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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at small business owners choosing to not re-open. (See the Economy & Finance section.)

Precious Metals:

We’ll start out wit this news from Zero Hedge“The Largest Ever Physical Transfer Of Gold”

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Arkadiusz Sieron: Will The Fed Trigger Inflation This Time, Boosting Gold?

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Just as I predicted, the silver-to-gold price ratio has recently dropped from 118-to-1 down to around 97-to-1. But I still consider silver a relative bargain. Therefore, I recommend that my readers do some comparison shopping to find a local dealer that sells silver a low premium, over spot. Ideally, find one that is willing to directly ratio trade your physical gold for their physical silver in one transaction. Don’t wait until the ratio drops to 70-to-1, to do this!

Economy & Finance:

NBC Chicago reports: Small Businesses Suffering After Riots, Coronavirus Pandemic. JWR’s Comments: Put yourself in the shoes of a typical “Mom & Pop” small business owner, who is now looking at a fire-damaged store with smashed windows, empty shelves, a huge mess on the floor, and a new, much higher business insurance quote. What is the motivation to rebuild, re-stock, and re-hire?  I suspect that many will just choose to retire early, or switch to Internet-only sales, or simply take up another line of work.

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At Zero HedgeBill Dudley: “The Fed Is Basically Creating A Little Bit Of Moral Hazard”

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At Forbes: Inside The $2.5 Trillion Debt Binge That Has Taken S&P 500 Titans Including Boeing And AT&T From Blue Chips To Near Junk

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At Wolf Street: From Ice-Cold to Hot: Daily Pending Home Sales in May so Far, 15 Cities Around the US

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College Enrollment in the Spring Fell for 9th Year in a Row, and Now Comes Covid


At Forbes: Could The Worst Be Over For America’s Oil Frackers?

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OilPrice News reports:  U.S. Oil Drillers Restart Production As Prices Recover

The New Economy and Geography:

Remote Work’s Time Has Come. Here is a snippet:

“Change is clearly under way. Between 1960 and 2000, the share of non-farmworkers working full-time from home never topped 3.5 percent. Since 2000, their share has risen steadily, to 5 percent in 2017—and the gain is almost entirely explained by remote employees, not self-employed entrepreneurs working out of their homes. Strikingly, the share of remotes is even greater for higher income brackets: 7.9 percent of those earning more than $75,000 yearly work off-site. “

Tangibles Investing:

With widespread rioting and looting now plaguing America,once again gun buyers are queuing up (with social distancing) outside of gun shops. So we can expect the shortages of handguns, ARs, and repeating shotguns to continue for many months. Some time ago, I recommended stacking Glocks and M&Ps deep in your gun vault. If you took that advice, then you made a fine investment.  And for those of you who live in states with bans on private party sales of modern guns (so-called “Universal Background Checks”), I suggest that you look for practical pre-1899 antique guns that are chambered for cartridges that are still factory made. I have a few suggestions. For rifles: 6.5 x55 Mauser, 7×57 Mauser, 7.5×55 Swiss, 7.62x54r Russian, .30-30 Winchester, .44-40 Winchester, .45-70 Government, and .30-40 Krag. For handguns: .38 S&W, .38 Long Colt, .41 Long Colt, .44-40 Winchester, and .44 S&W Russian. Consider those guns your long term insurance against both against inflation and any additional gun legislation. Oh, and of course they can also be considered non-expiring life insurance.  My Elk Creek Company biz is now on travel hiatus, but you can e-mail me, to set aside any gun that you want order when we re-open on July 2nd.


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News Tips:

Please send your economics and investing news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who closely watch specific markets. If you spot any news that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers, then please send it in. News from local news outlets that is missed by the news wire services is especially appreciated. And it need not be only about commodities and precious metals. Thanks!


