Is It Time To Worry?, by Jim S.

All the readers of this blog have been preparing. Prepping for disasters, both man-made and natural. We even prepped for Financial Crises and Economic collapse.

But were we anticipating an insurrection? Not really. We all on this blog believe in America, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We also believed the American Dream and that our way of life would survive almost any disaster.

Now come groups, mostly college-educated that say America is 100% racist, amoral, evil and their solution is to destroy it. “BURN IT TO THE GROUND” says the BLM New York City leader.

Last week I saw a video of a couple in a grated neighborhood that had to stand in front of their home holding an AR-15 and a pistol to protect their family and home. Rioters/protestors had broken down the grate to their private community looking for their mayor. Several were armed with weapons.

This has nothing to do with the murder of Mr. Floyd. These people think every white person is privileged and that even African American police are evil too. The hatred espoused by these groups is at an all-time high and they are backed with large sums of money and corporate support…Coca-Cola, Google, and others.

Several conservative radio hosts have called for everybody in the middle (my father’s Democratic Party) and on the right to stand up and peacefully protest and push back for patriot freedoms and liberties.

But we fear being called a racist…if you don’t drink 100% of the Kool-Aid, even if you disagree with any of their philosophy, then you are dubbed a racist, period. These groups have even threatened liberals who want to debate the issues and they are called racists and that they need to be boycotted and destroyed.

I have always followed Mr. Rawles’ view to be the “Gray Man”. Very few people know about my prep supplies and stockpile. My outdoor range is in farming area 1-¾ hours drive away from home, so only those up there know that I’m a prepper. Note: I would love to buy a small farm, but I cannot afford the high cost and my wife is not into the “Green Acres” lifestyle. So these preclude me from it.

So I’m starting to rethink what to do for prepping for civil unrest and neighbor against neighbor.

  • We have prepping supplies i.e. food, water, toilet paper, etc.
  • We have weapons…extra shotguns
  • We have ammo, but should always buy more. (Repeat that 5 times)
  • We need more tactical training for home defense
  • We need several boxes razor wire. But we can’t spread and stake that down until the last minute
  • We need capable vehicles to flee civil unrest and extra fuel plus rear fuel can rack.
  • We need cash in small bills and silver coins.
  • We need plans: A.) defend property and family B.) bugout plan, and C.) destinations and routes

I’m sure you all will have additional ideas to put in the comments below.

Some Closing Thoughts

How was that couple from the video going to handle a mob standing out in the open with just an AR-15 and a pistol with no spare magazines, nor back up?  The police were not coming. Several of the rioters/protestors were armed. If the mob decided to go at them, then they would’ve been toast. Maybe someone in our group could write a piece on home civil unrest defense.

My biggest fear is America may not survive after this election if the Extreme Left wins. Will there be civil war 2.0 we hear about? How do you tell friend from foe, and snitch from patriot?

God Bless You All and God Bless America.


  1. It’s the million-dollar question isn’t it ? How is it going at all pan out ? The majority of conservatives I talked to think the president will win handily in the election and the country will stay stable.

    Trouble is even the president himself voiced concerns about the democrats trying to throw the election . Hopefully higher support for the president will make it harder to rig the elections. Even in victory the democrats will just keep hounding the president like they have for the last 4 years.

    Once they’re back in power the real fun starts. Judging from the chaos in the streets it doesn’t bode well for white, conservative Christians. Watching college students join in with the riff-raff burning and looting boggles the mind. How could they be so stupid and naive not to see the irreparable harm their causing the country ?

    And when they turn the country into a third world hellhole what are they going to do ? Say they’re sorry ? I hold them in contempt the same as the inner-city criminals. They’re itching for a fight .
    They won’t like the outcome. Once a few of them meet their untimely demise it’s a safe bet the rest will go home .

    Then it’s just dealing with the criminals in Washington DC. In the past we’ve endured every abuse they’ve handed out. Now they’re going for broke with their treasonous behavior. The founding fathers knew this day would come. That’s why they wrote the 2nd amendment. Whether it actually ever comes to that who knows ? Strange days indeed.

    1. From your post: “And when they turn the country into a third world hellhole what are they going to do ? Say they’re sorry ?”

      You’re asking a very good question, and certainly there are at least a couple factors at work… One of the most important is a lack of critical thinking, and another is that every decision is driven by emotion (often rage). These people seem to lack the capacity to understand consequences, or even care about them — until they are facing consequences themselves.

      A great example is the young woman who lost her job at Deloitte after posting a video in which she was threatening to stab people. While feeling powerful starring in her own video menacing people who might say that ALL LIVES MATTER, she had no problem suggesting the use of deadly force against others for exercising their right to free speech. After she was fired, she could only sob about the job she lost, and the one for which she had worked so hard.

      If more of these people faced consequences for wantonly destructive behaviors, they would engage in much more effective self-management, and make far better choices.

      1. A little update and clarification. The “young woman who lost her job at Deloitte” had an which the company cancelled under their rule that employees may not make threats.
        She did not ‘lose her job.’
        Her pity party go-fund-me has already passed $8000.

        1. Guy Friday! You are right, and I should have said that the young woman had been FIRED. A reasonable observation, and you are so correct! Just sorry to hear that her go-fund-me pity party as raised such a substantial amount of money. Unfortunate this is!

    2. It’s funny to me that Coca-Cola, Invented by Former Confederate Lt.Col. John Pemberton, gets a pass from the SJW crowd . If course, Coke is Whoring themselves to keep the Bottling Plants running.

    3. One of the problems in socialist revolutions is it never works out the way the supporters had envisioned. They think that after victory they will get what they want. Instead, those steadfast supporters become a liability to the top few elites and may eventually challenge their power. The elites and academics in Russia were sent to Siberian work camps to never be heard from again. In China, many top associates ‘disappeared’. In Venezuela, the elites property was declared property of the state. In Germany, the brown shirts were replaced by the SS and the brown shirts were no more.

