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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at tension between police and rioters.

Poll: Most Reject Defunding Police

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Rasmussen Poll: Most Reject Calls for Defunding Police.

Siri and Alexa “Updated” to Promote Black Lives Matter

Another from Whatfinger: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant have been updated to express support for Black Lives Matter. JWR’s Comments: While confirming that, ask Alexa its definitions of the words: “Socialism”, “Marriage”, and “Militia”.  My advice: Get these spy/propaganda devices out of your home, and use them for target practice.

The Journalists’ Purge of 2020

Peter sent us the link to this troubling piece, in The Wall Street Journal: Cancel Culture Journalism. This article begins:

“The purge of senior editors at progressive newspapers this weekend is no cause for cheering. Their resignations are another milestone in the march of identity politics and cancel culture through our liberal institutions, and American journalism and democracy will be worse for it.

The long-time editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who’d seen the publication through difficult times, was pushed out over a headline, “Buildings Matter, Too.” It was atop a piece by architecture critic Inga Saffron, who worried that buildings damaged by violence could “leave a gaping hole in the heart of Philadelphia.” Staff members deemed the headline an offense to Black Lives Matter. They protested, and no amount of apologizing or changes to the headline were enough. Editor Stan Wischnowski didn’t last the week.”

WHO Says Coronavirus Asymptomatic Spread is Rare

Reader H.L. sent us this: Coronavirus spread by people with no symptoms ‘appears to be rare,’ WHO official says. JWR’s Comment:  I wish that these “experts” could get their act together, and stop contradicting themselves with such regularity. I suggest this, as the ultimate headline for the Year 2020: Experts Agree: Experts Cannot Agree.

Seattle Police Surrender East Precinct

This news, reported by Tim Pool, is mind blowing: Seattle Police SURRENDER East Precinct To Armed Far Leftists, 7 Block Radius Declared “Free Zone”. JWR’s Comment: Pool is right. This is a LARP that has led to police demoralization and surrender. Today, we’re all Andy Ngo.  Just wait until the LAPD is replaced with the LARP.

Video: Woman’s Viral Meltdown Over Free MAGA Hats

By way of Whatfinger, ideo from The Daily Wire, at YouTube: CRAZY: Woman’s VIRAL MELTDOWN Over “PROOF” Of Trump’s DEADLY PLAN.

Nine Asteroids Passed Earth Last Week

Reader D.N. spotted this: Nine asteroids pass Earth this week, one as big as a skyscraper. Here is how that article leads off:

“A total of nine near-Earth asteroids will travel past Earth this week as things ramp up.

More and more near-earth earthbound objects are being discovered each year numbering in the thousands and there seems to be no shortage of them. We are talking bus-sized, skyscraper-sized, and stadium-sized chunks of rock here which make matters worse.

Some researchers now believe Earth could be entering a debris field in space after the Planetary Defence Coordination Office was placed on high alert in late April. After all, it’s no big secret that international working groups have been established to mitigate such objects if need be and they may have done just that.”

Homes Displaying U.S. Flags Targeted By Arsonists

G.P. sent us this news report about a suburb of Sacramento: Citrus Heights Homes Displaying American Flags Targeted By Arsonists.

Type O Blood May Provide Some CV Protection

Reader C.B. sent this, from Fox News: One blood type may provide some coronavirus protection, study suggests.

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  1. Where can I get some of this “O” Type blood ? I mean enough for me and my brother. Money is no object. Please send any information to- Governor Dracula, Albany New York.

  2. “Cancel culture” in general is really scary to me. Expressing a viewpoint now that is in opposition to the virtue signalling MSM and public has become dangerous. A school principal in VT made a valid point(I think) in her social media post and has been publicly shamed and put on leave for this;

    My state is falling all over themselves, including our “Republican” Governor, to promote BLM and atone for our “systemic racism” and “white privilege”. BLM has been painted on the street in front of our statehouse. BLM flags are flying and signs displayed. And if one expresses the thought that BLM is a horrid racist organization that is also antisemitic and dangerous to the police, well, you’re now outed as an evil racist and will find yourself fired and shunned.

    Other than my son, I have no idea who else in my state thinks as I do. We’re all keeping our heads down I suspect. It feels even more isolating than just the virus lockdowns.

    1. Ani, couldn’t agree with you more. Here’s a link to the best thing I’ve seen yet to summarize the whole BLM situation and makes me think their organization name should be changed to Black Lies Matter.

