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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we feature an article about a supreme court decision allowing government cameras hidden on private property without a warrant.

A Cold and Snowy Winter Ahead?

First up, at Fox News: Winter looks ‘cold and snowy’ with some ‘crazy in-between,’ Farmers’ Almanac claims.  (Thanks to Tim J. for the link.)

Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? 

Reader A.K.  suggested this article over at AgWeb: Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields.  Here is an excerpt:

“Can the government place cameras and monitoring equipment on a private citizen’s land at will, or conduct surveillance and stakeouts on private land, without probable cause or a search warrant? Indeed, according to the U.S. Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) interpretation of the Fourth Amendment. Welcome to Open Fields.

The vast majority of Americans assume law enforcement needs a warrant to carry out surveillance, but for roughly a century, SCOTUS has ruled that private land—is not private. Fourth Amendment protections against “unreasonable searches and seizures” expressed in the Bill of Rights only apply to an individual’s immediate dwelling area, according to SCOTUS.

However, SCOTUS’ Open Fields doctrine has been bucked in Mississippi, Montana, New York, Oregon and Vermont through protections granted by state constitutions, and for many American landowners, the more they discover about Open Fields—the more questions they have regarding the bounds of government power.”

Only Six Percent of “COVID Deaths” From Only COVID

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Ron Paul: CDC Bombshell: Only Six Percent Of “Covid Deaths” From Only Covid!

Hollywood’s Mass Exodus

Reader Joe B. sent us this: “White Flight Is Real” – Hollywood’s Apocalypse Triggers Mass Exodus

COVID-19 Reinfection Confirmed

Reader C.B. spotted this: Scientists say Hong Kong man got coronavirus a second time

New Insights on the Carrington Event

Here is a piece over at that was suggested by blog reader A.D. in Belgium: at A Warning From History –The Carrington Event Was Not Unique. Here is a quote:

“To generations of space weather forecasters who learned in school that the Carrington Event was one of a kind, these are unsettling thoughts. Modern technology is far more vulnerable to solar storms than 19th-century telegraphs. Think about GPS, the internet, and transcontinental power grids that can carry geomagnetic storm surges from coast to coast in a matter of minutes. A modern-day Carrington Event could cause widespread power outages along with disruptions to navigation, air travel, banking, and all forms of digital communication.

Many previous studies of solar superstorms leaned heavily on Western Hemisphere accounts, omitting data from the Eastern Hemisphere. This skewed perceptions of the Carrington Event, highlighting its importance while causing other superstorms to be overlooked.

A good example is the great storm of mid-September 1770, when extremely bright red auroras blanketed Japan and parts of China. Captain Cook himself saw the display from near Timor Island, south of Indonesia. Hayakawa and colleagues recently found drawings of the instigating sunspot, and it is twice the size of the Carrington sunspot group. Paintings, dairy entries, and other newfound records, especially from China, depict some of the lowest-latitude auroras ever, spread over a period of 9 days.”

Eight Ways Your Phone Tracks You

A recent video at Kim Komando’s site: 8 ways your phone tracks you – and how you can stop it

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  1. “white flight” ?
    Um ok you might want to look at some of those who have ranches and getaways up in your redoubt lol one’s running for president.
    Y’all still of the mind the runners are going to integrate rather than force change?

    1. Texas will flip soon, not because of people moving here, but because we have a very high Hispanic population……and growing all the time, and they tend to vote democratic.

  2. White flight – I recently had a conversation with a contractor from Bozeman Mt and he had said that the two yrs leading up to this yr were busy, but this yr has been really crazy on building structures ( houses mainly, and some commercial buildings ). One he said was that over half of the people moving into or to Bozeman are from California and he stated they have some really goofy ideas on things should be done and they are are already trying to change local government. So these people are moving away from California, but they are bringing their bull s–t ideas with them. My grandson-in-law had the same problem with people from california when he worked in the hardware store in Bend Or.

  3. With the CDC saying six percent of all COVID 19 deaths were only from COVID 19 means that even the people over 65 are not very vulnerable to dying of COVID 19 if they have no underlying health conditions. This is like a bad flu season and our nation’s economy was destroyed over this as well as having to continue to deal with the draconian measures put on us by the various state and local governments.

    1. Kelley,
      You are not interpreting the data correctly. What the CDC was trying to say is 6% had no other comorbidities. 94% had some comorbidities, but it was Covid that killed them! The majority of people with hypertension, diabetes and other VERY common aliments can live very normal life spans if They control these. The older we get we will all have at least one of them, controlled properly they are not life threatening…..Covid is. My mother in law has had hyperlipidemia, hypertension, two carotid endarectomys, diabetes type 2 for the better part of her life and now dementia. She is 93 years old and lives at home alone. I’ve had thousands of patients like her. When you die doctors list just about everything on your death certificate. Please do not think these reported cases were not due to Covid! If anything the death count is higher. This is nothing like a bad flu season, and we are not even half way through this. The older we get our immune system is not as strong as when we are young, this makes us more vulnerable to many illnesses.
      I know of numerous people who have caught this, I know many young and old who faired very well, and an equal amount who have lasting symptoms. I personally know 5 who have died (not my patients, people I know) one was a nurse I used to work with. I know a 3 year old who got discharged from the hospital today after 3 weeks in Intensive care.
      This is much more serious than what most people on this site believe.

      1. TXnurse… Thank you for sharing all of this. SB readers who fail to take this seriously do so at great risk — not only to themselves, but also to others.

