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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how to” self-sufficiency videos. There are also links to sources for both storage food and storage containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This week, I’m featuring an antique .44 S&W double action revolver at my web store. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)


LandBook: The small landowner’s guide to buying, improving, maintaining and selling rural land

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Some great reading for your time in “self-isolation” is this book that I’ve mentioned many times: The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 50th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual for Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself

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This book is a must for homeschooling your kids: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics You Need For Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments

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Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2019.

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

Steve H. spotted this 18-minute video: Life in lockdown Wuhan: The Coronavirus epicentre two months into the pandemic

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Reader Tim J. sent this:  Not everything goes as planned when you work bison!

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The latest from Engineer775: What’s Inside This Underground Bunker?

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And David W. liked this one: Ammo Can Wood Burning Tent Stove. Make a Tent Heater for Winter Camping


Yo-Yo Ma – The Classical Cello Collection

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Clannad: Greatest Hits

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Prepper’s Paradise (music video)

Gear & Grub:

Here are a few key items to consider, for hunkering down:

Dakota Alert. (The original, and the best.)

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Reader Rick in Montana suggested this: Mailbox Alert with Text Message and Email Notifications

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Note to Katy: “Bar The Door.”

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Cattleman’s Cut Original Beef Jerky, 10 Ounce

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Idahoan Real Premium Mashed Potatoes – 3.24lbs. – Case Pack of 4

Featured Antique Gun of the Week

This week’s featured antique gun of the week is a scarce S&W .44 Double Action First Model Revolver with factory letter. It us chambered in the .44 S&W Russian cartridge, which is still factory made. Like most other pre-1899s, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. If you are one of those Californians who is currently waiting 10 days to pick up a modern (post-1898) gun that you purchased from a dealer, be advised that this gun could be in your hands by Friday. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.)

Take a look at the many recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.

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  1. As far as perimeter alarms goes I have been using inexpensive ones from Harbor freight for years, they come in 6 frequencies so they can be deployed to zones. the range is about 400 ft and the batteries last about 6 months.

    1. Tres Perros is our ‘perimeter system’ and has 100% success these last 21 years. Its now Cuatro Perros but the system stays the same. Three females (two shepherds and a heeler) and one big ‘ol boy (shepherd) comprise our perimeter team. Each night of the week one of the girls pulls sentry out front. She has a 50 ft steel cable anchored near our door way. The other two females are kept in our bedroom with the door closed. Our large male pulls couch duty each night. On Sunday nights we all play inside. If anything is lurking outside the girl on watch will let out her warning and of course this get our male very interested in the goings on outside. If she gets agitated and starts really barking that gets him highly involved. This of course gets the two in our bedroom going (they know what’s happening because they are sentrys as well) and this gives Dad plenty of time to bring Mr Shitty into the fray if needed. If the outdoor watch is compromised in some way (attacked, etc) another of the girls are let out to help or further investigate. Is this perfect? Not by far but it has worked very well for us. Ours is a decent, old neighborhood with way too much wildlife wandering through our yard. Dakotas and such, while they have their place for sure, are going off all the time even with the sensitivity settings high or low. And if anyone thinks nature’s warning systems will fail. Take a couple camping for a weekend. NOTHING gets close without them letting you know with plenty of lead time. YMMV.

  2. Harbor Freight claims a 400 foot range. Skeptical about this, given the absurd claims about ranges made by FRS radio manufacturers, for example, I tested mine. I can verify that the range of 400 feet is accurate, although I did open it up and stretch out the internal antenna when I tested it to see if I could get even better range. I should have tried the unmodified unit before doing this. My bad. Yet, even if stretching the small antenna wire is necessary to obtain the full 400 feet range, it is a simple task. Sooner or later, I will go back and test an unmodified unit.

    For the past few years, these units have gone on sale for as little as $9.00. The regular price is $14.99, although the ubiquitous 20% off HF coupons will reduce that price.

    While 400 feet is not much warning for an approach of a vehicle, any warning is better than no warning. For an approach by an intruder on foot, a warning that the intruder is 400 feet away could be a godsend.

    For 360 degree perimeter security where multiple receiving units are grouped together at the same time in a residence or other structure, there is a potential problem in determining which receiver was the one that actually sounded unless you were looking at it at the time so as to see its light flash. I just wish that there was a way to easily add a light to the unit that would remain illuminated, if only for several seconds, so as to make it obvious which receiver had sounded. If anyone has an idea about that, I would like to hear it.

