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DHS: How to Decon N95 Masks with an Instant Pot

Reader N.S. sent the link to a video with some useful decontamination info for your PPE: Multicooker Decontamination of N95 Respirators

High Honeybee Summer Losses

Another from Reader C.B.: US beekeepers reported lower winter losses but abnormally high summer losses. This article’s opening paragraph:
“Beekeepers across the United States lost 43.7% of their managed honey bee colonies from April 2019 to April 2020, according to preliminary results of the 14th annual nationwide survey conducted by the nonprofit Bee Informed Partnership (BIP). These losses mark the second highest loss rate the survey has recorded since it began in 2006 (4.7 percentage points higher than the average annual loss rate of 39.0%). The survey results highlight the cyclical nature of honey bee colony turnover. Although the high loss rate was driven by the highest summer losses ever reported by the survey, winter losses were markedly lower than in most years. As researchers learn more about what drives these cycles of loss, this year emphasizes the importance of the summer for beekeeper losses.”

Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?

A recent article in The New York Times quotes my #1 Son, who operates SurvivalRealty. It is titled: Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?

An Oregon County’s Racist Mask Rule — Now Rescinded

Another from D.S.V., in The New York Post: Oregon county issues face mask order that exempts non-white people. Update: After public outcry, this order was rescinded, a few days later.

Mirrored Stealth Jets?

Reader Tim J. spotted this: Stealthy ‘Son Of Ares’ Jet Seen Covered In Mirrors During Mysterious Test Flights. JWR Asks: How could this be visually stealthy, in full daylight?

AGs in 16 States Back Background Checks on Ammo Buying

Pat Cascio sent this troubling news: AGs in 16 States Embrace Background Checks On Ammo Purchases.
Pat’s Comment: If you’re in one of those states, as I am (Oregon), then now is the time to get deadly serious about stocking up on all the ammo you can afford to buy. And, of course, contact your legislators.

What the Label “Progressive” Really Means…

JWR’s latest meme:  Why is is that cities run by “Progressives” only get progressively worse? Note that I plan to create new memes from time to time. I suspect that they will make conservative chuckle, and liberals livid.

Navajo Tribe May Buy Remington

Mike in Alaska mentioned this article in The New York Post: Remington Arms preps for bankruptcy sale to Navajo Nation.

Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm

Reader D.S.V. sent this frightening news, at DNYUZ: Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm. Here is a snippet:

“Mr. Williams knew that he had not committed the crime in question. What he could not have known, as he sat in the interrogation room, is that his case may be the first known account of an American being wrongfully arrested based on a flawed match from a facial recognition algorithm, according to experts on technology and the law.”

Trump’s New Icebreaker Fleet — The Grand Solar Minimum

Mark sent us the link to this, from Ice Age Farmer: Trump’s New Icebreaker Fleet & Grand Solar Minimum 2020

Neuron Regeneration Treatment for Parkinson’s?

Reader C.B. found this interesting article: One-time treatment generates new neurons, eliminates Parkinson’s disease in mice

Mob Vows to Tear Down DC Emancipation Memorial

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Mob Vows to Tear Down DC Emancipation Memorial. JWR’s Comment: We have definitely now entered the Leftist Twilight Zone. Please pray for our nation, daily!

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  1. It’s disappointing to learn my state wants background checks for ammo. I will definitely be stocking up this week. Where will it end? What next background checks for BB guns? For BBs? If I wasn’t taking care of a family member I’d be leaving this state.

    1. Hello Smalltown87,

      Where will it end? What next background checks for BB guns? For BBs?

      In Denmark and other nearby countries a license is now required to own and purchase .22 caliber pellet rifles and pellets. As of 5 years ago, farmers can own shotguns without a license. A pump shotgun with 18 to 20 inch barrels are a good option for those in the urban environments. These do not have a choke, and have a cylinder bore. These barrels have an effective range, by the strictest definitions, of about 25 to 35 yards, but are the most maneuverable option in close quarters. I prefer a modified, or 3/4 choke to keep the pattern tight, but this means using a 26” barrel. A choke can extend the effective range of some shotguns out to about 50 yards. In an attempt to increase the effective range, a cylinder bore shotgun barrel should use Federal Controlled flight 00 buck ammunition, or a low recoil version that keeps the pattern tighter than standard 00 buck loads. The most of effective pattern keeps all the pellets within a 6” circle. The maximum range is indicated by a pattern that is no more than 21” in diameter. However, a single 00 buck pellet could be lethal out to 50 yards.

