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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at Antifa Threat Spirals.

The Antifa Threat Spiral Takes a Turn

Matt Bracken, over at American Partisan: ABR SIT-REP 2: ANTIFA/BLM/REVCOM TACTICS ARE EVOLVING AND ESCALATING. JWR’s Comment:  I warned SurvivalBlog readers about Antifa threat spirals, back in 2017. It looks like this prediction was correct. Oh, by the way, I also recommend the commentary video that Matt Bracken recently made with Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre.

Does China Control the South China Sea?

Linked over at the news aggregation site comes this piece posted by The National Interest: Does China Already Control the South China Sea Militarily? Here is an excerpt:

“Does this mean that U.S influence and activity in the area is constrained? At risk? Or merely challenged when it comes to operating in the area to assert freedom of navigation and counter China’s controversial and provocative territorial claims?

Taken individually and collectively, each of the factors may not seem to fully restrict U.S. missions, patrols, training exercises or interoperability maneuvers with allied platforms. U.S. stealth fighters and bombers are built to operate in high-risk or contested areas by relying upon speed, altitude and stealth to elude detection from enemy air defenses.

Navy surface ships travel with integrated layered defenses engineered to find and knock out incoming ballistic missiles or anti-ship cruise missiles and the presence of Chinese fighter jets in contested areas by no means ensures Chinese air supremacy in the region.”

A Yahoo Anti-Prepper Rant

This article posted by Yahoo qualifies as some of the worst advice that I’ve ever read!  It is essentially an anti-preparedness rant:  Guns and 32 Other Things You Definitely Do NOT Need To Buy During the Coronavirus Pandemic. ( A hat tip to D.S. for the link.)

Government Can Place Game Cameras On Your Land!

Reader H.L. sent us this at Bearing Arms:  Can Government Place Game Cameras On YOUR Land? Yep

The Thin Veneer of American Civilization

Tim J. sent us the link to this essay by Victor Davis Hanson: The Thin Veneer of American Civilization.

The essay begins:

“Nine months ago, New York was a thriving, though poorly governed, metropolis. It was coasting on the more or less good governance of its prior two mayors and on its ancestral role as the global nexus of finance and capital.

The city is now something out of a postmodern apocalyptic movie, reeling from the effects of a neutron bomb. Ditto in varying degrees Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco — the anti-broken-windows metropolises of America. Walking in San Francisco today reminds me of visiting Old Cairo in 1973, although the latter lacked the needles and feces of the former.

At the present increasing rate of police defunding, homeless encampments, the emptying of jails and prisons, the green-lighting of rioting and vandalism, the flight of the wealthy, the revolutionary change to Skype/Zoom tele-working, and the exodus of upper-middle-class liberal families to safe houses in the New York and New England countryside, once beautiful New York City is in danger of becoming the nation’s aneurysm. That is, after the “recovery,” it and other blue cities may be seen as permanent weak veins and arteries prone to sudden fatal hemorrhaging that could implode at any moment, and thus may become metaphorically tied off, as the country reroutes around them.”

JWR’s Comment:  Hmmmm… The Thin Veneer. Where have I heard that before?

Hollywood’s Rich and Famous are Fleeing in Droves

The Daily Mail’s latest headline: Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals. (Thanks to Michael for the link.)

Big Tech Silences 260 Biden Critics Before Nomination

Another article linked over at the news aggregation site: Censored! Big Tech Silences Over 260 Biden Critics Before Nomination. A snippet:

“Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a popular target on social media. But Big Tech companies have responded by deleting mocking posts and suspending critics.

In the months leading up to the Democratic National Convention, more than 260 conservative users on Facebook and Twitter had their posts about Biden scrubbed from the social media platforms. Posting an innocent meme showing light coming from Biden’s eyes meant an immediate suspension on Twitter for anywhere between 12 hours and two months. Facebook users who argued that Biden was “creepy” or posted actual pictures of the former vice president hugging, sniffing, or kissing children have had their posts removed as well.

The Media Research Center’s TechWatch division has been collecting and independently verifying incidents of online censorship since March 2020. Between April 1, 2020 and August 10, 2020, 260 users had posts or accounts censored due to their criticisms of Biden.”

