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On Radio Free Redoubt: North Idaho Armed and Peaceful Deterrent

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Family confirms remains found on Chad Daybell’s property belong to JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan

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Police use of force, defunding, loom large in discussion with new Boise police chief

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US delays repairs for North Idaho road in grizzly bear habitat


Missoula: The ‘Concerned Citizen Who Happens To Be Armed’ Is Showing Up At Protests

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Grizzly bear roaming north Montana, wildlife officials say

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A report in Redoubt News: Broadwater County Commissioner Pleads Not Guilty

Eastern Oregon

EOU still considering name change for Pierce Library JWR’s Comment:  They’d better not dig too deeply, or they will reveal the very racist roots of the Eugenics movement, Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood. If American Blacks want something to protest, then it should be over the millions of unborn black babies  murdered by Planned Parenthood, rather than one adult black man killed on a street in Minneapolis. Planned Parenthood strategically located the majority of their “clinics” in poor urban areas. Ponder this:  “…black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population. Yet, 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. At a ratio of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, black women have the highest ratio of any group in the country.”  In my estimation, this is nothing short of genocide.

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111 miles per hour on I-84 and DUII lead to arrests by OSP and BC Sheriff’s Office. The article begins:

“Oregon State Police in Baker County, as well at the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, handled an incident earlier this week on I-84 that involved two vehicles traveling at high rates of speed and resulted in the arrest of a Clackamas man and the arrest of his juvenile son.

According to information released from Oregon State Police, an officer observed two vehicles, a 2005 Cadillac STS and a Subaru Impreza, traveling at 111 mile per hour and they appeared to be racing one another.

The OSP office stopped the Cadillac but the Impreza continued eastbound, according to the report. The Baker County Sheriff’s Office was notified and subsequently the Impreza was located a couple miles later. The operator of the Cadillac, 48-year-old Michel Forest Reinoehl of Clackamas showed signs of impairment and was arrested for DUII. The vehicle was occupied by the operator’s 11-year-old child, a kitten, and a dog. A search revealed usable amounts of marijuana and unidentified prescription pills (to be tested for controlled substances/future charges pending). A loaded concealed Glock pistol was located within the operator’s possession, he did not have a concealed handgun license.”

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Cooling off a over-heated market? Bend and Redmond home prices fell noticeably in May.

Eastern Washington

Matt Shea vows to get 51st State on the ballot at ‘Liberate America’ event. JWR’s Comments: This news piece just reeks of bias. Their repeated use of the qualifier “so-called” makes the Liberty State movement seem fringe, when it actually has substantial popular support, especially in the state’s eastern counties. For a different perspective on the Liberate America event, listen to JJS at Radio Free Redoubt.

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Kennewick police clarify misinformation about protests and public safety. JWR’s Comment: This is typical government obfuscation, to degrade our rights, and muddy the waters. This police spokesman attempts to distinguish between armed “groups” versus armed individuals. Unless he is overriding Washington State Law, then individuals still have the power of Citizen’s Arrest, regardless of whether or not they belong to a group. The statist attitude of this police Lieutenant is better suited to the big cities in those three Big Bad urbanized  counties west of the Cascades!

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Drivers involved in Spokane County crash appeared to be racing, police say

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Train collides with full semi; shuts down road in Eltopia


Pivot to hand sanitizer helps keep Backwards Distilling afloat during pandemic

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Wyoming COVID-19 Measures to Ease, University Plan Approved.

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Wyoming conservation groups call for $25 billion in federal funding for public land restoration. JWR’s Comment: Once the floodgates of “stimulus” opened, all of the usual special interest group beggars lined up, for their slice of the pie.

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Wild Wyoming: High-Elevation Tornado Followed By June Snowstorm Two Days Later

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  1. Planned Parenthood’s roots need to be shouted from the rooftops. Edwin Black’s book “War Against the Weak” should be passed out at every so-called “pro-choice” rally. We have long agreed that this is genocide. I don’t have a source atm but I once read that in a certain year, there were more Black babies aborted than born in NYC. That is horrific!

    But no…try to speak up for the millions of unborn black lives who definitely did matter, and you are a racist and sexist for “disempowering women.” Because oppression is freedom, government dependence is personal security, and we have always been at war with Eastasia.

    Oh, I just saw he has a website:

    1. Tragic report: More Black babies are aborted in New York City than are born, NationalRighttoLifeNews site in 2/17/2020.
      “The most recent data available shockingly reveals that in ~>2016, more Black babies were killed by abortion than were born in New York City. The data also shows that in 2016, Black abortions accounted for nearly 40 percent (38.7%) of all abortions in NYC. These alarming statistics reveal how abortion is decimating the Black community and is also hurting other minority groups.”

