Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — June 10, 2020

Some Observations on Recent Events: This whole kneeling thing (most recently in the Capitol rotunda) is getting over-played. In my estimation kneeling positions are apropos only for praying, proposing marriage, or for shooting. I am happy to extend a hand of friendship anyone of any skin tone, or any religion, if they show mutual respect for law and reason. And I would give my life, fighting for the rights of others to assemble publicly, to speak out, and to seek redress for grievances. That is where I draw the line: Protesting?: Yes. Looting?: No.

I submit only to Lord Jesus (Yeshua.) I do not worship “Diversity.”  And I certainly don’t grovel and beg forgiveness for the crime of enslavement that I didn’t commit. (Nor did my parents, grandparents, or even my great-grandparents.) All that I ask is that we unite as rational Americans of all skin tones and agree to respect each others lives, property, liberty, and other fundamental rights. I have no patience for someone who irrationally claims that there are “seven genders”, or someone who “identifies” as a baby, or someone who claims that they are presently oppressed because their great-great-great grandparents were enslaved. Neither can I agree with someone who says that the government has a right to forcibly take 28% of what I’ve earned from my wallet, and redistribute it to someone who refuses to work. That is not charity. That is strong-armed robbery, under fictitious, fabricated law. I also refuse to go along with the fiction that a human fetus in the womb is a “nonviable tissue mass.” Lastly, I refuse to be disarmed, just because a few others (in fact, only around 1%) misuse firearms. That is like forcing someone to be castrated because their neighbor committed a rape. Don’t expect me to kowtow to any of this patently irrational nonsense. I am a rational man and a free man, and I will die that way. – JWR

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  1. Thank you Jim! So good to read a voice of reason! It boggles my mind that so many here in the US are adhering to the “party line”, desperate to demonstrate their wokeness by kneeling and begging forgiveness for acts committed by others many years before that had nothing whatsoever to do with them. My family didn’t own slaves or benefit from them; they weren’t in this country til the 20th century and came from a place where they were being extremely brutalized themselves. For how long are we going to give a pass to dysfunctional families and communities, based on the “wrongs” inflicted upon their great, great, great grandparents? For how long are we supposed to grovel in shame over something none of us ever did to them? Yet to say such things these days brands one as a “racist”.

    And now all the calls to defund the police. Sure, weed out the bad apples. Every department knows who they are. And I’m sure some cops just get tired of dealing with those committed to a lifetime of violence and crime and perhaps they deal with this burnout by taking actions that they would never have taken earlier in their careers. And some use their badge and uniform in order to terrorize and dominate. Weed those out. But to expect that social workers and “community policing” are going to handle violent criminals, drug runners, gangs etc is inane. I can’t wait til the NYC police are defunded and the NYT calls for help when armed gangs invade their office and a social worker shows up to talk to them!

  2. RE “Some observations…”: BOOM JWR! Right out of the blocks! Couldn’t agree with you more and well said. The good news about the congressional kneeling: they weren’t lying for almost 9 minutes! Now that’s my tax dollar at work!

  3. Yes yes yes. Same here. I heard someone say long ago that she refused to be ‘tolerant’ of her neighbor–because to merely ‘tolerate’ implies only just to ‘put up with,’ as an annoyance–and Jesus called us to do more than that. We are to love our neighbors, and that includes respecting their rights. Freely and of our own free will…..not mandated from Godless, unConstitutional bureaucrats. I was glad to see that the peaceful protestors who knelt down in front of our courthouse were doing so to PRAY. Unashamedly and in public. And I was thrilled to see the video of the State Trooper (in GA or SC, maybe) who refused to kneel when asked to do so alongside the protesters. The gentleman explained that he knelt only for One.

    (Also: I think that if someone wants to ‘identify’ as a baby, or as a fish or a pineapple or a ’57 Chevy …go ahead, knock yourself out. I am sad to see you denying your Creator’s perfect plan, making you in His image, but, individual choice and all, in your own personal life. Just don’t ask me to participate in it or FUND it!)