      The point is, socialist revolutions always end in them eating their own.

      These brainwashed kids think it’s all great to have their college paid for by someone else. But when reality hits and they are surrounded by armed guards while they pull weeds in a field and then they will question whether it was worth it. Just like all those people initially supporting Chavez. All was great until the ,obey ran out and they had to prostitute their wives in a neighboring country. They will question whether it was worth it.

      But like my dad once said ‘you made your bed and now you have to sleep in it’.

      1. I think it is more like, “you made your bed, and now your children, grandchildren and great-children will have to sleep in it. Until they can figure out how to overthrow their Bolshevik masters, anyway.”

    4. A heavily armed “black militia” of a 100 or more stormed Stone Mountain Ga. on Independence Day threating white in their cars. No police were in sight?
      Think I may go buy some more ammo tomorrow.

      1. Ron… in the video there was a vehicle with flashing blue lights ( rear bumper area ) in front of the march…I assumed it had an escort … maybe my assumption is incorrect

      2. This “army” is disturbing. And they have threatened to “take” Texas of all places.

        I feel like these “protestors” are actively trying to start a racial civil war.

  2. I noticed the folks defending their home was in plain sight, no cover or concealment. A warning shot would have caused the cops to arrest them. What about bear spray? Folks have been arrested using that to defend themselves. The DAs in these liberal cities side with the anarchists, not the taxpayers or the police.

  3. fyi – the guy with the AR had a spare mag in his left pants pocket. It “printed” in the videos. Tactically he could have done better and the wife needs some range safety training. 🙂

    1. One brief sweet paradox view to the all one-2A-way of looking at this incident. I heard they (the two armed citizens) were Lawyers. Funny & quite enjoyable watching two Lawyers scared for their lives for once, isn’t it? They looked so “disarmed of thought”, uncertain of their very next meal even, yet they ought to be used to this position, having so conveniently targeted so many others (just look at that castle behind them!) for a living now, no? Hmmm. Just a (lovely sweet) thought from a favorite dream I so often have, played live for us all, right there. Ha. OK, snap out of it, there, Hillbilly! TeeHeeHee. 🙂

      1. Not only are they lawyers, but self-proclaimed liberals and supporters of BLM. Which just increases the irony. One can hope this will cause them to rethink a few things, but I doubt it will happen.

        1. Actually, they are lifelong Republicans and they do not support BLM. In fact they denounced BLM as a Marxist terrorist organization. They do support civil rights as should all Americans… As long as that includes civil rights for everyone not just minorities.

  4. The Civil War is quickly approaching…I do not think it can be stopped. It will be as Selco described in both of his books about the breakup of Yugoslavia. Bloody, chaotic and horrific. Read his two books to help prepare your mind for what is coming, to get a glimpse of what normal everyday people turn into when there is not enough food and resources. Watch youtube videos of Bosnia 1990’s, Spanish Civil War 1936, Ukraine, Grozny, Syria. This is what our neighborhoods will look like. Get your mind ready. Know and hold firm in your core values and principles. Ask God for strength. Be prepared for the unrelenting lies that will be broadcast by the media, depicting Patriots as racists and villains. This is already occurring, the McCloskeys in St. Louis, the man who was shot in Provo. Every day there will be more lies and extreme political spin. False flags. Know your enemy, the Anarcho/Communist/Fascist left-wing and its corporate sponsors. Remember that Socialism and National Socialism are both socialism, both are the enemies of Freedom. The depth of the rot is extreme, across all social strata. You will never change the mind of a leftist, no matter how many facts are presented to them. They have been brainwashed to hate you, and they want you dead. We will be fighting for our lives, so train and prepare as if your life depended on it.

    I also do not have the ability to purchase rural property. In these last few months, furloughed, forced to move back into the suburban home of my retired parents, I have been spending every last dime towards last minute preparations. Exchanging paper dollars that will soon be worthless for food, ammunition, hard and soft goods. Everything in your list and then some. Thousands of rounds of ammunition. Closing in on a 2-year supply of canned foods. Will be getting more if I am able, the war may last 5 years, perhaps longer. Tactical gear. Danner boots. Level III+ hard body armor. Studying military field manuals. Taking careful note of the addresses where American flags are still flying in the neighborhood, as these men and women shall be our allies. Patriots. Studying the layout of the houses, streets, and structures in the neighborhood.

    An excellent book to read is A Failure of Civility by Mike Garand, Jack Lawson. The authors occasionally print runs of this book and sell it on Ebay. This book is worth its weight in gold, IMHO, especially for civilians like myself who have no military training and need a quick introduction to urban/suburban neighborhood tactical defense strategies. The only thing I do not agree with in their book is approaching the neighbors early regarding putting together a neighborhood defense group. Some who do not yet see what is coming would think you are a nutjob for thinking an actual shooting war is near. Timing is everything. Do not wait and hope for leaders to come along in your local area of operations. YOU must be the leader. Have everything ready to go so that when the time is right and the shooting war starts in different cities and regions of the country, you can THEN approach the neighbors who will then see that the threat is real and the war has started. I strongly believe that the chances of survival of my family and myself will be increased if I organize the neighbors into a self-defense force, so that is exactly what I intend to do when the time is right. Until then, I am learning everything I can, training, and getting ready.

