Preparedness Notes for Monday — June 1, 2020

On June 1st, 1942, seven months after the extermination of prisoners began, the Warsaw underground newspaper, the Liberty Brigade, made the public announcement of the gassing of tens of thousands of Jews at Chelmno, a Nazi-operated death camp in Poland. The story came from a young man, Emanuel Ringelblum, who had escaped the Chelmno death camp after being forced to bury bodies as they were thrown out of the gas vans. The West then knew the horrific truth about the slaughter of Jews.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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Round 89 ends on July 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.


  1. The 20th Century was a horrible period in many ways. The advent of industrial level war and genocide. Steel, chemistry, physics and industrial processes applied to human flesh on a level never seen before.

    Hopefully the 21st Century won’t be quite as bad.

  2. Cognitive dissonance kills. Even when Jews were confronted with first hand accounts of the massacres, they refused to believe in 1942, and as late as March 1945, still boarding the boxcars. It’s the same cognitive dissonance that causes people to refuse to believe that we are already in a low-grade civil war right now. That bleating and shrieking over there in that far corner of the meadow? No, that’s no wolf pack. Sit back down and take a nap in the warm sunshine. The shepherd and the sheep dogs? Doing the same. See? Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin’ eyes?

  3. I don’t mean to heartless but what happened in Europe 80 years ago pales in comparison to the mass murder presided over by the United States government and by extension the population.

    What I’m referring to is the legally protected “institution” of abortion.

    The National Socialists only managed 6 million. What is the abortion toll?

    60 million?

    70 million?

    And counting….

    1. i appreciate your directness about abortion which has killed roughly 50 million in just the USA alone, but WWII killed about 60 million folks not just the 6 million jews and others in the camps…

      1. The jews and others in the camps could have defended themselves with whatever was at hand when they were rounded up.

        The unborn have NO chance of defending themselves.

        And lets not forget the thousands of Boer women and children the British rounded up and starved in concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer war of 1899.

        The concentration camp was not a Nazi invention. The British used it in South Africa in 1899 to force the Boer men to stop fighting.

  4. Snotty Boy,

    It helps to appreciate the desperateness of the situation. Beginning in the 1930s Jews (and other targeted groups) were considered second class and non-citizens. Many wisely fled the growing threat of Nazism only to find their places of refuge overrun by the Germans invasions of the following decade. Throughout German-held territories there was a deliberate plan to separate and disenfranchise targeted groups like Jews. Their property was seized and private ownership of most things was forbidden by law, not just guns, but jewelry, furs, radios, cash, goats, etc… Then they were ghettoized and that’s when transports and mass killings started. A few months later credible reports made their way to ghetto leaders who were faced with the grave responsibility of what to do with the knowledge. In most cases the ghetto councils were informed and debated the issue, but what was the use of telling people? There was no escape and little chance of taking an exhausted, hopeless, and starving group of civilians and putting up much of a fight. The vast majority of jews put on transports thought only that they were ‘going east’ to labor. Some had heard rumors of mass killings and gassing, but most knew nothing. Let’s also not forget that Jews represent only half those directly murdered by the Nazis in camps and actions. Given the profound isolation, illness, and poverty, the fact that there were resistance groups at all is remarkable.

    You also seem to assume that all abortions are equal.

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