  4. Amen! Yep.

    We are living in the era of aggressive Marxism that’s romanticized by media. I mean, someone’s always too blame for another person’s problems. FACT: That’s what happens when humanity rejects Yeshua. When we reject Jesus Christ, we forsake personal absolution or forgiveness. We end up on a rabbit trail of blame which hurts our own neighborhoods and communities. Sad

    They end up enforcing blame on good people who are innocent. It’s like “Well, we didn’t get forgiveness so we scapegoat upon these ________” officers, whites, etc etc. Sad, its pathetic blame shifting. But people reject God so they end up worshipping gods (positions, power, $$$). In a real sense, socialism worships $$$ and power because they imagine “If i get into that position, then i’ll be better.” And they always end up being worse. Like shooting a dear mentor in the heartland. He had mentored black kids and put them thru school… killed by lawless, senseless and heartless beasts. No different than Antifa in Portland, kicking a guys teeth out.

    Isn’t that amazing? Humanity blames other people for their own stupidity. I heard a great definition of SIN = S.elf I.nflicted N.onsense.

    When Van Jones comes out on CNN and says “White Hillary supporters are the real problem” you know we are all facing global Marxism. A form of neo colonialism where they stir up problems and attack good people like Candace Owens or Kanye West who merely want to… love America. That’s right, the good people get ignored or attacked for being peacemakers. That’s when we know “We are facing a flood of Marxist hate, its neo colonialism and millenials are buying it hook line and sinker.”

    It’s like they couldn’t do Obama’s Arab Spring since 2016, so now they’ve turn loose malaria parasites upon America (stoking racism and hate). Most American’s are not racist or violent. Most of us are working to be peacemakers!

    ~ The only thing we’ve learned from history, is we have NOT learned enough, yet.

    Great points JWR and friends!

    It’s like the Gospel is so real, its dividing sheep and goats, good fish and bad fish (Matthew 13). Can’t help it, and can’t stop Him… God’s @ Work 2020

    Thats the good news 🙂

  5. Mandatory (COVID-19) Testing:

    I am just now hearing that my Academic Higher Ed employer may require mandatory (COVID-19) testing, before an employee can return to work, or face termination. I haven’t paid much attention to this issue, because I didn’t think it was going to happen to me.

    I don’t want my DNA going into a global database, not that I am worried about the past, but possibly for the future. I get annual lab work, so they probably already have it. But, for some reason, this troubles me…

    I guess some folks are getting wealthy from the mass (COVID-19) testing?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts or concerns about this issue?

  6. Days like today I’m glad I’m all thumbs… 10 thumbs up JWR!

    This country has gone completely insane and gets crazier by the hour. After all the dust and ashes settle, I’d like to know how many black and minority businesses were looted and torched by rioters. I know it’s not a few. Some of the stories are heartbreaking. One store owner said, “Destroying somebody’s business, somebody’s livelihood, is not a way of finding justice for anyone.” Like JWR said, it’s all so irrational. In the end they will have accomplished nothing, other than to destroy the lives of so many small-business owners and their families.

    If you haven’t seen Paul Craig Robert’s piece yet on our crumbling “Dumbocracy”, here’s the link:

    JWR said: “I have no patience for someone…who claims that they are presently oppressed because their great-great-great grandparents were enslaved.”

