Alaska, Coronavirus, and the True Church – Part 1, by J.P.

Have you ever thought about just how far it is from Seattle to Alaska? Probably not, because for a long time the world rightly assumed it to be a long way. Early pioneers came to Alaska by steamer, horse-drawn sledge, and on foot; a long and arduous journey.

Modern conveniences changed all that. A scenic ride on a ferry can take between three and seven days. By car, between Seattle and Anchorage, it’s still a serious three day drive. A commercial flight will average just under four hours. That’s still a long way even in modern day thinking.

So, in trying to get a perspective on how safe and secure (distance wise) we Alaskans are, in relation to the Covid-19 virus, January and half of February felt fairly comfortable.

Then the virus, almost overnight, moved quickly up the coast and brought the focus to an unsuspecting nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. Typically such facilities have low medical security with dozens, if not hundreds of volunteers and visitors. Now we’re concerned, but still banking on distance to keep us protected.

​How far is it from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska? Not as far as we’re accustomed to thinking. In reality, just two steps! One step on to the plane at SeaTac Intl Airport in Seattle, and one step off the plane at ANC International in Anchorage.

So what’s the problem?

The real bugaboo is the dastardly long incubation period, 6 to 14 days, during which few if any symptoms are manifested but the virus can be spread person to person.

How secure are we in “far off Alaska”? Not very! The ubiquitous nature of modern air travel makes Alaskans every bit as vulnerable as an unsuspecting nursing home in Washington State, or any other center of modern life. We travel, because we can.

We Alaskans face potential challenges of huge proportions. What’s the solution? In this letter I have chosen not to rehash lists of preparations to complete and supplies to accumulate (those are available in multiples throughout the internet, and due to increasing demand for many things, we are already experiencing shortages).

What I hope to do here is lay out a straightforward approach to the process of preserving our God-given freedoms in conjunction with living as the True Body of Christ, his Church.

In pursuing this we walk a rugged wilderness road, made possible by the U.S Constitution and the power and authority of Jesus Christ. Self preservation is not our focus, except to maintain our ability to provide for our family, and offer ministry to others. The ability to do this lies totally “In God Alone.”

Who’s Talking?

First, a little background as to who I am. I’m a senior, having lived a lifetime of adventure, and have a wife I don’t deserve. I grew up in a pastor’s home (small, midwestern, conservative fundamental church) with plenty of trials and bad news. I found my niche in music and challenging sports like wrestling and football, later on a lifetime of rock climbing and rather serious mountaineering. I have two undergraduate degrees, I am basically a self-taught stone mason of 35 years, I’ve built a hundred stone fireplaces, and building self-supporting stone arches was my passion – a few collapsed till I got it figured out.

A father of three, 12 grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. While I admit to any number of failings I’ve spent much of my life going to “The Word”, trying to understand the role of an obedient man of God, as well as the true nature of the Church.

All that said, my life experience has been focused on setting goals, preparing to the best of my ability, anticipating and even practicing for potential realities, and ever so slowly learning to listen and obey while sitting at the feet of Jesus. Of the latter I admit I am a slow learner, and Jesus is ever so patient.

We cannot wait for government to solve Covid-19 for us!

I’m in no way inferring we’ll find a way to stop the virus. However, waiting leaves us extremely vulnerable, and sitting on our hands while the government decides what to do with us leaves our hands unusable.

Without a doubt Federal agencies have expertise and resources that could help us solve the challenge. In many cases we, the people, are not trusted and official statistics and information are difficult, if not impossible, to decipher.

