1. FM-94

    As suggested by another reader :
    See 6-84, Check Points and Road Blocks.

    I would not expect any one to duplicate this, but a simplified, or civilized version, might be possible if a community can get organized. In these parts, it is unlikely, but I will try to get it done should in the unlikely event, the conditions are right. A couple of guys with pick ups blocking the road might the only thing possible, but give them an OP to warn them of approaching vehicles, and logs set up in a zig zag, as illustrate with C-wire in 6-84, to force vehicles to slow it down in front of the pick ups. If possible, have two or more guys on over watch/security some distance off the road in fight positions on the drivers side of the vehicle. Set up the check point on the other side of sharp corner. Generate a list from the community of those who are authorized to enter as relatives may show up, or radio, or call, or send a runner or vehicle to the residence to verify, or have them come to the check point to meet those who claim they are entitled to pass. There is always more than one way to get it done. Of course few of us have ever done anything quite like this. Hopefully some one has some thing to add. We can learn together.

  2. Would need near perfect conditions;road with near verticle rise/dropoff/heavy forest both sides ,ability to cover entrance road(are you going to fire on every vehicle that backs out?-then it is just a ambush),signage to prevent unnecessary confrontations? The op will be sacrificed almost every time,flanking will be almost assured,you will need a much larger force to counter,a prepared vehicle(p/u with plow and armored cab/engine) will push through. The problems are more likely from within when the thugs with badges stop getting paid and want your stuff ,taxes are going up-give up your food/clothes/ medicine/home/guns-already happening; red flag confiscations,anti-hoarding laws,commanderring of property,sure haven’t seen any firing/layoffs of gov workers(cops getting MASSIVE overtime) even nonessential not getting cut.

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