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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at how the current riots seem to be spinning out of control.

WRSA Site Shut Down by WordPress

The latest round of the censorship war:  On Tuesday afternoon, the Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) web site was shut down by WordPress — ostensibly for “content violations”.  The WRSA site has always been outspokenly pro-2A. I find the timing of when their site was axed very suspicious. You see, most recently, they re-posted the late Mike Vanderboegh’s serialized book titled Absolved, all in one piece.  Apparently that raised the ire and invoked The Author-I-Tahh of the leftist, anti-gun WordPress gnomes.

Other conservative and libertarian people and organizations that use WordPress for site hosting should take note, and make immediate plans to migrate to other servers!  Be proactive, or you too may end up “down the memory hole.”

Fear not. The WRSA’s primary writer has already begun posting on GAB. They can’t stop the signal!

Looters Kill Retired St. Louis Police Captain on Facebook Live

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Looters fatally shoot retired St. Louis police captain on Facebook Live video

The Widening Gyre: Louisville BBQ Business Owner Killed

Reader D.S.V. suggested this troubling news: ‘My son didn’t hurt nobody’: David McAtee, Louisville business owner, killed by authorities. JWR’s Comment: If there are too many incidents like those in St. Louis and Louisville, then the current protests and riots could spin out of control into urban gun battles and insurgency. Please pray with fervor for a return to civility, in America.

Virginia Refuses, Maryland Agrees to Send National Guard to DC

Several readers sent this headline, over at The Hill: Virginia refuses, Maryland agrees to Pentagon request to send National Guard to DC

Monkeys Steal COVID Blood Samples in India

Reader D.S.V. sent us this: Gang of Monkeys Steals COVID Blood Samples in India. (As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse…)

Yahoo News Fears Backyard Chicken Farming

Krissy sent us this piece that illustrates how biased and detached from reality that Yahoo News can be: Experts warn the explosion in backyard chicken farming could spark disease outbreaks

Crowbar Attacks on ATMs

St. Louis: Like something out of a novel… Police searching for suspects who attempted to break into ATM

Antifa Arrests Coming, Riots Heading to Suburbia?

Reader “Nomad” sent this from Fox News: Antifa arrests coming, concerns over riots heading to suburbia, government source says.  Here is a quote from the article:

“Much of the worry stems from the notion that many in well-armed, suburban, and rural neighborhoods won’t hesitate to exercise their Second Amendment rights and elevated anxieties could lead to heavy confrontation.
‘Antifa knows this,’ said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Local and state authorities have to get a grip on this because if it moves to the suburbs, more people will die.'”

Retailers and Restaurants Shuttered Across the U.S.

S.P. was the first of several readers to send us this: Retailers and restaurants across the U.S. close their doors amid protests. Here is a pericope:

“Walmart on Sunday closed several hundred stores due to potential protests. Amazon said it had adjusted routes or scaled back delivery operations in some cities, while Apple closed an unspecified number of stores on Sunday. Target said it temporarily closed six stores in California, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The Mayor of Philadelphia ordered all retailers to shut down Sunday.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Curfew Update

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam gives curfew update — June 2, 2020.  JWR’s Comment: The irony of his words burn, when you consider the history of his college blackface costume.

Researchers Map COVID Progress Through Respiratory Tract

Researchers map SARS-CoV-2 infection in cells of nasal cavity, bronchia, lungs. (Thanks to C.B., for the link.)

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  1. Yahoo and other controlling factions don’t fear backyard chicken farming because of disease as much as it fears independence and self sufficiency along with folks doing useful stuff rather than sitting mindlessly on social media and gaming consoles allowing others to think for them.

    1. The dems’ plan for the 2020 election is Chaos and Revolution.
      As such, we have a very clear choice between the Communists and Donald Trump.
      If the Communists win, we will have a civil war. And even if they lose we could have a civil war if they get their way anyway.
      You must choose wisely.

    1. ‘Cattle grid’ [See the article on Wikipedia]. Cattle Grids are common out West. They >stop four legged animals from leaving. … It should be possible to build a Cattle Guard designed to be dragged from its location. = There would be a large ditch left across the private road, which would ~prevent vehicle traffic. [The remaining ditch would NOT stop an Army Tank. = A bug-out bag would be needed.]

