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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the spread of COVID in food processing plant workers.

SFPD Stops Responding to Non-Criminal Calls

Over at NBC: San Francisco Police Won’t Respond to Non-Criminal Calls. The article begins:

“San Francisco officers will stop responding to non-criminal activities such as disputes between neighbors, reports about homeless people and school discipline interventions as part of a police reform plan the mayor announced Thursday.

Mayor London Breed said in a news release that on calls that don’t involve a threat to public safety, officers would be replaced by trained, unarmed professionals to limit unnecessary confrontation between the police department and the community.”

Luxury Quarantining in Wyoming

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Luxury quarantining: Inside the Wyoming resort renting for $175,000 a week. A quote from the CNN Travel article:

Magee Homestead, located in scenic and remote Saratoga, is offering up its collection of nine high-end cabins to those lucky few who can afford the steep price tag: a minimum of $25,000 a night to rent out the entire property. And with most groups choosing to stay at least seven nights, the (minimum) cost is a jaw-dropping $175,000.

Patrice Lewis on the Rules of Homesteading

Some hard-earned wisdom, from our friend and bellow blogger Patrice Lewis: Rules of Homesteading

The Warlord Rapper Raz of CHAZ

Another from the site: Video: Warlord Raz of Seattle Autonomous Zone Claims Total Control, Says He Speaks With Mayor’s Office Daily. JWR’s Comment:  One thing about Power Vacuums: They always get filled by those who are ambitious and often, ruthless.

Some Psychologists Call Anti-Lockdown Activists Mentally Ill

Reader D.S.V.  sent us this: Psychologists Demand Anti-lockdown Activists be Classified Mentally Ill.

FBI Warns Hackers are Targeting Mobile Banking Apps

Another from D.S.V.: FBI warns hackers are targeting mobile banking apps. Here is a snippet:

“The FBI specifically pointed to threat of banking trojans, which involve a malicious virus hiding on a user’s mobile device until a legitimate banking app is downloaded. Once the real app is on the device, the banking trojan then overlays the app, tricking the user into clicking on it and inputting their banking login credentials.

Fake banking apps were also cited as a threat, with users in danger of being tricked into downloading malicious apps that also steal sensitive banking information.”

COVID Spreads to 60 Plants: Food Shortages Ahead?

Reader H.L. kindly sent us this news item:COVID Spreads To 60 Plants, Sparks Fear Of US Food Shortages As Second Wave Strikes

Gun Stores Targeted by Looters

W.W. sent us this, from Fox News: Gun stores common target for looters, thieves who work amid protests. An excerpt:

“In Albuquerque earlier this month, looters broke into JCT Firearms in the early hours of the morning and stole some 115 pistols and 35 rifles of “various models and calibers,” prompting the ATF and National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to offer a $10,000 joint reward for information pertaining to the crime. ATF marked it as the most significant theft from a southwestern U.S. licensed firearms retailer so far this year.”

And reader D.S.V. sent us this related news: 2020 Walmart pulls Guns, Ammo From Shelves: Excuse? Riots!

Eavesdropping by Watching a Light Bulb’s Variations

I found an interesting piece over at ARS Technica, by way of Spies can eavesdrop by watching a light bulb’s variations

Cultural Revolution: A Rundown of Woke Insanity

Linked over at the news aggregation site, there was this, over at The Federalist: Welcome To Your New World Order: A Rundown Of Woke Insanity Amid The Newest Cultural Revolution

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  1. Hahahaha @ Big Mike, it sure is ridiculous…

    Incidentally, this current situation has been helpful applying red pills far and wide. Even formerly complacent sheeple are becoming frustrated and cannot ignore the cognitive dissonance. Masks are the perfect tool:

    They’re no good
    They work!
    They work, but EMTs need them, not you!
    Social distance
    Rioting > social distancing

    Simply point out the duplicit absurdity, intimate that perhaps we/they are all being played, and watch the fireworks start going off behind their eyes.

    No confrontation, no arguing, so conflict. Point to what their mind has already detected, let them do the work. If they choose to stick their head back in the sand, you weren’t going to change their mind regardless.

    1. I was discussing this with a Uber liberal yesterday. He asked why “you white folks” didn’t wear masks. I pointed out the fallacies of what you said and the other obvious things like which businesses could remain open. He went straight to the political side, and I agreed. I kept telling him that is why so many of us are skeptical. I also told him I don’t wear a mask (age 61) and he freaked out. We have some good discussions, but he doesn’t listen. He has more education, and lived the black life and through the white privilege. Sad.

