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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at some more panic buying news.

Costco Panic Buying in Southern California

Video: Costco Panic Buying Takes Hold in Southern California, as Shoppers Talk of Coronavirus

People in Japan are Panic-Buying Toilet Paper

People in Japan are panic-buying toilet paper due to Covid-19 coronavirus

Wuhan COVID-19 is More Lethal than Earlier Estimates

WHO says coronavirus death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought.  A pericope:

“World health officials said Tuesday the mortality rate for COVID-19 is 3.4% globally, higher than previous estimates of about 2%.

“Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press briefing at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. In comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected, he said.”

California’s Carcass Problem

Reader S.B. spotted this: Kings County to hold special meeting on livestock carcass emergency.  A snippet from the article:

“The Kings County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting Tuesday to decide how to dispose of animal carcasses on farms and dairies in the county.

Carcasses are piling up after the South Valley’s only rendering plant was forced to stop picking up dead cows, bulls and horses on Feb. 24 after mechanical issues forced a severe slowdown of its operations.”

S.B. had this comment:  “We often consider the potential effects of the failure of urban or suburban utilities and infrastructure. However, for those of us living in rural areas, we might want to think about services and facilities focused on our particular needs and the consequences of those shutting down.”

Bloomberg Tries to Defend His Armed Guards

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Bloomberg Tries to Defend Using Armed Guards While Pushing Gun Control. JWR’s Comment: On Bloomberg’s farm, all pigs are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

Apple Settles for Throttling Back Older iPhones

DSV sent this: Apple to pay $500 million settlement for throttling older iPhones. The article begins:

Apple has agreed to pay up to $500 million to settle litigation that accused it of slowing down older iPhones as it launched new models as a way to push users to upgrade their phones.

The settlement calls for the tech giant to pay customers $25 per iPhone, which could be adjusted up or down depending on how many iPhones are ultimately eligible.

It covers U.S. owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus or SE that ran iOS 10.2.1 or later operating system and owners of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that ran iOS 11.2 or later before Dec. 21, 2017.”

Some “Recovered” COVID-19 Patients Test Positive

Reader A.D. sent us this troubling news: Some COVID-19 patients test positive days after recovery. Here is an excerpt:

“Four medical professionals with COVID-19 who met the criteria for hospital release or lifting of quarantine in China had positive real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results 5 to 13 days later, according to a research letter published yesterday in JAMA.

The researchers said the results suggest that current criteria for hospital release or lifting of quarantine and continued treatment should be reevaluated. ‘These findings suggest that at least a proportion of recovered patients may still be virus carriers,” they wrote.'”

Horse Found Slaughtered and Butchered in Florida

Tim J. spotted this one: Horse in Florida found slaughtered for its meat, owners offer $10,000 reward

Trump Administration is ‘Defunding Planned Parenthood’

Reader S.B. flagged this article: VP Pence: the Trump Administration is ‘Defunding Planned Parenthood’

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      1. An Overview of Covid-19’s Potential Impact

        The demographics made it easy to see it coming weeks ago. 44% are Asian in the Vancouver area, and 14% in the Seattle area made it an obvious magnet for the virus. It was a toss up between Seattle and Southern California that has a greater number verses percentage of Asians. I also called a mid summer peak. Plus or minus a month or two is not a significant difference given the overall effect, as other major variables are factored in. No one knows if higher summer temperatures will in fact slow the spread as the virus significantly, as it is not a flu and is unique. It is man made. It is unpredictable. It is a Frankenstein virus that can also mutate. And it is now known to be airborne, and long lived on surfaces, and so it will persist also in asymptomatic carries for week if not months, and spread inside buildings with the help of HVAC air conditioning systems common in the big cities. It may attenuate slightly in Southern California, but not before the mayhem has begun in the big cities, especially those northward with mild summer weather from the Bay Area to Seattle. Who knows really. I would not depend on unproven and hopefully theories, but plan for the worst.

