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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how to” self-sufficiency videos. There are also links to sources for both storage food and storage containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on Tiny Home, Shed, and Greenhouse Construction. (See the Books, Instructional Videos, and Gear & Grub sections.)


Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials: Inspiration for Constructing Tiny Homes Using Salvaged and Reclaimed Supplies

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I’m looking forward to this upcoming book release: Building Your Tiny House Dream: Design and Build a Camper-Style Tiny House with Your Own Hands (Creative Homeowner) Comprehensive Guide to Constructing a Small Home on Wheels, from Start to Finish.  (Available to pre-order.)

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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds, 3rd Edition: Design & Build a Shed: – Complete Plans – Step-by-Step How-To

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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses, Updated 2nd Edition:Build Your Own Greenhouses, Hoophouses, Cold Frames & Greenhouse Accessories

Movies & Television Shows:

Minority Report. (On BluRay, DVD, and now available free for Amazon Prime members.)

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Alone in the Wilderness

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Bonanza. (On DVD and the first two seasons are available free for Amazon Prime members.)

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

Reader Tim J. suggested this, from Simple Living Alaska: Planting Potatoes | What We Do For Large Yields

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Ice Age Farmer: 100% Farm Workers have Covid!? Forces Behind Riots Engineering Food Shortages Next

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Paint Life TV (The Idaho Painter)

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Off-Grid Tiny House Paradise With Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Web Pages and Blogs:

Ten Gabion Projects

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Over at Commander Zero’s Notes From The Bunker blog: Harder homes and gardens

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An interesting DIY blog: WilkerDos

Gear & Grub:

For building your own PVC-frame greenhouse: Geodesic 6-way 1″ or 1-1/2″ Geodesic hub for PVC Domes.

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Best Choice Products 15x7x7ft Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel Tent Gardening Accessory w/Roll-Up Windows, Zippered Door

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Johnson Level & Tool CS12 16″ x 24″ Stainless Steel Framing Square, Silver

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Mrs. Miller’s Amish Homemade Elderberry Preserves 8 Oz. – Pack of 2 (Boxed)

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Mountain House Homestyle Chicken Noodle Casserole 6-Pack

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  1. Hi all ,,,,,being blocked from survival blog on Google. Went to duck duck go worked two days , over on fire fox now ,msb and tsb not affected, don’t think it’s me,

    1. Stuck in camp again, with nothing but riots on TV. I really needed a good book to read, so I wound up starting in on “Patriots” again. I haven’t read it in a couple years. It may be an even better read now, given it’s relevance to the situation we find ourselves in.

      I’m just going to say, “Thanks Jim, for a great read,” and leave it at that. Otherwise I’ll start to sound like some kind of fanboy, and that would just be embarrassing.

      1. “Thanks Jim, for a great read,” and leave it at that. Otherwise I’ll start to sound like some kind of fanboy, and that would just be embarrassing.


        Thank you for the great laugh!

      2. Not to take anything away from PATRIOTS, but may I recommend the DEFENDER series by the late Jerry Ahern? The series was published in the late 80s and early 90s, but, the early books at least, look eerily familiar. As with most of Ahern’s books, a language warning applies.

        1. Have them. Read them. Also Ahern’s survivalist series. The Guardians – got them. Bill Johnstone’s Ashes series with Ben Raines. The Last Ranger. Phoenix. All published back in the eighties. All of them probably need a language/sexual content warning. And all the heroes were larger than life.

          What I learned from them was that unless I was a 25 year old, a special operator, a millionaire, or stumbled into an established group that was desperately looking for a leader, that my chances weren’t good. Don’t get me wrong; I read every one of them and enjoyed them.

          In the latest go round of survivalist fiction, being no longer 25, a special operator, or a millionaire, my tastes have changed a little. I recommend Jim’s books, and Glen Tate’s 299 Days (because they both tend to deal with regular people) I also like Jonathan Hollerman, A American, Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming, G. Michael Hopf, and even Joe Nobody. Although, again, most require at least a language warning.

          1. You raise a very good point about the heroes being larger than life. They were good reads, sometimes thought provoking, but the combat scenes were a bit too “Hollywood”. And Ahern had a tendency towards “gun porn”. Although as a bit of a firearms enthusiast (nicer phrase than “gun nut”, dontcha think?), I rather enjoyed that aspect. Of course, those books did help me along on my path to prepping, although I consider my first survivalist fiction book to have been THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, which I first read in elementary school.

            I should’ve been more specific in that the overall scenario in the DEFENDER series, regarding how the fall comes about is strikingly similar to what we’re seeing today, with Antifa and BLM replacing Ahern’s “Front for the Liberation of North America”, along with activities by the Deep State to bring down America.

    2. Hi, Oldhomesteader, I’m not a computer person but I have two year old laptop, and use safari and yahoo. I get messages every time I log in to update. I also get annoying messages that I’m not hooked up to the iCloud. I don’t want to be.

      In worse case scenario and you are completely blocked, maybe JWR or one of us could email you daily versions.

      Also, on a different note, praising God you and horses were saved through forest fire.
      Your instruction to go towards the fire and smoke as an escape route was spot on. A short time of real scary in exchange for staying alive!

      Please keep us posted on your situation as much as possible. Blessings! Krissy

    3. I use Brave browser, not Firefox or Edge. Stopped using google a couple of years ago. Only use DuckDuckGo. Using Brave, I have bookmark tabs at top of window. I don’t understand using a search engine to go to a site you go to regularly.

      For JWR. Does your old generic Amazon link information still work for giving you credit and hence cash? I put that info into my bookmark and only use that to go to Amazon. If it doesn’t give you credit, I need to come up with an alternative link to Amazon that does.

  2. JW,R- thank you for posting the link to Mike VanDerBough’s Absolved on the Internet Archive. Just this morning I picked out my “100 Heads Life Insurance Company” shirt out of my closet. I will begin reading it shortly. Thanks again.

  3. I bought the Best Choice Greenhouse as listed above. A great greenhouse for the price. Roomy and sturdy. No directions came with it, just a printout showing the frame’s numbered parts. There is an excellent YouTube video giving instructions. Watch it before building the greenhouse. Enjoy

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