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A now often overlooked classic text American Red Cross: Home Nursing Textbook

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Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days

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According to Hoyle: The Up-to-Date Edition of the World-Famous Book on Rules of Games

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Taking Hold of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer


City of Ember

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Reader Richard T. recommended: Sled Dog Soldiers.  (Available for free streaming for folks with Amazon Prime.)

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Patriot Nurse: Practical Things You Can Do to Help Yourself and Protect Others

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N95 Mask How to Wear | Don (Put on) & Doff (Remove) Respirator Training for Nursing

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Life in lockdown Wuhan: The Coronavirus epicentre two months into the pandemic

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My old pal Fred suggested this video: Mauser Kar98k versus Lee-Enfield No.4: Accuracy


A Mighty Fortress is our God

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30 Greatest Hymns with Lyrics

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Classic Gospel Bluegrass Collection 79 Classics

Web Pages and Blogs:

Vera suggested this fascinating site: Northmen.

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Tim J. recommended: 10 Reasons to Grow Corn This Year

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Reader DSV spotted this piece by Daisy Luther: The S*** Is Actually Hitting the Fan But Somehow It Doesn’t Feel Real

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Are your local stores now sold out of hand sanitizer?  No worries. You can easily make your own wipes: 950ml Bottle of 99+% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Industrial Grade IPA Concentrated Rubbing Alcohol. Just liberally add this high concentration alcohol to more readily available baby wipes.

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AIMTOM 300-Watt Portable Power Station – 280Wh Battery Powered Generator Alternative with 12V, 24V, AC and USB Outputs – Solar Rechargeable Lithium Backup Power

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Kinden Batteries Charger with Car Charging Port for AA AAA C D 9V Ni-MH Ni-CD with LCD Display and Discharge Functions– with 120 VAC and 12 VDC power cords

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SE Survivor Series 3-Wick 36-Hour Emergency Candle – OD-3WSC100

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Wise Foods Powdered Eggs, 144 Servings

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Mountain House Rice & Chicken 6-Pack

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The ultimate comfort food?  Larabar Gluten Free Bar, Mint Chip Brownie, 1.6 oz Bars (16 Count), Whole Food Gluten Free Bars, Dairy Free

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This week’s featured antique gun of the week is a Webley & Scott Mark I .45 ACP conversion revolver. Like most other pre-1899s, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.) Take a look at the many recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.

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  1. A great article by Daisy Luther. Most of my prepper friends and I have the same thoughts and feelings right now. One of the better things from this is when/if we get through this, my spouse is now a firm believer in prepping. I went through with what I have been putting back with her, and she seemed much happier about the staples we have. Thank you everyone for the knowledge you have imparted to me.

    1. Day – I too have experienced the same thing. ‘Now I understand why you have been doing all this and why you’ve been so adamant with an extra can or 2 here and there. I’m so glad you were looking out for us.’ She never complained much, just never understood or comprehended where society or the world could go, and so quickly. She’s also now gets my OPSEC rules I preach. Thanks to Jim, his family, and all those that have written articles for SB. Praying for us all.

  2. This is off subject, but it appears that Mrs. Remus at the Woodpile report has passed away. Perhaps we can express out condolences to Old Remus. Those of us who have had a spouse pass can feel his pain

    1. Ooooohhhhh. Thank you for letting us know. My sincere condolences. May the Lord bless you and keep you Remus. She is with God now, in complete peace and love.
      Praying for you dear one as you walk forward.

  3. Dan and Got to get out of Illinois,
    Another benefit of preparing for the worst is that we have a little time to think.
    Like many others on this blog, we have already started our after action reports and lessons learned lists. Not complicated just pen and paper.
    Just knowing we should be able to get through this is not enough. We need to capture the gaps in our planning in real time while sipping our morning coffee.
    Keep up the good work and God’s blessings to you and yours.

    1. Great message. Thank you, Lee!

      From your post: “Just knowing we should be able to get through this is not enough. We need to capture the gaps in our planning in real time while sipping our morning coffee.”