    I apologize for a long post this morning but I have to tell you about one of my heroes, Mr C. He was a black man with a wife and four kids living in the projects in Queens, NY. When his oldest son was 16 he decided he’d had enough of ghetto life and he was getting his family the heck out of there, out of that culture, and moving somewhere where his kids would have a chance for a better life. He moved into our mostly white neighborhood in a small New England town. Man, talk about out of their element! lol. He got a job delivering beer and soda to bars and restaurants. Their family was welcomed into the neighborhood with open arms. Their kids were polite, and when I’d eat lunch over at their house, I marveled that their mother had conversations with us about things that were going on in the news, or just about what we were learning in school. I don’t remember my parents having those kinds of conversations with us at meals. When I was checking on some old friends a year ago, the C family and at least two of their kids were still in that area, no doubt leading successful lives. I couldn’t picture Mr. and Mrs. C sitting around griping about the slavery their ancestors had to endure or thinking they ought to receive a fat check from the government as reparations. I’ve thought about the C family many times over my lifetime. Whenever I hear about people who want to own their own home, but never will be able to because real estate is too high priced where they live and they don’t want to relocate out of their comfort zone. I think of the C family every time I hear preppers say they can’t flee the city and move to the country because of this, that, or the other reason. I think they’re really saying they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Few people do. That’s why Mr. C is one of my big heroes. He saved his family by moving WAY out of his comfort zone. The world needs more people like him.

    1. Great story. Mr C was wise and courageous. From my perspective, Mr. C had faith. I made my decision to make the big leap when it was made crystal clear to myself by the Holy Ghost. In an instant, it hit me like a ton of bricks, an epiphany if you like. I knew it was the Holy Ghost without doubt. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was not simply a passing thought.

      To make the ‘big jump’ took about two years. It was very difficult, risky, and painful. It was not done on just a whim and a prayer, but with planning, and divine intervention. I do appreciate the difficulty involved with making a radical departure from a comfortable life. I also know that when there is no inspiration to get it done, then there is no way it will happen. With the facts of the threats now well established, I know I must do my part to plead for people to act sensibly. If they love the world more than His word, then so be it. I have few, if any, regrets.

      There can be situations where the financially strapped feel trapped. Lacking a banking account to ease my way though life, I have finally learned to live by faith. The Lord does provide in unexpected ways. If one is close to the Lord, ask for help and you shall receive it. We will only survive the future if we learn to live by faith, and not upon things of this world. He may give this country and His people yet more time, but do not count on that. The process will take longer than expected. We do not need to rely on money, nor should we, to get it done, but His guidance, and provision. Do not ask if you have the money, but if you are right with God. I’ve made many unwise decisions, because I did not rely on Him. He will make better choices for us than we can for ourselves.

    2. St. F, I appreciate your words, ” One store owner said, “Destroying somebody’s business, somebody’s livelihood, is not a way of finding justice for anyone.” Like JWR said, it’s all so irrational. In the end they will have accomplished nothing, other than to destroy the lives of so many small-business owners and their families.”

      And, the story of Mr. C. Oh, yes. You were blessed to know him and his family.

      Carry on in grace

  7. Amen! and thumbs up from me as well!

    26 A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring. – Proverbs 25:26 (KJV)

  8. ???
    When I saw the news photo,
    I thought Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Congressmen were kneeing because one of their billionaire donors had come into the room.

    You know — the donors that want to bring cheap foreign labor into the USA instead of hiring black Americans at a decent wage.

  9. Great article!! I have been trying to prepare for any sort of situation in the future, but I cannot find ANY ammo. Does anyone know of a source I could buy some? Perhaps even reloaded ammo?

  10. Therein lies the problem. The violent mob of tyranny is demanding people kneel to them.

    We wish to be left alone. But they won’t leave us alone.

    So what do we do about the tens of millions of dis-assimilated (or never assimilated) Citizens of the USA who aren’t American in any recognizable form? I have been asking this from before Trump. The usual response is to be called a racist or something else.

    Do we send them to Canada and build the great northern wall? Do we create Hillareservations (with barbed wire?) to quarantine them? Do we exile them? Do we try reeducation worse than the Chinese or the Gulag? Do we let them starve in their blue packed cities as the last chapter of Atlas Shrugged plays out for them while we adapt and build here in “Galt’s Gulch”?

    When they just whined and threw tantrums like a toddler until you gave them candy it was bad enough but now they are throwing stones and molotov cocktails. We could never coexist but now it has come to a head, like in 1861. Lincoln liked the proposed Corwin amendment that would have locked slavery into the constitution, but even that wasn’t enough to appease the south.

