Prepare Now for Post-Election Chaos, by A. Deplorable

The days that followed the presidential election of 2016 were incomprehensible to most Americans. Protesters filled the streets with shouts of “He’s not my president,” a statement that was echoed by a member of congress. Only a few months before the end of his term there are countless persons who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Trump presidency.

Things will be worse after Election Day on November 3rd, 2020 if Biden fails to win. The protests, rioting, looting, and murders that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis were only slowly beginning to diminish after more than two weeks. What followed after Floyd’s unjustified death is a preview of what will happen if Donald Trump is re-elected. The fury that will follow will be deadly.

There are several reasons for this disturbing prediction. Protesters are no longer random collections of disgruntled voters whose candidate lost; they are a well-organized force, funded and directed by those groups and individuals, within and beyond our borders, who seek to destroy the United States.

Mayors, city councils, and governors have emasculated the police. Looters, if they are arrested at all, are released within hours and no bail is imposed. Businesses are allowed to burn with no attempt by firefighters to save them. Government officials literally have stated that rioters should be allowed to vent their frustrations. When the president suggests that he might send in federal troops to stop the insanity he is told that the Constitution does not allow him to do so, even though presidents have done just that at least a dozen times since the founding of our nation.

The police are not only restricted in how they can manage lawbreakers, they are reluctant to do so fearing that even if their actions are legal by today’s statutes they will not be protected by them. Morale is plummeting and resignations have already begun, and no wonder. Few young men and women are likely to enter law enforcement in the face of low pay, lack of respect, no support from their elected superiors and the risk of outright assassination.

An economy that is reeling from the overly prolonged shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic is being suppressed even further by the unrest. The loss of tax revenue has crippled city and state governments; they will not have the financial resources to fight an insurrection in November that promises to be even more thunderous than the one that we are now enduring.

Will our country’s enemies simply stand aside and observe the chaos? It would be in their strategic interest to misbehave, perhaps on a scale larger than simply shadowing our aircraft and warships and brushing our borders with bombers and spy planes of their own. Would we intervene if China invaded Taiwan or if North Korea dropped a few missiles on the neighbor that they have been threatening for decades or if Putin finally took back the former elements of the Soviet Union?

If terrible things happen in November there will be no government to protect us. Besieged citizens are already reporting that 911 calls are delayed and in some areas are not being answered at all. We are on our own and the time to prepare is now, before everything from rice to toilet paper disappears from grocery shelves – again.

The next episode will not be resolved in days or weeks, perhaps not even for months. Having enough food, water and other essentials for two weeks may not be enough. It may take more cash readily available than most households have on hand when even more banks have been burned to the ground, as occurred twice in a single night in one California city.

But what if Joe Biden wins in November? Will tranquility return to our major cities? Not likely. After all, even when their sports teams win a major championship, burning cars and other mayhem ensues. A Democrat victory will not only produce an extreme left administration, it will be one without the resolve to confront criminality. Look no further than New York City, where crime of all types, including murder, is rising dramatically. Atlanta is experiencing the “blue flu.” Seattle is a basket case, hosting a new country in which the citizens have no jobs, pay no taxes, drive out tourists and business customers yet receive much-needed sanitation services from the city that surrounds it. Other major cities are likely to follow the example of these coastal cesspools and the red states between them will only hunker down and hope that the Second Amendment will protect them – until it doesn’t.

The SurvivalBlog Editors’ June 17th Quote of the Day by Dinesh D’Souza is quite appropriate: “If you want to live in places that get burned down by rioters while the police evacuate and the politicians in charge celebrate the pyromaniacs, then you should vote for the Democrats in November.”

Just as life after the coronavirus will never be the same, after the election, no matter who wins, the America that exists today won’t be the same either.


  1. Kudos to the author of this well-crafted and direct warning. Absolutely spot-on for many aforementioned points. We have many of the same thoughts but here are a few I would keep in mind as well:

    No matter who wins in November we will all lose something, but the Constitution, our liberty and freedoms will lose the most. The danger and near-promise of violence is not subsiding and is in fact producing under-currents in our society with unlikely resolution through cool heads, logic & reason.

    How is everyone liking the Supreme Court these days? Feeling confident in the future with those nearing retirement and those more recently appointed? The media has floated mention of Justice Clarence Thomas contemplating retirement. Couple that with the seemingly immortal, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and you have a potential for a seriously skewed court that will ensure most of the Bill of Rights will be null & void should Biden win. Let’s say Trump wins, but loses the Senate and House of Representatives. Does anyone have faith the Democrats will allow serious Constitutional supporting nominees to reach the court? Our 1A & 2A are the major blow to ending any protections from Government for ‘We The People’.

    Increased taxes, forced (though unwanted) suburban diversity integration (AFFH), unwanted legislation to restrict or eliminate our freedoms, continued character assassination of dissenting opinions/ideologies, and systemic reverse racism are coming along with the mob Marxist rule no matter what you believe. Has anyone really dug into the AFFH : “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Rule? You may want to look at Obama’s project that Biden is going to push down our throats: (Full Bill)

    If Democrats sweep the Executive, Senate and House of Representatives with super majorities then we will face another major issue. Couple the organized and violent protests/rioting with the COVID-19 pandemic and you have tens of thousands of medical workers, in non-profit hospital/clinic organizations that are in the midst of severe financial trouble. Tens of thousands of jobs nationwide have already been eliminated via layoffs and even more with furloughs. Socialized and watered down government health care is coming because of the massive debt this Republican president, Federal Reserve and split Congress has okayed. Sure no single person deserves the blame as a global pandemic has affected nearly all major industrialized nations big time. What will be added to Obamacare will be a destruction of middle class wealth to pay for the whole project and will be nothing like many of us are used to. As a general rule I am against bail outs of any kind, but every person will need healthcare and I for one, want no government who spends over 9 trillion dollars in just a half year tell me they will run healthcare nationwide now. This is coming.

