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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, more about the Greater Idaho movement. (See the Region-Wide section.)


Move Oregon’s Border plans March rally in Roseburg on Douglas County joining Idaho. Here is how the article begins:

“Supporters of an effort to move the Oregon border with Idaho plan a rally March 7 in Roseburg.

The group Move Oregon’s Border said a cover sheet and signature page for a petition to make Douglas County part of Idaho could be ready for circulation by that time.

The group ‘is a nonprofit leading a new movement called Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho,’ according to a statement.

The group said a similar petition in Umatilla County “has passed its procedural constitutional review by the County Clerk and has been awarded a ballot title by the county’s district attorney. The petition’s cover sheet and signature page are expected to be cleared for gathering signatures in early March. 1447 valid signatures are required to qualify for the Umatilla County ballot.”

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How many insults can you count in this leftist’s opinion piece? Shawn Vestal: Greater Idaho is a wonderful name for a bad idea.

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From Inland NW ReportFeds reject removal of four US Northwest dams in key report


As Firearms Industry Flees Tightening Gun Laws, States Like Idaho Open Their Arms

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From the left-of-center BuzzFeedNews: The Fight to Bear Arms. A snippet:

“It’s this conservative influx of people that has earned the area — along with Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming — the moniker of the “American Redoubt,” a term that’s ultimately more descriptive of a sensibility, and a state of mind, than an actual location. One’s embrace of that state of mind can land anywhere from extreme prepping and John Birchism to simply having a big house with acreage and a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. Many Redoubt residents are evangelical or fundamentalist Catholic; some are Mormon, or atheist, or just don’t think it’s any of your business what or who they believe in.

The Redoubt is no monolith. There are myriad political and philosophical disagreements among those who broadly share the lifestyle in the region; many even reject the name altogether. But the one thing they can all agree on — and the thing they moved to Idaho, at least in part, to see protected — is their interpretation of the Second Amendment.”

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Lori Isenberg arrested for husband’s murder in Kootenai County


Great Falls video store bucks national trend

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Montana hunting, fishing license year set to begin March 1: what you need to know

Eastern Oregon

After the flood, Shafer is drowning in red tape

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Rash of counterfeit bills passed in Bend, Sunriver

Eastern Washington

KHQ reports: Two arrested after staff found body in North Spokane Inn

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Study: prescribed burns, thinning helped Carlton Complex forests recover

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Spokane mayor meets with Planned Parenthood, opponents ahead of noise ordinance voteJWR’s Comment: Do Antifa’s noisy protests get equal treatment?


Wyoming’s suicide rate remains second-highest in nation as experts urge end to stigma

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  1. The left of center snippet on the American Redoubt only being about the right to bear arms… here goes.

    First and foremost any politician in the democratic primary debate espousing to remove any of your gun rights is an unconstitutionalist. They are what they call us “antigovernment people “.

    Anyone that wants to change, modify, corrupt, or remove the Constitution of their county of citizenship is a treasonous act and the government should go with full vigor and arrest them and lock them away for being a proclaimed antigovernment person.

    Only in America do the constitutionalists turn the other cheek when their constitution is being tread upon. Other countries the citizens would be in an uproar for an influx of treasonous contenders entering a race to become their president.

    The LEFT are communist Marxist socialists whom wouldn’t be tolerated during the era of Macarthyism. They are the antigovernment people they refer to us Constitutionalists as.

    Point one done.

    Point two
    Every American, unless under request by the courts, have the freedom to move to any state of their choosing. We have the right to procure the lifestyle we want according to law as we deem fit. We have the right to free speech, bear arms, homeschool, plant a garden, own many acres and freedom of religion to become the faith God has called into to fellowship with other like minded parishioners.

    My blood boils when I read the LEFTs narrative and there’s no pushback. I implore all of us to write the author a letter and start the pushback.

    At the end of the day the US constitution was founded on Judea Christian principles. In the words of John Adams “ this government is wholly unfit for any other type “. Meaning the real establishment clause was to separate “Leftiat Marxist communist socialist from a God fearing state .”

    I’m sorry folks. These people writing these articles and running for president on the democratic ticket do not belong in this Christian principled founded nation. It’s ours given to us by God. The question is are we going to keep it Christ centered or be bullied? We’re about to loose our freedoms if we don’t push back now.

    I like the words of Donald Trump when they show up at his rallies making themselves known. “Get them out of here. Get out !!!!”

    1. “Anyone that wants to change, modify, corrupt, or remove the Constitution of their county of citizenship is a treasonous act”

      So, what about the Bill of Rights? Or any amendment, for that matter? As long as the process is followed, it is perfectly legal to modify and change the Constitution.

      Are you actually an attorney?

      1. The Bill or Rights are the First Ten Amendments. The Amendments are the Constitution… As they are the “Amendments to the Constitution.” One symbiotic flow! The first and second amendments are the Constitution of the USA.

        He sounds like an attorney and spot on. Have you had a civics class in school? Do you understand the Founding Documents? Federalist Papers, DOI, and Consitution? Difference between modern law and common law?

