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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the continuing nightly riots in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Surpasses 100 Nights of Riots

Over at the KOIN-TV web site: Night 100: Riot, Molotov cocktail, injuries, 59 arrests. Here is a pericope:

The 100th night of protests against police brutality quickly accelerated into a riot in Southeast Portland on Saturday, with at least two people injured and 59 people arrested, including 16 by the Oregon State Police.

A rally and direction action march was organized for Ventura Park Saturday evening. Similar to previous nights, people gathered in the park before deciding on a destination to march to between 8 and 9 p.m. Demonstrators were still in the park when the Portland Police Bureau started making announcements over the LRAD, telling people a march was not permitted and they needed to stay in the park.

The group of a few hundred people decided to march down Stark Street toward the East Portland Community Policing Center, where they were met by a line of officers.”

JWR’s Comment:   Most other mayors would have declared a curfew after just a few nights. But apparently, the leftist mayor of Portland is Muy Sympatico.

Oh, and there is video of the rioters going Full Molotov. In British Football, they refer to these foul-ups as “Own Goal” scores.

Turkey Escalates Tensions with Greece

Linked over at the news aggregation site:  Turkey Escalates With Tanks & Armored Troop Carriers Deployed To Greek Border

India and China Agree to Ease Tension on Border

The Reuters news service reports: India and China agree to ease tension on border.

A U.S. Military Base on Palau?

Over at WorldNetDaily: Palau invites U.S. to build military base as China pushes into Pacific.

Michael Anton: The Coming Coup

Reader Joe B. sent us this “food for thought” piece by Michael Anton that was posted at Zero Hedge: The Coming Coup

Woman Dead for 6 Months Gets COVID-19 Diagnosis

Redaer.  N.O. sent us this: Shelby County woman who passed away 6 months ago gets letter saying she is COVID-19 positive. Here is a quote:

“A Shelby County man questions what is going on at the Shelby County Health Department.

His mother died six months ago, but the health department just sent her a letter saying she is COVID-19 positive.

Troy Whittington said he was surprised when he opened the letter this week from the Shelby County Health Department. He knew what was in that letter was false.
“I’m just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive,” said Whittington.

Whittington said a letter arrived from the Shelby County Health Department for his mother, Sandra Whittington. The letter says she has been diagnosed as COVID positive and needed to isolate.

That would be difficult, according to her obituary: the 66-year-old died February 16th. That was weeks before the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Shelby County.

“It’s been 6 months, almost 7, since she passed away. There was no testing that was done at that time. On her death certificate it was stated she died, what the cause of death was, and it was not COVID-19. It was COPD,” said Whittington.

The Millington resident said his mom fought a long battle with COPD and was considered in stage 4 when she died in hospice at the home of a friend.

Whittington said when he called the health department, he was told she took a COVID-19 test June 20th, which was clearly impossible. She was cremated.”

Another “Mostly Peaceful” Night of Riots and Arson

Reader D.S.V. sent this bit of reality inversion: CNN Calls Riot ‘Mostly Peaceful’ As Reporter Stands In Front Of Burning Buildings

Vindication for Silicon Valley Preppers

I missed this article that ran in The New York Times when it ran, back in April: I Used to Make Fun of Silicon Valley Preppers. Then I Became One.

A snippet:

“For years, one of the most smirked-at subspecies in the technology ecosystem was that of the Silicon Valley Prepper. You were always hearing about them, these men with soft jobs and hardened paranoia. The $0.99 game developer with a bug-out bag; the venture capitalist with a bunker in New Zealand; the cloud administrator learning to bowhunt for a survivalist future. The preppers were living in flush times in a beautiful region, but it seemed like the first thing they did with money was steel for the apocalypse.

Now, with Covid-19, they feel vindicated. Because they are. The coders and founders long snickered at for stockpiling flour and toilet paper were absolutely right.”

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  1. The soundtrack on the “own goal” video was very well chosen. Heh heh heh. I have also enjoyed the versions set to (or even interspliced with) Footloose! I know we’re not supposed to get too gleeful at other people’s misfortunes. But this sure does look like a classic case of “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes!”

