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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we link to a news article about a grizzly bear attack.   (See the Montana section.)


For the first time ever, Idaho’s May 19th election was an entirely conducted by mail. County election officials won’t start tallying ballots until after the June 2nd ballot receipt deadline. We are hopeful that Alex Barron will win the Republican primary race, for District 3.

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Werkz Holsters in Potlach, Idaho deserves special mention. They specialize in holsters that fit pistols equipped with lights, lasers, and combos. They make holsters for more than 1,600 gun/light combinations. Their Kydex holsters are proudly made in Idaho. If you order one and happen to be in the area, you can phone them and make arrangements to pick it up, in person–and meet their crew.

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Over at Fox News: Free abortions, pre-K sex ed: Conservatives blast Boise mayor’s transition report as ‘socialist wish list


Big Sky man in stable condition after grizzly bear attack last week

“Last Monday, we reported a man was attacked by a bear while mountain biking alone on a trail near Ousel falls in Big Sky.

“It’s gonna be a long haul,” said the man’s wife, Katie Scherfig. “There will be some surgeries that are gonna be many months down the road but we’re off to a really good start.””

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Video: Citizens Call Foul In Gallatin County Montana

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Phase Two of “re-opening” Montana begins on June 1

Eastern Oregon

Forest Service considers changing 21-inch harvest rule for Eastern Oregon forests

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Suspects identified in homicide of missing couple whose house burned down in 2018. The article begins:

“Closure may be coming almost two years after a couple vanished after their cabin became engulfed in flames in the Laycock Creek Road area.

Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter said May 20 he planned to prosecute suspects in the murder of Terry and Sharon Smith.

“There are suspects in the case,” Carpenter told the Eagle, “and a substantial amount of evidence that points to the suspects, such that, I will be taking it to the grand jury.”

Carpenter said, as soon as grand juries can meet without social distancing restrictions, he plans to take the case to a grand jury, and he anticipates an indictment.

The couple and their pickup were not found after their home on Nan’s Rock Road between John Day and Mt. Vernon burned down in the early morning hours of July 18, 2018.

The case evolved into a homicide after investigators confirmed DNA samples from remains found in the residence belonged to Terry and Sharon Smith. The pickup was later located in Boise, Idaho.”

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Update on Stabbing in Ontario, Oregon

Eastern Washington

In one of the few “big cities” in the American Redoubt: Curfew enacted for downtown Spokane until 5am, Sheriff requests assistance from the National Guard

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Inslee activates National Guard in response to Spokane County request

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State to try nonlethal measures after wolves attack cattle. JWR’s Comment: Statisticians agree: The recidivism rate is lower, with lethal force.


Beartooth Highway opens for summer after snow clearance

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Park gateway towns brace for 20-50 percent pandemic tax drop

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HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refinery Conversion to Reduce local Jobs by 200

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  1. What good does it do to talk annexation of eastern Oregon and Washington into Idaho, when you are importing the same liberal agenda vis-à-vis electing the same liberal progressive establishment from which those regions wish to escape? Did the conservatives in Boise not learn anything from the consequences in Virginia, or was it too late to take notice? Now Boise residents will have to work twice as hard to stop her and replace her before the damage is done, if that is even possible.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Virginians are realizing that now, I guess Idahoans are going to have to learn the hard way as well.

    1. And it’s not just the Boise Mayor, do some searching for the transition team members, Francisco Salinas, Lana Graybeal, AKA Lana A Odintsova just to name a few. Then check out the history of the new Police Chief, Ryan Lee from Portland. How long before Antifa burns down Boise and this new chief stands down the department? The beginning of the end…. We’ve seen it many times before..

      1. Patriots with guns will protect you all from Antifa. Friends in CDA ran some out of town this week just showing a large presence, with guns, of course. Those snowflakes will run at the sight of a big, bad “assault weapon”.

    2. Yeah. It will be hard to replace her. Once the people get a taste of all the ‘free’ shtuff, they are not going to want change but to double down to get more ‘free’ shtuff. The can of worms has been opened. It’s really hard to get them all back in and close the lid.

  2. JWR’s Comment: Statisticians agree: The recidivism rate is lower, with lethal force.

    LOL! That could be said of a lot of things!

    I grew up with timber wolves in Northern Saskatchewan. I love the wolves of the north country. But, having said that, there are times where they become a problem and must be thinned out. Large packs, if left unchecked, can wreak devastation upon local herds. And, unfortunately, I’ve never seen non-lethal means work to any degree. Once the wolves discover an convenient, slow-moving, readily accessible food source they won’t be easily deterred.

    1. I’m curious, LC, if you ever observed livestock protection dogs deployed to deter wolves.

      Folks who have used them tell me that they chase away wolves, raccoon, coyotes, bear, and other assorted critters that eat what we want to eat. Well, sometimes, they eat the raccoon rather than chasing it away.

      Carry on in grace

      1. Depends a lot on the situation. A lone Timber Wolf can be chased off by 2 dogs. One dog…..maybe. Depends on the size of the dogs and the size of the timber wolf. Some of those old lobos run upwards of 175 pounds, and there ain’t much they’re scared of

        Once they pack up, nope! I’ve seen them send in a lone wolf to lure the dogs out, where the pack will ambush them and kill them.

        I’ve seen them lure an adult dog away from the front of the house while others came in and killed the pups on the porch.

        And I’ve seen the results of a horse pasture after a pack came through that was about 40 strong.

        Once a pack reaches a certain number, there is very little that can stand against it. It is truly a force of nature. And they are a smart and cunning animal.