    Now cancel culture has metastacized, and I would hope SB is careful to have backup methods for everything because your ISP will need to get woke or else. Before it was the Confederate Battle Flag and statues, today it is Gone with the Wind and Thomas Jefferson.

    They have not come for you yet because you are in flyover country and make a small and scattered target. But they will.

    “All that I ask is that we unite as rational Americans of all skin tones and agree to respect each others lives, property, liberty, and fundamental rights”. 

    But is that true? If someone is proud of their southern heritage and displays the stars and bars? If they don’t adhere to dispensationalism and think Israel is just another country? If they are at the edges of orthodoxy or beyond like LDS? Or even an atheist? JJS went on a tirade because a Christian musician said – honestly – he no longer believed in Jesus. He didn’t say he was now a socialist. What about a gay libertarian couple? And both men and women?

    Reread the quote and if we do not all believe it, it will be our undoing. We must hang together in this civil creed even if we disagree on other things.

    While that is necessary, it is not sufficient. I must be willing to defend your rights, and you must be willing to defend mine. We are both made in the image of God, even if the angles are different. And attack on any one of us or our rights is an attack on God himself.

    I think that is the first thing. Don’t defend the opinion, we can debate the finer points of theology or history later. Defend THE RIGHT to hold the opinion, and to speak.

    And the other rights, and we have been doing a terrible job. Cowed by Covid, not into a prudential pause, but what amounts to martial law. The Temples of Moloch murdering babies are open. And wait until the states discover their tax receipts have crashed. Life, liberty, property? The question on defending them has already turned from When to If.

    It is never too late to find an antidote, but the deeper the poison goes the harder the cure will be. We do have an election – and that is a first step, pick someone good in the primary, and find the liberty candidate in the general, then see. Though this might be 1860. Prepare, body, mind, and spirit for war, and fast and pray we can avoid it.

    1. Yes, this blog will likely be the last bastion of free speech on the net. That is in part why I am here, and not elsewhere. Even some patriot run blogs talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. I know because they have excluded similar content that I spout here. They are pretenders. We usually do not appreciate something enough until it is gone. I support the blog as I can.

  11. The kneeling both nauseates me and makes me very nervous where this is all going.

    I am currently reading Hue 1968 about the portion of the Tet Offensive that was in the city of Hue. I just finished the chapter on the bloody political purges that went on in the city during the battle and it reads very similar to this with people prostrating themselves to save their own lives and their families lives.

    People should look up Candace Owens, a young conservative black woman, and her research into George Floyd. George Floyd was a violent criminal with numerous stints in prison, the last one being for holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while his crew robbed her house. The toxicology report from his autopsy shows that he had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a person who has not taken fentanyl regularly. So he may have been ODing at the time of his death or he was a fentanyl addict or both. In either case his “victimhood” is in question.

    Chauvin was a bad cop. What he did was evil, stupid and unnecessary. I think he is a murderer but, when you dig into all the details, I am not sure they will be able to get a 2nd degree murder conviction on him. Especially if neck restraint is not prohibited by Minneapolis City policy. There are many more details in this incident, including evidence that Floyd fell to the ground on his own and may have been in medical distress prior to restraint, that will come out in court that are being suppressed in the news that could make this a real mess in court.

    So in a nutshell, you have one evil, stupid guy kill another evil stupid guy and the whole world explodes. And I am supposed to bend a knee to one of them?

    On a side note, I received some crowd control and general restraint training in the Navy 30 years ago from some Seal Team Six trainers. We were trained that choke holds were considered lethal force and subject to basically the same rules of engagement as pulling your gun 30 years ago. I am quite surprised this is not general policy everywhere in this day and age.

