The Simplicity that Prepared Us – Part 2, by John S.

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)


It was a shock to me that our own diplomats (some, not all) hate missionaries and Christian humanitarians. I found this out, directly. My sister is a diplomat at the defunct Department of State (DOS). I was aghast that she joined such a liberal, hate filled left wing organization!

The lengthy, dangerous lines at US Embassies in Africa was a big reason we returned back to America. People were stabbed in line there in Nairobi, in 2016. There’s no priority for US citizens, because your seeing the essence of socialism. Literally, there’s no distinction between foreign national, terrorist or US citizen. All merge in line at 5 am, and wait until 10am to get a mere passport.

I remember telling my teen: “If Trump wins, we will probably return to America. Its a last chance for our

In 2016, we were in Kenya watching Trump debate Hillary,  while flies were landing around her and her President. We were praying for one last chance for America, before the Fabian socialists destroy
our once great nation. Truly, Obama unleashed the era of Marxism and the fruit is still seen today.

Our nation birthed missionaries and humanitarian aid. Yet, when we stand in line at US Embassies (in Nairobi, for example) you stand with thousands of unknown and hostile actors. Your literally in Darwin’s survival of the strongest, with the nastiest applicants standing nearby your children and family. It’s dangerous even going to the US Embassy, because they make it dangerous.

This felt like a “Hate Department” towards Americans. I remember visiting an American Citizen Services (ACS) office. Dozens of hijab-clad Muslim women and men were there. 90% of them didn’t speak English and needed an interpreter. Agents would even apologize “Oh, they are just getting passport renewals. Your case takes more time.” It was disgraceful and un-American. It’s degrading and contemptuous of US citizens serving our allies.

We had spent days in this line, over the course of 20 years in Africa. I wasted precious time (usually 8-10 hours traveling on a dirt road or terrible highway) just trying to get to the US Embassy. Only to meet with left wing bueaucrats filled with their partisan hate. So many of them have never worked a real job in their lives. They are mere college graduates, with a head full of liberal theory. And hearts full of hatred towards America.

I remember one day, begging for my son’s USA passport. I remember the American agent, lying to me: “We will serve you today.” I had submitted another application and paid the hard earned $375 for my family member. That same day, they denied the application. I remember being mocked by staff and one of them said “Go file a complaint.” That’s how terrible it is at overseas Consulates. They seem busy processing foreign visas, and usually it fits the Democrat voting profile – liberal, and American hating like Rep. Ilhan Omar. She received priority at our own US Embassy. Literally, she comes from the refugee camps in Kenya. At the same time, we were being harassed by our own US agents there. For some reason, they place refugees on a pedestal, while neglecting their own citizens. I’ve witnessed this numerous times.  I sometimes feel ashamed that my sister works for the DOS, and hope she will join a more patriot-based agency like USCIS, ICE, BORTAC, and DHS. By that I mean, somewhere that veterans are honored and true courage is esteemed.

Targeting The Best Citizens

The left wingers are the dictionary definition of “cookie pushers.” They are so vile and hate-filled that they undermine US volunteers and missionaries. But don’t be shocked. Marxists have always targeted the best citizens. That’s the history of socialism. The worst betray the best. The Great Leap Forward. The Gulag Archipelago. Castro’s Cuba. They stabbed Ambassador Scott Gratian’s career in the back. He merely disagreed with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or President Obama. He was excoriated and publicly humiliated. They put a PDF file on the State Department web site, to fully destroy his career. This is one reason why I hope my sibling leaves DOS.

My family has experienced political division even reaching 2020. Portions of my family have never met my family of six. The left winger siblings use derogatory terms like “Mental and unstable” just like the media does towards President Trump. I don’t believe Trump is some savior, only Jesus can be that to the world. But I do think that he’s a litmus test for America’s future, and that he’s a messenger. He’s represents the
Christians and conservatives who were thrashed and hated during President Obama’s administration.

Many of us experienced the direct left wing hate in U.S. embassies, overseas. These are eyewitness, first person events that I am sharing.