      A pack of four legged dogs will scoot under a barbed wire fence, rather than crossing a Cattle Guard. … [I’ve seen two cars chasing a runaway horse. +Cows wandering along the road.] … A Cattle Guard (grid) prevents a lot of problems.
      … … It should be possible to design a ~removable Cattle Grid to work over a ‘dry moat’ for the property. I’ve never seen (noticed) a ‘Cattle Grid’ placed over the drainage ditch along a public road. That ‘critter’ might be common out West too.

      1. Thanks for the cattle grid idea. The principle is the same as in a combat engineer’s manual, but better as it would be a good way to preposition a barrier, and hide it in plain sight.
        Just got a 6 gallon bucket of railway spikes that can be made into heavy duty caltrops, or homemade spike strip. Overkill maybe, but it was free. and no doubt a tire would quickly deflate. The spike strip that law enforcement uses has heavy and large gauge syringes intended for very large animals as the ‘spikes’ are hollow and allow the air to escape from a punctured tire. Even so, a vehicle can still travel a ways while the air slowly escapes the tire. A heavy nail would tend to stay in the tire and not allow the air to escape if it became dislodged from it’s base. And given the size of these railway spikes, their presence on a road way might be a good deterrent.

        Off the top of my head, here is a possible homemade spike strip using railway spikes. A 2” x 12”, or two 2′ x 12′ screwed together to make a stronger 3” x 11 1/2” board (actual size), could be drilled with perhaps large 1 to 1 1/2”, or other size wood bit or hole saw, and the spike driven in for a snug fit. The spike stripe could be keyed into the ground by placing it in a shallow ditch, and the wooden portion buried deep enough that the spikes protrude only so much as to be effective. The ground could help strengthen the strip, and making it difficult to remove if buried deep, or covered in cement. Of course there are other methods one could contrive, yet this is a quick and easy build, and we get to use all the available spikes for the purpose of puncturing tires. A grinder would quickly sharpen them up. Orient the sharpened tip with the direction of travel for best results, and place the strip in front of a heavy gate or barrier.

        Railway spikes are available for purchase on eBay and inexpensive, but the shipping might be excessive. By the length that my arm is stretched, a 6 gallon bucket of these may weigh 50 lbs or more.

      2. If you have a cattle guard at the entrance to your property, leave one of the pipes “unwelded” so that when a vehicle drives over it the tires will roll the pipe into the pipe next to it and it will sound like a bell. If your home/retreat is a good way down your drive you will here the sound and have a little warning that someone is coming.

  2. Target has temporarily closed 47 stores in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
    From Yahoo news: “In addition to Target, TJ Maxx and numerous other businesses in the greater Minneapolis area, Walgreens, Dollar General and Dollar Tree were also reportedly broken into by looters or damaged in recent days. A spokeswoman for Dollar Tree said that some stores may temporarily close, due to damage or “out of an abundance of caution.” She declined to specify how many stores.”

    1. Reminder to readers that Target encourages people of opposite gender to use the designated restroom. Many incidents of this causing problems – including in changing areas. They give safe haven to sexual predators – and several documented instances of crimes against both minors and adults have occurred.
      While this can’t be 100% attributed to their policies – I suppose this could happen in other stores – it is disturbing nonetheless.

  3. News reports are now indicating there are videos showing David McAtee, “my son didn’t hurt nobody” actually fired on police first. News reports say two separate business camera videos show this. Probably never know the whole story.

    1. “Probably never know the whole story.”

      It sounds like the same old story to me. At least I think that I’ve seen this movie before, in fact, too many times.

    1. Best advice, Cord7! Rush Limbaugh had that advice yesterday for a lady who expressed some real disappointment and depression over the state of things.

      I paraphrase:

      Above all else, first turn off all the media. Their job and goal is to get you and keep you terrified and dispirited and miserable.