  4. Related to “New Insights on the Carrington Event”

    Ben at Suspicious0bservers has been talking about what may be a period of greater risk for a significantly disruptive solar weather event. It may be that our weakening magnetic field places us at greater risk for significant disruption from a lesser event. In other words, a smaller scale solar flare could cause much greater damage.

    The implications for everyone are nearly incalculable. It’s something we should all monitor. Once a flare erupts, time is very short to earth impact.

  5. The commies take over Texas and other areas. Example: The recent passage of Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare in June in Oklahoma because Republicans and conservatives didn’t go to the polls to vote, and especially in off-year elections when the commies try to sneak their crap through! According to OK voter stats, out of 1,007,433 registered OK Republican voters, only 333,761 showed up to vote and the commies carried OK deeper into socialized medicine! Get off of your lazy butts and get out and vote!!

  6. I live in Reno, NV and witness, first hand, the “Californication” of our city. Housing is being pushed out of the reach of local people. Food prices have been inching up for several years and, lately, have seen some spikes and some curious drops in costs. I don’t expect those lower prices to hold.

  7. Two things about those govt cameras on private property.

    There’s nothing that prevents me from placing a mobile object anywhere on my land, including a place that would completely obstruct the view(s) of the camera(s).

    Woe be unto any person who enters my property uninvited and unannounced. Those posted, “No Trespassing” signs are there for your protection. Who knows what calamity might befall those unaware of the risks. In the event you exercise due diligence and coordinate with me first on putting a camera(s) on my property, see item 1 above.

      1. I agree, however there was a case where a suspected drug dealer found a police tracking device on his car. Removed device, disabled it, and was charged by police with tampering police equipment!
        Crazy times…

  8. Matt – I too am in Oklahoma and the numbers tell the truth. Repubs. did not go out to vote! Look it up yourself. Votes will nullify all of the money that the communists throw at it.

  9. Re: White flight…
    Back in the 70’s, growing up in the SF Bay Area (I’m a 63 yr old 4th gen ex-pat Californian), it was not unusual to see a car with Oregon plates and a bumper sticker that read “Don’t Californicate Oregon”. Pretty clever I thought but also, fairly presumptuous of those self-righteous Oregonians… Well just one generation later look at whats happened to Oregon (and Washington too) along with several other states… People from everywhere moved to California after WWII, ruined it and now are leaving it and bringing their bad ideas (and ideals) with them.
    I voted with my feet almost 20 years ago. I miss it…a lot! (friends and family and the good memories from days gone by) but I don’t regret leaving for one minute.

  10. When are People going to realize that the present Government & the Opposition are NOT YOUR FRIENDS ! They BOTH are only out to increase their standings. Neither group stands in a better spot in the eyes of our Lord. It is my belief that neither group has ANY interest in promoting anything to our benefit. I am now at the point in life where I cannot vote for the lessor of two evils. Which I admit I’ve done for over 40 years. I’ll still vote. I’ll give my vote for the BEST Man or Woman I can find. It will not be a vote for R or D. God Bless all my Brothers & Sisters.

    1. emptymag

      I completely agree with you!! I think they all need to go home, we start over with strict term limits. We have a third option for every position on a ballot, and that is “none of the above “, if that wins then 2 new candidates must be found and voted for within a couple of months. I believe this could work because they would understand we don’t have to vote any longer for the lesser evil. Maybe they would realize they have to actually work for us, and do what they were elected to do. Just my opinion. Politicians today are worthless and we are getting further and further away from the constitution. With both parties we are losing rights and personal liberties every year!

      1. While you and emptymag are on the right track, especially for the term limits idea, in our case (and the Constitution) if there is a tie for president (as in no clear winner) by January 20th, inauguration day , the Speaker of the house slides in to the Commander in Chief’s position (or in the current speakers case, ‘slithers’ in…)
        It’s unclear if that position is temporary until a winner is decided or if it’s for a full term but can you imagine Queen Nancy sitting in the White House? Lord help us.

        Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

        God Bless America…PLEASE

      2. Yes, TX Nurse,

        I really like your idea for a third vote “none of the above” I can no longer vote, either. None of the current candidates represent me. In my opinion, they are on the same page and believe the same things, are on the same team and have the same agenda: one world order. All of their hate rhetoric towards one another, is just a game to them, theatrics. They laugh at our “gullibility”.

        I weep.

        1. Lily,

          I completely agree with you, I don’t want to have to vote for the lesser evil, I find it hard that we have come to this. Neither party works for the good of this country any more. I also believe it is a game to them and it is destroying our country. With their agenda we are losing our freedoms everyday. I feel very strong about that third vote option, and I believe a lot of people would also.

  11. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks at that coronavirus “reinfection” story and realizes two things: the guy has NO symptoms and it’s a DIFFERENT STRAIN of coronavirus!! So, where’s the “reinfection”?!? I get soooo tired of the media’s sensationalism!!!

    1. Some aspects of the virus remain stable… Mutations may or may not be significant. What they’re saying is that the patient who was reinfected did not have a sufficient immune response to the new strain to fend it off. This can happen for any number of reasons. Among these is that the individual failed to generate sufficient antibodies from the prior exposure, or that the immune response was short-lived, or per the mutation example referenced above, that the person’s immune system was simply not able to recognize and defeat the new strain. What are the implications of repeat infection? I’m not sure anyone really knows yet.

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