    2. Wearing a mask Doesn’t work. It may make you feel better and it appeals to people who take pleasure in usurping the power to tell you to wear a mask but it is a mostly useless artifact. Just imagine that it worked, which would mean that it removed 99.99999% of the bacteria or virus that you were defending against. That is the standard. Cloth masks miss that standard by 10,000%. A good cloth mask might stop 8% of viruses and bacteria. Would you drink contaminated water from a filter that was 8% effective?

    3. A face mask gives people a ‘grey man’ look in these crazy times. … Many left-wingers have gone off their mental stability rails. Sometimes, it’s not wise to make yourself well known, or a target for vindictive left-wingers. … Wearing a mask could be considered ‘situational’ awareness and a ‘grey man’ look, which is stressed on SurvivalBlog. … Wearing a mask or not ~ could depend on the circumstances.

      The few times I haven’t worn a mask, libtards have asked about it, “Where’s your mask?” …. When I reply, “I’m using the Donald Trump method!” = “When everyone else is wearing a mask, I don’t need a mask.” = Libtards lack a sense of humor.

    4. The masks have always worked. Simple proof, why was it so important for healthcare professionals to have masks when dealing with COVID patients. Answer, because masks reduce the number of viral particles than reach wearers, they help keep doctors and nurses healthy and reduce the probability that wearers catch the virus (easy to see this in early caseloads). If the masks work for doctors they will work for me. There is now evidence that the more virus particles you are exposed to in a period of time the more likely you are to catch the virus. Masks reduce the viral loads so they actually work even if they don’t capture all the virus particles. I bought a box or two of masks after the last pandemic and put them in the prepping supplies. I’ve worn a mask anytime I’m out near people. The health professionals didn’t know much about the virus in the beginning, how deadly, how fast it spreads, its most efficient routes of transmission…… so I chose to prepare for the worst case until more is known. Although they know more now, in reality all the research has been rushed, there hasn’t been enough time for long term affects of the virus to even show up or play out in humans, and it will be some time till they have an understanding as good as they have about old diseases like Polio or the measles. Society is still learning about the virus so I’m still behaving for the worst case scenarios.

      The economy was shut down by the virus. The more the virus spreads in the community, the more people that become infected with the virus, the longer people will legitimately be afraid of going out, the longer people won’t spend money, the longer they won’t shop or go out, the longer the economy will be hurt, the longer people will be without jobs, and the more people will die. If you look at other countries and even in the US at local areas, the more people wear masks when around others the less the virus spreads. There are countries that have suffered very little economically because they culturally are very good at always wearing masks out in public, they have good public health systems, they test, they contact trace and quarantine. The situation in the US is of the US’s making. It didn’t have to be this way.

      Bottom line, the larger the percentage of a community that doesn’t wear masks when close to other people, or that doesn’t physically distance, the longer the virus spreads, the more people die, and the longer people don’t have jobs.

      I wear my mask because I don’t want to catch the virus, because I don’t want to spread the virus if I have it, but I also wear my mask because I want the economy to recover sooner rather than later. I want businesses to have customers when they reopen. I don’t want my neighbors to die or to suffer long term physical damage from catching the virus. I stay home except for groceries. I use mail order and curbside pickup so I don’t have to interact with people who might be sick, asymptomatic, and spreading the virus. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. I choose to be part of the solution.

      1. Thank you, Don. A post so very much appreciated. We share your views with regard to the virus and the wearing of masks. Let’s protect ourselves. Let’s protect others. Let’s get past SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19. We can accomplish economic recovery while protecting for health safety and wellness. These are not mutually exclusive pursuits.

      2. If the mask works!!! Than no worries. Wear your mask and you are safe regardless of what anyone else does. But they don’t work. They work at an 8% level. You cite health care workers as “proof” but no health care worker would ever go into a contagious area of a serious disease with only a face mask. They would have about $1000 worth of total coverage and a positive pressure air supply AND they would destroy this costly equipment after leaving the area of contagion to prevent secondary infection.