  2. We sailed with our two children to Palau and loved every moment there. We also took a trip to Pelilu Island as this was where my father was shot in WWII during the time when our Navy was pelting the island with bombs. During our time on this island we came upon the caves where the Japanese hid out and what was left outside the opening of one cave a camp with rusting cook equipment and other incendiary devices also a bomb which had not exploded. I also remember thinking of the total devastation of this island our Navy lobbed on it was still evident as most of the vegetation was still struggling to grow back. I’m wondering if our military will be building on Pelilu.

  3. Seem to be lacking the usual law enforcement doesn’t need this n that gear comments these days after all this activity.
    Thought y’all wanted to hire in, dress up like Sheriff Andi and Barney Fife and show how it’s done in the mostly peaceful events? Lots n lots of job openings out there from the top to the bottom.
    Make sure you wear your polyester pants so you can do the Molotov dance. That awesome squared off cap will stop them bricks. Make sure you mount the bubblegum light sturdy so the ball bats don’t knock it off.
    Why y’all bad mouthin the mayors? They took away the LTL and equipment and arrest powers and the DA finished it with no charges. “Peaceful” equates “non violent” right?
    My how the pendulum swings.
    Balance in all things.
    Does the school resource officer need to patrol in an MRAP? No
    Does the department tac team need an MRAP to handle situations? Yes
    Should there be oversight? Definitely
    Be realistic in what you say and do. Look for the centerline.

    1. I disagree with any civilian tac team needing an MRAP. That is not the purpose of any law enforcement agency, and promotes the sort of behavior that helped instigate the current situation.

      Look, Law Enforcement has to be an integral part of the community. If the community fails to do their job, then LEO can’t be used as the fill-in, anymore than teachers can substitute for parenting requirements.

      There is a huge disconnect in our society right now, it has been growing and festering for decades. It has made our communities dysfunctional in most places, especially in big urban environments. An MRAP is a military solution, not a peace officer one. You want effective law enforcement at the Andy Griffith level, you establish a strong community with effective leadership. Otherwise, you get what we have today, which is the pendulum swing first to martial law responses, then fully inhibited, then back again. Law enforcement only works when the community it supports stands behind it. Disconnect that relationship, and all you get is thugs on either end of the pendulum swing.

        1. @Matt
          Aren’t you about to retire? And you don’t know what a Peace officer is? I bet you know what an ‘only one’ is though don’t you….you sound just like one of them. Every certificate I have, from my academy graduation in 1992, every annual in-service training class I completed, and every instructor certificate I have is issued by the State’s “Peace Officer Standards and Training” (POST) division. Still so today. Maybe it is a good idea for you to ride a desk these last few months if you still don’t understand the difference between law enforcer (henchman) and peace officer (guardian).

  4. Watch videos on Youtube that show how Stalin turn the eastern bloc into communist countries. Soros was there and he is using the same playbook.
    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, like most of the senior officers, are likely owing their allegiance to Obama. He cleaned house. Do not expect the current military to rescue the natiuon from a communist takeover. THEY HAVE SAID THAT THEY WILL STAND DOWN.

  5. What is disturbing is that President Trump has retained Esper as Secretary of Defense. Esper hasn’t backed up the President and it seems his allegiance is with Obama’s leftover military brass. The same brass that Trump should have demoted if not removed outright.

    The failing of elected people that come from outside government is that they do not know the budgeting system, daily protocol and operating procedures so they retain existing officials that ultimately are not loyal and are back stabbers.

    In my experience, any Republican/Conservation that wins public elections should, upon taking office, IMMEDIATELY ask for the resignations of all political appointed positions. (They can be reappointed at a later date after careful consultation and evaluation).

    If President Trump is reelected, he had better clean house and rid himself of the foot draggers and do nothings ( “survivors” as we used to call them). Only then can he drain the swamp. And he’ll need the help of loyalists to do it.