        The time to leave was yesterday. Rent a moving truck, and rent a cabin in the woods and be safe, not only because of the virus, but also because of the potential financial collapse, famine, additional pestilence, and riots in the streets to follow. The virus may be more deadly than even the latest WHO admission of 3.4%. They have repeatedly fed us misinformation. Why would they stop lying? And any number that is given assumes modern hospital level care. The hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed, and whatever number cited can easily be quadruple or more. It is possible that 15% of the population would experience severe enough symptoms to require hospitalization. Hospitalization is not going to be available for the vast majority who require it. It will effect men verse women, 5 to 3, and ages 50 and up dis-proportionally. The actual death rate will be much higher than 3.4% and mostly men, ages 50 and up.
        I’ve done the math to estimate based up upon the latest from WHO, and extrapolated the possible real death rate if no hospitalization were available, but I will not share the results. The potential number is that large, and it would be controversial. And I could be incorrect! Yet this is only an estimate for the first wave. There will be at least two waves, and is mutating. The strongest strain will return. For a variety of factors, the total impact of this virus will be much greater than the Spanish Flu of 1918, and is impossible to predict.

        I realize that I have no credentials, yet I’ve been early and accurate enough to know that I do not have to rely on an authority, or professionals to tell me what is going on. We should think for ourselves. The pro’s will not risk their reputations, and most people will risk their lives waiting for a professional to save them. Sadly they are brainwashed and dependent, and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Please do not be a ‘sheepeople’. Now that the situation is obvious, do not hesitate. Kick off the chains of ‘herd’ mentality. Act boldly and swiftly.

        1. For anyone who might want to brand Tunnel Rabbit a “racist” for pointing out the demographics of cities like Vancouver and Seattle: It is NOT racist to be realistic about demographics, and global travel patterns. The simple truth is that international tourists tend to visit RELATIVES. That means people of the same ethnic background. Don’t confuse pragmatism and simple statistical FACTS with racism.

          1. This line of thought (which I agree with) reminds me of the book “The Bell Curve” written by 2 cultural anthropologists , I think. Herrnstein and Murray….castigated professionally as racist for simply quoting factual information and graphing it..It has NOTHING to do with race! Because all types of profile statistics are looked at, including education, income, crime, divorce rates, etc. But the PC culture we live in always has a target.

          2. The term “racist” was coined by Leon Trotsky, a Soviet underling of Stalin, in his war of class struggle to subvert the world’s governments and subject its citizens to the horrors of communism. Trotsky helped Stalin kill 30 million of his own people. Most times, “racism” is nothing more than the natural preference of people to associate and live with people of their own kind.

          3. Well said JWR. I am an older white male, and I am so weary of being labeled a “racist” by our media. I am not a racist, I love those in my very diverse community, as God commands us. I grow so weary of our deceitful media and manipulative politicians, it’s very easy to become cynical and contemplate just dropping out and saying “to Hell with all this. Serious decline here in America?…I think maybe so.

        2. No one yet knows how this is going to act in warmer weather but there are good reason why I am being optimistic it will slow down the spread.

          Since it is a coronavirus, whether natural or mandmade, it is still a coronavirus and they have certain characteristics that make them such. Four of the coronaviruses cause 15-30% of the common colds each year and the link below explains why the common cold occurs much more frequently from September to April. I am optimistic those same reasons will help to slow down this coronavirus when it warms up after April, but only time will tell. All my fingers and toes are crossed. But even if it slows, it will be back in full force in September, hopefully in a mutated, milder form.

          1. There is room to be optimistic, yet as an optimist with practice, the SOP that always proved out to be the best, was to assume the worst. This ain’t no ordinary virus, it is man made. So they took some MERS, some SARS, and some HIV-1, and put it into a Chevy virus, thus it is no longer a Chevy, but an (Amalgamated Motors Corporation,, a play on American Motors Corp.) Change one major characteristic, and the Chevy goes faster and farther. Pull the old 250ci inline 6, and stuff a modified LT-1 350 EFI stroked to a 383, and shazam, we got a hot rod that is fuel efficient. It ain’t the same car no more. Then we pop a some tall gears in the rear, and throw in an automatic with over drive. The 6 cylinder with a ‘three on the tree’ Chevy that was, is now a modern high speed cruiser with a super long incubation period, very contagious as it is airborne, and a CFR that doesn’t kill off all the potential hosts. The unique confluence makes it unpredictable. Until we test drive it, we do not know what we got. In one instance it might behave like SARS, yet another time, more like HIV-1, or MERS. WHO knows. I suspect that the WHO slapped a badge on the hood proclaiming it is a Covid-19 disease to hide it’s origin.

