Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — July 14, 2020

July 14th is the birthday of Colonel Einar A. Malmstrom. He was born in 1907 and died August 21, 1954 near Great Falls, Montana, in the crash of a T-33 jet. He was a decorated Air Force pilot, a Luft Stalag POW survivor, and test pilot. Malmstrom AFB was one of the settings for my novel Founders. (The base was named in his honor.)

I just heard the news that the Washington Redskins have bowed to the Altar of Political Correctness and are soon changing their name and logo. I have a recommendation for the team’s new name:  The Washington Greenbacks. Their logo could be a Dollar symbol ($). That would be apropos since the entire District of Criminals (DC) is mainly motivated by greed.


  1. But seriously . . .

    The name change would have bothered me decades ago, when sports teams were part of their communities.

    But since then, teams have changed cities, changed their names, and changed their logos for business reasons: usually so the team owners can extort money from local taxpayers to build them a new stadium.

    The worst part about this was listening to otherwise principled conservatives slavishly support taxes to build stadiums for billionaires, but that’s another rant.

    And instead of those taxpayer funded stadiums being named with the community in mind, the naming rights are sold to the highest corporate bidder. I have no idea what the football stadium in my city is called this year – it’s had at least 3 different names since it was built less than 20 years ago – but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a Brand X Feminine Products Field somewhere in the USA.

    So who gives a s**t. Of all the assaults on our culture and history and heritage and freedom currently taking place, this is one battle not worth picking. Let the Dark Forces of Political Correctness take this symbolic scalp.

  2. I think the Redskins need to change their name to the Washington Redskeins.

    Since there’s been nothing but implausible yarns coming out of the District of Criminals for SO many years, it would be most appropriate.

    The team could save millions. They could keep their team colors, and instead of redoing all their uniforms and everything else that has the team name, they could merely add a caret (^) with a “E” above it. On the logo, replace the feathers with skeins of yarn, and recolor the Indian so that he is a patchwork of red, yellow, brown, black, and white. We’ll wait for the Martians to start whining before adding green.

  3. This particular name change, it seems, has long been in the works. I can see that the name can be offensive, and have no problem with them changing it. This is not new. Any name like this is actually a “term”, like race, that describes one’s physical appearance. Imagine a team called the “Fighting Whiteys” or the ” All Blacks” and how those names could be construed. HAVING SAID THAT, It would be much better to be MORE specific when it comes to these names…..Such as an actual TRIBE name AND endorsement from said tribe. IMHO. Love thy Neighbor.

  4. I was thinking that if they wanted to keep the same color scheme, and because of their historical poor performance and attendance records, they could call themselves the Red-faced Wussies.

  5. Gotta say that it adds credence to the whole notion of “fiddling while Rome burns”. We have so many dire needs, issues and pressing problems and so much angst and energy is being applied to nonsense such as the name of a sports team, removing Aunt Jemima from the pancake mix box and crafting BLM murals everywhere.

  6. I think at this point it is insignificant. The NFL seems determined to die on the altar of political correctness. It would seem these millionaire man-children are no different than the rest of their generation, money doesn’t matter the league will still be able to pay these exorbitant salaries while running off fans with anti american rhetoric, disrespecting the flag and playing to empty stadiums. A PC name change will most likely be a footnote in the story of the end of the NFL.

  7. Growing up in south central Kansas (in the 70’s), our middle school mascot was the Redskin and then the Thunderbird in high school. Kansas was derived from the Kansa tribe of indians meaning, People of the South Wind”. My town and many others were named after native American tribes or references. That denoted a certain amount of respect for those who were there before us.
    I did not know any native Americans and never thought much about the mascot, it’s just what we were. But it wasn’t considered negative. You played sports or represented your school with pride. Why would anyone knowingly try to disrespect any culture by proudly wearing something that is negatively associated with that culture? It seemed more of an honor to that culture and the history of the area.

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