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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at The Good Simple Living vlogging family’s upcoming move to Idaho.

Good Simple Living’s Move to Idaho

The Good Simple Living vlogging family has found a buyer for their house in Western Washington and is making the move to their land in Idaho. The husband is a police officer and the wife is a homeschooling mom. Please pray for a safe move for them. This move will be taking place in the late winter “Mud Season”. They’ll be temporarily living in their camping trailer while they build a new house. So please also pray for patience and contentment for their family! I recommend subscribing, at their YouTube page.

Leaked Documents: 96 Million Infections & 480,000 Deaths

Over at Alt-Market: Leaked COVID-19 Documents: Hospitals Prep For 96 Million Infections & 480K Deaths. JWR’s Comment: Read that and consider this, for perspective: That 480,000 deaths prediction is about nine times the number of American servicemen killed in the 11 years of the Vietnam war.

A New York Super-Spreader

Reader H.L. sent us this news that confirm  that containing The Wuhan may prove to be very difficult: New York officials traced more than 50 coronavirus cases back to one attorney.

COVID-19 Patients May be Contagious for Weeks Longer

And here is some more bad news that adds weight to to the “this can’t be contained” argument: Coronavirus patients may be contagious for weeks longer than first thought, study says

Two Anti-Virals Have Efficacy Against COVID-19

And some good news, in this scientific journal paper: Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro. (Thanks to M.M. for the link.)

Illinois Mayor Using Virus as Pretext to Stop Gun Sales

Reader K.A. mentioned an article about how the mayor of Champaign, Illinois is using the pandemic as an excuse to potentially ban firearm sales and seize personal property, among other things: Banning the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition Because of Wuhan Virus? An Illinois Mayor Just Signed an Executive Order to Do It.

SPLC, CAIR Want to Silence Conservative ‘Hate Groups’

Another from H.L.: SPLC, CAIR Take Aim at $121 Billion Industry in Effort to Silence Conservative ‘Hate Groups’. JWR’s Comment: Since I’ve been personally targeted by the SPLC, I can attest that they are ruthless, and don’t mind bending the truth and logic, in order to push their agenda. In my case, they branded me for “guilt by association”, where I had distanced myself from some malcontents. So this was more of a case of “guilt  by disassociation.” Once you end up on the radar of the SPLC, there is nothing that you can do or say to set the record straight. There motto seems to be: “The truth be damned. We just don’t like you.”

Joe Biden Falsely Claims He’s Pro-2A

A recent video compilation by Colion Noir: FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Claims He’s Not for Gun Confiscation calls Auto worker full of Sh!*

New York Post: Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids

The book editor with my publisher in England spotted this article: Doomsday preppers say to prepare for coronavirus with ‘beans, bullets and Band-Aids’. A brief excerpt:

“While some, like Rawles, are already hunkered down at their remote ranch, others are ready to flee, a move known among preppers as “bugging out.”

The ranches are usually in the “American Redoubt” in the northwest, covering Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and eastern Oregon and Washington. It is a term coined by Rawles that means a political migration to mountain states in the northwestern US considered a place of refuge for libertarian, conservative survivalists.

Up in that vast wilderness the population is thin, cities are distant, gun laws are relatively lax and there is plenty of land, water and hunting.”

No More 24/7 Wal-Marts

Pat Cascio sent me this news tip:  Effective immediately, no more Wal-Mart’s open 24/7. They will close at 11:00PM and re-open at 6:00AM. Employees will still be there, restocking shelves and cleaning. But no customers.

Bob Anderson, R.I.P.

Simon sent the news that novelist and retired Chief Master Sergeant Robert “Bob” Anderson has passed away, at age 72.  Simon notes: “Anderson was the author of The Survivalist novel series, after the death of Jerry Ahern”. According to his obituary posted by his publisher, Anderson began even earlier as as a ghost writer, co-authoring the novel series with Jerry and Sharon Ahern, starting with book #30 in the series.

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    1. And Quercetin, which was proven in trials and described in MEDCRAM updates last week.

      Quercetin is over the counter/Amazon. I just ordered three bottles.

      Our neighbor, an MD from Germany told me her father, also an MD who practices in Germany, prescribes it there for viral lung diseases.

      Do a web search of “Quercetin Corinavirus” and read for yourself.

      Watch the MEDCRAM update videos to see the research paper named. It was done back during the war on Ebola virus.

      God Bless

      1. Quercetin is one of the flavonoids found in elderberries, and possibly the main active ingredient making elderberries so effective in doing what they do. In view of the problems elderberries can cause with cytokine storms, I would guess quercetin would tend to have the same problems. For that reason, quercetin is currently in trials as a treatment for Covid-19. One of the things they find out in trials is what types of unexpected negative side effects treatments can have.

        I’d be wary of using it on anyone who was at the severe stage of a Covid-19 case and in danger of experiencing a cytokine storm. But that’s just me and I’m not an M.D.

        1. I am no doctor either. I trust Dr Seheult on Medcram, but he only showed the study paper, and did not give his analysis of the research.

          I am going with the advice of the Doctor here, who said her father, who is also a doctor but in Germany, prescribes it for viral lung problems like SARS 19/COVID 19. She did not prescribe it for me, (I dont have any problems) but verified her father prescribes it over there.

  1. Re: Leaked Documents: 96 Million Infections & 480,000 Deaths

    From what information that is out there, these numbers are wildly optimistic, and are likely designed to stem fear. China did not lock down 750,000,000 because of a flu bug. Given the various strains that might infect, the death rate will fluctuate. Italy is experiencing a 5% death rate of perhaps the 15% who require hospital level of care. Estimates anticipate that 40 to 70% of a population will become infected. The math is real easy. However, the hospitals in Italy are now overwhelmed, and that 5%, that can no longer receive ICU level of care will swell the death rate to perhaps 20%, or more. Let’s see if that proves to be true.

    Because this is bio-weapon accidentally escaped, the behavior in the ‘wild’ remains to be seen. It is proving to mutate at a high rate, and may persist for years, and return in many waves. The Spanish Flu of 1918-19 went unnoticed for long period in the beginning, yet was more deadly during it’s third and last wave. And so far, of the 15% who recover after a lengthy hospital stay, 20% have severe scaring in up to 50% of the lungs. As more of the damage done to those who recover is documented, this virus may prove do damage to other organs as well. Many popular commentators maintain that the virus is not dangerous, and it all hype. Unfortunately they offer no justification for their opinion. So far, even with early and questionable reports out of China, and now Italy, it is still safe to say that this virus is on par with the Spanish Flu of 1918.

    I’ll be self isolated until this thing proves that it only hype, and just another flu bug. Even if we will likely recover, it is long and painful experience, that has a 20% chance of leaving our lungs scared, and causing an earlier death due to Congestive Heart Failure. The number one cause of the death in this country is heart disease.

    Tucker Carlson claims that the virus is a bio weapon.

    1. Part 2 of ‘Leaked Documents: 96 Million Infections & 480,000 Deaths’

      The statics we have to work with are anecdotal. The CFR of 5% includes all ages. The median age of this readership might be 65? The virus is not only killing those with preexisting health issues, but it does appears that age to be the most significant indicator. For what it is worth, and with out context, these are the numbers being quoted: those who are ages 60 to 69, 3.6%, 70 to 79, 8%, and those age 80 and older, 14.8%.