      Pro-Life Gains Made During the Trump Administration. NationalRighttoLifeNews site. 6/16/2020.
      “In a direct reversal of course from the Obama years, President Trump restored the legendary “Mexico City Policy,” which bars taxpayer funds from being awarded to groups that perform or promote abortions overseas. The policy, initiated by the late President Ronald Reagan, is considered a hallmark of pro-life Administrations. President Trump later expanded its reach to cover all global health assistance funding with the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.”

      President Trump enthusiastically supports the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which would ban the use of tax dollars for abortion in any federal program. He also backs re-directing federal monies away from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion operation.

      In a State of the Union speech in 2019, the President urged Congress to pass legislation protecting preborn children from the especially heinous tragedy of late-term abortion. He has also promised to “veto any legislation that weakens current pro-life federal policies and laws, or that encourages the destruction of innocent human life at any stage.”

      Roe v. Wade was the US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all the States. … The US Supreme Court has limited powers as set out in the US Constitution. … The legislature has permitted a power grab by the Court system in our country.

      The Good Book in the Gospel of John speaks about the devil:
      “You belong to your father, the ~>devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

      An important clergy member in my Church said once: ‘On Judgement Day, people will see all the aborted babies in Heaven. There’ll be an opportunity to tell the babies what was more important than the lives of the aborted babies.’

      My personal opinion: = Anyone willing to kill innocent babies can kill anyone else they consider ‘inconvenient and unwanted’ too. [It’s time to prep. SurvivalBlog has excellent information.]

    2. As we contemplate this genocide, I am wondering. A big picture wondering.

      In Germany the genocide was carried out by force. So, were there trainloads of black women being unloaded at Planned Parenthood clinics under armed guard?

      Of course not, you say. I agree.

      I assume, then, that the women came to the clinics by choice to kill their babies. I wonder what could drive a woman to go and have a stranger invade her body with the conscious intent to kill that life within her.

      Perhaps you know someone who has had an abortion performed. What was her reason? Where did she veer off the road?

      I knew a man, before he died, who told stories of, as a doctor in the 50s, saving the lives of women who were near death from a botched abortion. Abortion was strictly illegal back then. If we level all the PP clinics and cover them with gravel, women will still seek abortions.

      What can we do about that? As we used to say twenty years ago, WWJD? I wonder.

      Carry on in grace

      1. ‘In Germany the genocide was carried out by force.’ … To point out the similarity: The aborted babies do not volunteer for their own death. … People opposed to abortion believe the Babies are people with these rights too: =

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are ~>Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …” [Declaration of Independence]

        As the National Socialist German Workers Party was mentioned, many people during that time period thought, ‘The Fatherland had the right to decide who would live and die.’ … Some lives were not considered useful to the Fatherland.
        …. … The phrase “life unworthy of life” (in German: “Lebensunwertes Leben”) was a National Socialist designation for the segments of the populace which according to the National Socialist regime had >no right to live. [Wikipedia in part]

        Of course the idea of death as the final solution was expanded by The Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, and many people followed along in lockstep.

        This is 2020 and the prolife people believe our cultural should be changed. There is NOT too many people in the world. +The women seeking abortions need help with the crisis in the lives; both emotional and financial.

        Many people don’t believe in a God in Heaven, or that lives of other people should be saved. Such people might also think they are ‘members’ of the Big Club arranging all the deaths.
        [Wanted babies are called babies. The babies destined for death are called fetuses; they are ‘harvested’ for medical research and their body parts.]

        The comedy line ‘Politics is a big club, and you’re not in it’ could also be applied to the Group of people in our country, that decides, who has a life worthy of living.’ [Most of us are NOT in the Big Club]. This Big Club -Group supports abortion.
        …. …. As a political note, the elected prolife President of the USA doesn’t belong to the ‘political club’ in Washington DC. He’s considered an outsider; many minions of the The Big Club Group publicly wish the elected President of the United States was dead.

        Unfortunately, many people today see death of other people, as the final solution to their perceived problems. [Many people believe in killing babies to save the world.]

        1. You make many excellent points, GGHD. That first paragraph is insightful. Thank you.

          I still wonder what we are called to do to prevent killing babies. We have common cause with the mothers of the unborn babies. Relying on gov’t to pass laws has not worked. And, why would we rely on gov’t to do it right? Or for anything else?