            What ever it is, it is not natural, and I’ll be looking for telltale signs of it’s behavior in the wild. At the very least, I believe it can persist in modern air condition buildings and home latter into the summer.
            As Chris Martensen says, it not the cold, and it’s not the flu….

  2. March 4, 2020

    From Matt Bracken’s Gab site:

    Medical screener at LAX airport tests positive for coronavirus

    8% of Iran’s parliament has the coronavirus, and it released 54,000 prisoners as the country descends into chaos

    Is Trump Deluded?

    U.S. has only a fraction of the medical supplies it needs to combat coronavirus

    China canceled the central event of its political calendar because of the coronavirus, a stark symbol of how it has lost control of the outbreak [Feb 24]

    Nearly 10% of Iranian lawmakers infected with coronavirus, state media reports [Yesterday, and now some have begun to perish. Iran’s leadership. Last week they were meeting and visiting hospitals to boost morale.]\

    From Gab site:

    Switzerland Quarantines All Active Duty Soldiers

  3. Re: California’s Carcass Problem

    “Bring out your dead” Monty Python

    Sorry, couldn’t resist….

    We in South Texas have no such “carcass pick-up. We leave it to the buzzards.

  4. A thought: when the factories get producing again, all of the skilled workers may not return. The product shipped will fall on the quality inspections and the integrity of the company. There will be tremendous pressure to produce income. It may be prudent to be cautious of products we buy after the manufacturing gets going again around the world.

  5. Hmmm Its not just Cali, here in north GA the 4 story wall of costco TP is gone they had restocked the Kirkland brand about 3 pallets and then it was gone. So was white, jasmine and all but 15 bags of brown rice. Kirkland made in china canned veggies all gone also. With the amount of tp sold im assuming people are making tp bomb shelters because what these people with 90 rolls of tp in there carts and no food are gonna do i have no idea.

    Trip to store 3/4/2020

    Water is back in stock so thats good if you like really expensive water storage

    1. I been laughing about the to rush and hand sanitizers… No food just water bottles to and handsanitizer.

      Gonna need all that tp when they get hungry and eat the handsanitizer.

    2. I also wondered why in the world ppl were going nuts over TP.

      I’m guessing that most are working folk and their TP use is at their workplaces.

      Worried they are going to end up in quarantine at home, they realize their need for more of this wonderful paper product.

    1. Obviously, Apple intends to coerce people into replacing their phone more often. Planned obsolescence, even if the product is not really going to fail.

  6. From JWR’s Editorial Addition: “On Bloomberg’s farm, all pigs are created equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    Terribly disturbing, and absolutely true. Animal Farm should be considered required reading.

  7. Q: How is this going to work out?

    A: Probably not well. One can only imagine all the unintended consequences of placing people with a highly contagious illness in motel rooms for the purposes of quarantine. Desperate times lead people to a lot of creative thinking, but creative thinking should also include critical thinking and an assessment of the potential consequences.

      1. The person who first thought up the idea of ‘government’ should have been quietly strangled by the members of his tribe before his horrible secret got out.

  8. regarding testing positive for COVID 19 after recovery. mono is an illness that once you have it you test positive for it for a long time after recovery. i don’t know if that is what is going on with this virus, but i guess it could be possible.

    1. I want to know when people are contagious. We’ve heard it can be before symptoms, now maybe after systems and recovery. Testing positive after recovery if not contagious isn’t a big deal.

  9. Apple probably just had a bad case of algorithmitis. Inflammation in these techno-overlords programming style is common to their aristocratic disease.

  10. On thing you can count on is that Seattle will come up with inane Band-Aids for problems. My guess is that once the virus gets into the homeless, and/or the schools
    there will be no stopping it. As it does not appear to be affecting young people, that only makes them unknowing carriers. Since there appears to be no cures, we will probably see a plague along with the virus as the bodies pile up, homeless camps are already over run with rats and vermin in LA, SF, and good old Seattle. WHO says coronavirus death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought, and as you read further they state there I no cure. Let’s keep following this and keep posting info.