  1. There is no doubt businesses will fold due to the one-two punch of covid and riots.
    In Oklahoma City there is an entire section that can not get a grocery store of any kind to come in. Several plans have fallen through because even the ones that do try are met with a councilwoman’s DEMANDS of this and that and so being as it is only going to be marginally profitable to start with combined with additional politics they have pulled out of any offers. Many of the profits are going to be lost to theft, vandalism, security cost and they know the first spark of anything they will be the first to burn.
    It’s just not worth the effort.

      1. Montana Guy, Indeed, who is John Galt? Spent a portion of my youth reading Sci-Fi, lots of those stories were about the dystopian future we now seem to be facing. I feel like those authors were prophets now….. Or maybe we are that predictable. All great societies operate on a curve, spending time and energy to build a society, then being able to slow down and enjoy the fruits of their labor, then after a while using that energy in less productive ways, seeking pleasure and decadence. And then they start turning upon themselves until the weight of their sins crushes them. I am not very eloquent , but most societies throughout history last 250-300 years if I recall correctly. The same traits that make us succeed, sink us when life gets too easy…

    1. There are going to be terrible long-term costs to the politics playing out before our every eyes.

      In another time, long before COVID and riots, there was an up-and-coming area within a major metropolitan area (the place we spent most of our adult working lives). It was stylish and artsy with development goals that included the integration of live-work lifestyles. The idea was a good one, and it had a lot of promise.

      Unfortunately, local politics foiled all efforts to get the development concept off the ground. One example was that of a walk-up eatery that could not open because it didn’t have any disabled parking options. …but this eatery didn’t have parking for anyone. Because of the lot lines and the time in which the building was constructed, there was no parking for anyone. It was to be a walk-up eatery.

      Please don’t misread this. I am all for disability access. I understand and respect the need for this and its value. I am also sensitive personally to disability concerns as the parent of a disabled adult son (who does not require a wheelchair, but does have some mobility issues and risks). At the same time, a reasoned person can understand the need for an exception to the general rule in a case like the one described here.

      To the best of my knowledge, this eatery never opened.

      Our decision makers must be reasoned and intelligent people. …and we seem to be lacking both in most of the politicians of our time.

  2. Exactly right. Corporate America knows whats up. Politicians and SJWs constantly trying to fight Nature (Darwin), can’t win. Ever. The snapback is a “blank”, too.

  3. Before Memorial Day, my wife and I spent some time at our home in Eastern Tennessee to enjoy the lake before the vacationers arrive for the summer season. During this time, we had the pleasure of getting to know the newest member of our family who I was thrilled to learn is a member of a new generation of preppers.

    Unlike many of us in the “Old Guard” of prepping, this 24-year old young man has largely ignored the constant ravings about financial Armageddon and instead, is using the volatility to his advantage. Since the March lows in the markets, he has made $31,500 on his stock holdings and applied those proceeds towards the purchase of not only a home for himself and his new bride but also a duplex rental unit while leaving his original investment in the market. He is a deacon at his church, and when not volunteering for all the $120 an hour overtime he can get working as a lineman for the local electric cooperative, he helps the elderly and disabled in the area with yard chores. Even more encouraging was the fact that he has at least a dozen friends who are also preppers and they are all perfectly blending preparedness with future financial planning and success.

    For me, it was like a breath of fresh air being around these young preppers who not only discussed firearms and storable food but also spoke about investing and planning for the future in a positive light, no matter the outcome. Unlike the trap that myself and so many I know fell into along our prepping journeys, these young preppers have ignored the constant doom and gloom negativity and are using God and each other to remain positive and moving forward. God speed to them.

    1. DD… what an ENCOURAGING read… I would so love and enjoy spending one day surrounded by young people as you describe… May our good and faithful LORD bestow a supernatural blessing upon them and their efforts …May you and your wife be a source of strength to them and for them… God bless y’all

    2. D.D.,
      That’s really neat!
      What a breath of fresh air that would be to sit and listen to this younger group.
      Who knows, maybe even an old dog like me would learn something!