      This is true, true, true. Capture the information in REAL TIME. Our #1 son and his wife have talked about keeping a journal related to their thoughts, feelings, experiences and lessons learned, and we believe this is a most excellent idea.

    2. Since the first of the month, we have not had to go out and buy anything other than some lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches, and that was a week ago. Went out and got some more lunch meat today and it, along with milk, and a few other items were in short supply, but not completely gone. Both times we could have used our SPAM, and cheese from the freezer (yes you can freeze it) but we didn’t have to. It made me thank the Lord that we were already stocked up and prepared as well as we are. It also made me wonder what will come next, and what preps will be required for it when it comes.

  4. The article by Daisy Luther is well worth reading. My wife and I have the same eerie feelings about the things that we prepared for as they are actually happening. It is almost like standing outside a room and somehow seeing what is happening on the other side of the wall.
    Today we are experiencing and observing many problems that were only discussion points a month ago.The issue of prescription meds not being manufactured in our own country is yet to fully unfold.When all the food and supplies purchased in the last two weeks are gone , then what?
    This is going to be a severe test of our medical system. I pray that it holds up and survives the ordeal. If the JIT grocery delivery systems fail , things will get ugly very fast. Heck , it isn’t pretty now.
    We are hunkering down as the events unfold.We pray for God’s guidance and protection as we go forward with our lives.Blessings to all.

  5. First of all, many, many thanks to JWR and Avalanche Lily and all who regularly post and comment here. Thanks to all of your shared wisdom and guidance, we were able to see the early signs and prepare weeks ahead of others. Also we were able to help elderly parents prepare by sharing pantry supplies, and send emails to out of state relatives to ensure they were stocked up and make them aware. Of course there are gaps and things we wish we had done/bought/thought about sooner, but the peace of mind that we haven’t “had” to find supplies has been PRICELESS.

    Lee, thanks for the reminder to start working on the after action reports and lessons learned…with a little reflection time (now that we are hunkering down, working from home and staying isolated), we can put that time to good use with notes and lists and things to do better going forward.

    Take care everyone, God bless and stay safe!

  6. off topic but regarding the “stop and swab” issue:
    1-since in order to link your swab to your drivers license info, how easy is it for someone to simply harvest your drivers license info and sell it on the dark web. The folks at the stop n swab may not be registered nurses but simply hired temp help.
    2-Once swabbed, does the lab doing the testing for coronavirus test for anything else without your permission (well, permission at this point would be moot), and who do they share those results with. This would be the easiest way I know of for government to build a huge database of dna info on us (with our unwitting permission).
    3-Once the swabs have been tested and discarded, how are they destroyed? Burning? Thrown in the garbage to be picked out by unscrupulous others? Who’s to say that after the commission of a crime the criminal simply takes a swab with YOUR dna on it and leaves it at a crime scene, whoops, there goes your right to own a firearm, you’ve just been redflagged.
    4-If you are not infected yet the person doing the stop n swab may already be infected but asymptomatic, now after they have opened a pack of swabs and breathed on it then stuck it down your throat, now you are also infected.
    5-The folks panic-buying groceries now will be without jobs and money next month, while the stores will still be being restocked. Does this mean there will be plenty in the stores but cashpoor folks will not buy, will they steal?
    6-In 2 months when the insulin and blood pressure meds run out and China is withholding new supplies, will we see a second wave of sick people crowding the hospitals demanding care. And the autistic and chemically subdued will be released from the chains to run amok? Happy times ahead-

  7. The suggestion for alcohol wipes is ineffective as the alcohol evaporates too quickly,this is why it is in a gel carrier. If you wanted to use 10% bleach it will work this way and be safe(not for eyes/mouth).
    With restaurants being forced closed a flood of resturant equipment is going to come on the market;coolers/freezers/ovens/grills/flat tops (I always thought a glass front cooler would be great-no open door to see whats inside),kitchen wares;bowls,utensils,pots,pans,sheet,trays etc. This stuff is built to industrial standards and will be selling for pennies(a friend put 1.5 million in his resturants kitchen a year ago,when they shut down resturants he was immediately bankrupt and can’t reopen) if you want to buy quality start planning now to remodel kitchen or if church/ group bol can buy.
    Bluesman, there are reports of transport breakdowns in europe/asia as low wage drivers refusing to enter quarantine zones. The only job listings in Chicago area are for cdl drivers-Everything else gone,most resturant supply are in serious trouble with massive order cancelation/cuts and warehouses of pershiables rotting with fresh deliveries arriving. A few weeks and the supply chain will be seriously damaged. The bureaucrats who PANICED have no idea what they are doing and only love the power they are wielding and are going to hurt and kill many of our friends,neighbors and countryman.