  6. Indeed… Disturbing… It’s not unexpected or terribly surprising, but it is disturbing. Given everything else unfolding before our very eyes, we should be deeply concerned. There was a follow up (a much shorter post than the details article in ZeroHedge linked above) in follow up at The Gateway Pundit.

    We must gather together every ounce of strength and support for the reelection of this President.

    For anyone who isn’t sure of their support for President Trump. Keep this in mind… There are only 2 choices in the coming election. Our next President will be either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Protest as you might, this is the reality.

    President Trump has my full support. I do not agree with everything he does or says, but I do agree with most of the decisions he has made thus far. I also see the fight in which he has been engaged for the entirety of his presidency. I did not vote for DJT in the 2016 primary (my personal choice from the array of candidates was Senator Ted Cruz — and I am very pleased to see him on DJT’s list of potential Supreme Court Justices).

    It took me awhile to work through my own thoughts about DJT as President of the United States. Today I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Donald Trump’s victory, and for his leadership. I voted for him in 2016, and I will vote for him again in 2020.

    There was no one else among the candidates who could have withstood the fight Donald Trump has endured — a war waged against him by globalists of every political stripe and affiliation.

    For the first time (and really since Ronald Reagan), we are unwinding the Deep State. It’s not an easy task. The Deep State is DEEP, and it is entrenched. Those who are a part of the Deep State are fighting for their literal lives, just as we are for ours — and for the recovery and restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

    Pundits tell us every election cycle that the election before us is the most important election ever. They’ve said it many times, and each time, they have probably been right. This time, the choice we will make will be critical.

    I am, as you all know, very vocal about this. There are reasons for this. I am not speaking to hear my own voice or see my words in print. I am vocal because I hope and pray for our great nation, and for each and all of us within it.

    There may yet come a day when we will face another Civil War or total collapse, but we should never promote such an outcome — even as we prepare since we are people who understand and respect risk. Anyone who truly understands the consequences of these conditions (and the fact that rising from the ashes will not be freedom and liberty) should stand and fight against these courses unless and until we have — quite literally — no alternative. Folks, we are not yet there at the “no alternative” stage (even though there are times when it might seem that we’re close).

    Preacher posted this week on the question of whether or not we have time yet coming. Let God be the decision maker. This is in His Hands. It is not for us to determine the timeline, nor should we make assumptions about it. It is for us to be the earthly hands and feet of our Lord who gave everything given his perfect love for us, and for our salvation.

    …and to the point and discussion of all of this, take note of current events: Jesus Christ is not the one calling us to the temptation of war with one another. Evil is hard at work.

    Listen closely and first to the Lord. Be discerning. Be careful about the sources of information on which you’re relying. Be aware of false prophets — who may or may not even be aware of their roles as they themselves may be vulnerable, and all are imperfect and fallen. The Lord will call on each and every one of us who Believe in Him in a whole host of ways — and sometimes in surprising ways. Just be sure you are answering God Himself.

    1. TOA: Thanks for the Gateway Pundit article. It demonstrates how deep the B.S. has infiltrated our politics and military.

      In reference to many of our “respected” former generals and their need for Self-aggrandizement, their shining example is Hamburger Hill.

      1. TominAlaska… Thank you. You have offered a truly sobering example in Hamburger Hill. Even as I understand and appreciate the depth and scope of the infiltration that must be routed out, this example gave — even me — a very real moment of pause.

    2. T of A … TY so much for the spiritual encouragement and insight… we are truly in a spiritual war and we must rely upon the Lord of Hosts for our direction… His Word will instruct us how to proceed and we know His Word is our offensive weapon… may God bless all the SB family as we engage the enemy

      1. RCB5472TN… Many thanks for your message (much appreciated), and for asking that God bless the SB family as we engage the enemy. We join you in lifting up this prayer, and trust that God will answer as only He can.

      2. Absolutely, our weapons are not just physical because our enemy is not of this world ultimately. I teach even my smallest ones, “Any time you ever get scared, sing praises, because the enemy HAS TO flee when we worship.” A hymn, or a praise song, or the Lord’s Prayer, or Jesus Loves Me, depending on their age level, but they all do it, daily.