  11. I’m fortunate to live about 35 miles away from Portland in a smaller community.
    Yesterday, the local grocery stores had plenty of TP, clorox type wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.
    Threw some more into my cart just because.
    No shortages of staple foods, meats, veggies.

    JWR, thanks for the bit on blog sticks.

  12. I believe that like the common cold or the yearly flu that the Corona virus spread cannot be stopped by washing your hands or wearing a mask. The only reason we are being deluged with these suggestions is because the bureaucracy has to appear to be doing something. The virus will spread in spite of our best efforts.

    1. Saul: I agree that it is unstoppable. I believe that the goal is to delay its peak in the U.S. until mid-summer (after the normal flu season ends), so that it will not completely overwhelm medical resources. (More hospital beds will be free, after flu season.) It this bug has community spread to 60 to 80% of the population, and 10%+ of those infected require hospitalization, then we are in a heap of trouble. There simply are not enough hospital beds. The critical shortage will be hospital ventilators.

        1. Unless this coming solar minimum-thingy grants us a cool, wet summer.
          But yes, the key is delaying the deluge of patients for as long as possible.

      1. I don’t have a link for a citation but I believe that there is a national plan in place now that in case of a pandemic, ventilators, acute care hospital beds etc. will be rationed in a triage system. Perhaps someone has a good citation for this?

      2. JWR,

        EXACTLY… those of you who believe in vaccines we will be that much closer!
        We were so short of ventilators in 2009 with H1N1, all of central Tx was scrambling to rent the few extras out there, plus ECMO was only available to about 7 people in the whole Central Tx area. With the numbers that we are seeing in other countries we will be woefully under prepared. Also close to about half of the vents in hospital are in use on any given day, during all seasons, for many reasons.

    2. I tend to agree with your comment regarding hand sanitizer and such but I will also relay the experiences of a young friend of mine with four children.

      For several years his family stayed sick pretty much all winter as the children caught and spread every bug that went around. He and is wife got tired of the family always being derailed from going and doing fun activities so they became hand sanitizer zealots. Wiped everything down all the time and used hand sanitizer by the gallon. He claims they have reduced their family illness rate dramatically and are able to go have fun much more often.

      Personally I am not a zealous hand washer but I cannot necessarily argue with those who have had good results.

  13. Anyone still wondering why we should bring manufacturing home to the US?

    This kind of talk (and potential action) will not come as a surprise to most of us, although it may be quite shocking to many in the world at large. It’s time for the US to seriously consider and act upon the need to shore up a comprehensive defense plan, and that includes decentralization broadly as well as fast tracking policies that support and encourage products truly Made in the USA.

    1. RE: China meds. Yes, this is a rather serious issue. I know that until now it seemed like a great idea to many in the US to just have China manufacture much of what we use in this country as it “saved” our corporations so much money. We may be paying a really high price for this. I hope we learn from this and make serious inroads at returning manufacturing of all sorts of products to the US but we seem to only pay attention when the situation is acute and then we return to our previous way of life.

    2. *this is said with a straight face in a very mono toned voice*

      I challenge any one…. Literally any one to walk around thier house and find made in America stickers …..

      Don’t worry I’ll wait. * Whistling* ….

      *Picks nose*


      Ok what did you find? Firearms maybe a few boutique items? That car in your drive way?
      No… Your garden doesn’t count…

      Not much right?

      The reason is that it costs too much to make things here.

      Your food is only the price it is because it is picked by (mostly) (edit by Lily-a Word deleted) Mexicans (they are in fact Mexican and do in fact get quite dirty while picking produce)

      And even though the food is picked \ harvested , cooled, packed sorted and in some cases delivered by illegal aliens…. The government still has to kick money to the farmers so they can turn a profit.

      And these field workers aren’t even getting paid minimum wage.

      How do you purpose to manufacture goods in that environment? How do you purpose that goods made in that environment will be bought by those same workers?

      Take a look at your congregation…. Are they sporting legit designer suits to church? No… Well most likely not.

      That’s it right there. We working people can barely afford the Chinese knock offs.

      Can we budget and get a retreat…. Yup it’s a one time purchase that we can save for. Can we buy an assembled in America car…. Sure on credit with many years to repay…

      Are those purchase models applicable to food and clothing…. Nope.

