Pandemic Policies are Destroying the Economy and our Liberty

I am deeply troubled by the cascade of events that we have seen in these United States since February of 2020.  The rapid spread of the Wuhan coronavirus has caused politicians to veer off into panic mode policies.  They’re acting like a herd of anxious Soccer Moms at Costco.  They see the threat, and they instantly decide: “I’ve got to do something!” But instead of just holding a credit card to buying toilet paper rolls, they can write extra-constitutional policies “for the public good.”  The end results are absurdities like having police breaking up funeral services or arresting lone surfers.

We are still at the stage of of tragi-comedy, but we may soon be at the stage of genuine risk of Truncheons and Tasers societal repression. When all public gatherings are banned, then that means that there is a de facto ban on public protests. Just ponder that for a minute.

All of this current mess seems to stem from several factors:

1. Our society is strongly media-driven.

2.)  Our mass media is largely headquartered in New York City, and owned by moguls from New York City.  Coincidentally, we currently have a president who was born and raised in New York City.  The mass media sources in other major cities take their cues from the tone set by influential figures in New York City. Throughout the mass media, there is a tendency to believe that the world revolves around New York City, and that what is good for New York City is good for America.  Since New York City has been disproportionately hard by the pandemic, this has skewed the national perception of its severity.

3.) While the population of the United States is now largely urbanized, policies created for urban masses do not always make sense in lightly-populated regions.

4.) Public health policy has always been a crude sledgehammers, with little leeway and few exceptions.

5.) Policymakers have a tendency to be myopic, parochial, and apply “one size fits all” solutions.

6.) Under “disaster” or “emergency” situations, policymakers are granted–or they simply assume–broad and  discretionary powers. Presently, a lot of their discretion is translated into incredibly subjective lists of what businesses are deemed essential versus non-essential. This opens the door to personal likes and dislikes becoming the drivers of such public policy. We’ve already seen this in some states, where marijuana dispensaries were deemed “essential” while at the same time gun stores were declared “non-essential.”  Our Founding Fathers warned of this, when they proscribed making any Bills of Attainder in the Constitution.

7.)  State governors in most states can exercise emergency powers without the consent of their state legislatures. And some state legislatures are not in session. In Montana, for instance, the legislature only meets in alternating years, and their most recent session ended in February — weeks before their Democrat Governor issued a “Stay at Home” order.

8.) Many of the state-level decrees are open-ended. We are now in the midst of what Dr. Gary North presciently called Government By Emergency. Many of these emergency orders have no limitations on renewals nor a clear exit strategy.

9.) Public policy, by extension is inevitably a police power, which means exerting force. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, what bureaucrats decide becomes the marching orders for the boots on the ground, or should I more pointedly say, The Boots On The Face.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Out here in the hinterboonies, we already have social distancing. I live in a county where there are far more cows and deer than there are people. In fact, the population density is around three people per square mile.

For state governors to issue “stay at home” directives to their entire states is absurd. Policies that make sense in urbanized counties make little or no sense in rural counties. Why then, did they not leave such policymaking up the individual County Boards of Supervisors. Far too much power now exists at the state and Federal level. Rightfully, that decision-making should be at the county level.  It is only at that level that policies will correctly match local happenings and demographics. In many rural counties the right policy will be making NO dictatorial policy, and simply encouraging county residents to use good sanitation, wear gloves and masks on public, and to avoid large gatherings.

Some Republican Governors With Backbone

More than 40 state governors have now decreed various forms of “shut-down”, “stay at home”, shelter-in place”, and/or business closure orders. One of those resisting is Wyoming. There, as of the day I’m writing this, Wyoming is the only U.S. state to not yet have suffered one COVID-19 attributed death and it has just a few scattered confirmed cases. Governor Mark Gordon has wisely declined to issue a state-wide “stay at home” order.  Obviously, he realizes that doing so prematurely would wreck the Wyoming economy. As of Friday, April 3rd, 2020, the states that have yet to issue a statewide stay-at-home order are:  Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming. Not surprisingly, all of those states have Republican governors.  It is good of them to show that they still have common sense, and backbones!

A prevention Worse Than The Disease

What we now face is the specter of multi-month “shut-down” and “stay at home” orders absolutely wrecking our national economy.  I don’t want to sound insensitive, but what will we gain if we save the lives of “150,000 to 200,000 people” (per Dr. Fauci) but consequently slam our economy into a deep, long depression?  Such a depression would cost untold suffering, true hardship, and might eventually cost the lives of millions of people, through malnutrition and suicide.

I’m not using hyperbole when I say “millions”. It has recently been estimated the 10 years of the Great Depression of the 1930s caused more than one million malnutrition and suicide deaths in the United States. A lot of these statistics were hidden by the fact that tuberculosis deaths, diphtheria deaths, alcoholism deaths, and infant mortality were all in decline all through the 1930s. These declines were because of alcohol prohibition (up until late 1933), then the lack of discretionary income to buy much alcohol, as well as ongoing medical advances that had begun in the 1920s. These death rate declines offset the malnutrition and suicide deaths–so the overall death rate actually declined. It is also noteworthy that before World War II, some deaths by suicide were falsely notated as “accidental” on death certificates, to spare families public humiliation.

I believe that in retrospect, the “stay art home” orders and forced business shut-downs will be seen at least as a trigger to a recession, but more likely a depression. Historians will only belatedly see that the method of prevention was worse for us as a nation than the disease. Yes, I’m all for “flattening the curve.” I don’t want to see hospitals get over-crowded. But this should be accomplished though voluntary measures–not tyrannical decrees.