Hand Sanitizer Fires– Intentional and Unintentional

Reader D.S.V. sent us this: Don’t Catch Fire When Using Hand Sanitizer, a Defense Safety Office Warns – Nextgov. JWR’s Comment:  The unspoken here is that hand sanitizers are great to keep in your outdoor survival kit, for help in kindling campfires.

Sales of Body Armor Surging in NYC

Another item courtesy of H.L.:  Sales of Body Armor Surging in NYC.

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  1. Re: Government can place game cameras on your land

    As a home and landowner in Tennessee, I was shocked when I initially heard about this case and researched it further. Since I have done business with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for more than a decade, it took me all of five minutes and one text message to discover the truth about this case. Not only were there Federal warrants for the game cameras, predicated by an in-depth and long-term investigation into the cowardly and illegal act of baiting waterfowl, but Mr. Rainwater’s son, along with several others, had already lost their hunting privileges based on a prior conviction for the same crime in September of 2019.

    These people repeatedly and illegally baited waterfowl on public land that bordered their property, violated every code that ethical and law-abiding hunters stand for, broke multiple federal laws in the process, then created hysteria about cameras when they got caught.

    1. I wrote my state/district representative(s) and asked for an answer regarding that article when I saw it earlier in the week. While I have not yet examined the state’s constitution, but I’m pretty sure that people are protected from illegal search and seizure, including from government agents and Game Wardens.

      If what you learned is true, then warrants should have been legally obtained for probable cause. The Game Wardens were wrong in illegally trespassing without a warrant. The other TN man mentioned claimed he had not been ticketed or detained for any illegal action. Under normal circumstances illegally entering private property, especially if it is posted, should never be allowed. This is exactly what the Democrats will be doing to you should they be elected.

    1. @TWP: Did you know that you can paste “Sales of Body Armor Surging in NYC” into the search engine of your choice and get a whole list of links to that info? Put a little effort into getting what you want instead of asking for it to be spoon fed to you.

  2. With the next Democratic/Communist administration, we will concede the South China Sea and probably most of the Pacific.

    Consider the source on the crappy prepping column-Yahoo is strictly anti-American these days. And do not forget who owns them-Verizon.

    As long as destructive Democratic mayors and prosecutors assist the ABR, then we will slowly, but surely lose. Right now we are the frogs in the boiling water. Who wants to admit that the country is falling into civil war? The ABR needs to be stomped out militarily. If Trump wins, it may be time for some martial law/urban warfare. If he does not win, well read your Russia and Germany history books to see what is coming.

    My grandparents fled Ukraine in the early 1900’s, tired of raids by the Cossacks under protection of the Czar. Now, it is here. They survived by hiding in hidden cellars. Gave up when the Cossacks started burning the houses. They were fortunate to leave before Stalin starved a million Ukrainians while stealing their wheat.

    1. I think the czar and Cossacks were not communists. As you, my fellow commenters, speak your fear of a communist takeover, please remember that armed agents of the government are dangerous to us all. Let’s be clear about urban warfare. Collateral damage. Euphemism for innocent people being slaughtered.

      Do you think that you will be safe in your retreat during urban warfare? Who do you think will be fleeing cities when the shooting starts? Will they be people you would welcome?

      What happens when an armed gov’t force mistakenly thinks your retreat site is a sanctuary for the armed refugees? Or an aircraft with rockets gets the wrong coordinates? Boom.

      Collateral damage.

      A lot of Marines were killed in Vietnam by American ordnance. Boom. Whoops. Warfare benefits very few people. Can you say “Deep State”?

      Carry on in grace

    2. What business do we have in the South China Sea?

      US foreign policy will end up being limited by the collapse of the federal government under its own hubris and excess.

      Sure, it will and is fomented by hostile actors from other countries but I could care less how easy it is for, say, my multinational company shipping jobs overseas to SE Asia etc., to “do business” (read: rip off the average American)

      I’m pro-Constitution but nowhere in there does it say “expend the wealth of the nation on opposing any threat to global blue water dominance”. That doesn’t help me, average joe.

  3. re:
    Newswar — New York city armor!