    1. JBH,
      I agree with much of what you stated. One concern I have, if they overcharged Chauvin and he is acquitted…I think what follows will make the current looting and rioting seem tame. Maybe that is part of the plan? Preparing accordingly…

      1. @Quietprepr,

        I listened to an episode of Ben Shapiro ( AM Radio host) where he described in detail this exact scenario and the details of the law surrounding the charges and arguments regarding what could end up being an acquittal due to overcharging . You may be able to listen to this episode as I believe it was aired last week. He is also not in love with all of this craziness going on in our world today. Some people don’t like him but I enjoy listening to him.

        Hope this helps

        Rock on

    2. I too am shocked by the brazen cold blooded murder of Floyd by a cop who may be more of a scumbag than Floyd himself, as he operated and developed his penchant for evil, and criminal skills under the guise of being a police officer. It took many years of practicing this SOP, that was intentionally ignored, and tacitly condoned. His partners in crime were only fired. Yet this is no excuse for the riots. It is simply a random pretext for the lawless to justify more criminal behavior to erode the now weak foundations of what remains of this country. It is an opportunity for the controllers of Antifia, and other subversives, to do their evil work.

    3. JBH,

      For accuracy’s sake, what Chauvin applied looked more like a carotid restraint than a chokehold. Chokeholds cut off air, carotid restraints, when applied properly, temporarily cut of blood flow to the brain, rendering the subject unconscious. Floyd’s breathing distress was more likely caused by his position on his chest with Chauvin’s weight pressing down, making breathing difficult (positional asphyxiation). Any drugs in his system would have aggravated this effect, as would adrenaline.

      That being said, carotid restraint techniques should also be considered lethal force, as they can be difficult to control in the heat of the moment, and frankly, they just look bad, as the Floyd situation and the Eric Garner situation a few years ago demonstrate. At a minimum, Chauvin should be charged with manslaughter. Like you, I question whether they’ll be able to prove 2nd degree murder, and as Quietprepr remarked, I’m concerned about the outcome of the trial…regardless of the verdict.

      Interesting times, folks.

  12. “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
    and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.”
    [From the Good Book]

    So far in the comment section, JWR is receiving 100% approval. This is America, Free People shouldn’t be ~groveling to anyone.
    An America Man will kneel for a marriage proposal to a woman. In Christianity she is often referred to as “The Better Half.”

    The current business of ‘kneeling’ for a particular cause by ~some people, should understood as Kowtowing to other people (often with an un-American agenda). [And usually their un-American Agenda is opposed to the Common Good of the American people.]
    It seems the Kowtow from China is being brought into American culture today.

    As I’m talking about the ‘better half’, I heard this in a Protestant Church in a Sermon about a happy marriage.
    Three things all men, and especially a Christian husband should say to his wife. =

    1. ‘I’m sorry’ (with sincerity, as a woman has a heart that will forgive. ~ God made the woman the mother of children).
    2. ‘Yes, dear’ (The Yes dear requires >follow through. … Yes dear without follow through is useless, even if ‘Yes dear’ is said 1,000 times.)
    3. This one is almost impossible for a lot of men to say. =
    ‘Yes Dear, you were right, and I was wrong. We should have done it your way from the very beginning. I’m Sorry, I insisted we do it my way.’ (Sincerity required too!)

  13. When evil is afoot look for the blame game. And where did it start? Go back to Genesis- Eve blamed the serpent for her choice to eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. When God asked Adam why he ate of the fruit, he blamed Eve.
    Because Eve’s descendent ” crushed the head of Satan”, Jesus- gives us our choice back.

  14. The fact that this even has to be said shows just how far we have regressed…
    Everyday they chisel away at our lives… today it’s the movie “Gone with the wind”

    I’m debating living the rest of my years elsewhere.. Perhaps Hungary can hold out for another 30 yrs. Thats about what I have left if I go by natural causes…

    1. Agreed Anon. We have family obligations in the States, but relocating is something we have discussed.

      On the same vein, as I was running at the local gym I noticed the many national flags displayed and how many of them have some form of a cross as part of them. The whole banning of flags will not stop with the Confederate Battle Flag. We are quickly moving to having to make the choice the early Christians did. Is cesar lord, or is Jesus Christ Lord.