    Our 2A protection from government is going to be attacked with a Biden win and sweep of the Legislative branch. Sprinkle in the above scenario with the Supreme Court and we have a serious reason to be concerned for the future that will lead to a fight. If you believe this will end in violence (due to the mountain of evidence/movement in that direction), then removal of our lawfully owned weapons will make the fight that much easier for this new era of Bolsheviks to gain an advantage. Elimination of metropolitan police and other law enforcement at the state/county levels is just a ruse to root out most existing personnel in favor of placing their own people in positions of policing. This is a major power grab to ensure they have localized supporting agencies onboard for transition from the Rule of Law (ROL) to the Rule of Communists (ROC). Our ability to protect ourselves, families, neighbors, property, liberty and nation will be seriously tested.

    It is time to organize, train and take more seriously the sweeping strokes of Socialism that are actually occurring. We must start playing 3D Chess instead of checkers in our mental preparations because the other side is not playing games. The socialists/Marxists in this nation do not care about being called hypocrites. The have enormous disdain for our culture, history, way of life, Christianity, and actually, us. They will tax your retirement, wealth and ability to provide for your own families away in order to make you bend the knee. They will use terms like racist to neutralize our beliefs, morals, principles, values and voices. They have the propaganda media and social media platforms to censor our side nearly completely. They care about ruling absolutely and the ‘tyranny actual’ plans they have in store after will be the result of apathy on our part.

    Take the time today to think wholeheartedly about what sacrifices were made to forge this nation into something worth fighting to preserve. Realize the ability to keep this free nation free is our responsibility to ensure our children will have an inheritance free of tyrannical government. Exhaust every possible measure first for a peaceful resolution (Ben Franklin Philosophy), but be ready to defend what so many Americans died to secure for us. God Bless you, yours, and the United States of America (Happy Independence Day). May honesty, integrity, honor and God be our guide.

    I neither wish for or condone violence. I voluntarily served in OEF VII/VIII/X in Afghanistan and I want nothing to do with the prospects for a second Civil War. I would rather see an amicable split over irreconcilable differences than the sequel to our first civil war. I pray for peace but also know some prayers go unanswered. I also have enough real-world experience that sometimes the fight finds you no matter what. I prepare myself, family, friends and loved ones for that possibility.

    1. It’s important to realize with the mail in voting craze the results of the Presidential election may not be known for weeks. This means a prolonged time of civil unrest may last until after Inauguration Day. This may be a marathon not a sprint so conserve resources and keep praying.
      On a humorous note should the election results provide Mr. Biden with a victory the President has over two months to pretty do whatever he wants as far as Executive Orders go to stymie the next administration. The Supreme Court just ruled it’s not easy to undo the whims of a President. Should the occasion arise I can think of numerous recommendations.

      1. Google the “TIP election simulation” and you’ll see the deep state is preparing (plotting) for chaos in about 6 different scenarios. We will not get a solid result on 11/3 by 2300. The mail-in shenanigans are proof of this as well as the early outcry of tampering from Iran and Russia.

        My question is, why are we fighting each other when our economy is out of control and politicians are the ones in the 1% who are letting millions remain hungry and unemployed? This is a manufactured crisis to destabilize the US from the inside out and it’s working. The true enemies are those that accept bribe money to pass legislation that doesn’t suit the Americans’ needs, the printing of money by the shipload with no gold or silver backing, etc.

        People should have already declared war on this tyrannical system, but by now it’s too late. Who’s going to want a digital wallet with digital dollars coming directly from the Fed? Not I!

    1. John Kerry. He leads the league in despicable anti-American conduct. Obviously, this is his call to action after Trump wins.

      Hopefully President Trump is making ready to deal with these treasonous people. It will be a major effort but necessary to ensure a free country.

      The way to kill a snake is to cut the head off. Unfortunately there are a lot of snakes slithering about.

      1. I think there are a lot of well-known people in the crosshairs, Kerry is just one of many. The violence is a sign that the Marxists are in a trap and getting desperate. I am far from being in favor of the constant surveillance but I have to admit that it appears that using facial recognition algorithms and surveilling social media posts is leading to the arrests of some of the rioters recently. The pedo connection among the conspirators will probably lead to the very top of the conspiracy to subjugate the entire world one Marxist government.
        Will Trump complete this phase of the housecleaning before November? That answer will determine what I will be doing this winter.

  2. All the polls shows Biden with a significant lead. If Trump wins there will be an immediate uproar that he stole the election. Much worse than when he beat Clinton. Never mind that many people are refusing to answer polls, and some are afraid to admit they will vote for Trump. None of that will matter. The polls will be used to support the claim that the election was fraudulent.

    1. Kimberly in MI-

      I watch these polls and most I see are fatally flawed. Many don’t even ask “who Will you vote for?” They are “do you think the President is doing a good job?” But because somebody doesn’t think the president is or isn’t doing a good job doesn’t necessarily equate for a vote for the opponent. I think the powers that be are brainwashing people so when trump wins the thought will be he had to have cheated.

      1. I didn’t say the polls were good, or useful, or valid. My point is that most people believe them. And they will believe the media when they claim the election was stolen. There are still people who believe Hillary won the last election.

    2. Polls these days… Have you ever been called by a “pollster?” The questions they ask are crafted to get the answers they want, whether you answer yes, no, or otherwise. There is no wiggle room for your opinion. Folks, the only poll that matters is the one taken at the polling place. The Hildebeast found this out the hard way in ’16.

      If Trump LOSES, there will be an equal, though less destructive uproar that the election was stolen due to voter fraud. The “governor” of California has decided to send mail-in ballots to every resident…legal and otherwise… Recently, one statement on the mail-in affidavit has been removed; “I am legally eligible to vote in this election.” ‘Wonder why that happened…

      Either way, it behooves us to be prepared. Better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war…

      1. Yes! I had just last week commented that I hadn’t had any calls yet, surprising for this time in things. The next day, one called me. Most of her questions were so incredibly vague–“Are you satisfied with the way things are going in (State)?”–that I told her I could not provide an answer lest it be twisted. Others painted false dichotomies–virus spread vs economy vs etc–and I said it wasn’t either-or and wouldn’t answer.

        About the only one I answered directly was that, yes, I AM very much pro-life. That’s been publicly on record since I was 16 or 17, so not any further compromise of opsec. It’s a hill I’ll die on, but for now, I live on it.