What we are up against in America and Alaska:

  • Massive disinformation​. Can we believe anything or anybody? My mother often said, don’t trust anyone. I didn’t want to believe her, but as I matured I began to understand. I’ve become very suspicious of advertising, politicians (not statesmen), world leaders, the assumption that the weather is “normal”, experts who tickle our ears, and any church whose focus is on productions and shys away from teaching on Biblical suffering and persecution. Keep in mind, disinformation is often a tactic. To sort all this out we need God’s discernment and wisdom.
  • A culture of ​“just in time​”. The concept of just in time was developed by industry which found it could save considerable cost by eliminating the warehouse. Suppliers agreed to deliver parts, food, medical supplies, etc. almost at the moment they were needed. And things have cooked right along quite smoothly until a glitch develops in the supply line. Think Wuhan, China, quarantine, lockdowns, empty shelves at Costco, and an economy that depends totally on a well-oiled production and delivery system.
  • A ​“feel good” culture​ – Admit it, it’s happened to all of us. We all enjoy some comforts including entertainment, the ‘’doc” will fix it, fast food, debt forgiveness, my church makes me happy, etc.
  • The ​Credit Card​. We can all write the script here. Yes, the benefits are there, but the negatives, as well as the temptations, are so prevalent.
  • An absolute belief that ​the real bad news won’t happen until ​- my kids grow up, we build a new house, my daughter gets married, my son graduates from college and gets a good job, the Olympics are over, and after the rapture (I’m still not totally convinced on the timing on this one). I venture to guess we all have at least one small event we hope God holds off for.
  • The stark reality that Alaska is only two steps away from Seattle and the State of Washington​ – What exists in the Lower 48 is more than likely already in Alaska. Hopefully and prayerfully not, but current patterns suggest otherwise.What is known about Coronavirus/Covid-19:Some things we know, MAYBE: ​be very mindful of disinformation.
  • There is evidence the Coronavirus was developed by both U.S. and Canadian scientists in either or both a Canadian and U.S.lab. Evidence suggests there was an on-site presence of Chinese students or scientists, during the development of the virus. Allegedly the Chinese representatives carried the physical virus or the formula back to China – with or without the authority to do so.
  • There is conjecture that the virus was further developed as a weapon in a Chinese lab. ​A reasonable question is, are there any reasons, other than as a weapon, for developing an engineered virus; whether in the U.S,, Canada, or in China?
  • I believe that the virus’s origin was not from animals being sold for food in a Chinese wet market.

Note: I remind you, I said “maybe”. While the accuracy of each of these statements is very interesting to a scientist working this whole case, they pertain very little to the task you and I have to prepare to keep our friends, church and family free of the virus, while at the same time living the “good news” of Jesus.

Potential Serious Problems​ ​when Covid-19 officially reaches Alaska: The Serious Problems –

  • Hospitals could be overrun with Covid-19 patients
  • Shortages of medical and other supplies
  • Government control – restricted travel, quarantine, lockdowns, (FEMA, CDC, State and Federal)
  • Food Shortages – due to both the negative effect on our economy, and related challenges of a long or interrupted supply route from the Lower 48.

Related, spin off effects –

  • Panic Buying
  • Closing of churches, schools, and other public gatherings
  • Possible violence
  • Increased death rate

To all of this I want to state emphatically, there is a solution! I believe it cuts to the quick on waiting for government “plans” to unfold. It actually preempts “official” government edicts with a better recourse that could have many of our state’s citizens standing on our own two feet, and even standing with those who are willing but may not be quite prepared. ​It’s time to be strategic.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2)


  1. I actually appreciate analysis with a suggested solution, without which it’s only so much commiserating.

    I share J.P.’s perspective on much of what he’s offered. We’re not being told the whole story, and there’s zero transparency, much of it to cover up incompetency within the federal bureaucracy. Dr. Fauci was quoted on January 20th of this year that the novel corona virus was nothing the US needs to be concerned about.

    We’ll get through this, depending on a number of factors, none of which are fully known at this point; the virility of the virus and whether the body builds immunity.

    Once we’re through it, what is on the other side? I’m guessing about a two year global depression, as severe or more than the 1930’s. American workers have to be considered in any post pandemic economy. Globalism had it’s day, and it’s time for the multi-nationals to stop expatriating profits, offshoring jobs, and importing cheap labor. For forty years, the American worker has put up with the wage depressing effects of globalism. This pandemic should show everyone that we don’t want a 2 tier society, and we don’t want to live like a third world second rate country, even though it’s glaringly obvious some parts of this country already are.