    2. Hi ANON,

      Perhaps I can save you the trouble. I was once so disgusted with the apathy and godlessness, I left this country on an extended vacation to a secluded island in the Baltic. I discovered what the world traveler and brilliant Joel Skousen has advised for so long, that the best place for an American to be is in a America. BTW, Skousen is also of Danish decent.

      A few people in Europe understand the Constitution better than most Americans, and appreciate some of the ideas of freedom, but they have no idea of what it is to be liberated, or a Christian. Europe is totally under the darkness of socialism. You make look and speak like a European, but you will have to abandon the ideas of freedom. It would be a lonely and sad existence. Even if I am standing on what Sun Tzu would consider is “death’s ground”, I will happily, and with all force available to me, defend it.

  15. Thank you for today’s notes. As a reader of SB and a follower of the “news”, I’ve turned to my husband more than once and asked “I wonder where Rawles (sorry for the familiarity, that’s what we call you around the house) is on all this?” I’m comforted that you are as consistent as ever in your point of view.

  16. Update:
    350 people came to our town or are from here, to march around
    It all went well. And no, I did not go. I was on the farm doing work that needed to be done.
    I feel really bad for the people Kneeling. I think they lost their way in life.
    I also saw on YouTube where white people were washing the feet of black people. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I do not even know what to say about this makes me sick

    1. Hello RED,
      You aren’t the first person I have seen expressing disgust over the foot-washing, and I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me understand. I thought the ritual came from Jesus’ washing of His disciples’ feet during the Last Supper, and instructing His followers that they should do the same for each other (in John, chapter 13). Many churches practice the tradition still, and if I’m not mistaken even the Pope makes a point (on Maundy Thursday) to wash the feet of people who are sick, or poor, or disfigured, or incarcerated. I thought it was a demonstration of love and unity for all humans. So, assuming everyone involved is doing so voluntarily, and they aren’t trying to pressure others into participating, why is it sickening? Is there other symbolism I’m unaware of?
      Thanks, in advance.

      1. The issue is not kindness. It is the fact that people are being coerced into doing so, by social pressure. This is just one step away from a communist Chinese Struggle Session — that is, coerced public confession.

        1. Thanks for the reply! So the issue is not with the act itself, but the coercion factor. Like I said, “assuming everyone involved is doing so voluntarily, and they aren’t trying to pressure others into participating,” I have no problem with it–but if that is an incorrect assumption, then the implications are indeed chilling. Groupthink and PCness are frightening.

          1. “the intention to emphasize ~service along with charity in the celebration of the rite is an understandable way of accentuating the evangelical command of the Lord, ‘who came to serve and not to be served,’ that ~~all members of the Church must ~serve one another~ in love.”
            [From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site about the ‘Washing of Feet’ at Easter Time.]

            At the instances during the recent demonstrations, I don’t believe the idea of ‘Serving One Another’ was part of the secular ritual. … What occurred seemed to involve the ~humiliation of people, rather than as a symbol of humility, and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      2. Sorry just got back in the house
        SICKENING I think the people were pressured into this I do not care if it is black or white foot washing or taking a knee
        I can not get my head over this that people who have never owned slaves or the great x 3 grand farther never owned them why should I or any one wash the feet of someone
        WHAT the hell is going on here
        If your ok with that I am not
        Sorry this sh*t has to stop and stop now pretty soon BLM will be running for office
        They do not even know what they are fighting for
        ALL yes they do [want] more stuff TV,s ,Shoes ,etc they do not care about that guy that got killed with the cop on his neck for 8 min.
        Give me a break there out there stealling sh*t
        Then want white people to take a knee to them sorry for what happen to your great x3 grand farther I did not do it and know one I know did it
        So I will not be washing any person’s feet ever OR TAKING A KNEE

        1. Ah, so it is like others have said — the pressure to participate and not the actual ritual itself is what’s sickening.