    3. What if the intent is to have the polls “appear” to be so substantially in favor of Biden that when he loses, the radical leftists will then claim they have good reason to protest, riot, loot, commit acts of arson, etc?

      1. Whoever wins the election in November, there will be protests (riots. looting, etc.). Our country is sorely divided at this time. The extreme right and extreme left are both at odds with the middle MOST who just want the country to succeed in some way, shape or form. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best…

  3. Yes A Deplorable, ‘the time to prepare is now’.

    Proverbs 22:3 tells us, The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

    We have been given ample warming that things are changing big time. Trust in the Lord because we can’t understand the entirety of how it will change. Our preps should be mulit purposed, if this or this or this happens, because we can’t lean completely on our own understanding.
    Time has passed for purchasing some things, firearms and ammo are hard to find now, other common items may be difficult to find as the enormity of the changes upcoming are realized by the masses.

    I’ve come to realize the oath I took to defend the US Constitution has been superceded by my confession of Jesus Christ as my savior. I will proudly protect and defend the USA, however my identity as a Christian, a Christ Follower comes before being an American.

    1. From your post: “We have been given ample warming that things are changing big time. Trust in the Lord because we can’t understand the entirety of how it will change. Our preps should be mulit purposed, if this or this or this happens, because we can’t lean completely on our own understanding.”

      An excellent and most important reminder, Junior J. Well said and we couldn’t agree more. One of the greatest challenges before us is preparing in the face of uncertainty. As certain as we might be about the presence of risks (or even the likelihood of an adverse outcome), we do not know exactly how all of this will unfold before us. Preparing both deeply and with diversification remains very important indeed.

    2. Brother J, while I understand your point, I would argue that the Oath is entirely in keeping with our identity as Christians. Madison himself said that it was written for a “holy and moral people” and was unsuited for any others. It is those who have betrayed their own Oath who endanger our Nation, which is defined by that Constitution.

  4. November 4, the day after the election could be the day that most will consider was the starting point. However, the shooting has already started. At what point will we acknowledge that they mean to have war? They have been at war with us for decades, yet most did not see this coming. They de facto have declared war by their actions in the street. Will they negotiate? What is their intent? I believe they wish to destroy the country even if it mean they will only rule over it’s ruins. They are not rational.

    We discuss life during a WROL (Without Rule of Law) situation. How quickly their law enforcement stood down. This was a surprise to most of us. It sets a precedent for our local law enforcement, and Sheriff’s unaware of their Constitutional responsibilities, and heavily influenced by their Federal counter parts. Will they stand down too?

    This is a good time to take a plate of cookies over to your neighbor and begin to discussing how you will turn the neighborhood into a gated community with a Quick Reaction Team. I found after years of yammering about it, they are finally beginning to take the situation seriously. Most just wanna do their own ‘thing’, but they may now understand how powerful these mobs are. These mobs, or gangs, are actually a loosely organized military force. Their motive is not to loot, but to dominate, and destroy.

    They have already visited, small town, North Dakota, Kalispell, Montana, and Courd’Alene, Idaho, but did little as they were met with a standing force. But they will be back when they are armed and ready to attack us. Most of us out here in the boonies’ will be on our own. If we do not use this time wisely, then all could be lost as they knock over your neighbors, one at a time, until they get to your door.

    1. You make many excellent points, Tunnel Rabbit.

      From your post: “If we do not use this time wisely, then all could be lost as they knock over your neighbors, one at a time, until they get to your door.”

      You’re pointing out one of the greatest risks before us. There is a great distance between the reality of safety and security and the illusion of it. As a society, we are living in the illusion that “someone is out there to protect us”, but this may not be true — as has been evidenced by law enforcement standing down in the face of agitators and anarchists on the orders of radical leftists. There was a time when we would not have believed this could happen, but here we are — and it’s happening right before our very eyes.

      1. We can’t forget, this isn’t the first time law enforcement essentially stood down and let the rioters, looters, and murderers run free. Remember the Rodney King ‘protests’. Law enforcement basically stood down and let the criminals have their way. What about the ‘protests’ on university campuses over the last few years when a conservative speaker was planned to attend the school? Again campus police and local law enforcement stood down while things were destroyed and people hurt.

        I am not law enforcement but isn’t their motto something like ‘to protect and serve’. Evidently the ‘protect’ part only applies when leftist/anarchist/Marxists aren’t ‘protesting’ (i.e..burning, pillaging, raping, and murdering).

        1. Yes, at Middlebury College in VT, when author Charles Murray was there to speak, the students rioted and caused so much disruption he couldn’t talk. When they brought him to another building to speak remotely they pulled fire alarms. Then they attacked him and the professor who was the moderator, badly injuring her(and she was actually a liberal!). After they went to a local restaurant they were warned to leave as the mobs were heading over there. Where were the police this whole time? And the University administration? Guess this was considered ok as they didn’t agree with his books or something(not that they would have ever read them of course).

  5. Hmm, I agree with Kerry and the others have said and I’ve said the same thing ” Poop ( s–t ) is going to hit the fan big time when Trump wins the general election and I think it will be worse than 2016. As far as looting is concerned, I don’t know what to say about that, other it is wrong for people to do that and should be punished. and I carry 24/7 and like my dad had for many yrs, I have something close at hand.

  6. Happy 4th of July neighbors. I hope you are all staying safe on the holiday weekend.

    A great article, and it mirrors JWR’s comment at the top of the page. To quote Bob Dylan: “The times, they are a changing.” Unfortunately, not for the better, unless you are a socialist or a member of Antifa.

    AmericanVet173DABCT: You raise many good points. I to hope/wish that the split, when it comes, will be amicable, over irreconcilable differences, but I think we both know that is not a possibility given the track record of the left. They already have control of their “domains,” but it is never enough. They want to control it ALL. As they gain control of an area and implement their socialist agenda, the area deteriorates, and starts to fall apart. They then cast their eyes to the next prosperous area, usually a christian, conservative area, and begin their campaign to dominate it. The funny thing is, that they want the prosperity that is there, but when they control it, it disappears. They refuse to admit that the reason that it’s prosperous is because it’s conservative and christian.