  4. Antifa – Who would have thought that Wichita, KS would be one of the crazy places? Protests every night this week, with only the first night showing any looting. There was a dirtbag that fired at the Police that first night. Thankfully, the only hit he made was a riot helmet. They are protesting in the outlying areas too. Stores are closing early and barricading front doors. I was told Cabellas even put gun safes at the front door. Target usually has shopping carts, but they placed hard objects against the door. The good side is my wife and son are finally realizing how real this can get. I do have to reseal a couple of dehydrated items. Other than that, my preps are good, just need to fill out a few small areas.

    1. Apparently Snotty Naperville and Barrington (Even more snotty) Illinois aren’t immune to all these riots! These punks completely destroyed downtown Naperville.

      My brother sent me pictures of National Guard Hummers & Troops from Aurora late last night when he was coming home from work.

      The mayor of Chicago was on the radio a little while ago ranting and raving & she wants people from the disadvantaged communities in Chicago to train the new incoming Police Officers!! Incredible! Police Officials are saying NO WAY!

      I’m gonna go play in my garden now!!

      Have a Rockin great day!

      1. We are so sorry for the news of the destruction of these places… None of this should be happening, even though we as SB readers understand what this is and knew that it was a serious risk in our world (and is now a reality).

        The responses of the very politicians who are responsible are almost beyond belief, even for those of us who understand their duplicitous and manipulative ways. I find it so strange (even if not a surprise) that the very people who create the conditions that give rise to these societal disasters then run from them — taking their contamination to new destinations — and do this all while deflecting blame to anyone they can tag for it.

        I am left sickened — steadfast in my resolve — but sickened at the same time.

    2. I reject violent rioters of any type when civil protestors are trying to move public policy in a Constitutionally-protected manner. Antifa is not a group I support or respect. But I think we’re naive if no one here acknowledges the likelihood that far-right extremists are also trying to juice up violence and provoke serious trouble, then placing blame on their opponents. Several websites have been identified as pretending to be Antifa seemingly promoting violence BUT were in fact White Supremacists “rabble rousing” to their own agenda. Who knows what more material support they also use?! For all the distrust here of the media, please realize that bad actors are trying to “play” us (AND the media) too.

  5. It seems to me that Democratic Governors and Mayors just want to rule, even if it is just over the remains of burned out cities and screw the tax paying citizens. As for not calling up the national guard, I was under the impression that the guard is funded by the Federal Government and actually part of the armed forces. If the governors and mayors want it their way, just cut off all federal funding and see how long they stay in power. If Antifa and their followers head to the burbs they are going to find a different breed of cats. Be sure to bring your own body bag. In the rural areas that will not be necessary as we have a lot of backhoes sitting around not doing much at the moment due to their shutting down the economy for political purposes.

    1. Joe,

      The Guard is usually part of the State’s armed forces, not the Federal government. If mobilized under State Active Duty (State funded, State controlled) or Title 32 (Federally funded, but State controlled), they are not legally Federal troops and thus not subject to the conditions of the Posse Comitatus Act. This is why they are the first military force of choice in domestic responses. Once mobilized under Title 10 (Federally funded and controlled), they are considered Federal troops.

  6. As is all too often the case with police shootings in racially-charged incidents, there is a different side of the case.

    Per ABC News, “Authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, released additional video footage Tuesday showing what they claim is David McAtee, who was shot dead by law enforcement earlier this week, firing his gun first.”

      1. I have not followed the case closely. It is my understanding that he was waving a pistol around before police fired. What was going on at the exact instant police and National Guard opened fire, I can’t tell you.

        The family said before the video surfaced that he was unarmed and was a “loving man.” Trayvon II, I suppose.

        1. I was only commenting that somebody who fired the first shot could defending himself against Aggression and if that Person is killed by the attacker it is murder or manslaughter

          1. The US Police in the Moment must rather prove to me that it wasn´t self defense than the other way around, if somebody uses force against them

  7. Praying every day for God’s mighty warrior angels to surround my children and grandchildren. I’m thankful they know “the rules”, one of which is to avoid crowds of all kinds. I know that this battle is more spiritual than most would believe. It’s as if the demons of hell were let loose. Remember brothers and sisters in Christ, that even the demons tremble at the name of Jesus. Say His name frequently, even if you have to pull the trigger, say His name.