    Communications gear. Camping lights. All battery powered. GMRS/FRS radios, UHF/VHF handheld transceivers and pouches so these may be distributed to neighbors when SHTF. Boxes filled with AA/AAA batteries. Police and emergency services scanners to pinpoint areas of local unrest while police services are still operating, and a printed/laminated 4×6 Google Satellite map of streets and terrain features to plot them on with dry erase markers. Making copies of smaller maps and number buildings, with gridlines and coordinates for distribution to neighbors who will lead small squads so we can more effectively communicate where enemy combatants are located and provide for the defense of the neighborhood. Barbed wire. T-posts. Mounting clips. Post driver. Sandbags. Diagram of wire defenses and other obstacles you will place around the area you have designated as the fire base and your HQ.

    Copies of SOI communication plans with brevity matrix and authentication key for a basic level of OPSEC between teams to distribute with your radios. Primary, secondary, tertiary, and admin frequencies. Extra copies for neighbors who have their own FRS/GMRS walkie talkies. Making MARS modifications to your UHF/VHF transceivers by removing resistors on the circuit board so they may communicate with the more common FRS/GMRS radios that other neighbors may already have.

    Physical fitness training. 3-4 mile runs every other day. Sprints so I can run to and from cover. Weight training.

    The hour is late. The war approaches. Every moment counts. Do not squander your time, resources, or effort. Prioritize. Focus on the most important things that need to be done so you can be ready and react quickly when it hits.

    1. Not only survive. but how can I prosper? When you start thinking along those lines, it changes your whole prospect. They do not require that much difference in preparation, its is the outcome that change. Hint: Food, alcohol, and tobacco…

    2. Excellent post.
      However, one of the problems with timing is it never happens when you expect it to.

      Example: why couldnt the car break down right in front of the mechanics shop instead of 12 miles off the highway in Wyoming?

      Timing can r really stink sometimes. So, we do what we can and prepare for things as much as possible so that when something happens we are not caught completely flat footed.
      Having some tools a some simple fixit parts in the car is better than having just a wrench and hammer. Having a month or six months of food is better than three days worth.

      The key is doing what you can with what you are given and making the most of it. Fill in the gaps/holes as time permits.

    3. consider drone for recon
      consider cctv non wifi but direct wired units for house nv capable
      consider nvg unit or handheld thermal
      consider 12ga primer or 22ramset trip alarms

    4. Jos2915,,,,,good write up ,as far as it went ,,,,,,,i disagree about survivability in the burbs and city’s ,,life as you know it is going fast and will soon be gone ,all that you are trying to protect and hold on to will be gone with the first mob ,
      Get out , Get out now ,doors are closing ,in our valley we have ended new admissions to the group , it is interesting to see folks sell there big home and move in to a tiny home or a garden shed.
      I see big problems buging out overland ,first off where are you going to go? those of us living outside of the valley have airplanes that makes buging out work ,or have a pickup point per set and are ready to leave with the shirt on there back and preps pre set , think outside the box ,,,
      Wish you well , and luck

      1. Good points, Oldhomesteader and Tunnel Rabbit. Agreed. Whether or not densely populated areas are survivable under extreme conditions is a very fair question, and the risks of an adverse outcome are potentially high.

        It’s also wise to have a very sober understanding of the danger of mobs and mob action. The couple in St. Louis could quickly have come to face grave danger, and while they may have been able to fend off some of the attackers, they could have been overcome. Individuals moving in a group action do not always scatter, and if they are able to seize control of people and/or surroundings, they can easily and quickly become vicious.

    5. Hello Jos2915,

      Agree that if one lives near or in a metropolitan area, talking to the neighbors before the shooting starts is a bad idea. They may turn you in to the rebels latter. The best idea is to move to particular areas where there are like minded neighbors. Then is it a good idea to introduce and develop the idea, cautiously at first, with the actual plan to be eventually discussed. No one will welcome an excited and wild eyed neighbor proclaiming the end of the world is near, whether it be true or not. I began the process many years ago, causally at first. Another method is to invite them to a meeting. The ones that show up are the ones you want to talk to. Others will become active latter.

      1. That is a very good question, and the answer is long and complicated. Please accept my apologies, and bear with me if I bore you to tears. I feel it is necessary to provide you with some background context in order to fully answer your question.

        I am middle aged. Had a home in a nice neighborhood until the massive layoffs during the Great Recession in ’09, in which I was foreclosed and bankrupted. Spent the next 10 years rebuilding financially. Now, a decade later and likely one year from the Great Financial Reset and economic crash we have all been anticipating, and that has been advertised by the IMF and Dutch Central Bank (google their unprecedented statement on how gold will be used as the standard of value in the event of a system-wide financial and currency reset), my current job that was deemed non-essential was again swept away with many millions of others in this current COVID-19 pandemic. Ten years later here we are at square one again — stagnating wages and ever increasing consumer expenses. Tens of millions of people out of work. Fed market manipulation and a money press that prints to infinity. No fiscal responsibility. A nation collapsing. You know the story.

        My Father’s side of the family are left-leaning. His brother and sister were hippies during the Vietnam War. His sister, my Aunt, while drinking excessive amounts of red wine, has recently stated that she is a Marxist….the whole ‘off with their heads’ French Revolution thing. Perhaps she was too stoned to read about the fate of Robespierre. She is without a doubt hard-left. When I am in her presence I generally just listen to what she has to say without any interjection to avoid a major blowout. I don’t believe she knows I voted for Trump, and she foams at the mouth whenever his name is mentioned.

        My Mother’s side of the family are right-leaning Patriots with one Uncle having served in the Marine Corps.

        My Father obtained a deferment and did not fight in Vietnam. He was against the Vietnam War and hates guns. We never had an American Flag hanging on the house when I was growing up, there is still no flag there today. Politically he has stated that he is an Independent, neither Republican nor Democrat. My Father absolutely hates President Trump. I voted for Trump, will again, and have been to a Trump rally. Despite his faults, I believe Trump is the best choice we have at this point in order to try and retain what remains of our Constitutional Republic that is under relentless attack from the Left and external influencers.

