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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the belated arrival of COVID-19 in the relatively isolated American Redoubt region. Redoubters already practice Social Distancing. Locally, it is just called being ornery and clannish.  We need to just amp that up a bit, and we’ll pull through, just fine. I predict that the Redoubt’s rural counties will have some of the lowest virus death rates in the nation.


Americans are running for the hills

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Dozens of Spokane, Coeur d’Alene events canceled due to public health concerns over COVID-19


Reader M.D.B. sent this legislative alert: Senate Bill 1384 — Weapons, firearms, school property.  This bill: “…allows public school employees with an enhanced carry permit to carry a firearm on school property with certain restrictions. ”

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Black Rifle Real Estate has a new listing that caught my eye. It is a very nice log house on nearly 19 acres, north of Libby, Montana: 1776 5 Mile Road. (In case you are wondering: It is above the waterline of Lake Koocanusa.)

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Idaho health officials confirm three coronavirus cases

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K-9 unit ‘backbone’ of Idaho search, rescue group


Deal reached to keep open Montana’s largest coal mine

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Montana University System moves to online courses due to coronavirus

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Corrections facilities and some county jails suspend visits due to COVID-19

Eastern Oregon

Reader Richard S. sent us the news about the follow-up to the Republican Walkout: Oregon Governor Implements Cap And Trade Scheme Via Executive Order. JWR’s Comment: Kate Brown’s latest over-reach is yet another reason for Eastern Oregon to form a new state!

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Pendleton casino closed by COVID-19; Hillsboro hospital workers quarantined

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Central Oregon firefighters responding to some calls in full protective gear

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OTEC installs its first electric vehicle charging station in Burns

Eastern Washington

Those literate Redoubters:  ‘It’s been nonstop:’ Readers raid Spokane library stacks before virus-caused closures

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List of Spokane area events canceled or postponed due to coronavirus

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Three confirmed cases of coronavirus in Spokane County, health officials say


Why so many billionaires are fleeing to Teton County, Wyoming

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Land deal bill wins final approval from Legislature

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Wyoming governor signs two-year state budget with 19 vetoes

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UPDATED: Tests identify seven new cases of coronavirus in Wyoming; total up to 10

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    1. Nancy Pelosi [If you’re writing about ‘Crazy Nancy or Nervous Nancy’ as Trump says.]; Nancy owns a vineyard in Northern California. It’s in a really nice part of California]

      “Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard makes her fourth-richest Californian in Congress” [Brief article at LATimes, about it and elsewhere on the Internet.] The ‘Wine Estate is NOT especially large, but still suitable for a multi-millionaire with political connections. People can take a look at the place on Google Maps.

      A newswoman named Laura Loomer tried to set up camp at the ‘Pelosi Wine-Grape Estate’; she even filmed it. … Various Internet sites have censored Loomer’s video. Maybe, America will have free speech in the future. = Here’s the Title of Laura Loomer’s video. = ~”Laura Loomer and Illegal Aliens Seek Sanctuary at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California Mansion Video.”~

      The video is available on InfoWars with a description of the 2+ hour event; with a brief description. [Anyone watching the video should notice at the end of it. = The Big Cops with >Guns are sent to protect Crazy & Nervous Nancy’s Wine-Estate from the unwanted illegal aliens.]

      1. Notice all Nancy Pelosi has to do is pick up a phone and the cops (her publicly paid for, private security ) are right there to take care of business. You and I can’t get service like that. Thank God for the second ammendment.

  1. Kate Brown’s end run around the legislature is obviously not in her offices power and illegal. How long are the people going to put up with her and her ilk? Wake up you frogs, the water is getting hot! I view these actions as deliberately provoking and she needs to be held responsible and removed from public office.

  2. Montana has either six or eight cases depending on which news show you watch. Thankfully none in the north west area of the state.
    Yesterday was my very last town trip for a very long time. I needed top off a few preps and
    was disappointed by what I saw. No one was wearing a mask or eye protection.When I got
    funny looks from folks I told them that I was not sick,just trying not to git sick.
    Not a single shopper used a sanitizer wipe on their cart.They either don’t care or are too dumb to take precautions.
    No one knows for sure how long the virus lives on various surfaces so each item was wiped down with with a Lysol wipe before going in the house.
    This next part may sound extreme,but I undressed on the porch and put my clothes in a garbage bag to be washed after a few days in below freezing temperatures.
    My wife said that I was scaring the cat but I reminded her that we don’t have a cat.