          I will ask the young, child-bearing age women I know what would drive them to abort and then ask what I or my church or my community could do. I have much to learn.

          Carry on, in grace

          1. From the stories I have heard, some of them are deceived (willfully or otherwise) and some are desperate. There are those who have no faith to inform them of the intrinsic value of life, and also somehow disbelieve the science that proves babies = human people. There are others who believe that they have no other way out, that they are unable to care for a child and that this is the “most humane” option…and others who are pressured into it by family or significant others. I knew a young lady in high school who (before I met her) was forced into it by her boyfriend, a no-good abusive drug dealer. She had grown up without a father, and with a mother who encouraged a heavy consumption of popular culture and a focus on looks, so…no wonder she didn’t value herself or know how to choose a good man. (Happily though, the second time she became pregnant, she found the courage to get out of the relationship. She had a beautiful daughter, became a very active pro-life advocate, and eventually earned her masters degree in social work to help others.) I knew another who became pregnant at fourteen and was made to abort (over the strenuous objections of the baby’s father, who would have left school to support them) by her parents…who were leaders in their church! Appalling!

            As for what we can do…I totally agree with you that it cannot be legislated or controlled from the top down. We need changes of heart, and a sea change in the culture of death. As you have said, even if the abomination PP vanished tomorrow, women would still be deceived and/or desperate. I believe we need to reach out with hope and help and the light of Christ, rather than picket abortion clinics shouting hate at already-wounded souls. For years, I have supported our local pregnancy resource center–writing checks when I could, and in other ways when I couldn’t do that. (Back in college when I was already working three jobs to scrape by, my friends and I put together a benefit concert for them, and also participated in the Walks For Life.) We also support the Morning Center, linked with Samaritan Ministries and dedicated to providing maternal health care to low-income/at-risk families while sharing Jesus.

            For a few years I tutored teenagers (mostly girls) in algebra, geometry and calculus in an after-school program, to provide a positive role model. (People complain about teenagers sometimes, but I thought they were great. I wasn’t “cool” — after all I am not a trendy dresser and I haven’t loved a boy band since The Monkees — but I had the distinct advantage of being Not The Parent, and so they’d talk to me. I tried hard to dispel that ingrained notion in them that “I’m just not good at math” and also “This stuff is never going to be useful!”)

            Finally, there is adoption. We as a church need to demonstrate that we are serious about providing loving homes for the children unable to be raised by their birth parents. Not everyone is called to adopt personally, but we are all called to care for the orphan and widow in some way (James 1). We can contribute to the costs of adoption, or drop off meals to families newly home with their children, or offer to run errands for them or spend time with their other children, or any of the ways we’d support a family who just had a new baby. (Having adopted internationally special-needs twice and given birth at home thrice, I think the former is orders of magnitude more difficult!!)

            Anyway, these are just a few ideas that I have tried in the past. I’m sure I speak for more than myself in saying I’d be very interested to hear what you learn in your own community too, so we can all continue to work together!

            Take care OaM 🙂

          2. Forgot to mention in my last comment–I do think it’s appropriate to pressure the government, in ADDITION to reaching out at a human level. I participated in the Red Envelope Project back in ’09, and just never stopped sending them. Perhaps unsurprisingly I never received a response from the Obama administration, but Trump’s office actually sent a form letter back on spiffy letterhead detailing their positions and efforts. (My only quibble–I’ve been the one writing the envelopes for over a decade, and the response letter was addressed to my husband only! Hah! oh well, at least I know someone saw it.)

  2. The distilleries making hand sanitizer here kept them afloat too. I applaud them for not giving up and changing direction for the good of them and the communities. These are the type of people I want around. It makes me proud.

  3. re the search for an affordable rural Get Out of Dodge site, be sure to check the toilets and sinks for rust stains, this indicates a very high level of iron and/or manganese which, after a short while, puts a terrible orange scum on your hair, your water will be undrinkable and clothing when washed in that water will turn yellow, and even the cheapest iron filter attached to your well water line will run you about $2700, and another couple thousand for a water softening system and then recurring costs for the salt you have to add periodically. Also, be aware that “teardown” properties may have been used as meth or hash oil “cooking” sites by squatters and then abandoned, which renders the property and soil uninhabitable, and unfortunately the realtors in the boonies don’t always disclose this and the appraisers don’t always catch it.

  4. Glad the distillers stepped up to the plate, thank you. I have one item about this of interest. I have bought and used three different hand sanitizers that smelled like Tequila, who knows what I might some warm summer afternoon? Just sanitizing honey.