Do Your Research

I recommend that you do not comply, when common sense tells you that an emergency order is both nonsensical and unconstitutional.  When you hear of an order being issued by a state official, do some research and check to see if they actually have the constitutional authority to issue such an order. Oftentimes, such orders only meet the constitutionality test when those orders are issued to government agencies and employees–but not when directed to the general populace.  Again, take the time to actually read your state’s constitution and statutes.  Does your state constitution specifically grant such emergency powers? In many of the 50 states, you will find that it does not. Likewise, if emergency orders are issued by city or county governments, then do some research and find if such authority actually exists, at that level.  We are a nation of laws, and powers cannot just be “assumed.” Any such made-up decrees do not carry the genuine force of law and are therefore null and void.

Just Say No

If you are confident that an emergency decree in unconstitutional, then be prepared to say: “I must respectfully decline your order, because it it unconstitutional. You lack genuine authority in this instance, because the order that you are following was issued in excess of constitutional authority.”

By all means continue to limit your exposure risk. Our good conscience and common sense dictates that we show restraint in our personal interactions, in the current pandemic.  That is your decision. But do not be simply blindly obedient. There is a huge difference between exercising personal discretion and blind obedience to unconstitutional decrees. When the time comes, show some backbone. And please print out and carry a hard copy of the relevant portion of your state constitution and statutes. That way you will have something to point to, to back up your assertion of rights.

Lex Mala, Lex Nulla

There is an old legal maxim that is often quoted: “Lex mala, lex nulla.” This Latin phrase means “bad law is no law.”  More precisely, we should quote Saint Augustine, who famously wrote: “Lex iniusta non est lex.”  Which is most commonly rendered in English: “An unjust law is no law at all.”

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and look at a micro situation (like any particular legislative bill) from a macro perspective. I’ve quoted the following gem from American Jurisprudence before, but it is important to repeat it here:

“The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, whether federal or state, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose. Since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it, an unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed and never existed; that is, it is void ab initio. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

Since an unconstitutional law is void, it follows that generally the statute imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office or liabilities, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, is incapable of creating any rights or obligations, does not allow for the granting of any relief, and justifies no acts performed under it.

Once a statute is determined to be unconstitutional, no private citizen or division of the state may take any further action pursuant to its provisions. A contract that rests on an unconstitutional statute creates no obligation to be impaired by subsequent legislation. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it. A law contrary to the United States Constitution may not be enforced. Once a statute has been declared unconstitutional, courts thereafter have no jurisdiction over alleged violations. Persons convicted and fined under a statute subsequently held unconstitutional may recover the fines paid.”  [JWR’s Emphasis Added.]

To maintain a free society, bad laws and edicts must be annulled, overturned, or otherwise stopped.

Rosa Parks Moments

We of course have to pick our fights wisely and not foolishly tilt at windmills. But when a fundamental right is violated by a bad law–or under color of law–then someone needs to make a firm stand. On a personal level, this can be costly.  Most people cannot afford to pay for extended legal battles. Most of us who have charge of families cannot afford to lose our jobs and face incarceration. So count the costs before you make any fateful stand. But if you do, you can take heart in the knowledge that we now live in the Internet Age. Your struggle will not go unnoticed. They can’t stop the signal. Being the guinea pig in a test case is never comfortable. However, in the face of a genuinely bad law, someone needs to volunteer. Every freedom-loving nation needs exemplars like Rosa Parks to make a stand for liberty. The true Rosa Parks Moments for our nation have been few and far between. These are dramatic turning points in our nation’s history, often initiated by just one stalwart citizen making a stand.

Alcohol Prohibition ended 87 years ago, primarily because of massive non-compliance. The Federal ban on marijuana is presently being rendered ineffective by decades of massive non-compliance followed by state legalization. In 10 States and even in Washington, DC, marijuana has been legalized for recreational use for those 21 and older. And now medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 states. Regardless of your opinion of The Wacky Tobaccy, we must recognize that this is a prime example of a societal sea change, through Constitutional processes.

In sum, the Lex Malum can be eliminated several ways:

  • Polite pressure on legislators with calls, letters, and speaking up at Town Hall meetings.
  • Individuals simply flouting laws (non-compliance).
  • Non-enforcement by conscientious officials.
  • Jury nullification.
  • Launching test cases. (Read: “Get yourself arrested and probably face prison.”)
  • Lobbying.
  • Filing Title 18:241, 18:242, 18:245, 18:247, and 18:14141 lawsuits.
  • Public rallies and protests.
  • Civil disobedience.  (Read: “Get yourself arrested — on a misdemeanor.”)
  • And as an absolute worst case, recourse to the force of arms.

The last on that list, at its core, is what the 2nd Amendment guarantees.

Of those methods I listed, test cases are the most time consuming and frustrating. Some cases take decades to work their way up the chain in the appeals process. Frustratingly, the Supreme Court can decline to hear cases, for a variety of reasons.

A Law-Abiding Nation

With few equals, the United States is a nation of law-abiding citizens. For generations, Americans have been raised to respect the law. In recent years, this innate respect has gradually transitioned to fear. William Shakespeare once famously wrote:  “Thus conscience does make cowards of us all…”  But in our modern age, I submit that it is the law and police power that makes cowards of us all. I urge my readers to be brave in the face of unconstitutional laws and edicts. Make a stand for what is right. Again, it may come at a great cost and personal sacrifice. But always remember that we are Americans, and in the end we collectively can be trusted to do what is righteous. Also remember that We The People are the sovereigns.  If we recognize God’s authority, then we are still the final arbiters of our national destiny.