        I am hopeful that Trump is not a globalist asset as has often been suggested by Brandon Smith. And even if he were, we must remember that ultimately, the Restoration of our Constitutional Republic will not be solely determined by a President or politican in a top-down manner. The entire structure and integrity of the government has been compromised due to its infiltration by a number of Leftists, and this is also evident in some of the higest ranks of our military. Should the civil war occur, the military may not be involved, as was the case during the Lebanese Civil War, where the generals were ordered to stand down as it was known the military would split if it entered the war. Instead, the military stood aside and the warring factions battled it out. The Restoration will likely begin, in my opinion, at the grassroots level — by Americans who have been pushed far enough. By Americans who are tired of losing their freedoms and their rights. From this group, leaders will begin to arise who have no political aspirations or grand ambitions other than to help guarantee that their children and grandchildren will be able to live in Liberty. That they may be free to speak. That they may be free to defend themselves and their families agaist violence. That they may be free to worship God.

        . . .

        Despite our political differences, I still love my parents. My extended family gets along during holidays and family gatherings, but the riots are intensifying the political divide in our country, as well as within our own family. Any mention from me of Communists and Antifa being the symptoms of a larger problem in America draws sharp rebuke from my Father, who retorts that the Nazis were worse. Give it time, I say. As many have stated previously, Antifa resembles the SA and brownshirts of pre-WWII Germany.

        I believe that many in my Father’s generation, himself included, are somehow viewing Antifa and BLM as an ‘extension’ of the Civil Rights movement and anti-war Vietnam protests of the 1960’s. Perhaps this is how the leftist media is portraying the current civil unrest. I don’t know because I do not read leftist publications or watch leftist media. I did not live through the Vietnam War, but from what I have read, I believe the riots of today are far different from the Civil Rights marches of the 1960’s, even with the actions of The Weather Underground and the Watts, Detroit and other riots considered.

        This time we are witnessing a very well coordinated and financed attack against the very foundations of our Nation, and have an army of leftists that have made their way into leadership positions in our national institutions and halls of government. Statues of our Founding Fathers are being torn down, The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Jesus and the churches are next. The statues of saints were desecrated and the churches burned in Spain immediately preceding the Spanish Civil War in ’36, an ominous similarity to today’s events. Franco and The Nationalists could only be pushed so far before there was a reaction to the anarchists and leftists in Spain. We are beginning to see the same thing happen here in 2020 America.

        The coming Civil War is going to tear families apart. It may tear mine apart. Franco wrote a screenplay after the Spanish Civil War involving two brothers that would fight each other in the coming conflict. The fact that these larger political divisions exist at a micro-level within my own family make the proposition and execution of operational plans during the war much more complicated. My first objective is to protect my parents, whom I love despite our differences, and our neighbors if our defensive group is large enough. I know that there is nothing I can say that will change the political opinions of my Father, so I avoid speaking with him about politics. I do not discuss with my parents the extent of my plans to organize the neighbors for self-defense, because it could be met at every turn with opposition. To draw a comparison, if we lived during Revolutionary Times during early American History, my parents would be British Loyalists living in the American Colonies. And I would be the Colonial Minuteman son living under their roof. A complicated situation indeed.

        I must state, however, that it is an absolute miracle that they allow my firearms and ammunition in their home. I believe their softened stance on guns for personal defense is a direct result of the intensity of violence of the riots. How can you argue against firearms for personal defense when our cities are burning and people are being beaten? And the numbers prove this. Record gun sales in June of this year are no anomaly. People are nervous.

        With respect to the stockpiling of other preps, in late January of this year when I first saw reports coming out of China that a major pandemic was imminent, I prepared my parents with all of the requisite PPE before it was sold out, and a basement full of canned food and necessities so they would not have to venture out of their home. Everything us long-time preppers prepare for. They had not been preppers before this point, but the pandemic coupled with the intensity and violence of the riots have especially turned my Mother into a believer, and they both have no problem with the stockpiles I have accumulated and are thankful that we have food when thousands have waited in miles-long automobile queues at the food banks while the cities burn.

        They both now see the value of preparing at a general level. The next step is to acclimate them to preparing specifically for surviving the coming Civil War, which I began to see coming since about 2018. In December 2019 I bought them a copy of The Atlantic — in that month the entire magazine contained articles written about the possibility of a new civil war erupting in the United States. Although it is a leftist publication, I gave it to them to make my case that if a major news magazine was positing the idea of a Civl War, there was some merit to my argument that it may actually happen. At that time they laughed at me when I started to talk about forming contingency plans for their evacuation to a more remote area should a war occur. But now with the riots and cities burning, I think they may actually be thankful that we have firearms and ammunition in the house. They think the riots will end and nothing further will happen. I disagree.

        To those who say that the leftists are not a threat because they are not armed, I say, in Spain in ’36, the leftist government opened the national guard armories and distributed the weapons to the anarchists and leftists in the general population. That could not possibly happen here, some would say. I would not be so sure. Pallets of bricks appeared in every major city just in time for the riots. As things escalate in the coming months, firearms could be next.

        As Selco continually repeats in his books and online posts, in order to survive the Civil War, you must concentrate your efforts and thinking on what he calls ‘Smaller Circles’, meaning your local immediate situation, as the larger clashes between factions within the collapsing state are so vast and involve so many millions of people that you as one person have a very limited effect. To Selco, it made no difference what was happening at the higher macro-level of national politics, as he had to remain focused on trying to help his family and neighbors survive at the local level. I would agree with that assessment, but would add that it is imperative for us as Americans to retain our core values as codified in the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights, documents which were drafted by very learned and studied men. It has taken thousands of years of recorded history to arrive at that vision of Freedom. That promise of Liberty. It is a dream that has been passed down through the ages, and thousands of men and women have given their lives defending that Freedom.