    If such a modification is not feasible, low tech help for this problem would be to place the receiving units at different places in the residence or structure, e.g., north wall, south wall, etc., so as to allow the ear to focus on and better detect the unit that sounded the alarm.

    1. DR…and all, saw the out of stock on the potatoes as well. Will suggest a substitute which i prefer and think is even more “fresh” potato tasting. Honest Earth Creamy Mashed Potatoes! (Sorry for no link. Someday i WILL learn how.) If you click on the above link then put the Creamy Mash in the Amazon search bar, it will come up and IS available. Somehow they have made a fine powder of the dehydrated product that makes twice as much as the same volume conventional potato flakes, is SO tasty and makes up easily. (One year when our daughter’s family was over and was doing dairy free, i mixed it up with only water and they could NOT tell.) Individual pouches makes storage a snap…might look pricey but makes alot compared to what you expect…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    2. P.S. on the Creamy Mashed Potatoes i referenced earlier…the box on Amazon@$24 is probably a tad more than locally stocked if you can find it. (My daughter always bought at Costco in the city for me after sharing initially, however i have never seen it in stores where i shop.) At the stated price it figures out to just over twice the cost of standard potato flakes…yep it’s a good product but a bit pricey.

    1. The rip offs been going a while…

      A month ago spam and other “known” canned meats disappeared.

      3 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago canned corned beef disappeared just to be replaced by 30 to 40 dollars a can ones…. Same with spam.

      I always thought 5 bucks a can was pricey but 50… Noooope glad I did my yearly shopping much sooner.

      F.w.i.w. here in NYC after the panicked buys no one needed to shop so almost all items are back on shelves. Our supply chain is still functional. If you have a relaxed time table you can still go shopping buying the I need one so bought two method and stock up or top off with out looking like your “hoarding”.

      I’d recommend cash (only) and spread your supply run over multiple stores or multiple trips to avoid looking like a hoarder

  3. I think that if I found a delivery on my doorstep on Friday morning it would be better if the
    item was something that was life sustaining rather than an antique of any kind.

    1. Here is a short excerpt from the book above:

      The current energy 4 ‘crisis ” is nothing new,
      and it is very important to appreciate the les-
      sons of earlier crises lest we repeat them. Ear-
      lier cultures — from the wood-short Greeks and
      Romans onward — became aware of the limits
      of their dwindling fuel resources. In the disas-
      trous U.S. coal strikes around the end of the
      last century, the vulnerability of the nation to
      disruption in particular social groups and dis-
      tribution networks became painfully apparent.
      These threatened cultures then rediscovered
      much of the earlier knowledge of permanent,
      practical solar energy. At several piquant
      moments in history — the latest of them
      today — wise observers of the energy scene
      have bemoaned the absurdity of having to re-
      discover and reinvent what should have been
      practiced continuously. They have been as-
      tonished to discover how much “novel” and
      “exotic” solar technology was in fact old and
      well understood.

      Carry on in grace

  4. If there is a way to convince baofeng radios to work as perimeter notification, please share.

    In light of the LA County Sheriff deeming gun stores as non-essential (FFL dealers), AND releasing non-violent criminals, AND the LA “Mayor Garcetti announces water and power will be shut off for nonessential L.A. businesses that don’t close”. I feel this is pretty heavy-handed in the land of the free.

    In order to get ahead of the next panic, might it be a good time to buy a few fire extinguishers, sand bags, IFAK med kits, rechargeable batteries, and silver and gold test kits? (maybe fuel tanks full of fuel before the coming hyperinflation steals it all) Can someone just tell me the next run product so I can buy it early please? I’m working through the list of lists…

    Joe and Survivormann99, Was this it product you were referencing?
    BUNKER HILL SECURITY : Wireless Security Alert System $15

  5. JIM ,,,,Was talking with friend in LE about fire arms and wepons ,was told pre 1898 guns were considered wepons with same consideration as modern firearms involving protection orders and sale or transfer to past subjects of orders ,with possible problems for both buyer and seller, per state laws ,

    Nice old S&W

    1. Depends on the state. In NY for example, black powder pistols must be on your permit if you have the necessary parts to fire them. JWR notes on his site that MOST states allow non-paperwork sales. NY ain’t most states….

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