      Some are disputing the authorship of this email, but who wrote it is irrelevant. Even if a well-trained chimp wrote it, the statistics quoted are still accurate. The two professors mentioned Reilley and Sowell, are both black professors. Thomas Sowell is an economist whose writings tend to be very conservative and libertarian in nature.

      IMO, BLM is doing way more harm than good for the black community and this whole thing is going to backfire on them.

      1. Thomas Sowell is brilliant. He has written extensively, and for those interested in the fundamentals of economics, Thomas Sowell’s work is well worth reading.

      2. Wow. Excellent piece of writing. I’m sure they’ll be looking to mount the author’s head on a stake though. Truth isn’t allowed unless it’s “their truth”.

    1. Considering their gardening skills in CHAZ, they soon will be throwing a Donner Party.
      They just want “To Serve Man” (see Twilight Zone episode)
      I’ve heard Vegans taste better.
      Oh wait, you probably didn’t mean it literally.

    2. Sad to see that many on the “right“ are almost celebrating all the “leftist” lawlessness because Democrats look dumb and it will help in November. I personally could care less which gang of crooks takes power if cities are burning, businesses are closing, and Americans are attacking each other in the streets. Maybe this is why POTUS will let the CHAZ thing continue.
      The government is openly allowing BLMANTIFA to establish a no-go zone in a major US city. Would it be any different if ISIS or Zetas decided to do the same?

      1. Not to worry. I believe that it is all part of God’s plan. Apathetic American voters will plainly see what the left wants and is planning for us. Even though it may look dire right now, I believe that we will see a massive shift toward the right in the November election. Then we will see God;s hand restoring our land.

      2. HP, I think we already have no-go zones in many major cities, and have had for at least 40 years, thinking back to my younger days in Dallas in the early-80s. Living now adjacent to the Wind River Indian Reservation I say with absolute certainty that the rez is unsafe for anyone, red or white, at night and only slightly less dangerous during daylight hours. It seems to be a part of life anymore that people learn not to go to certain places unless they are eager for a confrontation. Even armed law enforcement in Dallas would only do raids in the middle of the day in some neighborhoods.

        1. I think the difference here is that CHAZ is openly being endorsed by the governor and mayor in Washington. The ghettos that have existed for decades across most major cities in the US do not carry an open and explicit endorsement by elected officials. My point is that I do not agree with allowing our cities to be torn apart simply for political gain of the right. Trump can tweet LAW AND ORDER all he wants and the fanboys will eat it up. Where’s the action? No one should be happy about this happening to our country whether it helps your favorite politician or not. The damage being done will outlast the campaign season.

      3. “I personally could care less which gang of crooks takes power if cities are burning, businesses are closing, and Americans are attacking each other in the streets.”

        It will matter a great deal, being the difference between bad and very bad.

        1. Republican voters are like the beaten wife that keeps coming back, keeps telling herself it’ll be different this time, he wont abuse me this time. It amazes me that people actually think there’s any difference between Dems and Repubs. How are those “conservative” SCOTUS picks working out?

  3. Yeah they burn the flag cause it’s symbolic of the what works. They can’t stand that fact. They claim they want to be a Kommie or socialist but don’t want to move where it is because it’s not as good as here.
    It’s not perfect here but it’s pretty good. Even in imperfection things still work.

  4. Just like the scripture says, “so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.”; so can no truth mixed with lies be truth.
    The father of lies is master of all who trust in man to solve injustice.
    I’m an old white Christian male but I identify as a young black marxist woman to fight against to evils of old white men – as long as they aren’t my Marxist hero’s.
    The reason nothing makes sense and the truth-reasoning self corrects continually is we live in an ocean and are dying of thirst. We are looking for an answer to our physical ocean-life problems, when the fresh water we thirst for is a Spiritual solution. Pun intended. LuvYerBro

    1. So well said, CORD7! Agreed.

      From your post: “The reason nothing makes sense and the truth-reasoning self corrects continually is we live in an ocean and are dying of thirst. We are looking for an answer to our physical ocean-life problems, when the fresh water we thirst for is a Spiritual solution. “

    2. James 3, The Good Book.
      “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.
      Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.
      Good reference, CORD7. … [Not to make light of your good reference: BUT, as it references the Ocean, = A US Navy Veteran could teach the devil how to curse.]