    2. Take it from me…our California ammo BGC law is completely faulty. You must have a gun registered with CADOJ’s AFS with perfect, matching info to pass our infamous $1 “instant check”. Bought a gun but married since then and changed your surname to your husband’s? You won’t pass. Bought a gun but moved to a new address, even if only across the apartment complex to a new unit? You won’t pass.

      I myself have been a lifelong CA resident and gun owner/builder/restorer/trainer, but since all my guns are (legally) obtained over the years via non-registration methods (which are now unfortunately closed), I’m not in the AFS and cannot buy ammo without going through the CADOJ’s intensive $19 check that can take up to 10 days. So I bought lots and lots of ammo prior to the law’s effective date to last me several years of normal training. In the meantime, I’m finally looking into reloading.

      My advice is to “back up the truck” and buy as much ammo as you can.

  2. Re. Doomsday bunkers.
    I wonder how many purchasers realize that all of these bunkers have an Achilles Heel. Anyone with a little time, ingenuity, and low-tech/low-cost tools can flush out the occupants. I wish no one harm, just stating the truth that sellers should be disclosing.

    1. Yeah, they look like a really bad way to die. Good for nuclear attack I suppose but a really bad place to be if you are hiding from the bad guys.

  3. We encourage everyone to support pollinators… Avoid pesticides. Plant pollinator preferred plants in and around your garden. Our own strategy has included a variety of flowers, flowering shrubs and bushes, and flowering trees. We look for variation in everything from the timing of the blooms to the color and shape of the blooms. Our goal is to provide as much pollinator support as we can. Consider also bolstering your native insect population with Leafcutter Bees or Mason Bees, and have found Crown Bees to be a great resource. These species are not territorial which is great, and they’re very effective. The range of their travel is limited, but this can also be an advantage.

  4. Living in the PRI (Peoples Republic of Illinois) I already experience the idiocy of backround checks on “BB” guns, as well as black powder guns. Private sales also require a NICS check as well.
    It would be no surprise if checks are instituted for ammunition. The current proggie regime with veto proof majority in both houses will do anything to violate our rights.
    Learn to reload folks. Stock up on not just ammo, but components.
    And pray the Lord comes for us before we need to use all that ammo.

    1. Dan Janssen:
      I have read, studied, discussed, researched Biblical scripture on the “Rapture” for many years and tried to obtain some level of understanding of it.. Maybe I have continued to miss something, but my understanding is that the Rapture only occurs for the “First Fruits ” (12,000 each from the 12 tribes of Israel, and the “Dead in Christ”. Meaning those martyred saints of history. The rest of us will be here through the entire Tribulation /End Times and Christians will be martyred during that time by the followers of the AntiChrist. So the decision would be to seclude yourself, be prepared to do battle and die OR surrender your Christian belief when given that option in order to be allowed to function in society…Tough choice for families, etc. For older people (like apparently many on this blog) who have lived their lives positively, they just might be the last feeble defense of our nation and the Constitution… I believe most will fold and collapse like wet newspaper.

      1. Jima, Your last sentence “I believe most will fold and collapse like wet newspaper” is probably the saddest thing that we could read here. I fear you are correct, however. The comments I read on places like Breitbart seem like the patriots will stand up to the bullying of the left. But, when the chips are down and folks are hungry and fearful of their shadows, they will trade freedom for slavery. We are seeing just that now.

        1. SETX, I believe in an individual’s right to choose slavery or freedom. Freedom is costly and many choose not to pay the price. This is why you, and others on this blog are so precious to me. You think like me and value freedom, #1, #2 and most importantly, God.

          We could all come up with encouraging examples of the few who bonded together to stay strong. Please share them, because I need encouragement. I only have you here on this blog, and I need you all!

          I hope you were or will be able to find a medicine for your dad to relieve him of his delusions. I have seen first hand the difference that can make and give some peace to the suffering patient. May the Lord bless you with strength, wisdom, love and peace as you take care of your family.

          1. Hi Krissy, Thank you so much for your sweet reply. You are a sweet woman and a true patriot. I so appreciate that in you and the others who post here. We know that we have our fore fathers as examples, but I will definitely do some research and name current day patriots who are also true to our Lord and Savior. Yes, I do think like you.

            Concerning my dear father, We didn’t realize that his Multiple Myeloma was raging in the few months before his death. Apparently, when he was admitted to the hospital (according to us reading his records/testing, etc), he was near death. He passed away near the end of April. My Mom is doing pretty well actually. God has been extraordinarily good to her. We siblings are taking good care of her.

