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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today’s column includes a link to a news story about a successful “trade dress” infringement lawsuit by Jeep.

A New Strain? The New Outbreak in Beijing

Beijing residents are rounded up and put in quarantine as the city goes back into lockdown and new travel bans are introduced to stop new ‘extremely severe’ coronavirus outbreak

ATF is Considering RE-Banning Some Pistol Braces!

The latest news from the District of Criminals (DC): Gaetz Calls on ATF to Cease Plans Restricting Arm Brace Usage. JWR’s Comment: I won’t be surprised to learn that they are considering banning either the SBA4 or the Tailhook, two of the best –and most expensive — AR pistol arm braces.  Please contact your congressmember and Donald Trump, Jr., and ask for their intervention with the Trump Administration and the ATF!

Pandemic: A Larger or Smaller Second Wave?

H.L. sent this: Florida Reports Another Record Jump In New Cases As Global COVID-19 Count Nears 8 Million: Live Updates. A snippet:

“Gov Ron DeSantis said that even though there are more cases, fewer people are going to the hospital, including in Miami-Dade. Asked Thursday if the state’s reopening plans could be rolled back because of the numbers, the governor pointed to the increase of testing and blamed it for the majority of the jump.”

AAR: Seattle Security Guard Who Disarmed Two Rioters

Over at the Garand Thumb vlog, there is an interesting after action report: Seattle security guard who disarmed two rioters speaks out.

Steroid Dexamethasone for COVID-19?

Reader H.L. sent us this: Steroid dexamethasone reduces deaths among patients with severe COVID-19 – trial shows. A pericope:

“A cheap and widely-used steroid called dexamethasone has become the first drug shown to be able to save lives among COVID-19 patients in what scientists said is a “major breakthrough” in the coronavirus pandemic.

Trial results announced on Tuesday showed dexamethasone, which is used to reduce inflammation in other diseases such as arthritis, reduced death rates by around a third among the most severely ill of COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital.”

Jeep Wins in Infringement Case with Mahindra

Reader Tim J. spotted this: Jeep wins copycat case against Indian automaker Mahindra. A brief excerpt:

“The company started selling the vehicles in the U.S. in 2018, prompting Jeep parent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to take legal action. The bare-bones vehicle is similar in design to the Willys MB, which Mahindra had previously been allowed to build for sale in Asia under license from Jeep.

Last week, the International Trade Commission ruled that Mahindra violated the “trade dress” of Jeep’s vehicles, and ordered it to stop selling the Roxor in the U.S., Reuters reported.”

JWR’s Comment: If you want one of these, then buy it ASAP. As I often write: The law of supply and demand is inescapable

147 Inexpensive Acres in Nebraska

Here is an affordable new listing at my #1 Son’s SurvivalRealty web site that caught my eye: Pine Ridge Paradise  — 147 acres in Nebraska. This is a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing. It is just over $1,900 per acre!

Sino-Indian Border Dispute Escalates

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Violent face-off’ on disputed Himalayan border? Soldiers killed – China keeps invading, India says no more. Here is the first paragraph:

“The Indian Army says at least three of its soldiers, including a senior officer, have been killed in a clash with Chinese forces along a disputed border in the Himalayas. China has accused India of a ‘provocation’ and one Chinese news outlet has said China also suffered casualties. The incident occurred high in the Himalayas in the Galwan Valley. The two sides had been massing soldiers in the region for weeks. Although tensions between the two sides have been building over the last month, this is the first incident in which soldiers have been killed in more than four decades.”

The Guy Fawkes Mask Meme

My most recent meme: The Governor Decreed that I must wear a mask. Okay, so I chose Guy Fawkes.

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  1. Honorable Congressman Gaetz,
    Hope you read this because I stopped believing in any politician reading their mail ~ let alone fighting for our constitutional rights. Especially during election time when the 2A vote is important to win.
    Arm brace rulings themselves are unconstitutional. The idea that one may attach a brace to a pistol and not a stock is BEYOND insane itself. This demonstrates how easily we are manipulated to believe an additional lie when when we have already believed the government has the power to perpetuate the first lie.
    Means exactly what we all know it means.
    So Matt – suck it up! Let go of the donkey’s tail, halter yourself, (the out of control beast – big Gov) and represent the freedom loving people you are employed by ~ We The People!
    Happy Father’s Day

    1. From your post: “This demonstrates how easily we are manipulated to believe an additional lie when when we have already believed the government has the power to perpetuate the first lie.”