The utter shock was that Mid East and African diplomats were more helpful and friendly than their USA counterparts. That was a massive revelation. To date, I give these contacts to my missionary friends and volunteers working in those regions of Africa. That’s a huge wake up call to the degree of socialism and rot flowing out of the DC swamps. There’s a reason why its called Foggy Bottom, not Clear Bottom.

In 2014, my dear envoy friend picked me up in his diplomatic vehicle. I stayed at his diplomatic mansion in a major capital city on the Saudi Arabian peninsula. He knew my dear dad had passed onward into glory. He was trying to comfort me and encourage me. Something i never experienced in our own Consulates or long queue lines (thousands of people).

It’s weird being a US volunteer and being hated or targeted by our own government. It’s strange how they contort laws into virtual harassment, or mild persecution. Granted, its not persecution like I’ve seen first hand in Northern Kenya or Northern Nigeria and Turkey. That’s real persecution. But I believe persecution is already here in America. We need to get ready for it, and have family survival emergency plans.

The Most Dangerous Snakes

The persecution under Hillary Clinton’s Shate Department was more obscure. It took the form of biased visa adjudication, and hidden passports. In Syria 2012-2016 they denied 99% of Christian refugee applicants. I remember getting the e-mail in 2012 from the Embassy saying “Your son’s USA passport was misfiled.” We tried hard getting to Nairobi, I mean driving hours through bandit country and mosquito-infested swamps. I speak the tribe language of a few regions, including conversational Swahili.

Only to reach our own American envoys, who were cold-hearted, aloof and diplomatically immune. Uncaring and unhelpful, they’ve been sabotaging their ideological rivals (conservatives and missionaries, humanitarians) for decades. I realized what they did to Ambassador Scott Gratian was proof of their hate for Christ and church workers. For real.

Gratian helped birth Southern Sudan. I had the honor of meeting him at the swearing in of one of America’s great ambassadors. That was Ambassador Robert F. Godec. Godec did amazing work bringing together the warring political factions in Kenya. He calmed down the radical Marxist element fomenting bloodshed and regime change, forging trust between the government of Kenya and radical revolutionary forces.

The State Department has some amazing talent. But they also have nasty left wing senior executives (SEs) who undermine our Constitution. I’m trying hard to be balanced, but they are so filled with animosity towards us. They take pride in their hubris and left wing Yale/Georgetown ideology. They worship at the altar of Marx. They are committed haters of humanity. They remind me of the Project Veritas video, where the State Department employee is caught on camera saying “We screw stuff up.”

That’s why i nicknamed them The US Hate Department. I daily pray that my own siblings wake up from their Marxism and America hatred. They express it in a barrage of hate directed to Christians and conservatives. It’s almost like they despise their own father, who valiantly served in World War 2. They certainly forgot those movies about USSR, Marxism, and Nazism. They don’t believe in stories like The Way Back – a fictionalized yet true story about escaping a Siberian gulag.

I hope and pray America never reaches this kind of tyranny and oppression.


One day in Nairobi, I met and stayed with my dear friend, an East African Community (EAC) envoy. He had been invited by the US Embassy to their private parties at the Ambassador’s residence. He had turned down these invitations for almost 10 years. Literally. That night, we were eating and sharing, having a great time in fellowship. He told me that they had invited him to a private party at Tate House.

I saw opportunity to try to redeem my reputation with the hate-filled left wingers at DOS. I convinced him that we should go, and have a good time with it.  So we drove to Tate House, the Ambassador’s residence in the nicest part of Nairobi. We were screened and signed in. No one seemed to notice. I was dressed in a “ministry tuxedo”, which is common in Churches throughout the developing world.

We were laughing to ourselves, because it’s good for aloof US diplomats to see how much our USA allies trust missionaries and humanitarians. That’s a fact. We are loved, esteemed and trusted by America’s allies. But we are somewhat hated and persecuted by our own Hate Department. That’s the nickname I gave to Obama/Hillary’s State Department, as they ramrodded the Arab Spring atrocities. Meanwhile, Obama won a Nobel Peace prize, while the nations we were serving in were suffering. Millions became orphans and widows. They truly became a left wing agency of retaliation and hate.