      1. Thanks Tom! What I learned from them was the need to forever silence that part of my old prepper self that Zman of the Zblog calls being a “rage head”: “someone who is constantly lecturing everyone all the time about how the world is going to hell.” It is a pointless and futile endeavor that accomplishes nothing. These young preppers know about the Evil in this world but they don’t dwell on it. They realized much sooner than I did that dwelling on darkness consumes and drains your soul, turning you into the very thing you despise. Stay positive and move forward!

    3. A new generation of preppers… Thank you for sharing this! We are so encouraged for this story, and our #1 son is also among this generation. Hope is ever alive.

      1. You’re welcome TofA! It was indeed inspiring and hopeful to be around them. They are prepared and aware but they don’t hope for or need some apocalyptic event in order to validate their prepping. I believe they will be a force to be reckoned with.

        1. Just love it that our new generation of preppers does not require event validation… My thinking is that they know it’s the best life course, and do not need external confirmation. My hope is that this means they will not be shaken from their positions, and will remain steadfastly prepared. Agreed… They will be a force to be reckoned with! Well said.

    4. I believe we are headed into the Great Tribulation. I got out of Babylon 14 years ago leaving a good income with all the benefits and a wonderful piece of horse property with a view and creek in Southern California. I could be living comfortably in Babylon, but chose to follow His small still voice instead and returned home to Montana. When the realtor talked about AK-47’s, I knew I had found the right place.

      This 14 year process was very difficult and prepared me spiritually and physically for what was slowly unfolding. We are now in a quickening. Those without the benefit of adversity, and time to prepare themselves, regardless of their wealth, will not have the mindset and essentials needed, or know how to put on the full armor of God. A spiritual war has commenced, and it will be required. I have no regrets, and although relatively ‘poor’ by the standards of Babylon, I am wealthy in God’s provisions. Those who are in the big cities living the life of luxury will lose it all over night, and have nothing to sustain themselves for the time “when no man can work”.

  4. With all the >reoccurring problems in the urban areas, some people might hear, the Redoubt Region calling like the Christian Tune. =
    “Come home, come home (come home)
    Ye who are weary come home.”

    A song to think about, considering the ~current news. =
    “Minneapolis City Council members look to disband the police department as schools and other city agencies cut ties with police” [Insider]
    “… the Muslim community, will benefit from the current anti-police narrative. The Somali Muslim community [in Minneapolis] wants Sharia-enforcement officers instead of traditional law enforcement.” [TheConservativeTreehouse]

    “The Los Angeles Times reported that the city will try and cut between $100 million to $150 million from its police budget alone. Garcetti [Mayor of L.A.] said it is incumbent on the city to “step up and say, ‘What can we sacrifice?’”

    “Mayor Lightfoot [Mayor of Chicago] Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago” [WBBM Chicago Radio]

    [In the ‘Russian illustrated political dictionary about America’ = There’s a picture of the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, as the definition of an American mental moron.] (sarcasm)

    The Constitution of the United States has these words in the preamble:
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to …. insure ~domestic Tranquility, … promote the ~general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    The USA seems to be splitting apart into differing factions. … Is there unity among Americans, or are different groups demanding to put their hands into someone else’s wallet? … Are the differing factions seeking the ‘general welfare’ of ~all Americans? … Are the Politicians actually supportive of ~all Constitutional Rights in your area?

    The Survivalblog headings contain excellent information about choosing the Redoubt Region as a safer place for relocating the family.
    [GGHD opinion: = People might want to stay ~West of the Yellowstone supervolcano bulge. .. I believe, with the prevailing weather patterns, Boise Idaho will be safer than Chicago or New York City from any Volcanic Ash torrent. … … … Because of the Rotation of the Earth, the Jet Stream travels West to East; very unlikely the direction of the Jet Stream will change during our lifetimes.]

    1. GGDH, Wow. I experienced the full gamut of emotions reading your comments!
      The “Softly and Tenderly,” hymn warmed my heart, and I’m sure I will be singing or humming it all day.

      Sharia law- fills me with dread. They even deem women so worthless they forbid women to any inheritance. It truly is like living in the dark ages.

