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Precious Metals:

Hub Moolman: US Dollar Cycle Points To New All-time Highs For The Gold Price

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Another crash is coming; gold to hedge against 100% inflation

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Bullion Bank Retreat Puts Floor Under Silver And Gold Prices

Economy & Finance:

As Many as 25,000 U.S. Stores May Close in 2020, Mostly in Malls

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At Zero Hedge: US Consumer Credit Crashes As Americans Repay A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt

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Another piece by Tyler: Fed Again Tapers Daily Treasury Purchases To $4 Billion Per Day For Next Week

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At Wolf Street: The 53 Companies Bailed Out by the Bank of England: Johnson Controls, Carnival, PACCAR, Honda, Toyota, BASF, Bayer…


News reported by Wolf Richter: Crude Steel Production: China Blows the Doors off Rest of the World During Pandemic After Already Huge Surge in 2019

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OilPrice News reports: Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices

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The Price Of Half The World’s Staple Food Is Up 70% In 2020

Debts and Defecits:

From a left-of-center think tank: States Grappling With Hit to Tax Collections

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At The WSJ: Federal Budget Deficit Nears $2 Trillion For Fiscal Year

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Forecast of the gross federal debt of the United States for fiscal years 2019 to 2030JWR’s Comment: Note that this projection was created before the pandemic crisis–when an additional $4 trillion+  USD was created out of thin air.

Forex & Cryptos:

US Dollar vs. Mexican Peso (USD/MXN) Price, Analysis and Chart

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USD/CHF Price Forecast: Downside Momentum Still in Place

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Even as Bitcoin Pushes $10,000, Textbook Pattern Predicts 30% Drop: Analyst

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Ripple (XRP) Showing Bearish Signs: Here’s How It Could Fuel Decline in Bitcoin

Tangibles Investing:

Reader J.D. sent this: Wealthy buyers reportedly in ‘mad rush’ to leave San Francisco

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Forbes reports: Pandemic Leads To Urban Exodus As Families Turn To Self-Reliance And Off-The-Grid Living. This article begins:

“For Los Angeles-based television executive Stephanie Steele and her husband Peter, and millions of Americans like them, orders to shelter in place became a cue to flee. In their case, to Bigfork Montana, population 4,270. As densely populated cities across the country felt the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis and became ghost towns, many people decided that societal escape was a better option than mere social distancing.

“We loaded up my parents (both cancer survivors), a college-aged nephew and the dog,” says Stephanie, “and drove two straight days to get to Bigfork. My husband and I planned on staying a few days before returning to Los Angeles. It’s now been 10 weeks. We asked ourselves, what are we rushing back for?”

What started as a temporary fix for many has grown into a movement that’s showing signs of becoming a tectonic shift in how and where Americans live. Businesses, too, are learning from the forced quarantine experiment of 2020 as they recalibrate the way forward in the wake of COVID-19.”

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Michael Snyder: As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is Soaring


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  1. I read the Zerohedge article with come interest, and it seemed like a pretty good reflection on Americans but it ended with a comment that perplexed me:

    >>”Our advice to Americans with credit cards: go crazy, after all if everyone defaults it’s the same as nobody defaulting.”<<

    Am I being unusually sleepy this morning and missing something obvious to people who get 8 hours every night? Maybe someone can spell this out in terms I can understand . Is it intended as sarcasm?

      1. Just a word to the wise- credit card debt is a variable rate loan, and as such the amount of debt will be indexed to SOMETHING, and will be just as collectible AFTER a reset as before. In other words unless the infrastructure is damaged enough to prevent your debt from being processed, you will still owe it, and the amount you owe will be an equivalent amount to what you owed BEFORE the reset.
        If you owe a personal debt of say $5000 to someone, you may be able to pay them off in post-inflationary worthless dollars, but MOST debts will require the full amount in the new currency whatever that will be.