I hope Secretary Pompeo’s work at reform becomes permanent. I can’t imagine working on the taxpayer dole, striking US citizens or even foreign nationals they discover “Oh… another Christian to deny.” That’s what we found, first hand as eyewitnesses.

My envoy friend and I enjoyed crashing the US party, with the highest diplomats, Secret Service, and CIA  present. Most of them were welcoming and kind. Some of them were worried and another appeared to be half drunk. One of the older ones kept saying “How did you get in here?”

Another left winger, a women, kept trying to find out if I was going to vote for Hillary or Trump. This was October, 2016.

Later, I was harassed by diplomatic security, while in Montana in 2019. I moved my family to another region of the USA, because DOS contacted local police and made our lives unbearable. In a small town of only about 5,000 people, in Western Montana. They contacted the local police which made our lives difficult. This describes our ineffectual bureaucrats terrorizing our best citizens, from the District of Columbia.


We’ve faced different forms of harassment. All of it was by socialist or pro-Marxist elements in our own deep state. We don’t fear or hate them. I mean, we’ve seen people whose family’s were beheaded by ISIS. Peter in Northern Nigeria. Ahmed in Jos. I’ve met Governors like Jonah Jang who were denied visas by our own government. Meanwhile, they issued visa’s to his own Deputy Governor, a Muslim lady. So we are accustomed to Marxist treachery and deceit.

Being around the persecuted church changed my perspective. We complain about persecution in America. Are we ready to see our family persecuted like that of Pastor Andrew Brunson or others that we’ve met. I’m not sure I can honestly answer this question. The Christians we’ve met told us: “God gives you the grace at that time. Don’t search for it, before. Remain prayerful, faithful and confident in God.”

I’ve listened to hundreds of stories of persecution. I’ve seen thousands of lives affected by literal Islamic jihad and hate. I truly don’ t fear the stuff in the mainstream news, because I’ve lived and worked in some of the poorest regions on earth. I’ve been on my deathbed numerous times, hoping to just breathe and make it through the night. It’s humbled me properly. There’s no greater prayers, than when your mortal coil is hurting or in danger!

Life is a gift. Friends and family are priceless. We are reaching times when the conflicts on earth are coming to a conclusion. We shouldn’t desire persecution. I’ve stood up for our persecuted Christian brothers, even writing certified letters to leaders in DC, about it.

I’m upset that Christians get denied visas routinely, while Islamic leaders skate through. Often, with multiple wives and family members. Rep. Omar style, with corruption, fraud and official deceit. Clothed in left wing hypocrisy and malfeasance.

Our default is our faith, and the Gospel. It’s voluntary, just like generosity and true charity is volitional. No one forced us to be missionaries. No one paid us enough to care. But socialism is just the opposite. It’s coercion, force and fear out of the barrel of a gun. I’m glad today that I have family defense mechanisms and protection. We didn’t for almost two decades in Africa.

I’m a peacemaker who loves my neighbors, family and friends. I even love the Marxists, but hope they awaken from their delusional utopian ideals. I’m now a trim carpenter by trade.

Socialism is like a square peg rammed through a round hole… with thousands of bureaucrats hurting good Americans. That’s their goal. They foolishly believe the “one size fits all approach” and they end up destroying great nations. South Africa was great in the 1990s. Today, Marxism is cutting down good South Africans. It’s covered by the official government policy. They are attacking and persecuting their most fruitful citizens. Stealing their lives, property and well-being. That’s Marx…  …every time.


Christ, family, and true friends are precious. God gives and He sometimes takes away. “He who began a good work, will be faithful to complete it.” I’ve struggled in my faith and even battled depression over some of these experiences.

Last month, my dentist found a root canal that had been botched in Africa. It was from 2015, and the broken broach was found. This had sent me to the Emergency Room four times between 2017 and 2019. Doctors had trouble finding what was occurring.

I believe God protects us in times when we don’t know the big picture. I believe in faith, forgiveness, healing and empowering grace. Jesus’s words are 100% true. Every word of The Book needs to be taken into our hearts from Genesis to Revelation. Those latter words of wisdom are coming to pass. God loves broken and weak humanity. He sent His son with that very message.