        IT IS worth defending. And each and every one of you will have to make your choice. There will be no middle ground. You will have to decide what side you are on. You will have to determine your place in history and eternity. Although at an individual level we may have a limited effect on national events and must work within the ‘Smaller Circles’ of local groups, if we have hundreds, and then thousands of these groups working to preserve the precious freedoms that have been accorded to us by generations of our forebears, then it is possible to Restore the Republic and prevent the light of liberty from being extinguished forever.

        In Liberty

        1. “the Nazis were worse”

          when you understand “worse for who?”, it all comes clear.

          “somehow viewing Antifa and BLM as an ‘extension’ of the Civil Rights movement”

          it is. what we see today always was the goal by the ones in control of it.

    6. You can use a large plexiglass piece instead of laminating each map. Place the map underneath and write on top of the plexiglass. You can add grid marks to the side if the glass you don’t write on to allow for grid coordinates.

      1. if you are going to that level, build a commander’s map board. you should find lots of ideas on youtube. Don’t wing grid coordinates. Hunt down maps with lat/long or MGRS gridlines and know you are accurate.

  5. Both homeowners appeared untrained in even the basics of holding a firearm. They should have held them at the ready and not at crowd until they tried to advance. Now the racist pro criminal DA will try to convict them on BS charges. Had they been rushed, in my opinion they could have easily been disarmed. Lucky for them no one called the bluff. The couple stated later they supported BLM so I have no sympathy for them.

    1. Do they really support BLM or did they just say it for the press? I think lots of folks are showing sympathy for the cause or kowtowing to the “movement” in order to avoid conflict. I’m not convinced they truly feel that way. I’ve seen businesses that boarded their windows and write in graffiti on their own that it’s a black owned business and write BLM and ACAB and other nonsense in order to keep protesters from tearing down or burning their business. IMO, there is a vast silent population that finds this statue destroying and violent protests just nonsense. They are an aggressive vocal minority of people causing damage and acting out. Maybe when their jobs come back they will shut up and go back home. I agree 100% that being a white conservative Christian man is under attack. I’m under condition yellow everywhere I go.

      1. I’m rarely talking with anyone about what’s going on now with BLM, the riots and looting, etc. I have found though that a few people have wanted to talk about this and gingerly felt me out on the subject. Much to my surprise as they’re otherwise card-carrying leftists, they are pretty upset about all of this. It could well be that there are many more of “us” out there than we think, but we are mostly hunkered down and trying to be “grey men” and not bring unwanted attention to ourselves. I’m positive that any election polls cannot possibly extract truthful answers for the most part now. If someone polled me I’d never even answer.

  6. When an analyst with the track record of Montana’s Brandon Smith declares that civil war is almost a certainty now I listen and act accordingly.

  7. It amazes me how many people still believe there are two political parties. If dems win we destroy our country and currency, If Trump wins we destroy our country and currency at a slightly slower pace.

      1. I tell people that the Democrats are going to drive off the cliff with the pedal to the metal, Republicans are going to do it driving the speed limit.

    1. For decades the differences between the parties has been minimal in some areas. Both act for the benefit of their political contributors, for the large companies who hire them to be lobbyist when they leave government, or hire them with cushy internal jobs after leaving government. That said, Democrats propose more bills that would help the average worker than Republicans. Republican economic and governing philosophies (let the rich screw and exploit the people and the commons) are slowly destroying the country.

      If you look at the last roughly 40 years, the country has economically prospered when Democrats controlled the presidency, and done worse when Republicans were president. The last balanced budget was achieved by Bill Clinton and then quickly squandered by Republican Bush.

      1. I must concur on your main point. There is very little difference between the two dominant political parties in the United States. They are both socialist, inherently statist, and antithetical to individual liberty. One party simply in more of a hurry than the other.

        1. But understand that Trump is not a mainstream Republican. He is a populist and is not controlled by either party.

          1. Good point Nathan
            Only after Trump won the Republican primary did the Republican Party begrudgingly step in to support Trump somewhat. Even after he was sworn in the majority of Repubs still did not and still do not support him as POTUS. They probably see it as he did not pay his dues by moving up through the ranks over time. In 15, the Repubs threatened to withhold financial support from Trump. I remember him telling him he didn’t need their money. They didn’t like that because he was not beholden to the Repubs.

          2. I used to think he was controlled, just not by red or blue factions. His behavior over the past 8 months should make it clear that he’s winging it all.

        2. I agree with JWR’s comment here. But please don’t let justified pessimism blind us and prevent us from supporting the good. There’s a growing third party known as “Patriots” (many of whom are Christians) that’s working hard for justice in our government, and we all should be supporting this effort. Isaiah 1:16-17 says: “… cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.”
          Let us have perspective too. Regardless of his faults, DJT is fighting harder than all other politicians combined for things we agree with. How would you respond to all the lies and slurs thrown at you? I don’t expect him to be perfect because I’m not either, but I’m grateful for his willingness to fight for what he believes is right and not care what people think of him.
          If we’re not willing to work and fight for righteousness and truth, then we have no right to complain and criticize when America slides into the swamp and dies.
          And regarding the accusations that DJT and Barr are not doing enough to drain the swamp, I believe they’re doing a great deal of prep work that they understandably can’t make public until they’re fully ready to spring the trap. We should know soon.

          1. If DJT is fighting so hard against the establishment, I would need someone to explain the rationale of encouraging the federal reserve into printing the dollar into oblivion. There is no truth or righteousness in the destruction of our dollar and by extension our country.