      1. To the readership:
        Italy’s mortality rate is very high because their healthcare system was overwhelmed. Other commenters here have talked about “flattening the curve”, this is the strategy right now to space out infections as much as possible so that no one has to be triaged (turned away) at an ICU. That’s why everything is being canceled right now. Your divinity of choice willing, our mortality rates will be much lower because if it.

        I agree with TR that half a million deaths is optimistic, but so far deaths in this country have been low.

        1. Hi Vegas,

          Good points, however, I do not believe our hospitals are all that much better prepared and capable. They failed to see this coming as we did two months ago and do not even have enough PPE. Certainly not enough ventilators. They do have a little time to get ready, yet supplies from China and elsewhere will not be available and is drying up.

          Here is a fellow I trust reporting that Amazon is running out of merchandise, because it is not coming in from China, so Amazon is cutting back on personnel:

          1. Hey TR,

            Good points, I’m just choosing to be optimistic. We could wind up with mortality rates higher than Italy, unfortunately we will soon find out the hard way.

            No offense to the Italians, by the time they realized how widespread the virus was it was already too late.

          2. Well i am on daily calls with several ceos of hospitals and two medical schools.

            We are all going to do our best but this will be extremely challenging.

            JWR’s books will be proven to have saved lives for those who practice the fictional principles.

        2. Vegas,

          Our deaths rate appear to low because the process that is exponential growth is not understood. I know what is seems like to most folks, but they should look in to what is exponential growth.

          And this virus has a long incubation period in many cases, and goes unnoticed, or is consider to be a cold or flu bug. It is also proven to be very contagious and even airborne. The combination of these characteristics means it will spread far and wide, undetected, and without warning will suddenly appear to be everywhere. This is what happened in Italy and Iran. They were surprised. We have had early warning, and have been ahead of the most others by almost 2 months. As a result, my personal friends, panicked early and beat the rush.
          Just because there have not been more deaths, does not mean it is not just as deadly as the virus in Italy. The Tsunami wave is coming.

      2. Hey Tunnel Rabbit, they stole those numbers wholesale from the Chinese CDC’s report of February 17, 2020 based on their first 72,314 CoV patients.

        age 60-69 3.6% mortality
        age 70-79 8% mortality
        age 80+ 14.8% mortality

        Those are not strict mortality rates, but mortality rates of those hospitalized. To put these in perspective, you have to understand that seasonal flu rates in the US have a morality rate of slightly less than 0.1% overall, but for cases who are hospitalized, it jumps to around 6% mortality rate. (It has varied this winter between 5% and 7.6%, depending on the week and which “wave” we were in.)

        Chinese CDC statistics, click on “Results,” then “Table 1”:

          1. I should have mentioned IMO the numbers are good though. I did see a separate account published by another MD in southern China that had those same ballpark figures. The numbers got worse the older you get and for anyone with other conditions, the numbers are worse yet.

    2. @ Tunnel Rabbit

      …”Because this is bio-weapon accidentally escaped…” Where’s the proof?…Oh, wait, because Tucker Carlson says so? Oh, he’s that famous scientist who…wait, no he’s that renowned researcher who…wait…he’s a talking head on Fox News!

      May I respectfully suggest that the conspiracy theories be left elsewhere. It is very unhelpful on a site like this where people are looking for good information. And Trump’s sick? Where’s the proof for that? So unhelpful.

      1. Ladywest,

        The evidence for such was removed from the internet. I grabbed a copy knowing it would be deleted. Whether it is, or is not a bio-weapon is really not important to those who become sick. Whether it is, or is not a bio-weapon is relevant to those most concerned with the geo-politic, and the moral responsibility that come with that pursuit.

        Even if we cannot now prove it, the fact that Tucker Carlson is comfortable with asserting it as fact on mainstream media, is evidence of a consensuses forming in that part of society. Of course that does not make it true, however what we believe is true of not, is not as important as what the movers and shakers of this world believe. IHMO, China has begun a disinformation campaign blaming the virus on the U.S. They feel the need to deny it came from China, and possibly from their level 4 bio-weapons lab that is located only 300 yards from the meat market in Wuhan, China. Although likely an accidental release, as has occurred at that lab several times, the chaos created is an opportunity for all evil -doers to do evil, abroad and domestically. And their are. For example, Trump is already being blamed for the virus. It will get worse, and potentially could be used as the pretext for war. This is what history teaches us. It is no way a conspiracy theory, just history. It is a fact that Tucker Carlson believes it is a bio-weapon. Others do to.

        Apart of preparedness requires continual vigilance. It may not be comfortable, yet those with good situational awareness will be more successfully than those who do not have that mindset. Fortunately for those who are already fully prepared for a worst case scenario, we will not experience as much stress as those who are not prepared.,

        1. As I mentioned to you on another day, and directed you to the site, Michael T. Osterholm, head of the Center for Disease Research and Policy ( works with this administration as well as other administrations, as well as WHO, the CDC and was asked a direct question from Joe Rogan on his You Tube channel – Was this COVID-19 a bioweapon? His answer? (Paraphrasing) There is absolutely no evidence this is anything other than a coronavirus which has jumped from animal to man. This is from all the experts he talks to.

          The reason it was pulled so quickly is because it is unsubstantiated. News, OPSEC and preparedness require facts, not speculation. Real facts not alternative facts. There are places for war-gaming and it’s not here.

          Carlson believes it to be true? Good for him. Unless he can substantiate the story leave it off a news program. It’s inflammatory and fearful to others when it can’t be based upon facts. That we don’t need during this time.

          The Chinese are trying to blame us? So what. Doesn’t surprise me. Does it mean we have to sink to their level and play in the mud with them? Dr. Osterholm told Rogan that unless you are completely honest with people, tell them what’s going to happen, why it’s happening, the course of the disease and all outcomes, including deaths, they are not going to take the steps necessary to be a part of the solution.

          Speculating (otherwise known as guessing) is not helpful during a situation like this. As a matter of fact it can be very harmful. Carlson should have known better. Obviously, his superiors did. Please, don’t throw fat into the fire.

          1. Ladywest,

            I am not speculating in the least. We can disagree with Tucker Carlson, yet we should not ignore that fact that he said what he said.
            This is an important data point to consider, as this issue of weather the virus is a bio-weapon, or not, will drive the actions of those who believe, or listen to Tucker Carlson. It can understandably cause panic in the big cities sooner rather than later. Understanding this, is understanding what developing intelligence is all about. To shun, or ignore evidence that it our opinion is not appropriate, harmful, or unsubstantiated, is to degrade our situational awareness, or produce faulty conclusions that could be derived from inadequate intelligence gathering.

            As for Osterholm, who has ties to our government and WHO, I must disregard, as both our government and WHO has not been honest, and continues to mislead the people. WHO has made the problem worst for this country and the rest of the world, and thousands will die because their incompetence and deceit. We are 2 months ahead of WHO and our government, because our intelligence effort here that may have benefited unknown thousands. Should we stop? Should we begin to trust and rely on them, and their associates now?