        Earlier today in my quiet time (haha), I just COULD NOT quiet my mind or focus… I’m in the hole today. Figuring out which store has the better buy on apples is cognitively challenging. Wiping someone’s face is cognitively challenging. Pouring a cup of juice is cognitively challenging. So I played “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence,” one of my all-time favorite hymns.

        Let all mortal flesh keep silence
        And with fear and trembling stand
        Ponder nothing earthly-minded
        For with blessing in His hand…

        NOTHING. Not politics, not riots, not prepping, not grocery lists or meal plans, not the day’s English lessons, not my knee-deep laundry room, not my grief and exhaustion…. NOTHING. ALL EYES ON JESUS. OK, got it Lord. I am trying! Kind of reminds me of Peter walking on the water. He didn’t get in trouble til he took his eyes off Jesus and looked down.

        1. Bear, this is dear.
          You’ve encapsulated the ‘war’ between flesh and spirit. True believers are in this now – – daily! Trusting Him is our o n l y way.
          My latest ‘lesson’ has been > over-thinking is flesh … and leads to exhaustion.
          Rest! physically, and most importantly, in Him.
          He is faithful!!!

    3. It is WORSE THAN THAT friends. Several times Sleepy Joe the Sock Puppet went off recently script to say on live TV that “He is but a Bridge Candidate”

      It is VERY Clear given the Sock Puppets INABILITY to even read a Teleprompters Speech with out reading EVERYTHING INCLUDING the Prompts to “Act Sincere” and “Smile” that Biden may get elected by mail in fraud BUT the Real President will be Kamila Harris in a few days of being sworn in for “Medical Reasons”.

      Kamila Harris, You know the one during the Presidential Debates CALLED Biden a Racist, and a Friend to Racists. The Kamila that was DESTROYED by her Presidential Debate peers so badly that SHE had to Drop out of the race with less than 3% of the polled supporting her.

      The same Kamila Harris who when asked on live TV interview if the riots would subside after Biden was elected said “No, this is our movement and it will continue”.

      The California DA well known for her “Lock them Up” max punishments to African American for minor Pot Possession.

      The California DA and Politician (But I repeat myself) that has actively sought all forms of Gun Control and fought tooth and nail to eliminate “High Capacity Magazines” and “Assault Weapons”.

      Her Autocratic style will WELL SUIT the Deep States need for an obedient and strong servant.

      Our Republic is in deep state trouble with this active CIA Color Revolution and their street army.

      1. Michael… It’s true. Biden has referred to himself as “transitional”, and we should all be asking (even as we know the answer) what he believes is on the other side of that “transition”. If we cross the Biden bridge, in what land do arrive on the other side? The truth of the answer is terrifying.

    4. Ditto, same for me! The reasons I give to those Republicans who question my choice is simple and concise. The SCOTUS and Federal Judges followed by the Bill of Rights. The next POTUS will in the next 4 years replace 3 Supreme Court Justices on the bench, possibly 4. He (or she in the case of Biden) will not only make those same appointments, but Dems have already said they will pack the Supreme Court (FDR tried and nearly succeeded), thereby insuring our Bill of Rights (First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth at a minimum) are gone forever. You can also count on two new states: Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. That adds 4 Democrat Senators to the Senate and likely nearly as many Representatives to the House. If you think of what Obama did with a pen and a phone and what he tried (overturned 13 times by the SCOTUS, can you imagine what these Socialist/Marxists would try?

      Then I tell them, if you don’t like Trump (I support Trump – he’s the right man for the job in this moment) then imagine what America would look like if you vote for the alternative.

      1. Excellent points, Seymour Liberty! Justices. Judges. The Bill of Rights. The potential loss of protections within the Bill of Rights. A potential permanent shift in political dynamics created by the addition to two new states (and potentially the expansion of the Supreme Court bench).