      2. I do not agree with your main points, but I do agree with the sentiment. I am voting this November in hopes that it will make a difference, but I don’t think it will. I think we, collectively America, are screwed no matter which way the political winds blow because this is no longer about Republicans versus Democrats. It’s about Freedom versus Socialism & Anarchy. Our entire way of life is in peril. I wish for the days when my family would laugh and place $1 bets on the outcome of the Presidential elections. We were Republicans and Democrats and Independents. No one ever got angry or self-righteous or belligerent over politics. That was considered “impolite” – a word that has been tossed in the dustbin of history. I think America is going to burn either way, *unless* there is an enormous crackdown on lawlessness. And honestly, I do swear, if there is a crackdown and Freedom lovers start complaining about “martial law”, I will scream. You can’t have freedom without law and order. The law and order is either administered by the government, or it is administered by the Citizens. I’d rather the government take the first crack at it, but if they fail, we are prepared to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.

      3. I suppose that would depend on how one defines “average worker”. Democrats tend to favor unions, which has certainly been beneficial to union members. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to favor deregulation, which favors entrepreneurs, who create jobs.

        I would further point out that there are more issues than economics. Right to bear arms, religious freedom, voter ID, the traditional family, and most importantly, the right to life, have all found better support among Republicans. One should factor in all the issues, not just economics, when determining who to support politically, though some issues may carry more weight than others, depending on your own personal values.

  8. RE: jos2915 plans to organize and lead defense of the neighborhood, when the time is right.

    Excellent plan. I’m reminded of General William Heath, of Roxbury, MA. Though he had been involved with the Militia for some 10 years (as most all able-bodied men were in the Colonial Period), his hobby was military history and tactics. He carefully studied and prepared for the storm that was coming. On April 19th, 1775, he was able to put his skills to the test, by organizing the many small-town militias that responded to the call at Concord and Lexington into his “moving circle of fire”, which expertly rotated through the woods on both sides of Battle Road (current name), encircling the British all the way back to Boston (or, at least until reinforcements met them outside of Boston).
    General Heath went on to contribute greatly to American Independence. He prepared diligently, and was ready when the time came.

  9. I can tell you how it will all play out. This will continue until November 4th. It will escalate in Democrat cities and Democrat states. The MSM and the Democrats in congress will lie about what is really happening even while assisting the Marxist radicals. The election will be stolen by Democrats and unions and Biden will win. After this the open blatant violence will stop and behind the scenes the Socialist Democrats will through political appointments and mandates turn our country into Venezuela.

    If, and this is very unlikely, Trump wins the Socialist Democrats will begin impeachment and prosecutions by activists DAs just like they have been doing but on steroids.

    And for inexplicable reasons AG Barr and John Durham will not indict anyone prior to the election, will not reveal what they have found in their investigations and in the end no one will go to jail for their conspiracy to overthrow our government. And if Biden wins all of that evidence will be burned.

    If Biden wins the wall will be removed and replaced with welcome signs.
    The Supreme Court will be changed to 11 judges.
    All of the Never Trumpers and RINOs will step forward and beg for your vote so they can defeat the Democrats next election. And about half of those on the right will believe them.

  10. Remember the Black Panthers? So very threatening and scary, now either dead or working at Walmart. So too will happen to Black Lives Matter, an evil racist group that will be consumed by their own hate and sophomoric ideology.

    1. I am not very familiar with the Black Panthers but I don’t think they had the backing of billion dollar plus corporations. I could be wrong.

  11. > Last week I saw a video of a couple in a grated neighborhood that had to stand in front of their home holding an AR-15 and a pistol to protect their family and home.

    This is ludicrous, and those two were morons. They left the house and stood on the lawn, with zero cover or concealment, for their own safety? Even if vandals had touched their house, what were they going to do, shoot them? Try explaining that to a jury, let alone the Lord Jesus. She had no trigger discipline, and he was holding that AR like Rambo. In a real crisis, I wouldn’t want to be within 10 miles of those two.

    1. MAGG their form was poor, but at least they were willing to step forward and try to defend their family and property. So far, haven’t seen too many willing to do that.

  12. Mobile Radios

    There are many lower power 25 watt mobile radios out there for around $100 bucks.
    Some are so compact and light weight that they can be put into a back pack and power ideally with a long lasting light weight lithium battery, or a heavier sealed lead acid battery. However the duty cycle (how long it can transmit) at full rated power of 25 watts might be a maximum of only 60 seconds of continuous transmission, and the finals on the radio may not last as long as a radio designed for 50 watts that regularly transmits on 25 watts. Of these lower powered radios, look for reviews that indicate heavy use over many years, then buy it. We could operate a 25 watt radio on 10 watts, but in my experience, we’ll need 25 watts in many areas, and that is power level it will likely be set at. Most operators will not power down when they could. When I program and set up batches of 50 to 70 watt radios, 25 watts is the setting that will work most of time, and the finals will not be heated up as often.

    There are so many radios to choose from. I can only recommend something that I have some experience with over time. Because this model has been in the market for so long an competition is fierce, the price of the Anytone AT5888uv has fallen.
    It has been around since before 2014 and is now a time tested performer. It has all the basics. It it open banded, dual banded, 50 watts, and has cross band repeat all for only $209.00. The cross band repeat is a feature that could be very important to the prepper and can be used in several ways. The common use is to transmit with a hand held with only 1 watt into the mobile located in a vehicle, that then transmits on another band at possibly full power of 50 watts that goes into a repeater. It is essentially a rely, or a repeater. The mobile could be stationed at a location several to many miles away in a vehicle or home, and used as a repeater. It could be packed up on a mountain or hill and used as a tactical repeater. If there is no repeater on MURS, I could use a GMRS radio to talk to the cross band repeater, that transmits on MURS. And a MURS radio could talk through the cross band repeater back to my GMRS radio. We could create our own low powered network.

