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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on Montana’s Democrat Governor, and one presidential hopeful, Steve Bullock. (See the Montana section.)


Here is an article on the American Redoubt movement, written by a religion reporter who interviewed me: 20 years after Y2K, preppers ready for societal collapse.

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The 60th Annual Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show will be held March 19th to 22nd, in Spokane.  It draws attendees from throughout the Inland northwest.


I heard that U.S. Tactical Supply has completed their move from Albany, Oregon, to Post Falls, Idaho. They have a broad line of gear, now in a PDF catalog. If you live in the Spokane-CDA region, then drop by, and check out their wares!  In particular, see their camouflaging supplies. Their address is:

U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.
1910 E. Seltice Way
Post Falls, ID 83854

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We are pleased to welcome aboard our newest advertiser: Redoubt Scout. If you are considering a move to northern Idaho, then you should definitely take a look at their web site.

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Two Nampa men arrested after fatal stabbing outside marijuana dispensary

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Deputies Turkey Wrangling (Ada County)


Montana Republican Party says Bullock misused social media accounts in presidential campaign. A pericope:

“The Montana Republican Party is accusing Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock of misusing his state social media accounts during his 2019 campaign for president.

The party filed an ethics complaint Friday with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

The complaint points to Bullock’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, at the address “@GovernorBullock.” It says the accounts have frequently posted photos and information about official state events, but they were also used to promote Bullock’s presidential bid.

“Governor Bullock spent years using state personnel, time, and resources to build up his official @GovernorBullock social media accounts, then turned around and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars using those same accounts in his embarrassing presidential campaign,” Montana Republican Party executive director Spenser Merwin said in a statement. “This is an egregious abuse of Montana’s ethics laws, and Bullock needs to be held accountable for once again using taxpayer resources to campaign.””

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Helena man sentenced for illegal firearms possession

Eastern Oregon

In Grant County, Oregon: County names Deputy Dobler incident commander of coronavirus task force

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Bend-area home prices still on the rise in February

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Bend: Room Tax Rift

Eastern Washington

While greater Spokane Valley transforms, some hope it will keep its identity

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State steps up fight against coronavirus as death toll hits 16. Second case in Eastern Washington


Wyoming’s most dangerous city, bears arms. Here is a quote:

“Recent reports from FBI crime statistics show, Wyoming ranks the 11th safest state in the US.

However, Cheyenne comes in as the most dangerous city in the Cowboy State.

As a state, Wyoming had the lowest robbery rate in the nation at .11 percent per capita.

Crime statistics also show, the capital city ranking above average for arson, burglary and vehicle theft, but below the U.S. average for violent crimes, such as murders and robberies.

This gun store owner believes people in town do a great job of protecting their homes and their families.”

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  1. Hey Wind….
    You sound a bit bitter. Who is your neighbor? Answer: everyone.
    We are all guilty of the predicament before us. We all contributed and benefited. We all bought in and cashed out. Some over time had a moment of clarity, actually questioning the brokenness of the world’s system and made an attempt at removing themselves from its grip. But unless your dead ~ you’re still paying taxes and still a bond servant of the state.
    The important part about all people is they are all God’s creations. And despite the fact we are all slaves of the state – believers are free and not under the law.

    Galatians 5:22-23
    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.


      1. Once a Marine, I have had Great neighbors and TERRIBLE neighbors and a lot of people who live near me and are on the whole less than beneficial. Taxes are theft to support a failed system,the only beneficial parts are fire departments (taken over from the insurance companies who created them to protect customers) and public libraries(one of Mr. Franklin’s gifts to us).
        Semper Fi

    1. yancy w, check your facts, Socrates was a real person who lived 600 years before the construct “jesus* was invented. A large part of our civilization was based on his philosopy and his followers preserved for over 2600 years intact. Other examples of actual historical people; Aeosop,Homer,Confucious,Buddha,SunTzu

  2. Personally, I’m sorry to see U.S. Tactical move. Only because it was a short half hour drive south for me.

    Turkey wrangling- I dropped a guy off at his house a couple of weeks ago. Must have been 50-75 turkeys all over his yard. He extended an invite to shoot them (archery only), this spring. He said he’s tired of all the droppings on his decks and porches.
    I try not to be a mouth breather, but my mouth was agape as I stared at all that free roaming protein just two miles from my house.

    1. Albany became unfriendly for gun stores and a number of them were shut down by the feds and sheriffs. It wasn’t coincidence so I suspect U.S. Tactical saw the hand writing on the wall and moved to a friendlier place.

      I had a slight surprise when I followed the link for the Nampa stabbing. What I expected to find was no names and no pictures because of course we know who commits these crimes and the media tries to cover it up. But surprise the names and pictures were there, the paper must not have gotten the memo.

      1. re:
        unfriendly Albany Oregon bureaucrats

        Is it just me…

        Most of America seems unfriendly to gun stores.

        I could just be sensitive to the matter.
        I grew-up on the rifle team at the government school.
        I participated in decades of gun shows in the multi-purpose rooms at government schools.
        I’m old enough to notice changes.

        After I’m gone, unfriendly bureaucrats will be the new normal for everybody.

        ‘move to a friendlier place’

        I hear this from well-meaning Americans concerning ‘refugees’ fleeing uncomfortable politics in their home countries.
        “Stay and fight the tyrants instead of running away to America!” is their suggestion.
        And yet, Americans move away from uncomfortable politics to places with ‘better’ politics.
        Somebody please explain the difference.

        1. Hey Large Marge, speaking of running away, next time you see the movie Runaway Bride, notice how many boxes of ammo are on the shelves in the background in the hardware store scenes. Hundreds of them! It probably only slipped past the editors because they don’t know what a box of ammo looks like. 🙂

        2. Howdy Marge-
          I reside a few minutes East of you in the People’s Republic of Eugene. While most of America is unfriendly to gun stores, that doesn’t mean WE have to be unfriendly to them. As I am sure you well know, just a hop and a skip away is Mazama- a small operation, and not a big-box corporate venture. I have known Adam for over 18 years and he is a stand up guy. My suppressor is resting on his shelf while I wait for BATFE to finish my tax stamp. Support your local gun shop, even if the rest of the people around don’t like them.
          As for staying and fighting: We grew up here, and finally moved back here after 12 years abroad and we are staying put to fight the tyrants as you said. As you well know, politics doesn’t get much more twisted than in Eugene, but there are far more libertarian minded folks here than one would guess. Most are just quiet and well-situated for whatever comes.

          Stay safe out in the hinterlands!

  3. Crime and a dispensary!!??!!
    “But if you’ll just legalize it there won’t be any more crime….”
    Uh huh
    More crime now than ever here

    1. It was probably gang related due to the color of the victims shoes. All three men were hispanic.
      The location was coincidental and could have just as easily been outside a library as that’s where it happened in my town.

  4. There is a lot of questionable things about Montana’s governor. Having said that, he can beat Senator Steve Daines for two reasons. One, the people will not hear about the issues surrounding the governors office and two, Daines is selling out Montana’s private water rights to the Tribes. Folks in western Montana are discovering this. Daines will likely lose to Bullock.

  5. GWH: I can understand that voters who are highly impacted by a single issue such as water
    rights would not be happy with Senator Daines.

    I try to look at the broader picture. If Bullock is elected he will be one more democrat
    vote in the senate. If the Democrats get control all Montanans and the United States
    will have many more severe problems than water rights.

  6. Yancey, I was thinking the same thing. The Spirit of God is not subject to one time or place and can even perpetuate Itself from the mouth of an ass. Myself and Balaam included.

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