    This is a PANICDEMIC,the Hysteria is almost completely unwarranted and a case of the cure being more deadly than the illness and maybe a exercise to test limits and train the sheeple. FEMA camps are reportedly opening-stay out,top up preps especially fuel(gas/diesel/nat gas) as prices fall and more disruptions may occur. Refineries moving up maintence shutdowns with low demand and shale/frackers bankrupties starting,crazy bureaucrats,Mayor of Champaign,Il trying to control gasoline sales(guns/ammo too),are imposing quarantines with National Guard in the streets.

  8. Is it possible that this wake-up call, a tragedy unfolding before our very eyes, will lead to long overdue changes to the funding approved for the scale and activities of government?

    From the article referenced below: “What else? Greenberg points out that the agency established to research, prepare for and fight pandemics has blown billions on things like a visitor’s center with Japanese gardens, a massive gym, a transgender beauty pageant, and the promotion of bike paths.”


    As we rebuild going forward, we should consider the foundation. We may have a rare opportunity to make important corrections. Let’s get this right.

  9. I can certainly relate to what Daisy is saying. It’s 4 days after She wrote the article. Speaking only of those I know back east, still nothing has changed. Yes they realized that they were asleep while TP was cleaned out. I fully expect they will experience the same failure regarding food. Their belief perseverance will persevere, but will they?

    Lastly, governments’ ‘cure’ will kill millions more than the disease. They are largely responsible for destroying self-reliance both individual and national. And they enticed Americans to become American’ts. They are traitors and many Americans enabled them.

    1. American’ts is a fine turn of phrase. I trust you are staying well through this, brother.

      I will pray for your people back east.

      Carry on, with blessing

  10. I have the OPPOSITE reaction from Daisy Luther to the President’s plans for Coronavirus. I DO NOT think that it is too little too late, I am concerned about a massive increase in the size and scope of the Federal Government and the Trillion dollar plus increase in deficit spending. I see the spending as necessary, but dangerous at this time. And you know the any government, especially ours, never goes back to its former size after a problem is solved or a crisis is over.

  11. Daisy’s article is very well timed. It’s funny that I was in almost this same conversation on here several days ago. Fear of the unknown. We have people running around making predictions, and basing their ideas on what happened in the past. The problem is this isn’t the Spanish Flu, and it isn’t 1918. The world was much different then. The people were much more self sufficient. A family (An entire family!) could grow enough food to survive and make a living on a 1/4 section of land. Now a farmer with huge machinery can’t make a living on 10 sections. We’ve had a century of building mega-cities, depending on technology to sustain us. We are in uncharted waters, and trying to base what is going to happen in the near future, on past events, isn’t going to work, in my opinion. With all the authors writing books about huge events that would shake society (Including our illustrious host on this site) who’d have thought that something that seemed this small, would have this kind of effect.

    I’ve watched President Trump talk about the fact that there has been no breakdown in the supply chain. That’s great, and about the only hope you guys, and us up here to the North, have at this time. But obviously the supply chain is already a concern and is being stretched to the limit. This is with 6500 cases. What’s it going to be like at 50,000, or 100,000. I just don’t have confidence that this house of cards we’ve built can weather the storm.

    1. It’s not really the infections that are causing the economic damage, it’s the quarantines. More infections will just drag out the need for social distancing, imo.

      Imagine that the only antibiotic we had access to was a massive single injection that would give you an upset stomach for three days. The coronavirus is a nasty finger wound that might get infected and cost us our whole hand. Ebola might be a gunshot wound. Unfortunately, the response to both is the same, a massive dose of quarantine.