      Almighty Father, strong to save,
      Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
      Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep
      Its own appointed limits keep:
      O hear us when we cry to thee
      For those in peril on the sea.

  5. As for the CHAZanistas in Seattle, they now have a garden. One of the funniest things I’ve seen all month was one photo of the garden where there were Gatorade bottles scattered here and there in the garden. If you’ve seen the futuristic movie “Idiocracy” their agriculture all quit producing due to the fact that they were watering everything with Gatorade because “it has electrolytes and plants crave electrolytes.” The further we get into 2020, the more prophetic that movie has become.

    The head honcho of the garden supposedly has a master’s degree but not so much in the way of critical thinking skills. He says, “We’re dealing with a question of how Black people have been disenfranchised for so long, pulled out of the economic system. One way of doing that is not giving people access to land.” Well dang, in most places in this country, they don’t care if you’re black, white, or from the planet Jorj, if you want to buy some land they just say, “Show me the money!” and it’s all yours whether it be a house on a postage-stamp sized lot or 200 acres in the American Redoubt. The only color the sellers care about is green.

    He goes on to say, “Going all the way back to emancipation farming has been an important way for Black people to gain autonomy and self-sufficiency. But Black land ownership, particularly in the farming sector, has dropped precipitously over the last century; in the 1920s, America had nearly a million Black-owned farms. By the 1970s, it was down to less than 50,000.” No kidding?! The numbers are the same for white and Hispanic farmers too. In the 1920’s, my great grandpappy was still plowing with horses. You can only plow so many acres with horses so farms were all pretty small. When tractors came along, farm got bigger and farmers got fewer. When really big tractors came along, and bigger and better equipment, farms got really big so farmers got even fewer. Any black person who wants to can get out of the city like my hero Mr. C did with his family, and buy 20 acres in the country on payments, and get their own homestead up and running. But that’s out of the comfort zone of most, especially these bozo CHAZanistas who’d rather steal somebody else’s land, blame other people for their woes, and never take responsibility for their own lives and self improvement. CHAZ = Crooks Hooligans A-holes and Zeros.

    The next thing I’d like to see is a group of 2A folks take over a 6-block area right next to the CHAZanistas and see then how quickly the mayor, governor and everybody gets their butts in gear then! Oh darn, but 2A folks are too decent to do such a thing.

    1. Too decent, except for that bird refuge. And those highways around the Bundy Ranch. And there was a mine somewhere, I forget the name. And the Sagebrush rebellion where they bulldozed a road.

      I think it was called Redlining. It’s a really good example of the problems of unregulated banking that this blog usually talks about.

        1. Nope, it’s me. Wasn’t meant to be offensive.

          I’m sorry, but there is zero legal difference between the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (and my other examples) and CHAZ.

          1. What about the fact that the CHAZ zone includes a bunch of private residences/ businesses and mostly private properties while the Bundy disputes included exclusively publicly controlled land? Did the Bundys violate anybody’s 4th amendment? How bout the CHAZers?

          2. I agree on your legal opinion, but there are differences. The refuge was taken with guns and the purpose of the guns was for intimidation and hurting others. CHAZ may have happened during protests and riots, but the police were kicked out by unarmed people and all the private property inside still belongs to the private owners. CHAZ will work itself out so that government authority is peacefully re-established.

    2. St. Funogas… You’re so right!

      From your post: “CHAZ = Crooks Hooligans A-holes and Zeros.”

      Thank you for sharing the story of your Great Grandpappy. Many among us have stories from our own lives, and those of our families (past and present) in which we have had to build something from little (or nothing), or have had to recover from loss (sometimes devastating loss). We have done this without rioting, inciting violence, general thuggery or theft. There should be no reward for these criminals — not from politicians, not from the media, not from society at large.

      1. Hey T of A,

        “There should be no reward for these criminals…”

        Gotta disagree with you on this one. I’m thinking along the lines of $10,000 per head, dead or alive! 🙂

        “…we have had to build something from little (or nothing), or have had to recover from loss (sometimes devastating loss). We have done this without rioting, inciting violence, general thuggery or theft.”