    One commentor astutely suggests another potential solution to “New York city gun sales! are jumping off the shelves! so buy armor!”:
    * “Or you could just move.”

    For some odd reason, I think this phase is hilarious — “…gun sales are jumping off the shelves…”.


    thirty-two WorstActivities!© during this phase of this Economic Lock-Down, as proclaimed by Yahoo

    1) “stock-up on supplies!”
    2) “lay in the recliner all day-n-night eating ice-cream while watching televisionprogramming!”
    3) “looking for bargains on TheWorldWideWeb!”
    and the worstliest-worst WorstActivity!© highlight of my week… although it seems vaguely familiar:
    4) “crowds!”

    Show of hands… how many remember the old “Yahoo!” automatically included an exclamation mark?


    hair dye

    The Sacramento article quotes a Seattle government-licensed TrainedPerfessional:
    “Don’t do this at home!” Because dire consequences!


    Is it just me?
    Are TheMainStreamMedia! more hysterical! than usual?

      1. I gave up watching MSM many years ago. The only thing I found credible was the sports scores. Oh, and what was the high today?

        Carry on in grace

  4. NYC has typically been used as an example of civilization’s utopian dream, as well as that dream’s dystopian nightmare. It is very common in not only fiction, but in scientific and government disaster scenarios to project what takes place in NYC as a characteristic for what awaits the rest of the US.

    1. As we often say… “Coming to a theater near you.”

      Unfortunately, by the time the “movie trailer” comes out, the story is already well into its unfolding.

      Speaking of “movie trailers” from another viewpoint… Breitbart posted the trailer for this one, coming out (we hope) in October. I would consider it a must-see. Amanda Milius is described as a California-based Conservative, and she is a filmmaker. Will be tracking the news of distribution of this one for sure.

  5. Rubbing Alcohol: supply and demand vs home production,

    I have not been able to buy rubbing alcohol since March.

    It is fuel for lamps, stoves and a heater, as well as for sanitizing surfaces and as a windshield deicer. With the grid up, my usage is low at this time.

    In the past, I have paid less than a dollar per quart, sometimes for two quarts and have about eight quarts on hand.

    A few days ago, in a store, the usually empty shelf is now occupied by hand sanitizer, so I asked when it would be available again, only to be told maybe never. In that most production has shifted to hand sanitizer. All the other stores continue to have empty shelves.

    For years, I have contemplated making my own, but it has been so cheap, that the equipment expenditures & legalities, would not be justified. I probably should have stockpiled more.

    Amazon has several water distillers for $150-$300, but it would take years to recover the startup costs. The 5 gal size seemed desirable. Deer corn seems to be a cheap and plentiful base material. Maybe a rocket stove for wood fuel.

    Should folks consider home production or should they just wait for the supply to catch up with the demand? I wonder what future prices will be?

    Is there an small amount of production that can be done without the Federal Govt getting involved?

    1. Anonymous… You raise a very interesting question, and the example of isopropyl alcohol is excellent. We had a reasonable stash on hand, but had not considered that it might not be available again for a very, very long time (measuring across years potentially). With this in mind, I wish we had stocked up greater quantities before the pandemic crisis!

      More recently, we have been able to purchase some 70% and some 99%. What we can’t seem to get is the 91% — naturally the concentration for which we’re searching!

      One suggestion is to keep a running list of items you’ve discovered you need, but have been difficult to find. As those come back into the marketplace (and assuming these items are essentially shelf-stable as is the case with isopropyl alcohol), then stock up as you can! They may disappear again, but next time you’ll be even more ready!

      Will watch for your developing thoughts on the water distillers, and wish you every success no matter which route you decide to go!

    2. I’ve been investigating the same possibility, a nice still can be bought for a fairly reasonable prices. The know how for how to operate one is fairly easy to find here in Appalachia too. My main reason for not buying one yet is that moonshine (the real deal, not the stuff the liquor store calls moonshine) is easy to lay hands on and fairly inexpensive for quality stuff, if you know the right people. And you can reuse the mason jars to can vegetables when it is gone 🙂

      I may be wrong about this, but I think you have to have a license/permit in order to legally distill ANY amount of distilled spirits. I don’t want to mislead anyone though, so don’t hold me to that.