I’ll close with a quote from Congressman Larry McDonald: “There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: the soap box, the ballot box, the the jury box, and the ammo box. Please use in that order.”  If you think that Rosa Parks Moments are full of drama, then wait until you witness a Battle of Athens, Tennessee Moment. Lord help our nation if we ever have to resort to opening that final box.

Please pray for divine intervention for our nation. Pray for repentance and that God would spare us his wrath.

Lastly, Just Say No, to tyranny. – JWR


  1. “In Montana, for instance, the legislature only meets in alternating years”- that’s amazing! Wish that were the case here. We have a saying here that goes something like “no one is safe when the legislature is in session”! It seems to me that many state legislatures, in need of something to justify their existence, drum up things to “fix” even when not in need of fixing. Sort of like why my state ended up with new gun laws to “fix” a problem we didn’t even have! Our new gun laws aren’t going to stop the gang-bangers coming up here to sell drugs from NY, NJ, MA, FL etc. Those folks don’t care about gun laws and most if not all are felons and aren’t even legally allowed to own guns which hasn’t stopped them yet. Yet I, a law-abiding citizen can’t just buy a gun privately from another law-abiding citizen now.

    Whenever this whole pandemic is over, I think along with the economic and social carnage we will have all given up a host of civil liberties and will never regain them.

    The thing I can’t figure out is why my Republican governor has instituted mandatory closings of pretty much everything(garden centers!) yet has failed to do the number one thing he could be doing to prevent an epidemic in VT and that would be to stop the flow into our state of those from NY, MA, NJ especially who are fleeing the virus and coming here. They know this is happening but have only issued weak pleas to “self-quarantine” for 14 days and to please not come. Yeah right. All of the areas here with seasonal home are now inundated with those who have fled the virus. They ain’t here for the weather as it’s pretty nasty and mud season is here. Local stores(general stores etc) have had to close their doors to any entrance of customers and only allow phones in orders to be picked up outside due to the hordes of out-of-staters coming there and congregating, so excited to be here, seeing their friends, on “vacation” months early etc. all the while bringing their germs to us and buying out our limited food supplies. I’d be fine if they just banned them all! And yes, I know this is thorny as many of them own their second-homes and pay taxes on them so why can’t they use them when they want to? Does seem to me though that public health trumps individual liberties in some cases which is why infectious individuals in the days of diphtheria, smallpox, measles etc would be legally quarantined and a sign posted on their home.

    I think there is a lot of pressure to “act” and so our state governments are doing so, even if it doesn’t make sense. Or not acting if what would work would be unpalatable such as shutting our state borders. So to be politically “safe” they just follow the herd and do what the other states do even if it’s ineffective.

    And I’d add to your list of impacts that people can’t obtain needed dental or medical care now as everything is shut down. I have an abscessed molar and am starting round 3 of antibiotics in an attempt to keep it under control enough to make it through the closures in hopes that eventually dentists will be allowed to care for patients here. It would be sadly ironic if I died from this rather than the coronavirus! But they kept me safe!! ;-(

    OK, end of rant!

    1. Its the same way here in ND, the legislature meets every other year, although the governor has the power to declare an emergency session in the off year. However the total time between both sessions can’t exceed 120 days (i believe). Some people in the state moan about only meeting every other year, but it seems to be working fairly well so far.

  2. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    The Deep State is using Covid-19 as an opportunity to attempt to destroy the economy and Trump, and the rise of nationalism. Hydroxychloroquin with zinc is proving to be remarkably successful. Trump has recently order 29 million doses.
    We are at war with more than the virus. I believe it is time for Trump to take the foot off brake, at least somewhat, to reduce the severity of a possible depression should the lock down continue much longer. A sensible balance must be struck. Should we lose lives to the virus, or should we loose lives to starvation during a protracted depression, or both. There is more at risk should a depression result. We could also loose the last vestiges of our Republic and therefore, what little remains of our liberties.

      1. The latest Chris Martensen video covered most of it. And there are several interviews of doctors who have used it on hundreds of patients with an astonishing amount of success, near miraculous. Hydroxychloroquin is promising enough that Trump ordered 29 million doses. He is convinced. The risks are low. It reportedly does have negatives effect when persons are deficient in zinc. Suggest doing a search on the topic. Wish I had more time to talk about this. I’ve got 40 antennas to test today. I test even new hand held antennas, as I do find many that are bad. A bad antenna can give a Boafeng a bad name.

        1. Sorry, but Nothing of this is an scientific clinical test or study and the Tests i know of were doubtful or indecisive, Nothing of hundreds miracoulously healed.

          Prof Dr med Cristian Drosten Head of Institute for Virology on the Charite in Berlin wasn´t convinced.

          From your link
          << Initial tests on mice have proven successful in producing copious antibodies against covid-19<<

          This means there is Maybe one more glimpse of hope on the end of the tunnel, Maybe Nothing more on a Long tunnel.
          It´s not unlikely that those developments could be leading to a dead end.
          It would be´n act of Desperation or criminal irresponsibility to use that on human beings before scientific clinal studies´ve been done.

          Chris Martensen describes not all clinic Cures with Hydroxychloroquin were successful, sweden did stop it because of dangerous side effects

          Excuse me please, i don´t meant to infringe on you but i know well that it´s a long the road ahead for any effective new vaccine or Cure for COVID-19.
          I would consider it a Miracle if we get one this year, and the ressources needed are massive, think like scientific Manhattan Project worldwide working together and i wish i would be proven wrong.

