Preparedness Notes for Thursday — June 11, 2020

John Wayne, the iconic American film actor, died on June 11th, 1979. While John Wayne is probably best known for his westerns like True Grit, The Shootist, and Fort Apache, we remember him most for his roles in The Alamo and The Green Berets, both of which reflected his patriotic, conservative leanings.

The Theater of the Absurd in Seattle, Washington is morphing, daily.  The latest news is that a 7-block district has been declared the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). The Seattle Police Department meekly and obligingly evacuated and abandoned a precinct police station, leaving these communist hooligans to strut around by themselves. I suspect that this will end a lot like the Occupy Wall Street protests, but the undertones are clear and the precedent-setting implications are considerable. I’m calling out these revolutionaries for what they are: Petulant, spoiled, Maoist Man-Children that have Delusions of Adequacy. And I have coined a name for them: CHAZanistas.  Watch closely, folks. This is Seattle Tragicomedy, at its finest.

I should also mention that these socialist shenanigans illustrate just how divided Western Washington is, culturally and politically from those who live East of The Cascades. The CHAZ is just one more reason for Eastern Washington to partition to become the State of Liberty. Now that would be a legitimate geographic delineation!

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  1. Let them have their 7 blocks. But lay a siege around the area. Shut off the power and water. See how long it takes them to come out with their tails between their legs. This nonsense has gone on long enough. We need to get serious with these spoiled brats.

    1. Had to chuckle a bit ago while reading tweets from the antifa crowd.
      One specifically asked for food donations because the “homeless” had stolen their food.

      1. Tom,

        Thanks for that tidbit. It made my day. But the CHAZanistas ought not worry ….. the mayor of Seattle is providing toilets and clean-up crews. I’m sure gourmet meals will be delivered three times per day.

    2. They have already run out of food. They are begging for more, since the “homeless” who they invited. took it all.
      They want vegan meat substitutes and soy.
      ‘Nuff said.

      1. The National Guard should be dispatched immediately… deliver truckloads of bacon burgers to the wee lads and lassies. I want to see the bodycam footage of them unwrapping the meaty horrors and screaming, “I’m MELTING! I’m meeeeeellllting!”

    3. Good evening everyone

      I just heard on the news that all the homeless people ate all their food so now they are asking for people to bring them vegan stuff. Incredible!! They are actually asking for certain items. Rotten spoiled brats is what they are. Even more incredible is that these city “leaders” just handed it all over to them without even blinking. I’m so disgusted with all of this that I had to go outside and get some more fresh air.

      Have a Rockin great day!

      1. Revolutionaries used to engage in hunger strikes. These pups have not been training well for their “world-changing work”.

        And, yeah, the city officials might want to google, “You made your bed, now lay in it.”


        Carry on in grace

      2. Hi, RKRGRL68, I’m concerned about you/husband and your parents, as we haven’t heard from you for a whole week. If you can make the time, jot us a note that you are all well and safe, or update on how we can pray specifically for you. I miss you and your comments!
        Blessings and prayers for you and yours, Krissy

      3. Hello RKRGRL68,

        Krissy is asking about you, it seems as though we haven’t heard from you in ten days. Is everything okay? Jim has been handling many of the comments this week, which freed me up to do more work around here, So I hadn’t noticed, since I usually don’t field the comments too much during the week. We do hope you are all doing well and are praying for you,



  2. Re: Chaz- it will be interesting to see how these people are treated and characterized by the media verse those who protested at the Bundy ranch and later those that seized the closed offices of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Where is all the out rage from the left? People with “Assault weapons” acting as a “militia”, and clearly “anti-government” but not a word? Typical hypocrites!

  3. Just wondering, what would happen if a “caravan” of patriots was heading for the besieged area of Seattle? Would the police stop the patriots or step out of the way as they did for the “peaceful protesters”??
    I agree with the aforementioned opinion that water, food and power be shut off immediately.

  4. I’m going for popcorn, anybody need anything? Why aren’t the police using the Area denial weapons they use at WTA and GATT protests?

    1. @ Duane,

      They just had Chicago mayor on TV screaming about a video of 13 Police Officers that were lounging around at Congressmen Bobby Rush’s office doing exactly that! Having popcorn and hanging out while the looting and rioting was going on down the street. I thought Lori Lightfoots head was gonna explode!!! She is absolutely furious! But this is what you get when you have 100 uniformed officers forced to protect her house but they were told to stand down during the rioting!
      The world has gone absolutely mad!!!