        1. I’ve still been able to buy denatured alcohol, but it is expensive compared to the cheap rubbing alcohol I used previously. I think I paid $8-$9 for a half gallon or less at a paint store.

          If you get a still make sure you get a stamp for essential oil production so it’s legal, otherwise you’re giving the powers that be a open ticket to come collect later.

          1. I can find gallon jugs of denatured around here as well, and I have found 70% isopropyl at farm stores in the veterinary section a few times.
            You can legally own a still with no stamps whatsoever, as long as you never use it. In order to legally use it to distill alcohol you must have the appropriate permit/stamp/license. That is the federal viewpoint on it. There may be some states that regulate the ownership of a still, I’m not sure about that.

        2. I think the reasons for not using denatured alcohol may have already been addressed, but lacking that, the poison can be absorbed through the skin. I’m thinking it’s best to err on the side of caution. See blow for what Wikipedia has to say….

          Denatured alcohol – Wikipedia

          Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits (in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom) or wood spirit or denatured rectified spirit, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting, foul-smelling, or nauseating to discourage recreational consumption.

    3. Anonymous, isopropyl is a horrible alcohol for lamps and marine cooking stoves. Ethanol is far superior and will not soot up chimneys, pots and pans on alcohol stoves, and irritate your throat and eyes.
      I have 900 gallons of isopropyl around in drums, but will not use it for lighting or cooking in a confined space. My friend uses it in his modified old pickup truck as a motor fuel. Gets about 8 mpg, but he paid only $.10 cents a gallon for it at work. It’s a waste product from the de-milling of solid fuel rocket motors. In cold weather he must start and run the engine on gasoline for a few minutes, but once operating temperature is reached, he switches to isopropyl and motors on.
      You can buy ethanol at any big box home improvement store or paint store. It’s labeled as denatured alcohol. About $17 a gallon. Says right on the front, for marine stoves.
      I got tired of paying high prices and bought a drum of it from a chemical suppliers. About $4.00 a gallon that way, but they sure were curious about my desire to have it. Nonetheless, I got my drum.
      Funny, I’m swimming in this alcohol while the country is crying for it. Guess it’s the same for everything else.

    4. What I haven’t figured out yet is why people need such huge amounts of hand sanitizer anyway? I’m still using the small 8 oz bottle with the pump I bought way back in January I guess.

    5. Make sure, that your water distiller is fit for the use with the alcohol, not that e.g.g the dissolving seals contaminate the product and let the fumes out.
      Could get a bit dangerous

  6. RE: Antifa

    I saw their new formations at Portland. They definitely have some training and help. They had shields up front, umbrellas over that, and they moved like the old style Spanish Squares. This was a 16th Century that mitigated damage to one place. Easy to learn and implement. As for bio type weapons, the light bulbs caught me by surprise. Add easy things like bleach to an explosive. This and many more easy things will be next, IMO. Add crazy groups like the NFAC, and we are past ripe for something bad to happen. Sad, but I like others don’t see this going away.

  7. Re: Hollywood Liberals. The worst thing is that these weak minded celebrities will move to new locations (as in nice, as in conservative) and vote for the same type of trash that ruined the place they ran from.

    1. My first though about NY city was where are they all moving to? It wouldn’t bother me to live next to a former city dweller, but many of the readers here might not be so thrilled.

  8. An outstanding Odds-n-Sods news roster, JWR! Thank you!!!

    Victor Davis Hanson’s National Review Article, “The Thin Veneer of American Civilization”, is an outstanding read — well worth the time of every SB community member. Will re-post the link below for quick and easy reference.

    Another excellent article is JR Nyquist’s “Cultural Subversion and Socialist Dictatorship” linked below. From the article: “What has been happening in America, for many years, is a cultural revolution which prepares the way for a more violent kind of uprising.”

    …and all of this connects well with the messages of Matt Bracken in his presentations, also excellent and included above.

    Educate yourselves. Educate others.