        1. Actually, this reminded me of a story. A man who had always been in fine health began noticing a few changes. His face was a slightly reddish color, his eyes bugged out, and he often felt like he was choking and had trouble catching his breath. He went to his doctor for an examination. The doctor said that he had no cure for his symptoms and that his prognosis looked bad, eventually terminal. The man was devastated.
          The man began drinking heavily, going to night clubs, spending money like it was going out of style. He ate gourmet food- caviar, pheasant under glass, and French cuisine. He took trips to Vegas Paris, Rome, London and other places he had always wanted to see. His symptoms were getting worse with his new lifestyle. He was choking more often and having trouble breathing. He was also heavily in debt living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He knew the end was near, so he went to the most expensive tailor in town and requested a new suit to be buried in. The tailor measured him for his pants- 42 waist, 36 long, and suit coat, 48, and his shirt size – 34 sleeves, 16 neck. The man said “NO, no, no ! I have always worn a 15 neck for my dress shirts !”.
          The tailor sai “But Sir, if you wear a neck size too small, your face will turn red, your eyes will bug out, and you will have trouble breathing. No, you need a size 16.”.

  2. I’m confident gold and silver will see a disorderly march higher into late 2021. There are a few factors driving pricing into more reasonable territory.

    First, supply driven elevated pricing seems to be abating. Premiums are dropping with generic silver rounds in the $20 range for volume buys. Whenever prices on generic rounds drop, sovereign bullion coins and junk silver premiums aren’t far behind unless there is another shock to the system.

    Second, production and sales are resuming at most mints after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. This is good news although I am somewhat concerned there will be future interruptions if we get a second wave. If you are looking for asset appreciation possibilitirs 2020 PCGS slabbed/graded silver eagles in MS-70/PF-70 grades along with reverse proof editions might be a good idea due to overall lower production numbers.

    This is pure speculation on my part but a third factor providing relief to precious metals supply pressure might be the realities of limited budgets due to job loss or reduced income. This is temporary until a buying panic hits. We don’t yet have the crisis levels needed in the financial system to drive demand in the general public.

    I want to be clear that I am not a proponent of only gold and silver. It’s just good to diversify. I expect big price swings that will offer lower entry points if the duration of the low allows for premiums to drop. We could easily see a few dips into the $15-$16 range along the way to higher silver prices. Gold could drop to $1500-$1600. I expect overall pricing crawl higher via higher lows and highs.

    I am not a big fan of Michael Snyder. After reading his work on and off for a few years, he seems to be a man who wakes up every morming asking how he can elevate panic levels by rewriting recently published articles and then throwing in a bunch of innuendos and then leaving the reader hanging with soft “maybe it will happen” conclusions. I’ve stopped reading his stuff. It’s gotten to the point where I can recognize his articles via the writing style regardless of where they are posted, and even quotes that other bloggers add to their own work. Fortunately for Snyder and his blog revenue, each crisis brings many new preppers to the fold. I suppose everyone needs a starting point but I highly prefer content that offers real world actionable information. SurvivalBlog is great from this perspective.

    1. Excellent points, Chris in Arkansas. We have fallen away from reading Michael Snyder’s posts as well. We check in very occasionally on his work, but also have a tremendous appreciation for actionable information and the content and style of the SurvivalBlog. Our thinking is this… There is no need to panic (and no benefit in doing so), but there is every need (and reason) to be well informed, alert, and actively engaged in preparedness work.

      1. Oh, are you singing my song, TofA. ” but also have a tremendous appreciation for actionable information and the content and style of the SurvivalBlog.”

        Talk is, as they say, cheap. The key word you used is “actionable”. I keep asking myself, “What other actions, based on all that I’ve learned here, could I be taking?”

        The two main ones are “build community and train.” Both are ongoing and require repetition.

        Oh, and self-care. As I type this, I am listening to the Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt.

        Carry on, in grace

    2. Hey Chris, I’ve been looking for a good way to describe Snyder’s writing, but you totally nailed it, lol:

      “he seems to be a man who wakes up every morning asking how he can elevate panic levels by rewriting recently published articles and then throwing in a bunch of innuendos and then leaving the reader hanging with soft “maybe it will happen” conclusions.”

      1. Thank you. I try. I write these things out in paragraph form, then end up cutting out 50% of it to get down to a core statement. Even then, I am too “wordy”.

  3. From the Zero Hedge report “And that’s how the US consumer died with a bang: because in a time of virtually no visibility on job prospects and how the pandemic is resolved, instead of doing what they do best, i.e. spend, Americans not only saved money but also went into credit paydown mode, crippling an economy where 70% of total output is a direct result of consumer spending; and needless to say, the tens of millions of Americans (depending on whether one believes the initial claims or the BLS jobs report) who have lost their jobs are not going to go out and spend like drunken sailors any time soon.”