          1. I introduced the topic here many weeks ago, immediately after it appeared on the internet, and so have had ample time to run across reports on the topic to know that is promising. I am happy with my conclusions.

            Hdroxychloroquin has pasted muster with a control group as well. Otherwise, ” near miraculous” properly characterizes many of the reports by the several attending physicians who used it to treat hundreds of patients. As alluded to, Chris Martensen is not my only source of information. Martensen was mystified by the Swed’s lack of success. One exception does not make a rule. It could be that they did not supplement with high dosages of zinc, a requirement if hydroxycholoquin is to be effective, and to avoid some of the side effects of when using hydroxychloroquin. If it was effective on only a small portion of victims, it is worth a ‘try’ as the Brits might say. Early and current results suggest that it can be effective in many cases, and more effective if used before the onset of ARDS, or pneumonia, or within 5 days of infection. Lower initial viral loads likely correlates with success rates. Reducing viral load when infected in any way possible, with the ability to recognize the symptoms, and with quick access to hydroxychloroquin, and therapeutic dosages of 250mg of zinc/d, and appropriate antibiotics such as azithromycin, seems to be the necessary conditions for a high rate of success.

            Please know that I am only a college drop out. This is why what we call ‘due diligence’ here, is necessary. I might share more, but I’ve got lots of radios and antennas to work on at the moment, and then back to reloading and gardening. Btw, I spent two weeks in East Germany before the wall came down. I would love to see Germany again, yet alas, it shall not be… Regards.

  3. I fully agree with everything you state and yes, in a panic driven society the first thing politicians want to do is enact new legislation taking away rights of the citizens. In another vein and one that you have not touched on, is the fact that there are elements within the US government that want this system to fail.

    Their insane rationalization is that it would put the final nail in the coffin of the Trump presidency. The Left is already salivating at the pork barrel spending that they want to add to the stimulus packaging, and they are pushing very hard promoting voting by mail…a horrible solution and one which would be very easily compromised.

    Trump is fighting a multi-front war at all times, facing the Covid-19 crisis, Democratic politicians who blame him for everything from poor planning, to lack of supplies, to the death of victims.

    This is a battle and unfortunately law enforcement at every level save a few loyalists, support the anti-Constitutional dictates of government leaders. A line in the sand will have to be drawn at some point and the military as well as local law enforcement will have to make a decision as to whether they will support a government on the verge of dictatorship or the Constitution protecting the rights of all citizens.

  4. “When all public gatherings are banned, then that means that there is a de facto ban on public protests. Just ponder that for a minute.” Indeed.

    From Oath Keepers’ Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey:

    “We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.”

    Again I ask Stewart Rhodes founder of Oath Keepers, ‘Where are you?’

      1. Tunnel Rabbit, Stewart Rhodes March 12, 2020 “President Trump MUST immediately shut down all commercial airline traffic. Likewise, all public trains, buses, and subway systems should be shut down.”

        How does the actions by the federal government support Liberty?

    1. Stewart Rhodes seems to be building a strong nework/movement.

      I agree with JWR in saying: ” Every freedom-loving nation needs exemplars like Rosa Parks to make a stand for liberty. The true Rosa Parks Moments for our nation have been few and far between. These are dramatic turning points in our nation’s history, often initiated by just one stalwart citizen making a stand.”

      However, if you look into Rosa Parks and her history, you will learn that she was an activist for many years. She also had a huge support system. And, her action on the bus was not impulsive. She and her fellow activists planned what she did to get attention. It was part of a campaign to challenge racism in the larger community.

      I hope that you folks choosing to step up and protest do so with a community behind you. Martyrdom is a painful road.

      Carry on in grace

      1. Insightful and thought provoking…

        From your post: “I hope that you folks choosing to step up and protest do so with a community behind you. Martyrdom is a painful road.”

        Any among us who have ever stood up in the face of truly dark forces can speak to the earthly aloneness of this experience. The community of support may or may not be as great in number as one might imagine, or as strong, or as committed, as able to withstand the punishment, or as willing to sacrifice. Even understanding this, standing alone is sometimes important and very necessary; however, few are prepared for the severity of the experience.

        Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  5. Governors are politicians chasing votes. Which ever way the majority political wind blows is the direction they take. There are very few honestly original and truly patriotic thinkers in leadership positions in our State and Federal Governments.

      1. Back at you.
        Thanks for fixing my post. Sometimes I get off the rails.
        Today’s message from JWR is very good. I like the Rosa Parks reference.
        She may have inspired peaceful non compliance, but her backbone was made of steel.

  6. Thank you for this article- we need more like it. Too many citizens are embracing the fear of this marginally dangerous public health hysteria. I’ve been screaming since day one that the reaction of the unprepared public and government clampdown is a far more grave threat to us all than the WuFlu itself.

    My business (deemed essential by the state) has been and will remain open during the lockdown. My employees are grateful to not be joining the millions of newly unemployed.

    Gov. DeWine (a republican whom I’ve met, supported, and voted for) has essentially appointed Dr. Acton as emperor of Ohio during this emergency. The entire state is locked down until May 1 at the soonest despite many counties (mostly Appalachian) having zero reported cases. There seems to be a sense of peer pressure amongst the governors as they try to outdo each other in the tyranny olympics.

    Our progeny will view this as the biggest overreaction in human history. In a matter of weeks, our entire socio-economic structure and bill of rights has been trashed at the whim of health officials (political operatives). More damage has been done to personal liberty and the pursuit of happiness than could be achieved by decades of bloody war. The scariest part? The general public is begging for it.