I’m proud of the patriots in my family and America. Keep fighting the good fight of faith! We are in days when Bible verses like Hebrews 11 are truly making sense! They demonstrated the gift of flexibility and adaptation under duress. People like Joseph and Daniel, who lost their parents early on due to trials. They succeeded in foreign lands and harsh situations.

So can we, here in America, in 2020.


  1. Thank you so much. I and my family needed this right at this moment. We grieve more and more as each day passes. It is so hard to find others(in person). who stand and encourage others to stand. So many glad handers and silky smiley faces without conviction beyond themselves.
    If we have someone in our life that loves Jesus and believes His Word is pure as much as we do, then we make sure to hold on to the small things they do/are to be encouraged in the face of darkness and adversity. Looking always for the smallest glimmer of hope can keep us breathing and continuing the race.
    This letter is a small and precious gift from a vessel/candle of our God in this moment in our family life. “In all things give thanks and glory to God” such a stronger meaning to us than just a nice saying or quote. It is becoming a structure of our belief and faith.
    We are still trying to find the “joy” and it is not easy when we weep and our hearts break in frustration. We don’t want to be frustrated anymore. We want another state of residing. So many things don’t make sense to us. It is not like we wear a T-shirt or hat that says Christian on it.
    Do you think people just smell christians and seek them out to afflict and harrass them? The works of our hands are blessed, but the wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted.
    We need this rich encouragement (not just some cute story during a sermon) continually.
    Thank you brother in Christ Jesus for your testimony. Iron sharpens iron.

  2. John S., thank you for sharing your story, first-hand and unfiltered. It certainly has the precious ‘ring of truth’ to it. And it is written from a seldom seen perspective.

    Others may feel like me that we are men and women without a country. We didn’t leave America, it left us. But of what importance is it that we former American Christians are now simply Christians? Like Once a Marine said earlier this week, ‘Carry on in grace’.

    1. Montana Guy, you have said it so well. We are Christians are without a Country. Sometimes I think it is so we will journey on as Abraham seeking a city with foundations whose architect and builder is God. ( Hebrews11:10).

  3. Thankyou John for sharing!
    I’m sure it was costly remembering and writing this all down…, but then being back and day to day here has growing challenges as well.
    Wish we were neighbors-I appreciate your depth of heart and commitment to Jesus!-not a religion or denomination..but fully Him. Yes, Hebrews 11, a condensed summary of what’s ahead and how we are to walk with Jesus-thanks for sharing. Just yesterday my wife brought up Daniel and how he lived most of his life in an evil land, with no hope of going back ‘home’-but was faithful to walk well and fully in what God gave him to do in that place, till his last days..
    John, Thankyou again.
    JWR-Thankyou for posting this, especially fitting for Easter and these times, with the changes occurring and the pace quickening.
    Gods wisdom and peace be upon you daily!

  4. You certainly have a grasp on what is still happening within the U.S. Government. With Donald Trump in office the efforts to undermine our country are somewhat subdued but still exists and waiting to reemerge. Big Time.

    I did work for a governmental agency for a lengthy time and saw first hand the undermining of our great country by “political appointments” and supporters that are just trying to hang onto their jobs …. we called those employees “survivors”.

    If the general public REALLY knew what was going on between 2008 and 2016 there would have been an uprising.

    The hate and anger toward Donald Trump is manifested from the fact that “they” were on the cusp of much greater change to our country in 2016 and the people did not allow that to happen. This time. But we had better continue to turn up the heat on anti-American activities.

    Thank you for allowing this VETERAN to submit a message on GOOD SATURDAY.

    Please have a Blessed Easter and for now we should all count our blessings.

    1. From your post: “If the general public REALLY knew what was going on between 2008 and 2016 there would have been an uprising.”

      We also believe this is more true than most realize, although certainly well understood within the community of SB readers.

  5. Thanks to John S. for sharing his life-story. As I consider how we can prepare for this kind of religious and/or political descrimination or persecution, the last section of John’s story stands out for me – Christ is Everything! Our models are believers like Joseph (Gen. 37f), Daniel, & others who suffered & struggled b/c of their faith. THere’s also a need for genuine humility, which reminds me of Micah 6:8. To God be the glory!