    In my own country, we are in much the same fight that you are, except we have actually elected a socialist. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on you point of view; our future in Canada is inextricably tied to yours – As goes the USA, so goes Canada, and the rest of the world to a great extent.

    In Canada we have a movement called WEXIT, that is floating the idea of Western Independence. Of separation from the rest of Canada. Of seceding from the Dominion. They are small, and are suffering the typical growing pains of any new movement, but they have started. I see a situation in your country that is not much different. I see a time where both of our countries break up into smaller nation states. States actually of and for the people that choose to live there. And I see a perpetual state of war existing as the democratic/progressive states continually try to take what the conservative/libertarian states have worked for.

    It is not a happy future that I see for any of us. Dark and troubled times are on the horizon. I pray that you all stay safe, and that in a year we can all celebrate Independence Days again, and you can all laugh at me and poke fun at me for being such a doomsayer.

    1. Agree 100% Lone Canadian.

      It’s called redistribution of wealth. The lespftists/Marxibsts/Socialists move into an area of wealth and say we need to ‘help our fellow man’. We ‘need’ a program to help ______(fill in the blank). We need to spend X dollars. The budget grows and grows but never actually helps the people. This is take money from the people who produce and give to those who do not.

      Socialism– Take from those who make and give to those who take.

        1. Yes, it’s amazing how she correctly called so many things in that book. It’s scary to think about the other things she called as well, not just in Atlas Shrugged but some of her other books as well.

  7. Make no mistake, Biden will win. The Democrats will steal the election. This is much easier than you might think. There are five states that decide the election. In these states there are one or two cities that decide the election. Each of those cities are Democrat and the various left wing groups have been working for months to steal those elections in those cities. They have registered illegal aliens and the dead. They have staffed the polls and the counting with left wing activists/sympathizers. One election day they will pay homeless people to go into polls and vote under false names. For states with vote by mail they will divert many ballots to activist groups who will falsely vote in place of those citizens. Additionally when ballots are counted lawyers will have many of them disallowed, typically military ballots, and the counters will double mark ballots where the citizen voted for a Republican. The election will be stolen! If you watch the news closely you will see it, it won’t be a perfect crime. But since it will happen in Democrat states and cities it won’t be investigated and it will work. It has before, 2007, 2011 for example, 1959 if you remember your history and probably every close election in the entire country has been stolen.

  8. Thank you, A Deplorable, for an well written article, important reminders, and timely warnings. We remain very concerned about election fraud and believe the radical left is actively engaged in plans to steal the coming election. The risk appears to be extremely high, and we pray that every law-abiding person in a position of authority will take action to prevent ballot fraud. We encourage everyone to reach out to every person in the circle of leadership that surrounds you, and to impart to them the importance of keeping our elections honest. Now is not the time to sit silently. Please speak up in every way you can. The future of our country relies on all of us, and on every constructive effort.

  9. Hysterical hyperbole.

    I anticipate most folks will continue with their destructive ways:
    * The government agents will continue their lazy thieving.
    * The welfare recipients will continue advocating for more give-aways… with zero capacity to understand the source of the resources they consume.
    * The bankers will continue demanding new ‘laws’ to protect their power… with zero capacity to comprehend the consequences of those ‘laws’.
    * Old people will continue to hope younger folks continue to tolerate their non-sustainable draw on resources such as medical care… while contributing zero to production of essentials, and absorbing massive disproportionate amounts of essentials — food, shelter, security.

    Folks in TheMiddleClass will continue tolerating additional taxes and other yokes and shackles.

    These united states of America were never ‘a great nation’.
    They were merely an example of a few folks — aka ‘founding fathers’ — using SSRI-inducing advertising to appeal to the lowest denominations as a relatively quick method to acquire power… and the resultant wealth.

    Across these united states of America, firearms owners will continue to purchase larger safes and dig deeper holes to store their beloved treasures.

    Voting — including peaceful assemblers, purchasing dollars, and rioters — by whichever individuals you fear will continue to make absolutely zero long-term difference.
    As usual.

    Religious folks will continue to either a) turn their other cheek(s), or b) violently force their creation of an imagined past with slavery and cutting-off body parts to terrorize their inbred half-wits.

    Humans have no calendar day to expect some idealistic change, no hour to anticipate or avoid.
    Taken as a species, humans will continue to devolve into the lowest denominations.
    All evidence, very examination of every individual and every culture, proves this beyond any doubt.
    Humans seem designed to self-destruct, a temporary amusement for the entertainment of an audience we were designed to ignore.

    Prove me wrong.

    1. So you Would end Medicare? Most seniors paid for Medicare for decades before they were eligible and after they turn 65 and can enroll in Medicare they pay for it each month. It isn’t free.

      1. Medicare costs me $140 per month and there is a deductable every year in January. Then it pays 80% of COVERED medical costs.

  10. “* Old people will continue to hope younger folks continue to tolerate their non-sustainable draw on resources such as medical care… while contributing zero to production of essentials, and absorbing massive disproportionate amounts of essentials — food, shelter, security.”

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with older people expecting that younger people will support them in their old age as they presumably worked hard all their lives and raised and supported their children. I think we owe this to older people. I’m not saying we should be going to insane efforts to do chemo on Alzheimers patients or transplants for 90 year olds but I do think that the elderly deserve a comfortable old age.

    That said, I suspect that many younger people are fed up with the lockdowns, closures, job loss etc and rightly or wrongly feel that most virus fatalities are in the older folks so why should they bear this burden? Let the older people isolate themselves and stay home and away from others. I think this may be part of what’s happening now with the uptick in cases plus the steep increase in cases in younger people.

  11. Trump will win the election as long unless some new Black Swan event comes along, and as long as he stays on message. Unfortunately, this will require a behavioral change for him. He has an undisciplined mind and his narcissistic tendencies causes him to expound on every topic that crosses his mind. When he has a major triumph, he should announce it, and then shut up and walk away. Instead, because he has an opinion about everything, and because he loves the attention, he takes questions on topics and allows the press to focus on other issues he has addressed, and not on his triumph. The other issues then become the story.