      1. Do you believe we should suspend the bill of rights and initiate a global great depression until some magic number of individuals has been tested? Do you realize that you are far more likely to be killed/injured in your car than by Covid? Shall we suspend all travel until we can guarantee zero automobile accidents? Being a living human carries certain risks and Im fine with that. Its not possible for bureaucrats to eliminate all risks regardless of decree, legislation, or fear mongering.

          1. Got it, but thats not what the sentence says. I’m expanding on the suggestion by JWR that the containment efforts must be administered at the county level, not the state.

    1. Also an Ohioan, and totally agree. DeWine”s daily press briefings are interesting in that they have distinct roles. The Governor is like the wise, fatherly leader. Health Director Dr. Acton is the impassioned public health professional. Lt. Gov. Husted is the bad cop, the nasty guy. Whether these are scripted performances or a function of their personalities, who knows.

      I notice Dr. Acton wears a white doctors coat. Yes, she is an MD, but her job in state government is an administrative one. She isn’t seeing patients. It’s all theater.

      1. Noah I’ve also noticed the theatrical appearance of those media events. I know something is up when my blue dog democrat mother is telling me how much she loves DeWine!

    2. @HP

      While it’s true that there have been a number of younger people, some without known pre-existing conditions who have died from this virus, the vast majority are elderly and/or those with serious pre-existing conditions. So it’s not that I’m hard-hearted and don’t care if 90 y/o grandma in the nursing home dies from this but the reality is that anyone who’s living in a nursing home is in rough shape and incapable of living on their own. Here in my state the vast majority of those who have died have been elderly, many residing in nursing homes, assisted living etc. I’m not sure that shutting down the entire state is warranted. I think that for sure there needs to be restrictions and some stuff should be closed but the whole state? Maybe having everyone wearing masks would be a good thing and protective enough? Maybe keeping tourists and second-home owners out for now would do the job?

      1. Ani I believe all individual citizens and individual businesses should have the freedom to determine their unique risk exposure and mitigation measures with zero government interference.

        1. But where does all of this end? Everyone has the right to do anything with no government interference? So you’re ok with all of the people fleeing places like NYC and heading to the hills to spread the infection and we have no say? Can we citizens just take matters into our own hands? Vigilante justice?

          What of all the people who work for an employer that insists on staying open, business as usual? Who tells them that either they work, sans mask, or they can look for another job?

          I think Libertarianism has its points but also a lot of downfalls when put into practice.

          1. Its true- no political system is perfect.

            If the citizens in your municipality want to get together and pass an ordinance that denies the property rights of non-resident property owners, I believe you should have the freedom to do so. Not sure how the courts would view it. I can say that if I had a secondary (bugout) property and the locals were denying me access I’d be pretty pissed.

            As far as employers go- Unless there is a law requiring masks to be worn, this should be at the discretion of the parties involved via risk exposure analysis. Remember, employment is voluntary. There are activities in my business that OSHA requires PPE be used by workers. Currently, due to the actions of government, I cannot resupply my stocks of dust masks, so we will be unable to perform certain tasks safely.

            Alot of this discussion hinges on how you view risk.

  7. Regarding Closed Churches, Pastor Josh Hurley Asks, “Remember?”

    Remember that time Daniel was told not to pray: His friends told him it would be dangerous to keep praying and he was supposed to respect the king. So, instead he compromised and went into his inner closet to pray?

    Remember that time Esther had the opportunity to save her entire people but Mordechai reminded her that it would be disrespectful to the king and would be dangerous to even try, so instead she went and locked herself in her room and just asked God to go speak to the king?

    Remember that time Shadraq, Meshaq, and Abednego were told they had to bow to the king and when they realized how disrespectful and dangerous it would be not to, they decided to just bow and pray together later in private?

    Remember when Daniel was told he had to eat the King’s meat in violation of his faith and his friends told him to quit being a troublemaker and to save his life to fight later so he did?

    Remember how the disciples were whipped and told by the authorities to quit talking about Jesus in public so they went back to fishing and tax collecting, trusting that God was sovereign and must be working in another way?

    Remember when Abraham was going up the mountain with his son to sacrifice him when he realized how stupid and unwise it all was and was home by dinner?

    Remember when they arrested Paul and were beating him and he thought, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for these guys, I better not tell them I am a Roman. I’ll take my beating and call it a day. No need to talk to the governor.”

    Ya. Me neither.

    Your faith without works is a dead faith, Church. If you aren’t acting out of faith right now, you need to repent.

    Thanks very much to Scott Watson, who spotted this righteous call to action and sent it my way. I contacted Rev. Hurley and asked both his permission to reprint it here and whether I should include a link to his church’s website. Whereupon he unleashed further gems: “We actually moved 6 months ago to disband our church and move into many home churches in anticipation for this event. As such, I don’t have a corporate church name or website to reference any longer.”

    I was so thrilled I nigh wept! Citing Isaiah 5, Rev. Hurley added, “The natural, unintended result of the small churches closing every day in America while the big ones get bigger is that the government has more and more control over the church. Most of them have succumbed to the 501(c)(3) pressures and have simply become corporations wielded by the government. …If the church is only about the informational model the government just reduced it to, then what is the point in going? After all, information is everywhere. We need community. …”

    Finally, this genius gives Romans 13 a whole new twist: “We have forsaken God’s command to respect our governing authorities… When I say governing authorities, I am not talking about people. I am talking about Articles 1-7 of the Constitution and its 27 Amendments. We sit idly by while totalitarians, controlled by globalists, shred it before our eyes. And, we do it in the name of pursuing peace and security.”


