The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“If you do not want the State to act like a criminal, you must disarm it as you would a criminal; you must keep it weak. The State will always be criminal in proportion to its strength; a weak State will always be as criminal as it can be, or dare be, but if it is kept down to the proper limit of weakness – which, by the way, is a vast deal lower limit than people are led to believe – its criminality may be safely got on with.” – Albert Jay Nock


  1. “If you do not want the State to act like a criminal, you must disarm it as you would a criminal …” = Or, at least, have a system devised by the USA founding fathers, that allows the citizens to own quality firearms< and plenty of ammunition.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken regarding gummint and their propensity for overreach. It has happened throughout history. The single biggest reason our present form has gotten so out of control is directly related to those who look in the mirror on a daily basis.
    The only way in which it can be controlled is for it’s employers, that’s those of us whom are referred to as citizens, constantly hold their employees, elected and all gummit employees, responsible and accountable for staying within the guidelines as laid down by the US Constitution. When they violate the rules they need to fined themselves looking for work elsewhere. Mickey D’s is usually hiring somewhere.

  3. To weak a state give other criminals and Forces the freedom to to run free or to be at his mercy at worst.
    Civil wars, Military turnover, criminals running or Controlling their Turf…

    A mob with guns isn´t a protection, only an Environment rich of moving Targets, and IMPOV any Group untrained, undisciplined and unorganiced is Nothing more than a mob

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