    Sadly, I’m convinced now that this deep and urgent feeling to prep up more than normal this past year was from God. I was feeling ridiculous and was telling myself, this is pure crazy girl! But, the feeling stayed with me, so I continued, prayerfully. If my family shows up, it won’t be enough to get us through a year, so I’ll continue.

    I have to fight my feelings of pure rage at what is happening to our country. I’m disgusted and angry. But, I know that rage leads to poor decision making, so I pray constantly while I’m working each day, and His peace fills me up. Not to say I’m walking around all joyful all the time – it’s a huge struggle to keep my frame of mind where it needs to be: prayerful, dedicated to the tasks at hand, thoughtful preparations. I won’t waste my time constantly watching the news or stressing myself silly. Just a check in twice a day to happenings and then turn it off.
    Carry on friends and remember Who your Redeemer is.

    1. Well said, SaraSue — and an excellent message.

      The nearest town to our home is expecting protestors this evening. News reports that the protest groups will be traveling in from a couple larger metropolitan areas. We pray that everyone will remain safe. We are, admittedly, concerned given what has happened in larger cities.

      We would ask for the prayers of the SB community. These are difficult and challenging times.

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

        1. Thank you so much, RKRGRL68, for your prayers. So very much appreciated, and all our prayers have been answered. In this small rural town, the protests were peaceful this evening.

          Unfortunately, the protests in one of the major cities from which some of these people came were not so peaceful. Conflicts in that major metro area persist.

          Our prayers for the safety of everyone continue in earnest. We can’t say enough how much it means that others have joined with us in this.

      1. “News reports that the protest groups will be traveling in from a couple larger metropolitan areas.”

        Maybe I’m just not that bright, but this makes absolutely no sense to me. Protesters are being bused in from areas where the problems are, to areas where the problem doesn’t exist, to protest the fact that there are problems in their area, but none in yours? I’d think you would want to protest where the problems are. That’s kind of like filling sandbags in Arizona for a flood in Mississippi, isn’t it.

        Prayers are with you. Stay safe. Keep it all tucked in tight. From what I’ve seen on the news, these people don’t care who they hurt.

        1. Our thanks to The Lone Canadian also for the heartfelt prayers that meant so much to us throughout the day and evening. We will go to sleep tonight grateful to everyone.

          From your post: “That’s kind of like filling sandbags in Arizona for a flood in Mississippi, isn’t it.”

          I have to admit it… In this worrisome day, I had to smile when I read this in your note because it was just so true — and such a great way to explain the truth of this whole situation. Well said. Really well said.

  8. Just noticed that Obama sounds like who he was when he started. A communitee organizer/agitator. It sure is easier to call down the wrath when you are on the outside rather than taking the blame when you are on the inside for societal ills.

  9. I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman from Cottage Grove Oregon yesterday where he showed me phone pictures of his local Wal-Mart’s gun counter completely devoid of guns and ammo. He said that he was told by staff due to being in close proximity to Eugene OR and the trouble going on there that everything was removed because if rioting/looting was to occur in Cottage Grove that they did not want that stuff getting into the hands of looters. The reason he was in my area, aside from a medical appointment, was to locate some .22 ammunition for his pistol.

  10. Store and restaurant closures. Most places, Wally World included, started closing at 5 due to corporate orders.
    The line at the local Panda Express was a dozen deep when they said they were closing early.
    Again, corporate orders, one size fits all..

    About the only abberency I’ve seen here is a panhandler cussing me out. See, he was holding a sign that says “Any Change?”
    I told him no. Everything is pretty much the same.

  11. I have to wonder if the Antifa leadership would send their members to the hinterlands to riot
    and loot fully knowing that many would not return?
    Maybe they think a few casualties would be good publicity for their recruiting efforts. It’s doubtful that any of them have known the abject fear of being shot at.
    A lot of money could be made selling Depends Adult Diapers to the Antifa foot soldiers as they march into battle!