        Masks are dangerous in two ways: 1. They make you think you are safe and you lull yourself into doing things that you would not do otherwise. 2. To the extent that they actually filter out anything they become a petri dish of that bacteria/virus and it sits there waiting for you to touch it or put it down somewhere. The mask itself becomes the source of infection.

        As for Asian (mostly Asian) countries who tend to wear masks, they have always done this. It is a fettish for them. It isn’t being smart or common sense it is superstition. Remember these are the same people who are killing off rhinos and other at risk animal population because of superstitious beliefs about the medical value of animal body parts. Their actions are more like the lead in to Monk where he touches every parking meter while trying to avoid the cracks in the sidewalk.

        There is a standard for reducing risk of infection, it is 99.9999% also known as Sigma six. What it all boils down to is simply either you get infected or you do not. That is either you get 1 to 15 bacteria, virus, etc. (that is the number that will assure infection) or you do not. If you mask is 8% effective (or some say 50% effective) then if you are actually exposed to the virus/bacteria through a sneeze or other airborne source there are literally millions and possibly billions of virus/bacteria and your mask filters out only 8% (or maybe 50%). This is as good as zero protection.

        This isn’t like a seatbelt which saves 80% of lives in a crash. That is not what the percentage effectiveness of a mask means. The mask won’t save 8% or even 50% of the people that wear it. It merely means that it will “catch” 8% or maybe 50% of the virus that passes through it. The rest goes into your lungs which assures 100% that you become infected.

        Masks do not work. I wish they did.

        1. You clearly don’t want to believe masks stop the spread, either by reducing virus particles expelled or reducing the number of virus particles breathed in. I have over 20 articles book marked about the benefits of masks and could find hundreds if I chose. Where did you get 8% effectiveness? The homemade masks may not stop as many particles as an N95 mask, but the home made masks can be fairly above 50% effective. See below for other studies.

          For others interested the following link discusses how masks are tested.

          This is another good article on wearing masks.

          This article reports on effectiveness of filter media available for homemade masks.

          This article summarizes test results on filter materials conducted by the Army. The group that did the testing is responsible for keeping Soldiers safe from chemical and biological weapons.

          This article has some interesting test results on N95 masks. One test piped diesel exhaust through N95 masks and measured what made it through.

          This article discusses how virus exposure varies your risk of catching the virus. I’ve read similar info elsewhere. It typically takes many more than one virus particle.

          This article explains why the masks actually help. read the complete article.

          Your extreme PPE might apply to some viruses, especially the ones with high mortality rates, but there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of healthcare workers who are treating covid-19 patients with much less PPE and not getting sick. Yes, healthcare workers are getting sick, but not everyone one of them.

          There are ways to wear masks or gloves and not contaminate your hands from their removal. I wear gloves when I can’t wash my hands after. I take them off inside out and leave them in the car. I take off my mask using the elastic and leave it in the car, not wearing it for at least 5-7 days giving the virus time plenty of time to degrade.

          Although I’m a firm believer in masks, my main strategy is not to leave the house and even chance exposure any more than I have to.

          1. I can find on youtube where Dr. Fauci states that there is no reason to wear the masks and they do no good. I can find as many sources as you can who will state that the mask don’t work. The problem seems to be in the way the stats are stated. Even if you choose the 50% stat for mask effectiveness it does not reduce your risk by 50% it only at best stops 50% of the virus from getting through the mask. That means 50% gets through and you breathe it in. Studies have shown that on average you need 7 individual virus to catch the disease. You can catch it with a single virus but in testing it took from 1-15 to catch it thus an average of 7. You can put a million covid-19 virus on the point of a pin. If you are breathing in air with the virus in it you will likely breathe in millions of them not 7 and that is true even if you wear a mask. The purpose of the mask in public is to make you feel good.

  2. SFPD sounds good in theory right up until the homeless pull a boxblade and starts slashing and the domestic goes sideways with the couple fighting each other and whoever shows up and someones brother flies in cause he got called to beat someone who touched his sister/brother and all those good little kids who’s mamas babies never did nuffin but have a .380 is their waistband.
    Delaying the inevitable but hey go for it.
    I’ve thought for a long time that the police have been overused in certain situations such as a local Oklahoma case where they were called because a man was refusing treatment at a hospital so they called security which went sideways and the police were called and resulted in his death. My first question was why are you calling the police for the basic right of refusing treatment at a hospital and why are officers being dispatched to such a call? I’m sure it came in that he was violent and fighting security which he had a right to because he doesn’t have to be treated. So The People caused that all the way around.
    A man passed out in his car on private business property is who’s problem? The cities? The business? Is it DUI if you are on private property or is it DUI when you are on public property? You only need a license to operate on public streets.
    The People point at the cops but never want to point that finger back at themselves when they initiated it.