    Those here who believe that Biden will win are not taking into consideration how many gaffes he will make after he has to come out of his basement. The softball questions at his press conference last week were coordinated with the press. He read from the teleprompter answers to questions he knew were coming. When he actually has to think on his feet, his loss of mental acuity will become obvious.

    If Trump simply disciplines himself and stays on task he will win. At that point, the Socialists, Marxists, and urban dregs, having honed their rioting skills, will be set loose like nothing we have seen before. Their efforts will be guided by the unseen hands and invisible money that have been involved so far, but at an altogether different and higher level.

    Fortunately for me, I live in one of the safest cities in the US. That lawyer and his wife in St. Louis lived in a palacial home near downtown St. Louis, an archipelago of historical residences, that are much too near to areas of urban decay. It is people in neighborhoods like these who will be most at-risk should things turn really spicy after the November election and the denizens of the urban core are turned loose.

    While there have been all sorts of claims in social media that Antifa and BLM will strike suburban and rural areas in order to “bring the fight” to surburbanites and country folk, I have dismissed these claims so far as being mostly the product of teenage keyboard commandos, and Walter Mitty socialists. If Trump is victorious in November, that may all change.

    My local gun shop is stripped of pistols and ARs. The only pistols the owner can get from his distributor right now are 22 LRs. Those who waited to buy firearms and ammunition (the “prepper grasshoppers”) may bitterly rue their irresponsible procrastination before this turmoil ends.

  12. A Deplorable, you’re exactly right. I believe that no matter who wins the election, there will be serious trouble. Trump Derangement will strike again if he wins. If he loses, Republicans will be certain the election was stolen by fraudulent voting. They may get a bit angry. Why should only Democrats have the fun of burning and looting?

    Now is our precious time to try to get ready, and in typical SHTF fashion we don’t know what we’re preparing for. More virus, maybe. Definitely financial problems at the city and state levels. Many people out of work, perhaps. Now is the time to begin removing money from the bank and transferring it to the home safe.

    Personally, I’m sick of the younger generation fussing because they’re bored, want to go out and get drunk, believe they’re the most mistreated generation in history. How would they have fared during the Black Death of 1347 and 1665? Oh, they don’t know about that. Facts are no longer taught in school.

    I spent last night preparing the day’s haul of vegetables for the freezer. Yes, I know freezing isn’t the best way to stock up, but I’ve been doing it for so long and the beans are so good! Now I buy almost nothing that isn’t related to prepping, and that includes the twelve new bath towels, socks, and other items I consider necessities. Who’s seen the late Clara C., the wonderful Italian woman who lived through the Depression and made videos and a cookbook? She had to stop going to school because she had no socks. But she had a loving heart of steel, and she made it through the bad times.

    Good luck, everybody.

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t follow you here. So if Biden wins who exactly will riot? Preppers and law abiding conservatives? Why would we do that? If one believes in our election process and our American system has to support ( or at least bear with the results ) even if we don’t like it. I didn’t personally love 8 years of BHO admin but didn’t actively try and destroy it, other than by my voting against him and his followers. Don’t love the prospect of a Biden win if that happens we must persevere and make the best of it. God bless.

    2. I can only feel sorry for Mr. Biden. If he wins, he will have to appoint a cabinet. First time the cabinet meets, Biden will be replaced with his VP, on grounds of mental incapacity.

      The VP has it worse, because guess who is third in line? The Wicked Witch of the West.

  13. I CRY EVERY 4th of July. This in NOT what the majority of those who supported the Declaration of Independence envisioned for this nation. We are in the middle of a turmoil that will define the future of not only this nation but the reality of mankind for the foreseeable future. This in NOT only a POLITICAL conflict!! This is a conflict for the soul of mankind. All will change, all has changed!

    Mankind, as a whole, is a very immature species. A mob is a mob whether it is Left, Right, Religious or Nonreligious. Mobs are NOT rational, they are NOT just, they are not in the interest of mankind as a whole! The changes taking place at this current time and place are much more far reaching than any of us have the ability to comprehend.

    This IS the turning point for current status of mankind! If we fail to act by that which we know to be right it will fall to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come to pay the price for our lack of diligence, fortitude and faith in the hopes of our Founding Fathers in those principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. It is my prayer that be might not “falter at the gate”!

    1. How many mobs have we had in the US where the people are from the ‘right’?

      I can only think of one.
      They didn’t burn businesses, loot, rape, or murder anyone.
      They snuck onto a boat and threw a bunch of tea into the water.

      All the other mobs in the history of the US have come from the left.

      I could be wrong but it seems that the ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ left are the most violent and have been in complete contradiction of their message for decades.

  14. I have faith that the “silent majority” will elect Trump by a landslide. Most of the violent dirt bags who loot and protest don’t even vote, and I believe most of the Bernie supporters won’t vote as well. That said, all of the current events will likely lead to vigilantes taking justice into their own hands because they know the government won’t protect them. I also see racial tensions escalating beyond proportion because even white people can only be pushed so far. The only thing I see as a positive is the purging of these treasonous mayors, governors and local officials who have let things devolve to this level.

  15. The tree of liberty needs water ,,

    Cry havoc and let fly ,and lose the dogs of war ,”Shakespeare”

    and ,,who is John Galt ??

    War is no longer avoidable , it has come to me ,”unknown”

    Last week we had some scum come down from Seattle looking around ,tryed to burn down a sign they didn’t like. ,,,,didn’t work ,,trouble is real and its here

  16. The problem with relying on the ‘silent majority’ is that they are no longer the majority. ‘Baby Boomers’ are statistically outnumbered by millennials. We must not take for granted the reelection of Trump! With the influx of all the government AID the Socialists will appeal to the debt ridden millennial society to get on the bandwagon of Federal relief. “We will HELP YOU!!, Your student and credit card debt are NOT your fault, you have been taken advantage of, if the government can bail out all sorts of business than they can bail you out also!!

    Millennials are among the leading of the unemployed or underemployed. They have no saving, very little work ethic and are ripe for the Socialist propaganda that will be flooding the election airways. Who do you think they will vote for? The left has a well oiled election/propaganda machine, we are in deep political uncertainty ……take NOTHING for granted!!