  12. I wonder why our President and Vice President and all the top people are together in a room full of reporters everyday during a national Pandemic? The protocol I am aware of is that in a time of crisis like this, the President and V.P. shall not be together. Someone is failing big time.

    I don’t know why this is going on. The top military leaders have all moved to this protocol. Here is a quote from airforcemag.com “At the headquarters level, the bulk of Pentagon employees, including USAF personnel, are working from home. Senior officials are practicing intensive “social distancing,” with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist not working in the same room, and meetings are being held via teleconference, department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said.” https://www.airforcemag.com/military-tracking-more-covid-19-cases-as-it-studies-possible-civil-support/

    The President and CDC team are not even following their own rules. There are more than 10 people in the room and they are standing shoulder to shoulder. If one of those reporters or anyone else in that room is contagious, we loose the President, V.P. and head of the CDC. Who takes over as President then? You want to cause a panic? Have that happen. Something is very wrong with the protection of the commander and Chief and Vice President. The secret service should not be allowing this to happen.

    1. Maybe they have already been vaccinated against this???

      Just speculation.

      But it’s true that they are not practicing what they are preaching which is highly suspicious.

      Kind of reminds one of the book ‘Animal Farm”. “Where everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”!!??….

      They are the Elite. And they are laughing and rejoicing at the Sheeple’s fear and “obedience to their orders. Believe me!!

      1. Craig and Lily,

        My wife and I have had the same thoughts on what you said. The Holy Spirit is revealing things to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you Lily for expanding on the vaccine event 201 and ID2020 topics. It may cause an argument but I will state this anyway. Might we (the chosen) face some of this before we are taken to be with Christ? I say yes and that history shows us plenty of persecution of the saints. Trust in Him through it all.

        1. I am quite certain that we will not be raptured until the Sixth Trump, just before God pours out His wrath on unrepentant man. This means we will see the Mark of The Beast. We will see the Temple in Jerusalem rebuilt. We will see the division of the Land of Israel. Many will be martyred for refusing to take the Mark and for refusing to deny Jesus Christ from Nazareth as the Messiah. But those who trust in the Lord and in His Messiah Jesus/Yeshua will be resurrected from the dead and will obtain eternal life. Prepare your hearts dear readers to meet the Creator of the universe.
          Blessings to you,


        1. NormlChuck,

          What are you doubting? God’s existence? That we are in an SHTF situation? That there is concerted effort to bring the whole world under one ruling leader, government, economy and religion? This One world government is satanic and will enslave everyone? What? What are you doubting? Most of us here don’t doubt any of these things. Most see that we’re in dire straits, or will be shortly. If in general you don’t believe we’re entering a very tough time, then why are you here? We don’t need antagonistic comments. This is a forum that speaks on the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of prepping and helping one another before and during a crisis. If you cannot contribute positively or concretely with helpful information that will bless others, then don’t comment at all. Thank You very much.


  13. I too have always appreciated the Rawles family and go way back as a reader. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here are the positive things I’m seeing (not in any order):
    1. A preparedness wakeup call across the country.
    2. Neighbors helping neighbors, groups quickly forming, checking on one another, regardless of political or religious affiliation.
    3. The cracks in the Just In Time (JIT) delivery system that we’ve always known was there becoming obvious to all.
    4. The importance of self-sufficiency, growing a garden, managing yourself, and your community brought back into focus.
    5. Remembering Who the Only One is that can truly save us.
    6. A revitalization of patriotism and nationalism.
    7. A huge emphasis on the vulnerable in our society and how we should care about them versus the idea that certain people are expendable or “should die” (believe it or not, I’ve heard this a lot in the “democratic socialist” movement).
    8. People are acutely aware now of the fact that we were sold down the river to China and our politicians and corporate heads enriched themselves (globalism).
    9. Families now forced to spend time together and actually reuniting with one another.
    10. Not being able to just run to the corner store to get whatever in the world your heart desires (or Amazon), makes you rethink what is necessary, what is not.
    and so many more good things
    The negatives I see:
    1. So far, actual deaths has been very low (praying it stays that way), but death is a reality and it’s scary for so many.
    2. People being furloughed and wondering how they are going to make it.
    3. Stress and anxiety is a biggie for most people right now, which can cause heart attack and stroke, or a weakened immune system.
    4. Crime may increase, it always does during chaotic times.