        If Republicans and Conservatives want to see any prospect of future election success, they must support Trump now in 2020. If we get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it’s possible the system will be so reshaped that we will never again see a Republican and Conservative political victory.

        This is an all-hands-on-deck moment in history. Be sure to vote, and cast that ballot for President Donald J. Trump.

        1. Thanks T of A! In 2016 my choice was easy. A warmongering evil corrupt harpy, or an outsider with a huge ego who will say exactly what he thinks, and does what he says he will do! The decision for me was easy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all of his accomplishments, and will vote for him again! I’ve voted in every election since I was able to vote. I even voted when I didn’t like either candidate, voting for the “Lesser of two Weevils” – Master & Commander. The last election was a no-brainer and so is this one. Kind of ironic: Biden – no brainer, lol!

  7. There is good news in the grocery store world!

    #1 Smith Foods: Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast 99 cents/lb.( 6-7 small roasts in a bag)
    #2 Albertsons: Pork Chops 99 cents/lb.
    #3 Super One: Canned Veggies Case Lot Sale:42 cents per can.
    These sales are good thru next Tuesday but Lord only knows what may happen between now and then.
    Don’t delay.

  8. This question may be out of context, but maybe not::
    Can anyone tell me why Trump would allow Bob Woodward , of all people, to interview him 18 times with 20 hours of recordings? Knowing Woodwards’ liberal allegiances , history and Washington Post connections, it would seem to me that Trump would have said, “Sorry, Bob, around here you are persona-non-grata”.
    Trump is not helping Conservatives or himself with his inability to keep his mouth shut. His ego and self-aggrandizement is a fatal problem. I pray that Trump gets re-elected this November, but his ego, arrogance, and self focus is very frustrating. He should read SunTzu’s “The Art of War”, assuming he reads at all.

    1. If news reports are accurate, Senator Lindsey Graham had something to do with this… Why Trump agreed to participate under any circumstances and no matter who was asking? It’s a reasonable question. I suppose it could be argued that no matter what he did (agree to the interview or refuse it), he was going to face criticism. Having said that… I would agree that this was an unwise choice. No matter what is said or done, liberals will always find ways to twist any expression to support or advance whatever it is they want others to believe. They are ever the manipulators.

    2. One thing Trump has always lived by is “the truth will set you free”. Woodward, and the rest of the liberal sewer dwellers, can only spout lies. And take things out of context. Time, in no way, helps his (Woodwards) phoney diatribe. Trump’s base are aware of the truth. It just makes him (Woodward) look foolish. I’m sure you notice that everyone in the left imedeatly perpetuates the lies. ie. Bernstein. And all the talking heads in the news. But, of course, we already know the truth. And the truth will out.

    3. Jima, I’m -sadly- so with you.
      Along with Mr. Trump’s epic fail to ‘drain the swamp’, he has allowed deep staters to permeate his admin, and stay in positions of power elsewhere. Its head-shaking.
      On my better mood days, I consider that Trump’s had his family threatened, hence must do the DS bidding.
      On my (sometimes!) despairing days, I wonder if he’s the ‘controlled oppostion.

  9. @ covid 19, – my son works for / at a local VA hospital, he was told by a admin person that for every every reported covid death, the hospital get $25k per death form the covid fund.And you wonder why there are so many covid deaths, even when the person passes away of something else. And I also wonder ( like jima ) shy Trump would have Bob Woodward to be interview by? and some guys will really go to a extreme of trying to get their point across by setting themselves on fire from their own molotov cocktails. Hmm, supid

  10. Guard your children. This from Faith Wire…

    From the closing of this article… “Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grennell asked Thursday whether reporters plan to seek a response to the film from former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, who was appointed to the Netflix board of directors in 2018.”

    Please. Do not extend support — financial or otherwise — to any enterprise that would exploit innocent children. We’re long since overdue for a “turn-about” with regard to cancel culture — and with that in mind, I would suggest “canceling” your Netflix subscriptions for those who have them. We tossed this into the subscription trash a very long time ago, and have never regretted the decision to do so.