            As for the Chinese and politicians playing the blame game, that is how, and why subterfuge works. Divide and conquer. Neither are know for telling the truth. More folks should know that this is now occurring, yet know also that this can lead to more unpleasantness as a country divided against itself, cannot stand. Our politicians take ques from the Chicoms (communitist) who bought their influence! However unpleasant, again, this is part of the information needed to develop good intelligence. We do not have to like it.

            The horror that is ahead will be far worse than this pleasantness. If we cannot handle this, then we are not mentally prepared enough to stand strong in the withering storm ahead. However with triturated doses of unpleasantness, we can develop a higher tolerance to stress. Having worked for a major Sheriff’s Dept, and dealt with dead bodies, I may have developed a rather high level of tolerance and mental toughness. What I’ve experienced there will not compare with the nastiness ahead. I know it’s tough and ugly. I am sorry that the country is faced with this, and I will do my best to help as I might. Being close to Jesus will calm our hearts.

  2. Yes, the spread of Covid-19 in NY linked to the attorney was/is a really good example of community transmission and just how virulent this bug is. I don’t believe they know how the guy got it himself; maybe on the train or who knows? And he came to their attention only because he became so ill and required hospitalization. He’s only I believe 50 but has been in the ICU in a medically induced coma.

    1. Just google Dr. Francis Boyle and some of his interviews. He has for years spoken out against our participation in bioweapons and has been blacklisted by main stream media years ago for trying to speak out against this. He says our gov program was on pause until Obama adm. started it again and that samples were stolen from N.C.lab and were carried to China to their only level 4 lab, in Wuhan, and probably accidentally released from there. He also says in some interviews that there is a vaccine which was granted patent in 2015. The company that patented it was partly owned by no other that Bill Gates. Also google Event 201. Bill Gates stated views on depopulation and his Pandemic movie/doc last year. Is this not all a little too “coincidental”. Tucker is not the only one who knows this, but he is the only one to speak out. Spend some time listening to Dr. Francis Boyle and you will have to see the truth of this.

        1. OK, I watched the entire 8:41 of the video with interest and attention to his apparent physical status. I heard a man speak of a serious issue (we seem to agree on that) in a serious manner, with a couple of his normal exceptions. The comments don’t matter to me. Are the commenters doctors or other experts in diseases? Or are they just like you and I? If he’s sick, it’s something mild. It obviously isn’t coronavirus or he wouldn’t be among all his staff, potentially infecting all of them. I just don’t see “sick”, TR.

    1. I see zero evidence that “Trump is clearly sick”. Zero. Zip. Nada. The man has been working around the clock and gets very little sleep. He has more energy at his age than men 15 years his junior.

    2. “Clearly sick?” Tunnel Rabbit what support do you have for that allegation?

      Such a leap without facts undercuts the strength of other opinions you have rendered.

      Sorry to say, I expect that I’m just saying what others are thinking.

      1. Survivorman99-
        You surprise me, good sir. I ‘clearly’ saw the satire in TR’s post… The president is at risk from the DeepState and Killary’s minions. It would be prudent for the President to be isolated for his (and our nation’s) protection. Do not underestimate the resolve of the progressive/socialist left to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. They are plotting and will pull some nastiness that will surprise even the most emotionally and practically prepared amongst us.
        Stay the course and let us not start attacking each other!

      2. Survivormann99,

        I’ve provided the video evidence to support my contention and concern, but if folks will not look at the evidence or comprehend the words, then they will presume whatever they wish. Here it is again. Trump has been tested and found not to have Covid-19, yet he is clearly sick as can easily be seen in this video. Trump is sick already, so there is more reason to isolate him. Many foreign leaders have contracted Covid-19. Some in Italy have died.

        If you are not convinced by the evidence, read the comments section there. Many see what I see. I am not alone, and my opinion is substantiated. Decide for yourself.

        1. Tunnel Rabbit has excellent information in his comments.

          This quote is from Newt Gingrich reporting about the Wuhan Flu in Italy:

          “The hardest-hit region around Milan has had to improvise as its health system has been deeply stressed by the sheer number of patients. In Milan and Brescia, field hospitals have been set up in the fairgrounds as the local hospitals have been drowned in patients.”

          Because the demand for respirators and intensive care has been beyond any previous planning, doctors have been forced into the kind of triage thinking developed for intense battlefield casualty situations. There are reports that emergency room doctors are allotting respirators to those with higher life expectancy due to the limited equipment in the hardest hit areas of the province. If you are older or have other illnesses, you may simply ~~~>not be eligible for treatment.”

          [Taken from “NEWT GINGRICH: I AM IN ITALY AMID THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS. AMERICA MUST ACT NOW—AND ACT BIG | OPINION” 3/13/2020. published at Newsweek(dot)com on 3/15/2020]
          Newt explained why he’s in Italy right now in the article. = “I am living in Italy, where my wife, Callista, is the ambassador to the Holy See.” [The Vatican/The Pope.]

      3. O.K. Survivorman99, I stand corrected. I gave the brother the benefit of the satirical doubt, but then he went and shot that down with more nonsense. This is getting unbearable! So much conjecture and conspiracizing going on here at SB lately, it makes one pause before opening the comments.
        I dearly hope the rest of the readers here use critical thinking skills, prayer, and decency before posting another round of Y2K/12-12-2012/End of the world stuff. Only God knows when He will decide we have run our course, so anyone who tries to out-think the Lord should be prepared for a yardstick across the knuckles when they face Him!
        Semper Fi

        1. I watched the video again, and still believe he is sick. Stress causes the immune system to become weak. He is very fatigued and becoming sick, or is sick with something. Listen carefully. Flem can be heard in the throat, and his speak has a nasal sound to it. They can suppress symptoms with drugs, and he has the finest doctors to keep him going. He has shown signs of stress for many weeks now, and is becoming weaker. This is the worst I’ve seen him. Notice that he is not wearing a tie, and has a different cap on, perhaps concealing disheveled hair? I am now even more concerned.

          This is about the President, not about me. Trump is in dire need of sleep, and is high vulnerable to any infection at this time.

  3. Thanks for the wal-mart tip.Have a 24 hour one a few blocks away.I haven’t had to go to a store for a few weeks,but today is yardwork day.Wanted to grab some weed/feed and line for my trimmer.Was about to head out the door about 5:30 am.Guess I’ll have another cup of coffee.

  4. There seems to be some misunderstanding about Elderberry and coronavirus so allow me present the simple facts.

    In this first paper published by Israeli immunology researchers in 2001, they conclude that the active ingredient in elderberry, sambucol, is the greatest thing since sliced bread. “We conclude from this study that, in addition to its antiviral properties, [elderberries] activate the healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.” One cytokine in particular called TNF-alpha showed a 45x increase after sambucol was administered. All four cytokines showed a “significant increase” in production.

    Here is a very reader-friendly National Geographic article on exactly how coronavirus attacks the lungs, what a cytokine storm is, and how it affects the rest of our organs. From this information, you can see how taking elderberry supplements will potentially make your problems even worse.

    Quoting a few key paragraphs:

    Cytokines are proteins used by the immune system as alarm beacons—they recruit immune cells to the site of infection. The immune cells then kill off the infected tissue in a bid to save the rest of the body.