    1. Globalism is another weapon being used to destroy the USA. If anyone hasn’t yet, I suggest reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. This is the basic function of CoVid-19 as released by the Chinese upon the world’s nations: to destroy all economies except their own, to destroy governments other than their own, to weaken populations other than their own….the loss of life they have experienced in China is a weighed measure to the loss of life in a “real” war…much less. Their factories are again producing. They are able to buy businesses and influence international corporations (and ultimately our self-serving politicians) at a time when opportunities for “fire sale” prices are available. They see a “big picture” future…when will the “pacification” of our population begin?

    2. I think it is a mistake to paint with a broad brush. What was known early on was grossly incomplete because China was hiding what they knew. That isn’t Dr. Fauci’s fault. There was incompetence; during the N1H1 ‘pandemic’ the supply of masks were used up and the administration then choose to nut fund replacing them, They needed the money to send on a pallet to Iran. A similar situation occurred in New York about the same time and they not only did not replace masks that were used but choose to not replace ventilators as well. In the State of the Union address Trump did call for action to fight the virus and the video shows the Speaker was not paying attention and was placing the speech into separate stacks small enough for ripping apart. Even as Trump shut down air travel from China the Speaker was setting up the political impeachment farce. The bottom line is there was incompetence and misinformation but certainly not by everyone and it is unfair and misleading to just paint it all with a broad brush.

  2. I have traveled in Mexico, Central America, and South America – not as a Tourist, but as a Backpacker, and know what 3rd world countries are.
    This country is indeed becoming a 3rd world country, in that the middle class, which has been the backbone of this country, is rapidly disappearing.
    The rich, politically connected, powerful minority, and the vast majority masses.
    The police are rapidly becoming, just like in 3rd world countries, the protectors of the elite. “To protect and serve”, the mantra of the police, is for that elite minority.
    The increasingly Militarization of the police is for that purpose – to control the masses.
    Janice Joplin was right, when she sang: “Freedom is just another word for having nothing left to lose”.

  3. Amen to the Janice Joplin quote!
    That girl had a heart and could belt it out.
    This world offers NO such thing as Freedom…
    For man’s laws are NOT God’s laws.
    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23
    The previous 4 or 5 verses adequately describe the world system.

  4. Excellent article! Can’t wait for the rest. I too believe the virus is a manufactured one, which is why there is such an enormous federal response to it. Would love to hear more about your experiences as an Alaskan, and a Christ follower.

  5. Hmm, interesting article. In some ways I agree with some or most all of what this gentleman has said. I’m in my mid 70’s ( almost ) and one thing I’ve learned in life is to ” never say never “. Because never will happen before you know it and faster than you think about it.

  6. I lived in Alaska 15 years and my family still does. Anchorage is a hub for airlines going all over the world. Also the virus is up there now. I’m actually surprised it has taken so long. The rush on Costco was absolutely crazy! My brother works in one of them. Those in Alaska are much more dependent on outside supplies than most in the lower 48. Hopefully they will contain it as best as possible and minimize the fall out. They have already implemented social distancing.

  7. JP! We’re looking forward to Part 2 of your article, and loved the point of closing in the initial installment…

    From the article: “​It’s time to be strategic.”

    Even in — and most especially in — a time of crisis, we should not lose sight of the importance of strategic thinking, assessments, and action plans.

  8. I had mentioned in a past comment on this subject, “The cascading fall out from this virus will be much more detrimental to our society than the virus itself.”