    I guess we will be told it is our patriotic duty do go out and buy consumer goods again.

  4. People leaving the cities. This is all well and good, new blood so to speak, but the problem I have is all these people that are leaving Commfornia are bringing the their bull s–t thinking and politics with them. they voted for that kind of political setup in California and now like rats they are jumping ship. Are they bringing the that same kind of thinking with them when they move or will be moving? Am I the one that is out of step here or what? I’ve been to california and New York and Ill, thanks but no thanks.

    1. Regrettably most bring their politics with them. There has been a fair amount of hay made in the last couple weeks about what is happening in boise with the mayor and city council there. I’ve talked to people from Montana who say the same has happened there. People sell 1500 square foot houses in californiastan for upwards of a half million dollars and then go infest rural communities in other states. That drives up the cost for the locals on top of having their new neighbors pushing failed policies on the community.

      1. From your post: “Regrettably most bring their politics with them.”

        True. Unfortunately it’s happening so fast that “assimilation” into a new rural or country conservative culture may not happen (and probably won’t). For similar reasons, and on an international scale, this is also why immigration should be strictly managed over long time horizons.

    2. 1) My son has placed an offer on a house in Austin Texas — he is fed up with Californian taxes and is leaving San Francisco.

      2) The Texas realtor showing him a house opened the walk-in closet and explained “This is a gun safe — we have them here in Texas. ”

      3) My son replied “Great. I want it to convey with the house. I already have one but I need another one”. The realtor blinked and said she though he was from San Francisco. He explained his father’s family is an Appalachian clan.

      4) A few years ago he was in Austin on a business trip and people there urged him to relocate — told him that he was the first person from San Francisco they had met who knew more about guns than them.

      1. Sadly, Austin is turning into San Francisco. I lived there throughout the 90s and watched it fall. It is one place in Texas I would never live, but I suppose it is somewhat better than SF. Good luck!

        1. He is far enough out in the country to be outside the Austin School District and its taxes. ( I don’t say the official name — Austin Independent School District — because it is anything but. )

          The STATE of Texas has a school funding system known as “Robin Hood” — if a school district is wealthy enough to spend above a certain level, the “excess” property taxes are taken and given to lower income districts.

        2. One hilarious aspect to Austin is that a large chunk of the land “within Austin” is ETJ — Extraterritorial Jurisdiction:

          “No City taxes are collected in the ETJ. Services such as public safety, road maintenance, and parks are provided by the County or special districts. Residents in Austin’s ETJ may vote on City referenda which impact ETJ residents. “

    3. But sites like this one have encouraged them “to vote with their feet” for years.
      Ramifications for every move which is why the rest of us didn’t invite them

      1. We’ve already documented that the solid majority of the newcomers are conservatives. And conservatives tend to have large families. So, if anything, there will will be a conservative shift in politics. (i.e. “Red” states getting a darker shade of red.) Demographics are destiny.

        1. Actually, it depends. Having lived in Europe courtesy of the U.S. Navy, What Europeans consider to be conservative is actually a moderate liberal here in the States. I am afraid that is the same thinking of many of the conservatives from California, the NorthEast, etc. Just because someone claims to be conservative has to be looked at from what they consider to be liberal. And also watch out for not if, but when they want to start changing the services to what they had where they came from.

        2. Texas is not getting more conservatives from kalifornia I assure you. It is not holding but becoming more blended into purple.
          In my state I’ve yet to meet one transplant that’s conservative from Kalifornia, Kolorado, NM or NY/NJ. They are only here for work but brought all their issues with them.

        1. Yes, same thing here in VT. Chittenden County is full of liberals who dictate state politics. Many of the rural areas are still more conservative but can’t outvote them due to population numbers.

  5. I’m curious to read what the mainline presses say about prepping & becoming self-reliant. The Forbes column offers a positive view of becoming self-reliant. About 2 months ago, the front page of the USA Today had a column by a prepper that listed things to get to survive the pandemic. So the ranks of our preppers are growing. It’ll be interesting to see if this continues, or if it ends when the current events & media attention changes. I’m thankful to already live in the rural Heartland.