        I too have definitely had my share of losses, some devastating beyond belief. But like you said, we recover without resorting to illegal acts or harming others. After my divorce, all my belongings were in a storage shed while I was working in another state. On one of my visits home, I discovered my shed had been broken into and almost everything stolen, including ALL my tools, a lifetime collection including a nice table saw. Most heartbreaking of all was my great grandpappy’s transit level, (the same grandpa who plowed his Wyoming farm with horses) which he had given to my grandpa and which my grandpa had entrusted to me. Everything that had been stolen from me was just mere “stuff” and could be replaced by going to the store and handing them some money. But that transit level, I start crying just thinking about it. I feel like I let my grandpa down. Every time I use my new transit level I am painfully reminded of it. And I have never felt so violated in my life at being robbed. (I mention this just as background and I’m a winner who always comes out ahead so don’t feel bad for me.) But my loss was NOTHING compared to what some of these poor business owners are going through. Many of them had their life savings invested in their business. It was their livelihood, their means of sustaining their families and their future dreams. Many of them were blacks and other minorities. If I felt as violated as I did over an heirloom transit level, I can only image how violated those small business owners must feel having lost everything. Many of them will never be able to rebuild, some of them have probably already committed suicide or will at some point. Of everything that is happening over the George Floyd incident, that’s what I am most angry and appalled and upset about. They are total victims who had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death, yet they are suffering one of the most personal violations of their rights imaginable. I hope at least some of the arsonists and looters are able to be prosecuted and do hard time. But that won’t do a darn thing to help the victims.

        1. And the victims of the arson and looting are likely pressured to not complain about it as they are supposed to support the protesters and to feel anger that your business/home/car was destroyed is racist or something……

        2. St. Funogas… We are so sorry for this terrible loss, and understand — deeply and personally — the emotion that comes with an experience like this one. We endured something similar during an interstate move, and the theft for us was devastating (and in some ways these were losses from which we have never really recovered — and cannot recover). This should never have happened to you. It should never have happened to us. It should not happen to anyone. We thank you for sharing the story of this experience with us, and we share your thoughts and feelings too. We wish we had the power to turn back the hands of time, and to make this different — and to right this wrong. We hope there is some comfort now in knowing that you are among supportive and caring friends through this forum.

    3. Actually, there is a 2A “gun club” that claims to have been invited. Known as the Puget Sound John Birch Gun Club, they are proudly mixing in the group while claiming to be invited by “prominent black people.” Know known as CHOP, CHOPistan just gets stranger and the mayor looks completely inept. If the black female chief of police decides to walk away, things will get very interesting. There was already infighting by people claiming CHAZ/CHOP is taking away from the BLM message.

  6. George Orwell stated it in his novel ‘1984’ – “When words lose their meaning.”

    As my kids used to say, while in the backseat of our car – “Are we there yet ?”

    Yep – we’re there !

  7. RE: Asteroids…What is really scary about the skyscraper sized one is that it wasn’t even discovered until two days AFTER it had passed within 200,000 miles of earth; closer than the moon.

  8. Until Jesus returns the USA still has the most perfect form of government on earth! Unfortunately we have many corrupt people in government and the media that work to bring down the USA through division and creating hatred. Remember that our battle is spiritual and is happening here on earth as I write this. Jesus will be coming for his own people soon, before the Tribulation. I believe in the Rapture of His church! Hang on tight to Jesus for we are in for a very bumpy ride!

  9. RE:Asteroids…..My bad! The one I referred to (2020LD) occurred 2 days before the article was written and was ONLY the size of a couple football fields.

  10. On the matter of the NEOs… The Intellihub article “Active presidential level national near-earth object preparedness strategy and action plan revealed” is interesting and includes some lofty goals, especially given the inability of our government to effectively handle current conditions on the ground. If one of these objects impacts earth, those who survive will quickly understand the expression “real problems” at a whole new level.

  11. A socialist gun club… What could possibly go wrong with this?

    The 2nd Amendment and the Constitution in totality is for all, as it should be. But… Do be aware and watchful of developments among radical leftists who rash behaviors lack the rationality and self-discipline that comes with responsible decision making. The characterization of CHAZ in this article is also curious and telling.

    This article was linked from Citizen Free Press:

    1. I believe those “socialists” would describe the radical right who carry guns to the state capital to intimidate legislatures, that carry guns to 2nd amendment protests to intimidate legislatures, that push for a white nation, the right wing fascists, the boogaloos, the angry white men who commit mass shootings, that believe Clinton ran a child porn ring from the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn’t have a basement, and everyone who believes all the other conspiracy theories that also have no basis in fact, etc. as also lacking “the rationality and self-discipline that comes with responsible decision making. ” There is plenty of irrationality to go around across the political spectrum.