    Humans rely on our immune systems to keep their cool when facing a threat. But during a runaway coronavirus infection, when the immune system dumps cytokines into the lungs without any regulation, this culling becomes a free-for-all, Rasmussen says “Instead of shooting at a target with a gun, you’re using a missile launcher,” she says. That’s where the problem arises: Your body is not just targeting the infected cells. It is attacking healthy tissue too.

    The implications extend outside the lungs. Cytokine storms create inflammation that weakens blood vessels in the lungs and causes fluid to seep through to the air sacs. “Basically you’re bleeding out of your blood vessels,” Rasmussen says. The storm spills into your circulatory system and creates systemic issues across multiple organs.

    End of National Geographic quote. So in essence, the coronavirus itself can cause your body to create a cytokine storm. When it does happen, that storm is causing all kinds of negative side effects such as your blood vessels leaking, and other organs such as liver and kidneys having problems. You already have an overdose of cytokines in your system, so why would you want to take an elderberry supplement which the abovementioned scientific study indicates will dump as much as 45x more cytokines into your system? YOU DON’T. Elderberries and coronavirus don’t mix. Why take a chance? Save the elderberries for working wonders in other sicknesses. The Israeli study saw elderberries reduce flu symptoms by 3-4 days in double blind studies so it’s a wonderful remedy, it’s just something you don’t want to mix with coronavirus. There are plenty of other immune boosters that aren’t as risky.

    Here’s one more article to explain cytokines and herbals. It helped me to finally understand how my relation who was in Denver during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic could just drop dead on a street corner while in town for a cattle auction. I’ve wondered about that for 40 years, it never made sense until today.

    1. We all know the underlying problems which the elderly have which gives them greater risk when they get the coronavirus. Here’s something to think about. 14% of Americans have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), 30-40% have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and 30% of Americans are obese and 1 in 13 are severely obese. And most Americans don’t know they have either NAFLD or CKD. These could all be risk factors even if you are younger. And some epidemiologists are concerned now about obesity and its effect upon coronavirus. Time will tell.

      1. The higher mortality related to obesity is probably due to Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is dosed by body weight – 1,000 IU per 10 kilograms of body weight (divide your weight by 22 and multiply by 1,000 to find your dosage in pounds).

        The same was true with the swine flu epidemic in 2008-2009. The obese were more likely to die.

        If two people, one slim and one obese, take the same amount of Vitamin D, the obese person will have far less D per pound than the slim person.

        Vitamin D is a very potent antiviral. Thus the higher mortality rate for the obese.

        If you are overweight, take more D.

        1. I didn’t know that or even read it anywhere. I take one vitamin mineral supplement a day and just looked and it says 22 mcg (880 IU) or 110% of the recommended amount. I’ve read that more D is needed but I’m in a sunny area which helps, but am 75 which I understand I don ‘t process things as easily when one is older.

          I’m not at all frail and I see no harm in a higher amount. I did the formula and it shows 8681 IU needed. Now you know my weight!

          Thank you for sharing. There’s no harm in being on the safe side.

    2. I respectfully suggest we explore the body of knowledge in a comprehensive fashion before making sweeping statements dismissing a potentially helpful substance.

      In a vast oversimplification of immuno-modulating effects of cytokines, suffice it to say that cytokines play both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory roles in our bodies. Therefore we need to be careful when we assume “more cytokines=bad”.

      Elderberry is one of the few herbs on which a substantial amount of research has been conducted. While the article you linked to suggests that elderberry stimulates pro-inflammatory cytokines, there is also evidence of elderberry supporting anti-inflammatory cytokines, see reference below. (Of note: IL-6 has both pro- AND anti-inflammatory properties, which wasn’t clarified in the article you referenced).

      Herbs have many adaptogenic effects. Beyond cytokines, we should also consider that elderberry contains anthocyanin, a compound with an anti-inflammatory effect.

      To frame this a bit: I don’t own stock in any elderberry syrup manufacturing companies. I don’t even have a plant on my homestead (but I endeavor to change this very soon). I do have a medical background and have used allopathic medicine (not herbs) throughout my career. With that said, I think this particular herbal remedy is worthwhile and I will definitely be administering elderberry syrup to my loved ones and myself at the first sign of suspected flu or coronavirus.

      To each his own. I simply urge others to “research the research and study the study”.

  5. Re. Walmart ending night hours

    They are attributing this move to facilitate stocking and cleaning. Really? I believe they are bracing for food shortages and security problems.

    Just wait until the ‘Toilet Paper People’ wake up and return for food.

    1. Our local WalMart here in the Northern Great Lakes, which services around 5 counties, changed from 24/7 to 6am-11pm schedule right after the first of the year and at that time they mentioned on the local radio that this would be happening at many of the stores across the nation (but not necessarily all of them). This was well before the COVID-19 panic buying by today’s unprepared masses was on anyone’s radar…

      Unless WM Corporate had an advance heads-up about the virus (albeit, they do a lot of business in China), I don’t believe the change in the hours of operation had anything to do with the current state of affairs, most likely just a business move. Just my thoughts.

      1. Rucksack Rob, quoting Walmart’s corporate office:

        “The Latest on Walmart’s Response to the Coronavirus”

        “Starting March 15, Walmart stores and Neighborhood Markets will be open 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. until further notice. This will help ensure associates can clean and stock products. Stores operating under more reduced hours will keep current hours of operation. ”


        1. Thanks for that update, I was just stating that my local WM changed it’s hours back in January along with one other store 90 miles away where I work. My wife, an RN, would stop at our local store regularly after getting off at 0100 hrs. Now the job of ‘Wall-Marting” has fallen on my shoulders… More fun than I can tell ya!

      2. Another recent change I’ve seen in local Walmarts here is the addition of gates at the entry, the kind that don’t allow exiting thus forcing people to exit through the checkouts. The timing is kind of weird but I’m guessing the profit margins are taking a hit from China supply lines being down so they are cracking down on shoplifting.

    2. “Just wait until the ‘Toilet Paper People’ wake up and return for food.”


      Thank you for that. I think that laugh just added two years to my life!

  6. Many things in our world will be making self corrections as the virus moves along. The stores like Walmart and Apple are only the start.
    You might need a trash burn barrel for when that becomes disrupted, a hole unless your on septic and I’d dig it now with a machine while you can, weed killer to control the yard so your place don’t burn and approach is more difficult when fuel becomes disrupted etc. think of alternative cooking fuel like propane or wood.
    Expand your mind to “what if”. Military who have served should have already been thinking what do we have that they didn’t and how do I mitigate that? Also what did I have to make for services once we arrived?
    Preparedness is a thinking game though it’s no longer a game. Stop worrying about politics, sports and social media and start worrying bout yours.
    Good luck to all.

  7. They just shut down all the schools in my county and at least 7 others in western ny. The second confirmed case was a person who worked at a middle school. I have word she was in the cafeteria and the health department confirmed she was in “high” contact with students. She went to work for st least 2 days while sick. She also attended church. It is chaos around here in stores at this point. The proverbial S has hit the fan for a good number of folks around here. If it is not where you are at this point, I urge you to prepare any last needs. You may literally only have hours left at this point.

