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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at a new tangibles investing niche: used oxygen concentrators. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

Gold price muted as Bank of Canada follows Fed with 50-basis-point cut

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Steven Cochran (our Precious Metals Correspondent) sent this: Listen to how precious-metals sellers psychologically manipulate elderly conservatives

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Charts for Gold, Silver and Platinum and Palladium, Mar. 4 JWR’s Comments: Note that spot silver has dropped below its 200-day moving average. So this is a good juncture to buy silver!

Economy, Finance & Equities:

NPR: Wall Street’s Brutal Week Slashed Nearly 3,600 Points From Dow

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Gary Christenson: The Care and Feeding of Bubbles

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At Zero Hedge:“It Smells Like Panic”: This Is Not What Powell Had In Mind…

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Fed Repo Injections Hit Record Level: Global Contagion Negatively Impacting Financial Markets

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Stocks Sag as Fed Cures Coronavirus by Cutting Rates ½ Percentage Point. JWR’s Comment: When equities prices go down immediately after an interest rate cut, then it is clear that you’ve entered uncharted territory!  Granted, there was a substantial (1,200+ point) bounce back on Wednesday, but then a 969 point drop on Thursday. This is that wild roller coaster ride that I warned you about, folks.

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Also at Wolf Street: Yield Curve Gets Ugly, 10-Year Treasury Yield Falls Below 1% for First Time Ever, 30-Year at Record Low, on Rising Inflation

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And over at Seeking AlphaMarkets tank following Fed’s emergency cut


Nick Cunningham of OilPrice News reports: Shale Decline Inevitable As Oil Prices Crash

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Smaller Than Expected Crude Build Fuels Oil Rally


Easing the Swap Market’s Transition from LIBOR to SONIA

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Italy, Japan, China Debt Insurance Costs Rise on Virus Worries

Forex & Cryptos:

Canadian dollar falls as BoC matches U.S. rate cut on coronavirus threat

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US Dollar Price Action Setups After FOMC Emergency Rate Cut

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Crypto Exchange Digitex Removes KYC to Protect User Data

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A New Debit Card Allows Payments with Cryptos

Tangibles Investing:

Enterprising individuals should closely watch Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook, looking for used 120 volt AC oxygen concentrators. They are still under $250 apiece, on average. Note that there is a web site that allows you to search Craigslist, nationwide. In just a few weeks, you will probably be able to re-sell your spare used O2 concentrators for $500+ each.  (Yes, above current retail for a brand new one. The available supply is now that thin.) As I’ve often written: A.) The law of supply and demand is inescapable. And, B.) Buy low and sell high.

And of course you can also stock up on these altruistically.  Your spares, given charitably as the community spread of the Wuhan coronavirus peaks later this year (when hospitals may be turning way patients) could save the lives of relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or fellow church congregants.

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I heard that GunMagWarehouse (one of our affiliate advertisers) has completed their move to Texas. This might be a good time to top off your supply of magazines, just in case Joe Biden gets elected. (Biden has signalledthat he wants Beto style restrictions on guns and magazines.)  Oh, and by the way, if you live near Coppell, Texas, the folks at GunMagWarehouse are hiring.


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News Tips:

Please send your economics and investing news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who closely watch specific markets. If you spot any news that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers, then please send it in. News from local news outlets that is missed by the news wire services is especially appreciated. And it need not be only about commodities and precious metals. Thanks!


  1. Number 1 FAILURE of the Modern Prepper ~ Rex Reviews

    Chris Martensen

    A Crisis Within A Crisis

    Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.6.2020

    HP recommended the audio of Matt Bracken recorded March 5, 2020
    Bracken and NC Scout discuss the harsh realities ahead if the virus
    collaspes our society. Bracken:”I took a deep dive into Coronavirus,
    survival preps, boogaloo politics and my novels with NC Scout of American Partisan.

    Raw Footage of Iranian hospital with numerous dead bodies in body bags

    Matt Bracken: Coronavirus & Societal Breakdown
    [On the David Knight Show this AM] March 5, 2020


    “Families in New Mexico are being warned by school officials to prepare for an outbreak of #coronavirus.”