    1. Agree eam
      The ‘gimme dats’ will continue voting as they have. The left are looking for more ‘gimme dats’. How do they do that? Promise a bunch of free shtuff to a different demographic (millennials). The more gimme dats they have, the more secure their hold on power will be.
      Don’t believe me?
      Just look at practically every city in the US.

  17. In the above article the author makes the statement “I would rather see an amicable split over irreconcilable differences than the sequel to our first civil war.” I would have to agree with that premise.
    Based on the constitution as it was written and intended, this should never be necessary. By virtue of the 10th amendment which guarantees each state sovereignty I say again SOVEREIGNTY, with a common bond for defense,and only those things specifically enumerated in the constitution. This does not include speed limits, seat belt laws, or control of the type of firearms the citizens (who may be called at the Sheriff or governors request) in a given state may possess . But then who is really following the constitution? Also if Biden wins , do not think of him as the president beyond 6-12 months. His vice president will take over, possibly with Biden’s blessing. Yes , maybe it is time for a re-organization. The Left coast, the right coast and everybody else in the middle that still believe in the USA , Constitution and the Bible.

  18. Not much to add. Everyone has done a very good job of articulating the likely future, post election day. Now for my 2 cents:

    Trump wins:
    A) The left goes absolutely insane. You may literally see suburban neighborhoods firebombed. The ethnicity of the victims will not matter. My next door neighbors are a very nice and friendly senior citizen black couple. Their kids and grandkids are also very nice people. We’ll both be in the same boat. Somehow, conservatives will get the blame.
    B) The average Democrat voter will breath a sigh of relief that the radical left did not win out. They have more fear of the radical left as we have anger at the radical left. They will keep their opinions to themselves.
    C) If Trump wins the Republican keep the Senate and retake the House. Sounds good no the surface, but the Republican politicians are not very trust worthy. The effects will be a mixed bag of both good and bad. Sadly, this is a true statement.

    Joe Biden wins:
    A) All hell still breaks loose. Suburban neighborhoods burn and somehow conservatives get the blame. Just ask Rachel Maddow (Mad-Cow) and Chris Cuomo everything bad is always our fault.
    B) The average Democrat voter cowers in fear and still says nothing for fear of reprisal from virtually everybody.
    C) If Biden wins the election, he never serves one day as President. He mysteriously has a stroke between the time the new VP is sworn in and the moment he is supposed to be sworn in. So you have a VP sworn in as VP and then as President on the same day. Though not liked by much of anybody, Hillary is still the likely pick for VP. Biden will be just another in the very long list of dead people in the Clinton sphere of influence. Even if he takes office, Biden will get the 25th amendment treatment within the first 3 months of his new administration. The reason will be advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine, nobody knew! The Democrats take both houses of congress whether legally or not.

    God help us all!

    1. @Charles K- Your theories are very interesting. I must disagree very strongly with ONE point- NO ONE in their right mind- oh THAT came out wrong- I mean no one who values their life- would pick Hitlery Clinton for their VP- the same mistake made by John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. I’m sure you can see why.
      And I am not convinced that Biden will even be the nominee. Is he hiding in his basement because of the virus, or because his poll numbers go down when he speaks and is seen- or is he hiding because Bloomberg/Hillary/some other presidential hopeful may try to take him out in another way ? You know what I mean. They (especially the Clintons) are definitely NOT above that.
      And then also the democrats are not above getting cold feet and stealing the nomination away from him at the convention or virtual convention.

      1. I understand what you are saying about hildebeast. But the problem with her is she has one big negative going for her in the current political climate.

        Hildebeast is WHITE.

        Unless she can prove that she is 1/1024th African American, she will have trouble. Because right now in the political left, if your WHITE, then your EVIL.
        I believe the left are trying very hard to pick a VP that has a skin color other than white. For the left, it’s about ideology, not right or wrong.

      2. One evening I sat with my ex-girlfriend and her parents while Candidate Bill Clinton gave a campaign speech. I remarked that he was not wearing the pants in his marriage, that the one to watch was his wife. Being die-hard liberals, I immediately got the stink-eye. I sometimes wonder if they have ever woken up to the overwhelming evidence of Hitlery’s corruption but that’s probably just a mental exercise. People that support those kinds of politicians are a lost cause, they will never admit they were wrong.
        I agree that Biden, if elected, will probably not be in office long. He made a statement that he would have a woman of color as his running mate, so it will be someone that Hitlery can control. My bigger concern is who is going to be the Speaker of the House because that person will be #3 in the line of succession.

  19. The bottom line is we have about FOUR months until the election. That’s 4 months to plan to add to our supplies & prepare for whatever may be. Time to kick it into a higher gear. I’m so grateful that none of our family lives in a major city.

  20. Bottom line is you all better start contributing to the conservative candidates who are busting their tail ends and spending their savings to try to retake our state and federal governments.

    They are fighting on the front lines right now to restore our freedoms.

    Dont just be a keyboard SB blogger. Send cash to your troops who will fight for your rights. Now.

  21. Although I agree with the idea there could be chaos after the election, and one should always be prepared, I don’t think your characterizations of the country apply to a good portion of the country. To make good self defense judgments you need to have an accurate and complete picture of the battlefield. I don’t know what the conservative press is saying, but my Sheriff is taking care of a 250K population county just fine. We don’t have riots, no new gangs in town, and any marches and protests are peaceful. None of the counties around me have problems in the news either. I hear the same from friends scattered around the country. The BLM and civil rights protests are protesting legitimate grievances as systemic and personal racism along with discrimination is alive and well across the country. These protests have been used as distractions by organized gangs and common thieves to commit property crimes for profit. The protests have also been used by white supremacists and other anarchists hoping to start a civil war. The election could be used opportunistically by the same criminal elements for the same purposes if protests become large.