      Skipping to the end of your comments, because I have loved ones nearby, I felt relief that you didn’t think the Boise area would erupt. It was like a gift from the Lord to me! Thank you for hearing His small voice. I feel blessed. Also, I concur about location and potential ash fall. Having lived North of Mt. St. Helen’s when it blew, we received little ash, while those East of the mountain were inundated via the wind patterns as you mentioned. Blessings to you and yours, Krissy

      1. Hello Krissy! It seems were were once “neighbors” in a way… My husband and I both lived in the PNW when Mount St. Helens erupted. We remember the ash… It was everywhere, and came down through the air for such a long time! People wore lots of masks.

        1. Hey, TofA, I’m still looking at the Olympics and Cascades, and you’ve moved on to the Appalachian’s, and we meet here, lol. It is so good to read all your comments! Prayers for you and your loved ones, Krissy

  5. This is a here we go again contribution. My read on the 2007-08 recession is as follows. It was not caused by the “housing crisis” it was caused by the banks withdrawing billions of dollars from the credit system. I received letters from most of my credit cards that my limit was reduced to basically what I owed at the time. I had $25,000 credit limits reduced to $500-$600 limits based on the balances at the time, in other words no more credit even though I payed off all balances on a monthly basis. My business stopped… I contacted my major customer whom I drop shipped my product for, ie they marketed, I manufactured. Since they were a huge company my contact told me they could not sell any large ticket items as others credit limits were reduced also. Thus nobody had any credit so money quit flowing, no money, high unemployment, of course defaults on housing and other credit occurred.
    Here’s the point. My credit score is pushing 800. I received notice that my credit limit has been reduced from $9,000 to $1500 with no valid reason given. This was from Wells Fargo Bank, A bank that has been fined huge amounts for consumer fraud in past few years, with not one of their executives convicted of any crime.
    I am going to use this type of credit restriction as a direct barometer as to where the economy is headed. With the incredibly high unemployment, civil unrest, and ignorant people looking to the government for a bail out. My belief is that our money will soon be worthless, all other banks will follow suit with credit limitations even though they know they caused the last crash. Bankers and politicians seem to be blind to cause and effect as evidenced by history. Take appropriate action to protect your families and get ready for a rough ride, I see little light at the end of this tunnel. With this eternal optimism, mother nature has provided a beautiful day for a walk that I hope will dispel my dark thoughts and restore me.

    1. Hello Joe! Yes… We remember this too. HELOCs were shut down during the 2008 financial crisis, and quickly. It happened without much (or any warning). This came on the heels of a crisis related to insurance on investment and financial instruments. Although it’s not a perfect description of the financial mechanics of the crisis, “The Big Short” is a movie worth watching. It’s close enough to make some important points.

  6. Up-Date
    Wife still working 3 days in office and one at home
    Her nurses only getting 20 hours a week
    I do not know if or when they will go back to full time
    They are making more money and have more free time now
    Son has been working 7 days a week He does food inspections for the county
    So with everything opening up he has been all over the county
    It took the bank guy 3 months to get back to him about refinancing his home said they will give him the rate 3 months ago 3% fixed
    I do not know why it took so long
    They are going to have a protest in are small town on Saturday I was told it is starting by the farmers market that is just opening up will this hurt the people that sale there ? Will people show up ?
    I did see bacon same size and kind at Walmart go from $2.98 a pound to $4.98 a pound in a month
    I See The Bad Moon Rising !

  7. The real estates sales is interesting. I have family looking to get out of California as quickly as possible. I have family who keep thinking things are going to calm down. The Socialist/Communists are dead serious and if they can be supplied with bricks (and snacks), taught how to make a molotov cocktail, taught how to injure others (watch Project Veritas expose on Antifa training) efficiently, I’m sure they have additional resources up their sleeves. And the embedded #resistance, a.k.a., the Socialists/Communists in government in the states, local and federal, have their way (defunding police and rooting for harm to law enforcement), anyone near a metro area is screwed. Personally, I think it’s past time to get out, but get out if you can (before the housing markets absolutely tank in those areas).