    “UK commuters are taking extraordinary measures to stem the spread of #coronavirus.”

    People are already acting erratically as the virus continues to spread…


    “An Iranian military leader has suggested that the #coronavirus is a manmade bioweapon cultivated and released against China and Iran by a ‘hostile state’.”

    “An economic analyst who predicted the 2008 financial collapse has spent tens of thousands of dollars stockpiling food as “an insurance policy against chaos” should the coronavirus outbreak cause a global economic collapse.”

    “The Italian government has banned fans from all sporting events as the #coronavirus outbreak sweeps the country.”

    Whatfinger News Website

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Whatfinger News

    Zero Hedge

    Whatfinger News

    Drudge Report Website

    Drudge Report
    Interest Rates Head to Zero

    Drudge Report
    Mike Pence admits America does NOT have enough testing kits

    Drudge Report
    A coronavirus danger: Touching your face. Here is how to stop doing

    Drudge Report
    Corona Virus Sick Map

    Drudge Report
    Coronavirus controls increase surveillance ‘danger’

    Drudge Report
    Science Says: How risky is that virus? Your mind may mislead

    Drudge Report
    Hysterical pet owners fearing coronavirus ‘asking vets to euthanise their dogs’

    Drudge Report
    How blood plasma from recovered patients could help treat the new coronavirus

    John Adams: Coronavirus Explodes – 100,000 Businesses In Jeopardy

    Trump Is Not Telling The Truth About The Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

    State Of Emergency In Los Angeles County Over Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

    Coronavirus Panic Grows As Shortage Of Test Kits Impacts Everyday Life | NBC Nightly News

    Coronavirus cases in UK rise sharply – as Italy closes schools for 10 days

    Britain hit by surge in coronavirus cases

    Coronavirus: Iran and South Korea deploy military | DW News

    Coronavirus: 55 people exposed to disease in Australia | Nine News Australia

    1. Thank you Tunnel Rabbit for the updates. This keeps me informed on choices I may need to make soon regarding my part time job in public. Thanks for doing the homework for us. Much appreciated!

  2. Speaking of Joseph Biden…

    You can google his web site….

    Find the hidden continue to site Burton in the upper right corner to get past the gimme money part…

    And view his gun control goals statement….

    It is quite frankly the scariest most misinformed drivel I’ve ever read.

    And with the Democratic party running Sanders against him it will be him that takes the nomination.

    While I will admit I wasn’t pleased with Trump’s election and still have my issues with him and his behaviors and attitudes (he is a New Yorker)
    I gotta say I’m much more favorable to 4 more years of him than any one the Democratic party is presenting this far

    1. Don’t forget that several years ago, Uncle Joe had half of his brain removed and replaced with “stuffin’ “, just like in a teddy bear’s head. He is NOT just senile.

  3. Why did President Trump cancel his site visit to the Atlanta CDC today? Searching for reason for cancellation, but not seeing any reporting. Has anyone else seen news related to this?

    It’s concerning in light of the diagnosis of a 3rd case of COVID-19 involving a patient in Rome (Georgia, northwest part of the state) who was quite ill but allowed to circulate about. Doctors had to plead for a test which is now counted as presumptively positive. Patient was reportedly placed in isolation, but how many others were exposed?

    1. An update… Some news now says the President doesn’t want to interfere in the work of the CDC because such a visit carries with it a significant impact. Naturally we wonder about the COVID-19 cases in Georgia (and risk to all including the President), and we wonder about the fact that the CDC has failed to deliver the tests as promised. There is very likely a serious scramble ongoing behind the scenes there.

      1. The news is fluid for sure… President says that the cancellation was related to a possible positive case at the CDC, but that the visit may be “back on”. Developing news is fluid by its very nature, but we are especially sensitive to tracking shifts in coronavirus reporting because we believe it’s very dangerous (and that there is more to be learned from the behaviors of people “in the know” than the words of those very same people). There are always special and understandable protections surrounding the POTUS, but maybe we should all be much more cautious. Our lives are no less meaningful or important among “the many” than those who among “the few”.