  6. “defunct Department of State”

    I assume you meant to say dysfunctional or something else, since the U.S. Department of State is still in operation and not currently defunct.

  7. John s ,,,,,,,,,you did a good job of telling it as it is ,,,years ago I was over there as a medical volunteer ,i lasted 28 days ,,

  8. I would have to agree on casting stones. I question the author’s statement about South Africa being so much better in the 90s as odd. Is that before or after the end of Apartheid? President Mandela was always a Marxist, and so was his party the ANC, so that brings me back to my original question about his statement!!

    I would also like the author to expand on how the DOS made his and his family’s lives unbearable in Montana? The DOS doesn’t get involved in domestic affairs as a rule, so please explain further? Did you travel to or from a country or countries of interest to the DOS for example? Did you have contact with foreign nationals that might be on watchlist?

    As far as an American waiting in a line at a U.S. Embassy, I have travel to many place and visit U.S. Embassies in some. Never waited in a long line, once I showed the Marine guard my U.S. passport I proceeded. I have had them hold my passport until I leave though. Other than that no complaints.

    1. I have also traveled in South Africa. I can now clearly see that the nation has been in a Slow Slide Collapse, since the mid-1990s. The level of nepotism and corruption is off the charts. Many companies have dozens of employees on the payroll who never show up for work. These are relatives of ANC bureaucrats, so they dare not be taken off the payroll, or even asked to attend and work. The roads, civic water system, and power system are just getting progressively worse. There were no power cuts until about 2000. But now they occur almost daily. Yes, the mid-1990s were the turning point. It has been all down-hill, ever since. I am NOT a defender of the Apartheid government. It was horrible, in its own way. Today, South Africa there is true equality. Almost everyone is sharing equally in the misery of socialism.

      1. Sound insights… Recent reports of the killing of farmers who refuse to give up their land should send a chill through everyone who reads the accounts, and understands their meaning.

  9. John S,
    Excellent Article. Having spent time outside the US in missionary outreach I can attest to the truth of your experiences.
    I agree the department of state has certainly been packed with many left liberal socialists hangers on. One had only to witness the recent Ukraine fiasco of state department so-called professionals testifying to congress over a telephone call to the Ukraine president. Glaringly obvious that experience testifies to the truth of your experiences abroad with the diplomatic corps.

  10. I can’t imagine what it took to write that. Many things resonated with me, although not on the scale you describe. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it helps to put it all out there, like a release of the pain and anger caused by being so wronged when all you really wanted to do was teach the Gospel and help the downtrodden. I hear you. I’m so glad you are back “home” and it sounds like you feel safe and can protect your family. May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and give you rest now.

  11. I was going to say it’s the longest rant I’ve read recently but the bitterness raises it to the level of a diatribe. I’m not sure that is helpful for any purpose. It’s always the still small voice which moves others. At least it’s been that in my experience.

    Balance and poise. Two characteristics which Christians fervently need in these very troubling times.

      1. I wonder if it is even possible to fulfill “the Great Commission” in this world no matter how many foreign missionaries, internet scripture, TV preachers, etc that is available? It feels like Christianity is far behind the curve in terms of conversion or even spreading the Gospel whether when it is exposed to the world population there ultimately are believers of it or not…Even right here in the USA, it seems like Believers are fewer and fewer. So how is the tide to be turned? Just an academic question.

  12. John S! Many, many thanks for sharing all of this with us. It’s a story told only by a person who had lived it. It’s hard to know where to begin in response to it. I will rest for now in the message quoted below. It says so very much, and calls on each of us to trust in Him. As we celebrate the Resurrection, this message could not have been more timely.

    From your post: “I believe God protects us in times when we don’t know the big picture.”

  13. I grow a bit weary of the constant stream of commentary about how un-American the American government is becoming. I spent 30 years combined military and civilian federal service and found that the good, decent people overwhelmingly outnumbered the bad apples. Most of my fellow employees were Christian, gun-owning veterans who loved their country.