    I’m sure this sounds very PollyAnnish, but I’m more heartened than scared by what I see people doing, in general. It’s like Americans are remembering who they are at their core. We were so divided. While I have seen a few in the “preparedness community” bragging about their preps and saying “I told you so”, most are offering help and supplies and being good neighbors. This is a time for us to be the rocks people can lean on. We get it and we get out bad it could get, so we prepared. We can, at the least, lend an ear, offer a prayer, hold steady while the world spins. Amen?

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

    1. Thanks so much SaraSue for your comment. I’m feeling a bit down tonight, wondering where this is all going to end. I’m beginning to think that we are in some serious trouble, that this may be something I have never seen in my 69 years. I’ve been a long time reader of this site and I am as prepared as possible, short of owning a western retreat. Lots of food and paid for house, yet uneasy. Yes I am a believer, but we are not immune from anxiety and stress. Your comment is a well done summary of our situation and focuses on some “happy thoughts”. Thank you, God Bless.


      1. I just thought I’d share a little commentary on one of the Psalms that a friend sent to me. I found it be such a blessing.

        Psalm 23
        The Lord is my Shepherd — That’s Relationship!
        I shall not want — That’s Supply!
        He maketh me to lie down in green pastures — That’s Rest!
        He leadeth me beside still waters — That’s Refreshment!
        He restoreth my soul — That’s Healing!
        He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness — That’s Guidance!
        For His name sake — That’s Purpose!
        Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death — That’s Testing!
        I will fear no evil — That’s Protection!
        For thou art with me — That’s Faithfullness!
        Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me — That’s Assurance!
        Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies — That’s Hope!
        Thou anointest my head with oil — That’s consecration!
        My cup runneth over — That’s Abundance!
        Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life — That’s Blessing!
        And I will dwell in the house of the Lord — That’s Security!
        Forever. — That’s Eternity!

        1. Thank you for sharing this David. Truly, the Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want. He is all I need, He will provide. Sometimes we need to be reminded, to focus, Psalm 23 is a message of peace and hope, no need for anxiety if only we trust. God Bless.


  14. The Northmen site is really great. Especially the Grandfather video. In this pandemic time every American should watch the Grandfather video on that site. During the great depression America was largely agricultural based economy. People knew how to survive. Now many barely know how to prepare a home cooked meal without a microwave pre-boxed frozen manufactured whatever, let alone how to butcher meat or grow vegetables put up hay or animal husbandry or make things with their hands. My entire family now understands why I do what I do regarding preparation for the unexpected because they now are in the unexpected and tried to buy toilet paper Clorox wipes N95’s and nitrile gloves but the shelves were empty. Nothing like reality to open eyes. They have all now gained a new perspective and appreciation. Fear of whats coming changes the perspective, fast. Ahh, send me that list of 25 things you need to hoard again would you!

    1. oly,
      I have looked into the Northmen site. Please post a link to where you found the grandfather video. The parts I have seen, I am so impressed.

      Carry on, with blessing

  15. There have been 22,000+ flu related deaths, including 144 children, in the US this flu season. Where was the panic over those deaths? There are around 100 deaths with Covid-19. Oh my God, the sky is falling! In 2018 (maybe ’17) there were 1.6 MILLION deaths, globally, from tuberculosis. Covid-19 deaths, globally, less than 10,000. Where was the panic over the tuberculosis deaths? What do we get from politicians, bureaucrats, and the media? Silence!

    Did you know, the corona virus season and the flu season are actually coincidental? Yes, we have a corona virus season, just as we have a flu season, and they happen at the same time of year, every year. Has anyone here heard how many flu related deaths China has every year? Again, silence. That is a question I’d really like answered.