  6. The exodus from cities may increase further with increasing COVID-19 infection numbers. Chris Martenson has a good report. The link follows…

    It’s possible that people will also become more aware of other pandemic threats including those detailed in this report which include the shipment of numerous deadly pathogens to the Wuhan Institute (keep in mind the gain-of-function research, and the genetic diversity component as well).

    In addition to understanding population movement out of the cities, pandemic preparedness should remain a high priority in terms of our thinking, strategy development, and collection of supplies. For everything we on Main Street know about what is in adversarial hands, there is much that remains unshared with the general public.

    1. Yes, it is too soon to consider the pandemic over. A second wave is developing.

      We are dealing with an unknown, and there is now a significant consensus that it is a bio weapon. If we can remain self isolated as much as is possible, the virus may continue to become less virulent. This is the primary reason I put myself in self quarantine early. Some believed that it was impossible to avoid becoming infected. The quarantine worked, but it came at a price. And because there was no leadership (Trump), Americans are now less vigilant and will not adequately protect themselves, and it can spread once again. WHO deliberately contradicted its guidance, and put out disinformation (lies), so that the current strain of the virus would once again spread. This is still a very nasty disease that is now only somewhat better understood. It does appear to be man made, and does appear to behave unnaturally. Most bugs become weaker over time as they mutate, and less virulent strains can remain in the population. We do not know how various strains or versions of the virus will behave, but it will not magically disappear.

      Part of the value of a bio-weapon is to terrorize, destabilize, and disorient to cause the enemy (us) to over react and be pushed toward a predetermined direction or action, rather than allow a sensible evaluation, and a planned response. It did not work entirely, but it did do significant damage. As a psychological weapon, the media hyped it up, and Deep State officials were apart of the effort and that is why some call it a ‘hoax’, yet it is very real. It was an opportunity that could not go to waste, and it destroy the economy and markets reducing the chance of Trump’s reelection. And it moved their broader agenda forward. Another virus, Antifa, is now also on the loose. The Commie bug thrives in these kinds of environments.

      Again, those who consider the virus as only a “hoax”, simply do not understand the nature of this thing. Because this is a bio-weapon, some believe it to be unstable. However, even if the virus is now less virulent, it can persist with part of it’s ‘gain of function” properties, and cause life long aliments that we do not need. We simply do not know at this time. And if this bio-weapon worked so well as a weapon, why could not the original strain be reintroduced?

      This summer is the calm before the storm ahead. We see the country falling apart in general. The virus is still useful as a psychological weapon. Could newer strains of the virus overwhelm hospitals as it once did? We do not know, but it is apart of the effort to destroy this country and install a tyrannical government. It is an opportunity that will not be wasted. This summer is the time to top off supplies and make bold moves in anticipation of the next wave of attacks.

      As Stewart Rhodes introduced, even if Trump wins reelection, half the population will not be happy. Liberal cities will be the first to burn, and Antifa and other subversives will escalate their efforts. Trump’s biggest play in an attempt to hold the country together, may lead us directly into hyperinflation. The prognosis is not good.

      Sorry for the long winded and meandering post. Thanks for listening. A writer I am not!

      1. T.R. Great Points! I’m sure many of us have been thinking the same thing but often, are unwilling to come right out and say it for fear of being branded a “conspiracy nut”.

        Two months ago I posted a comment about a video clip I had seen on the news (FOX I believe) and then saw it again a couple of weeks ago.

        I wondered if anyone else noticed recently the video (within the past week or two about the Wuhan’s Bio Level 4 lab), the footage showing a Chinese lab Dr. working at a dry erase board. On that board were several photo’s of different animals and insects. Something about that brief footage troubled me. The pictures included a bat, a sea star, and two hand drawings of ticks. It was clear the individual was making notes regarding gene sequencing and there was a partial hand drawn gene sequence on the board. I spent much of that day trying to figure out why, a sea star (starfish) and ticks would be on that same board with a bat. It almost seemed like they were trying to incorporate different animal traits into a strain. Then I remembered hearing a week or two ago that one of the early indications of nCoV was loss of smell and taste. Wasn’t there a tick born illness that included loss of taste/smell? I know Lyme disease affects taste. Wasn’t there another tick that was associated with that like the Asia Longhorned or Lone Star ticks? And why a Sea Star/Starfish? This whole Wuhan thing stinks. And SARS came out of that province too didn’t it?