  9. I have to say I got a kick out of the Yahoo article. Just another example of the halt and the lame giving bad unsolicited advice and as the media typically does passing it off as things you must do or not do. I grow ever weary of idiots telling me what I should be doing or not doing. Apparently they hire a lot of children to write their articles that have not learned the responsibilities of being an adult. Unfortunately this type of attitude is becoming very pervasive in our Nanny State society. Watching the reaction of the idiot getting his tires slashed for being a public nuisance brought a smile to my face. I also could not believe that the police showed such restraint, I would not have.

  10. This article isn’t nearly as dramatic as some of the news for the day, but it is important to track the ways in which companies may be circumventing employment law — especially as we work to get the American middle class back up on its proverbial feet. The example in this piece alleges what may be illegal practices by a company building an expansive battery plant north of Atlanta. It’s a short read with some very interesting details… A full investigation should follow.

    1. The appropriate alternative, which I’ve been utilizing on all social media platforms, is to not patronize their internet services, cuz I don’t have to. Works for me.

  11. Guns and 32 Other Things You Definitely Do NOT Need To Buy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    N-95 Masks

    What? Reserve these and surgical masks for healthcare professionals because they work and the rest of us lowlifes get the ones that don’t work? Why can’t the professionals use the lowly cloth ones if they really do any good?

    Dehydrated Food

    “Dehydrated foods are expensive and full of salt.” Darn, I didn’t know that, I’m all done drying my own fruits and veggies and herbs!

    A Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper

    This person doesn’t know crap about crap. Obviously a young journalist fresh out of college with zero life experience.

    Food You Won’t Actually Eat

    “Buy things that you would really eat, not stuff that just because it was there.” If it’s the only thing that is left on the shelves, I’d even eat Kraft macaroni and cheese and Cheetos!


    “…these supplements won’t help you ward off the coronavirus.” Maybe not but it’s a darn good treatment once you have it and are showing symptoms. Plenty of controlled studies have shown that it helps get over the flu 3-5 days quicker. It will probably work just as well for Covid-1984.

    Other Vitamins

    “There’s no evidence that they help in fighting disease.” Darn, thanks again for setting me straight and letting me know that those idiots at the Mayo clinic don’t know diddly about medicine. They should stick with studying mayo and ketchup. Please send them your resume, the can obviously use a person of your education and vast amount of world experience and infinite wisdom.

    Natural Disaster Emergency Supplies

    “There isn’t any imminent risk to plumbing and electricity, so there’s no need to stock up on emergency supplies like sleeping bags, bottled water, batteries and flashlights.” Since emergencies of any kind never happen, this is obviously excellent advice. Even heat waves don’t cause blackouts due to overloaded grids so don’t waste your money on these preps. And wait until Antifa thinks about doing some real damage by attacking the grid!

    Perishable Foods That Will Go Bad Before You Can Eat Them

    “Check expiration dates.” There are no expiration dates except for baby formula. Anyone who tosses food just because the “best buy” date has passed needs to do some research. Even the USDA says they’re bunk and to use your common sense and your five senses to decide whether food is safe or not.

    Unhealthy Snacks

    If you think I’m going to survive Covid-1984 or a disaster without my Thin Mints and peppermint patties you’ve got another think coming!

    Foods With WIC on the Label

    “People who use WIC to feed their kids can’t switch to another brand or kind of food. If a store runs out of WIC-approved options, they will go home empty-handed.” Wait a minute, you just told me they never run out of toilet paper, why in the world would they run out of WIC items??? Of COURSE people on WIC can’t switch to other foods, it would totally cut into their beer and cigarette money.

    Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

    “Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are autoimmune drugs that were developed for use against malaria and have been used in various capacities as treatments for the coronavirus. However, the FDA has said that further testing is needed…” Excellent advice! Let’s wait until they do approve it so we can all fight tooth and nail to get some after the price quadruples.

    Bleach/Disinfectant as the Coronavirus ‘Cure’

    “…but they should not be ingested or injected by humans as a way to treat the coronavirus…” Did you really just put that into print? Anyone lacking in cerebral function to that degree needs to be out of the gene pool anyway. It is definitely a cure though. If you are dead, Covid-1984 is no longer a concern.


    Hey young lady, this was supposed to be an article on what not to buy during a pandemic. Thanks for getting your anti-2A 2¢ worth in. Democrats are buying guns to protect themselves from rioters, not the virus. Shooting a 12 gauge at the Covid-1984 virus particles will not do much good. Especially if the particles just went up your nose. Although it would help decrease the number of Democrats running around.