          1. Jima
            The problem is naked democracy. Every special interest group in this country tries to get legislation written and passed that gives them special rights. Today if you are an employer you can fire a white guy without fear of being sued. Fire a woman, a person of color or a gay and you can get sued and you will lose. Why? Because special interests with a good argument convinced low information voters to give them special rights. You have probably heard that “democracy” IS two wolves and a sheep arguing over what is for dinner. To pervert a constitutional republic you make decisions based on a democratic vote where 50.1% of the people can take everything that 49.9% of the people own. This form of naked democracy is much easier if you dilute and expand the number of voters. That’s why the Dems want unfettered immigration both legal and illegal. That is why they want prisoners and felons to vote. That is why they want 16 year old’s to vote. They are the wolves and you are the sheep.

            Unfortunately [for them] you sheep are armed. THAT is why [they wish that] the 2nd amendment MUST be negated. After they succeed at that, then YOU are what’s for dinner.

          2. Jima. I agree with the comment just below yours about the sheep and the wolves.

            Since you called me out by name I’ll answer. My wife (whom I’ve imported into the US from China – long story- has something to do with American feminism and women’s rights stats demonstrating women can not hold careers and marriages at the same time (10% divorce rate and 10% women working rate in 1960 -today the divorce rate and women employment rate are equal again at 60-70%, meaning when 100% women have wage earning incomes there will be a 100% divorce rate in America if numbers don’t lie, so my wife whom votes is an ultra conservative voter just like her husband- me. So we cast two votes for the most Godly principled candidate.

            It doesn’t matter what I think or believe because I’m aligned with Gods word. It matters what the trend in the culture believes as it is now affecting marriages and families. Any nation that has so many destroyed families or displaced families in single- parent homes is a nation that will not stand. As you are advertising “single woman” in your comment. In a Christ centered culture single women are removed by godly men who marry them (look at the kinsman redeemer Boaz) or father Abraham who provides for the single daughters until they are sought after and placed into families by men. The vote prior to the 19th amendment was always cast by the man of the house. The father cast it for his single daughters and the husband for his married beloved bride.

            Single womanhood, providing for herself, was always a byproduct of feminism and is not and was not Gods plan for women throughout scriptures.

            Hope that helps.
            God bless.

      2. JD is talking about “constitution is being tread upon.” I took what he stated “any politician in the democratic primary debate espousing to remove any of your gun rights ”

        as those Democratic contenders Communist Bozos stating

        “Hell yes, where going to take your AR and your AK-47” [Beto O’Rourke during the presidential debate in Texas]. “Gun Control” talk out of all their democratic mouths [Bloomberg, Warren, Sanders, Butt-crack] which doesn’t require an amendment to the US constitution.

        You have to read between the lines here…. I didn’t take JD’s comments as not following the decades long process to Amend the US Constitution. Do you really think the LEFT is going to wait that long for the removal of our Constitutional rights???

        There are two ways to amend the US Constitution:
        A bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes on to the states. This is the route taken by all current amendments.
        A Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States, and for that Convention to propose one or more amendments. These amendments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This route has never been taken, and there is discussion in political science circles about just how such a convention would be convened, and what kind of changes it would bring about.

        There have been time limits placed on the 21st and 22nd amendments to speed them up. 7-10 years. Long time!

        Personally the banning of any “guns” or their accessories is breaking the Constitutional Law of “Shall not be infringed”

        Look at one Senator and she’s ramps up abortion on demand with her bills and removes guns with her other bills.

          1. You are correct, proposing an amendment to the Constitution is not treason. That being said, since when do any of these scumbag politicians actually propose an amendment to the Constitution to get what they want? The answer is; they don’t. It’s too hard to get what they want past the legislatures of 38 states.

            Under our Constitution, every Federal law that restricts the individual ownership of any firearm or any firearm accessory is unconstitutional. Every law written by congress involving firearms ownership is unconstitutional. The National Firearms Act of 1934 is unconstitutional. The Gun Control Act of 1968 is unconstitutional. The Brady bill (1994) was, and it’s remnants are, unconstitutional. And so on, and so on, and so on. All of these acts amend the constitution without going through the lawful, prescribed process of actually amending the constitution.

            All of these laws do an end run around, not just the 2nd amendment, but the 4th, the 5th, I believe the 6th, the 9th, the 10th, and the 14th amendments. I could go into how each amendment is violated, but that would take an entire article that I just don’t feel like writing.

      3. Don’t waste your time. To quote the Good Book, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” – Proverbs 26:4

      1. Eneloops are good at holding their charge while sitting on the shelf, ie minimum self-discharge.

        Amazon has a generic equivalent that’s been tested to be as good in that regard, look for the Amazonbasics rechargable Ni-Mh.