    There are all kinds of wholesome resources for information and venues for entertainment. Our SB editors post suggestions for these as do members of the SB community.

    1. I cancelled Netflix a few years ago and urged everyone in my family to do so. I think most of them did once they were presented the facts. But, I also cancelled cable altogether and don’t own a television. My choice – my protest, if you will. Also, my way of not being tempted to sit down in the lounger and stare at the boob tube when I’m tired. Lots of folks are cancelling Netflix this week. There are plenty of good books out there, including the Good Book.

        1. How did this culture form? I blame it on the media and technology: Radios, movies, TV series, now Hulu, Netflex, and Amazon Prime. Hollywood promotes immorality. If it wasn’t for Hollywood during the past seventy years our world wouldn’t be as depraved as it is now. We, here in the USA, seventy years ago, had a largely Christian moral mindset. (There has always been sin, immorality. There is nothing new under the sun.) Who created the shows and television that introduced an flaunted immorality? And who developed the advanced technology for the most part that we have today that has the ability to watch and control every little detail in a human’s life?? I don’t think God intended for us to have all of this technology or maybe, even electricity? We have all become so soft and lazy.

          Anyhow…just my two cents for now.

          1. Avalanche Lily,

            This culture started decades ago and slowly ramped up to the current level. Early on, the general population became mesmerized by good programming while being oblivious to the trash tidbits that sneaked into our living rooms under the guise of freedom of speech.

            I plead guilty for watching the tv box, noting such indecency and failing to write sponsors and legislators early on.

            Well, here I go again, but his was done intentionally by forces that have subverted the USA in a multitude of ways.

            The question then becomes, is Satan a communist or vice versa?

          2. You make an interesting point, Avalanche Lily! Considering the amount of time and focus required simply to survive, a simpler (and less technological) world would certainly afford far less time during which people could get into all kinds of trouble! Of course, we know they still did by way of the stories of history… But! The hard work of maintaining life in the most basic ways probably kept some of that to a minimum.

        2. Hi Telesilla of Argos,

          The bail was set at $50,000, according to the report the thug bought the girl for $500.00.

          Doesnt make it any better, but i thought I would point that out.

  11. Folks, I hate to break this to you all but as a democracy this experiment is essentially over. Debt is 120% of GDP, and quantitative easing (printing press fiat money) is ramping up not to stop. They can’t stop printing it they’re in way to deep. The only game left for the Fed is to print paper notes as fast as they can and try to hold inflation to 2% maybe for as long as they can play this out but when the bubble bursts its all over for the dollar and the IMF switches to SDR’s. The IMF-G20 is having a little get together next month. Guess what the discussion is going to be. The dollar standard currency question. The Federal Reserve System and monetary system is socialist not going to be but has been and is socialism pure and simple. As JWR says get tangibeled up in all areas. Were in for a for a come to Jesus moment of the end of the world as we know it.

  12. Regarding the ongoing coup… that is why we prepare, at least it is for me. One thing that has been crystal clear these past few years, is there is a “shadow government” – a complex mix of lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, military types, big business, big banks, wealthy individuals, foreign interests, etc., that influence our politics more than we acknowledge. We thought it was simple – just vote. But, it’s not. There are traitors (my definition of a traitor is someone who prefers globalism over nationalism – specifically, America – and works against the interests of Americans). There are many traitors/enemies. If Trump had not been elected, none of this would have come to light, so for that I’m thankful. The man works tirelessly – if you follow his daily meetings and actions you will be amazed. And he’s super rude – and I actually love that about him because he says a lot of things us polite people would never say out loud, but we think it. However, if anyone is having trouble with who Trump is – his personality – just take that out of the equation and look at the work he’s done and is doing. His personality can be so obnoxious it can turn a person off. But, now, since I’ve followed his policies, executive actions, and his daily work… I just laugh my head off every time he puts out a mean tweet. Sometimes you need someone to punch the opposition in the face – verbally – when you can’t do it yourself. My opinion only.