    A thousand deafening “AMENS!

    Becky Akers – 7:47 pm on April 6, 2020

  8. Well, there are other Latin phrases as well:

    “Silent enim lēgēs inter arma” — Laws are silent in times of war — Cicero

    “ne ferrum iura inducens” –Stop quoting laws, we carry swords! –Pompey

    1. I didn´t looked in the Grundgesetz

      Helmut Schmidt as he called Military help during the North Sea flood of 1962, the Grundgesetz didn´t allowed that explicitly.

      How many lives did the flying Angels and other soldiers Safed this day?

  9. Amen, excellent. I agree the gov will be killing more people than the virus will. There may be outcomes we can’t envision. Remember what came after the Great Depression? WW2. Because desperate people do desperate things, like support Adolf Hitler.

    The media coverage of this is biased beyond belief. I heard an NPR reporter berate the governor of Arkansas for not issuing a stay at home order. That governor was a voice of reason. Another NPR program was ridiculing celebrities who have gone on social media saying the government is overreacting. When other celebrities go on Twitter promoting gun control, where is NPR’s ridicule?

  10. As of 1700 hrs EDT, South Carolina joins those states with a stay at home decree. Back when video poker gaming was popular (ca. 1990s), the South Carolina State Supreme Court ruled that what was illegal in one county could not be legal in another. Other states with “dry” counties would disagree, yet this is where we are. One of our smaller counties became the initial hotspot with the first case, and a number of cases that followed. To my knowledge, epidemiologists have yet to determine how that initial case began, unlike the funeral case in southwest Georgia.
    Scenes of Spring Breakers on the beach, numerous boats in coves of our lakes filled with people, and home improvement store parking lots filled to capacity published in the various forms of media have made helicopter moms and would be 3rd grade teachers denying the whole class recess howl, and the howling has been heard. Today we join the lemmings.

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed in Henry, too. He held out for a long time, but ultimately capitulated to the howling mob. I will say, the order itself specifies a lot of exceptions, so hopefully local leaders, like sheriffs, will show some common sense in enforcing it.

  11. i may have to slightly disagree…

    YOU are now president…

    if you continue the lockdown/social distancing mayhem, death and destruction will follow…

    if you stop the lockdown/social distancing the virus rages and mayhem, death and destruction follow…

    so choose…

    ready set go…

    1. Wally… Your thoughts echo my own, even as I understand and respect the perspectives of others who have strong and differing views. Making decisions for ourselves is much different than having the responsibility of making decisions for others. …and in the case of the President, decisions for a nation filled with hundreds of millions of others. I do believe that we can accomplish both the preservation of liberty, and the preservation of life. It will not be easy, and there are political predators who will do all they can to use this pandemic to their tyrannical advantage. Even so, I believe there is a way through. We must all remain thoughtful, in conversation with one another and the world at large, and vigilant.

      Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  12. Thanks for posting this. Here in Moscow (ID) the City – in an “Emergency” Friday afternoon meeting held several weeks ago with little prior notice – has established an entire new chapter of the city code which among other features details the city’s enforcement reach 5 miles beyond the city limits specifying Idaho Code 50 – 304 as empowering such action AND, further, this new city code limits the public’s right of appeal of the chapter’s decision relating to “isolation order or quarantine order” (Moscow City Code section 1-11-11) to the City Council, City Supervisor or designee with the statement that “The City Supervisor’s decision shall be final.” There would seem to be several legal problems with such. SEE:

  13. JWR; you are 100% correct in your assessment of the situation. I commend you use of the gem from American Jurisprudence, entirely appropriate and I would suggest all to make a copy and keep it handy in your vehicle, as well as a copy of our U S Constitution and appropriate sections of your state Constitution that apply.
    The biggest problem in our modern society is that there are far to many people that are completely ignorant of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, causing them to willfully obey laws that have zero validity whatsoever. We are therefore, unable to stand with a backbone and as JWR states, “Just Say No” and have the knowledge to back it up….

    This virus scare is minor in the scope of of all and nothing more than fuel for already out of control gummint forces to declare even more Unconstitutional laws, edicts, and regulations.
    IE: garden seeds, agriculture products/services, gun stores that supply self defense products, going to the park to play with your dog, surfing, weightlifting/sitting on your porch in your front yard, all deemed non-essential and illegal….. but golf courses are OK!!!!!! This is nothing more than a power and control grab by goober mint that refuses to obey the Constitution they are sworn to uphold AND protect….. Yeah, I am getting extremely P***ed at our so called gummint of all genres which time and again have proven to only use and obey our founding documents when it’s beneficial for their agenda.
    This is perhaps the final wake up call for this nation if we don’t collectively pull our heads from the dark smelly hole we’ve kept it in for the last 50 – 100 years.

    For an interesting view on where this country is headed read a couple books from author Kurt Schlichter, “Indian Country”, “People’s Republic”, “Collapse”, and “Wildfire”. Novels centering upon one main character with a common theme, basically the division of the USA into two distinct countries, the Red and the Blue. with the blue centering and advocating all the green new deal, diversity, and 27 different genders, pretty much following the present day democrat agendas. And you good folks can guess where that’s headed.
    Author is like JWR, retired Army, and like JWR’s books, fast fun reads, but eye opening as to possible outcomes as well.