    Did you know that during flu season, we have roughly 375,000 hospitalized patients for flu related illnesses, every freaking year. We have anywhere between 15,000 and 45,000 flu related deaths every year, without fail. Where is the panic over the flu deaths? What have you heard from the LMS (lying media scum), including Fox News? Crickets! Since the first Covid-19 death in the US, how many people have died from the seasonal flu? Do you know? I haven’t heard, nothing but crickets, again. I do know that the previous release of the flu related deaths there were 17,000. That was a month or so ago. So, in the time we’ve had 100 Covid-19 deaths, we’ve had about 5,000 flu related deaths. Oh my God, Covid-19 is 10 times more virulent than the seasonal flu!!! Really, prove it! Where is the empirical evidence for these exaggerated claims?

    I read Daisy Luther’s article a couple of days ago. I sympathize with her. The fear mongering from the LMS and the CDC has everyone panicking to one degree or another, even me. I have also seen the fear on people’s faces. But, in contrast to the fear mongering, have you noticed all the new powers that city mayors and state governors are claiming for themselves? Have you noticed the nasty little smirk on the face of Dr. Anthony Fauci? He is the scumbag bureaucrat at head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He has been called “the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases”. Really, he’s still just a petty bureaucrat. Did you know the CDC and the NIH were facing possible budget cuts for 2020? Somehow I think those budget cuts have gone right out the window and there will be massive budget increases in the very near future. “Never let a crisis (real or fabricated) go to waste.”

    Do I sound skeptical to you? My BS-ometer is pegged and bending the needle. Is yours? If not, why not?

  16. Posting again from here in WV. We were the last state to test positive and the panic has arrived with it at the grocery stores. Found a new freezer today. Last one at a small store. They are totally sold out at Lowes and Home Depot here locally. Checking on neighbors and family. Sadly they are not preppers but vow to be from now on. People are stressed and overwhelmed already. Im stressed and ive been preparing for this for 4 years.

    I thank God for everyone at SB and everyone who posts on here with all their wisdom.

  17. Any one have a nice “one-pager” that concisely explains why this could be a/the SHTF event, what a realistic SHTF event looks like for 6-12 months and why/what we prepare for?

    I have a spouse that “puts up” with my preparing but just doesn’t see the reasoning, even in these difficult times. Forget getting her to read Patriots or any of the dozens of decent novels that tell similar stories.

    Something compelling, short and to the point….would be most helpful.

    Any ideas?

    1. You should take her to Walmart or the local grocery store right now!!
      I’m so sorry that this is your situation. It may get extremely stressful for you in the days and weeks ahead.

      I have said prayers for you both.

      Rock on

  18. Glad I found survival blog years ago. Must have been around 2007 or so. My adult son and I were just talking about how odd it feels, that we are not feeling the need to go purchase anything. No panic. Our houses are in order. We have been slowly getting prepared over the years for what ever may come. We live in rural Montana. Just discussing how we will handle life in the 2nd great depression that they seem to be purposely taking us into. Thanks for all the hard work of those that contribute to, and run Survival Blog. You have helped more people be prepared than I think you know. I wonder if there is a way survival blog could have updates from us around the country comment on what is going on in our areas? It’s hard to know what to believe in the media. I would like to hear from others who read this blog on what they are seeing in the area they live..

    1. Peoria & Bloomington/Normal-area, Illinois:
      No TP, paper towels, napkins, Kleenex, baby wipes, flushable wipes, etc. at Walmarts, Targets, Costco, Dollar General, gas stations, etc.
      Shelves of canned goods – near wiped unless you get there before 9AM, same with eggs & bread. Meat (fresh, packaged, lunch-style, or frozen), cold & flu meds, Vitamin C, rice, beans, corn bread mix, flour, cooking ingredients, Gatorade (powerade is there), butter, and so on – GONE. Bare shelves. Salt, spices, and sugar seem to be fair but not normal amounts available. Milk is available at normal levels (zero powdered milk, minimal condensed).

      Ammo – Bass Pro and Walmarts – shotgun bulks are next to none, three and four shelves/rows bare. Same with 22LR. Since Wallyworld no longer sells handgun or 233/556, Bass Pro has been pretty much cleaned out, that was 5 days ago – haven’t been back or heard anything different since.