    Our world has changed.There is probably no precaution to extreme to save your life.

    1. Freezing temperatures would preserve the virus. Otherwise, that is what I would do too, and more should consider. I would have a 6 gallon or larger bucket of 10% bleach and let soak for 10 minutes before taking inside to be washed. It would be a bummer if the cat got to it before it got into the washer, and contaminate the house.
      Thanks for the laugh.

    2. NormlChuck, I wondered where that stray cat came from last night! 😉

      Actually, we did have a stray cat. I thought “Ok, kitty cat, it’s been bitter cold here. I will put out a bit of food for you. You can hang around here and do rodent patrol. Keep hanta virus away. We don’t need that cropping up here on top of everything else.”

      When I used to work in hospitals, I would strip off in the garage, drop the scrubs into the washer with bleach, remove my shoes, then head straight for the shower. Those nasty clothing items NEVER came into my home. And before I wore them, they were ironed. I figured the high heat was a good thing. When I showed up at work I was as clean as possible. My hair was back in a ponytail or in a bun, and my nails were short, free of polish, and scrupulously clean.

      I think we all need to start thinking about these sorts of things now. You don’t want to drag home germs on clothing or in long hair, long beards, or fake nails that aren’t really clean.

  3. Up in Anchorage, they’ve shut down dine-in restaurant service, gyms, theatres, and events. The mayor has the authority to shut down businesses. Up here in the Mat-Su valley north of Anchorage, the council does not have the authority to order closure (yet), so business as usual. Some are volunteering to shut the doors or cancel events anyways. We’ve had one reported case from a foreign national that came through town briefly a couple weeks ago. I suspect, like everyone else, we will have more. I’ve been working from home since the first of the year, but the wife just started a job last month in Anchorage and not sure if she can convert. We probably just spent the last weekend sleepover with our granddaughter visiting us last Saturday for a while. But in true sheeple fashion, every store here got cleaned out of paper towels, toilet paper, rice, beans, oats, and canned vegetables. Plenty of beer left, though.

  4. Me and the wife are sitting ok on food 30 days + supply. I just lost my job thanks to coronamania (trade marked lol). Since we had enough food I went and panic bought extra (20 litres) wine in a box. Here in New York city most places are cleaned out. There is no meat no eggs no sugar forget the toilette paper and paper towels. Most common agreeable canned food is gone. And what’s left is not too taste.

    Right now I’m seriously considering trapping raccoons and squirrels.

    And to top it off the mayor is projecting much worse to come.

    And all of this for less than 10% of population being sick and only 3 deaths in the city.

  5. It’s sad to me to see people being stampeded like a herd of cattle. Most aren’t even remotely thinking of who or why this virus is being used to manipulate them.

    Regardless, now it is even more important to stay ahead of the curve and away from the crowds. How long are the supply lines going to be open? What will be unavailable in the near future? What new laws are going to be passed making even more criminals of freedom lovers?

    Some will say “I will just trust in God.” Well that’s fine but there are some stipulations to that. (Prov. 3:5-6 and Prov. 16:3)

    Let us take care that we are not trusting in those that have continually lied to us instead of our Lord and saviour..
    The Coronavirus Hoax

    1. Folks, you should read the linked article. The good Dr. Paul, as always, provides clarity in the midst of all the hype and propaganda coming from the LSM (lying scum media), and or course the scumbag politicians.

  6. I think this is a test run for the government to see what it would take to make the population submissive.

    What’s next, we need your guns and ammo for our soldiers to go fight off the big bad guys coming to get you?

    Glad I already have developed a survival lifestyle.

  7. Not related to an article.
    A word of mouth report from a woman in my area (city population of abt 45,000). She had finished shopping at the store, and went to her car. As she was buckling her kids into their car seats, two men grabbed her cart full of groceries and ran off with it.

  8. Gold/Silver ratio is an unbelievable 1:120 right now.

    A REAL good time to trade, although it will take a while to get delivery of physical silver.

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