  12. One of the big things that I am concerned about is that when the country finally gets enough, the result will be either vigilantes taking care of the problem, or further repression of our rights. Of the two I would prefer vigilantism. But either way, we have a BIG problem with lawlessness.

  13. For those who might question the success of the public school system, the proof is hiding in the 6 block area still (so far) called Seattle. it has performed exceedingly well, probably at least up to expectations of the PTB. It has taken a few generations but there are now so many people of the younger generations that are so brainwashed I have doubts it’s reversible. At least without major in your face hard knocks enlightenment.
    Enlightenment that may come from the refusal of Truckers to deliver food, or necessary provisions to the area. to say nothing of the (hopefully soon) restriction of electricity, water, sewer and the other necessities of modern life.
    As far as I know, if you are a separate country, like chaz purports to be, you need to have treaties with other countries if those other countries are to provide you with electricity, water sewer and other necessary services for you to maintain your sovereignty (it’s highly doubtful they even know what that means). To say nothing of the means by which to pay for those necessities from the other countries…….. All run by a “warlord” of dubious character. A warlord, seriously…… Welcome to the Middle Ages…. Somalia 2020……
    OK Seattle and the rest of you so called “enlightened coastal elites”, you created this fiasco, now you clean it up….

    1. If I may be so bold as to suggest what others should do, I would support truckers refusing to deliver food to Seattle Minneapolis San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and other left-run cities. Just as a matter of principle.

  14. As I just finished reading the post about the burning of American Flags in Citrus Heights, CA, and the anonymous letter from a UC Berkeley professor, I glanced up at the beautiful mountains near my home, enjoyed the sounds of gunshots from the shooting range up the canyon, and gazed upon the American flag flapping in the wind, and thought to myself, Happy Flag Day! God Bless America!

  15. Not to sound like a troll but I live in NYC (I’m sorry I do but can’t fix that yet). And I’m halfway excited about the thought of the police being defunded ,crippled and, removed.

    The reason is simply that I come from an area that was too horrible to receive police support after dark. I was born in the wild west (literally) and I look forward to the chance for myself and like minded individuals to show the criminals what really happens when THEY lose police protection.

    I obey the laws. I have had to roll over and watch people commit crimes( I have never failed to act when a crime was being commited though) I remember watching my law enforcement dad ask druggies politely to take it else where… And watched them refuse. Then watched him pull his duty pistol and badge and make them leave sans drugs. I remember watching my in armed dad chase and beat a groper then go to a movie we were headed to. I watched him as an old man on 2 canes (with me by his side) keep 8 individuals from jumping a lone guy.

    Maybe what this population needs is a stark reminder of a few things….

    My rights dont end at your feelings.

    I have the 1st amendment right to tell you what I think and the second amendment right to protect the 1st.

    .22 30 38 45 caliber are all faster than 911

    And that American patriots will rise up and protect this country ourselves the constitution and our communities from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    I believe that the good men and women of this country will stand firm and support this country in this our new time of tribulations.

  16. The only problem with not delivering food, and other essentials, to Democratically-run cities like Baltimore is the people, like myself, living in those cities that have not yet been able to leave for the Redoubt. Or any place else.For whatever reason.

    Grew up prepping, but didn’t know it. Both parents scarred/formed by the Depression. Learned to garden, can food, use tools, repair things, build things.

    Born with compulsive eating disorder, and clinical depression. Family adverse to therapy, and deathly afraid of the specter of mental illness (being CRAZY)(being different). High IQ, but that cannot compensate for the bad decisions that long-term, untreated depression causes a person to make.

    As a result I find myself living in a homeless shelter for veterans, MCVET, trying to put my life back together so that I can leave the city of my birth, it’s total danger, and madness.

    MCVET is located right in the heart of where the conflagration will in all likelihood start. If it starts. And, sad to say, it probably will.

    The vandalism, window breaking, and looting has already happened 1 block away. City Hall, and BCPD Headquarters are blocks away. The Freddy Gray protests from several years ago, as well as the current BLM protests were/are just blocks away.

    You can cut the racial tension with a VERY, VERY, VERY DULL KNIFE!!!!!!

    The BCPD has a terrible reputation for insensitivity, the over use of force in dealing with the public, and talking/acting aggressively when uncalled for.

    The average black Baltimorean DESPISES THE POLICE. The average Baltimorean of ANY COLOR SKIN is distrustful-to-extremely distrustful of the police.