        Remain steady. Be safe. Stay well everyone!

  4. I’m not sure how well voluntary self-quarantine will work here in the US. An employee of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center(NH) returned from Italy sick, got tested and was told he should self-quarantine while they waited for the presumptive positive test results. Instead, he went to a big party in VT sponsored by Dartmouth College which was attended by college students and doctors. This guy does indeed have the virus, so does a work colleague now, the health departments of both states are busily tracking down all who attended the party, the party venue has been closed and a Dartmouth College student who attended is now sick and has been tested. They haven’t tracked down all of the over 100 people who attended yet. How to spread this to both NH and VT! So much for self-quarantine US style.

    1. People traveling into our airports are LYING about their travel histories… This was reported on mainstream Fox News now some time ago (Dr. Marc Siegel). It’s outrageous really, but again…not really a surprise. People can be terribly self centered. Take note of the number who are coughing and sneezing, and clearly suffering from influenza who circulate through the grocery stores, restaurants and movie theatres while actively contagious. They (meaning the population generally) will not see this virus as any different, and the behaviors will be very much the same.

      1. That is because this virus is in all practical functions is the same as the flu. It just has better press agent than the flu and pnuemonia… In spite of the fact that it has already killed 5 time the number of people as covid 19.

        But people aren’t talking quarantine for that or extra government surveillance.

        But along comes new coronavirus with its great p.r. and flashy news stories with awesome graphics flashing in red and every one starts the sheeple lock step of giving up freedoms …

        I believe there has been multiple time with that quote about people who give up freedoms for security….

        1. @jmzb

          Tell the Chinese who essentially locked in a sizeable portion of their population and significantly impacted their economy that this is just a flu, no big deal. I do think this new virus is dangerous and unlike you, I will take it seriously. I do hope though that should you be asked to self-quarantine because you were exposed or contracted it that at least for the sake of the rest of us that you take it seriously and do so.

          1. First off I’m a law abiding citizen so if asked to quarintine I will.
            Secondly I live in an area of the country where currently there are between 2,000 to 4,000 people in quarantine either voluntarily or by force.

            Let me ask you ….

            Did you get a flu vaccine this year?
            Did you get a phnuemonia vaccine or booster?

            Because the covid 19 doesn’t kill you it gives you by it’s self.

            Did you get the flu last year? This year? I’m guessing you prolly did. Did you die from it .. obviously not.

            The biggest problem is that this is a semi serious issue that people want to be more than it is.

            Every step along the way people have gone looking for and made up all the information on. Can’t trust China can’t trust Iran can’t trust CDC can’t trust the WHO can’t trust Italy or any other country or reporting agency or bonafide expert in the field.


            Law doctors and accountants random people on the YouTube they are trust worthy.


            All evidence suggests that this is serious but not panic worthy…. And people are panicking about it.

            Mean while they are making poor decisions.

          2. Look ani. Your scared it’s ok I’m scared a little we are all scared. This is new. All the doom and gloom is overwhelming.

            But this is something that most every one will live through. There will be a tomorrow. This will prolly come back next fall . By then it will be less of an issue. There will be next fall.

            This isn’t going to be that bad all told

        2. jmbz

          So yes, I got a flu shot. I always do now ever since the year that I got the flu and lay there shivering and aching on the sofa and watched as water dripped down the wall from an ice dam on the roof; there was absolutely no way I was gonna be able to haul out the ladder, climb up on the icy snow covered roof and smash up the ice dam with a sledge hammer as sick as I was. Don’t know where my son was that day but a friend came over and handled it for me. since then, I always get the flu shot and so far it’s always done the job. (And I fixed the house properly so I never got ice dams again; I’m educable! 😉 )

    2. The guy should be put up on charges for willfully spreading the virus. If anyone dies, well, put him up on charges for involuntary manslaughter. He was told to stay home.

  5. Have not posted in a while. Glad to see our online community is taking the SARS-COV-2 Virus seriously and acting accordingly.