      Here in IL you have to have a FOID (Firearms Owner IDentification) to purchase ammo and firearms. Reportedly there were over 18,500 new applications in the past 7 days. That is about what the new permits and renewals combined are for an entire month. The Illinois State Police were already back logged months on FOID’s and CCW permits, new ones and renewals. The FOID is supposed to take 30 days and CCW 90-120 days. They were running 60 and up to 240 respectively before COVID-19.

      Sadly for most of the citizens of Illinois, if you don’t already have protection, you aren’t going to get it or be able to buy it. And I fear this is getting close to a YOYO situation.

  19. Hello Craig,

    People are welcomed to comment, (in fact many already are commenting here) about what is going on in their region of the USA and World. We just ask that you would maintain OPSEC for your own personal security. There are many other, not so friendly eyes, also reading our Blog, that could be near you, so be careful about what you say.



  20. From the central East Coast.
    Currently my state has closed public schools for 2 weeks minimum and some looking to cancel for the year. Colleges are sending students home from the dorms. Grocery stores have been rather busy with meats (chicken) being in short supply. Other products are being restocked regularly. Some cities and towns have shut government offices to the public while employees work in the buildings, others closed completely. The state has ordered restaurants and bars to close in store service, only take out or pick-up. Of my 3 adult children, 1 is slightly prepared, 1 is even less prepared, and the other is out of state with employer saying they may keep employees at the job-site.

    I agree that it is amazing at how fast we saw government take over our lives and limiting purchases and activities. I personally look at this as a situation that leads to the Antichrist, chaos around the world waiting on a “leader” to calm the world.

    To those that think this is all hype, I look to the rapid spread of the Covid-19, how it is affecting a specific age group and make a speculative guess that this is very different than the flu or TB. I pray for wisdom and discernment and feel that this is moving way to fast from beginning to current numbers and locations for hype. I read newspapers from other countries to fact check the media in the USA. Also, I listen to friends that have families in affected countries when they say things are very bad in the European countries.

    Think, would the politicians really let the hype roll on while they are losing millions of dollars? No. They want the money and need the money to stay in power.

    Thanks to this site and all the contributors! Your work is greatly appreciated!

    Am I prepared as I want to be, definitely not. But I won’t stop working toward that end.

  21. Here is something you might consider doing if you are still out and about going to stores and other places where there are multiple people. Keep a diary of where you go and what time you arrive and what time you depart. If you see anyone that you know at a certain place, make a note of that too. Later if you should contract the virus you will be able to pass the information on to health workers which will help them in their efforts to keep the virus under control.

  22. I would like to thank Jim and Lily for all the hard work that they do for this blog. I started reading here in 2007, after seeing a link to this website from another one, which I do not remember. I began reading almost every day. I would like to express my appreciation for all of the information posted here. We cannot do as much as some of you all, because of where we live. We need to live here because of family and much land at all here is very, very expensive. But, we still do what we can, and that is miles ahead of most folks in this area. I truly do love this blog. I thank God for Jim and Lily. May God continue to richly bless you all.

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  24. Charles K, I agree with a lot of what you say. I don’t fear this virus as much as I fear the destruction of our economy and the expansion of Federal/State/Local gov’t power because of fear and panic from it’s existence. Our only hope is praying our president understands these threats and ultimately will overcome them. This media/politically fueled panic has forced him to take actions in the short term which I believe he will reverse when the panic ends. May God continue to bless and preserve this country.

    1. My fear is that this media driven panic is pushing Trump too far. If this turns out to be nothing more than an add-on to the normal flu season, Trump is going to get the blame. However, his actions seem to be correct if indeed this is something unique and dire. The economy is going to take a massive hit over this. If these actions later appear to be unwarranted, or if the LMS seriously turns on him, Trump is going to be blamed for the economic chaos this has caused. This is part of why my BS-ometer is pegged. There are people in which we should be able to have at least a modicum of trust, unfortunately I don’t. Time will tell, hopefully I’ll have to send my BS-ometer out for repairs. I kind of doubt it though.

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