      This is a very important point… We should all be very careful with regard to the information we consume, and the information we convey!

  2. DEX or Dexamethasone is used in many cancer treatments to reduce inflammation. It’s a powerful drug, think – steroids on steroids. It can keep you awake for days. I can see how it would be helpful in covid treatment for severe cases where lung inflammation is the main culprit.

    1. SaraSue: No matter what pharmaceutical is found to be helpfull in treating the virus, it won’t
      be long until the nut case conspiracy theorists decide that it is really used for mind control or possibly to make our toe nails fall off.
      They will rant and rave and many of our psychologically and emotionally vulnerable countrymen will take it as gospel.
      Zealots of any persuasion are dangerous.

  3. > The Guy Fawkes Mask Meme
    > My most recent meme: The Governor Decreed that
    > I must wear a mask. Okay, so I chose Guy Fawkes.

    They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

    HR is now telling me to stop wearing my Batman costume at work.

  4. It’s hard to keep up with BATFE logic..If you have an AR pistol you can shoulder your arm brace legally. But if you install a “stock” then the AR pistol becomes an SBR (short barreled rifle) which requires tax and forms submittal…the only real difference between the two firearms, besides the application of the stock, is that you can’t have a vertical foregrip on the AR pistol, but you can on the SBR. if the BATFE’s intent is just to confuse and irritate “we, the people” then they do a good job of it. The intent the BATFE has about banning some pistol braces must be that the design of the braces come too close to emulating a stock…Crazy , meaningless, and why should they care?

    1. Its all about ‘revenue naziism’. Gitchur-money, gitchur-money! Get that crooked little finger in everybody’s pocket. You want your rights?- Buy them! (For sale to those ‘who can afford’)
      I’ve said this before, NFA= Nazi Firearms Act.
      Consider the time frame that this was foisted on a almost helpless working class- depression era 1934. What was Up & coming back then? The Nazis! Its a well known fact that some in this country considered the nazi party to be the ‘wave of the future-a bulwark against bolshevism’ and there your proof. Nazi type legislation shoved down our throats then. That wasn’t enough, so more in ’68, and then the clinton bans, on and on. Tired of it yet?

  5. KRIS… Regarding mandatory masks: Check out I think you will like many of their designs.

    Yeah, but you can’t see anything unless you give up your right to privacy and let Google collect all your info.

    No Thanks… They can do without my business.

  6. Understanding your adversaries, and their strategies and tactics, is key to winning any battle against them. From that standpoint, the following articles are informative and should guide us (as individuals and as a nation) going forward.

    1) Chinese Strategy and the Solar Minimum by J.R. Nyquist

    2) Violent “Antifa” filmed by Project Veritas is New York Times published journalist and death cult member posted at Natural News

    Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

    1. The article by Nyquist is very interesting and something we had superficially touched upon, but his analysis is outstanding, and more than a little worrisome.

  7. China and India have been going at it for decades and decades. All the trouble rises in the disputed region (I think it’s the Kasmiri region). India has the same problem the US has allowed itself to be put into, everything needed to run a technologically proficient and robust economy is now made in China. Thereby giving China a stranglehold over our basic economy and ultimately total control. Which is what they are after in the long run……..
    There seem to be a preponderance of individuals subscribing to the group think mentality, driven only by the bottom line, in both gpoobermint and the corporate world, that seem to have failed Economics 101….. Basically it states – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” ….
    I’m guessing unless they can come to some semblance of compromise, that may be the start of the next major conflict worldwide… With the rest of the animosity going around the world between different factions, this year especially for some reason, it’s pretty likely. Just guessing though, from years of jabbing each other in the eye…….
    With all the info about solar minimums and the global warming bozos, all info leading to the fact that there very well be an era of agricultural scarcity in many parts of the world. China and India both having been through it plenty of times previously, it’s adding up……. It will be a conflict of resources, as it always is…….

    1. From you post: “It will be a conflict of resources, as it always is…….”

      So true. We should keep this close in our thinking as we develop strategies, technologies, and applications that will allow us as a nation to survive in the face of this. Our approach should include 1) the storage of significant reserves, 2) the redevelopment of the tools and facilities and labor force needed to develop raw materials and to use those in more advanced forms of manufacturing, and 3) a focus on goods that are sturdy (no more landfill material or planned obsolescence), and the ability to renew and recycle our resources. We’ve got to think about this comprehensively, and to plan and implement those plans accordingly.