    I have been spending nearly every waking hour working on preps and the garden. Be dedicated, diligent and vigilant. Now is not the time for slack.

    1. But lobster prices are falling! So if you can stay awake, there’s a good deal to be had on dinner… Seriously, IF one has the resources (even after making whatever community donations and charity to help others) then buying low at this time is wise. ANY change, including tough times like these, produces both stress/hardship/suffering but also opportunity to address the new situation.

  6. The recently diagnosed coronavirus patient from just South of Nashville flew from Nashville to Boston and back, but health authorities haven’t identified a coronavirus contact in Boston.

    That leaves the possibility that he contracted the virus from another person on one of the flights, or possibly from the aircraft or from the airport hardware.

    Amateur sleuthing is made difficult by the lag time between exposure and the lack of details provided to our primary sources, the news media.

    1. OMG this is horrific. I am so very sorry for them. YouTube should not take this down; it is important for people to see this and understand. It’s not for children of course but adults need to realize what is happening.

  7. Honestly, I find the hysteria and the “insta-preppers” stripping shelves of toilet paper and peanut butter really, really striking. But, not as much as the politicians in California who are scaring everyone out of their wits. “Never let a crisis go to waste”. The people who are at risk, generally, are those who are frail (elderly) or immunocompromised. They are always at risk. They should shelter in place if needed, and wash, wash, wash if having to go out. While I do watch the statistics and the over hyped up news about this virus, I think it is shameful the amount of hype and panic that is going on. I talked to a relative in California who is seriously immune compromised, and in the process of moving. I am shipping out a box of homemade hand sanitizer (their shelves are empty of hand sanitizer and sanitizing “wipes”), Emergen-C powder packets, etc. That person IS at risk but mostly because of being displaced out of the home. But, I thought, How can I help? So I am making up 50 bottles of hand sanitizer (rubbing alcohol, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil), and making up bottles of Thieves essential oil. Thieves has anti bacterial as well as anti viral properties. My recipe has 14 different essential oils in it, but the basic recipe is thus:
    35 drops Lemon essential oil
    20 drops Cinnamon leaf essential oil
    15 drops Clove bud essential oil
    15 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
    10 drops Rosemary essential oil
    I am diluting the recipe significantly with sweet almond oil for the small children. Thieves oil on Amazon, the cheapest I could find, is about $14/oz, whereas I can make it for under $3/oz buying oils from Amazon. I try to stay ahead of the panic curve and when I feel led, I buy things quickly in bulk. I know everyone can’t do that. You can rub thieves on your hands, inhale it for your sinuses/nose, and you can add it to just about anything you are wanting to disinfect. Disclaimer: Not a doctor. KEEP AWAY FROM EYES, CHILDREN. NOT A TOY. Why go to the effort of making an essential oil blend for my relatives? Because the craziness going on, the stores are selling out of common items, such as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. I figured, no one generally has thought of going the essential oil route, yet. This is the best I can do at the moment. But, I did think of how would I ship them other things they may need. I can’t really. They would just have to come to their Safe House when the spirit moves, bringing their germs with them. LOL. But, I really HOPE and PRAY everyone will just calm down. It’s not the virus that is the threat right now. It’s crazy people – I guess this is called “second order effects”. My two cents.

    1. Actually, I don’t think enough people here in the US are worried yet. Yes, the good masks are gone and much of the hand sanitizer and Chlorox wipes but that’s small potatoes given how many people live in the US and what people should be stocking up on. I’d guess it’s a small number that have actually even done anything of substance to get prepared for this. They seem to be waiting for “a sign” or “official statement” or something.

      My mom lives in a large city. She’s older although in good health. I tried to convince her to stock up on some food but nada. Tried to convince her she may need to forgo traveling on mass transit and going to crowded venues but she balks at the idea of restricting her activities. Finally my son called her and asked if she realized that if she got sick I’d have to come there and that would put me at risk. And that he’d come with me which would put him at risk. Don’t know if this got through to her or not. But no, I think she has lots of company and most are clueless.