    The reasons for not getting out are high paying job and holding out for the home value to continue to soar. None of that is worth your life or the life of your family. Unless and until the federal government can quell the terrorists quickly (yes they’re working on it), the violence that is planned is going to be jaw dropping.

    I have some family members who refuse, absolutely refuse, to see the handwriting on the wall. I pray a lot. I pray they get out ahead of the absolute chaos and violence that is coming intact. Short of literally begging them on my knees, I strongly suggest and pray.

    1. The Project Veritas video is informative, and worth watching. I hope law enforcement is paying close attention to these domestic terrorists, and can lawfully intervene for the safety of all Americans, and for the preservation of a civil society (or should we say “restoration” given recent events). We can have both freedom of speech and assembly alongside civility and order. It’s not necessary for us to choose between these.

    2. I agree SaraSue, and it’s so frustrating. My entire extended family stayed behind when I moved to the redoubt three years ago, they just love the weather down there, the ocean, etc. I also have a close friend who has been talking about moving up here for years. Still talking. No real excuse as she has enough money and a retirement pension and no family ties, and lives quite close to a dangerous area of her city. She doesn’t see the urgency, thinks her house will go back up in value, or she’s waiting for one of her properties to sell, or whatever, it’s always something.

      I remind myself God has a plan for each one of us and it’s their choice to move or not. Certainly I have tried from my side to inform and educate but they have their own path to walk. But it’s just frustrating beyond belief.

  8. Clash of realities. We are being reminded that there are no guarantees in life. We all need to be glad we are not stuck in a Gulag, yet.

    We take a lot of things for granted, pretty much every freedom we have. We remain lukewarm about the blessings piled upon our heads, even while calamity strikes all around us. Too late we realize how powerless we truly are. Then our faith is tested. Then our priorities are proofed in the fire. What is important to all of us today will not be for much longer, and enduring truth about who we are and what this existence really is about will become glaringly apparent. We don’t have much time left. But then, we never really did…

  9. I found today’s jobs report fascinating and it made me think about some things.

    It was expected that more jobs were lost in May and it turns out jobs were gained. Expected unemployment was in the neighborhood of 19% and ended up at 13%.

    I was kind of stunned. I had really expected the doom and gloom picture and this was way better than I expected.

    My mind took another turn though. This jobs report showed what is possible. The economy of the last 2-3 years showed what is possible if you get rid of some regulation and taxes.

    It is amazing just what this country is capable of and just how badly the liberal establishment is holding this country back. To have this much of a bounce after a global pandemic? (Fake/engineered pandemic IMO but for those who think otherwise I will respect the other opinions as well.)

    Put another way, Mayor De Blasio was talking the other day about the old song “Imagine”, which I think is a truly evil piece of lyrics. However, can you imagine the possibilities that would emerge if we could throw off the shackles of the criminal liberal/socialist politicians in this country? They have shown their true colors in recent months and shown just how bad of saboteurs they are and have been for decades.

    Can you imagine where we would be in science, medicine, economics, agriculture, social justice, etc. without their mill stones around our necks? I think the jobs report says it all. Even when severely and horribly hampered people found a way. Can you imagine what would happen if the government got out of the way? It would be staggering IMO.

    The flip side of this is that it is staggering the lengths the liberals/socialists will go to hold us back. That is also scary. I fear what they will dream up next.

    1. JBH, I liked all of your comments!
      In addition, the song, “Imagine,” has such a catchy tune to those horrible lyrics. Do you remember when the quarantine first began, some celebrities started the singing videos of it? Since I couldn’t get it out of my head but didn’t want to sing those lyrics, I made up my own. They are very simple, yet made me feel better.