  9. JP,,,,my family has had a presence in Alaska since 1898. I homesteaded a 160 130 miles out. We are a Pioneer family, so some thoughts of mine ,,,,

    1200 shipping containers a week arrive in anchorage every week ,only 2percent of the food needed to feed the state comes from Alaska unless you want to eat like a native ,(part of my extended family is inupik)

    Your safe water is dependent on what comes up in the containers even in the villages

    For the modern-day man life is dependent on the outside ,

    Life is not possible for most in a stand alone Alaska ,

    Trouble is you can never completely leave, and after Alaska every thing else is looks like Kansas

  10. “There is evidence the Coronavirus was developed by both U.S. and Canadian scientists in either or both a Canadian and U.S.lab. Evidence suggests there was an on-site presence of Chinese students or scientists, during the development of the virus. Allegedly the Chinese representatives carried the physical virus or the formula back to China – with or without the authority to do so.”

    So what evidence are you citing that the Americans and Canadians created the virus? Please don’t use the Chinese Communist News media as your source.

    If this is your source information:

    If so, you might want to read a little more into his sources, which by the way he cites none. We need accurate information, not some blogosphere type making up stuff and adding just enough real information to lend themselves creditability.

      1. Did America and Canada really create this virus? Are we responsible now, even if the virus was stolen?

        About assigning responsibility, and all the ‘coronavirus’ deaths. = It should be pointed out that China invented >gunpowder long ago. … Just maybe, we should blame China for all of the subsequent ‘gun deaths’ in the world. Of course, we should all demand repatriations from China for that too. [And repatriations for all the coronavirus deaths and financial losses.]

        We do want to be consistent with assigning blame. Or is this ‘blame game’ directed only to the USA; just because we seem to get blamed for everything else.

        God Bless America; the best country in the history of the world!

  11. Here is my read on this: China is going to attack the USA at our weakest point in this whole mess that the “Chicoms” created just to eliminate the USA! The Trade War on the Chicoms was nail in our coffin for the USA. This attack by China on the USA will make Pearl Harbor look like a joke. Get ready for a land invasion by the Chicoms! Their are traitors in our midst!!

    1. I, too, have long felt that we will be invaded by them. It is not safe to talk about though, because people will think you are nuts. Thank you for voicing your opinion. It is refreshing to me to not feel alone.

      1. I kinda think so, too. A lot of Christian “prophets” seem to think so, also, by both of the large countries. Though, I’m not sure how far they will get or to where. Jim doesn’t think so. Invasions are part of the judgement cycle of God’s curses/punishments for disobedience and rebellion. Only time will tell.

        1. I like how you put prophets in quotation marks. While I believe the true gift of prophesying exists today, unfortunately there seems to be much more hogwash than real out there. Regarding China invading, I believe that the US (and New York City in particular) is the modern day manifestation of Mystery Babylon. There are many good reasons to believe that. The way I understand it from Revelation (which was written by a true prophet of course), a group of 10 “kings” will destroy Babylon. China may be included in that group. If my understanding is correct, China will not act by itself. Rev. 17:12-18

    2. As far as weakness goes, this coronavirus doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. If China were going to do a land attack, they’d be much smarter to wait for the Santa Ana winds to start blowing, then start all of California burning with the biggest wildfire since written history. While everyone’s distracted with that burning, take out our very vulnerable grid with some covert, well-timed Chinese SEAL teams. Now THAT would leave the country in a weakened condition. But then you still have the problem of how to get a bazillion Chinese troops over here to carry out a land battle? So I’ve always had a hard time picturing anyone attacking the U.S. mainland other than by missiles, bioweapons, or the easiest of all, just simply cutting off tomorrow, cold turkey, every single item they sell to us while at the same time selling all trillion dollars of the U.S. treasuries they hold. Please give us more details on how they would manage a land invasion.

      1. St. Funogas,

        Shhh! Don’t give them any ideas.

        Sometimes Jim comes up with the most amazing thoughts of what the government might do and with gun law loopholes, or other laws, or something innovative and he writes about it and has me proof read it. Often I say, “Jim, this is brilliant, but if they haven’t thought of it, yet, if you publish this, whoever is watching us, will now have the idea and will do it. Don’t publish this and give them ideas on how to do some things!!” Often he agrees with me and doesn’t proceed to publish. Just be careful. Maybe “they” haven’t thought of it, yet. Actually, Jim does agree with your transport logistics scenario. But an EMP would work for them. Russia and China have old EMP proof planes, still, I’ve heard. Sooo….