    We don’t know how the election will turn out. If held tomorrow I think Trump would lose big, but the election is in Nov. If trump tries shenanigans to steal the election (say marshal law, trying to delay election, …) expect big protests. If Republicans successfully steal the election (voter suppression is alive and well, tens of thousands of legal voters are being pushed off election rolls as I write, not enough polling locations creating long lines, moving polling locations, they have many techniques) then you should count on protests too. Registered voters don’t like having their right to vote taken away. If Biden wins and the Republican voter suppression efforts are not fully successful, I don’t see the same people coming out to protest unless trump doesn’t leave. Now if trump doesn’t leave, maybe claims voter fraud (Republicans searching for voter fraud find about 1 vote for every 10M, 25M, maybe its 50M votes cast and its as likely to be a Republican as a Democrat who cast the vote) and that he should stay in office you can also count on protests. Voter fraud does not swing elections like voter suppression. If trump loses, admits defeat, I’m not sure what the trump supporters will do, but it they come out to protests count on those same criminals being opportunistic to use the protests for their objectives.

    The virus is causing serious damage to people and the economy. It’s been mismanaged by the president down from the beginning. It’s hard to say what will be happening in the future with the virus because the trajectory and outcomes depend so much on the actions of people and the actions of government. Know this, all the people not wearing masks when around other people, not wearing masks if they are in enclosed buildings, not practicing physical distancing, these actions extend the spread of the virus, cause more people to catch the virus, send more people to hospitals, and delay into the future when the economy will recover. We need the economy to recover but the economy doesn’t recover until the virus is under control. People don’t go out and spend until they feel safe. We don’t want to wait for a vaccine when basic public health steps could help today. The tens of millions out of work from the virus are a humanitarian problem today and could be a security problem in the future.

    To everyone who think shutting down the economy is excessive, please explain why just about every major country, be they run by duly elected governments, dictators, communists, or socialists, shut their economies down when virus cases explode. Some of those countries didn’t have to, yet the dictators chose to anyway. The few that haven’t have run out of hospital beds and seen an excessive number of people dying.

    1. [Some un-kind words removed by the Editor.]

      There have been no serious efforts from any “white supremacist” groups. We haven’t seen anything but the communists from BLM and AntiFA. You should go to the BLM web site sometime, it’s really quite frightening, or it should be to any rational human being, regardless of the level of melanin in their skin.

      By the way, to the reputed leaders of BLM, not all black lives matter. The lives of black lesbians matter, the lives of black trans women matter, even the lives of black trans men matter, but not the lives of heterosexual black men, and certainly not the lives of black babies still in the womb. They are huge supporters of the eugenicist organization Planned Parenthood. From Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood – “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” In a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble in December, 19, 1939. But of course, she did want to exterminate the “Negro” population. Her views only go downhill from here and Planned Parenthood has not changed their ultimate goal, genocide.

      AntiFA is not anti fascist. They are fascists. AntiFA is exactly the same as Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Mussolini’s Black Shirts. They are the military enforcement arm of George Soros, their primary source of funding, and the Democrat Party.

      I could continue on and on taking your talking points apart one by one by one. Any one paying attention the the world around them knows that I’m right. You need to stop listening to Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. The paragraph on “Republicans stealing the election”, is more applicable to the actions of Democrat governors all around the country. Maybe you should actually find out the truth about this virus and the truth about exactly who the dead are. Half of the deaths are senior citizens with health problems other than the virus. Half of those dead are a direct result of the dictatorial edicts by Democrat governors that forced Covid 19 patients into nursing homes. That would be crimes against humanity.

  22. ” you have tens of thousands of medical workers, in non-profit hospital/clinic organizations that are in the midst of severe financial trouble”
    It is for-profit hospitals, too, that are in trouble. Or at least they want us to think they are not making money. Many rural hospitals treat a very high percentage of non-paying/uninsured people, and those on government assistance, so they have to raise prices ridiculously for those of us who carry health insurance in order to cover the losses on the others. When a person’s 80/20 insurance plan still leaves the patient with devastating financial costs for even routine labs or imaging services in a hospital, it’s is evidence that costs are totally out of control.
    I am not saying that nationalized healthcare is a solution that can work, only that our entire medical care system is skewed towards money and away from health.

    1. BinWY: You are absolutely correct here as well. I should have provided an update describing this very thing as MAYO which is in my neck of the woods, has laid off 30,000 people nationwide. Yes we are talking about 150 million dollars per medical group up here in Minnesota minimum are in the negative balances. Hours are slashed, clinic hours reduced, but there are the beginnings of elective surgeries beginning again. Pray for a solution that keeps us more in tune with patient first and money a very distant second.

  23. I grew up a few miles from where the liberal lawyer defended his home with a rifle in St. Louis. It is a posh, well-heeled community of wealthy folk who live in mansions. I have no problems with them, they are successful Americans. I thank the Democrat lawyer for reminding us why Americans need 30 round magazines. I’ll be he is now trying to find 100 round drums for his AR.
    He might also sign up the both of them for a serious training course or three so they don’t make the same raft of mistakes they made last time He pointed his carbine at his wife several times, committed aggravated assault against hundreds of people waving his rifle back and forth at them, and demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge on even the basics of holding his weapon. She held her pistol as if it were a cigarette.
    Nevertheless, no one wanted to be the first one to test his resolve. Or the 26th, 27th, or 28th.
    But….he did use all the right words in his media appearances when recalling the incident. He said he and his wife were threatened by an angry mob and feared they would be MURDERED and their house burned down. They feared for their lives. And who wouldn’t?
    Though the radical prosecutor has vowed to charge them, I think they are safe under Missouri law…the situation provides a defense to the charges that may come.
    The mob returned yesterday, but were careful to remain on the main avenue outside the fence. BTW, police….NEVER CAME.
    I left St. Louis in 1977 and never looked back, preferring the wide-open west. The American Left was fresh in my mind from the 1960s and 1970s, with the SDS, Weathermen, Black Panthers, and Company. Thousands of bombings happened back then. This was the heyday of one of Barrack Obama’s political mentors, Bill Ayers (Weathermen). He remains an unrepentant terrorist to this day, professor emeritus at University of Chicago.
    I’ve always known in my DNA that i would once again see the rise of these same terrorists, only now they have cut their hair, bathed, and donned suits.
    The schools and universities have trained up at least two generations of citizens to hate their country and anyone who loves it. Your real problem is the education system. From graduation, they move out into media, education, corporate, and law enforcement jobs. The FBI recruits from the universities…that’s where they find the Jim Comey types. Poor Hannity, he thinks 99% of the FBI are patriotic Americans. I digress.
    I’m almost retired now, and here we are looking at the same movement I saw nearly 50 years ago. It will all get sorted out now, but in the process it will get very interesting. It is time for us to put our pencils down and pass our test papers to the front of the class.