    1. I concur. The police have become the go to people to call to handle every problem known to man. It was not unusual in my small town PD to get a call from a parent of a pre-teen to have the police come and talk to them because, “they won’t do what I tell them.” It was ridiculous, but cops were sent, “community oriented policing” and all. It has gone way too far and although I think there will be repercussions of sending the hug squad to these events, I don’t think most cops will mind not having to be bothered playing social worker. (At the same time, I think some departments have gone way overboard with the military looks, the balaclavas, etc. (seriously, you’re a public servant, why is your face covered, are you in the super secret ninja squad?)

      1. I’m no longer a [street] cop but still in law enforcement and I can only speak for myself but the balaclava is only when I’m going to deploy flashbangs. We only gear out when needed. No reason to stay geared out because no I’m not a ninja. My bones creak so bad I couldn’t sneak up up on a bowl of rice crispy.
        The only other exception is during recent things the crowds are taking your picture using the facial recognition software and doxing. They can leave and go to your house while you are still tied up at the “protest”.
        I understand the concern but when your facing a guy who’s already killed his family using rifles and pipe bombs against law enforcement etc. the Barney Fife bullet in the pocket approach just ain’t going to work.
        We’ve got lots of open positions for those who can do it better. In 8 months mine will be available too. The county needs good folks in these positions especially in these times.

        1. Matt-I totally get the protection of officers and perhaps the disguising of their faces if there are threats. I was threatened plenty of times in 23+ years and I worked and lived in the same small town so it wouldn’t have been too hard to find me. Additionally, I have no problem with the necessary tactics to fight true riots, rioters or anarchists. That said, I stand by my belief that many cops have gone too far to the military side. Unit morale patches (“You’re SWAT or you’re not”-please), subdued uniforms, rifles with stupid slogans or skulls on them, etc. all lend themselves to a shift in mindset for the average cop from peace officer to “operator”. I have no problem with estprit de corps or even the usage of special teams when necessary but bad experiences on more than one occasion with tactical units left me wondering if they were being used because they were needed or because they needed to justify all the cool toys they had. All that said, I loved the job, miss it every day, and would probably still be there if it wasn’t for a threatened loss of health care coverage that led 25% of our department to leave the same year. Be safe, best of luck in retirement.

        2. Thank you for serving the public Matt. You guys (and gals) are in between a rock and a hard place and it makes me angry and sad. No, you don’t have to take the abuse any longer. I just asked the Lord to protect you. I have law enforcement in my family and it’s gut wrenching what they’re going through.

          May the Lord bless you and your family. Stay safe.

          1. SaraSue I appreciate it and prayers are always welcome.
            I don’t know any other place but between the rock lol. I’ve been a soldier when it was unpopular as well. I do understand some of the frustrations better than some think. I don’t and didn’t always make the right decisions without a doubt but I’ve done what I could under the constraints which have changed tremendously over the last 25 yrs.

        3. AHA ! A clue ! If you see men in black balaclavas coming toward your house grab your gun ! It is about freaking time for no-knock warrants to be done away with. The framers would certainly not have allowed such a violation of the Constitution. And even if the Constitution has been torn and twisted to allow such abominations they are morally WRONG.

        4. Nathan Hail Just like the defund they police movement that isn’t the answer of no more no knock. The issue with no knock is it has become too watered down and yes used way to much by officers who’ve no business doing it.
          Back in the day you had to have actionable intelligence, photos, a plan, surveillance of suspect on scene and many other things carried out by one team presented to the judge. You didn’t google stuff you actually drive by and photo it. Then you KNOW what’s on white, black, green and red. Your not guessing or hoping that street view google earth has it right. Eyes on not thumbs scrolling.
          That kept all these bad no knocks from happening.
          Complacency, laziness and pretend operators have caused many of these. The rest are just plain dirty officers.
          Changes, major changes definitely need to happen though I’m doubtful.
          As one who’s worked so hard to do it right it’s terrible to see this stuff time and time again knowing that it shouldn’t ever happen.