        We’ve all heard the Chief Virologist at Wuhan’s Institute of Virology state that they employed “Gain of Function” research. And just today, I read that a Chinese Virology researcher had been arrested for sending Virus samples back to Wuhan’s Institue of Virology in … wait for it, China!

        T.R. – As always, thanks for your thoughts and insight! The Chi-Comms are NOT our friends!

        1. Addendum: I forgot to mention that that Chinese Virologist was at the Winnipeg Canada Bio Level 4 Virology Lab and she (Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and her students from China) were ‘removed’ from that facility after shipping Ebola & Henipah to China.

          The virus list includes two vials each of 15 strains of virus:
          Ebola Makona (three different varieties)
          Ivory Coast.
          Sudan Boniface.
          Sudan Gulu.
          Nipah Malaysia.
          Nipah Bangladesh.

          Here is the link:

          I read another story just yesterday about a Chinese scientist arrested with stolen files on his laptop from another lab and he whas been charged initially with VISA fraud because he lied on his VISA application about not being a member of the PLA (Chinese Army). Is anyone else more than a little worried?

          1. Yes, Seymour Liberty! We are very deeply concerned — most assuredly more than a little worried. You ask an interesting question about the image of the bat, the sea star, and the tick — and whether these share a relationship from the standpoint of biological weapons development. Off hand, we don’t have an insight to share with regard to this, but we will be looking as well. One possibility is that the common ground is an interest in incorporating traits into the virus that can be transmitted by multiple biological delivery systems or vehicles. Another objective might have been related to increasing the ability of a pathogen or disease process to jump from one species to another (and not necessarily a close species relative). Still another possibility is that each of these species has the ability to convey illness (or disease) to a different system or organ center. We do not believe there is any innocent explanation.

  7. Re: US Consumer Credit Crashes

    1. Things must not be too bad when people are paying off debt and saving money.

    And BTW where I live there are still lots of help wanted signs as it appears people are shunning work in favor of unemployment subsidized with $600 per week. It does not make economic sense to take a job and take a pay cut and people are responding rationally to the stupid rules and incentives put in place. So again, how bad is it really?

    2. It completely p*@@es me off that in our economy, our predominant value is as “consumers”. Yes, you have to have consumption to trigger production. But when your economy is based on purchasing things you don’t need with money you don’t have and the whole thing will crash if you don’t, that is stupid.

    I don’t know why I picked futons but I have, in the last decades viewed our economy like a futon store (if that is even a thing still). I can remember a very long time ago when you would go into a futon store and put something on lay away. So the futon store is actually getting income before product delivery. Then many went to 30 days same as cash. So your accounts receivables will probably average at least 30 days. Then to 6 months same as cash. Then to 1 year same as cash. With accounts receivables moving ever further out and the business becoming ever more unstable and shady.

    I feel our whole economy has followed that path. And then factor in that I think futons are kind of stupid purchases anyway and at very least a poor thing to base your livelihood on. Kind of like the rest of the economy.

    How about we produce and export maybe something useful…like maybe steel? Oh wait, we largely got out of that business and gave it to our friends the Chinese.

    1. We simply must restore an economic foundation based on raw materials development and manufacturing. As an economist, I really do understand the concept of comparative advantage, but I am also keen to the idea and importance of a strategic core. This pandemic has revealed our weaknesses in this regard. Perhaps we will survive this one to the other side as a country. I wouldn’t count on that result next time around.

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

      1. Yes, but Americans have to be open to paying more for stuff if it is manufactured here and not in China or some developing country. We have gotten used to buying all sorts of junk, such as $10 toasters that break after 3 months and are thrown out only to be replaced again. So we’d need to get people on board with buying quality items once again that cost more but are built to last. Same thing with clothing.

    2. Very few really understand that the financial instability we’re seeing and poor job market is not going to recover when COVID-19 goes away. If there are delays in the next stimulus package and enhanced umemployment benefits are not extended then I am confident people will not be using their next windfall to pay off debt. They’ll be in survival mode.

      Things could really deteriorate as early as August, but most likely this fall. It really depends on whether the government is convinced the stimulus payments are effective or not, and how long they are willing to continue with such programs.