  24. Anyone who pays attention knows that voter fraud is real. And it is always (so far) committed by the democrats. And President Trump will not have to pull any ‘shenagigans’ in order to ‘steal’ this election.
    And WHERE are these white supremacists you speak about. I have never seen any in real life. They must be invisible.
    One more thing. Black lives matter has nothing to do with caring about black people. Where are they when dozens of blacks are shot each week in Chicago ? Where are they when blacks are shot in ANY city ? They are a communist, anti-police, anti-white, anti-men, pro-revolution organization that is disguising themselves as a ‘civil rights’ organization. Martin Luther King would be ashamed.

  25. Wow. The comments!!!! No matter what one’s political persuasion, it seems everyone agrees: prep prep prep. I long for a time when I was politically unaware because my problems were so simple: feed the kids, keep the lights on, work, work, work, pray without ceasing.

    On the one hand, my intuitive antennae are on high alert.
    On the other hand, I feel like surely we must all be overreacting.

    But, I’m a student of history, so I know what we’re facing is catastrophic.
    Someone a couple days ago mentioned a book “unintended consequences”, I found it online and downloaded it. I’m about halfway through. It is a good tutorial on how gun laws have changed over the decades, detailed descriptions of various weapons and ammo, very very dry if you’re not well versed in weapons and ammo. If I understood half the gun stuff, I might be getting an education. But, alas, it’s over my head. The story line is interesting tho and has kept my attention so far, but I could do without the sex scenes, and there are several violent scenarios (hence, guns). I’m still struggling to get through the first volume of The Gulag Archipelago, but I think it should be required reading for all high school seniors. In both cases though, one can understand the depth of violence in humankind and the need for self-defense.

  26. I think this article tends toward the extreme end of future events. So if Trump wins again ( unlikely I’m afraid ) there will most likely be violent protests, but hardly any worse than the BLM and Antifa riots of the last several weeks. And people lest be real: most of those riots affected the inner city areas and did not come close to toppling the government of any state ( well OK the CHOP zone being the exception, which now collapsed under its own stupid weight ). If Biden wins, who will riot? The middle class, the sober thinking preppers of this blog? We will feel as we did when BHO had his 8 years: didn’t love it but put up with it because there were no good alternatives that didn’t involve bad things happening. Mainly to us if we wanted to shoot .gov types just cause we didn’t like the policies enacted. So erosion of freedoms will happen, they come insidiously when .gov says it’s for your own good or for national security. That happens under any administration, republican or Democrat. Just under Biden he may try to hit the 2A and pro life rights harder, because that is the Dem party platform. They suck but until they outright declare martial law and try to disarm us, we will just quietly prepare for the worst and part for the best.

  27. Prepare for the 2nd Lockdown Governments are using this virus which is no more deadly than the flu to impose restraints on commerce in preparation for what is in truth the Monetary Crisis Cycle. Governments realize that they have reached the point of no return when it comes to debt. The ECB moved rates to negative in 2014 and after 6 years of total failure of Keynesian Economics, they are confronted with the realization that the global debt system and socialism are collapsing. They are hoping to use the virus, destroy jobs that are related to fossil fuels, and compensate people with guaranteed basic income which is minimal. Welcome to the new real NORM!
    “More COMMENTS From Texas” REPLY: “This is all about socialism collapsing. We have reached the end of perpetual borrowing. Central Banks have tried without success to control the economy. The Fed has been buying corporate bonds trying desperately to prevent rates from rising – not to stimulate the economy! Central Banks can buy government paper, but that doe4s not impact the real market in the private sector for interest rates. We have two drastically different markets and this is why the Fed is trying to prevent private rates from rising but they will fail.

    We have entered a period where rates are being impacted by CREDIT RISK. This is putting pressure on state and local governments who rely 100% on borrowing. This idea of DEFUNDING police runs deeper than most suspect. They can no longer afford the pensions. Some of the hidden discussions behind the curtain which are whispers among my sources are how to use the riots as the excuse to defund pensions.
    There is a race going on, but it is the entire political system that is crumbling at its foundation.”
    “The 2020 Election – The Most Corrupt in American History” ” The polls will be manipulated to show Trump will lose. While our computer shows he should win, caution is necessary because we are also showing this will be the most corrupt election in American history. The computer had also projected that Gore would have won but the Supreme Court handed that to Bush, and later the evidence showed that Gore should have won on the recount. We could face the same thing this time. Neither side will accept a loss and the civil unrest will rise sharply over the next two years into 2022. If the Democrats win, they will adopt the Thomas Piketty social justice system and will be raising taxes substantially. They want a 70% tax rate on $200,000 or more. This is going to result in violence on the streets and a lot of bloodshed. We may see an outright civil war in the United States come in 2027. Expect a rise in violence in the USA come 2021.”
    “The Great Reset – The Final Battle Against Marxists”
    “The rising civil unrest is starting to take notice of Bill Gates and his consortium hell-bent on changing the world economy. They have used the coronavirus as a ploy to shut down the world economy all for their Climate Change Agenda. There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that points to Fauci funding the creation of this virus and transferring it to the Wuhan lab where neither China nor the United States leaked it, but this consortium which has planned this Event 201 on how to destroy the world economy and rebuild it from scratch.
    This has all been planned and it is being promoted by the infamous Davos — World Economic Forum. These people are all elitists who would never walk among us who they consider the great unwashed. They have unleashed domestic violence in the world and encouraged all the suicides by imprisoning people and stripping them of all human rights. Their view is that the world is overpopulated, so thinning the herd to save the planet is justified and not genocide and Bill Gates sees no problem that 700,000 people may die from his vaccine which is an acceptable risk for him.”

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