  3. It’s funny about the food processing plants. They have very high numbers of infected, but little to no illness. Local to me was a large 600+ employee chicken plant. 592 tested positive. only like 9 had symptoms. That’s a huge difference. We know animals are great reservoirs of viral loads. Perhaps there are several Corona viruses, not just Covid-19, running in these plants. Most don’t make people sick. Covid-19 can make people sick.

    1. “Perhaps there are several Corona viruses, not just Covid-19….”

      Therein lies the problem. The tests being given pick up a coronavirus. The question is, which coronavirus is being is being detected? The answer seems to be; every coronavirus. With the propaganda being presented, why, we’ll never be able to live a normal life again. We will have perpetual or recurring lockdowns. State Governors are literally masturbating over the prospect of keeping their newfound dictatorial powers. In my case, little Gretchen (Whitmer) is going to fight tooth, fang, and claw, to keep her dictatorship, she’s not going down without a fight. She should be arrested and tried for treason against the state of Michigan and her citizens.

      In part: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against THEM, or in adhering to THEIR Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

      I think little Gretchen, and every other governor / dictator, falls within this definition. They have committed treason against the individual states and the citizens of those states.

      1. This is among the concerns… The testing is limited in terms of both accuracy and specificity. People are drawing wild and erroneous conclusions without understanding the limits, or frankly the data itself. Some (maybe many) will pay a severe price for this. Please take precautions for the safety of everyone.

        1. “The testing is limited in terms of both accuracy and specificity.”

          This is a big part of the problem. If the results are inaccurate and non specific, then the conclusions and the data are at best dubious.

          “People are drawing wild and erroneous conclusions without understanding the limits, or frankly the data itself.”

          Again, this is a huge part of the problems associated with “covid-19”. As to the data, I’ve both read and understand the data. I’ve also read the edicts issued by the CDC. When you have counties and States counting both suicides and auto accident victims as covid-19 deaths, and the CDC is encouraging those actions, then the data is corrupted. Oh, and the CDC, knowing the data is corrupted says; “that’s OK!”

          Half of all the deaths have been, and continue to be, in nursing homes. Half of those deaths have been a direct result of the actions and dictates (as in dictatorship) of a few Democrat governors, including my own. In times past, these governors would have been tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Today they are revered as heroes.

          “Some (maybe many) will pay a severe price for this.”

          Then again, maybe not. If we look at the data sets coming from those states that did NOT lock down, we find that the coronavirus is no worse there than it is in the states with the most severe of lockdown restrictions. In point of fact, the states that did not lock down had far fewer cases and deaths as a percentage of their populations. We have to look at all the data, from all the states, to see which practices were the most effective. The answer is actually quite obvious.

          ” Please take precautions for the safety of everyone.”

          Telesilla of Argos, thank you for being the kind and caring person you are. 🙂 As for my precautions; the only difference in my usual flu season routine is the addition of the mask. I had already been using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for years. It looks like I will probably have to continue to use the mask during future flu seasons. Darn it!

          I could go on about my skepticism and the reasons for it, but I’ve said enough. When my BS-O-meter goes off like it has been for the last several months, the researcher in me goes to work so I can find out what set it off. Sadly, I found my answers, and I’m not pleased. Each of us has to do our own research and react (or act) accordingly. Again thank you for your concern.

          Have a peaceful day and a blessed weekend.

    2. We are not buying meat except from a local (very very small) meat processor. And we have meat in the freezer that we bought well before the Chinese flu happened. We have changed our eating habits to reduce the amount of meat in our diet. I would trust the meat department at the locally-owned grocery store where we shop but their meat prices are just too high for my frugal self to pay- when the birds fly over MY house they say “cheep cheep, cheep”.

      1. Nathan hail,,,,,prices will be coming down soon on beef ,in the last two weeks wholesale prices dropped over by half to in some cases to less than before the virus

        1. That would be good news…unless it foretells shortages like I remember in the 70s. I was living in Nebraska at the time, where cattle outnumber the people, and the government imposed wage and price controls. Soon, there were shortages of many things- including meat. It was such a shock to people who had always had PLENTY of meat. People demanded meat but there was a very limited supply. The grocery stores began adding soy bean fillers to the ground beef, and labeling it as such. I remember that one local chain called it “Beefy”. When price controls were lifted, the supply of meat gradually went back to normal.