    Professional-Grade Hair Dye

    Are you nuts?! How am I supposed to keep my youthful appearance if I can’t dye my beard?? I’m heading to the dollar store as soon as I get done typing this. They had 12′ of shelf space dedicated to hair dyes when I bought one last month just for that pointy little bottle I needed to paint a sign.

    New Clothes

    “…not a smart use of your funds.” So just because there’s a pandemic my financial condition is going to get so bad I can’t buy new clothes? I don’t get it. Am I going to have to do that “Emperor” thing or would you recommend I sew fig leaves together?

    DIY Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

    “…vodka you can buy at the liquor store doesn’t contain enough alcohol to be effective.” So I can’t make a 70% hand sanitizer using some of the vodka that is 95% alcohol? Back to math and chemistry class for you young lady!

    “…stock up on your liquor of choice to make your favorite cocktail at home…” Wait a minute! Clothes are a waste of my funds but I can booze it up all I want?

    Phone Disinfecting Gadgets

    “… you don’t need to spend that kind of money to keep your phone clean. You can safely sanitize your phone with a Lysol wipe.” Well that’s wonderful to know, I’d hate like heck to give myself the virus. I’d be talking and spitting virus particles all over the phone, then getting them on my hands, then reinfecting myself again when I pick my nose. I think that means it would be twice as bad?

    More Than 2 Months’ Worth of Prescription Medication

    Pandemics and quarantines have never been known to affect supply chains so don’t even think about stocking up on your meds. Any idiot knows it’s only WIC products that are affected by supply chain disruptions. Oh, and N-95 and surgical masks that we need to save for the doctors.

    Paper Towels

    “Paper towels may still be in short supply at your local store…” But NOT toilet paper, right?

    Produce Wash

    I thought this was an article on what not to buy during a pandemic, not an advice column on how to run my life, manage my expenses, or save the planet.

    Stockpiles of Pet Food

    “Pet stores and pet food delivery services are considered essential and are unlikely to close” Unless your pet is on WIC, then we highly recommend you stock up at least a 2-year supply. And don’t buy any clothes but feel free to waste money on pet food delivery services or professional hair dying services.

    Anything You Don’t Need

    “…keep in mind that there’s no need to stockpile any supplies — just buy what you need for the next week or two and leave the rest for other shoppers.” Yeah you greedy preppers, this means YOU! Don’t stockpile, so when the next TP rush is on, there’ll be twice as many people fighting for that last roll. Be considerate and leave enough for other shoppers. And don’t you dare buy any WIC-labeled stuff! Leave that for the economically disadvantaged non-preppers.

    This is the most entertaining Yahoo article I’ve ever read, and the author is definitely a yahoo so she posted it in on the perfect website.

        1. Thanks. I had only heard of SNAP (food stamps) but I guess the government always has more than one socialist giveaway program.

      1. Nathan Hail, a lot of people in the USA do NOT NOT know about the WIC Program. … The >FAKE NEWS intentionally keeps all people ignorant about the continued destruction of America, and a very possible SHTF occurrence in our future.

        I’m asking for an indulgence for my lengthy reply about the WIC Program. … Here’s the conclusion to my comment: = People need to own at least one gun, and a lot of ammunition. Plus, living in a safe location would be a smart thing to do.

        There are numerous people in the USA willing to >sell their (Government) Food Vouchers, given as welfare to >feed their children. They would rather have money for Narcotics, Alcohol, Cigarette (smokes), Medical Marijuana, Subwoofers in the homes and cars, and just whatever; = these things are more important than >feeding their own children nutritious food.

        Here’s Wikipedia about WIC. =
        “The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a federal assistance program of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for healthcare and nutrition of low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five. (See child nutrition programs.)
        ……..Their mission is to be a partner with other services that are key to childhood and family well-being. The basic eligibility requirement is a family income below 185% of the federal poverty level.
        ………. Most states allow automatic income eligibility, where a person or family participating in certain benefits programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, may automatically meet the income eligibility requirements. Currently, WIC serves ~>53 percent of all infants born in the United States.