  5. Missoula: The ‘Concerned Citizen Who Happens To Be Armed’ Is Showing Up At Protests

    IMO another benefit of the protests and rioting is that people will get more used to seeing armed citizens walking around with AR’s and AK’s instead of just seeing them on the news at rallies, or seeing the occasional open-carry pistol.

    The story mentioned “Wyoming, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and other states have seen armed people responding to antifa rumors. But the rumors have been widely debunked.”

    Debunked or is that maybe Antifa guys are able to read as well as the rest of us and are smart enough not to walk into a massacre and therefore changed their minds?

    “A few organizers and protesters have said they welcome offers of protection. But the majority say they are deeply skeptical. They say they believe the people with guns are trying to hijack the narrative, trying to make protesters appear more dangerous than they are, or intimidate them from exercising their First Amendment rights.”

    Apparently these protesters can’t read as well as the Antifa guys. Did they read about all the rioting, looting, and arson? Would that have happened if armed citizens had been there or if shop owners had been armed? And why is the 1st Amendment more important than the 2nd Amendment? Oh…because the Amendments are listed in order of importance. They sound like a bunch of kids who haven’t developed any ability to think on their own yet.

    “The presence of guns and people who have a military get-up and camo swarming the area makes me feel unsafe,” she says. “What if somebody does shoot, or one of these cars backfire and then someone starts shooting. That has far more potential for violence and recklessness than anything else.”

    This big-city gal has seen far too many movies. I can see the headlines in the movie newspaper now, “Missoula Massacre Traced to ’57 Chevy In Need of Tune-Up.”

    These protests definitely have some entertainment value. 🙂

  6. The 51st state movement is a pipe dream for the foreseeable future. Where do you think the liberal government folks in Oly and King’s Co. expect to get the money to feed the CHOPpers, to pay for the never-ending I-5 and I-405 projects, to pay for the new stadiums, to subsidize the light rail and ferry systems, et al? They need all that eastern Washington loot pouring into the treasury to pay for their progressive appetites and comforts. There’s no way the majority of legislators in that state (who represent only 3 or 4 contiguous counties on the west side) are ever going to give up their revenue stream, especially since they are seldom accountable to those people they are fleecing east of the Cascades.

    You can bleat all you want. But as long as you stay in that state, you are going to get sheared. Accept it or leave. Making noise only annoys your neighbors. Either that, or quit acting like sheep.

    CHOP is going to end up being a glorified tent city for the homeless. Eastern Washington is going to have to pay their fair share to keep it running in perpetuity. Anyone who doesn’t like it can leave the state, but don’t think you have a chance of secession while the west side is in control. They will never give up their power over you.

    1. You are incorrect. One of the complaints from the legislators in Olympia is that Eastern Washington COSTS them so much. Government spending there EXCEEDS the tax revenues sourced there, by more than 30%. (In effect, they are subsidized by western Washington taxpayers.) See:

      So, in the event of a Washington state budget crisis, don’t be surprised if resistance to the Liberty State proposal melts away.

    2. I hope to heck that CHAZghanistan lasts until July 4th.

      That’s when a “collection of self-described American Patriots, made up of various militia and biker groups, is planning on retaking the zone from the leftists. According to an event posted on Facebook, more than 1,500 members of these patriot groups will descend on downtown Seattle on July 4 to “tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control.””

      Looking forward to the Fourth of July!

      1. CHAZghanistan! Haha! That’s a good one. I read this morning a report from Andy Ngo explaining how the character of the place changes drastically after dark. I thought how brave he is to go, after the previous attack.

        Separately, I saw a photograph purporting to show a dry erase board with a running list of the supplies that the CHAZanistas are requesting. Amongst the items like clothes and food and, y’know, **stuff ya shoulda packed if you’re gonna camp out**…were cigarettes and LOTION. I had to scrape my jaw off the desk. Just imagine being that…..I don’t even know what to call it. Spoilt? Stupid as a box of rocks?? And then the lyrics to Albert Hammond’s classic got stuck in my head. Replace “Southern California” with Seattle, and I wonder when they’ll all start singing….:

        Out of work, I’m out of my head
        Out of self respect, I’m out of bread
        I’m underloved, I’m underfed
        I wanna go hoooooome….

      2. You can make an effective “decontaminant” by mixing 10% bacon grease with gasoline. Just spray it where you want to decontanimate and touch a match to it. Poof ! The area is decontanimated.

      3. I agree that these folks, these “occupiers” are lacking in some critical aspects of mature living. The petulant comes to mind.

        With that in mind, how serious are you St F and Nathan? Is the penalty for what these guys are doing capital punishment?