      I mean right now people are complaining about the high price of Chinese generic medications just think how much more the cost will be when they come with a 25dollar an hour price built in.

      1. Hey j.m.z.b., contrary to popular belief, all those illegal agriculture workers are actually working under legal work conditions, they just don’t have legal documents. (They are not being paid under the table, sub minimum wage, is what I am trying to say.) Many of them work on a piece rate system so the faster they work the more money they make, with minimum wage being the base pay. They pay into social security and pay state and federal taxes, but very few of them file returns to get them back because their social security numbers are bogus. But they do have very real looking social security cards which they use to get employment with. But all your points are well taken and you can’t get Americans to work these kinds of jobs no matter what. I can’t imagine all these manufacturing jobs coming back to America. Americans forgot to have babies all these years so unless we have a lot more immigrants move in, there’s nobody to work those jobs in the highly unlikely scenario that they did move back.

        1. St. Funogas… I know. And I don’t mean to sound like I have an issue with mexicans illegal or not.

          I was raised in holtville CA you can google it. About 15 miles north of Mexicali Mexico. As a young very poor man I was given the privilege of picking lettuce (highly desirable as it is a quick harvest and fast price rate pay) I’ve also picked and packed melons cabbage and strawberries.

          With that said most all of em are actually illegal. Using thier family and communities documents for work….

          Heck there has been at least 6 j.mzb workers to date. When I was a young man first picking I was Mr. J.mzb Sr as I borrowed my dad’s number and license I was only 16 and starving…. Starving is not fun and makes you do silly things like be the only white guy picking lettuce.

          But the fact is with first hand knowledge I know they are paid below min wage. I also know that there will be a guy by the border taking back the money paid out as I have been that guy under orders.

          1. Well MY broker is E.F. Hutton and HE says… lol. Based on all the illegal aliens I worked with in this century, none punched a time card unless they had some reasonably credible-looking fake credentials. I even knew of three of them who were smart enough to get a taxpayer ID numbers so they could get their state and federal taxes straight with Uncle Sam even though they had a bogus SS number. None made less than minimum wage, some made more than double minimum wage on piece rates, and the majority of them had a very good work ethic.

            I picked a lot of fruit in high school too and was glad to have the work. Sounds like we both had the same kind of mean parents who made us learn stuff in life instead of teaching us how to be welfare bums. Look where it got us. 🙂

      2. Read “A Year Without Made in China”. Interesting and sobering read. The woodstove I’m buying is made in the US; although I don’t know if all the parts/metal were of course. But it’s made in Washington state.

    3. In free market capitalism with minimal “state” regulation manufacturers and capital are free to move between countries at their whim, done frequently to maximize profits and lower costs. What is your plan for keeping more manufacturing here? For that to work would not the “state” have to interfere in the economy, something conservatives routinely complain about? I believe its a national security issue and worth some interference and rules. Capitalism also works better for more people with constraints, though some ideologically don’t like constraints.

  14. On the lighter side – I think I’ve contracted Corona Virus, since lately as it’s warmed up I have this driving desire to drink Mexican beer…..

  15. This whole virus thing is an “aha” moment for us “preppers” (since 1977 I was). I have no need to go panic buy at my local XXX store in Seattle suburbs, since I have what I need already. And some stores are already out of sanitizer, wipes, TP, etc. I am not surprised that the first 10 deaths have been in a Seattle suburb, even though “no one has travelled to China”
    Takeaways: 1. people lie. 2. from Vancouver BC to California, the west coast has MANY ports that container ships from Pacific rim come and go from daily. These crew interact with the port. 3. Seattle area has a high percentage of Asians from the pacific rim that interact, and come and go by air.
    The morons on Seattle city council have everything under control; they are ensuring the “homeless” are checked for the virus, but those that pay for it all are less important. Sit Back and watch this all play out.

  16. Some credible folks (and some not so credible) are saying that COVID19 is without any doubt man made. Dr. Cottrell was saying that a month ago, and many others recently. Now there are reports that this strain of the virus was developed by the US and sold to China in 2015 by nobel prize winner Barry O. If true, would the release of a bio weapon by China be considered an act of war against not only its own people, but the entire world? Look at recent comments by Sen. Cotton.