    Because it is not a real repeater designed for continuous use over a period of years or decades, transmissions should be get brief and power settings should be as low as possible, and the best antennas used. A real repeater new would cost one to two thousand, but this one is only $209.00 at Amazon.

    Reviews of the Anytone AT5888uv at

    Only $209 at Amazon

    1. Video. Cross band repeat explained.

      The problem with building a home made cross band repeater using two radios linked together is dissonance. Even though the transmitter is on a different band and frequency is that it is likely harmonically related, and the receiver is not designed to withstand and filter out a regular and strong signal from the near by transmitter. The receiver will eventually fail. If one attempts or needs a homemade repeater, use a the heaviest and longest cable and locate the transmitting antenna as far away as possible, and use the lowest power setting that makes communication reliable. One trick is to use a slim jim antenna that flattens the signal like a pan cake and has a 20 degree take off angle that push most of it’s signal toward the horizon. Located at least 20 feet high and directly above, much less signal will be radiated toward the receiver just below. If we do not need an omni directional signal, then it would be best to use a direction antenna with a high front to back ratio, and locate the receiving antenna below and to the rear of the directional antenna…. We can also use frequencies that are not harmonically related, yet few if any have this equipment.

      Preppers would be well served to buy at least one cross band repeater.
      As occurred fairly recently in South Africa, amateur licenses were revoked. I presume the repeaters they used would be monitored and worse. In California, Amateur repeaters were recently removed from some county operated towers and declared to be obsolete and an unnecessary tax payer expense. If we can afford to buy a used repeater, great, but if not, any good cross band repeater could be useful for your network, especially if your area depends upon a club’s repeater.

      Gotta go pick up 3 hit and miss engines and 2 rototillers…

  13. Chris and Dan, I agree, the two parties are just a way to give us hope. I’ve always told people that it’s just a matter of how fast we reach the bottom with the current political system, Faster with Dem’s, slower with Republicans.
    Jos2915, As I’ve always said, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. You are definitely preparing for the worst, let’s hope you are over preparing for sure.
    Living in rural MT, most of the new’s stories seem unreal, but the pictures posted by friends on social media help make it real. Social media can be good sometimes! If I lived in a big urban area outside the Redoubt, I would prepare much more like jos2915 and not feel crazy for it.
    I buy a box of ammo every time I go to the city, and buy a few cans of food. It does start to add up and is not a big hit to the wallet. I keep containers of water all over the place (enough to make my wife think I’m weird) I have a few hundred watts of Solar panels for our camper and shop. I think about possible SHTF scenarios at night before falling asleep and how to react. I used to think about lots of different types, Solar EMP, Asteroid hit’s, nuclear war etc. Now I mostly think about civil unrest and tyrannical Government.

    1. I often wonder how the folks out that way see this. I’m in central Pennsylvania where every truck and traveler in the NorthEast and MidAtlantic go through. We have things going on in every small town around. Gratefully all peaceful… But the statue tippers and name changers are all right around the corner. My family has been prepped for quite a number of years and have a nice garden. In our current environment we keep our wireless peacekeeping devices in each vehicle and in more than just the safe. Our food lard has expanded to under the bed and other places you can squeeze a can or box. Keep an eye out and stay safe

      1. From your post: “Our food lard has expanded to under the bed and other places you can squeeze a can or box.”

        This reminds me of a conversation I had some years ago with a lady who is in the business of selling preparedness supplies… She shared with me that family members were surprised by the amount of food she had stored and stacked in every available nook and cranny of her home. My impression was that they simply did not understand the value and importance of these supplies. I let her know that there could come a day when those same family members would long for the times when there was food stacked in every available nook and cranny. Of course she understand my reply in the instant I uttered the words.

  14. How was that couple from the video going to handle a mob standing out in the open with just an AR-15 and a pistol with no spare magazines, nor back up? The police were not coming. Several of the rioters/protesters were armed. If the mob decided to go at them, then they would’ve been toast.

    They handled the mob because mobs are made up of cowards. With a 30-round standard capacity mag, no one wants to be among the first 30 in line.

    1. The people were looking for the Mayor’s house to protest. They walked through an open gate. The guns did nothing to protect their person or property because that was not the intent of the crowd. If the crowd was intending to loot and burn they could have moved on to other houses on the street (easier targets). Nothing happened. Peaceful protesters.

      1. That isn’t accurate. They smashed a locked gate to enter private property. They were not peaceful protestors. Nor were they on public property.

      2. Wrong: the mob broke down a locked gate and trespassed on private property. Many of the rioters were armed, and verbally threatened to kill the couple and then loot and burn down their home. They were not “peaceful protesters”.

      3. Don, Google/maps Street View of the Kingshighway entrance to Portland Place shows three gates, a vehicle gate flanked by two pedestrian gates. The ped gate on the right is the one you see in the video of mob members passing into Portland Place. You can see the McCloskey home in the background. The ped gat to the left of the vehicle gate is the one that was damaged. You can tell by the different background and the fact that the McCloskey home isnt visible in the still image.,-90.2643835,3a,75y,282.54h,88.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8MQx3UZO_Dol2W3itYz73A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

      4. JWR already posted the following YouTube video on the Odds ‘n Sods section of this blog, but it bears repeating here as some probably have not watched it based on the comments posted here.

        Pay close attention to the following timestamp at 4:57 as this is where the deliberate vandalism by the mob (not “Peaceful protesters”) is shown. I watched the video twice. I also watched several others as well and it is clear by the video taken by the “protesters” that they gave the St. Louis property owners just cause in standing up for their rights.

  15. The only lesson to be learned from all the recent insanity is:
    Violence is rewarded and catered to, while peaceful demonstrations are completely ignored and forgotten. If you want change, get violent seems to be the trend.

