Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — June 9, 2020

On June 9, 1940 Norway surrendered to the invading German army, during World War II. The citizenry was then quickly disarmed by the Nazis, so resistance was limited. (The invaders had access to the Norwegian police gun registration lists.) To limit reprisals by the Germans, King Hakkon the 7th ordered that only  Norwegian troops operating from offshore should overtly resist the Nazis.  The “H7” logo became the ubiquitous symbol of resistance in occupied Norway.

We’re Back Online!  SurvivalBlog was unavailable for several hours yesterday afternoon and evening (June  8, 2020) due to a server migration—from one server rack to another, in Holland. We had announced that for two days in advance, but apparently a lot of readers missed those announcements. That resulted in a few panicky e-mails.

No worries, folks. All is well now.


  1. If there weren’t enough good reasons already to not have gun registration, this one is all you need! Just imagine if your police department was overtaken by terrorists (Minneapolis as an example) and grabbed a gun registration list and went door-to-door!

  2. Terrorists going door to door with the latest poo-lyce gun registration forms……. Hmmm, amazing how so many people decided to commit suicide all at once. Imagine that! As you all know, God does work in mysterious ways….

    1. Hey NS, I was thinking the same thing, lol. In my neck of the woods, we’d love to see terrorists get ahold of the list and start going door to door. Didn’t someone mention something about needing a backhoe last week?

      My fear is when the government alphabet soup agencies get the lists and start rounding up guns, and that day is coming, it’s just hard to say when. Maybe we’ll have a better idea after the November elections.

  3. I have a friend who can still recall seeing the Nazi rolling into Copenhagen from atop the Ferris wheel that is still used in Tivoli Gardens. It does us good to remember. Unfortunately for the dumbed down and indoctrinated younger generations, their grasp on reality, not to mention history, is weak. Even in Europe, I know a few of a younger generation who questions what really happened during WW2. Some have an alternative view.

    Put a badge on the shallow minded, give them power and authority without responsibility, and they will quickly become intoxicated. I’ve seen it first hand. Your friendly neighbor’s kid could become one of those swept up in it, and become your worst enemy, even here in the Redoubt. A radical communist who not only wants to take your stuff, but also wants revenge and more power. This is yet another reason to leave the big cities, and surround yourself with like minded neighbors.

    At the end of the day, it is not what you what got that matters, but what you can keep. You are already out numbered and surround by those who will take your stuff and possibly your life during the process. Never mind what comforts you will leave behind, you’ll better be able to keep your life, and the essentials needed to sustain life. Although I am ‘poor’ by most standards as the result of escaping Babylon and debilitating health problems of old age, I am well positioned and equipped to comfortably survive the next decade of war, and famine.

    Antifa are the Brown Shirts. They are organized and funded, equipped and trained by foreign sources, and they are now causing riots in the streets. The politically correct Police are their unwitting supporters. They might be suppressed for a time or not, but they will not go away. Antifia has been successfully used in Europe for many years. The model works and their organizer have experience. This Army of thugs will be used here in a similar way. And they will become stronger over time unless eliminated.

    Bad economic times have always been the fertile grounds for tyrannical groups and revolutions. The Greatest Depression has yet to take hold, yet we are already in an unconventional war. Antifia is only one part of it. Don’t become trapped, targeted, and then a refugee from a war torn city. Leave now with all your essentials.

    Now I’ve got to go clean the boxes of 30 chicks, and a few ‘pasty butts’ of chicks. I wonder what I could get for a young laying hen come this fall.

    1. Hey Tunnel Rabbit, you hit the nail on the head as usual. We’ve all heard the quote about “…doomed to repeat history.” I like Kurt Vonnegut’s version: “I’ve got news for Mr. Santayana: we’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive.”

      Most people nowadays don’t have any idea of what happened in the past so there’s nothing for them to forget. But that doesn’t mean the cycles of history are going to treat them any kinder for their ignorance.

      I agree with you, anyone who is still in a big city should seriously be thinking about getting the heck out. If they really think we’re headed for a major SHTF scenario, the recent riots are 1% of what TEOTWAWKI is going to be like in the cities and suburbs. But I think most people just don’t want to move out of their comfort zone.

  4. I thank God every day for the quiet nudge to move to a small town 6 years ago. Although ultimately I would like more acreage, I am extremely thankful that I am around 100 miles away from the madness in Chicago.

    Have a Rockin great day!

    1. Hi Wally,

      Yes, that is correct. Most believe that we are so far away that we will be safe and make no plans to defend themselves from communist hordes. They have already sent Antifa to small town North Dakota, and even to my woods, but they were repelled by the presence of armed citizens. At this stage, they can only handle soft targets. But they will be back with their ranks filled by warm bodies from the big cities, flush with funding from outside the U.S., trained and supplied by China. We are in the opening stages of a revolution that some say is straight out of the Maoist playbook. The metropolitan areas are where the wealth is, so that will be they will initially be focused, but the rural areas produce food.

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