    1. Diesel Dan,
      Yup, Jewel by my mom and dads today absolutely stripped clean!
      I did however score 24 “boxes ” of water (I guess no one wanted them)
      Super cheap! Saw the restaurant owner from next door there, he told me that on Saturday the Jewel was a madhouse & people were fighting for stuff.

      Governor of Illinois – Effective midnight Monday ALL restaurants & Bars in the ENTIRE STATE closed till at least 30, March

      Got some more cash out.
      My brother is an Engineer for Burlington Northern, they are advising them later tonight about operations, I will let you all know if I hear anything

      My Uncle in Ohio said the governor there thinks schools there may be closed the rest of the year

      Watching Young Frankenstein, super hilarious!!

      1. My older brother always said, “Watch for when the trains stop coming; then you’ll know.”

        I took that to mean, when the trains stop coming,
        the next thing that will be coming around the bend, is the shtf.

        RKRGRL68, thank you in advance for keeping us updated!

        Prayers for your dad and mom.

  8. St Funogas: Thank you for the articles about elderberry, I will adjust my preventitive measures and alert those I have talked to, Having a community of like minded people who care about each other is so mind calming. I wish I was in a better place, this is the least prepared I have ever been, since I was 25, but the circumstances have forced me to be here. I can only put my faith in God, and pray he will see me through. I can’t bug out or head for the hills as I’m caring for an old guy who can’t travel. Prayers for all of you and keep the faith.

    1. Dear VCC,

      I replied to St. Funogas in a post above with research and additional information you may want to consider before contacting family members. I am sure St Funogas is well intentioned, caring, and very intelligent and I mean no disrespect at all. It is natural that some of us will have differing viewpoints occasionally. Sometimes a bit of additional research can change the picture, too.

      I will most definitely be using elderberry syrup for myself and my family in the event I suspect we have either flu or coronavirus. Others may opt not to do so. Regardless, I pray for sustained health for all who post here, and for their loved ones.

  9. Over here in a rural city of ~ 30,000, I paid visits to the 5 local grocery stores. Mostly as just an observer, but I ended up getting some comfort snacks, (Trail mix for the win!), and some family packs of chicken and beef to divvy up and seal for the freezers.)

    Not quite pandemonium, but the folks I did talk to had a look. Hard to describe, but I felt it was something akin to a pre-panic, deer in the headlights, scared/confused look.

    Anything dry: pasta, rice, beans, flour, etc. gone. Wiped out. (I noticed something odd. Even though there was spillage on the shelves, noodles, elbo mac and such. There were no empty wrappers, sacks, boxes. Damaged goods were gone too!)

    A younger couple ahead of me had two overflowing carts with a really good mix of shelf stable staples. They said with 6 kids at home due to school cancellations they were going through a greatly increased amount of food.

    At the Wally World, I watched the last few packs of tp go off the shelf. An employee next to me also watching, told me it was one entire semi load of tp and that it all sold in under one hour.

    The assisted living apartments my mom is at closed the dining hall. All meals will be delivered to residents rooms. Visitation isn’t closed off. Yet.

    One event brought a smile to my face yesterday, I received an order of N-95 masks I had placed weeks ago! I’ll be wearing one when I go visit mom today.

    That’s all for now.

    Stay healthy my friends. Stay frosty. This may get a bit rough.

  10. I have a humble request since so many people are acting like a “cat on a hot tin roof”. It would be, in my humble opinion, so nice if we could distribute to others helpful information rather than alarmist information. People get hurt when they are scared to death. This is not the time to reiterate everything that can go wrong in the world. It’s time for calm, steadfast, conscientious, careful, deliberate action. None of us really know (not even the scientists or government officials), how this virus will impact us when it’s all said and done. “Social distancing” will definitely help slow the spread. Call me PollyAnna, but it would be nice to focus our energies inward towards the mental well being of our families with helpful ideas for surviving, of all things, quarantine. The “homesteaders” have a lot to say on how they manage their lives while homeschooling, running the ranch, cooking from scratch, etc. We are a wealth of knowledge that we can share with the “modern” family. Just my own plea for us to be a bright light in the middle of a dark world. Hugs to all.

    1. SaraSue,

      You are so right, and thank you for saying this! I’ve been trying very hard to keep my family members informed without scaring them to death. It’s sometimes hard to compete with all the alarmist crap that is being spewed all over.

      One of the toughest things has been getting people to understand that shutting down as much as possible NOW is the best way to slow down the spread, which will hopefully have the effect of NOT over-loading the hospitals to the point where those who DO get very ill will have no where to go for help.

      I’m using this as an opportunity to help my adult kids be better prepper parents. They were raised that way, but still have a lot of hands-on knowledge to acquire. We are all seed starting and saving this year, and I’ve purchased extra equipment for that, so they will have their own set-ups. I’ve been gardening for decades, my kids for the past three years, so yeah, they need more practice.

      I am grateful for my family. We are all close, fairly objective, relatively intelligent, and not prone to freaking out.

      Everyone hang in there!

      1. Hi there Julie, good job!
        I’ve resisted the “I told you so” urge or being overly Know-it-all – that’s just not helpful when people are afraid. Just quietly answering their questions as they come in. Sent them all care packages since their store shelves look empty. If anything I think this helped calm them. I fully believe the stores will begin to restock to keep up with demand. Our faith is also instrumental in calming the fear. National Day of Prayer today! Lots of people tuning into online church. Sometimes I think we humans *need* adversity to strengthen our innards. LOL. Blessings to you and yours.

  11. We have a first confirmed coronavirus case in my rural upstate NY county. Patient was infected from an unknown local carrier. Store shelves are empty and schools closed for a month. Not as prepared as I’d like, but much better than most people.

    1. We have a first confirmed coronavirus case in my rural upstate NY county. Patient was infected from an unknown local carrier. Store shelves are empty and schools closed for a month. Not as prepared as I’d like, but much better than most people.

    2. One of our VT infected cases is a second-home owner here from Westchester Co in NY. Evidently many people who are in areas that have a virus outbreak like in NY, etc are fleeing to the perceived safety of their second-homes but unfortunately this means some will bring the virus with them to us……… So if you live in an area that has lots of vacation homes, be aware of this, even if you live in a rural locale.

      1. Now we’re up to 8 confirmed cases. One is from Brooklyn, one from Boston, one from Westchester Co in NY- people are fleeing those places and coming here to their second homes or extended family and bringing it with them.

  12. Wisconsin schools closed through April 6th (at a minimum), due to 18 confirmed cases in the state. Children to start remote learning in our children’s school this week. What possible information will happen by April 6th that will lead to reopening of schools? When three weeks from now, when we have thousands of cases, what will be the likely next steps? Certainly not reopening schools.

    The incremental restrictions on travel being announced seem likely to lead to an outright domestic travel ban, particularly if our govt is following data/trends from Italy.

    It’s going to be a long next 30-90 days for many people.

    Good luck, God bless.

    1. Hey WIHunter, you nailed it, many school districts are saying the same thing, taking a “wait and see” approach to reopening schools. They clearly have no understanding of history or math. Schools will not be reopening in the United States this school year so parents with kids in public schools should be preparing for the long haul.