        WIC is a separate program from the SNAP EBT FOOD STAMP Program.


        “State Investigating Craigslist Sales Of Baby Formula Possibly Bought With WIC Money” CBS NEWS, Sacramento August 20, 2020.

        Resale of Food Stamps and WIC Vouchers is a common problem. As I said earlier, there are people with bigger ‘wants’, than feeding their own children.

        There’s always some news about the amount of fraud in the >Welfare Food Programs. … The Fake News seems to write about Sex Exploitation of Children, to almost the exclusion of all other forms of neglect towards children, by their own parents.

        In a Year, Child-Protective Services Checked Up on 3.2 Million Children
        2.5 million of those kids were declared ‘non-victims.’ Another 686,000 were ‘abused’ or ‘neglected.’ And an estimated 1,640 kids died as a result.
        [The Atlantic July 22. 2014]

        Public Health Care Nurses visit homes with a scales to weigh children and babies. The height (or length) of each child and baby is also measured.
        America is a great country, where food is given away, along with healthcare, clothing and shelter. CPS takes kids away for neglect.

        Unfortunately, a lot of people want ALL the ‘free stuff’ plus the narcotics. They will form mobs, and loot and steal; especially in SHTF times, if the ‘spigot’ of free stuff is turned off.

        We have an election this year. One man wants to keep people working, and bring the good jobs back to the USA. … The other man seems to favor more socialism and more ‘free stuff’ for people. [Plus, he wants to take away many privately owned guns.] He also wants to raise taxes on working people. [The rich people can just pass along the cost of their taxes, to the people lower down on the economic totem pole.]

        However the election turns out, it would be wise to own at least one gun and a lot of ammunition. For the bonus of a possible long life, = living in a safe place might be a necessity in the future.

        1. Government programs are to the socialists what guns are for the civilized parts of society. For the socialists, how many more government programs do you need? Answer, just a few more. For the civilized world, how many more guns do you need? Just one more!

        2. what is numerous? Do you have numbers from accurate surveys? Is it one person per 500 in the system? Is it one per 1000 receiving benefits? Are they selling all their vouchers or just the benefits they don’t need? You haven’t really shown how many are abusing the system. Maybe 97% are actually using the benefits to feed their kids. 3% of a large program could still look like quite a few people. I remember reading about I believe SNAP benefits. Somewhere around 83% of the people receiving benefits were off the rolls in less than two years, working again, paying taxes, and getting back on their feet.

          1. Don, if the your reply was directed towards me, this is the conclusion of my comment: =
            “Here’s the conclusion to my comment: = People need to own at least one gun, and a lot of ammunition. Plus, living in a safe location would be a smart thing to do.”

            There was NO NO NO argument against feeding hungry children in my comment. … Feeding hungry people is a moral obligation from God. … The Good Book.=
            “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ =
            The ‘money-shot’ conclusion about the obligation of taking care of poor people.
            “The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”

            [Anyone, thinking Jesus was talking about the woolie animals gobbling grass, should contact Survivalblog for a church recommendation]
            We see constant ‘news’ stories about hunger in America. As your comment illustrates, people in the USA want EVERYONE fed; especially babies and children.

            The fraud is actually ~against the people in need; especially the children raised in a home, where parents have more important ‘wants’ than feeding their own children.
            I used the word ‘numerous’ on purpose. The fraud can’t be tabulated, except by God.

            There’s some information on the Internet.
            “There’s too much misinformation about the U.S. government’s food stamp scheme.” … “The takeaway is that food stamp fraud ballooned during the four years through 2016 but that it still represents a tiny percentage of the program.” …

            “How much did fraud grow? It jumped to $592.7 million in 2016, up a staggering 61% from $367.1 million in 2012, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The monetary figures are “Fraud Dollars Determined By Investigations.” In other words, these figures are based on identified incidents. In 2016, the number of fraud investigations totaled 963,965, up more than 30% from 2012. (Side note: Almost half of those investigations were in New York State, according to the report.)”
            [Forbes 4/4/2018

            The fraud is 0.9% according to the Forbes article. That’s still a lot of money, and a lot of hungry children.

            My conclusion was about the need to buy a gun, or have one available. … There are desperate people in the USA with bigger ‘wants’ than feeding their own children.