    3. Oh please, this is a bunch of conspiracy nonsense here. “Armed Citizen” thinks a “land invasion by the Chicoms” is imminent? Allow me to remind you of the immense military power of the USA, not a chance that China will unload masses of troops on our shores. Some of you folks here seem to have given up even before the fight has started, which is precisely what our enemies intend. My feeling is that our destruction will most certainly come from within, and THAT is exactly what is happening at this moment.

    4. Armed Citizen, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow but both China and the US are now largely controlled by globalists. Both nations are in the same globalist-controlled institutions.

      Yes, there will be war. But it will be an economic war. In fact it is already underway. The US trade war was its Pearl Harbor. The PTB did the math and know that the trade war will inflict more damage on America, which is the largest remaining impediment to global control.

      Enter COVID-19. We do not know if it was purposely release. Regardless, we do know that globalists immediately recognized it as perfect ‘Black Swan’ event for their ‘global economic reset’ (their phrase not mine). They have been patiently plotting since 1913. Now they are going for the win. Their greatest weapon will not be invading armies. It will be a failure of civility and starvation. Their every offer of ‘help’ will be in exchange for liberties. Where you are will be important. Who you are with will be priceless.

  12. I also very strongly suspect this was cooked up in lab, no way is this accidental, how is it all first world countries are singing from the same song sheet ? how is it, that freedoms ( haha ) are being removed so easily without anyone protesting the Police State powers given to the Police ?, people are so docile, compliant, no one questions the narrative from Government and their health departments, if you question them, their motives, you are sidelined, noticed and recorded for a State approved visit by the power hungry thugs in blue. Just by ” chance ” the only bio-weapons lab is in Wuhan, rather strange coincidence.

  13. There are three wars mentioned in Revelations. The first is the Second Seal. This would have all the surrounding countries attack Israel as written in Isaiah. The trigger is Israel either giving up, or being forced to give up Jerusalem. In the battle, Ashkalon and Ashdod will be lost on the Israeli side, and Damascus and Tyre are destroyed, with Tyre being rebuilt after 70 years. Israel will gain the entire promised land! The Arabs will be so defeated that they will walk away saying “The God of Israel is God!” This will bring the peace deal that will start the seven year Tribulation, and also bring the two witnesses to begin the church anew with the saving of the 144,000 Jews.

    The next war will either be the Sixth Trumpet, or Ezekiel’s war. The Sixth Trumpet is China probably going after India. This may go nuclear, and may have Chicom run ports around the world being hit. Being that these two are the worlds most populous nations, a war may easily kill a third of the earth’s population.

    Ezekiel’s war will be when the dragon pours out an army out of his mouth to pursue the fleeing woman. The ground will open and swallow this army. I noted in one version of the King James text, that the Lord would drag the king of the north down and bury him in the hills of Judea. In this battle, Iran (Persia) will lead and bring Russia, Turkey, and Ethiopia (African muslim countries) onto this. Israel will spend 7 years burying (or reburying) the dead from this. This pursuit will occur when the Jews object to the desecration of the temple. This should be the midpoint of the tribulation. This will also bring the mark, and intense persecution of the new Christians. (Elect/Saints)

    And then there’s the final big battle that Christ comes to stop.

    And again when satan’s loosed at the end of the 1000 years.

  14. Awesome to know there are others who are skeptical of the government totalitarian response to this. I’m a physician, and many of my colleagues are perfectly happy with the iron fisted mandates, I think because of fear and panic. We the people hardly got a chance to show how good we could be voluntarily in service of our neighbors during this viral outbreak. We didn’t need government telling us the right thing to do. There is no evidence to support their mitigation strategies. Can’t wait to read part 2.

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