  13. Re: Illinois mayor: She says the powers have been on the books since 2006…b4 she was mayor.
    My guess that the savior “Baby Bush” gave the states and cities a “template” of what to do..after 9/11. Patriot act/NDAA etc.
    Albuquerque NM, has some of the exact wording and now talking about “activating” the powers.
    Interesting how this “psy-op” is playing out.
    Tune in to our Coronavirus Czar’s update tonight, 7pm EDT. To get the scoop.

    1. > Interesting how this “psy-op” is playing out.

      That’s exactly what it is. Not saying the virus itself isn’t real, but Mockingbird is squawking overtime.

  14. Our County got its first case earlier this month, and assuming he/she infects ten additional people, half the county will have the virus by the end of May. We are a mix of suburban and rural density, which is why I chose the 10 additional case number.

    Super spreaders like the NYC lawyer (50 cases) and the Italian businessman who attended the Biogen Conference in Boston (75 cases) show the potential spread in an urban setting.

    So far our state has cases identified in about one tenth of the counties. That will obviously change.

  15. Went Saturday shopping at Publix yesterday near where I live and the supermarket still had plenty of most items except TP, hand sanitizer and canned soups. No crowds in the stores either. On the other hand my favorite liquor store was very busy. I guess in a pinch you could use booze as an expensive hand sanitizer. Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve watched Patriot Nurse in the past. It seems like her videos keep getting better and her application of Christian ethics for other people, particularly the elderly, is truly commendable.

  16. Re. Bugging Out

    While I believe in living at your retreat, Being a retired engineer and pragmatist, I’ve maintained a list of ‘bug-out triggers’, any one sufficing to initiate bug-out. Five are flashing RED.

    TODAY folks can calmly pack the car and GO! There is no EMP attack, no martial law, no road blocks, no DHS pat-downs and medical screening, no road rage. There is plenty of gas. There are virtually no impediments to land travel.

    Folks planning to bug-out have a gift; or perhaps more appropriate, a blessing. My advice: GO! TODAY!

    1. Agree. We have forewarning, use it. It is better to be too early, than too late. Removing oneself from people, is the single most important thing one can do to protect themselves.

      We should not blunt the truth about the threats, as uncomfortable as it is for some, as it may cost others their lives. The window of opportunity to ‘bug out’ is closing. Trump will at some point, perhaps tomorrow, declare a State of Emergency. This will be a mile stone. Individual states and counties will then feel free to begin quarantine measures that may impede interstate travel. Get a map now, and plot several alternate routes around population centers. We cannot know for sure if it will be tomorrow or next week, but these events are surely to occur at some point.

        1. Thanks for that update. I’ve been busy elsewhere. It just goes to show how fast events can move, and how an otherwise vigilant person can be blindsided. Been expecting it for days now.

  17. In my little area of Southern California, there is no toilet paper to be had in the stores. There was a long line outside one store, so I went to another. Not much produce and no bread. I stocked up on canned products. No fighting (my neighborhood is middle class and mostly white). On the plus side, there’s still gasoline (I refueled this morning) and the electricity is still flowing.

    At my job, we must get ready to send many employees home to work. They will take their company computers home. As part of the deskside support team, I will be spending a lot of time on the phone helping users get set up. That will be hard, because many users are computer illiterate.

    I’d appreciate recommendations for a good brand of household rechargeable batteries; those Energizers I have are about at the end of their usefulness.

    Water, chow, gasoline, toilet paper or paper towels if you don’t have any — that’s what to stock up on now. Many thanks to JWR and his family for this excellent blog. Stay safe and good luck to one and all!!

    1. Someone just posted in a local online forum asking if anyone had extra TP to give them and others are posting angry posts about hoarders. Dunno. It could get interesting. Glad I live far out now. Only a matter of time before the folks in densely populated areas decide to go door-to-door to determine how much TP and hand sani people have stocked up and how much they will be required to hand over to their unprepared neighbors! Feels like we’re starting to live in one of those prepper novels!

  18. My husband just got a call from a co-worker saying he’d heard that the borders of Washington State were now closed and no one was going to be able to go to Oregon (He and my husband both work in Oregon)

    He said that his sister had seen it on the news.

    I immediately got online and did a few searches… nothing.

    My husband called a neighbor who is a high official with the county, and asked him about it. Laughter ensued.

    Just another example of the crap going around out there, and stopping the spread of it, which is just as important as stopping the spread of COVID-19

  19. We live in a tourist area and I never thought about the second home owners coming back early. We still have 2 feet of snow on the ground, ice conditions on the lake are unpredictable and snowmobile season is over. But maybe their second homes here are their bug out locations.

    Hubby and I have had a very peaceful morning. Plenty in the pantry, fridge and freezer; cars all gassed up and serviced. We listened to church online and then discussed plans to minister to others. Hubby is 73 with cancer so he won’t be going anywhere but has a list of people he wants to call and encourage.

    I work with elementary age children at church so I have plans to send notes of encouragement to them. Also I plan to contact their parents with some creative teaching ideas since the kids are out of school for the next three weeks.

    And then there is spring cleaning…..

    1. As I noted the second home owners are fleeing NY, Boston and who knows where to come here to VT and they’re bringing the virus with them. I’d be fine with them coming but wish they’d leave the virus back home!

      1. Ani, your initial comment prompted my thoughts about this. Yes, I too am hoping and praying they don’t bring the virus with them! The Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee areas are not as affected (yet!!!) as the big cities near you.

        Praying fervently on this Day of Prayer!

  20. Update from Middle America. (The center of the Continental United States.) A handful of cases in the state so far.
    Toilet paper is still available. Have seen no panic buying. No masks to be found (we had ours years ago). Restaurants having normal business. Sporting events not allowing spectators. Schools closed for a month. Colleges going to online classes. Have only seen two people wearing masks, both Asian-appearing. Everything else appears to be normal so far. We are praying.

    1. Just to clarify- I was talking about our locally-owned grocery store/supermarket, and the nearest dollar store. I have not been to Walmart lately.

  21. Missouri is showing 5 confirmed cases right now, though as we all know by now, that number is likely higher by a factor of x10. In my rural town, the shelves of our local Walmart are getting more and more bare. Paper products are gone, and everything else is looking pretty sparse. We do have a large Amish community not too far from us, so we’ll be going to them for eggs this week. If you have one near you, you might check them for some bulk items.

    It seems like the gun stores are seeing a run on guns and ammo now, too. Time to stay away from them, I guess. Good thing we’ve all got the guns and ammo we need, right?

  22. Words of wisdom remembered from my days in military service (circa 1971) that are still highly applicable today; “Do not believe anything you hear… and only half of what you see”.

    Considering the current advances in technology and the slightly less than angelic nature of some of our brethren, we should all scrutinize with extreme prejudice that half that we see before being accepted as spot on.