  8. My feeling is that when fall hits, the flu/covid will hit back very hard. Why? Because so many people have been keeping themselves sterile, that any little thing is going to take them down and out. And, the ever ineffective flu vaccine will be even less effective this year and of course, not make a dent in covid related flus.

    Look out!

  9. The researchers recommending Dexamethasone are far behind the learning curve.

    Eastern Virginia Medical College has seen good results with MATH+: Methylprednisolone (related to Dexamethasone, both anti inflamatories), Ascorbic Acid (to mop up the damage caused by covid) , Thiamine, Heparin (an anti coagulant, to prevent clotting in the lungs and other organs).

    Their protocol came out months ago.

    1. I have stocked up on famotidine (pepcid), zinc and the other OTC supplements recommended here, enough for the whole family.

      Get prepared now for this outbreak to continue to worsen through the year, it’s cheap insurance.

  10. Vicki, you must work in the so called “health” INDUSTRY to make such a statement. Of course we’ve already witnessed stories via MSM regarding children being kidnapped by hospitals and parents wishes being totally ignored. Several years ago I went the the ER with an upper respiratory infection. They gave me a steroid and it felt like my heart would jump out of my chest. I have high blood pressure and it’s a wonder I didn’t have a heart attack. How many children have been harmed by inoculations resulting in ADHD or Autism? Has Big Pharma found a cure for cancer YET? No, and they won’t. Parkinsons? No again. The common cold. Guess again. Many of us have more faith in used car salesmen than we do Modern Western Medicine. No offense to used car salesmen. No thank you. I’ll take my chances with a local herbalist before I’ll be a guinea pig for the medical elites. [Some deleted by the Editor.]

    1. Patti, I have a number of friends that are into herbs – one of them a master herbalist and I also have some friends that are medical doctors (Doctor of Internal Medicine). I used to work in the “health industry” way back during my college years and I must say from first hand experience that it is a very inefficient system as far as solving any health problems go. The best they can do is cover up symptoms and sometimes they can not even do that very well either so I am 100% in agreement with what you posted. Thumbs up. That’s why I chose to go the natural route.

  11. To fight all viral diseases like SARS CoV2
    From MedCram:

    GOOD sleep 7-9 hours/24hr period.
    Vitamin C.
    Vitamin D
    NAC (N-Acetyl Cystiene).

    This week, relearned that High Fructose products actually can make your immune system Fail… because it prevents Vitamin D being used in your immune system. Avoid High Fructose ( like my cheap long term storage pancake syrup is loaded with…..). Vitamin D is critical to fight viral infections.

    Dr Seheult explained that autopsies of corpses dead from COVID19 show 9 times more damage in their alveoli/blood capillary zones compared to corpses dead from influenza.

    1. Good suggestions, Wheatley Fisher! Many do not know that quite a few medications also adversely affect Vitamin D levels. If you can do so safely, get your D levels checked. The key is a healthy level of Vitamin D. Be cautious about D toxicity (may be difficult to achieve, but possible especially if someone is overly enthusiastic about the amount of D they’re taking).

      1. Very good point, T of A. It’s possible to overdo it with just about any beneficial supplement. After doing a little digging I came up with some information that should be of interest to SB readers who want a more natural approach to health and supplementation of the daily diet.

        * Vitamin C *
        Of the vegetables that can be grown in the home garden from the above link per 100 grams: Bell Peppers – 128mg, Broccoli – 89mg, Snow Peas – 60mg, Strawberries – 59mg, Tomato – 23mg, Kale – 18mg.

        * Zinc *
        Pumkin seeds are very high in Zinc as are many nuts and seeds.

        * Quercetin *
        scroll down to Table 1 to see a list of food sources that contain Quercetin. This is a list of Japanese foods, but most of them are widely available, like the Red Lettuce for example.
        Lists 100 foods that contain Quercetin

        And thanks to Wheatley Fisher for posting the original list.

  12. Only way to get a virus is if injected. Period! Funny how the wu fu has cured all other causes of death. Also of note 2019/2020 flu vac now has coronavirus as possible side effect…… wake up, stop wearing masks and social distancing! Your building your own prison. 2nd wave will likely be real. Hot spots are curiously same as GMO mosquitoe releases but I digress and add a grain of salt here. Practice MEDIA DISTANCING! may save your life…… Open your eyes and think for yourself before it is too late! This is ww3 and the spiritual war all together…. Pray to the LORD to return quickly and give yourself over in repentance! The gift is free and only requires a acceptance. Love one another❣❣❣❣❣ Time is short, Very short

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