  4. Be STRONG
    The COVID “testers” are here to protect us – not stop the economy or starve the multitudes, not bring us Democratic French Revolution or keep us from congregating in peaceful protest (voting in November).
    Remember ~ common sense ~ those in rebellion (to be your god) to lord over you – do not ascribe to it’s existence.
    Control is their game. Bowing down to them is lame.
    Peace is an attribute of strength.

  5. CHAS, Children hurt and stupid. This isn’t about social justice, it is just a bunch of immature, inexperienced young people thinking they know more than the rest of us. Along with this idealism follows the criminal element. I would remind them that in these riots and looting they are culpable as accessories to these felonies. Just as the driver in a get away car can be charged for murder if a passenger commits a murder.
    Kids, wake up you are being played, you are just tools of criminals and Antifa. I have also noticed that these so called social justice warriors are standing around with their hands out begging for more freebees so they can continue their party. As for diminishing the power of the police we will see how the people living in these cities feel about their elected idiots come November when the crime wave should peak. It also appears that we will have to form vigilance committees for our own protection. It is a good thing that there is a lot of hemp being grown, we will need the fibers.

  6. I don’t think there will be too long a waiting list to get into the Magee homestead for this summers get-a ways, one of the enticements was the American west cuisine, what dinner cooked over a fire pit in cast iron pots give me a break.

  7. I personally know 2 people in our area who have contracted Covid 19.
    Strong hard working veterans who are woodsmen.
    When they were fighting the virus, they couldn’t even get off of their porch let alone butcher a deer.
    One of these men said he just wanted his family to find him on his back porch in his favorite chair.
    The virus burned through their family and 3 months later they are still suffering side effects. Reduced energy and a lack of wind.
    Both were diagnosed by medical doctors, neither submitted to being admitted to the hospital.
    The people working in the meat packing plants will be incapacitated for several weeks. This will have an adverse affect on the food supply. Thank you to SB for keeping us updated and recommending we stay vigilant.

    If you need to restock your dehydrated food supply you will want to get in line with the supplier of your choice. I have seen lead times getting longer.
    Critical supplies of vegetables have also be impacted.

    I don’t wear a mask around my property, while fishing, or when I am on my fitness walk in the neighborhood.
    I do wear a mask when I go to get grub or building supplies. I don’t know those other people and they don’t know me. Wearing a mask helps to prevent me from giving the bug to someone else. When I see someone else taking that precaution I appreciate it.

    God has the plan.

    1. Just Fish… So sorry for the suffering of these people who contracted COVID-19, and praying for their full recovery. This is a serious illness not well understood and without any truly and broadly effective treatments. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. We understand and respect the fact that not everyone shares the same views about this virus, but we sincerely hope that people will come (quickly) to understand the value of prevention for themselves AND for others. Good health and safety practices are not inherently joined up to political motivations. Let’s value ourselves AND one another — and make a genuine effort NOT to contract or convey COVID-19.

    2. Just fish ,,,,yes ,Im going on 14 weeks now still weak and short of air , if l don’t get better considering selling the cows and closing down the the ranch completely ,,,,

      1. Oldhomesteader… We continue to pray for your full recovery. Are there any supportive treatment options that might give you some relief and ease the path to recovery? I’m wondering about oxygen support or other measures. Hoping you will be on the other side of this in all the best ways — and soon. Thank you for sharing the story of your journey.

      2. oldhomesteader, you are still hurting. Oh man, for someone accustomed to taking care of business, I imagine that is very difficult. I send you prayer for robust recovery,

        Carry on, in grace

      3. oldhomesteader I hope you can recover fully and not have to sell off. That stuff is tough on some and I guess you just drew out unlucky. You hang in there and hopefully it’ll get better.

    3. One of the strange things is how it affects people differently. Teledoc diagnosed us with corona in early April, took 3 weeks until our family of 6 was completely symptom free. We were advised at the time to not get tested, presumably due to lack of test materials, and to remain isolated for 2 weeks after symptoms were gone. We ran fever of 99 to 100F randomly each day a few times a day for an hour or two, with normal temperature most of the time, general cold symptoms plus quickly being winded by even just walking short distances. I’ve had worse complications from strep. None of our family seems to have any lasting effects. Get well soon, God Bless.