  17. Latest I heard, India has stopped exporting certain pharmaceuticals and precursors.

    The Honey Badger Virus! Quarantine…He don’t give a Schiff!

  18. Prayer request for our family please. My husband lost his job 2 weeks ago. He was our sole provider for our family of 7. He will have to find 2 jobs and I am praying for at least 1. I have been a homemaker for over 2 decades. I have no skills. I have been turned down for housekeeping jobs, bank teller, insurance, and customer call center work – something that I know I can do but no one wants hire a out of the workforce for 2 decades woman. I am frightened. I know God is in control but I am still terrified. Please pray for employment. I would ask also for employment that allows me to worship each work. It seems so important that I attend worship during this very difficult time for our family. I so appreciate all your prayers. Blessings in Christ to all of you!

    1. LSM. May God bless you and your family. May your husband find employment. May God provide for you all and protect you. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

    2. LSM,
      I am devastated for you and your husband. Absolutely, I will pray for work. Already prayed before typing. Can you tell us what state you are in? I think that would be helpful. For instance, if you were in Western Washington, Seattle or south of it, I could give you a part time job immediately, so maybe there is a reader, or a reader with connections to your part of the world, with job leads for you.

      For your encouragement, my youngest adult son (with issues) got laid off with a baby on the way, two years ago. I asked family and my closest friends to plead the Lord to provide a full time job with full benefits for him. The Lord heard our cries for 7 months and then delighted to bless him with a full time job with full benefits. I was specific in asking for something better than we could imagine, and that is what the Lord blessed with. I believe God delights to give good gifts to His children. As prayer was done for my son, I promise to pray for your husband until he finds work.

      Let’s all hound the Lord for LSM and husband, like the Bible story where the widow pestered the judge knocking & pounding on the door for help, and not willing to go away until he opened and met her needs.

    3. Hi LSM,

      Please know that I will be in prayer for you and your family. I am so sorry to hear of this job loss and your predicaments. God will be with you and we all are praying for you. Lots of love to you all.

    4. As a homemaker for over 2 decades you have many many skills. Sad that businesses don’t recognize that. But may your family be well and employment for either or both of you appear.

      1. Thank all of you for prayers. I need them so much. I live in the Panhandle of Texas. I am searching everywhere for employment but no offers yet. God is good though, I know He has something for us. Thank you all again.

        1. Have you considered offering childcare? I don’t know the area you are in, but where I live, it is very hard to find care for babies.

          Also, if you live in an area where there are middle class and higher families, they go nuts trying to find child care that matches their values. Their children are in homes with educational toys, organic food, and limited TV. They go to interview a possible home child care person, and walk into a living room with a giant TV blaring, plastic toys, and hot dogs for lunch. If you can give them what they want, you may have a good home business.

  19. Horsemeat-this happend just a few miles from me.1 in the next county 2 months ago.Being SWFL,people from all over the world,finding dead goat,chickens,and offerings are not uncommon.These horses were butcherd for the meat,not a ritual.
    Horsemeat is not rare in some countries,but not common either.

    1. I accidentally ate horse meat in the Netherlands many years ago. I thought I was buying beef. It was delicious, with a good flavor, and slightly sweet. Took me a while to figure out it wasn’t beef.

  20. I have been watching Korea and Italy since they both started getting the virus roughly the same time. Korea has had roughly double the number of cases as Italy but Italy has had roughly double the number of deaths from this virus. Has anyone heard of or can explain why this might be so. I know there are a couple of doctors that follow this site, are they hearing any corralation?

    1. Possibly different strains due to mutation. Also, S. Korea has been very aggressive about patient tracking and that is what makes the difference when you are trying to stop the spread of a disease (look up the cholera or typhus epidemic in London in the early 1800s, and the way it was traced and stopped).

      1. Oh, and there is the whole EU/we are family let’s not “out” infected people because it might hurt their sensitive feelings thing. We are about to see a concrete example of the failures of progressivism.

    2. Maybe kimchi is the answer. South Korea suffered significantly less damage from SARS, too, and many there (I am told) attribute that to the regular and frequent consumption of kimchi. Maybe so, or maybe not, but research is starting to suggest that good gut-health, supported by eating naturally lacto-fermented foods, is a strong factor in a robust immune system.

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