      1. Hey RKRGRL68, I’m glad someone else has the same oddball sense of humor! 🙂 I was laughing so hard about the pets on WIC (Women Infants and Cats) I could hardly breathe. lol

        You probably missed my post the other asking about a link to the 5-gallon Mylar bags you use. All the ones I’ve checked out had complaints about the bags getting holes where they fold. I could use a good link to whatever it is you’re using. Thanks!

        1. Hi there St Funogas

          The name of the company I ordered from is: Pleasant Grove Farm, LLC out of NC. I found them on Amazon . The website they have is
          Hope you can find what you are looking for.

          Have a Rockin great day!!

  12. The title of the yahoo article is harsher than the content. I get what the Yahoo author is saying in that if you are in danger of losing your job etc you might rethink buying a gun. From what I’ve seen firsthand they are spending a house payment. It is a financial column after all.
    I think the individual needs to weigh and assess the situation for themselves. Do they NEED that money or do they NEED a gun or another gun?
    Fear is pretty much the driving factor to preparedness. Not that we live in fear but that we fear XYZ and therefore want to mitigate it.
    The article did say not to buy food you won’t eat which is something we teach.
    I always want folks to prepare but not at the cost of living healthy. I’d rather they made a house payment and didn’t have a gun rather than be in a desperate mode, homeless and armed, that could be my undoing.

  13. It was easy to see Yahoo spiraling down the toilet when they discontinued having comments to their articles. It was easier for them to ban everybody’s comments as they had few positive comments. The snowflake meltdown continues.

  14. Watching Fox Business today, seeing that it is across America that body armor is being sold. They interviewed a company in the Midwest, and it is security guards, LEO’s, and ordinary people. The percentage increase in vests, ceramic plates, etc. is up 500% or more over last year! This tell me along with the increase in firearms & ammo sales, that ordinary people as well as those in various security professions are scared! My 84 year old sister, in this very SMALL town in CT was in a local store this week, and a WOMAN spoke to her that my sister was closer than 6 ft. to her. It is crazy out there. I firmly believe that some people are carrying though their state is not issuing concealed permits without a very good reason. Too many Police chiefs are “sitting” on requests for permits. It the final analysis, it is up to the law abiding person to protect themselves. We ALL have the right to protect ourselves, regardless what the government at any level has to say about it. That is our NATURAL RIGHT! Be polite, try not to put oneself in a dangerous place, but when society goes crazy, do what you have to do to protect yourself and hopefully be around to protect loved ones and good people.

      1. There will be a second crime. The video is good enough that these thugs will be identified and arrested. But it is unlikely that they will be punished in any reasonable way. And THAT is a crime.

        I have a pen with a large needle in it (more like an icepick) for exactly that kind of attack. I think it is called a tactical pen or something like that. I got it as a gift so I don’t remember the name of it. When someone takes you to the ground and keeps whooping on you all bets are off.

        By the way I would bet that if this victim had used a weapon in his defense that HE would have been charged.

        1. It’s a shame that good law abiding citizens are hesitant to protect themselves with a firearm for fear that the police will pull out all stops to arrest them and put them in prison. In the meantime the leftist thugs are left to their robbing, looting and general violent crimes while the police look the other way.

  15. Boy, that Yahoo article really smells like Big Brother official disinformation to make the disaster worse when they cause it to……I mean, when it happens. Notice they were just fine with buying all the liquor you want.

    1. I thought it was very well put together.

      I’m going out and buying multiples of everything on that list! Multiple multiples!! BWHAHAHAHAHAA!

      Jackwagon author, for sure.

  16. It is Jan 21, 2021. I have been reelected POTUS. I will decree and ask for ex-military volunteers to join and form the First Company of the United States Regulated Militia. The Militia will be situated along side law abiding Americans outside the warzones of Democrat Cities.

    I will declare martial law in war torn areas of those cities and ask truck drivers to cease the delivery of food and supplies therein.

    The National Guard will maintain checkpoints on the outskirts of each designated city. This will be in effect for 90 days so that a cooling down and introspection can begin in those areas.

    Oooooooooops. Just woke up from my nap.

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