    1. This was pretty much my thought. These big liberal-run cities are surrounded by mostly smaller, conservative leaning communities. As such, most of us have firearms and will not hesitate to defend ourselves, our families, and our property. The efforts to move the riots and looting outwards are pretty much guaranteed to fail in that respect (IMO).
      I think the big danger will end up with bad guys taking pot shots at vehicles on the roadways. If you can avoid traveling through or near these areas, by all means do so.

  12. This will end up being the most interesting presidential election in a long time. Even before then, the Democratic convention in August will be interesting and could have some big surprises. Heck, the way things are going even the Republican convention could hold some surprises. Everybody from the Republican Party to the Deep State to the Democratic Party has been trying to get rid of Trump since the day he was elected and I’m surprised he’s lasted this long. If Geriatric Joe Biden ends up winning the nomination and the election, he’ll wake up dead in bed sometime during his first year in office so his running mate will be very carefully selected by the powers that be. With all the social chaos right now, the economy in shambles due to the lock downs, I think Trump may be toast come November, especially if the Democrats come up with a last-minute candidate at the convention on August. The Democrats are loving all the riots right now. I can’t believe Antifa is the only driving force behind them.

    After downloading some spreadsheets from the Congressional Budget Office in 2018 and other stuff from the Social Security Administration, I originally figured we’d have some sort of a Big Reset by 2030. With the lockdowns crashing the economy I moved that up to 2028, and with the trillions of dollars of additional deficit spending this year, mostly handed out to big corporations, and the total zombie stock market, I’m moving my Big Reset date up even sooner than 2028. Either way, we’re in for a heck of a ride!

    1. I agree the upcoming party conventions and the Presidential Elections will be more of what we have seen the past weeks. Conventions typically have a lot of protests. And the election, no matter which way it goes, will be an excuse for Antifa to either violently celebrate, or violently protest. If the election result is contested for any reason, voter fraud, hanging chads, etc., BOOM!

  13. A few random thoughts.

    Regarding closures, we used to live in one of the suburbs mentioned by JWR in Patriots until almost 2 years ago. We still receive notices from the police. We received one the other night about a planned “gathering”. Fortunately there was no property damage or other violence, but the police recommended that stores close at 5 pm., which many continue to do. So yes this whole deal is moving to the suburbs and rural areas. We can’t forget that many people from rural areas have gone away and been indoctrinated at college.

    Matt you are so right about the elitist attitude regarding so many aspects of life. The average person can’t be trusted to, grow their own food, raise their own animals, hunt for themselves, own firearms for defense, educate their own children… the list grows. All these things must be left to the experts we are told.

  14. Very interesting times. Stay grounded in Gods word and stay prayed up. Dont believe any politician completely especially the democrats. As things start down hill even faster praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  15. Assuredly there is more behind the rioting/looting than antifa–someone is paying their bills and buying their supplies. Videos of planted pallets of bricks and antifa types attempting to incite people to riot [as described] over at Zerohedge.

    As for north Idaho, when word got around that Coeur d’Alene was going to be a target, some of the local folk organized protection for local businesses as a deterrent force.

    Even the liberal editors couldn’t find too much to complain about other than slanted references to those scary guns they were carrying. At least they did mention the car full of black-clad occupants who shouted obscenties at those guarding a business, sizing them up before driving away. A followup article:

    Eyes open. Head on swivel. There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

    1. Who is organizes and funds Antifia? My guess, these communist subversives are funded by Globalists, and run by Obama’s shadow government. This is an attempt to overthrow the government. Trump could loose, and if he does, we will be on our own. They will come for us eventually.

    2. China would be smuggling in weapons and explosives, and funding as well. Antifia is the equivalent of the Brown Shirts. They could also providing advance training from comms to tactics.

  16. Nice and peaceful and distant up here in the far north. I heard we had some folks do a nice, quiet little protest in downtown Anchorage the other day. They even opened up the hot dog vending stands for them so they wouldn’t have to leave the area for lunch break. Interesting how civil people are when everyone has a gun. Hard to bus the Antifa agee-taters up here from the lower 48. I kinda like that. I also note how none of this here rioting ever seems to go on in the dead of winter. I guess politics is a fair weather concern for a lot of kids. I reckon there weren’t too many on the streets in Philly when the thunderstorms rolled thru this week, LOL.