          Yes, I am okay with people participating ONLY completely voluntarily, of their own free will, with good intentions to honor others. But when pressure or coercion occurs, that is another deal entirely and takes things down a very bad path. PC-ness and woke-ness have gotten completely out of control.

  17. Buck Sexton sent out a tweet asking when the American Patriot ( and I say Christians) is going to do something. I often wonder this myself. Do we wait for it to come to our door? The SHTF scenario has happened in some of these cities. Do we just mind our rural business while the media and the liberals and the Marxists burn down half the country and erase history? Do we wait to see what happens with the election? When do we say enough is enough? I’m in Texas and we have had some 2A groups protecting our historical monuments. So thankful for that.

    I prepare, I homeschool, I have supplies, we have been able to go to church since early May. I don’t wear a mask anywhere and we are all fine. The media is trying to spin that because Texas opened early we are now seeing a ride in cases. But Texas is big and heavily populated and we still have lots of empty hospitals and it is not as bad as the media says. Sadly in my area ( large county south of Houston) our cases are in nursing homes. Our death count is around 9 people during this whole time. We have had no violence and only a couple of peaceful and prayerful protests.

    I drove through Houston Monday to Ikea and saw zero evidence of graffitti or destruction. I was so glad. Houston is a huge melting pot of people and the city has been through so much with Harvey and floodings. It has come together in tough times. There are some BLM groups and it is a very liberal city (I’m rural, away from the H-town)
    with some stupid Covid rules and even stupider leaders, but I’m glad we haven’t seen too much destruction. There has been some but nothing like in the northern states.

    Anyway, I got off topic. The above questions remain. Is this going to turn ugly come election time? The liberals have stopped lower than I ever imagined and are cheating and are just evil. It is disgusting.


  18. This, I believe, is one of the main reasons Survivalblog is one of the most, if not the most popular site related to preparedness on the internet. It is due to JWRs impeccable ethics, and beliefs in this countries founding principles and adherence and belief in Gods word. Thank you sir, for your leadership. May it spill over to the rest of us.

  19. Amen JWR!
    I saw a college professor giving an interview and he remarked at the irony of young white people chanting “black lives matter” while burning down black owned businesses. This is absolute insanity!

  20. I so wish you all lived near me! Too much of my state is just insane! Not only the calls to defund the police but now the synagogues, all liberal of course other than Chabad, are jumping into the act. First one had to attend and march in the protest(at which there was time set aside for black people only to give voice to their issues with our state). Next they’re lighting yartzeit candles which are memorial candles commonly lit in memory of close departed relatives such as a father or mother on certain special Jewish holidays. Lighting a candle for George Floyd? Then there’s a huge banner which lists all of the blacks supposedly killed by the police.

    Now I’ve never seen them light memorial candles for or march in a protest for any of the innocent Jews murdered while just attending synagogue services, shopping in a grocery store, running their store etc. I’ve never seen a banner listing all of their names.

    But these synagogues are intent on demonstrating their wokeness and making sure everyone around knows just how woke they are. I don’t think I can ever set foot in one of these synagogues again. Sadly, the only ones who won’t do such a thing(Chabad) are quite far from me. I’d imagine many of the local churches are doing the same things(as well as flying the BLM flag of course)!

    1. Yes Ani, same here. I was appalled to hear one of our priests say just this past weekend that–though the diocese continues to issue restrictions on in-person worship due to public health concerns–he had received an email from the bishop telling them all to report to (Nearby Big City) to join the marches later in the week. And the marchers we have observed are NOT social distancing. What?! How is that not a very personal, individual decision, to be neither demanded nor restricted by one’s church and/or employer? I mean, does the bishop try to tell them how to vote as well? Whatever happened to Christian liberty? Argh.

  21. Seattle Update.
    Several council members demand Mayor resign.
    Protestors occupied city hall last night.
    One friend in SPD says a group, including some who are armed, has possessed a 6 block area on Capital Hill there.
    Our SPD friend says individuals in the group are collecting funds from the area they took over.
    SPD friend says the group handed SPD a paper showing the area they claim, along with demand that police stay out of the area.
    God told us in Genesis to spread out over the land. Big cities are where bad things brew, at times.
    Remember that a warrior’s strongest weapon is prayer.