      Imagine there’s a heaven
      Where those who love God go
      Family, friends and loved ones
      Angels walking on gold

      Imagine there’s a heaven
      Spending eternity
      Singing hallelujah’s
      Healthy and happy


      Walking with the angels
      All our sorrows gone
      No crying tears of sadness
      Just a joyous song

      Imagine there’s a heaven
      Waiting for you and me
      Everyone is welcome
      If you’ve been set free

      From the chains of darkness
      Black sins in our hearts
      Jesus does the washing
      Creates a pure white heart

      For all those who love God
      Animals too
      Ask Jesus for forgiveness
      It’s all you’ve got to do

      Imagine there’s a heaven
      Waiting for you and me
      Filled with love and happiness
      For all eternity

      by Krissy

    2. An excellent point, JBH!

      From your post: “However, can you imagine the possibilities that would emerge if we could throw off the shackles of the criminal liberal/socialist politicians in this country? ”

      Well said!

    3. JBH, I am calling a BullSh!t,we lost over 1,500,000 jobs last week,4,000,000 the week before over 40,000,000 in the last 2 months. Unless Antifa is now a major employer and the hottest new job category is rioter/looter(salary and all you can steal bonus) no new jobs of any measurable amount have been created(Amazon is just filling open spots).

        1. Looks like a lot of these are probably jobs that had been lost with the shutdowns, but are now being regained as areas open back up. The gains are probably more pronounced in areas that are reopening, while those that remain locked down may continue to see losses. My daughter was called back to her retail job today, and she’s been laid off for over 2 months

  10. It is possible that things will go back to normal for a short time. If this happens be sure to look at your preps and try to fill any needs you may have. We will probably not see a return to normal on guns and ammo unless things get better for an extended period of time.

  11. “College Enrollment in the Spring Fell for 9th Year in a Row, and Now Comes Covid”

    The comments were more interesting than the article and for the most part, many left me speechless. No wonder our country is in such deep trouble.

    One thing I’ve wondered over the past week, since I’m a numbers guy, I’d love to see the education level and specific degrees/majors held in each of the three groups of people in the news: looters, protesters, Antifa. I’m guessing the looters have the lowest education level of the three, and I’m guessing (generally speaking) most of the protestors have BS degrees and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science, rather, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Theater Arts, Human Geography, etc. Anyone with a useful degree would most likely be at work, not protesting. I’d love to see the numbers.

    College is a huge racket. It was 40+ years ago when I attended and it’s way more so today. I for one am glad to see their enrollments shrinking as some kids realize they won’t get a good return on investment if they attend. Colleges take advantage of young, naive, incoming freshman who don’t have the slightest idea which end is up, who then get deep in debt to buy a degree they can’t get a job with. I’d love to give the talk to incoming freshman. It would be called, “Show me the want ads!” The administration would be dragging me off stage before I was even half way though…

    I’ll spare you the rest of the rant, gotta go plant beans! 🙂

    1. I told my wife the other day that both of us, along with pretty much everyone that we know, is too busy working to go “protest” even if we were of the mindset to do so.

    2. St. Funogas, ~ I apologize to you, but I’m going to use your comment to give unsolicited advice to parents of young whippersnappers.
      Two year Community Colleges have ~Trade School programs. Many programs lead to good paying Trade Jobs. [Students should obviously do the needed research.] Many of the ~public Community Colleges are ~low cost [Subsidized by Taxpayers].

      cwi[dot]edu is the link for College of Western Idaho in the Redoubt Region. There are other Community Colleges in the US with many more programs. [It’s used for an example.] The public Community College programs are ~low cost compared to other programs advertised.

      +The US Military has numerous career opportunities. A young person can be ~paid to learn a trade.
      1. Learn how to load bombs on a Navy Jet, or 2. Learn how to work on a Navy Jet as a mechanic. …. All the technical jobs require computer skills. The Military teaches the needed skills. … The Navy ships have ‘engines’ that need mechanics. All the electronics need mechanics. There are other systems in the US Military needing trained technicians. (Including medical skills and knowledge)
      [I used the US Navy, because an outside contractor isn’t used, to fly onto a Navy vessel for an 8 to 5 job, with Saturday and Sunday off]

      There’s plenty of worthwhile Community Colleges available in the USA, at a low cost to the students for a worthwhile education. The students can learn job skills for a good paying job in the future. … The Trade Jobs and US Military can and will test for drug use. [In the private companies it’s called a ‘fitness for work’ standard of conduct. (or a Fitness for Duty Policy)]

      God Bless America; the Land of Opportunity.