      Have a Rockin great evening!

  5. The mob will attack other people. … The supposed leader of the Seattle ‘CHAZ’ area is suppose to control the guns. There is a CHAZ ‘policing force’ used to thump-on people the mob doesn’t like. … Also, it’s said, = ‘extortion by force’ is being used within the ‘CHAZ’ area, to encourage donations for needed supplies.
    [Of course, appeals for donations are being made to the people outside of the ‘CHAZ’ area.]

    The mob likes to stick their hand into someone else’s wallet. The mob maintains, “you didn’t earn that money.” + “Your money and life belongs to the mob.”

    Stick with SurvivalBlog for excellent survival recommendations to avoid the mob, and to cope with the mob, if the mob is at your door. … Survivalblog has good gun reviews and recommendations; = semi-automatic weapons with lots of ammunition.
    ……… During the old days, repeating firearms were viewed as God sent. …. This can be said about repeating firearms: “God made man, Sam Colt made men equal, but John Browning keeps men free.”
    This makes the comment long, but it explains the purpose of governments, and the need for an orderly society. =

    Declaration of Independence
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”

    Constitution of the United States
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ~~insure domestic Tranquility,~~ provide for the common defence, promote the >general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”


    You all need to listen to June Knight. She is saying everything that I have been thinking and seeing since 2005. She is connecting all of the dots and giving the complete picture with the sound clips to back it up. She covers, Religion and Politics. and prophecy. It’s amazing and very scary, but those who know their God will do Exploits for Him. Daniel 11:32.

  7. As I’ve thought for more years than I can remember now, and is repeated often and everywhere, you reap what you sow. The blue hive progressives living in the coastal cities (Washington and elsewhere) have created this scenario, now let them live with it. I emphasize with the conservatives there, but why are you still there putting up with this garbage. And as usual they will blame someone else and require everyone else to pony up to pay for it. The so called gov, claiming he was not aware so could not comment on it, comes across as not his usual buffoonery but as an exceptional buffoon, nothing short of an outright poser.
    All this is just more fuel to feed the State of Liberty, which, in my humble opinion, could not happen soon enough. I’d even like to see the linking of arms with Idaho and Western Montana, perhaps East. Or. as well. For the most part all have similar economies, beliefs, as well as cultural similarities…. As far as that goes, the majority of Americans are of similar beliefs, customs, and prefer similar outcomes in life, whatever personal penchant you ascribe to. It’s a limited minority with to much time, not enough education, (they have schooling, but not education) and not enough constructive experiences that seem to create all the strife hampering this great country.

  8. Antifa has been designated a terrorist group. Not everyone in the 6-9 block area is antifa. Sounds like a job for Seal Team Six. Stealth and swift take-down.

    1. I respectfully disagree at the >moment, RG. … I wouldn’t want our US Navy Seals to even run the risk of stubbing a toe dealing with the CHAZ area. (As I said for the moment)

      This is political theater by the politicians and their cronies in Seattle. The politicians could easily shut-off the utilities to the area. … They could arrest the people ~supplying the Vegetarian Meals to the CHAZ people. They could even arrest the criminals in the CHAZ area.

      As a note, about the news lately. The City Council was planning on discussing defunding the police in Seattle. The Governor of Washing State didn’t know about the CHAZ area, when asked about it. … [Feeble minded politicians can’t be cured by Seal Team 6]

      Unsolicited advice for readers of SurvivalBlog. If anyone, reading this comment, becomes President of the United States, the Road to Reelection is having “Peace and Prosperity” in the USA. … With the intentional spread of the Corona Virus/Covid-19 by China, we are in a World Wide Economic slow-down. …. Many opportunist politicians are complicit in the current >Chaos in the USA.
      All we hear from the FAKE NEWS is the Orange Man is bad, and everything is the Orange Man’s fault.

      SurvivalBlog has recommendations about finding a safe place to live. … The local and State politics play a decision in choosing a safe place. … Are the politicians making decisions that are beneficial for residents and visitors, or do they just see people as Cash Cows.

      At the >moment, the local politicians can solve the problems occurring in the CHAZ area of Seattle. [And around the other Chaotic places in the USA]

      Peace RG. keep prepping and keep safe. There is a lot of political theater going-on. The harm occurring is currently a local problem. The local politicians are exploiting the harm occurring for their political benefit. [And the upcoming 2020 national election.]

      People should ~Vote with their Feet~ as recommended by SurvivalBlog.

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