distance in-country. These individuals were acting in the capacity of scouts. They were in the process of identifying targets. The threat was credible, had the potential for catastrophic loss of life and significant destruction of property. It resulted in a significant investigation by federal authorities. Quite a remarkable story, and one about which I wish I could share much more.

    Eyes open, everyone. If you see a credible threat, say something.

    1. Hey T of A,

      With all due respect, we hear these types of stories all the time and they always turn out to be some government agency or another trying to make a big deal out of nothing, or they were the ones who found some idiot and talked them into a terrorist plot, gave them bogus bombs, etc, and then arrested them for terrorism. I can’t comment on your particular case since I don’t know the details, so I won’t.

      Even the lamest low-IQ terrorist can take one look at what happens in California every fall when the Santa Ana winds start blowing, and it doesn’t take too much of a genius to figure out how they could do a billion dollars worth of damage with $1,000 of materials bought on July 3rd at roadside stands. It wouldn’t require scoping out any sites ahead of time, just a road map, no targets to identify, very little planning required, and there’s no way they would catch anyone until California was in some major deep doo-doo. Just two guys in one car, one driving and the other doing the work, could do a heck of a lot of damage. 10 two-man crews could do a billion dollars worth of damage for one night’s work. I’ll spare all the details for obvious reasons but the other 4 plots I have in mind would accomplish a lot of damage as well, with very little planning, no need to scope out any sites ahead of time, and one of them only requires gas money and two cheap hand tools. And like I said, I’m just some bored guy on a rainy day with a good imagination and an engineering mindset, what could terrorists think up if the set their minds to it?

      For that reason, I always doubt the “foiled terrorist plots” when I hear about them on the news or elsewhere. Again, I can’t comment on your particular story since I don’t know the details.

      And there still hasn’t been a credible terrorist event in the US since 9/11.

      I don’t even worry about terrorists, I worry about Antifa and the Burn, Loot, and Murder crowd pulling these things off to accomplish their goals. They’re not a bunch of dummies and if Trump wins in November, or has the appearance of winning on election night before all the mail-in ballots are counted, I would bet at least a roll of silver dimes that they’re going to start doing some of these things and a whole lot more. It will make 9/11 look like a minor event in US history.

      Still love ya girl! 🙂

      1. Ft Hood shooting, Recruiter office shootings in Tennesse, Shootings at Pensacola NAS last year, Multipile hammer and ax attacks NYC, Decapitation at Oklahoma plant. And those without even straining my memory. Many many attacks in this country since 9/11. Christmas party shootings Calif 2015

  9. As much as I would like to tell the tale, I cannot. Readers are welcome — as they always are — to draw their own conclusions. I hesitated to say anything at all because I knew I really could not share more… The details of this particular case would send chills up the spines of the most hardened counter terrorism expert — and confirm the very real nature of the threat. Despite the circumstances which surround my relative secrecy on the matter, I believe it’s important to say that some acts of terrorism have been foiled by observant citizens. Anyone who denies the risk of a significant act of terrorism, does so at their own peril.

  10. @St. Funogas
    “And there still hasn’t been a credible terrorist event in the US since 9/11.”

    I’m just guessing here, but perhaps the countries that sponsor terrorism were surprised by our reaction to 911. In fact, some were so surprised, that they died. Maybe they didn’t want that to happen to them again.

    Not commenting on the middle east wars that Trump is finally ending, but maybe Bin Laden spent so much time hiding because he was afraid of the response from his own people after the destruction we rained down on them after 911.

    The psychoanalysis of the response, the creation of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, etc is endless and there has been and never will be agreement. Did we overreact? Did we underreact? Was it just right? Who knows, and at this point it may be moot, until everyone over there forgets how we responded, and start some stuff again.

    Personally I think we underreacted. We should have destroyed their entire infrastructure, their ability to communicate, and every last bastion of terrorism camps. No mercy. And then left. Anyone remaining over there can clean up their own mess.

  11. i remember sitting in my chair in the living room confused as to what had happened with the first plane hitting one of the towers, then to my horror i saw the second plane hit the other tower LIVE then to my additional horror a couple hours later the towers collapsed…i will never forget that day or forget who did it…

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