  16. This civil unrest has been the media’s greatest accomplishment. If it culminates in an overthrow of our constitutional form of governing, they too will become history.

  17. Agree that going out to confront the mob was waving a red flag at a bull. Disagree that razor wire is necessary or appropriate. If it is really that bad lots of regular wire run between eyehooks in your entry way will slow down any intruder. Before you get to that point though, have you picked up some brackets and 2x4s at your local hardware store? Reinforcing doors and windows will help keep people outside where they are less likely to be able to harm you and can help you set up funnels. Another thing that I recommend if it is really going to hit the fan is: sand. Sand buckets in convenient places lets you address fire hazards even if there is no water pressure. Don’t want to use buckets? Recycle larger plastic bottles or cut off tops so they can be dumped. All of these are cheap and effective.

    1. Sand! What a great suggestion, Cadeyrn. Thank you and much appreciated. We had not thought about those in terms of our fire safety protocols, and think this is an excellent idea.

  18. The year 2020. Who knew it would start off with a flu panic and evolve into near open Insurrection? And the year is only half over, but the Left promises more chaos till their demands are met-regardless of the unrealistic nature of those demands which expand as they are appeased time and time again…..I’ve rewritten this 6 times and what I’m trying to articulate is I think, far too late for these times. The anarchists have been telling us for years what their intent was and now they are putting rhetoric into practice. Regardless of the outcome of the November election, crap is truly going to fly I fear. When the rioting started in Seattle, which is NW of me about an hours drive, I ended up answering a call for help by a local gunstore. The owner had received notice by local PD and the ATF to do what it took to secure the inventory against looters. 50 people showed up the first couple of days. That group has shrunk somewhat since the immediate threat did not materialize, but the group that is now in place has bonded over the past month and we are dedicated to our cause. Most of us are veterans and a few of them are combat veterans. If the anarchists want to burn down their own street they are welcome to do so. But if they bring that nonsense out to “the suburbs” as one activist had publicly threatened…well, we share nothing of the mindset with the mayor of seattle, or minneapolis or baltimore. I’m not throwing down a “here-we-are” challenge. The anarchists know where we are and thus far have not crossed the line of acceptible behavior, sticking to childish insults and poorly disguised attempts at intelligence gathering. Its an odd stand-off. For those that have stood post in combat zones and have taken the fight to our enemy, standing watch in our own community is well beyond civic duty. It is what men do.

  19. Another timely write up and comments were excellent!

    Just another opinion but if Biden wins there will be a temporary lull in activity while the “newly elected and appointed” form their first act which will be (selectively enforced) gun control.

    Once guns are turned in and/or confiscated your remaining rights will be gone in an instant. At this juncture a choice will have to be made; do you want to live free or not? Yes, a terrible choice that will define our country’s future.

    P.S. I’m sure that a substantial part of the population will vote for Biden in hopes that things will settle down and become “normal” again. It won’t.

  20. Things are definitely going to get crazier as we head into the nominating conventions (always opportunties for protests and demonstrations) and the election in November and Inauguration in January. No matter who wins the election, protests and riots will occur in November and January, either as protests or celebrations.

    A silver lining in all this is the interruption of brain-washing of young impressionable minds in the schools and colleges of America. Time to break away and homeschool or seek technical training or apprenticeships. Meanwhile, during this break in the brain-washing of young minds, an info blitz of conservative principles should be attempted to try to lead back to reality some of the misguided youth of America. This opportunity should not be squandered.

  21. I have a feeling that history is going to repeat itself again, come the first of the yr, if not sooner. Remember when Trump was elected 3 and a half yrs ago, all the rioting, looting and crap that happened, I hope I’m wrong as usual and just blowing smoke out of my you know what, but I think the fecal matter is and will really hit the fan this time around. God I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

      1. @RCB5472TN- Go to You tube and search for “Taiwan Surrounded”. I am watching the video now.

  22. Thank you for the article. What is absolutely stunning to me, is that people in the most high risk areas have not moved. You need to sell before the local markets crash into the dumpster! Argh. A few months ago, I had lots of family members calling me asking me how to “prep”. While, I think they have worked at the extra food and ammo thing, I don’t see them making any moves to Get Out Of Dodge permanently. Well, one family is actually putting their home on the market after a quick trip out here. The others are in a “wait and see” mode. It’s like the boiling frog. By the time shit really hits the fan on their front lawns, it will be too late. I don’t think the election is going to solve our current dilemma. I will be shocked and pleasantly surprised if law & order is restored.

  23. I am glad to see that I am not the only one here to notice that a couple of Survivalblog readers seem to be delusional. That is OK, even delusional people need to prep and are free to post their comments. I <3 Survivalblog ! Long live free speech !

    1. I know what you mean and that is why I try to read all the posted comments about a particular topic before I comment and if there are any outside links (like to a news article on another website and/or YouTube video) I look at them before making comments. People would do well to consider the old adage of “United we stand. Divided we fall”, however as long as we are united on truth then we are OK, but if on error then we are in trouble. I had a Native American friend who would commonly ask the question: “What do you know if you know a lie?” A very good question indeed. A good response the the question might be: “An informational deficit”. He would “ask” the question to make a statement, usually as it pertained to Common Law as he was very patriotic.

  24. If you are prone to worrying, it’s way past time to start.
    Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything, though.
    Preparing does.
    Worrying is like a rocking chair. You’re moving, but you aren’t going anywhere.

  25. All these comments have been great to read. I agree with much of it. I think the couple who guarded their gated community in St Louis had balls but not much training. But I admire their balls. The woman’s arm was flacid. She didn’t have a clue. If it was me, I would have opened a few windows on several sides of the house about 4 inches and not shown myself. I wouldn’t show my gun unless I was ready to use it.

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