      Glad to hear about your “concoctions”; hope they are helpful to some.

      1. I’ve been trying to get my extended family to “prep” for almost 20 years. I think I bought my folks a Mountain House 72 hour food kit one year for Christmas, and when I visited I’d “go shopping” for them. There is a balance between “trusting the Lord” and using the good minds He gave us/being wise. It’s very hard to get people to listen, so I just started gifting emergency supplies on various occasions rather than buying something that would serve no useful purpose. Probably to some’s great disappointment! LOL. They are all used to me now. And if nothing horrible ever happens, YAY! If something does, then they have some supplies. I mean, I hear you. It can be very frustrating. But, we can’t change people’s hearts and minds. That comes from within them. We can exhibit the change we’d like to see (gosh, doesn’t that sound like some political ad? LOL).

        1. Denatured alcohol has toxins added to it to make it undrinkable, but then again isopropyl alcohol isn’t drinkable either. For dermal use (meaning applied to skin) it should be fine. Admittedly I’ve never tried it, but I use denatured alcohol as camp stove fuel.

    2. SaraSue,

      Thank you very much for posting the information about essential oils. I was wondering when someone was going to suggest this. A next door neighbor of mine sells essential oils and used the Thieves essential oil to heal up a cavity she had. Her dentist told her that she had a small cavity in one of her teeth and that he could take care of it after some of the other more urgent dental work was done. She scheduled another appointment several months in advance. When she went in for the second dental appointment the dentist told her that there was no cavity in the tooth that he had X-rayed before. Another personal friend told me that she had a wisdom tooth regrow itself and the dentist pulled it (the duplicate actually) a second time. I’ve also read of other people successfully regrowing teeth and healing cavities. Prevention of problems is always better though. Removing junk food from the diet should be the first step. A Disclaimer: Any tooth infection or pain should actually be dealt with by a professional dentist as an infected tooth can be a potentially life threatening situation, not to mention very uncomfortable.

      I just looked up the retail price on this essential oil and it’s $45.72 USD per half ounce, plus shipping and tax, so figure $90 to $100 per ounce. Quite spendy. I have made my own blend like you have and used the sweet almond oil as a “carrier” or “extender” to decrease my cost per ounce and then I can make sure and use enough of it to thoroughly coat the affected area that I’m treating. Essential oils are absolutely, positively part of my preps and I would encourage anyone reading this to seriously consider adding them to theirs as well. There’s my two cents – I guess that makes four now.


      1. I can’t imagine spending that much per bottle. I know certain brands say they are the only pure ones and don’t dilute, but there are other brands that make the same claim and charge a fraction of the price, and it goes down from there. I think I spent about $200 for 14 – 4 ounce bottles of oils, plus dark glass 1 oz bottles with caps, plus carrier oils on Amazon. Maybe the brands I purchased aren’t legit, meaning already diluted, but the reviews were good. I have a lot to learn and just throwing my ideas out there. Please chime in with your knowledge!

      1. I’m going to fake it. LOL. I’m not an expert at this. I think I’ll first experiment with adding the oils into a small container, then add the almond oil a little at a time and smell (by the sniff test) the potency, try a little on the skin. I’m making the potion so that it is safe for little kids. I’ve been using essential oils for years, but not with serious intent and I’m an adult. There are lots of youtube videos on making Thieves, but I didn’t see anything on making it for little children. I bet we could google that and find out what other folks do. These are the oils I’m going to combine:
        Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Myrrh, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Birch, Lemon, Pine, Juniper, Cedarwood, and Frankincense. I had planned on adding Cypress, but it was too pricey and I think it’s a close cousin to Juniper (maybe).

        Some of these are very powerful so maybe I’ll do an adult version and a kid version. Maybe there are some folks among us who have more experience and can chime in. I can always do more research and report back. At the moment, I’m experimenting.

  8. See this is what happens now that the Trump impeachment is over. If Auntie Maxine, Sniff, and Chuckle would start on another round of impeachment, Cov 19 would just go away and everyone would just go back to sleep. Out of sight, out of mind.

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