  8. On Rules for Homesteading: Very good advice. Here’s one of my own:
    “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can put off until the day after tomorrow.” Over and over I’ve been pleasantly surprised that an “important” but non-critical task that I’ve been procrastinating suddenly becomes completely unnecessary as a result of some unforeseen twist of circumstance. If I had not procrastinated, my efforts would have been wasted.

  9. I find the whatfinger link to the Federalist article to be quite disturbing. When I read all that in succession it gives me a very dire outlook and makes me feel as though our society is coming to an end.

      1. We agree, MikeH. From your post: “God and a few good people could still change the outcome.” Times are difficult and dire, but we must not give up hope — or the fight for the best outcome. A victory for good may be closer than we know, and this may be the underlying reason those on the other side of the fight have become so very vicious.

  10. Just like I said about teaching school, “if I was a policeman, I’d quit— it ain’t worth the pay”.

    Surely I’m not alone. I figure we won’t have to defund the police, they’ll all quit if this continues.

    Get ready to guard your garden.

  11. I live in what would be called a subdivision in the suburbs. Lol, we call it a holler. Only one neighbor here ever calls the police and she is resented for it and considered an outcast. She just happens to be the only person on welfare in this neighborhood. We all carry and watch each others property. We police ourselves. Any time weve ever heard of crime in the neighborhood here its not prevented by the cops, Its just looked into and then forgotten. Glad we live in the country.

  12. I’m sure Lily will have a chuckle at me, but I’m slowly coming over to her side of End Times thinking. If not End Times, then definitely Civil War in the ugliest of its forms. I will say this, the rest of this year is going to be a doozy. We’re in a catch-22 situation in these Un-United States, and the election is not going to bring any resolution because both sides are PO’d. I’ve never seen this country so divided. We can’t even agree on how lethal the virus is or wearing masks, our churches are even turning against one another, family members divided over politics, gun and ammo sales through the roof. It’s a precarious situation. Now, one can turn it all off, and putter about the garden, I’m all for that. But, I think it’s foolish to not be aware and prepare accordingly. My humble opinion, is that now is the time to Get.Out.Of.Dodge (GOOD) permanently. Don’t look back and don’t hesitate.
    May the Lord be with you.
    P.S. you can get dak hams inexpensive on walmart’s website (bye bye my supply of dak hams. lol)

    1. I have always felt that this threat is overstated. Any country that would use an EMP attack on us would be the recipient of numerous nuclear weapons attacks within the hour. IT would be an incredibly stupid decision to attack the U.S. with EMP devices. A sneak attack with 2000 nukes would be brilliant by comparison. Now I would believe that an autonomous terrorist country might do it because they are generally stupid and suicidal.

      I also do not believe the oft quoted claim that after an EMP attack that 90% of Americans would die within a year. In fact I would expect that instead of us all just dying I suspect we would rally and become more cohesive and effective than we have been since WW II.

      I just don’t see that an EMP attack would be a good idea.

      1. OneGuy the current population of the USA not including the uncounted homeless and illegals is around 330 million. The Population of the USA in 1890 just before electricity became more than a rich mans novelty was some 65 million.

        That population was because of the limits of farmers to feed folks. Food was often some 50% of the budget of most Americans. That’s why you see such LARGE and Beautiful Successful Farmers Homes built around that timeframe. Huge families, no lack of interest in having as many kids as they could feed. Sickly folks with diabetes and such simply died off.

        A grid down situation WILL rapidly bring our population to well below that 65 million due to the excess number of folks kept alive due to modern medicine dying quickly (I.E. Insulin requires a refrigerator) and so on as well as violence as folks fight for whatever will keep them alive for one more day.

        Bad water or no water weakens in a day or two then kills. All cities and towns require water purification chemicals delivered weekly. How may folks have a good well and hand pump eh?

        90% die off is actually quite realistic along with a Mad Max scenario of armed gangs (Antifa, BLM, Band of Police, troop of Patriots who cares when they are armed and want YOUR Well and Food…) Look how fast the crazies in Seattle had a Warlord with armed thugs running the place with shake downs…. Human nature one excellent reason Socialism ever works, defies reality.

        An EMP can be delivered with deniability or even better PROOF someone else did it via false flag attack. China and Russia are only allied against America they have NO love for each other otherwise.