      [+The comment about “Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Theater Arts, Human Geography,” is pertinent. Such ‘knowledge’ can be learned by just using a computer, while living in the parents’ basement. Why spend money on a useless college degree?]

      1. GGHD,most community college programs have little use(exculuding hard skills with certifications(welding ,auto/diesel,HVAC). The better way is union apprentice progams(earn while you learn). The military is notoriously bad to learn civilian skills as the training is so specific it mainly only applies to military equipment(great as a gov. contractor but few tank/humvee mechanic jobs). Had a friend who trained as a plumber but couldn’t work in the world as the code was so different.

        1. VT, ~ Life itself requires some planning and research. Unfortunately, many people depend on someone else to do the work for them. A ‘job counselor’ at a high school often tells kids, to go to a 4 year college, and earn a useless degree.

          Union apprenticeships usually requires a ‘type of ‘insider’ grease to get into the Union. [My experience and also the experience of many other people.]
          VT ~ If you can tell people how to ~exactly become an apprentice in a good Union, a lot of people at SurvivalBlog would be appreciative.
          [I suspect, it might be easier to become public school teacher with a teaching certificate, than it is to become a plumber’s apprentice (or any other good Union).]

          +There numerous Civil Service employees that are also members of ‘private’ unions.
          From Wikipedia about Unions: “Historically, the rapid growth of public employee unions since the 1960s has served to mask an even more dramatic decline in private-sector union membership.”

          The person learning a Trade in the US Military should choose wisely. Anyone becoming an expert on Afterburners on Military Jets might not be able to use the learned skills in Civilian Life. … Military Jets = it’s all about ‘pedal to metal’ (when necessary) to stay alive. … Big Commercial passenger Jets want to minimize fuel costs.

          People working in the trades often have to go back to school to learn new skills, materials and techniques. [Sometimes a salesman will show up at a shop with the new product.] School is all on your own time in the trades.

          Codes are something learned. The Codes change over time. +As an example: = Almost all the new materials have changed, for new construction plumbing during my lifetime. Plumbing was NOT my trade. (>Incidental to mine.) ~
          …….. To see a ‘manifold’ as a take point for plastic piping in a house is amazing; all new tools, new materials and a quick install.

          ……… (Plumbing is a real ~hard job. I was amazed every time I saw a plumber carrying a big water heater tank by himself. The newer tankless water heaters must be considered a gift from God, by even atheist plumbers.)

          The US Military offers opportunities for kids without connections or financial means for school.
          See: todaysmilitary(dot)com/education-training/paying-college

          “Paying for College, Earning a Degree
          Find out from service members how joining the Military can help you pay for school and the different ways you can earn a degree.”

          “The Military offers many educational benefits that service members can take advantage of during or after service. From financial aid and college funds to loan repayment programs, there have never been more ways for service members to afford and further their education.”

          It’s a good basic site, that should be read and understood before talking to a recruiter. Know about the Trades you might want to learn in the Military. Read the article. Do some research. (Anyone considering the Military.

          [The recruiter might ask if you like to hiking and camping. = There’s always ‘hiking’ opportunities in the US Military.]
          +God Bless America! We have the absolutely best hiking people in our Military. = Absolutely the best in the entire world. (And the best shots!)

          … … +The mechanics want to see the US Military Jets go as fast as they can. God Bless Them Too. It takes a lot of working Americans to put the Jet and Pilot over a target.

          People going to school still have to choose wisely in the job skills they will learn. … A lot of people are paying and going into debt, for useless degrees, without much economic value.
          The US Military is a good opportunity for many patriotic Americans.