    1. Good to hear that your area is resolute. I am from Juneau which, as the State Capitol, has become a Seattle/Portland of the north. But there are still a lot of gun owners there so protesters won’t include Antifa.

      Although Juneau is a beautiful area, the northern Alaskans (known to themselves as REAL Alaskans) hate Juneau in general. An Anchorite once told me that if the State needs an enema, Juneau is where they will place the nozzle. I couldn’t disagree.

  17. I don’t think I understand the headset of many people anymore. I totally get why people would want to protest the use of lethal force by the police on an unarmed person. I totally get that this has happened far too often and that it needs to stop. What violent “protests”, looting, arson, burning police cars etc has to do with this is beyond me.

    Here it’s been rather quiet thus far but for a few “protests”, one of which was invective filled and full of threats; the police showed admirable restraint! People have been posting “looking” for a protest to attend. There’s one planned for outside the state house this weekend and on the schedule they have an hour set aside for talks and open mic “for blacks only”. Wondering how it would fly if a protest set aside time “for whites only”. But then again I guess I’m just not woke enough or something. I fail to see how demonizing whites is helpful.

    I feel badly for those who are the victims of the looting and arson. All of the small businesses that have been destroyed, cars torched and homes destroyed, none of which I expect will be covered by insurance. Someone I know told me that she finds all of this irrelevant; that only the protests about police brutality matter and she doesn’t care about all who have been harmed by the looting and arson. That she is a self-proclaimed “radical” and essentially all of these people are just extraneous to the “action”. (There’s a word for this, the people harmed by this action, but I can’t for the life of me think of it right now. ) I’m glad I live far enough from the protests(for now) and my son will be here if possible when they are happening as he is close to one favored locale.

    1. I think the word you are looking for is “collateral damage”.

      This means “I don’t care if something bad happens to someone else”. This is the attitude alright and it quickly changes when roles are reversed.

      Most people are “not woke enough” to realize that this is a Communist insurrection right out of their playbook. If this doesn’t turn more violent and calms down the only thing that will save our future is for the President to identify who is promoting Antifa, trace their funding and freeze it, arrest the culprits under treason statutes and use their funding to selectively rebuild America. Long term jail time will also be required.

      It is time to either save the Republic or hand it over.

      1. Yes! That’s the word(s)! Collateral damage! My brain is tired! So it seems that all of these poor people who have no “horse in the race”, aren’t oppressing anyone, etc are losing their jobs, businesses, homes, possessions, cars etc due to looting and arson and are merely considered “collateral damage”. And all the virtue signaling ever so woke self-proclaimed radicals don’t have a clue that they are just tools…….

  18. I’d started building hedgehogs for traffic a few years ago. I ramped up and made a few more before the pandemic and now it seems I might want enough so back to the welder

  19. All the lockdowns are illegal, period! Unless legitimately authorized by a vote of state or fed goobermint legislatures they are unlawful and contrary to the Bill of Rights under the Constitution.
    Every job anyone holds that puts food on the table and shelter over the heads of anyone or their families, are they not essential for that persons survival? All jobs are essential to someone!
    Here is Judge Napolitano on the nuts & bolts of the illegality of these lockdown orders…. In other words Govs & mayor tyrant wannabes, Pound Sand….

    Regarding the latest in the riots, looting and protesting. These dick-tatrers in training mandate everyone stay home, don’t go to work, loss of jobs, what the heck do you expect from them, no one has to get up in the AM for work, can sleep till noon or later, have nothing else to do. This isn’t altogether about the tragedy that happened to George Floyd or racism, he ( I have read) actually died from a heart attack, even though it was promulgated by drugs in his system AND the knee on the neck sealed the deal. This was merely the spark the fanned the latest brushfire. Look at this as a primer on the coming festivities, time to be determined. Be ready…..BLOAT and get your resources in order…….