  14. By now most of you heard how NJ Gov Murphy, a Commiecrat, ex Goldman Sachs, attempted to circumvent the US Constitution by decreeing that , ‘All gun stores in the state of NJ shall remain closed until further notice.”
    As soon as I heard this I called the NJ State Attorney Generals Office and filed a complaint regarding my Constitutional Right to defend myself. I also, emailed and called WDC and complained to my Congressman’s office. I called my Senator’s office and complained. I did this every day for a full week.
    Not saying my actions resulted in anything happening; but a week later the ‘E O’ was rescinded by the Commicrat NJ Gov Murphy with his tail between his legs. I even saw on one of his CHINA VIRUS Briefings where President Trump referenced this action and reminded Govenors where their place was with regards to the US Constitution and ‘E O’ s!!!
    Sucks to live in NJ if you’re one of the ‘unprepared liberals’, the rest of us are doing just fine! There’s parts of NJ where you’d swear you hear ‘banjo music playing’, just saying!

    1. Pat, my Lady is from one of those banjo-country places in the Garden State. Probably one of the reasons she’s adapted so well down here. Still can’t get her to eat grits, though…

  15. ThoDan is the gadfly, and he does his job well. For that, I am appreciative. We MUST look closely at statements and issues floating through our electrosphere, and apply reason and critical thought before jumping on the bandwagon.

    As a medical professional, I am anxious to see results from controlled studies on the hydroxychloroquine issue, and fear that when bias is controlled, we may not find it to be the miracle that some tout; however, for the short-term regimen currently being used (5 days), the risks are low…so why not, as long as the supply lasts.

    We should be able to get some good results in a few weeks, as the supply of study subjects is good (in some locales). Remember, only randomization can reduce bias to a tolerable level…including the most common and insidious misleader: confirmation bias.

    Hold your horses….we’ll know soon enough!

    Best wishes to all!

    1. Please watch Dr Seheult’s research paper discussion on Coronavirus Update #35, on MEDCRAM.

      We cannot get tested here until fever and pneumonia set in. I came down with flu symptoms 9 days ago.

      I’ve been using Quercetin as well as homeopathic hot baths, rest, and diet. I still feel a little bit off but feel improvement daily and am back to 90% feeling good.

      I’m interested in hearing your opinion.

      1. Wheatley Fisher… How are you holding up? Our prayers are immediately with you, and will remain with you and with your family. We’ll be watching for word. We’re deeply concerned, but also trust that you are taking every step you can toward recovery. We’re very thankful for the news that you’re improving, and hope that as you read this, you have made even more progress toward the goal of 100% recovery!

        1. I’m doing well. The prayers all help. I really only had one worried day, after getting a mental itch last Tuesday, then the body ache, slight headache, and rapid pulse (93bpm when normal is 74bpm), all triggered my plan for battling COVID. I never had issues really, unless you count smelling so strongly of garlic and onions that you can melt your footsteps into cement by walking over it.

          Like one guy says, Panic Early and Panic Often. That’s why we are so prepared that when the TP Raiders are in Costco, we are just shopping in the unattended Chocolate Cake section to top off our supplies.

          With me it is more that I only have about 90-95% of normal mental acuity.

          As I posted before, I learned so much from the MEDCRAM videos that I was ready to fight this. For me it is critical to raise body temperature, as DR Seheult discussed, with good sleep and avoiding stress news as well as no aspirin/ibuprofen/acetaminophen.

          Also, I’m taking absolutely no Vitamin D, no elderberry, no echinaceae,no medicinal mushrooms. All those show increased IL-1B and/or IL-18 production in infected immune cells, and to fight COVID-19 Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND says to avoid those.

          She is Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine.

          The other things I learned to take for this for this are in a medical paper I emailed to editor at SB, from her, are:

          Chinese Skullcap (I have none but am taking all the rest)
          And I prefer Cayenne pepper as an added touch.
          Also taking just 1 Emergen-C per day, in accordance with the label that says do not take more than one a day.

          Quercetin and Zinc need to both be in the mix. MEDCRAM Coronavirus Update #35 discusses three scientific papers on it. The Quercetin enables the Zinc to actually get into affected cells and stop the transverse SARS-Cov-19 RNA replication.

          Thanks so much for the prayers. I am taking it easy and just resting to let the immune system battle. I still need to get to Montana and watch Tunnel Rabbit hunt grizzly bears with a big stick this year.

          God Bless

          1. We’re so thankful for all the good news, and grateful for the excellent guidance on the therapeutic recovery recipe. Prayers are answered!

            Of course we also had tremendous fun with the idea of your visit to Montana to watch Tunnel Rabbit hunt grizzly bears with a big stick! We will await with great anticipation news of the great adventure coming!

  16. Heinlein’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity – but don’t rule out malice.”

    It’s looking more and more like malice… Someone is taking advantage of this crisis and imposing a stealth martial law. If/When the economy finally collapses in a heap it will be game on.

    Thank you, James, for posting your excellent article.

    P.S. “Because of the Corona!” That was pretty funny, Lily. I think we’re all getting pretty frazzled – and I don’t even speak Hebrew!

    1. Hi ShepherdFarmerGeek,


      This song was my Hebrew lesson for the day. I’m thankful that Shiri included the Hebrew Subtitles so I could look up the meaning of the words that I didn’t know. I type the Hebrew into Google Translate and GT gives me the English meaning… Sadly, I don’t think many of the Israelis understand how bad this is going to get and the freedoms that they are losing forever…. 🙁 Praying for their salvation.

      1. @ Lily

        Yes, it was cute. Did you see the rant video that Shiri made on distance learning? THAT was hilarious! 😉

        But re: Israelis. Early on when they were setting up the social distancing rules and restrictions in Israel, they still included demonstrations as allowable! Now I’m sure they’re not but early on they were still “kosher”. I’m less worried for Israelis losing freedoms than I am for us here in the US.