            Take care and carry on. I wish you lived in Texas. 🙂

  5. I have kept honeybees for many years. This spring I discovered This is a fantastic resource. I built 4 of the swarm traps and 2 of the horizontal hives. I caught 2 swarms within 3 weeks and installed them in the hives. I have never had hives perform so well. I have never had so many bees in my garden. Bee keeping has never been so easy. No need for moving heavy hive boxes. A fantastic resource.

    1. Hey Gary, that’s pretty darn impressive you caught two swarms in three weeks! I used the same plans from but made a few changes so I could build them for under $5 using some salvaged 1 x 12’s for the bottom and 3/16ths luan for the rest. They’re very light compared to the plywood ones so old guys like me can get them up into the trees much more easily.

      If you’re into building your own things, you probably already know about They have a huge selection of detailed blueprints and I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve built using their plans.

      Since I do splits to get more bees, I hate to waste a good swarm so when I catch gentle bees, I’ve started selling them complete with a new hive that I’ve built and it’s very profitable. That pays for all my own hives so I’m a huge fan of swarms. I wait for a month to be sure the queen is producing so by the time I sell it, there’s already a lot of honey in the combs. The customer basically gets a complete hive and stand, plus what amounts to two nucs of bees, but on brand new frames, and they pay less than they would for a new hive and a package of bees. Win/win for everybody.

      Good luck in the future catching more swarms! It’s pretty exciting stuff.

      Here’s the BeeSource blueprints link:

  6. Facial Recognition

    More than ten years ago, a friend (whose name I never knew) of a friend (whose name I forget at the moment), needed to renew a certain identification document from a certain level of government (which escapes me right now). He went to Kinkos and got his photo taken, went home and scanned it, then PhotoShopped it so that it had a 2% stretch in the horizontal plane. Took the file to Walmart and had prints made. He was unable to tell the difference when he compared the two photographs side by side. When the application was submitted, it came back as rejected and a note that said, “please resend photos.” The application was resubmitted with the original Kinkos photos and the identification document showed up a month later. Apparently his face was already in the system and failed the comparison test when the 2% photos were submitted. We’re way beyond Orwell’s 1984! What’s next?

    1. St. Funogas… This is quite telling and disturbing, although not unexpected. We’re all thankful when technology like this stops horrific crime or catches a violent criminal, but there is also tremendous vulnerability related to the surveillance of the innocent — including new and ever increasing concerns related to the definition of crimes which may include a politically defined crimes. We are sliding quickly down the slippery slope.

  7. This is the first of a series of weekly videos of Matt Bracken and Fernando Aquirre (The Modern Survivalist YouTube channel, aka FerFal from the Surviving Argentina blog.). They discuss the current insurrection and rioting, and how to survive it, and more.

    TMS Live with Matt Bracken- 6/20/2020

    Also recommend this related article from Matt Bracken.

    When the Music Stops

    1. Wow. The video interview was a bit distressing, disturbing, and depressing. But I fear Mr. Bracken is on track.
      It took me awhile to watch because I would stop, open another page and check, recheck, or read about an event that was referred to.
      Then I listened to it again.

      Wow. On a society collapse scale of 1-10, with 10 being as bad as it gets, my personal meter jumped from 5 to a 7 in regards to how bad our nation has become.

      Time to be very diligent. Watch, prepare, remain calm.

  8. Remington selling to the Navajo Nation would be a big plus! No state jurisdiction to control them. The Navajo NAtion has turned into a thriving economy after the late 70’s and know how to manage.

  9. Civil War II. Can 5% preserve rural America?

    I believe it is no stretch to say that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the U.S. The best we could hope for is ‘balkanization’, but the cities contain an overwhelming number of radicals that are funded and supplied from abroad. At first it would be a low intensity conflict civil war that then escalates as the mobs from the cities need resources from the rural parts. We should also understand that this kind of fanatical insanity does not have rational limits. I believe it is driven by a demonically inspired and mindless lust for power that seeks to destroy God’s creation. They are using the racial card, and perhaps 95 percent of the country will submit. They will eventually come for Christians, and those with resources. Those in the liberal cities will be first. Leave now.

    Germany was the most advanced culture on the planet, yet the Nazi converted it. Antifia are the Brown Shirts. This excellent German film depicts the kind of mindless fanaticism and the sheep like compliance that we are witnessing today, and what the resistance faces. We need to understand the enemy. The story is an important apart of history, and a story of impressive courage of a 21 year old Christian college girl, Sophia, and her brother who are behind a resistance movement. It is free on YouTube. It is in German with subtitles. It is not the typical WW2 movie. Although our apparent enemy is crude in comparison, the mindset is the same. I found it to be instructive and motivational.

    Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Full Film)

      1. Hello Maag,

        I’ll try to help. Antifia is an organization that has been active for years first in Europe and then U.S. There are plenty of videos for those who investigate to conclude that this group is not merely a mob, but is well funded, and does train and equip it’s members. They actually use high tech communication gear indicating a high level of sophisication. In a nutshell, Antifia is the instigator, and BLM are the useful idiots that are visible. It is important to understand the enemy least we underestimate, and not prepare our defenses adequately.

        This is a communistic revolution that will not simply burn out and go away. I believe Civil War 2 has commenced. I encourage all to look carefully at what is occurring and to take action. I would rather overestimate the threat, than underestimate the threat.

  10. The various state AG’s will continue nonstop until they can control not only ammo, but even the style & color of the underwear we wear on Wednesdays, may be seen as nonsense, but that’s the tune they insist on rolling with. After all, some may be offended and the wrong color/style whatever may be sen as wassist.
    It always has been about control, power, and money. Throughout history in all goobermints, whatever the stripe or era. All I can say is that if these posers continue in their ill chosen endeavors they will meet their maker sooner than anticipated. Once true freedom is tasted, it can never be conquered, but can forcefully be revoked. Once lost, extremely hard to regain. Don’t let it happen. Fight like you are already dead!

  11. When COVID-19 fades to the background, the left will say “SEE !…….We KNEW all our RESTRICTIONS WORKED !………( They’re already implying it ). You know what’s next, “ fighting climate change will work! SEE ! The near-ice age is here !………Kinda like an ancient wizard that that figured out when the next eclipse is.

  12. Frustrating for sure. One thing I don’t think they’ve considered is where their food and electricity comes from. Mostly rural, conservative areas. My point is if we truly see the writing on the wall and they’ve really gone past the point of no return, we can aggressively address the issue. It will take intestinal fortitude.

  13. “Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm”

    This could happen to me or you too. Scary, right? We don’t know fundamentally how AI works. We just know that it does. I do this for a living and it scares me to death.

    Avalanche, you said once a few weeks back that you and Jim don’t allow it in your home. I think you two are very wise.

    Related and just as scary is that every smartphone’s location is constantly being recorded. Recall Jim’s “News From The American Redoubt” from just a few days ago on JUNE 23, 2020

    “Court documents: Cell phone records led police to missing Idaho children’s remains”

    If you have a smartphone then imagine what could happen if it is near the scene of a crime that you had nothing to do with. Imagine that you were near Daybell’s house when the children were killed.

    This is high risk technology, just like AI, that is seductively convenient.

    I am required to use communication equipment for my job that can, and is, constantly tracked unless I am proactive about choosing the time and place that it is tracked. I use these Faraday bags daily: Their products are pricey, but they let me sleep at night.

    1. I use the Mission Darkness bag: ; could not locate a comparison between the two, but my phone has never rung inside the bag. Figure I should not leave home without a phone, just in case my extremely high-mileage truck thumps me again, but I sure wish they didn’t track. I always engage the VPN when on the road, not that this helps with tracking.

      Next phone will be a de-googled android, or PinePhone.

    2. More minute-by-minute location tracking timeline from yesterday’s East Idaho News. The court documents show that the state already knew the exact minute-by-minute locations of the suspects *before they were suspects*. Yes the state probably had a court issued search warrant to use the location data, but the fact that the data existed at all is frightening.

      Yes the Daybells may be bad actors. But the state has bad actors working for them too that have access to your whereabouts at all times – unless you practice good smartphone hygiene. Be very careful.

      “A closer look at two pivotal months in the Daybell investigation”

  14. Re: GSM
    If any other SB reader feeds the wild birds outside–have you noticed something weird with the birds this year? Normally I’d begin to slow down feeding them during the summer months, as they’ve got other food to eat. But just yesterday, watched them after I fed them, and was totally surprised. My three feeders were totally engulfed with birds. And not just sparrows and gold finch–but red winged black birds, cow birds, and even the woodpeckers are now eating sunflower seeds and regular bird feed. They’re all eating as though they haven’t eaten in a week, and are starved. Fights are breaking out–not just the (rather funny) aerial fights, but actual rolling on the ground with claws out fights! They say that the wild life “knows”….

    1. Not here in the northeast. I pulled in my feeder around 1st of June but have a pair of ‘pet’ cardinals that show up daily for treats, and catbirds for blueberries. They could all have nestlings to feed perhaps. They get desperate and fiesty during that time. At least my birds do. The woodpeckers will come for bird seed during this time as well in my experience. Also if season was late getting started or strange weather patterns could affect food supply and nesting times. Watch to see if they are taking food in their beaks when they leave the feeder.

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