  20. In 1966, I talked to a couple of older gentleman at CAmp Perry about the Detroit riots and if they were affected. Even though their neighborhoods were right next to the main rioting area, they didn’t have a problem with rioters and looting, why I ask. their answer was that the looters and rioters knew they wouldn’t leave those neighborhoods alive. One guy said he had a shotgun behind or next to every door in the house and next to his bed, in addition to the .45 he carried and the 357 belonging to his wife. I didn’t ask as to what they did for a living, but I think they were ww2 / Korean war vets. Not saying that the same thing will happen now, but you never know.

  21. Live from the “liberal” city of Philadelphia:

    Residents stocking up on guns say they’ll defend against looters

    By Bob Brooks
    Tuesday, June 2, 2020 9:24AM

    PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — It’s too soon for sales data, but when gun shops are seeing lines that stretch outside the store, it suggests the riots are prompting some people to protect themselves with firearms.

    The line stayed consistent at about a dozen deep on Monday. People were buying guns and ammo at Founding Fathers Outfitters off Ridge Pike in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

    In the words of Sal Salhiah of North Philadelphia, “If somebody walks into my house, he’s done. That’s the only thing I can say.”

    He says Sunday night’s crowds did break into his neighbor’s property.

    Salhiah has a little girl at home.

    “My daughter is sleeping upstairs in the next room. It’s not about watching. Anything that you see on the TV is a mess but when you see it in real life, that’s scary,” he says.”

    As they say, a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.

  22. Lots of good comments this week. Some are very entertaining too.
    I may be wrong but I am not dead wrong.
    The more I prepare, the more secure my family becomes.
    It is interesting that even when the pickings on the grocery shelves get slim, we are still ok.
    We can adapt.
    When the 24 hour cable and radio news cycle gets worse and worse, I am outside working on my stuff. I listen to a lot of acoustic music. I am always armed. It is like a warm blanket on a cold might.
    I do listen to the police scanner as it represents local happenings.
    I have read that the people who were already growing their food during the Great Depression barely felt the effect while some stock brokers were jumping out of sky scrapers. I need to continue to do more to become self sufficient.
    We all need to know that we are better off than 90% of other Americans.
    We are self responsible people which is in my opinion a very American thing.
    Keep on keepin on, stay safe, and oh yea, pray often. We will get through this because God is great.

  23. No line at my D&B yesterday morning, came out of the store 28 minutes later with a nice new M&P AR 15 platform for $629.00, heck i even picked up an extra dozen 30 mags that were on sale too!

  24. There’s a major play on words going on here. Unarmed doesn’t mean incapable of inflicting harm. How many of you have ever fought with another person for 1, 2 or three minutes? A few minutes doesn’t sound like much but It’s absolutely exhausting. Much longer than it sounds. Every fight a police officer is involved in has at least one gun, theirs! Once your exhausted how do you protect your gun from being taken and used against you or others. If you haven’t worked as a police officer you can’t know what it’s actually like. I understand the Floyd situation is different but let all the facts come out. Everything isn’t known yet. Don’t let the word unarmed influence your thinking. It means nothing in close personal combat.

    1. I’ll second that about your own firearm being taken and used against you- the father and all of one of my best friends was a sheriff’s deputy, and he was killed when making an arrest. His killer managed to take his pistol and killed him with it. We should all remember that just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean that they aren’t very dangerous.

  25. Not one comment about WRSA? Bueller? Bueller?

    Really folks? The BLM/Antifa riots are more worthy of consideration?

    You all should thank JWR for putting that post up. But then again, he gets it. If no one has the horse sense to realize what WRSA brought to the party, my thinking is none of you even came to the party. THEY JUST DEPLATFORMED ONE OF THE FEW SITES OUT THERE THAT SPREADS THE NEWS OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON! Kinda like this site.

    Think about that. I know Jim has. That is why he mentioned it.

    Wake TF up guys! This is not playtime. This is big time.

    Gentlemen, and ladies, prepare to defend yourselves!

    The police cant help you. They are too busy kneeling.

    JWR, thanks for supporting CA. And thanks for the platform, it has been a good run. SB is likely next, however they decide to try this time. My prayers are the Soros empire all has a collective whatever and ceases to share my air.

    STOP BEING SHEEP. Wake up and grab you rifle. It may be what saves you. I pray to JESUS it does not come to that, but I have never been an optimist.

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