    During those years, I encountered instances of blatant, corrupt behavior on the part of mid-level and upper management. In all cases, the rank and file UNION members tried to force the agency to clean up the mess, and in every instance, the agency responded by attacking the complainant with every weapon at their disposal. And who gets attacked on a daily basis? The terrible, lazy, good for nothing UNION member.

    One of the reasons we have bad employees in government is that very few people will take the time to file a complaint about official misconduct. Instead, they walk away, muttering impotently under their breath, then go online and write volumes about how terrible the entire government is.

    If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  14. John S thank you for a well written account of your experiences as an ambassador for Christ. I was glued to your story and your observation of the depth evil has descended on America hating Left.

    One only has to look a current events and see how gross violations of the Rule of Law by Obama Administration that includes Clinton just skates Earthly justice. Sadly that will give them a false sense of winning right up to the point of their last breath and meet The Lord Jesus Christ.
    Hebrews 10:31 will be clear to them,”It’s a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    I pray The Lord grants Americans Christians another term for President Trump. He is not sinless but he is light years ahead of the left and it’s agenda.

    I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday celebrating our Saviors victory over sin and death.
    Be well one and all

  15. Lets remember he’s condensed over 20 years into a few pages. Would you have the poise to boldly do what he did? Would you feel comfortable going to an embassy with your kids here

    In Western Christianity we have too much confusion. That’s why Bernie quotes from Jesus and the gospels. Communism is the greatest way to steal from people while promising the common man his fair share. Christianity and wealth redistribution are confused all the time. In South Africa they’re using Bible verses and demanding reparations while children are raped and tortured. Kids boiled alive.
    There’s too many Christian idealists in the West who are just as bad as the shallow, collegiate careerists he mentioned. There really is an alt left wing problem in DC. Didn’t you notice that the left-wing ambassadors were testifying against Trump, while covering up Obama, Hillary and John Brennan’s mistakes. It’s called lawlessness. The same traitors hammered the ambassador he mentioned. That ambassador was rebuked for doing one 1/1000 of what Hillary did.
    People can criticize the article. What if everything is true? When Third World type problems start showing up in our 1st world will we retain a calm demeanor? You will truly know if you have the peace of God and the calmness you claim. Have you even visited the martyrs in places he’s mentioned? Don’t be so high minded that you have no salt to give on earth in a time of crisis or need.

    In times of emergency you really find out what you’re made of. You’ll find out if you have the true peace of God or false hopes. Inexperience.

    I never criticize a man with greater experience or faith then myself. We’re really good at doing that in America every time we get a little bit uncomfortable.
    It’s called unbelief and fear, not faith. In the book of Revelation the cowardly and the unbelieving are listed. There’s a specific warning about being cowardly and fearful.

    I think there’s portions of the story he left out because it would be too long. He did a good job

    Great experiences @ SB thanks for posting JWR! Let’s pray for people who risk their lives to such with us.


    As i’ve noted above, we are each accountable to God for what we know. Or what we experience. I’ve had to step out in faith and ask the nastiest beaurocrats in DC to get a conscience. Its true that Obama era, they were celebrating bloodshed. That’s Marxism. Period.

    I’m sorry that so many Western Christians live lives of quiet desperation. Some of us are actionaries. We follow through, for the sake of saving life. Liberty.

    The evil @ the Hate Dept. needs to be exposed, and cleaned out. Once and for all. It doesn’t matter who works there, or doesn’t work there.

    I’ve literally been in meetings in Kaduna, Nigeria with the Governor mentioned here.

    EVIL IS EVIL… AND GOOD IS GOOD. It doesn’t matter if Fakebook or Google laughs or enjoys the death of Christians. It doesn’t matter if ISIS was popularized by them (they uploaded beheading videos, supporting ISIS). They gave their own employees PTSD.

    Evil social media. It’s time for them to repent before its too late. Going to face God while they popularized torture, and martyrdom is a serious offense.

    Good only comes from God. Jesus Christ.

    Dear patriots, don’t EVER take your liberty and right to worship God, for granted! Some of us were sent to nations to tell you “Don’t let this come to America.” Amen.


    ~ John

    Revelation 1:9

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