    3. JBH, I so agree with you.

      “our predominant value is as “consumers”. Yes, you have to have consumption to trigger production. But when your economy is based on purchasing things you don’t need with money you don’t have and the whole thing will crash if you don’t, that is stupid.”

      I consider that our national religion is not Christianity but consumerism. And consumerism is almost exactly like cancer, needs to grow to survive.

      Carry on in grace

  8. Re: Ten Years of Plunging Solar Prices

    Now is the time to get those home solar panels installed. The Federal rebate is down to 26% this year, 22% next year, and from 2022 onward, it will only apply to commercial installations.

    There are very few locations in the lower 48 where you won’t be able to get your money back in an average of 7 years if you do your own installation, make your own mounting rails, and start off with a grid-tied system. Surprisingly, the New England states have some of the quickest payback times due to their high cost of electricity. And New York and Massachusetts also have state rebates on top of the federal ones.

    Even if you put in a partial system of say 10 solar panels, to cover some of your electricity needs, you’ll still get your money back in 7 years on average. If your property is large enough, they don’t have to be roof mounted either.

    It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about having cheap electricity now, and having electricity at all if TEOTWAWKI happens in your lifetime.

    1. Agreed.

      Just one word of warning: Don’t get a grid-tied system. That provide a path for EMP or a major solar flare to fry your system.

      1. I agree with you on the EMP/Carrington Event.

        The reason I recommend people start with a grid-tied system is that otherwise, 95% of people will never get into solar to begin with because it’s just too complicated, too expensive, and will take too long to pay for itself, if ever. Grid-tied OTOH, if you can hook up an electric water heater, you can hook up grid-tied solar panels, there are only two components. Once they are installed and they got their feet wet, and they got that IRS rebate that will no longer be available after 2021, then they can work on converting over to off-grid at their own pace. They can also use that time to learn how to live on much less electricity.

        When you look at the probabilities, the probability of an EMP/Carrington Event in the next 5-10 years is low. Probability of someone looking at the math involved, and the expense of installing their own off-grid solar power system, and the maintenance involved, and then actually getting around to doing it, is low. The probability of someone seeing how simple it is to DIY grid-tied solar panels, plus return on your investment in average of 7 years (under four years in some New England states that are paying 20¢/kWh), and then actually installing them is much higher, IMO.

        1. Hi St. Funogas,

          Of course we know that Antifia is not just a bunch of kids, but a terrorist organization that is funded from outside the U.S. They are actually a military force that poses as a political movement. They are apart of the unconventional war being waged. They are causing riots, and would burn cities. As this movement grows they will become emboldened.

          Because it is easy to take down parts the grid, and they naturally would wish to cause the greatest chaos with as little effort and risk as possible, the grid would become one of their targets and tools of terror. If they know where to hit the grid, and if they do this often, it could cripple the country, or a metropolitan area. As well and money and arms, they will also be given the intelligence to pull this off. It really is that easy to do. It is in every guerrilla warfare manual.

      2. @ JWR. Agreed. I lived off-grid for many years and never considered a grid-tied system. They weren’t available when i started out anyway but neither was a Federal tax rebate. Prices for panels and components were quite high then(mid-90’s) for way less wattage. Prices have decreased for components since then. I think people need to just buy what they can afford and don’t tie in to the grid; have a battery bank. Add on as you can afford to do so.

  9. When you think of the smartest person in the room it’s probably Michael Snyder. He provides doses of reality to those infected with normalcy bias and people in need of direction.
    Some of the elitists in the prepper community don’t care for him but that’s alright. It appears
    that his thoughts are valued by most.

  10. This one is for JAMES WESLEY RAWLES, the readers will notice, if he verifies it.

    “New Flu – China Identifies New Coronavirus at Xinfadi Food Market…” June 15, 2020. TheConservativeTreehouse in part:

    “New coronavirus reports from Beijing are very sketchy. According to Chinese authorities they have identified a new strain of coronavirus at a massive wholesale food market in Beijing called the Xinfadi Market. They are blaming “European Salmon”…

    “Measures imposed included erecting round-the-clock security checkpoints, closing schools and sports venues, and reinstating temperature checks at malls, supermarkets and office buildings. CNBC REPORT:” [An embedded video at site.]