  23. We know so little about this virus. Why do some die and others hardly get sick? One answer might be different strains of the virus. Another answer might be genetic differences in the population. I’m referring, of course, to the Delta 32 mutation which prevents those who have it from catching AIDS and bubonic plague. This mutation occurs naturally in the population; however, the various waves of plague during the Middle Ages pushed its expansion. Those without the mutation died; those with it lived to have offspring. The village of Eyam has been studied extensively. If you don’t know Eyam’s story, check it out on Youtube. About 10% of English people have the mutation; that figure may be lower now as a result of immigration. Delta 32 has never been found outside Europe. It’s a magnificent example of–dare I say it?–evolution.

    1. Austic Prepper,

      A girl friend of mine was diagnosed autistic, and unfortunately family and friends did not understand her difficult times. She was brilliant in the lab. If only we had known….

      The Delta 32 mutation is certainly more evidence of ‘speciation’, yet not quite proof of evolution. Yet what is considered a specie in science, and what combination of heretofore considered separate species that actually produces fertile offspring in the wild, are two different things The long taught theories of Out of Africa, and weak ‘Theory’ of Evolution are being seriously challenged by younger, and very serious anthropologists. Genetic testing, and the internet has changed the science. The new school of thought, and recently discovered history of mankind is far more interesting than Darwin’s version. The Bible is more accurate, yet only hints. There is more. I am fascinated by it, but unfortunately, there is not the place to blabber on about it…. essentially humans are hybrids, and our history is mostly unknown to science…..

      Back to Delta 32. Certain blood types may have more resistance are associated with the Delta 32 mutation, may persist in O negative blood types that are concentrated in parts of Europe. They are on average 6% to 8% of most population groups in Northern Europe. Unfortunately I am only O negative recessive, and may or may not have it. O negative is a marker of long existing group of humans. There is plenty of talk about Delta 32 .

      Biologists at the University of Liverpool have discovered how the plagues of the Middle Ages have made around 10% of Europeans resistant to HIV.
      “The intelligence agencies also prefer Rh negative people who possess the CCR5 Delta 32 gene, although this is not mandatory. The CCR5 delta 32 gene is a mutated form of the CCR5 gene. The Mutation is caused by a deletion of 32 base pairs normally found on the CCR5 gene. This gene is found only in European, West Asian and North African populations. The CCR5 delta 32 gene originated in the Caucasian race, and is only found in West Asian and North African populations due to admixture, and it isn’t found in the Sub Saharan African population. This gene causes people to have a resistance to the HIV virus and other diseases that need the CCR5 protein to enter cells in order to cause infection.”

  24. Yesterday, I went to the gun shop to pick up a like new g43x that I had purchased 3 weeks prior but it was on hold for 30 days, the shop had a fair amount of inventory the last time I was there, now he had sold all tactical rifles, shotguns, and most handguns, also he was out of ammo, the shop owner stated that his distributor is having shortages of ammo due to the volume of sales.

  25. I agree, the virus seems to swing from one extreme to another, which is rather unnerving. We, too, live 10 miles from a tourist town so today we cruised through. While I wouldn’t say it was busy, it wasn’t dead either. That was a great point to consider about the second home folks coming back early. I will keep an eye on that. Looking ahead, remember to have plenty of cash on hand. We also do not want to be involved in a bank run so a dollar in the hand is worth two in the bank. The U.S. Mint is out of silver. Even though paper gold and silver are way down, the real deal is flying out the door. Also, I noticed folks have not hit the seeds and garden supplies. That will be coming soon so stock up. It is such a nice think to share. When a nice neighbor brought us dinner tonight, we gave them a really nice pack of seeds, a microgreens pack of 3000 seeds with a 95% germination rating. I told him to get some started in the flower pots on the deck! Teach a man to fish. Here, folks, get to work – lol! It certainly is something positive for the whole family to do. Got some ginger planted in a pot and a strawberry tower going today.
    “If my people, which are called by My name, humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.” Look up ‘If My people” on YouTube and find a version that cheers you up, especially today, a National Day of Prayer. It’s very uplifting and comforting.
    Prayers for all.

  26. OH governor Mike DeWine has closed all eat-in bars and restaurants (carryout exempted) effective tonight, and indicated that the current 3 week statewide closure of all schools will likely extend through the end of the year.

    Hat tip to Matt in OK for the burn barrel suggestion. Picked one up while filling the empty propane cans at the hardware store today. Store clerk mentioned all of their TP and cleaning supplies were cleared out by Friday. This in a town of approx. 2000.

    Weird times

  27. Just from my very limited scope of info, it seems like much of the panic is from the coastal areas and we who live in fly-over country are cautiously preparing but not radically changing our lifestyles. I like that.

  28. I find this site, which updates every minute, to be a great source of info on the spread of the virus nationwide and worldwide. IMHO I’d watch what is going on in South Korea. They are testing everyone, not just those with symptoms. They have less than a 1/10 of 1% mortality rate and it’s declining. Very similar trends for aged and medically compromised Their medical system proficiency is close to ours but we are still the best. Italy is a shambles because of socialized medicine and a large number of travelers from China. Stay positive but cautious and prepared.

  29. Detroit area: TP and paper towels, gone. Hand sanitizer, gone. Disinfectant wipes, gone. Even the trial and travel sizes are gone. Bottled water, all gone. There is still mouthwash on the shelves. There is still vinegar on the shelves. Canned goods are going fast.

    Went to two meat markets, almost nothing, except very expensive cuts of steak, good news, I like very expensive cuts of steak. So I have a few really good meals coming up. Hamburger was gone except for ground chuck.

    Surprisingly, there is plenty of lunch meat and bread on the shelves. Hit Meijer, Kroger, and Walmart, they were the least stocked I’ve ever seen them. Sam’s Club was a bad joke.

    Went to a local independent grocery store, better stocked and they still had some paper towels, TP, and bottled water, and their meat section had less product than usual, but they still had product on the shelves. All the stores had plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, I guess wholesome food isn’t on the menu at most peoples houses for the next few weeks.

    1: The stores have helped to create their own shortages. There were signs all over the stores that limited purchases of certain items to 5. So if 10 people come in and buy 5 packages of 18 count toilet paper, that wiped them out. The same goes for disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and every place else in these stores were there was no product on the shelves.
    2: People seem to be buying things that make no sense. They are buying for the sake of buying something that might help them, but probably won’t.
    3: I agree with the observation that the shoppers have this “deer-caught-in-the-headlights” look on too many faces of the folks in the stores.
    4: There is a perverse joy emanating from the LMS (lying media scum). They don’t care about the people who are being inundated with all this information about what may or may not be actually happening around them. And then there is the fear mongering that all the media is engaging in. They seem to love the fact that people are afraid and are doing everything in their power to whip up the fear factor. There is more that is troubling about the reporting of all this, but that is for another time, it’s hard to put into words. Let’s just say that my Spidey-senses (my BS o-meter) is working overtime.


    According to reports on social media, schoolkids have begun to nickname the deadly coronavirus the “boomer remover” after it has been revealed that the vast majority of the fatalities from the disease are elderly patients.

    In the past 24 hours, several memes and posts concerning the new nickname have appeared, deriding potential responses from older internet users.

    The tweet which brought the new trend to the public’s attention was captioned: “I have been informed by a relative who is a middle school teacher that students are now referring to coronavirus as the “boomer remover”.”