    1. Amazon makes pretty decent NiMH rechargables in AA and AAA; comparable to Eneloop, and at a decently lower price. Wranglestar has a pretty good video on YouTube reviewing these batteries. The intellicharger I8 by Nitcore is an exceptional charging platform that will handle AAA thru D, including those Lithium Ion rechargables that have become more popular, like the 18650s and the CR123s. I’ve been swapping out older AA and AAA untesils (radios, flashlights, headlamps, fans) to 18650 powered models. But there are still a lot of things that use AA and AAA in my repertoire that I have to stock those as well. The charger also has a usb port to provide charging capabilities for usb serviced items like a smartphone. The charger has the option of running on 110 AC or 12 DC via two separate ports and a cigaretter lighter power cord is included. While not a metered device, it does have LED charging indicators and senses the size/type of battery being charged in each of it’s 8 ports.

      1. 18650 is double a. It’s just the measurement in millimeters as opposed to battery size. To replace as batteries with 16850 in a double a application you just need to make sure that it has the button on top.

        With that said… You should avoid buying 18650 batteries that have fire in thier name… Honestly most times generic is as good as name brands NOT with batteries.

        If your buying 18650 batteries you should (must) stick with the name brands… Lg Samsung Sony Panasonic etc…

        Most off brands are actually made by these companies and are bad batches that are rebranded. They are rebranded and sold as flash light batteries because they break or burn with any harder use or more frequent charges.

        These off brand batteries also have a much wider range of voltage than the approved name brand ones.

        Most of the “e-cig” explosions are in fact due to this.

        Enelope is solid it’s in major use on construction sites for lazers etc.

        Energize rechargeable is solid.

        Panasonic regular is solid.

        Stick with the Chargers meant for the batteries don’t mix them.

        Battery failures result in fire. It’s not worth it to endanger any part of yourself or home to save a few bucks.

        1. EBL is a proven and solid brand in Lithium Ion batteries. I use them exclusively for my 18650 and CR123 supply. By the way, there is a Lithium Ion model 14440 that is the same physical dimension as AA batteries, but again, the voltage is almost double, and they are not normally interchangeable. The Nitcore charger is designed to work with NiMH and Lithium Ions. It has enough intelligence built into it to sense they type it is charging and manage it accordingly.

          Energizer is not a solid brand in rechargeable batteries, and their chargers will destroy rechargeables after a few cycles. Their charge management circuitry is not sophisticated enough.

          1. Most of us out in the field get 2 to 3 years in green lazers from energizer (that’s pulling enough juice in 4 hours to kill 3 to 4 as batteries)

            The big down side to energizer and regular Panasonic is they need to charge in pairs.

            The enelope will charge singularly or in triplets which is nice as alot of lazers have 3 batteries.

            Nitecore is solid charger.

    2. Bob,
      We use Eneloop batteries and also have a solar battery charger from the C.Crane company. We have had these for about 4 years and are happy with them. The solar charger costs about $ 25.00 -$30.00 .

  2. The bureaucratic state, in our opinions, is out of control, and has been for a very, very long time. Their handling of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) is just the latest example of their bungling overreach. We found this article to be a good read, and while we understand that we can’t vote the bureaucrats out, we can vote for a president bold enough to take action against deep state. We understand and respect that views vary widely within the community of readers. With that in mind, we still found this a good and interesting read, no surprise, and yes, troubling.

    1. Excellent link provided by Telesilla of Argos.
      The Bureaucratic State has increased the danger to Americans from the Wuhan Flu/coronavirus~COVID-19. … Read the entire column by Daniel Greenfield. He gives the name of the responsible Bureaucrat [The staff of minions are paid functionaries].

      It’s an ongoing problem with an intransigent Bureaucracy and our Elected Officials; especially to the people that want a change in Washington DC.
      …………. The Wuhan Flu has been weaponized against Donald Trump.
      [Weaponizing ~every disaster and catastrophe is an ongoing pattern. The Democrat ‘playbook’ is always followed, and the FAKE NEWS marches along in lockstep with the Democrats.]

      Stay Safe: The Redoubt Region and Survivalblog does have a Clarion Call for action in protecting yourself, and your family.

  3. Take a look at the Project Farm. This guy does some pretty fair tests on a number of different AA rechargeables and gives the results. You might check the comments, as there are a few professional photographers that have run through the discharge/recharge cycle 100s if not 1000s of times that weigh in.

  4. While Shawn Vestal’s op-ed is corrosive, his point is nonetheless well taken. As long as the secession process has to go through the state legislatures in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, secession will probably never be tangible. The power mongers in the I-5 corridor will simply never allow the resources east of the cascades to be removed from their control. When a gubernatorial candidate like Christine Gregoire can be elected by winning less than half a dozen counties in the whole state of Washington, it should be obvious that the rest of the state will never carry the majority needed to secede. Her election exposed a pattern of behavior that has been evident since Dan Evans was governor. The electorate of the west will never capitulate to the needs of the east. As long as they hold the majority, their will is the only one that matters in Olympia, Eugene, and Sacramento. It will remain a barrier to this process indefinitely, or at least until the Cascadia Subduction zone releases and the population on the west side of the Cascades is reduced significantly.

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