        1. Shalom Ani,

          I did see Shiri’s rant video on Distance Learning. She was hilarious! In fact that was the first video I had ever seen of her, so far, in her very short career as a YouTuber. I discovered her through Ynet, think? I always forget where I first see things, since I am all over the internet. I immediately listened and tried to translate, but she speaks way too fast for me. I only picked up words here and there with her. I was super happy when she put The English subtitles in to that video a day or so later. I also don’t mind Hebrew subtitles. I can deal with those, too, with out much problem.

          Yes, we will probably lose more freedoms here, than many other countries in the world. It doesn’t look good at all. Pray and read the Tanak, all of the time. Our family is reading aloud the Shmot/Exodus account this week during our family Bible studies. I’m so glad Jim is now out quarantine and is healthy. Baruch Hashem Adonai! Mah Adir Shemcha Bachol ha-aretz!

          Are you sure you don’t want to move out to the American Redoubt? Bring your son, we really need farriers out here. The current set are almost in the elderly range without many youngers behind them. Vermont has an incredible beauty all it’s own, but there is a different far more spectacular beauty out here with a much more conservative, cleaner, less oppressive mindset.

          Some parts of northern Idaho, has a lot of dirt roads lined with maple trees that I swear looks like New England in the fall…Spruce, hemlock, birch, aspen, red maple, Grand fir which looks a lot like Balsam fir, western white pine looks a lot like eastern white pine, tamarack/larch, etc. 😉

          You are always welcome out here!

          Blessings and a warm Hag Sameach Pasach lach!

          Dai Daiyenu! 😉


          1. Hi Lily

            Honestly, I really considered it but at this time I felt that I had to find a place to live quickly(now I know why!) and as my son is here in VT and mom etc in the northeast as well it just made sense to stay here for now. And it’s been home for a long time……But I’m still open to considering other places at some point, especially as I really really see the issues of living so clue to places like NY, even though it’s hundreds of miles from here.

            I looked at Northern Idaho properties briefly online but the only places that came up with anything remotely affordable were all in that town(s) where that white supremacist anti-Semitic group is “headquartered” which wasn’t exactly sounding like a good spot for me! 😉

            My son isn’t actually a farrier; he’s been learning blacksmithing. I think he’d make an excellent farrier and is awesome with horses and at 6’4″, he’s surely big enough to handle the drafts etc. I think I’ll put that out there to him and see. He’s starting to see the wisdom of work that is needed no matter what happens.

            Glad to hear Jim is fine and your family is all together. Chag Sameach to you too!

          2. Hi Ani,

            If you are talking the Sandpoint area, that supposed “white supremacist” group died out, more than ten years ago/went elsewhere. That was actually down in Hayden. Their property was granted to a civil rights group, as a part of a a court settlement. Thee are far more anti-semite whackos on the coast. The Inland Northwest is actually a hub of the Messianic home church movement. There is always the very, very few bad eggs that give an area a bad name. Or groups like the SPLC make something out of nothing. Really this is the least of your worries. Everyone I know has a real heart and warm interest in Jewish people and the Land of Israel…

            I am sure God has lead you to where He wanted you for this time.

            I was just explaining that there is in some areas of the northern Redoubt with a similar if not more spectacular tree, mountain and lake composition as the northeast. (Lakes Pend Oreille, Priest Lake, Lake Coeur d’Alene, etc.). Oops, I mistook your son for a farrier/forgot he was a Black Smith which are also needed out here. I am sorry about that. ;0 Well someday, if the world quiets down, you should come out and visit. 🙂

            Shalom and Chag Sameach!


  17. This is from Becky Akers over at

    (T)hose of us who’d rather die on our feet than live on our knees also prefer to lie abed with the flu in a free country than enjoy perfect health as a slave.

    Here is the link to the post. As always, good reading over at Lew Rockwell. First I read SurvivalBlog, then I head over to This is my required reading list every day.

  18. Re: “launch test cases. ” Many of the historical, precedent-setting court cases in the last 150 years have been planned. For example, in Plessy v. Ferguson, Homer Plessy was chosen precisely because he was a light-skinned black man. He was instructed to board the train, against the law. He was arrested. He lost the case at the Supreme Court, in what we refer to as the “separate but equal” decision. His litigator, Albion Tourgee (from whom I am a collateral descendant) set the whole thing up ahead of time (and also, in his arguments, set precedent for later civil rights cases by saying that justice should be “color-blind.” He was part of the “Radical Republicans” working to extend full Constitutional rights to freed slaves after emancipation. So if you feel inclined to become a test case, you might want to talk to a prominent Constitutional law attorney to make it actually worth your effort and sacrifice.

  19. “””Pandemic Policies are Destroying the Economy and our Liberty”””
    I’m convinced that was the intention from the beginning.

  20. Yet ask yourselves if, given the excuses to be heavily armed “to defend innocent life”, why is Abortion available in all but one Redoubt state, and all adjacent ones?

    When you fail to defend life you will lose your liberty.

  21. FRANCIS MARION, I’ve been eating grits with just about everything ever since I spent 25 years living around the South! Sounds as if your wife knows my NJ stomping grounds! Plenty of sand, fresh water, pines, blueberries and huckleberries, and game.
    Plenty of farms, woodlands and un- suburbanized land in NJ South and West of Perth Amboy. Look at a state map folks, draw a line East to West from Perth Amboy NJ. It gets better the further South and West one gets from the coast.

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