    The viral tweet, with almost half a million likes, was introduced by B.W. Carlin, an ex-Sports Illustrated employee, who now works at the XFL according to his Twitter bio.”

    [From InfoWars site March 14, 2020.]

    1. That is the saddest thing. I cannot for a moment imagine that if this virus was targeting children or young adults that Boomers or those older than that would be laughing about it. Seems to me that the internet has become a giant playground unmonitored by adults to maintain order and teach appropriate behavior(although given how far too many adults behave online I’m not so sure about setting a good example). This does have important ramifications though as if younger people don’t think this virus will harm them and if they believe it will only kill “boomers”, which is their term for anyone “older” be they 50, 70 or 90, then they are less likely to take appropriate measures to help control the spread.

      I read that many bars and restaurants in places like NYC were still packed, mostly it seems with young adults, who evidently had little fear of the virus personally harming them. NYC has had to order them to close. So if Gen Z and Millennials believe they are teflon, common enough as it is among the young, then they will behave in ways which will increase the potential for spread unless prevented from doing so.

      1. Young people have been raised in our culture to be callous about the value of all lives. … Many people now think life is about, ‘Eat, Drink, and be Merry’ for in the future, we will all be implanted into ‘cyborg’ machines, and live forever as robotic machines with human brains.

        Many young people are turning away from God. They think it’s OK to kill babies; they consider killing babies as healthcare. … Many of the babies killed in the womb would be viable living babies, if taken from the womb or delivered by the mother.

        At the moment, three old geezers are in contention for becoming President of the USA.
        Only one geezer is pro-life, and tries to follow through on his political promises. …. The pro-life geezer is the only one, that has had a ~real tax producing job. … [Governments exist through taxation or actual slavery.]

        The other two old geezers choose killing babies, when they make political promises (it’s their idea of healthcare). One of these two geezers is obviously >senile. The other old geezer (of the two), has a history of championing horrific mass murderers, when he babbles about his economic ideas.

        The pro-life geezer running for President in 2020 is asking everyone to Pray for the USA, and ask the Lord for Mercy during this Wuhan Flu outbreak.

        1. The “pro-life” old geezer was pro-choice until he started ingratiating himself with the Republican Party. He’s also a pathological liar, a serial adulterer, prideful, and a lover of money. Do not be deceived.

          1. Maag
            There are promises from God about the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. … At the end of time on Judgement Day, when all things are revealed, we learn the Truth about the old ‘Orange Man’ geezer, and the state of his soul.
            So far, the Orange Man has my vote in 2020.

            Up to now, the choices seem to be in 2020:

            1) The old geezer working to Make America Great Again/ and Keep America Great.

            2. The senile old geezer, who’s the choice of the people that wish to make America a ~service economy [As in servitude to the very wealthy and their minions]. In recent history, it seems our military has fought the endless wars, for the economic benefit of the Global Elites.

            3. The other old geezer in the race for President (on the ballots at least) is a man, with a history of championing mass-murderers and crackpot (in that they lead to poverty) economic ideas.

            4. There is a possibility that an old geezerette could end up as President, somehow….. She just might become a choice for Vice-President. There happens to be a very long trail of dead bodies behind her and her husband’s political careers.
            [An amazing trail of unusual coincidences with NO proof of culpability by the power-couple. We’ll find out the sources of this power-couple’s wealth on Judgement Day, also]

            We all need to pray for the USA!

  31. Wally world is about 50% bare, pick n slave is even worse, pig is bare in spots, and Costco is getting bare. Bread, meat, eggs, ramen, pasta, quite a bit of canned goods and meds are gone. Frozen foods are still pretty good as well as dairy. TP, bleach, and water are gone.

    I’ve been hitting Costco multiple times to stock up on incontinence supplies for mom. That’s a new item required for prepping for her, and we didn’t have a stock built up. But now we’re at 6 months supply.

    They’re not crazy in the stores yet, but it’s coming. I’ll be packing on future trips! I too was walking around crowd watching and picking up the luxury items.

    Slugs, buckshot, 5.56, and 7.62×39 are gone, but everything else is plentiful. Here we go again!

  32. Re: Toilet Paper shortages: Survivalblog has posted many articles over the years on how to substitute for lack of toilet paper. Search for “bidet” in the search bar at the top of this page. Here’s one example: Note that the QLAV is not currently available, but many other options are on Amazon.

    I’m personally well stocked on TP myself due to the heads up from Survivalblog over the last 6 weeks. But I’m considering giving all my TP away to my less fortunate neighbors. I’m comfortable with using water to clean my bottom, and I live in an 75-unit apartment building. I would like to kickstart this building into thinking how we can help each other thru this crisis (safely), without turning away from each other in fear.

    Besides, a personal water bottle bidet is just one more gadget, and a guy can never have enough gadgets!

    1. @Gadget Guy- Letting your neighbors in on the fact that you have supplies of ANY kind could be a big mistake. Big as in fatal. Not over toilet paper, of course, but over food and water and anything else that you have stored. And it could all begin with giving away your stash of TP. Be very careful.

      1. Yep. A number of online pleas in my region from people who “only have 2 rolls of TP” and are upset and one well meaning but not too sharp woman posted that she had some to spare. Oh boy……… I imagine when she doesn’t have enough to give to all of those who now contact her she will be pilloried.

        1. Ani, from your comments here, I get the distinct impression that you live very close to me, and that you have been reading 🙂

  33. Very good point TWB. I have watched the Trump video twice. I set my browser to full screen and the YouTube video to maximum resolution and viewed it that way. It should be obvious to everyone that the first part of the video is chopped off. It appeared as though Trump was responding to a question or was in the middle of a sentence. It did not show him walking up to the podium and it did not show the very start of his speech and I believe this may have led a lot of viewers to a wrong conclusion. I know that I have been misquoted a few times and heard some really twisted tales come back to me by way of the grapevine. JWR made the comment that he believed him to be “badly fatigued” and I totally agree with that. Trump has been putting in some very long hours on this very urgent problem.

  34. To Tom in Oregon,

    Osterholm has an association with the CDC and WHO. He is their mouth piece and very effective one. He repeats what the CDC is putting out, that gloves and masks are not needed, that the event will last about 6 months, that it will only be 10 to 15 times as deadly as the regular flu, and provides a low CFR of only 480,000, all in the first `10 minutes. There is more, but why bother? Where was Osterholm, the CDC, and WHO 2 months ago? They are at least derelict, if not criminally negligent. Why could these experts not provide information faster than we were able to develop it? Speed is absolutely the key to containment. They showed up long after the virus was spread crossed the globe. Containment was lost in December 2019. I have more criticisms. There is a long list, but why spend time on their propaganda?

    WHO is like the U.N., they do not work for United States of America. They will cover each others back, and work closely with the CDC. The CDC is run by the Deep State, and therefore is politically correct organization, beholding to the dominate politic. No one gets promoted who isn’t P.C. It no longer, if every worked for the people. Anyone who buys the soothing talk from an expert, and his employers, who were unable to see this coming two months ago, and now spreads misinformation, prefers a comfortable lie to the unsettling truth.

    BTW, Trump might declare Martial Law and ban interstate travel. This is moving faster than I can keep up. Suspension of our liberties is a bad idea.

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