    Regarding unrest, I suspect it will continue and what we’ve seen going on with the rioting is the opposition testing their systems and working out the kinks. Fortunately the Feds are all over this, but we don’t have enough law enforcement to manage this kind of subversive rioting if it occurs in every city at once during/after the election. Which is why I believe Militias will have to take their rightful places as protectors of their families and communities. Even with national guards activated, the militias will be necessary. Part of me doesn’t believe there will be enough “rioters” to hit the streets in every community across the country simultaneously. But, the other part of me knows we have to be ready for such an event. This is getting long, sorry, one more thing… a militia can be as small as you and your neighbors having a neighborhood watch/safety/protection program.
    My 25 cents.

      1. Yes a true patriot can also be a traitor. Think Nathan Hale, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, et al. They were true patriots to their countries (These united States of America, i.e. the 13 former British colonies) but they were also traitors to the English Crown. Patriots and traitors at the same time.

  13. As if the ruination of the US economy isn’t enough our public school system has been churning out socialists for far too long. Clearly 50% of the current zeitgeist believes that socialism is preferable to a democracy undergirded by the framers Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a truly sad situation and the only answer is God fixing it man can’t.

  14. Just have an observation, Something is in the works, went to local sporting goods store, yesterday. All of the usable ammo was sold out and prices on remaining was raised , this was from last trip 3 weeks ago. This was in Cody, Wyoming. Like a repeat of a few years ago B 4 Trump.

  15. Seems a very dry spell is upon us for both the tool and what s needed to put in them. 9 mm is out in local NJ stores and the few ranges. We are in dire times. Almost worse than 2012 or last election. I’ve seen many new purchasers are not voting for the incumbent.

    1. New purchasers NOT voting for the incumbent??? … just a question… Can people REALLY think they are voting FOR Biden ??? … who is the vote REALLY going for ???… who are the puppeteers ???

      1. Exactly. It’s pretty clear Biden is not mentally capable for the position, so who does that leave us with? Harris? She is despised in CA by both sides – by the people she unfairly incarcerated and by LEO for playing both sides. So, there really must be someone else in the wings. Pelosi has stated several times that Trump will not remain in office – I listened to her say it a couple of times and it sounded like a threat to me. I’m sure she’s dying to be President, but she’s really disliked, almost as much as Hillary. So, methinks there’s got to be someone else. OR as you suggested, whomever is just a puppet. Sad state of affairs.

      2. Just read an article I believe on the Truth About Guns site saying some new democrat purchasers were still in the Biden camp. I find it hard to believe but you never know

          1. Could just be people uninvolved in politics and have no clue on where he stands on guns. I don’t think the second ammendment has been so polarized. While in the past a point of contention, just seems more so now.

  16. Former CIA Spook Warns “The Violence Will Get Even Worse”

    Found this at Gateway Pundit.

    This will make your day. Only 3:31 long.

    Strictly just for fun!

    Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk


    1. Great fun videos, Charles K! Even and most especially in the toughest times, moments of fun and levity are greatly needed. Thank you, thank you! These were a whole lot of fun!

    1. That was something else 😀

      YouTube next auto-played a song called “MAGA Steppin” by a rapper telling it like it is… He’s absolutely correct: the Second Amendment supports the First. Another young man in the video is wearing a shirt emblazoned “Uncle Tom” and I’m glad to see that that insult is getting co-opted with a big helping of snark, just like “deplorable” did.

  17. TominAlaska! From your post: “The question then becomes, is Satan a communist or vice versa?”

    Your question brought to mind an historical aspect of the story told in TREASON: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism by Ann Coulter.

    An important part of the story is that those who will defeat Communism are those who have seen the evils of it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the book before me to pull the quote, but it’s a telling statement of truth.

    For anyone who hasn’t read TREASON, I would highly, highly recommend it.

    1. TOA,

      Ironically, I caught part of the Glenn Beck program last night. His guest wrote a book about Karl Marx as evil and Satan. Too bad I missed the program but I’ll look for the book. Might be enlightening.

      It is all adding up.

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