    Most of downtown Baltimore is an open air drug market, and a panhandlers paradise. I cannot walk 1 mile to the VA Hospital from MCVET, without, on average, smelling marihuana being smoked 4-5 times, and being panhandled at least 6-7 times. Usually, the same on the way back, depending upon the route.

    We have until last week, been on lock down, except for those with essential jobs, only able to leave the facility for 1 hour per week. And on the weekend, a 2 hour trip to the grocery store for those living in SRO apartments. Now we get 3 hours per week to conduct our business.

    When I leave, I carry a 4ft, VA-approved walking stick with me. I know how to use it to defend myself. In my daypack is a VA-issued, knee brace that I started wearing 3 months after I was attacked by 3 kids on scooters in broad daylight on Halloween Day, 2018. The upshot of that attack initially was a separated rotator cuff tendon in my right shoulder, plus 2 others that 9were partially torn. The knee issues showed up later, but serve as a legitimate reason to use the stick as a walking aid. As the doctor only recommended using the brace if required, most of the time GOD has blessed me with being able to carry it in the pack, not have to wear it.

    Every day I thank GOD that I have survived this long (66), that I am relatively healthy, am losing weight (albeit slowly); and that most of all I am finally getting the mental health counseling that my parents fears, and my childhood indoctrination/fears kept me from seeing the necessity for all those many years (61).

    Perhaps, one day I’ll see, and live the balance of my life out in the Redoubt. I fear that the closest that I will ever come will be Yakima, Washington. Where I spent part of my 3 year enlistment while stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington as a medic in the 864th Engineer Battalion.

    I fear that GOD’S plans for me might be somewhat different than my desires. They say, “That Man Plans, but GOD Laughs.”

    I have already made my peace with GOD as far as the Covid-19 virus is concerned. If GOD needs me to fight the fight here in Baltimore, instead of some place in the Redoubt, then so be it.

    I will not allow my country to be destroyed from within by a bunch of over educated know-it-all’s, that would willing turn over the only form of government in the history of mankind that has ever afforded it’s citizens the freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for our brief history.

    If it requires my life in its defense, and GOD so wills it, then I am his.

    1. Dear Prepper but Didn’t Know It,

      You are not alone.

      I’m so glad you shared. I struggle with PTSD and the symptoms that go along with that, including bouts of depression, isolation and nightmares. So, you see, you have company here and didn’t even know it. No judgement at all. Sounds to me like you have suffered enough. Neither of us can change our past, but ask the Lord to help us heal, forgive others, and even ourselves for whatever we may blame ourselves for.

      I’m excited for you that you have decided to get help. You are still young enough to enjoy many decades of a new life. (Hopefully in the Redoubt!)

      Yep, your current geography sounds like a dangerous training battle ground in enemy territory…

      I am south of Seattle and not in the Redoubt yet. It was refreshing to hear you say, “Ft. Lewis.” Aw, someone from the good ole days before they changed the name to Joint Base Lewis/McCord!

      Do look into Yakima before moving there. It might not be much better than where you currently are. There is a lot of crime! In addition, there are lots of gangs. (I only know by reading the news.)

      I love your honesty in your willingness to die for your country. Maybe consider finding like minded people in the Redoubt, and die for a likeminded friend at the same time when things get bad?

      “No greater love hath man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
      John 15:13

      Concerning your depression and your families’ past viewpoint on mental health, please allow me to share a song that has meant a lot to me, so much so, the Lord gives me strength to mention my mental health issues.

      Maybe It’s Okay. by We Are Messengers

      If I didn’t know what it hurt like to be broken
      Then how would I know what it feels like to be whole

      If I didn’t know what it cost like to be rejected
      Then I wouldn’t know that your love coming home

      Maybe it’s okay
      If I’m not okay

      ‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me

      Maybe it’s alright
      If I’m not alright

      ‘Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life

      If I didn’t know what it looked like to be dirty
      Then I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be clean

      And if all of my shame hadn’t drove me to hide in the shadows
      Then I wouldn’t know the beauty of being free

      Maybe it’s okay
      If I’m not okay

      ‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me

      Maybe it’s alright
      If I’m not alright

      ‘Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life

      “Father let your kingdom come
      Let your will be done
      Here in my heart as in heaven”

      Maybe it’s okay
      If I’m not okay

      ‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me

      Maybe it’s alright
      If I’m not alright

      ‘Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life

      Now I’m alive in You the best that I deserved
      And now I’m alive and I see You in everything

      Maybe it’s okay
      If I’m not okay

      ***Blessings on your week, Krissy

      1. Thank you for sharing the song, Krissy, and for your gracious comforting words. I’m raising my hand alongside you to say, yup, PTSD is a #@*&%. I’m so sorry you experience it too. But God is our great healer!
        (From previous comments you have shared, I think we have escaped from similar past experiences. I got out after only one decade. I admire your strength and courage!)