        On the other side of the coin. Contrary to Hollywood, I do not know of an unprovoked wolf attack on a full grown human. I used to spend a lot of time in the bush by myself when I was a teenager. There was an old lobo that lived in the area. No pack. Just him. Never bothered our livestock. He used to follow me when I was in the bush. Lonely or curious, I don’t know. When I’d sleep out under the stars, there is nothing more beautiful that to hear the wolf call in the night.

  3. Not much point in talking about annexation of eastern Oregon and Washington into Idaho when Idaho is importing the same liberal agenda vis-à-vis electing the same liberal establishment that those people are trying to escape. I guess Idahoans are going to have to learn the hard way, just like those in Virginia are; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Now those in Boise are going to have to fight much harder to keep this democrat mayor in abeyance, until she can be replaced.

  4. A better solution for now is for the conservatives to gain control over Ada County first so that Boise liberalism can be boxed in. The conservatives have the numbers in Ada County to make this happen, we just need to be well organized and put forth a concerted effort.

  5. Having lived in the Treasure Valley for the majority of my life, I agree that a good strategy would be to box liberals into Ada county. It’s the best thing they can do. Also, I am not totally convinced that annexing Eastern Oregon into Idaho is the best idea. While there are a lot of small rural towns, such as Nyssa and Vale, Eastern Oregon also has one of the worst towns in Ontario. It is full of illegal immigrants and liberals.

    One question I do have about the classification of the Redoubt, does North Eastern Utah count? More specifically the Logan/Bear Lake region. I currently live here and the Cache Valley/Bear Lake regions feels a lot like an extension of South Eastern Idaho. Especially with how it is so closed of by the mountains.

  6. @WTP
    The voters have spoken in Ada County that is who they elected, the influx of people from CA. and the next generation of kids becoming voters,have flipped this area to blue, and this is what they want.
    I’m afraid that the only way to contain this cancer of liberalism is with extreme surgery.

  7. Lots of folks from Boise moving north to get away from the liberalism infecting that part of the state. I was stunned to notice on FakeBook that a local business owner (I maintain an account for our farm business, but don’t have a personal account), was posting long, dramatic posts about our “white privilege” with a string of offensive and profane hashtags. I was so glad I didn’t have a personal account because I would’ve shared a piece of my mind. So many young people brainwashed by liberal education. I’m encouraging my grandchildren to “skip college” and learn a trade or two. A piece of paper is not worth losing their souls and hearts to socialism and radical liberalism.

    1. Consider Hillsdale College – you can preview their mindeset by watching / enrolling in a few of their free courses online. Many youtube videos.

  8. I moved from Oregon 8 years ago to Idaho County, purposely. I’ve seen how the liberal population centers run States like Oregon, Washington and California. Someone who knows a State Legislature needs to get them to look at a change in how votes are tallied. One vote per person is undeniable to any State resident. However, how a winner is decided should be more than just a popular majority. If seeking a State wide position, or promoting legislation that would be State wide change the winning formula to winning the simple or super majority of counties, voting districts etc. This would require the winning of Idaho County and others with small populations as well as counties like Ada. That way Ada and like counties in the large population centers can’t carry the rest of the State. It will take a Change to the Idaho Constitution and be written by a State Legislator. Now is the time to consider this option with a majority of Conservative members in Boise. Otherwise it’s only a matter of time before Idaho will look just like the Left Coast. It’s a natural phenomenon that occurs as cities get bigger and bigger. Someone who knows a State Legislator personally please speak to them, to get the ball rolling for the next session. Otherwise I may have to move to Wyoming, lol.

    1. Write a post on this topic.

      USSC “Reynolds vs Simms”.
      USSC “Baker vs Carr”.

      These cases, described by Chief Justice Earl Warren as the MOST IMPORTANT OF HIS TENURE.

      This is why Denver RULES CO, why Seattle RULES WA, why Portland RULES OR, ETC.
      Under the guise of “fairness, and equal representation”, STATE SENATORS WERE REQUIRED TO BE APPORTIONED BY POPULATION, RATHER THAN BY COUNTY.

      This happened in the mid sixties and our rural representation, for all practical purposes, was gone.

  9. About the expected drop in tax dollars received in Wyoming, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic:
    1. The shutdown is going to cause shortages in Tax Dollars all over the United States. Politicians will have to raise taxes on people or cut spending. (‘Cut overall spending! Do you believe in miracles caused by Mankind?) (The Federal is allowed to borrow money.)
    2. People will NOT like their taxes raised (In what many feel) for the purpose of buying more ‘free stuff’ for other people that appear to be capable of working.
    [ As a related comment: = Americans are very generous to people in need. … I heard a Protestant Minister (from another country) describe how Americans send ‘suitcases’ of money around the world.] The truly needy will be cared for hopefully.
    3. Many people receiving ‘free stuff’ will be upset when the amount might be reduced.
    (Many programs financed by governments are also money transfers to campaign supporters, who now work at the various government programs.)
    4. Trump is unrelentingly trying to inhibit the flow of illegal drugs from China and Mexico. [Hollywood celebrities along with other people are very upset.]

    5. Will America return to ‘normal’ after this crisis? Will Trump or whomever win the 2020 election? …. Do the many opponents to Trump want another crisis, they can exacerbate?
    6. There might be a place up in the Redoubt Region, where people can easily live at peace with God, and their neighbors. [Reading the letters here on SurvivalBlog; make a wise choice.]

    1. GGDH, Oh my gosh.

      “(‘Cut overall spending! Do you believe in miracles caused by Mankind?)…”

      Soooo funny! I had a really good laugh. Thank you. It is needed in these dire times.

      Excellent comments… Krissy

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