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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we’re linking to another great Tundra Tire bush plane flying video from Trent Palmer.  (See the Idaho section.)


Court documents: Cell phone records led police to missing Idaho children’s remains

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Trent Palmer: Some Local Bush Flying Shenanigans

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Some slightly dated news, over at Redoubt News, a piece about a Federal “migration corridors” scheme: Heads Up Idaho

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The latest YouTube video from the Good Simple Living vlogging family in North Idaho, showing a hike that they took at Kootenai Falls (near Troy, Montana–just across the state line): There Are A Few Things We Need To Address Before Leaving. That is some gorgeous country.  I highly recommend subscribing to their channel!

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Over at my #1 Son’s SurvivalReaty blog: Retreat Properties in Salmon, Idaho


Great Falls housing market heats up after a lull during pandemic

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Six U.S. Marshals believed to have fired their weapons during fatal shooting in Billings

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Following heroic rescue, dogs reunited with their owner

Eastern Oregon

Petition to recall Oregon governor circulating in rural counties. JWR’s Comment: It is noteworthy that the Greater Idaho petition effort is continuing.

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La Pine man charged with wielding 2 axes, entering burning shop to save cat

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110th Pendleton Roundup canceled over COVID concerns

Eastern Washington

‘Rescue pub’ with adoptable dogs, cats will open in Spokane for summer 2020.

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Shea vows to continue push for 51st state at ‘Liberate America’ event in Coeur d’Alene

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Construction is underway for Spokane’s first Chick-fil-A


Armed men patrolled Casper after last week’s protests. What does Wyoming law say about open carry?

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UW braces for $35 million in cuts

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Environmental conditions leading miller moths into urban areas, UW extension entomologist

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  1. Court documents: Cell phone records led police to missing Idaho children’s remains

    This guy obviously had a lot to learn about OPSEC. I hope when the revolution starts everyone remembers to leave their cell phones at home and use burner phones instead. This is also how they take attendance at 2A and other types of rallies.

    1. “This Guy” didn’t need to learn about OPSEC as he is the killer of children. Scumbags like those 2 need catching.
      Are you sure if you start a revolution the cell phones are going to work? All sides will be hitting them to shut them down IMO.

    2. I routinely get a divorce – from my cell phone that is. My cell phone is commonly in the shop on a shelf when I’m at work. If I’m running a noisey machine I would not hear it anyway and that’s why it’s on a shelf. Also is the fact that it’s not going with me everywhere I go. If I were to one day all of a sudden just leave it in one place all day when I had been previously “married” to it all day then that would look odd to the tracking that is in place. So I side-step all that by where it goes and where it does NOT go. And yes, there are meetings which my phone is not “allowed” to go to.

      1. Now that is a mature attitude.

        My little buddy often does not where I am. At the same time I know where it is, no sweat.

        Carry on in grace

  2. The cell phone article is disturbing. I find it hard to wrap my mind around how easily and precisely they can track you. We just watched the Snowden movie last night. This just brings it to life how it’s playing out.

    1. Well the b.l.m. antifa and residents of Chaz have cell phones… So I’d reckon yup cell phones are going to be in revolution.

      How can you have a revolution with out snap chat filters?

  3. As much as these kinds of location finders can be used to save lives or solve crimes, the same technology can be used against innocent people to restrict their freedoms of movement or expression, and to punish them for engaging in activities and endeavors not sanctioned by the politically and economically powerful.

    1. Actually the article you linked says they have NOT done so but have prepared the framework for one if they decide to release it and if you decide to install it.

    1. Every sheriff between the Atlantic and the Pacific and between the Canadian and Mexican borders needs to watch Sheriff Mack and what he has to say. Just plain old-fashioned common sense. The county that I grew up in had a VERY pro 2A sheriff – my dad was very good friends with him and I knew him well myself. Thanks for posting that T R. Very good info.

  4. Y’all know how they do the morning traffic reports on your local news in the cities where they tell you it’s 20 minutes form this point to this point in downtown? Your cell phone triggers a device and then triggers another at a different point and then they are averaged every few minutes or so to get that data.

  5. I have an iPhone 6 and it is up to date. Unless it is hidden, I do not have a Covid tracker on my phone. My co-worker has a newer iPhone and it does have a Covid tracker, which just recently showed up. It is located in the health settings, and can be turned off, if you believe Apple actually turns it off when you select that. Personally, I believe all smart phones track the hell out of all users no matter how you configure your phone, with standard practice being to share the info with all the alphabet agencies, business partners, and advertisers, and none of the providing entities care one iota about your privacy. Caveat emptor.

  6. We have seen countless examples of targeted advertising which emanates from our cell phones here. The implication to me is that any spoken words in close proximity of our phones are being collected, and sold as a product. How long until our private conversations trigger something worse than advertising…

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