    3. One solution is simply to eliminate student loans… Or to make the universities and colleges liable for the losses when students default. Just a couple thoughts to add to the conversation!

      Hoping you enjoyed planting those beans! Time in the garden is wonderfully therapeutic!

  12. Noah left the doors of the ark open until the last minute but even then folks were too busy having a good time or were in disbelief that the hard rains would be a-fallin’.

  13. My disgust with how the news glorifies chaos is on multiple levels. They are all the same in stating we have to give these people the right to protest since it’s the first amendment of the constitution. At the same time these reporters minimize the destruction and wanton theft and arson.
    To really add insult the people caught in these acts are let go. We are taking about thousands of them mostly in Blue States. Than combine these thugs with actual criminals Governors and mayors have let out of prison shows there is no turning to any type of normal.

    I can see the exodus from these states that might rival the Hebrews out of Egypt. People need to get out of these godless and lawlessness States.

    I agree there seems to be a window of time to get your house in order in however one can do with limits on money and not leaving good Christians Friends one has in their circle.
    On a positive note I know which States and or cities I never, never need to go. The mask have fallen off many in authority and one can clearly see the evil.

    1. I have found Twitter to be a source of many videos and bits of news that reach me directly from someone’s camera rather than through the filter of a mainstream media. The recent riots have been a great example as half of the crowd seems to be using their phones to film the other half. I’ve seen news happen 24 hours before it appears on cable TV or on a news aggregation site like the Drudge Report. I’ve also seen plenty of videos that never get published.

      I joined Twitter during the quarantine because I had so much time on my hands; it is my first foray into social media since I left Facebook in 2013. It can be a time suck, an echo chamber and has its share of idiots, but if you follow the local police or sheriff office or emergency management team, you can sometimes get news as it is happening. Plus, there are people who listen to scanners and tweet reports. Might not be a bad source of info in a localized emergency.

      You can also be relatively anonymous, meaning Twitter might know who you are, but no one else will. Check it out, we can always use more preppers on Twitter.

  14. God may be doing a great work. Slowly draining the big cities of inhabitants. Forcing the evil to shut down, due to lack of people and money. People will spread (think #towerofbabel) and begin again. Blue states governors and mayors are evident for the entire country to see. This could be a masterful plan. The real end-game of liberalism is always poverty and want and loss of opportunity…..yet people always think they can ‘do it better’, than their predecessors. From the covid to the riots, we are witnessing those who would further what the hippies/baby boomers started decades ago. The positive side is: fathers home with their children more, people interested in home-based work, home education, and self-sufficiency. Perhaps this is God calling and warning us yet again.

  15. Just a bit of a surprisingly good news coming out of Detroit. Detroit has, I think, the best big city police chief in the country, James Craig. Detroit hasn’t had anywhere near the violence that other major cities have had. Chief Craig wasn’t about to put up with it. The DPD enforced the curfew while still allowing for peaceful protests up until the 8:00 curfew. For the most part these protesters went along with the program. Those that didn’t quickly got arrested. Kudos to Chief Craig and the DPD for their vigilance and their patience. Patience is the word Chief Craig used to describe the DPD response to the protests. They were patient and nice until it was time not to be patient and nice.

    Also kudos to the citizens of Detroit. They weren’t going to put up with the lunacy that other major cities put up with. So far so good, I’ll keep you all posted. If you have to live in a major metropolitan area, this is the one to live in.

    It’s still time to get out. Workin’ on it. My better half still thinks we have plenty of time, she’s wrong.

    1. Lot’s wife didn’t want to leave either. Oh and Lot dithered and had to be drug out by the Angel’s sent to rescue them. We all love our comfort zone and shy away from change. Normalcy bias is a big deal. We have family in big cities who are concerned, but dithering… a quote…”Panic now, avoid the rush”. God bless.

  16. And when the rioters arrive, wave the “application for permit to purchase a firearm” in front of them and ask them politely to come back next month.

    The Constitution may be a “parchment barrier”, but the 2nd Amendment in practice is on the other side, so breach it at your peril.

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