        Right now the greatest threat is America voting themselves into Venezuela 2.0 American Surveillance Socialist Edition by folks who will vote for ANYTHING (even a Senile Sock Puppet) just to make this rioting-COVID and Related troubles STOP. Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to get himself VOTED into Power.

        I fear a stair step systemic failures until we are but slaves to the Deep State and their Socialist-Democrat “Leadership. Hunger games anybody?

        1. The structure holding our society together is fragile and fissured. You make a series of very good points. The needs of people for clean water, food, and modern medicine including pharmaceuticals will go unfilled in the world that follows an EMP strike.

          Expanding on the conversation related to food production, Avalanche Lilly has talked about this more than once, emphasizing that people really do not understand how much food they consume, or what it will take to produce enough food to survive in the event of a catastrophe. She’s right.

        2. That is the popular meme. We stupid Americans will all die without electricity. Yet far more people in India live without electricity. What do they know that we don’t?

          There is also the belief that an EMP will be absolute. That is everything electrical or in any part electrical (like a car) will be immediately and forever inoperable. The reality is that probably 90% or more of everything electrical will either be undamaged or the actual damage will be easily repaired.

          The only practical and powerful EMP device is nuclear. To be effective it must be set off in the air not too high (perhaps a few miles high) and not too low. Exploding a nuclear device over the U.S. is a de facto nuclear attack AND delivering it in the most effective way will inevitably result in a traceable attack. You can’t deliver it covertly and also place it where it will work. So if China does it we will even know they did it before it goes off; it’s trackable. A nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland would immediately be responded with a massive nuclear response. In other words it is suicide for any nation to do this.

          Additionally it would rally America. Within minutes of such an attack workers and civilians would begin to mitigate and repair the problems. This is what America is best at we just don’t see it much anymore because all our needs are currently being taken care of. I would expect that Americans would step up to the plate and work together to do what must be done to fix everything.

  13. I was discussing “bible time” with my neighbor a couple hours ago. This verse is up for me.

    A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.

    Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.

    The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit.

    Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.

    The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.

    The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish.

    There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

    Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; and the end of that mirth is heaviness.

    The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.

    The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

    A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident.

    He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: and a man of wicked devices is hated.

    The simple inherit folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.

    The evil bow before the good; and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.

    The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich hath many friends.

    He that despiseth his neighbour sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he.

    Do they not err that devise evil? but mercy and truth shall be to them that devise good.

    In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.

    The crown of the wise is their riches: but the foolishness of fools is folly.

    A true witness delivereth souls: but a deceitful witness speaketh lies.

    In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.

    The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.

    In the multitude of people is the king’s honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.

    He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.

    A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

    He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.

    The wicked is driven away in his wickedness: but the righteous hath hope in his death.

    Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known.

    Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

    The king’s favour is toward a wise servant: but his wrath is against him that causeth shame.” – Proverbs 14 (KJV)

    Carry on, in grace

  14. Like food that tastes good with no nutritional value a person who likes their ears tickled is lacking wisdom.
    I spend the days working in our garden because I was ready 20years ago. Call me crazy ~ till ya need me.

  15. Re: Rules for Homesteading

    Breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day… make sure you eat a breakfast that is full of protein and healthy stuff. That does NOT include a bowl of Fruit Loops or Coco Puffs. I have a personal rule about breakfast. The inside critters get theirs first – just so I can have some peace and quiet for mine. Then, I get to eat mine. Dinner leftovers are legitimate breakfast food – especially leftover steak. If you get to add a fried egg to it, so much the better. But oatmeal with some raisins, dates and a fresh banana sliced on top works, too. The reason I get to eat my breakfast before taking care of the outside critters is because that way, I have fueled up for the day and am able to handle any emergencies, distractions and projects without breaking stride or forgetting to eat. I seldom stop for lunch but sometimes do take a late afternoon break for a snack. The packaged snack packages with meat, cheese and crackers or toast work well and are better for me than candy bars or chips. Dried fruit also works well. With temperatures in the hundreds by this time of the summer (it is only the second week of July and we are already at 107 degrees F, expecting 110 tomorrow), I also consider a few spoonsful of ice cream to be a legitimate afternoon snack. Sometimes, you just need to cool down from the inside.

    During the summer, dinner seldom happens before 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening so having a solid start to the day is imperative. And we try to get everything outside done before going in for dinner.

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