        Are the militias we admire allying themselves with the Hells Angels? To do violence to a bunch of losers?

        Yeah, that will hit George Soros right where it hurts. Take that you Deep State puppet masters.

        Carry on

        1. I regret being snarky:

          Yeah, that will hit George Soros right where it hurts. Take that you Deep State puppet masters.

          Offering a different opinion is one thing. Being a smart-ass is unneccessary. Please forgive me.

          Carry on in grace

  7. We on the Olympic Peninsula, covering 3 counties, object to being characterized as or lumped in with, the cesspool of Seattle.

    While free wifi and parental basements mix in the environment of the ‘gimme’s’ with the flagrantly wealthy socialists, the toxicity will remain.

    Get your friends to VOTE. Washington primary starts on July 17th.

    I was at a candidate meeting last night.

    Marty McLendon will make a huge difference for us.

    My campaign shall remain nameless here, but I urge you to support your candidates with a contribution now. Get engaged.

    In God we trust. All others should work to support.

    1. I wish the beautiful Olympic Peninsula luck. Over the years, Alaskans loved visiting Seattle; we bought school clothes for the kids, visited the aquarium, zoo, restaurants, farmer markets, Filson, “pill hill” and much, much more.

      Most Alaskans hosteled at “Southcenter” near the airport which is now a seedy area. Most Alaskans now avoid the western Washington like the communist plague that it contains.

      Seattle is a window into America’s future unless……..

  8. Did anyone else notice the crazy bias in the “Concerned Citizen Who Happens to be Armed” article?

    “However, antifa, a loose network of left-wing activists who sometimes violently confront fascists and white supremacists, is more of a movement than a well-oiled organization.”
    “‘Antifa operates as a designation similar to the way someone might describe themselves as a punk rocker,’ Donovan [‘an expert on media manipulation, online extremism and disinformation campaigns’] says.”

    Antifa are fascist, and communist. They are the new Red-Guard and Nazi Youth. The only difference between them and the KKK is the color of their hoods.

    Also they ARE a well oiled organization funded from outside their ranks. Their main purpose is to bring enough chaos to usher in “socialism.” Socialism equals communism. A turd by any other name still stinks.
    Also “sometimes violently confront fascists and white supremacist’s” Sometimes? They are almost always violent. And they are killing black people and destroying black owned businesses more than they are doing any thing to any “white supremacists.”

    “…been a lot of disinformation coming out about antifa in recent days, including from President Donald Trump and his attorney general…”

    “‘You also have a right-wing media ecosystem that is pushing this narrative,’ Donovan says.”

    Right wing disinfo? I think the Pot is losing it’s mind, and doesn’t realize the Kettle isn’t stupid.

  9. “Prepper Pride” (regarding Jim’s Idaho news about Lori Vallow’s kids).

    Lori Vallow’s close friend Melanie Gibb wrote an open letter this week to a preparedness website with a warning about “Prepper Pride” – the belief that “because we think we are aware, we are awake.”

    Jim often warns about the dangers of following a charismatic leader. This tragic story shows that charisma comes in many forms. The descriptions of the alleged cult leader, Chad Daybell, don’t sound charismatic to me: “He’s so soft-spoken and comes across as sincere and humble.”

    The Adversary is wicked clever – stay frosty.

    The article is worth reading:

  10. It comes as no surprise that the State of Montana is trying to retrieve ten million dollars in fraudulently obtained unemployment money,and the State of Washington says that fraud has cost them around fifty five million. Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon have not made their losses public.
    Lord only knows what it will be on a national level.

    1. Actually, losses by Washington’s Employment Security Department (ESD) exceeds near 600 (six hundred) million dollars with a claimed 350 (three hundred and fifty) supposedly recovered/clawed back.

  11. JWR said, “If American Blacks want something to protest, then it should be over the millions of unborn black babies murdered by Planned Parenthood, rather than one adult black man killed on a street in Minneapolis.” False dichotomy and also misstates the scope of the protests. First, it’s not just American Blacks who are protesting, but people of all races, colors, etc. Second, why posit it as an either/or? People can and should protest the killing of both (a) millions of unborn black babies AND (b) one adult black man.

  12. It’s past time that all police chiefs and law enforcement leaders are not appointed by politicians, but elected by “the people”, the same as our county sheriffs. Especially now that Boise has a new mayor preaching her insanity that all liberals spew. Also everyone running in local elections should be required to disclose their political affiliation so they can’t “sneak” into office. Everyone else must always fully disclose before doing business.

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