    2. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. I am SO glad to hear that you are getting counseling and working to heal. It’s never too late! And like Krissy said, you are not alone. God indeed has a plan and I believe He will heal us and lead us.

  17. The recent protests are not a homogeneous group. Most of the protesters are peaceful and protesting because of the way black people are discriminated against and treated in this country. These people are exercising their 1st amendment rights, something the readers of this blog should support and appreciate.

    The rioters and looters tend to be a mix of white nationalists and white supremacists who like anarchy, or want to create a race war, or see this as an opportunity to advance their political objectives. There are also organized gangs, groups of people, and just individuals out using the protests as a distraction for the police while they break into the stores and steal (Just like in the Diehard movie in NYC when they rob the gold bullion). All of these rioters and looters should be arrested.

    As for BLM they have a legitimate complaint. It would be easy to write hundreds of pages about systemic rules, the constitution, regulations, discrimination, exploitation, and a host of other factors that have contributed to low black wealth, the current black culture, and the condition of black people in the US. I work with quite a few black people, educated, good people, Christians, and I’ve heard their stories around the water cooler. It’s just sad what they have gone through. When I get pulled over by a cop I don’t have to worry about being shot because of the color of my skin. They have to teach their kids how to deal with police purely because the same behavior by a white vs a black individual is treated differently by police. I still remember the story about the black cop in NYC out jogging who was pulled over by the police and hassled. He was a fellow cop, but in athletic clothes and black so fair game. Read about the Green Book (actual book). I have a friend who almost ran out of gas on I-44 traveling to Ft. Sill when gas stations in MO wouldn’t sell him gas in the early 1980’s. I’ve had a very easy life by comparison.

    I don’t see how CHAZ can last in its current form, but its an interesting experiment. The daily beast article mentioned above was interesting and good from the perspective of our 2nd amendment rights. The more people with guns across the political spectrum the more support their will be for gun rights. Another important word in the article “de-escalation”. It’s not something I read much about in this forum and might be part of why the people in CHAZ are comfortable seeing people with guns walking the street. Its also a technique employed by police around the world contributing to their lower rates of police shooting people.

  18. A rant (Once Again):

    The CHAZ area in Seattle is ‘political theater’ permitted by politicians, for their perceived benefit. … They see the chaos as beneficial to their political goals of ‘Holding the Line’ in the upcoming election. The politicians decided this gamble would payoff in 2020.

    The Orange Man was campaigning on ‘Peace and Prosperity’ in the USA. … In response China unleashed the Wuhan/ Covid-19 Flu, which lead to an economic slow down. + Chaos is now permitted in the large urban areas of the USA (controlled by the opposing political party).

    If conservative voters set up their own little country, in any area like CHAZ, the local politicians would call the Riot Police, immediately. ‘Blood would flow on the Streets.’
    If conservatives wanting our 2nd Adm. Rights, started rioted in the cities smashing business windows and looting businesses too, the politicians would call for the National Guard, immediately. ‘Blood would flow on the Streets.’

    The permitted Chaos is political theater. SurvivalBlog has information about relocating, for the safety of yourself and family.
    …. One political party has permitted the current Chaos as ‘political theater’ for their benefit. ‘Some politicians have described the CHAZ area as a peaceful block party.’
    …. + There are even videos of the burning buildings in other areas, being used as a background, while the Fake News describes the events as ‘peaceful’ protests.

    Unfortunate deaths are being exploited for the benefit of politicians. The current displays of outrage are leading to more unfortunate deaths and a lot of destruction.

    ‘Loving God, please grant me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart.’ +Consider moving to the Redoubt region recommended by SurvivalBlog. … All we have is our votes. Very few people have a few extra millions of dollars, that can be used to buy politicians.

  19. “Prepper But Didn’t Know It”-
    You should write an autobiography and a fiction book using your life for the basis. I pictured the movie “I Am Legend”. One righteous man against great evil.

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