    There have been several economic reports that China’s manufacturing economy is contracting. Considering a desperate dragon…. It would not be out of place to consider that Beijing would react to losing an economic war, or even economic position, by trying to unleash a globally mitigating virus intended to target their geopolitical adversaries [Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S.]
    This zero-sum outlook is EXACTLY how the Chinese red dragon thinks!”
    Beijing lockdown tightens as new coronavirus outbreak spreads
    China’s capital enters ‘extraordinary period’ after 36 new cases are linked to a second seafood market = June 15, 2020. TheGuardian

    “In an afternoon press conference, Xu Ying of the Beijing municipal party committee organisation department, said 7,200 neighbourhoods and 100,000 community workers had “immediately entered the battlefield to fight the epidemic”. [There are a lot of people in China.

    1. What is with these people? I have had it up to here ‘ with evil! I actually laughed out loud at, “They are blaming “European Salmon”…”.

      Seriously? They actually think the world is going to believe that after they got their hand caught in the cookie jar stealing at least 30 vials of deadly viruses? This sounds more like, “Look at this, don’t look at what we just did.”

      I don’t doubt there is a new deadly virus; just the origin. Almighty God has way more patience than I do. Confession: about 3 weeks ago, I was talking to the Lord, telling Him I didn’t like His plans for all the evil in the end times. I felt overwhelmed, angry and sad. Anyways, He instantly put these hymn words in my mind: Trust & Obey.
      I felt sooo blessed! What a loving God we have. He sees me and knows what I need.

      So, to close my rant, I am trusting and obeying, with His help, in the midst of evil.

      Oh, last but not least, thank you for posting information!
      Blessings to you and yours, Krissy

      1. Krissy …our God is SO loving! He will not leave us to flounder when the waves come crashing and the waves seem to be escalating lately. (Who was it said none of us got a “get out of pain free card” on Saturday? …i will have to go find that and include in my cast of characters log so i don’t forget again!)

        When you posted about the “Trust and Obey” song coming to mind, it confirmed to my heart the dozens of hymns that have been popping up in my mind are an instruction, comfort and reassurance from the Father. (It has been several times daily for a few weeks now and had me wondering about my sanity!) So many songs…not just one or two!
        He knows what we need and i will trust Him to continue to provide, even seemingly small things. (Yesterday seemed excessively tough in my spirit and i wondered if anyone else was sensing trouble as well…

        Thank You Krissy for your word just now, i needed it…

        1. “the dozens of hymns that have been popping up in my mind are an instruction, comfort and reassurance from the Father.”

          I believe they are too. I’m sure you agree, that better than AT&T reaching out to touch someone, the Lord reaches out to us knowing exactly what our heart needs, with perfect timing. Many, many times I feel Him answering my heart thoughts, with lyrics from a Christian radio song!
          (Twilight music playing, lol)
          I’m so glad you shared. We, “get,” each other.
          Also, I didn’t want to mention it earlier and steal any of your beautiful thunder but I have also kept a prayer list of those here on the blog, for specifics and generics. I love what you are doing. I must say, your name of, “Cast of Characters,” is superb!
          Blessings to you and yours, Krissy

  11. I do NOT see red states getting redder. Look at Denver.It was red once but not now. I live 100 miles from St.louis. They (the move ins) are conservative by their standards but definitely not by my standards. Big democrat cities like St.Louis and Kansas City always out vote us. No different than Seattle and Portland. I hope those that see the light all move to the readout and continue to flyover me. And leave me tohell alone.I do NOT want them big city problems.

  12. Thank you for your good reply, Krissy; a godly response to the events of our times.

    We’ll have to see what the Chinese Communists do with this new virus. … China does NOT want to start a real war with the rest of the world [At least all at once]. … …. We know, with the Wuhan Flu/Covid-19, China restricted travel ~within China, and allowed the dispersal of infected people around the world.
    …. …. +The Chinese Communists want to blame everyone else for all the problems; the lies are meant for the people in China. The communists do NOT want to ride an angry tiger.

    Driving during a summer night out in the Far West, with long stretches of empty of road; the radio reception improves for the few radio stations. … The late-night Protestant preachers on the radio will say, “You’ll be tested by Devil; just as the Lord Jesus was tempted by the Devil in the wilderness. … Brothers and Sisters, you need to put on the full armor of God.”

    The Good Book
    “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” [Matthew]

    “… God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” [1Corinthians]

    “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. [Ephesians]

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