    1. I too read about this and on one hand I say “who cares, you reap what you sow and this is what Seattle has sown” but on the other hand my blood boils because I am firmly convinced that if people of a conservative stripe did this in the most conservative state in the union every alphabet agency known to man would decend in force to squash those “evil right-wingers”. So I thank GOD that I am not there and look to Him for wisdom and discernment.

  22. Does anyone remember the song Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics? The first time I ever heard it, I felt it was rather chilling, in a far-off, dystopian sci-fi sort of way. It no longer seems far off.

    “Teach the children quietly, for someday sons and daughters / May rise up and fight where we stood still…”

    This is why I homeschool. And this spring I have postponed my 6yo’s next iteration of grammar lessons in favor of a more in-depth study of the Constitution. The little guy is giving the big dictionary a good workout! His father may have drunk the Trump Koolaid, but I intend to raise a set of critical-thinking libertarians who can see past cults of personality and who know to always return to source documents.

    BTW i think this link has the lyrics with it:

    1. “There’s a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway, use it only in emergency”.

      “Silent Running” was one of the first songs to come from the Rutherford/Robertson songwriting partnership.
      According to Rutherford, the song is about a guy who’s traveled light-years away, out in space somewhere, and he’s ahead in time. Therefore he knows what’s going to happen to his wife and kids back home, on Earth. And he’s trying to get the message to them to say what’s going to happen, the kind of anarchy, the breakdown of society, to tell them to be prepared.

  23. Everyone thinks either Iron Man and/or Captain America are the greatest characters in the Avengers movies.

    But I think it’s the old man who refuses to kneel before Loki.

    Loki: Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL! [Everyone becomes quiet and kneels before him]

    Loki: Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

    German Old Man: [Stands] Not to men like you.

    Loki: There are no men like me.

    German Old Man: There are always men like you.

  24. Sams club has rice back in stock 25 lb for like $9.35 no limit
    Also, ammo look up:
    I do not want you all to thing am a hater of people white or black
    I am not I only dislike people that do not stand by there word
    I just think a lot of people have very low IQs these days and can not think for themselves

  25. Thank you JWR for accepting your position as a spear point. My family and I are indebted to pray for you regularly. May our Lord give you grace to live long and free.

  26. Roger that, agree to all that has been said ; hopefully you’ve all seen that people are getting fired for saying all lives matter. It will be interesting how this plays out. Peace my brothers and sisters.

  27. All what we believe in and how are values are viewed are at risk. We not only have to battle COVID, now we battle for the sanctity of our livelihood I value all lives, respect religion, served honorably , the one thing I will not do is back down from how I live an breathe. Did you see tonight that people are getting g fired from their jobs because they said anything against black lives matter. A storm is coming my friends. Be safe!

  28. Thank you, James Wesley Rawles. As always, I know when all other forms of media are dancing around a topic, you tell the truth.

    I am proud to know that my purchases of CDs of the complete Patriot series by Mr. Rawles, as well as his books, and the SB memory flashdrive, not only have helped me and my family to get ready, but help fund this awesome blog.

    I encourage others to buy an extra copy of your favorite book or CD by James Wesley Rawles, and give to a friend or family member. You will help folks in your circle, and reward a champion of our freedom.

    There is a mountain of money pouring into the radical left, with even major companies now funding the communist movements we see on TV everyday. Fox News is on in the background, as I type, and now, I just heard, Seattle has given up a police station and 6 blocks of the city to domestic terrorists.

    Wow, It sure looks like the Patriot series was much closer than we thought…

    I am the Flag of the Confederacy.
    I am Yosemite Sam.
    I am Elmer Fudd.
    I am history.
    I am unpopular statues.
    I am ‘de-funded’ LawEnforcementOfficials.
    I am small business owners.
    I am courage.

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